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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 15, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Page two Sec. The High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center Industry High Point North Carolina sunday october to 1931 War worry curtails White House functions spotlight shifts in War s sixth week five traditional state dinners dropped from schedule by mrs. Roosevelt second major sea loss hits la a a a Thea quarters British naval forces hard now front Washington. Oct. 11 Pic president and mrs. Roosevelt intend to hold their usual def pm her reception for the diplomatic corps despite the War a Broad hut have omitted All five traditional dinners from their Winter social program. Announcement the schedule by the White House tonight was preceded by an explanation from mrs. Roosevelt that the presidents work just now was too j heavy to permit All the usual in j text ailments. Washington hostesses await the White House dates before making any other plans. The dinners dropped from the program include one for the diplomats and those honouring the Cabinet. The vice president the chief Justice and the supreme court and the speaker the House. There usually Are about 90 guests a each. Garn frail rms Khz sure to be pleased by the program is vice president Garner whose dislike for formal attire he Calls it a a Monkey suite a is Well known. He s been trying to continued from Page one the Royal Oak was heavily armoured with a 13-Inch Belt steel to protect her vital parts and deep bulges extending almost up to the gun batteries As a Protection against submarine attack. How a submarine was Able to reach her if she was shielded As usual by accompanying destroyers puzzled Neutral naval observers. London naval correspondents a week ago however suggested that he urgency providing British convoys for merchant ships bearing vital supplies for Britain might require the Navy to take heavy risks. Con nov risk v one them wrote in the sunday times last sunday that a it must be realized by the Public that maintenance such convoys will involve us in the risk nay. A1 losses and that a those losses May be the sinking the Royal Oak followed a period comparative inaction by German submarines and admiralty assertions that the submarine menace rapidly was get the dinners that he and he being overcome. Other sources at president give each other called tribute the period Calm to the off for years. One year he sue refuelling requirements the sub needed. Hut Only once. I majine8�?~the Sharp curtailment White the British press prominently House functions is a different a displayed reports that Turkey and A., a r wer soviet Russia had reached agree times to the delicate problems it nent a pact in Harmony with involved in official entertaining turkeys undertakings to Britain during a european War. In the Wilson administration the diplomatic reception was cancelled and two separate diplomatic dinners were Given. Other White House dinners and receptions were scheduled As usual until the Spring 1917 when the army and Navy reception was cancelled. All White House entertaining was suspended when the ignited states entered the War. I i St a Frt 11 pm in t this Winter Marks the first Sharp curtailment entertainment at the executive mansion since that time. There had been speculation for and France in the Mutual assistance agreements among the latter three. Giuseppe Bastia int. New italian ambassador to London arrived in a special it sent to Folkestone by lord Halifax British for j Elan Secretary. It was explained this act diplomatic Courtesy was to save the envoy a the delay which most Cross Channel passengers have to undergo in these front inned from pave find concentrate Protection the other two and at the same time preserve them for a possible offensive their own. These two Bridges have been closed by great fortifications reinforced Concrete showing Only narrow slits through which machine guns Are Able to sweep the Bridges with a deadly fire. Two the Bridges blown up those at Brisach and Nurenburg led directly to the Black Forest Region where the heaviest German concentrations troops was reported. The other was at Wintersdorf which nazi troops assembled at Karlsruhe might be expected to use. Meanwhile British troops moved steadily toward the front and regiment after regiment French artillery took up their positions against the possibility that Germany might try an offensive before Winter sets in. Engineers chg in the French said the Advance their troops Early in the War gave commanders enough Elbow room for the engineers to dig in and bring up heavy batteries without fear German reprisals. The thoroughness French preparations for an intended Long Winter Vigil a indicated in All reports from the front. These said that not Only have the allies taken air photographs German emplacements and troops movements but also their own positions to determine the efficiency their camouflage. The French assessed the value their gains thus far As crippling the Saarland Mineral and industries gaining mane vering ground and favourable defensive positions and putting the next military move up to Germany. The shifting spotlight focuses three uneasy areas in the sixth week activity increases Tho Western front Balking finns Arni against possible i Slan demands and demilitarization in Balkans strengthens Europe s War As trouble Over Kus. Neutral bloc there stomach ulcer pains i h w Home v i i i s would fort him it with i 9 nod differ afterwards Omi t Brick him Sod hoots Wank tyms 2tc nog risk j Ca hot thousands rom Urga. Try it for Shef ser and stomach pains indigestion Gas pains. Bing for Mart born. Burning san Satin. Bloat and other Eon Iii ions caused by eur ass acid. Get a 26r package i Tig Tablet today. Absolutely Asia to ass. The Yurt Mousy ref undid. Mann Good drug stores eckers druggists everywhere. And some weeks that the diplomatic dinner and reception might be cancelled because the problems involved in entertaining envoys from warring countries at the same time. Decision to give the reception i makes it possible to entertain the j diplomats at a party so Large that they need not meet face to face. The entire staffs embassies and j legation Are invited with their wives. Dates announced for the five i White House receptions Hie As follows december 14, diplomatic january 4. Judicial january la i congressional january is officials the Treasury Post office Interior agriculture Commerce and labor departments and fed a Oral agencies and february i 1 army and Navy. Germans rejoice Over sinking Royal Oak Quot modern Quot grocery Gay nineties edible his not a calling . Kildare�?T1 with new Aynes and Lionel Birry Moke wednesday a is. 0. S. Tidal wave with xxi pm Byrd a Alto serial an comedy Iii mid a and Friday a streets new York with Jackie Cooper saturday a renegade Trail continued from Page one i among groups the streets where hands played and entertainment Booths were erected to amuse people and get them to contribute to the War Winter Relief j i drive. Newspapers published extra Lions giving full details i Royal Oaks armament and tory. 1 while official quarters did say so there was some indication germans have developed a new torpedo t ii to i has Little difficulty with the heavy steel plates battleship. The Royal Oak. Gorman quarters said wag equipped with special anti torpedo protective devices which apparently failed. The place where the Royal Oak was sunk was unknown in Berlin officials said. It a i. Feat in comparing the Success German submarines during the Wand War and the present one. Natl spokesmen said in 19j4-1919 they succeeded in sinking a number old British warship but failed to touch any modern modernized ones such As the Royal Oak. Semi official circles lauded the Ald air planes have Given the German Navy in locating British ships for submarine attack. A this new big Success a said the newspaper Moersen Zeitung a is a further hard lesson to those English circles which thought they could wage a hunger War against the German a triple without great risk. A screws German submarines already Iii the first weeks the War have shown themselves equal to their world War forerunner. In their defense against a hunger War they not Only have greatly damaged British imports hut in conjunction with Tho German air Force already have Given the British War Fleet something very serious to think with William Boyd a also serial and comedy admission adults children adults Ioc i 15c 2 for 25c except saturdays. Loc Ballet caravan to appear at a Cunt Greensboro american during it work has Ballet three Broil oct. 14.�?the caravan which years Active i a revival la though today its Gas lamps huge Coffee bins Aud heavy brass and mahogany til Tings look very old fashioned this Aai store was an up to Date and progressive establishment in ism. A Iii the Casa the company a attractive to Vres and i service markets Komi. The emphasis was placed Tim it a Quality foods at Low Cost. The first Chain store in America was founded by George Huntington Hartford shown in inset when he open us a tiny red front Afore in Vesey Street new York in i Bah. From that store has grown the great Atlantic a Pacific i a which is celebrating its in us anniversary this month. Com in by Don to the United slates Ballet Field come to a cock auditorium at woman s College for an afternoon and evening performance wednesday,.october 18. The Lincoln Kirstein troupe Twenty one dancers an All american aggregation is now engaged its second transcontinental tour. Tile program at woman s College includes three the company a six dances the present repertory charade the butane a Ballet Romance music arranged by Trade Man and choreography by Christensen filling station. A Ballet cartoon with music by Virgil Thompson costumes by Paul Cadmus and choreography by Lew Christensen and City portrait a Ballet document with music by Harry Brandt costumes by Forrest they jr., and choreography by Eugene Loring. In order to take care audiences there will he an afternoon performance at 3 15, primarily for student woman a College and nearby colleges and the evening performance primarily for tile people Greensboro and Vicinity will by held at 8 30. Meredith College to stage 25th annual special All this week. A a a stunt Day saturday any Plain garment dry cleaned and pressed Cash and carry Felt hats �?ossj119c Raleigh. Oct. 14, a Meredith College students will stage their 25th annual stunt Day at the College. Saturday october 21, honouring Homecoming alumnae. Former students will assemble at 10 30 clock saturday morning in the reception room Vann Hall for the fall Council meeting one the two meetings sponsored annually by the Geu it ral alumnae association mrs. Bernice Kelly Harris Seaboard Meredith Alumna the class 1913. Will review her widely Road novel recently published by the University North Carolina press As the feature the Council meeting. Mrs. Wingate m Johnson Winston Salem the alumnae Asso preside and local will lie in charge Grimmer executive in mime Secretary. The entertainment program hinged to Honor Tho visitors ill begin with the colourful parly the palio Siena at 2 15 clock in the afternoon. The Ara is a take off the Cen president elation will arrangements miss Mao Guilford cleaners main Plant 1808 English Street 210 East Washington Street 611 South main Street 42 West main Street Thomasville Lundeen suggests u. S. Take colonies continued from Page one embargo sales a a offensive weapons to warring nations brought from other legislators however varied and emphatic comment which overshadowed other phases the neutrality debate. Chairman Pittman d., Nev the Senate foreign relations committee said in a statement that Lindbergh s suggestion was a most unfortunate because a it encourages the ideology the totalitarian governments and is subject to the construction that lie approves their brutal Conquest democratic countries through War threat destruction through although saying that a colonel Lindbergh is patriotic beyond a doubt a Pittman added that the flier a sees that the present Law injured great Britain and France and that its repeal will remove such injury would Aid Anis a apparently he can not see that the present Law not Only injures great Britain and France but gives great Aid to Germany Italy and Russia. A the can to see that one our Domestic Laws which aids one the belligerents is a Neutral but he thinks that if we had no Law at All then that would he in Neutral senator Danaher r., Conn pointed out that other senators had declared repeal the arms embargo would Aid England and France and suggested that As a condition to such assistance the United states might ask them a to cede in Advance any islands that might fall into the hands an senator Reynolds d., n. A said in a satiric speech he wanted a to be assistance to England in paying her debts because i have been in the same position he proposed that the United states suggest to England that we would accept Bermuda the Bahamas. Trinidad Labrador Newfoundland and a strip Canada �?o50 too Miles through which a Road could be built from Seattle to Alaska. Speech criticized administration supporters generally criticized Lindbergh s suggestion that a distinction be made Between offensive and defensive weapons. Senator Vandenberg r., Midi however asserted that it would be Well a to explore the humane question whether we not1 wish at least to forego an american bargain counter which Sells implements mass death a the Senate floor. Majority Leader Barkle p., Ivy raised the question As to what was the difference Between in offensive and defensive weapon and asserted he could not see a to save my soul a How anyone could draw the line demarcation. Senator Clark <d., to who had put Lindbergh a radio address in the congressional record a few minutes earlier arose and agreed that such a distinction would be impossible. Aided in first War Clark recalled that during the world War coast defense guns owned by the United states were taken to France and became a some the largest offensive guns we for to Lead refugee conference continued from Page one it is estimated there Are 40.-000 so h i Geek in great retain. 50,000 in France and 5 0,-ooo distributed among Belgium ii it Iauco and Switzerland first Effort will he to Cen a it Quot Al countries. Tims. In great Quot and Frame Are kept in concentration Camps and have not been absorb cd in the general population. Pm the War already has alleviate their condition in some measure Hay e Bern Given War goods maim there Are is hoped to sett because Many employment in fact ring. In addition at Shanghai. It them in the philippine Isla ifs. u Hii h investigated to Ltd Side it ies the philippine i ant Mindanao will he discussed a . Roosevelt a meeting. It thought the jews May he Abl to counter balance the Influent the japanese at Davao mind Nao vrho form a compact Frajt Many thousands. To called for Aid the original mandate unde which the inter governments committee a set up in called for assistance to germ political refugees it was no specified that they were to jewish hut at least they wer to he German and tins undemanding Over 30 nation agreed to concert their Effort now it is thought tile War xvii i Seq u i a a it i Quot a a be to other peo pies a w Ell. There Are still e 100.000 Spanish i allot Reft gee a in it am unable ? t it i it it file spam Genera i fax Lar a groups poles fled int rumanian and the Baltic con Trie. There also is the Case no a a Nash jews now under got Man Rule. N kit a lha a with Britain and franc which had been among the Moi Quot Taiwan aids in refugee Assi Tance concentrating ail their e forts War it is believed la to it i t he refugee to. Now must he carried by it Neutral nations. The pit. One which is the Unito slates the United states q Jot for i. Man immigrants. W it exhausted for Moue veal to come. The in a meeting in the Imp commit Ute the execute com met be tile inter gov ii mental work their conclusion. Annot commit the 30-Odd cot moments making up the int a a. A Merta mini flee t e Mii to limit themselves to recoil emendations. Headless body puzzles cops continued from one Youngtown o., newspaper that found nearby. Boys gathering nut body yesterday in a murder swamp pent Indica Date found what is Call because senator Connally <d., Tex one the leaders the arms embargo repeal movement entered the a defensive offensive controversy and gesturing dramatically declared the Only defense against tanks planes and bayonets was More tanks planes and bayonets. A and when . Hoover and colonel Lindbergh say we ought to sell the allies defensive the texan asserted Quot they Are in favor repeal the arms former president Herbert Hoover also has endorsed Sale a defensive weapon a while Banning a offensive during the Day the Senate leadership annoyed Over lengthening discussion the administration neutrality Bill discussed a Plau to have the chamber work longer hour in order to hasten a vote. Senator Byrnes d., s. A Laid that the chamber might he called into session at 11 a. In. Next week a an hour earlier than the usual noon meeting and might debate the Hill until 6 7 In. Each Day. The regular quitting time is 51 In. Lonely place has a half dozen past decade All police several tramps from a Heen the slayings in unsolved. Day ago rout hollow in swamp they had frequented. Britain a sea worries Rise Conti lieu from pm pc one three Battler user and is lighter Cruiser and Des torpedoes accounted for a ores Troy i mines and explosion caused losses. Tile British Fleet has la Bat ships and three big Battle Era classed As capital ships Manning. Four five newer falter battleship the George v has Are expected to the Fleet possibly next year. Switzerland prices. I s g u i a 11 Russia to Fly. In Farmer Are Leat at a meeting educational and commercial organizations concerned in Columbia september 26. The South Carolina Experiment station recommended 18 minimum fertilizer analyses for South Carolina Farmers to replace the More Titan 200 analyses now in use and these formulas were endorsed and adopted by All to the end that serious defects in present fertilizer practices May be overcome. That entry hotel after Pital she Lias recovered Uff ocl to return to the Burkemont where she makes her Home having Heen in grate hos for some Lime undergoing guat Mala St housing 18 pro launching a cts. Of the 75.ooo.ooo horse in world America has 11.500.04 american enough cur coming very popular in Mer frightened Phant nearly Calcutta. By a mouse an caused a panic australians ate drinking met Beer. Bat Lea liquor Acron to a government report i sued. Treatment for neuritis. Read want Ai a a a 1 a v. Quot Quot pry old race run each summer the italian City Siena. Here each Ward a cont radar 1 i the City is represented with horse in the race. The four i Meredith classes will Parade in j tortious each class will he pre jct ded by banners clowns and the class entry in the horse race a a a horse composed two Iris a Blanket and a false i head. Friends miss Elizabeth i Myatt who is employed in a Sec j tet anal capacity with Hie mor Ganton furniture company. Morganton will be glad to learn a won t this Teapot go no faster Casey we done to Wanna miss any those bargains during High Point Days next Friday St saturday

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