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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 15, 1976, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an newspaper Randall b Terry president co publisher d. A. Rawley co publisher David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pres. Joseph p Rawley Gen. Mgr. Joe Brown editor a conservative View Mccarthy is an election Reform victim 4 a Friday october is 1976 harvesting the vote with the possible exception of some midwestern states Jimmy Carter appears to be doing a better Job of attracting the american farm vote including Farmers in North Carolina. Carter is a product of the land and is still often seen wearing a Blue work shirt. Levis and laced Short top boots. The Farmer both Large and Small seems to have a better understanding of Carter and in return. Carter seems to have an understanding of the agriculture situation worldwide. Two words dramatically dominate Carter s statements and beliefs on agriculture. These words Are a a stability and he says a we need to guarantee a decent Price for the Farmer and a reasonable Price for the consumer. The costs of production have risen much faster than the prices you can get. Support prices Are unreasonably Low. If elected we will make sure that our support prices Are at least equal to the Cost of in his outline of an agricultural policy he lists such things As maximum production. Stable and sustained exports with emphasis on coordination Between Farmers and farm groups predictable and Long Range commitments on Basic premises of production a Secretary of agriculture whose primary knowledge interest and responsibility concerns the Farmer and consumer instead of the food processor and Grain Speculator agricultural research conservation of soil and tax legislation directed at non Farmers using farms As a tax shelter. Carter and his brother Billy Are actively engaged in farming and lease of 3,-100 acres of total farm land. They supervise 241 acres of peanuts and rent out the remainder on a 50-50 share arrangement. About 98 per cent of the peanuts produced on Carter farms go for seed purposes and the Brothers have been leaders in the seed certification business in Georgia since 1953. Meanwhile president Fords Only personal major imprints on agriculture policy have been his imposition of Export controls on Grain sales in the fall of 1975 and his veto of legislation raising target prices. In the eyes of the Farmer the Export embargo was a mistake. Ford we feel recognizes this because he frequently says he would not again impose embargoes. Some Farmers however will not forget the Nixon Butz Ford agricultural record because to Many it was a Good one on which to run. Forget not that prices of nearly All farm products except beef Are High. Ford s agricultural policy is generally geared to a free Market philosophy allowing individual Farmers to determine for themselves the investments of land capital and other resources which offer Best Opportunity for profit. Under the present program the Farmer has few unutilized acres and there Are virtually no direct payments to Farmers except for emergency and disaster situations. There Are no acreage allotments or marketing quotas on major crops such As wheat com soybeans and Cotton. North Carolina tobacco Farmers for the most part see a grave danger Here in that the smaller Farmer would suffer greatly should tobacco allotments be dropped. Also Fords selection of Kansas sen. Bob Dole As his running mate has to be a Strong plus for him in farm country especially the Midwest. Dole has served As a member of the House agriculture committee and was favourably regarded by Farmers there. The difference Between the two As we see it is that Ford s personal record on agriculture remains to be seen. Carter no doubt is closer to most farm issues and would be confident in his decisions. Using a fireman analogy. Ford seems to us to be the Man who prefers to put out fires while Carter seems More the one who would work toward fire prevention. The last Straw the Swine flu vaccine program has been dealt another blow a and this one May be the most severe bureaucratic hassles and other problems delayed implementation of the program until after flu season had started. At one Point Many people were questioning the value of the federally funded program. Once inoculations were actually begun however some of the juror died Down As people across the nation lined up to receive Protection against the highly infectious Swine flu which earlier this Century killed 500,000 people. Now suddenly with the deaths of at least 15 elderly people across the nation after receiving the Swine flu vaccine the controversial program is Back in the headlines. Even As medical experts Tell us All that the deaths had nothing to do with the vaccine. That the people who died were old and suffered from heart conditions that there is no reason to fear the inoculations clinics across the country were experiencing a drop in attendance. The one thing the Swine flu vaccine program could not afford to lose was the Confidence of the american Public and this rash of deaths seems to have dented if not totally destroyed that Confidence. It helps some when people like Abc science editor Jules Bergman say on National television that not Only would he get a vaccine himself but he would have one Given to his elderly Mother. But the Success of the Swine flu program depends heavily on the willingness of american citizens to take the time and go to the trouble of being vaccinated. Even though the program is completely funded and therefore offered free of charge there is still an Effort needed on the part of the people the program is aimed at protecting without a solid Confidence in the vaccine its ability to prevent the spread of Swine flu. And its safety that Effort May not be made. Long lines formed in Many cities prior to the recent deaths. The belief was there then. Only time will Tell if those lines will reappear. Projecting the news Pooh on you Best Sellers come and go but the classics of children a literature endure forever who today reads forever Amber. A tree grows in Brooklyn or Anthony adverse9 each was a publishing sensation in its Day and each has largely been forgotten Black Beauty however lives on As do or Toad. Alice. Dorothy Mary Poppis and other figures from the most beloved works of juvenile literature so. Too. Does Winnie the Pooh the whimsical Bear created so years ago by a a Milne Pooh and his companions a Piglet. Owl. Rabbit Kanga Roo and Tigger a were modelled after the stuffed toys in the Nursery of mime s Young soc Christopher Robin. Their popularity is self perpetuating adults who read and loved the Pooh books when they were Young make sure that their own children become acquainted with them although the locale and the gentle humor of Pooh s world Are unmistakably English the Little Bear s Appeal is Universal he is known As Winnie i Ourson in France up Der Baer in Germany and Vinni push in Russia. A latin translation Winnie Hie up also is in print sir James Barrie the author of Peter pan. Once described the Domain of children s literature As follows Quot the map of a child s mind is always More or less an Island with astonishing patches of color Here and there and Coral reefs and rakish looking Craft in the offing and Savages and lonely lairs and gnomes who Are mostly tailors and caves through which a River runs and princes with six elder Brothers and a hut fast going to decay. Quot on these shores children at play Are forever beaching their oracles we too have been there we can still hear the sound of the surf though we shall land no the very greatest works of juvenile literature can be read with equal pleasure by children and adults who approach them for the first time one thinks first of Lewis Carroll s Alice in wonderland and through the looking Glass and the fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen a truncated version of Gulliver s travels purged of its scatological passages also has enjoyed some Success As a children s Book Milne and Carroll were extremely fortunate in their illustrators Ernest h Shepard s drawings of Christopher Robin. Pooh and their friends seem so uncannily right As to be inseparable from the text. The same can be said for sir John Tenniel a sketches of Alice the March Hare the mad Hatter the Cheshire cat and All the other inhabitants of Carroll s Topsy Turvy universe. Today the production and marketing of children s books is one of the most hotly competitive areas of the american Book publishing Industry scores of new titles appear every year especially around Christmas time some return a respectable profit and a select few a White s Stuart Little and Charlottes web for example a come to be recognized As classics children Are perceptive readers and it is a rare adult who can entertain them on their own terms by Jas. J. Kilpatrick Washington Star Syndicate in the whole of this smoggy us Lurous presidential Campaign one breath of fresh air keeps intruding it emanates from Eugene Mccarthy philosopher politician and poet. His Independent candidacy is the victim of the kind of ant competitive conspiracy that in the Industrial world would Send its perpetrators straight to jail. In theory other Independent candidates also Are being treated unfairly in fact Mccarthy is the Only Independent whose candidacy might have a significant Impact under the election Reform act he is denied the funds that might permit him to wage an effective Campaign under the networks make believe View of a Quot news event Quot he is denied Access to to. The pollsters have demonstrated for several years that neither of the two major parties commands the allegiance of a majority of the people. The republicans Are thought to have 18 to 20 per cent of the voters the democrats perhaps 38 to 40 per cent. The rest Are independents. Yet the election Reform act proceeds on the Bland Assumption that Only the two major parties matter their candidates get $20 million each from Public funds Mccarthy is caught in Washington merry go round catch 22 if he had funds he could attract the votes that would make him eligible for funds if he had the funds his Campaign is broke exposure on National to especially under the dreary circumstances that now obtain might generate a substantial sum no contrived Quot news events is in sight. That the league of women voters debates Are not Quot news events Quot in the Ordinary sense was embarrassingly revealed when the audio failed in Philadelphia. Suppose the audio had failed in the ninth inning of a playoff game Between the Phillies and the reds. Would the players have stood around for 28 minutes Humbug the republicans the democrats the league and the networks Are co conspirators in a comfy Little Deal to evade the fairness doctrine. The effect is to freeze Mccarthy out. Mccarthy ought to be heard he is a Man of ideas a mostly misguided ideas to be sure but a Man of ideas nonetheless. He is a gentleman of intellect humor and wit no other candidate can make that claim. In who s who in America Mccarthy identifies himself in the single word that sums him up educator he is the quintessential teacher whose role is not to indoctrinate but rather to stimulate to examine to question. Let me seek to avoid misunderstanding Mccarthy s views Are not my views. His hypothetical Cabinet nominees Are not my kind of nominees. His concept of a Strong National defense is far removed from my own. But in Mccarthy Scase these specifics Are immaterial. He is never going to be chief executive or commander in chief. His usefulness lies in other areas entirely. His role again is to educate to make us think. Mccarthy spent much of this past summer loafing around on a farm not far from my own in the Blue Ridge mountains. We put in some pleasant hours drinking whisky quoting poetry and spinning baseball yarns after one such session he sent me a quotation from Plutarch. He added a covering note. This was the quote Quot they Are wrong who think that politics is like an Ocean voyage or a military Campaign something to be done with some particular end in View something which leaves off As soon As that end is reached. It is not a Public chore to be gotten Over with it is a Way of life. It is the life of a domesticated political and social creature who is born with a love for Public life with a desire for Honor with a feeling for his Fellows and it lasts As Long As need be. Quot it is not simply office holding not just keeping your place not just raising your voice from the floor not just ranting on the Rostrum with speeches and motions. Politics and philosophy Are alike Socrates neither set out benches for his students nor sat on a platform nor set hours for his lectures he was philosophizing All the time a while he was joking while he was drinking while he was soldiering he was the first to show that All your life All the time in everything you do whatever you Are doing is the time for philosophy. And so also it is of this was the covering note Quot this is what it s All about. Best regards critical cracks found in Trident submarines by Jack Anderson with Les Whitten United feature Syndicate Washington the Trident submarines which will make up the Navy s undersea Fleet of the future have developed cracks in More than too critical places. The first of these billion Dollar boats is scheduled for delivery in 1978. Altogether. Four have been ordered so far from the electric boat division of general dynamics. They will cruise greater distances More silently than any submarine in the world each will also be Able to launch 24 nuclear missiles at targets 4.000 Miles away. But on the first three subs now under construction Navy and electric boat inspectors have found cracks in such sensitive spots As the Wall separating the engine room from the nuclear Plant. According to a confidential Navy inspection memo a cracks were visually observed during a routine inspection of the Lead submarine which is identified As Sunb 726 electric boat brought in sophisticated electronic testing devices Quot magnetic inspection has revealed too cracks Quot in Sunb 726 alone reports the memo. The tests were then made on the Lead submarines two sister ships Quot there Are states the memo Quot that the Sunb 727 and 728also have cracks in an Interior Wall separating the reactor from the nuclear works Quot the cause of this Weld cracking has not been determined a the memo adds the Navy s capt. A c. Bivens who reported the cracks told us they weren t Quot an unusual thing a he explained that the special steels used for subs sometimes present special problems. The Navy and electric boat he said have worked out a solution that will still permit delivery of the first Trident by december 1978 sad speaker sources close to speaker Carl Albert say he has been depressed since he banged the Gavel adjourning Congress it was the last time he would preside Over his beloved House the last time he would swing the great Gavel the last time he would sit in the throne like leather chair behind the Marble Rostrum. Albert spoke bitterly to intimates about the Man who is expected to replace him As speaker next year. Albert said he had received a phone Call from House majority Leader Thomas a tip a of Neill a mass. Pressuring him to retire. Sources privy to the conversation say that of Neill mentioned the congressional sex scandals and warned that Alberto a relationship with Young girls could be embarrassing the speaker has squared Young pretties occasionally to Washington parties he described o Neillis Call to one Friend at first As Quot blackmail a then Albert modified his statement and said o Neill merely had Given him o Neill denied to us that he had brought any pressure at All on the speaker to retire. O Neill Quot absolutely denied that he had Ever spoken to Albert about the girls he escorts no one has Ever questioned Albert s integrity his fairness his decency. Few men have worked for their country with More dedication. He virtually lives in the ornate speakers suites where he still can be found usually from the Dawn s Early Light until after dark he is often there on weekends too a a Small lonely figure behind the massive desk and every Day sadly the Power and the prestige slip slowly from his hands fast talker president Ford has appointed an engaging. 38-year-old banker named Eugene Girard to dispense $200 million in foreign Aid each year to latin America what was t mentioned in the glowing press announcement was that Girard recently was eased out of Citibank formerly first National City Bank of new York after More than in million in loan losses was discovered. Girard once talked his Way out of being killed by mexican terrorists who had kidnapped him. They Lei him go for a Small $12,000 Ransom and his wife s jewelry. The persuasive Girard has now talked his Way into the $40.000-a-year Job of running the entire Aid program in latin America. Girard s nomination by president Ford was rushed through the Senate during its dying Days with no investigation whatsoever and Only routine hearings. He was sworn in last week a bit of checking however would have shown a dubious financial record for a Man who will be investing $200 million of the taxpayers Money in latin America until september i he was a vice president of Citibank which has offices throughout latin America. One of its most notable offices is located in Panama where Girard worked his Way up from an assistant manager he became the hero then the Goat of More than $200 million in real estate Loans during Panama s land Boom eventually Citibank s Loans dropped in real value by More than $10 million by the most conservative estimates. Girard got the blame a special team of auditors was sent to Panama to look into the Loans approved by Girard his staff and the Parent loan committee in new York City what they found remains something of a mystery one Citibank source told us they found Quot losses a a a second source stressed that Girard s judgment but not his honesty was questioned in any event he was quietly encouraged to resign not Long afterwards he talked his Way into his key Job with the Ford administration. Of his departure from Citibank. Girard told us it was a Quot Mutual situation Quot As to the losses he acknowledged that Quot maybe we were a bit footnote a spokesman said the White House was aware of the Panama situation and Quot it was no bar to appointment a a at Citibank senior vice president Richard Wheeler refused to discuss the Panama losses c h76 Fry Nia us Honey All my suits with vests Are at the cleaners May i borrow yours Quot the Art Buchwald column Plains on $25 a Day Washington a there is always a suspicion amongst republicans that the working press favors the democratic candidate this May have been the Case in the past but it is not True in this election. I am speaking now of the White House press corps who Are not Only suspicious of Jimmy Carter but live in deathly fear that he might win the election. The White House press corps As most people know have to follow the president wherever he goes. When president Kennedy was in the White House they could look Forward to going to Hyannis port in the summer and Palm Beach in the Winter when Lyndon Johnson was president they found themselves in Austin. Texas Austin is not Palm Beach but the University of Texas is located there and when school was in session there seemed to be enough to do to keep most of the press corps Happy. From the Point of View of travelling president Nixon was a dream subject to cover. When he Wasny to flying to san Clemente overlooking the Blue Waters of the Pacific Ocean the president went to key Biscayne which was an Ideal place to vacation on an expense account particularly since the president spent so much time at sea with Bebe Rebozo reporters could go fishing play Tennis sit around in luxurious bars and if they weren t married meet very attractive Bikini Clad stewardesses who lusted after members of the fourth estate when Gerry Ford became president the White House press corps travelling was Cut Down tremendously except for occasional trips to Vail. This took a lot of the fun out of covering a president but it gave most of the men and women an Opportunity to learn How to ski. But the thought of Jimmy Carter As president has the White House press scared silly. The idea of commuting Between Washington and Plains. Ga., is More than most of the reporters can Bear or Carter will probably be going there a lot if for nothing else than to Check on his Peanut crop and the White House press corps envision themselves spending Long Days and longer nights holed up in Americus ga., a town that has t seen stewardesses in 20 years Quot the Only thing to do in Plains Quot complained a Friend of mine who has been covering presidents since Kennedy Quot is play softball and kill fire ants the idea of playing shortstop for four years is enough to make you Quot maybe organize Square dances for you Quot i said trying to cheer him up Quot it s not funny a he said Quot when we covered Nixon we could hand in expense accounts of $100 a Day and no one would Bat an Eye. My editor checked the Motel room rates in Americus and he said if i spent More than 25 Bucks a Day he would t sign my voucher if Carter gets elected Well All be Quot maybe you Cou d Moonlight on his farm bagging peanuts i hear Carter pays $3 an Quot this is a serious problem Quot he said. Quot and you re making Light of it. An assignment to cover the president of the United states used to be the highest Honor any correspondent could be Given if Carter gets elected we re All going to beg to go Back to a police Quot i think you re being too Hasty. In time you might even look Forward to going to Plains a the air is fresh the Sun is warm and the people Are Quot what people Quot he said Quot i hear Billy Carter s gasoline station swings every night Quot my Friend was almost in tears. Quot then you re not going to vote for Carter Quot i said. Quot i m not but my wife is Quot he replied Quot after All the stories she s heard about what we did in Hyannis port Palm Beach. Austin san Clemente key Biscayne and Vail she thinks Jimmy Carters Peanut farm would make the perfect summer White /

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