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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 15, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Weal ii r air and cooler sunday monday fair slightly warmer the High Point Enterprise High Point the a enter of in verified manufacturing enterprises vol. 55�?np. 288 member associated pm ass High Point n. C., sunday morning october 15, 1039 Complete Nea service Price five cents ver 800from ship a a a a to a a a big German offensive anticipated in West Lazi leaders Lead quarters Low on front Hitler and Keitel move la unexpectedly during of Iii Nti Ity by Taylor Henry Aris oct. 14.�? apr Den and unexplained inac Ity on the German Side of a front lines was followed a by reports from Neull countries that Adolf Hiland col. Gen. Wilhelm Lei nazi chief of the High Imand of Tho armed for a e establishing head Quad on the Western front. Heft advices did not say the Man fuehrer Ald general Kei were at the front hut that Eros Headquarters a being up at Are Hen on the Bel Frontier and that general Al had taken personal com a on the Western front. Vuk in of it no ame military experts took e reports As an indication the expert Ted German offensive lit be in preparation. A a precautionary move the Temh destroyed three of the railway Bridges Over that Ion of the Rhine which forms French German Boundary. Ice Early to guard against a j Rise German attack on the hem flank. He Northern flank of the t Between the Moselle and j Rhine has been suspiciously j t since thursday. It was j a this sector that German is made Sharp thrusts Dur a it Iii t of i la a its which the French said repulsed. In French however appear j decided to take no chances German activity on the j Era flank might be a feint Infarct their attention front tack in the South. His dynamited lottery dispatches said French jars dynamited three in wednesday after heavy j Titrations of German troops j seen behind the Ste Fried i fortifications in the Black j St and near Karlsruhe far j North. In Only two railway Bridges is this part of the Rhine j left Are those Between Stras a g and Kehl which is coned an outstanding Archltec-1 mild engineering feat Aud where the French and Gar j Frontier meets at Switzer i ase Bridges cover the two j lines of penetration fori r s German or a French of j be. Should either decide to j and Force a Rhine crossing. La i i it i Hin Lutary men said the French gently decided to destroy the j Idary Bridges in order to j continued on Page two in charged violation Lundeen suggests u. S. Colonies Minnesota echoes Lind Bergh demand that allies leave continent Washington oct. 14.�? a it a senator Lundeen f.-l., Mina suggested during Senate neutrality debate today that the United states take Over with its armed forces the West Indian possessions of England and France. Contending that the unpaid War debts warranted this action Lundeen predicted a there would t be a shot fired. They England and France Are pretty Busy on the Western the Minnesota senator made no direct reference to colonel Charles a. Lindbergh a statement in a radio address last night that the United states sooner or later must a demand the Freedom of this continent and its surrounding islands from the dictates of european Lindbergh demands the fliers implied demand for England to get out of this hemisphere and his proposal for an continued on Png two pin Ator Lundeen Russia extends Power by new turkish pact re Rit by officials say Iii Lea ii \ Cal supplied ii to belligerent it raft Sti ago. Chile Ort. 14.�? the government tonight de the Navy to investigate a e by the British embassy he chilean ship Austral had Ted Chile a neutrality by sup a Oil to a belligerent Craft Nister of defense Guillermo arca directed the naval base Unta Arenas to dispatch a hip to the Waters near the scion islands where the bananas alleged to have Provis the unnamed belligerent i. Barra said the charge t the Austral was made by British naval attache Here in Orous protest and that his nation followed various oth Lenou moments of the Vesk hit to he said had been reel from other sources which d not disclose. Rig s Dimi d e defense minister said How investigation of these Previ denouncement a had indicate at there had been no Viola of chilean neutrality. Was said in government s that a a result of the out of this investigation author s Ere led to believe that lie h protest might be based on rate information. Bean officials were aroused ver Al the possibility of a Ion of the country a Neutral is it ii has been proclaimed entry As Colacion islands Are near the hts of Magellan. A yes Register lists the Alcasas a 528-ton Craft whose port is cunts Arenas official a n nou Cement awaited but concessions reported gained by Witt Hancock Moscow oct. 14.�? up a soviet Russia and Turkey were reliably reported tonight to have signed a pact expected to prove another link in the Chain of diplomatic bargains by which Russia is extending her Power from the Baltic to the Black sea. Unofficial but usually informed sources said that while the pact would guarantee certain russian rights in the Black sea and its outlet the Dardanelles. Its terms were less sweeping than the russians sought to obtain. A n nou Icem ent a waited official announcement of the Accord was expected almost hourly. It was believed to clarify the relations of Turkey and Russia in the Light of their ties to participants in the european War. The turkish foreign minister Sukru Saracoglu. Has been in Moscow nearly three weeks negotiating the Accord with the Kremlin. Final stages of the negotiations interrupted the talks Between russian leaders and the finnish delegation headed by or. Juho k list i Paa Sikit which has been received Only once at the Kremlin for a one hour conference. In Helsinki the government announced that Pua Sitivi would leave Moscow tonight saturday a to return Home. Presumed to Iron out differences of View Between his Mission and the Helsinki government the soviet proposals to Finland have not been disclosed but it was believed the question of cont Ess tons on the strategic Aaland islands in the Middle of the Baltic was one of the most vital under consideration. Finns i the finnish delegation was understood to he awaiting More definite instructions from Helsinki before resuming negotiations. Neutral diplomatic circles described the finnish attitude As a firm but the fact that Finland has the sympathy and backing of the scandinavian states As Well As the moral support of the United states was believed by observers Here As undoubtedly strengthening her hand in Kremlin negotiations. Well informed German circles continued to insist that it was unlikely Germany was seeking military Aid from Tho soviets. These quarters emphasized it was economic help that the germans who have a Trade delegation Here want to get. Foreign circles however were doubtful that Russia was in a position to Supply Germany any Large or varied quantities of raw materials since she is unable to fill her own needs in Many commodities which Germany wants. Hit run Driver sought in death deaf mule found dead by Roadside near Gaffney South Carolina Gaffney 8. a up a Hiram Mclroy Ort. 14.-�? 32, Farmer i it of in who resided two Miles no Gaffney was crushed to tonight under the wheels automobile operated by a h run Driver state patrol g. Spencer reported. Mcelroye a broken body with one leg torn from the socket the other leg broken and the Chest crushed was found on the Chesnee Highway three Miles from Gaffney patrolman ported. Search was begun for a 193 4 Black which. Spencer said. Two taxicab Drivers Elroy and then Speed away from the scene. Sheriff r. B. Bryant of Cherokee county reported late tonight hat a Man had been arrested at Chesnee for questioning concerning the fatality. The Man. Who was lodged in the county jail Here denied any knowledge of the Accident the sheriff said. Patrolman Spencer said that papers found in Mcelroy s clothing indicated that he was a deaf mute. Mcelroy was believed to have been unmarried. None of his relative had been located tonight. Coroner w. P. Batchelor was conducting an investigation and announced that an inquest probably we Ould be held tuesday. Palmetto attorney crashes into train Bennettsville. S. C., oct. 14.�? pm Neville Bennett prominent South Carolina attorney and candidate for governor in 1938, wus injured this afternoon when his car and an at Lam or coast line freight train engine collided at society Hill in Darlington county. Bennett alone was driving towards Bennettsville. His condition was described As not serious and he was brought to a Hospital Here. The engine was derailed in the Impact and another engine was sent out from Florence with a wrecker train. The Accident occurred at the crossing of the Darlington and Bennettsville Highway. The Engineer of the train r. T. Peterson of Florence was not injured. Russo Ranish negotiations strike Snag Helsinki delegation leaves Moscow suddenly retains defiant air by Lynn Heinzerling Helsinki october 15.�? sunday map a foreign minister Eljas j. Erkko said in a Radiff broadcast to the United states Early today establish Western Headquarters a reports i u that Finland could not accept from Neutral countries said yesterday that nazi fuehrer Arram nil us a Oman of the War a proposal a a which would Adolf Hitler left and nazi army commander in chief wifi s .ti61, the in strengthen the Security of one Helm Keitel had set up military Headquarters in the West. In a , exceeded the15 men lost Side at the expense of the this new development followed a sudden inactivity on the ?7 pm done Sank the aircraft Carrier Coura other in the present Neotia j part of German troops. P a a tons with soviet Russia. Second major sea loss hits British naval forces hard Only 370 listed As saved from Royal Oak after Torp doing by nazi submarine a site of attack remains deep mystery by j. Stark London oct. 14.�? apr sinking of the Royal Oak one of great Britain a 12 battleships with perhaps 830 of her men was announced today to a nation steeled for a German i War in Earnest. Germans rejoice Over Britain s sea sinking of Royal Oak worries Rise As he spoke. Finland a delegation to a conference with rus a was burying Home after an i unexpected decision to interrupt the Moscow conferences for a report to the Helsinki government. I negotiations still on a government spokesman Earl a Ler said the move did not mean j negotiations had been broken off. Erkko said Finland was seeking a solution which would Quot contribute to the feeling of safety in this part of Europe where we a but a solution which would strengthen Security on one Side i at the expense of the other and which would weaken the posse abilities of either to assure its Vit a a1 interests and to protect its j free National life or threaten the integrity of nations or its declared neutrality cannot be apr proved by he declared. A this is the question that is j at the present moment occupying the minds of the people in this Corner of j stiff dam non % Melvin k w inti i observers interpreted his state Berlin Ort. 14.�? if a sinking of the British battleship Royal ments As intimating the soviet i Oak brought official nazi claims today that Germany had destroyed government had asked not Only about 86,000 tons of British warships in the first six weeks of the for territorial concessions to is War. Officials jubilant Over slashing attack made on Britain s famed sea forces whereabouts of Ark Royal Center of word jockeying Berun reported attacked from air Berlin oct. La. Map a an official announcement said an unknown air plane was fired on Over Berlin tonight. The plane was flying so High iks presence was detected Only by the sound of the motors. The statement failed to say whether the machine was struck by anti aircraft fire or whether any bombs were dropped. Spencer re immediately Ford coach. Was seen by to strike my Stablish naval bases but also a Mutual assistance pact similar to those with Estonia and Latvia. The foreign minister Sld a a nations future and Fate depend in the end on its own will to defend its elementary rights and Freedom against All aggression. A i cannot refrain from availing myself this Opportunity to give an expression of the sincere gratitude Felt by the people of Finland to the people of the United states As a whole and to president Roosevelt. Head of your state and your government for the Friendship and moral support you have shown us which we understand were intended to create circumstances on the basis of which in the present situation could be found a peaceful moderate Sally Rand a fans a storm moving off coast of Florida Han Francisco oct. p a Sally Rand fan anti Bubble dancer fill d a voluntary petition in bankruptcy Here today. She lifted her debts at a fit i with assets of Only . The pet it iou listed debts in n ii in it from tried Oral service for her dog to furnishings for Lier Gulden bite exposition feature a Gay a Arec closed recently by creditors. Miss Rand said her Gross income for was �40,7221, a the i not n ho.027. She a mid Jio did not have the figures for this year. Headless body puzzles cops Jacksonville fla., oct. 14 a it pm the weather Bureau late today watched closely the Progress of a moderate tropical storm which formed in the West indies. An advisory issued at 2 50 p. In. Eastern Standard time said the storm Center at i p. In., was about 420 Miles North North �?~j1� head legs body of a West of san Juan puerto Rico Man frs mistaken for that 1 of a girls whose mutilated Torso was found amid the remnants of mutilated Torso of Man found in Marsh first mistaken for woman new Castle a. Ort. 14.�? to a state and county police joined tonight in attempts to German officials asserted two air plane carriers courageous and Ark Royal one battleship Royal Oak one unnamed heavy Cruiser and one destroyer had been sunk and the Battle Cruiser Hood had been so seriously damaged it would be out of commission for several months. Sinking of the Royal Oak brought rattles to the faces of nazi officials and some adopted a slogan a England Bend or break a comm in Der Ontai Ted officials said the High command had received a cryptic message from a submarine commander j stating that he had torpedoed the Royal Oak but that a full report i must await the submarines return j to its Home base. Submarine commanders Norm ally avoid Radi oing details about successes lest the enemy hear and gain useful information. The Ger Man High command did not have j a report from the submarine that Sank the courageous until two Days after the loss was announced by the British. News of the Royal Oaks Ute a traction was first announced today by the British admiralty and soon thereafter confirmed by the German High command. So gleefully was the news received thai the exhilaration almost took on the proportion of National rejoicing. Conversation risks everywhere germans talked about it. It was the main theme con. On Page two Washington experts \ new loss of Royal Oak As signal to future Washington oct. 14.�? by a naval experts Here viewed the sinking of the battleship Royal Oak As a severe How to British sea Power but with More serious implications for the future than for the present. J if German submarines should be Able thus to trim further the Brit a lab French 6-to-l naval margin i Over the nazi Fleet the sea blockade of Germany might be definitely threatened with collapse i experts said. They were As much interested in the manner in which the 29,150-ton battleship was sunk As in the loss itself. Ships protected a battleship at sea normally is j safeguarded by a protective screen of Light cruisers and destroyer Jewell As by her own Armour Aud a anti torpedo a a blisters along the Al d Iona Protection is pro a video by Alert scouting planes. Whether a a boat actual Byvank the $10,000,000 battleship As indicated by the British admiralty and whether torpedoes were fired when the ship was at sea or at Anchor were questions of import Lance to the United states along with All navies which consider the j Bailie ship the Backbone of a Fleet. The 12 battleships with the american Fleet in the Pacific Are Little More modern in design than j the Royal Oak though probably j better protected. Not Invulnerable the sinking underscored official testimony Gix in to Congress last year that a battleship is not Invulnerable. Admiral William 1. Leahy then chief of operations noted a battleship could he stink by torpedoes shells or Aerial a in disclosing the sinking of the 29,150-ton warship of Jutland Fame the admiralty said Only that it w As believed she was the victim of Quot a boat Only 217 1 Hayed subsequently in late afternoon the admiralty said the Royal Oaks complement approximated 1,200 officers and men and j As far As then was known ap-1 proximately 370 had been saved. Lists of survivors were being i Given out from time to time. One of them contained the name of j the Royal Oak commander capt. W. G. Benn. The first announcement by the admiralty said a the Secretary of the Admiral. To regrets to announce that huh. Royal Oak is sunk it is believed by a boat a later communique said a the Secretary of the admiralty announces that so far As is at present known the number of survivors from . Royal Oak is approximately 370. A was already stated lists of sur a Alvors will be published As soon i As the names have been received 1 the complement of the ship was approximately i Zou. The above figures include both officers Ani i germans jubilant germans were jubilant Over the Success of their Navy. Berlin officials asserted the British air Craft Carrier Ark Royal an unnamed heavy Cruiser and one destroyer also had been sunk be sides the courageous and the Royal Oak. Since the War started j and thai the Battle Cruiser Hood had been seriously damaged the British have denied any naval loss s besides the Trug sons and the Royal Oak. The j american naval attache in London reported 1st week he had visited the Ark Royal after the German claim was made a and j found her unharmed the admiralty did not disclose where or when the disaster came to the Royal Oak. Which was completed in May 1916, and was it edited with sinking four Ger Man ships in the world War Armour piercing Battle of Jutland without damage bombs a under i a herself. A Deso police had believed the victim and was a moving slowly northwestward attended by strong.,winds near the Center and by i Law funeral pyre in wide area of squally swamp mar Here caution was advised vessels in the path of the storm. Weather observers said the j tropical disturbance which took j nearly a week to develop into a moving storm Center bad gained i in intensity Ever since it bad be gun to move slowly Northwest a Center of the storm was i about 750 to 775 Miles East i Southeast of Miami fla., Early i this afternoon. I conditions favourable to the attack i j and provided it is hit often enough i and in the right aside from its protective screen of other ships it depends Tor i Wah in North Hea but she was attached at the outbreak of the War to the second Battle Squadron of the Home Fleet and thus presumably was safety of Armour watertight sub in in North sea. Divisions and Well organized a fire control parties Quot trained to Cope with damage quickly. In the world War Britain lost two dreadnoughts of the same general Type As those now in service and la battleships of a pre dreadnought Type aside from continued on Page two Man critically Hurt As motorcycle car collide Farmer killed Loris s. a oct. I 4.�? up a i Uther Mstanley 57. Fanner was killed near Here today when struck by an automobile. For to Lead refugee conference a girl until or. David Perry announced after an autopsy that the Torso was that of a Man. Presumably Between 20 and 30 years old. About five feet six inches tall and weighing about High Point which has Winc 12u pounds. Two fatal automobile accidents in attracted Only too Milos from a Levo two successive weeks and three crash Clyde Alexander and Fred Over a period of four weeks last Watson rushed to the scene and night maintained its unenviable pulled Blanchard from his sizzling Accident record when a Motorcy-1 motorcycle Iii the Street intersected Blanchard a neutrals will consider work of assisting German political exiles by Andri e herding Washington oct. 14.�? amp the european War will bring before president Roosevelt a International conference on refugee. Opening next tuesday the question of expanding the work of assisting German political exiles so As to include other Peoples scattered by the conflict. This will be discussed by the meeting for which lord Winter ton chairman of the inter governmental committee for political refugees Herbert Emerson director of the committee and Paul Van Zeeland former Premier of Belgium Are coming to Washington. President Roosevelt who convoked the gathering will preside Over the first meeting and read an address. Subsequent meetings will he held at the state department. The White House meeting will consider the changed conditions in the refugee work created by the War. The refugee movement from Germany already has Stop Ped. Germany is still willing to permit jewish old women and children to leave Germany but no Young women or men who Are needed for War work. Other countries Are unwilling to receive old people and children. Consequently the inter govern mental refugee work which a started by or. Roosevelt and Secretary Hull last year will con land. Where the Long sought a mad Butcher of Kingsbury run has left the bodies of a dozen persons on dumps Over a period of years the discovery near Here aroused suspicion of police that the Cleveland Slayer might have been responsible. Detective Peter Mertyon of the Cleveland homicide squad came Here to study the Case. Head missing an All Day search through the marshy land failed to uncover a Trace of the victims head but police did find three possible clues a pair of Many a shoes a piece of Blue Denim apparently from a Many a overalls and a piece of cheap towering. Although newspapers had been burned in the clenched fists of the victim in what police believed was an attempt to obliterate fingerprints state motor police announced a Bertillo expert would attempt to obtain from the charred a a list involved in a collision with an automobile was critically if not fatally injured. He is Charles f. Blanchard. 25, 1605 Forrest Avenue Aud he is in litmus memorial Hospital with a fractured Skull concussion of the brain and other injuries. The automobile with which he crashed was Rushing to the Hospital with a passenger who had been struck in the head a few minutes earlier with a Brick. Police late last night were holding on a charge of reckless driving under 11.ooo Bond pending the outcome of Blanchard a condition. A. Raymond Foster 19. Whose address was Given As Lite old Thomasville Road. Foster told the admiralty a announcement came Only a few hours after it had asserted the British destroyed three German submarines a on Friday the 13th a of these it was reported today that two were of the Large oceangoing Type. The naval correspondent of the evening news called the loss of the Royal Oak a a bad blow for the Navy but a with the overwhelming supremacy in capital ships already in commission nine new battleships Are now building a not a crippling with the Royal Oak gone Britain has 14 capital ships la battleships and three Buttle cruisers and France 7. Germany has rift in it on Mon to by i Only five. Including three a pocket by the it Oise of the i of 10,000 tons a h. The United states has 15 capital ships sneaks in the nation read the huge Black headlines against the background of the week s diplomatic developments prime minister chamberlains rejection of Adolf hitlers peace proposals As a basis for a a real peace and German indications that War would be launched in Earnest against the West. Ton. Occupants of the automobile escaped injury except for a slightly wrenched Back suffered by Hinson. Annie Lee Pritchard 13, whose address was also Given As 1413 Mendenhall Street was reported As a third passenger in the car. Blanchard came Here about six months ago from Spartanburg s. I c., and was employed at the Tri j Anglo hosiery Mill. He was taken to the Hospital in Sechrest Sam j balance. The motorcycle and car were both badly damaged. Last saturday night. Mary Frances Pegg 7, was fatally injured Aud her Mother mrs. Tent itself with finding Perman fingerprints ent settlement for the thousands hands. Of German jews who Are located the investigators estimated the Tun Street about 6 p temporarily in european Couo Man had been dead since about j wag struck at the tries. Continued on Page two september 28. Pieces of continued on Page two police that he was taking Marion j Blanche Pegg was critically Hurt s. Hinson 50, of 1413 Mendenhall j when they were struck by a car Street to a Hospital to be treated while crossing North main Street for a head injury suffered when the previous saturday an Auto someone struck him with a Brick Mobile crashed into a parked travelling South on North Hamel truck on English Street fatally rn., his Cai injuring fail Thurber. A. A. Coble was struck at me intersection of Greensboro was fatally injured with Monthey by Blanchard Smo in a car truck crash on English to Cycle. The car turned Street on september 17. Continued of Page two yesterday s ten top Grid results North Carolina la n. Y. U. 7. Bilk do Pittsburgh la. Tii Laur 7. Fordiani it. Colgate to Brown o. Perdue 121, Minnesota lit tie. Notre Dame 20 Southern methodist to. Army to. Columbia 0 tie. Auburn 7. Mississippi state o. V. M. I. 20, Vanderbilt us Texas a. A Al 38, Villanova 7

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