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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 14, 1976, High Point, North Carolina 2a High Point Enterprise. Thursday october 14, 1976 business and financial news Stock Market report new York a seilers took control again in the Stock Market today wiping out a Large part of the gains recorded in wednesday s technical rally. The Dow Jones average of 30 Industrial stocks up is 95 Points on wednesday had fallen Back 9j0 to 938 so by noon today. Losers outnumbered gainers by close to a 2-1 margin among new York Stock Exchange listed issues. Brokers said wednesday s upturn Sharp As it was. Had t convinced Many traders that the Market had firmly reversed the slide of the two previous weeks they noted continuing concern Over the recent sluggish Pace of the economic recovery Gardner Denver was the most Active nose Issue Down h at 204. A 230.400-share Block traded at that Price the big Board s composite Index of All its listed common stocks fell 44 to 54 08 at the american Stock Exchange the Market value Index was Down .28 at 97 95. New York a Exchange n e h r Oski p Jet to noon Ieti one i Price for new Yore Stock Etchen Penque see it be Mig Low be chg act in i id i i in us die 4 inc i Jaio a Yipu or Yipu Abb Leo m if else is u h adar Millit i i i t he i door goo 17 i Iopu pm Aetna of i Oill Iii ii Joh ii a h Alf of of to is la Jah Jah Jah h a ire inc i is 7 i Toh to 71 h a Lone i to i ii ish is is h Aire Aln Eon to Tah Ian 74 i alleged to ii j pm pm pm h Allgood i to i 57 Iau Jeu Jah h align a i to 7 to Joh j0 a we Altuch i to i 13 j7 Jah Hhd h angst i to a Jao at Al Al h Alicel to a Al Jah trip Jah h Alcee i to is Ai sch sch sch ame i Tsia to Sah sch a h Ambar to 7 in ii Yipu Ipp h Anet to 7 Isaja juju Vijh a am Airlen a ii ii he aping Chi is Aiu Al Aln h am soft Hajj up ish ish ish h Ameen Chi i Jah Jih a Cyan i to p 110 Iau Ian Jah a am claw j i is Jih us Jih am Home Ito is so jul a jul h a in to p Jija ish ish ish h am motor a papa a a h Aneth j a j to Yipu Jah Jah a a Steng i to 7 to Jah he Jah h a in tit Shu aph to to a h am pint Al is 17 Vijh Sia Sta h Ampe corp a Tiah ssh h Anchrum i to 7 la jo1 a Joh Joh Apeck corp i in in i apr h Archon to a Ai Joh Joh Joh a Aramco ii m Jah he a h a match i ii Iai a it it a h a Orco but ish ish ish h action i to a a Jah he Mia a a Goro i so to in Jih Jiji attach i to ii ass Sah sch sch h atle corp la Iuah Juma u Arco corp j 17 14 ii a Avne Tunc to a 107 Ian Ian Ian h a Eon to i h 17 Asi Ash aah aau h Bobet wit i 7 Al i Joh Joh h Beltoe Jap u it i Ith h Bonk am la pop Ian Jah Jah h Bauk he h Roll Jah my Jah h beat a Iau is us ish us h Berk in Mia p a us us h seethe 17 i Tou Joh Joh h Boke Tiaa 13 push pm h Bel i How a j Itu Ith Ith h be it gig i to i i Jih Joh Ftp h beef lip i As s Jajah Vijh a h Beng b 07 a ii he in in h Bensn j i Ith Jah Jah h by Ocker i la is map ii ii h Boeing Iii 101 Ai ii Aive u to tee Ai h Iosa he Jah Ian h Borden i to to is us Jih uhf h Borger ii in in. 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a a a h Whiting Ima us Iau my h Whittaker ii Al a a a will Mecot i j Ai juju Vijh new a we Nix Imp s my mph it Winnebago ii Josh ssh wow to i m a in Nunu no h a a a Vii Xerox up i Joia sea Acu Sph to -i1 Zai corp Stu huh us w Zenith red i Lisp it Jah Iau w copyright by Tho Assoc ated pro it Carter visits new York on heels of Ford Stop by Dave Riley associated press writer new York with 41 electoral votes. Is shaping up As a prime target of both major party presidential candidates As Jimmy Carter Heads into the state on the heels of a two Day visit by president Ford Carter was flying to new York today after spending a quiet two Days at his Home in Plains a. It was the beginning of a three Day trip in which the democratic presidential nominee also will touch Down in Detroit. Kansas City. Mo., and Cincinnati. Youngstown and Columbus Ohio. Ford returned Home to Washington on wednesday night after swinging through new York City s Middle class suburbs there he voiced Saber edged criticism of Carter and promised that a Ford administration will show a compassion for the american taxpayer but there was potential trouble awaiting Ford in Washington it was reported that the special watergate prosecutor will decide this week whether to look into claims that Ford discussed with members of Richard Nixon s White House ways of blocking an Early investigation of the watergate scandal and the Washington Post reported in today s editions that the democratic National committee is preparing to file a complaint with the Federal election commission about Ford s alleged use of aides and Cabinet members who earn government salaries for Campaign duties both vice presidential candidates. Democratic sen Walter Mondale and Republican sen. Bob Dole were heading for Houston where they meet Friday night in a nationally televised debate Ford at each Stop on wednesday told his audiences that Carter wants to raise their taxes but that a Ford administration will Cut taxes at White Plains n a. Ford said. Quot i say the Middle income taxpayer is already overtaxed overburdened and underrepresented Quot and he signed a Bill extending the Federal Revenue sharing program for 34 years at a projected Cost of 125 5 billion the Money goes to state Ami local governments. In a statement issued in Plains Carter said. A i am pleased that or Ford has decided to sign the Bill. But. He said. A i do regret that so Little else has been done by this administration to ease the plight of our cities and to help restore a True federalism in our system of he said Ford had vetoed legislation that would have provided needed Aid to cities and states. Meanwhile the Ford administration announced an increase in the production loan rates for wheat and feed grains after months of rejecting Farmers pleas for such increases. There were indications the move could Aid the Ford Campaign in Grain growing states where the race with Carter is close but agriculture department officials denied any political motivation Carter had issued a statement monday calling for such increases to help Farmers get Loans they say they can t get in sufficient amounts under current Market conditions acting Secretary of agriculture John a. Knobel denied that the raises were Quot in response to Carter s plea Ford . Stock a averages from fag i a Edward h Levi the special prosecution Force and the Fri Quot examined various Public documents reflecting contributions made by the unions As Well As those received by or Ford or committees acting on his it had been reported previously that the investigation focused on contributions from the Marine engineers beneficial association and the seafarers International Union. In grand rapids Mich. Robert Eleveld. Republican chairman of Ford s old congressional District said Quot i m so delighted with that a when informed that the investigation had been closed Eleveld said he Learned about the move from Republican attorney Stephen Bransdorfer who was in Washington talking with Ruff about the investigation. Still to be answered however was the separate request from three House democrats for the special prosecutor to look into whether Ford May have played a role in the Early stages of the watergate coverup an Issue raised by former White House counsel John v Dean Iii the congressmen want Ruff to review several tape recordings of conversations Between then president Richard m Nixon and Ford during those Early months of the scandal. Friedman doctors win Nobel awards Stockholm Sweden apr two american medical researchers and an american economist today were named for the 1976 Nobel prizes in Medicine and economics the Royal Caroline Institute announced that the Medicine prize was awarded to prof Baruch s Bamberg of the University of Pennsylvania medical school and prof d Carleton Gajdusek of the National Institute for neurological diseases at Bethesda. My Quot for their discoveries concerning new mechanisms for the origin and dissemination of infectious the swedish Royal Academy of science awarded the economics prize to Milton Friedman of the University of Chicago a 64-year-old native of Brooklyn who also writes a weekly column for Newsweek Magazine. Friedman was honoured a for his achievements in the Baruch s. Blumberg Fields of consumption analysis monetary history and theory and for his demonstration of the complexity of stabilization the swedish Royal Academy of science said the economics prize a latecomer to the Nobel awards was established by the swedish Central Bank in 1968 to Mark its 200th anniversary. And americans have now won or shared in six of the eight awards the other five Nobel prizes a in Medicine physics chemistry literature and peace a were established by the will of Alfred Nobel the swedish inventor of dynamite and have been Given since 1901 from the in Rome from a 99 million fund he established All the prizes this year carry an inflation swelled Cash award of 681 too Kronor. Or 9160.000 at the current rate of Exchange to equal the buying Power of the first prizes of 150.000 Kronor in 1901, this year s sum would have to be doubled an official of the Nobel foundation said Friedman is Best known to the general Public As a columnist for Newsweek Magazine Mountain search nearly Complete Fri interviews friends of missing Tenn. Girl Dow Jones a averages stocks to Industrial is militia As Stock Bonos. 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Stressing the importance of this Market he said retailers attending the event sell 85 per cent of the furniture sold across the nation. He said buyers stay an average of five Days and see what is new and seek sources of Supply and study Market conditions and note style movements and buy. Garry said the Market this fall is not expected to Quot be a world beater Quot but that it offers Quot some excellent values a manufacturers he said Are trying to hold prices in line Gatlinburg Tenn a while rangers continued to search for a 16 year old girl lost since Friday in the great Smoky mountains National Park Fri agents began questioning her friends Trenny Gibson a Knoxville High school Junior has been missing since she went on a Field trip with classmates near citing Many a dome a the highest Peak in the 500,000-acre Park. Fri officials said wednesday they were called into the Case because any crime committed within the Federal Park would be under their jurisdiction tile agents have been interviewing the girl s friends and associates not easily accessible to Park personnel. Robert Gibson the girls father has asked Law enforcement agencies to investigate the possibility his daughter a Bearden High school student May have been abducted temperatures along the 6,642foot Peak have dipped into the Low 30s and upper is every night since then. A we re still looking but we be scaled the search Down in terms of the number of people involved a chief Ranger Jack Linahan said wednesday. Quot so far we can find no physical evidence that she s in the area a Linahan said 15 to 20 rangers and Park maintenance personnel will continue looking for the girl until it can be determined if she is still in the Park. A a we re spreading out laterally from Clingman s dome to determine the possibility of just How far a person could have gotten considering the Topography and the physical stamina Quot he said the Trail around the dome has deep drop offs on both sides with heavy underbrush and fir growth throughout the area Rand corp. Estimates future health costs Boston a a National health insurance program would Cost Between 9560 to 9850 annually for a family earning 915,000 a year according to a study by the Rand corp and Tufts University medical school. The Price would be much higher for the wealthy and far lower for the poor says the study published in today a Issue of the new England journal of Medicine Hie study was based on an imaginary health insurance program similar to three a proc in rolex up ii Tarka 0 o j pol corp toll porn comp a Plant Ina punt inc ii 13 Pron a i ii la Presley cos ii re Schotl m 13 Risdom Jall to Patoch by pah to to Sheorn to j Shan do Oil to j Jyh is a Tajh Jyh Jah a i the h us h j h Jyh is h a the h cargo Jet crash kills i of we we we h ii ii i h net change noon Thor is j prey Day is week ago is i month ago is o year ego 471 ia7a High is a 174 Low a a iat High a i iat Low a i i Bijj Roll 7 Tsi it lit Taa Tia i no iou a a i to i i iou a 101.0 04.1 too w s to i it too to too a of Mami m i Miri tis Asa Tat 74 aaa Isiah us h i Ith Ian Ith h Isiah Ian Ian i Ian to to h ii of of of h la we we he h syntax so to Usi Jih ii ii system eng 32 ii a a ave h tonne corp i j 3h Jyh the h Terrac to of of i0h us h i pc i a Juth the in Brand it 7 a a us intr a 7 12 a Var natron j 14 in Etc inc iou i Irr 7 self itt h Hare pie Osha Tai a Ial a a Arr h Jyh Rhth the h ssh a copyright by Tho Aito Culb Pratt Ata Scrimm aging. The pupils at the school were Home for lunch but the caretaker his wife and three children were in the building and were killed an air Force official said. Another official said about 50 people were killed in the kerosene line about 40 were killed i the soccer Field and eight boys were suffocated in a locker room of the stadium by smoke from the burning plane. Debris and bodies were strewn across the soccer Field. A eau those people were destroyed burned mutilated a a witness said. Quot it was like a scene from Dante. There were screams from the burned Jet Power inc. Said the three crewmen were capt. Charles Baldwin a former airline Pilot first officer Lee Marsh and flight Engineer Leslie Bennett. All were from the Miami area. An air Force officer said the plane s instruments indicated that one of the engines on the left Wing failed. The Quot Black boxy flight recorder was recovered and turned Over to investigators. Jor proposals that were before Congress last session. None of the Bills passed but new proposals Are expected next year. Or William b Schwartz of Tufts said the research is intended to guide Federal policy makers. A this lays out for the first time in a systematic Way How the Burden will be distributed Quot he said in an interview a a there s a lot of Money involved. Who wins and who loses is a very critical the report suggests three ways of paying for the insurance a premiums payroll taxes and income taxes. Whether the government picks one of Uiese methods or uses a combination would determine How the Burden is spread among taxpayers

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