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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 14, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Pace fourth High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of a High Point North Carolina saturday october 14. 19.11i.mil.-. High Point Enterprise published afternoon and sunday morning p Rawley punished a a a a 1815-1937 r b. d. A. Rawley. Sec a and treas. Hammett a. Cecil Gen. Mgr. Capes m. subscription rates Dally and sunday by Carrier in High Point and nearby town twelve month.j1�j� six a in three month. A one month. Or one week. Carrier in nearby town a not permitted to collect for More than one week in Advance. Carrier in City Are not Permutt a for a period of More than five week if Absit a Puon for longer period la desired payment should be made direct to office. Run elated pre i exclusively a pitied to the use for republication or All twi dispatches credited to it or not other Rue credited in this Page or and also the Leal news published therein. Member of audit Bureau of circulation entered Quot As second class matter at the Jess in High Colht. A c under it. It of Congreve of March a. To National adv. Representative the Johs Budd co. 420 Lexington ave. New York City a saturday. October 14, 1939 that Ben Franklin helped negotiate the Constitution at 81 and that Gladstone was prime minister of England at 85. After listening to or. Stewart for a while one was inclined to wonder if Garner Isnit a bit on the Callow Side for great responsibility at a Mere 69. In other words the Oklahoma supporters of the texan Pooh Pooh the idea that the Garner Boom is a cover for other political purposes. Garners friends Are serious. They want him for president and they take Issue with anyone who suggests that he is not really in the running. Some direct relationship Between such concert of action and costly improvements. We have no Way of knowing to what extent roads will be emphasized in tuesdays meeting but it does seem constructive to get the official leadership of the District interested in the Road program together. Such interest ought to Lead to avoidance of waste in the construction program if not to increased regional allocations. It Jiw Ujj let no Man say when lie is tempted i am tempted of god for god can of be tempted with evil neither a Spleth he any 1 13. W a god i better served in resisting a irritation to evil than in Many Fot Ial . Not expected Chance Fok reporters hat with Hitler insinuating horrible surprises and Mummy factories running 24 hours ily in Many quarters no one n be certain what is in store. Tis much can be said safely at e moment the present War is meshing of a Flop As fat As e War correspondents Are conned. The improvement of radio and her Means of communication Omi sed to make the War the try Best of opportunities for the Porter at the front to become Mous. Actually the correspond its regardless of what medium icy use Are hampered by a Cen Airship which restrains them eve i beyond the reaches of the Blue Neil. For instance who doubts that in broadcaster or the dispatch Riter in Germany makes his cry statement with a cautious to the probability that he will ? permitted to commit one under and Only one the real action of the importance of pub Ity As part of the Force of great inflict has caused every nation involved to Clamp Down on the be unregulated initiative of Cor Spon dents As it has expressed self in past wars. There is nothing coming Over a As through any medium even nightly reminiscent of the great Batter of War news which Mac Terizer the world walk rom the publicity standpoint. Tis is a neat Job this War. Even be eyed Connaly would have double crashing the Gate of this Mich in Earnest business views rather than political were presumed to be the principal interest of the South westerners who spent some hours Here thursday As members of the Oklahoma Industrial tour. But politics was an important sideline at least. Various members of the delegation wanted to know How North Carolina Felt about the presidency and it was not difficult to discover those who were pulling ardently for John n. Garner. Several of tile delegation were natives of Texas and All seemed to in admirers of the vice president. We heard none suggest a third term for Roosevelt As Wise. One Man in the delegation r. T. Stewart born in Texas talked Garner to everybody who would listen. He even distributed copies of a plea for Garner which he had written. He called his piece a seasoned Timber and he sought to prove that or. Garner instead of being superannuated at 69, is in his prime. Or. Stewart pointed out that Galileo was going Good at 70 that Henry Ford is looking ahead at 75 that France called Clemenceau to leadership in an emergency when the Tiger was 77 a municipal report we learn by Way of the Southern municipal news that a candidates to the North Carolina general Assembly will be committed to the leagues legislative program even before the 1940 primary. A the league is the North Carolina league of municipalities. A committee has been named by the league to Deal with candidates for office before they become nominees for office. Knowing the disadvantage of the cities in appealing to a Rural minded legislative body a Strong Effort will be directed to having known friends of the municipal objectives before the legislature meets. In View of the confident prediction that the cities will have lined up supporters for their program in Advance of the primary the legislative purposes of the cities become especially interesting. Says Southern municipal news a first act of the committee to take place in november will be to formulate a legislative course of action to follow policies established at the August convention. Principal items will demand $3,000,000 of state collected gasoline tax funds for maintenance construction and widening of streets return of All intangible taxes to local governments and removal of the referendum requirement in the local government employees state wide retirement system that publication continues a Early formation of the committee will permit its functioning actively Well in Advance of the primary Date. Each committeeman was sounded out before his appointment to see if he was willing to give the time and thought necessary to making the program successful and All who have accepted have expressed willingness and a $3,000,000 Cut from the Highway funds to go to the improvement of City streets clearly is the primary legislative objective of the cities. The cities can make out a Good Case for a larger participation than the half million annually Given them now but municipal logic always has lost in the face of Rural need and Rural command of the votes in the legislature. North Carolina is one of the few states remaining possessed of Rural majorities. Our approximately 3,500,000 people include Only about 1,100,000 City and town residents. The official representatives of these municipalities have reached the conclusion obviously that the Best time to make that one third of the population count is before the nomination of candidates for the general Assembly. Getting together whether the suggestion in the recent Guilford county Day conference at Winston Salem that Piedmont counties and cities should work together for furtherance of their Road demands inspired it we cannot say but the Guilford county commissioners Are to have a conference tuesday w Ith commissioners of neighbouring counties when Road problems will be a major item in the Agenda. The meeting is to be held in Greensboro with the commissioners invited from All eight counties of the read District in which Guilford lies. Of course Road commissioners and Engineer administrators Are expected to attend. Without expressing opinion As to whether the populous Piedmont is getting a fair Deal or being Short changed in the matter of Road construction funds one May direct attention to the fact that there Are sections in North Carolina where concerted action in asking for such funds is a regular practice. Those who have observed Highway administration closely think they see with Dale c Carnegie author of a How to win friends and pm Nev is. Influence people i la chive a number of letters from people who want to know How to protect an invention. I personally can give no authentic information on this subject but in such a vital matter i would feel most regretful at not being Able to at least take some action toward steering you inventors toward the right path. Therefore i have written to Albert g. Bums who is competent to advise in such matters. Or. Bums invented the saw toothed bread knife and made a Fortune. He also invented the first Auto lock which fastened to the steering gear in the Days before the ignition lock was perfected. This was a Money maker too. Or. Burns is the in salaried president of live a National inventors which is meant to help Young inventors. For additional information he May be addressed at the hotel Lasalle. Chicago 111. The Congress meets once a year. This year it met in Chicago. Next year 1940 it will meet in Salt Lake City. Membership in the Congress is $5 annually and that is the Only expense so far As membership goes. Here Are 31,000 members. Here Are some of the topics discussed at the Chicago meeting a How to Market your searching the record a what is wrong with the present Patent Law procedure Quot at these congresses the inventors exhibit working models. Manufacturers from All Over the country come and inspect them. Just As buyers for de a it Artnie stores come to a new York fashion exhibit and see the latest in styles. One inventor out of five disposes of his invention before the Congress is Over. Or. Burns writes me that eight out of ten of the gadgets on the Market were worked out by people who were not inventors in the professional sense but stumbled onto a Bright idea and did something about it. He says that most people get Bright ideas but the trouble is they do nothing about it. He claims there Are to o reasons for the failure of most inventions 1. The Cost of the invention is too great. 2. The Public in t ready for the invention. He gives an example of the latter the first streamlined train was patented in 1874. But was too Early and made no impression on the Public. He sent me a picture of himself sitting beside a portable air conditioner which weighs Only 15 pounds. He says this is the sort of thing that Amateur inventors Are working out All Over the country. Or. Burns is reliable and if you Are working on some sort of invention i know of no better Way of starting you than by advising you to write to him with a View to joining the National inventors Congress. Good Luck he said it we should concentrate on making democracy work at Home and thus maintain our civil liberties and preserve our Way of life. A senator Robert m. La Follette prog., wis the mask has been stripped off communism and nazism. At last they Are exposed to the Light As partners in tyranny. The gruesome masquerade is Green. A. F. Of l. President. It is my duty to say All Hope that Stalin May tomorrow betray Hitler and return to collaboration and the democracies is a wicked illusion and a Complete Absurdity. A Alexander k. Kerensky former russian Premier. We Are fighting to relieve men s hearts of the haunting fear that their sons Are being brought up As munition Power to be used and sacrificed to defend the w orld against organized Snell Leader of labor opposition British parliament. Heaven help the sailors on a night like this rom 9n Tuv cd John Hitler like presidents Kings and premiers talks for the folks Back Home a senator Gerald p. Nye rep., n. D. Fritz Kuhn promises to stay in new York for his trial. After this assuring word if the Little fuehrer takes after the big one we can expect to find him somewhere Down in the South seas when his trial comes up. Glancing Down the arms embargo list we find is among the forbidden exports. Export it a the vaudeville comedian would exclaim we can t even sgt cell it Rialto celebrities Are All hipped on the Rumba by George Ross new York. Oct. 14. A no Mere fads the Rumba and Conga have become cult dances for Many celebrated dervishes. A couple of years ago these latin shakes and Torso twists were merely novel and turbulent. Malacca replaced the Harmonica and mandolin As the instruments of Amateur musicians. Any Swarthy skinned maid who could say a Psi Roll her eyes and hips to the swish and Sway of a South american tune was in great demand. And partisans of the old fashioned Gavotte Waltz and two step said the new menace would soon go away. But the Rumba cult has grown literally by leaps and Bounds. Folk who Are stolid and staid All Day Long Are on the Conga line All evening making ridiculous serpentine motions in prisoner formation beating time with the Palms of their hands and howling a refrain which sounds like a Aye Aye Aye. Aye and does no to mean anything. Musicians who starved a couple of years ago because they Clung to ragtime. Are in Clover now because they Wear silk blouses and blow a Reed instrument instead of brass. And the fanatical Rumba its Are legion. George Abbott has become a hopeless insomniac because of his addiction hip shaking the hours away from Midnight until curfew before going off to contemplate a new Broadway play. Hiso Rumba craze has become such gossip that Job seeking actors now go Down to the Rumba Dens to secure an appointment with him. Even a soft and sentimental viennese Luise Rainer had the Rumba infection badly recently luring All her friends to one latin cafe or another so she could dance to the violent rhythms. Also in the Rumba Conga lines night after night Ethel Merman Brenda Frazier Erroll Flynn president Roosevelt a sons Marlene Dietrich Eleanor Powell John Hay Whitney Jules Brule tour and his spouse Hope Hampton. Margot Grahame Erskine Gwynne and John Jacob Astor. They have their own notions As to whom the Best Rumba player might be and they dispute the Point with vehement argument. When they dance they almost throw themselves out of joint. Not out of the joint however. All quiet on the night club front strict neutrality has been declared in the nocturnal War zone. After an outbreak of hostilities again at the Stork club its harried Hast has come out for peace. The Stork has been the scene of Many skirmishes the last one being a casual tilt Between producer George White and a notable of the Jimmy Walker Era Sidney sol Mon. So the next morning proprietor Billingsley issued a decree. None he said who Ever have exchanged blows at any cafe in the City would be admitted to his premises again. This ultimatum gave instant ammunition to the humorists. That they declared meant banishment for almost the entire Stork clientele since there Are few w to have remained pacifist in their night time rounds. As a matter of fact one wag suggested Billingsley was giving his club the wild West Motif bar everybody hard boiled George George White incidentally seems to be the belligerent of the season. Soon after his Stork club bout he came into the limelight again when he was charged with slapping a showgirl in his current revue the he denied it the Young lady later retracted her accusation and the storm blew Over. But a few hours afterwards the turbulent producer went Down into the first Row of the theater where the Quot scandals is playing and threatened to pummel two gents who he said were heckling the performers in his show. Or. W. Is Handy we Ith his mitts. Not forgotten it Raleigh news and observer the Only utterance of a Public Man that is remembered after his death is some expression that was conceived in deep conviction and sealed with sacrifice. In the Days preceding America s Entrance into the world War the Hon. Robert n. Page of North Carolina member of Congress was one of the oldest members of the committee on appropriations and was in line for chairmanship of the committee. When the Issue of America going into the War became imminent or. Page stated that he could not conscientiously vote Quot Aye and announced he w Ould surrender his seat in Congress because most of his constituents wished him to support the recommendation of president Wilson. A score and two years have passed since or. Page went through his Gethsemane. While he retired to private life he never lost the Confidence or esteem of the people of North Carolina. Including those who took the opposite course from the one he Felt in Honor bound to pursue. On monday in his argument against the repeal of the embargo senator la Follette whose fathers position was like that of or. Page quoted a sentenced from or. Pages speech which the North carolinian never regretted. Or Page then said Jesus Christ never uttered a More profound truth than when he declared. A whore your treasure is there also your heart will the loan of $500. Xxx too to England by american capitalists to say nothing of the profits of the munitions manufacturers has destroyed the semblance even of neutrality in the United states and will probably Lead us into War. While congressman Page was conscientiously opposing every step that might Lead to War. His brother. Ambassador Walter h. Page had been for two years conscientiously doing everything in his Power to induce the United states to become a participant in the struggle and Long before president Wilson deemed it the duty of the United states to take that step. Even Brothers differ on such questions. All conscientious men should be respected in the expression of their convictions however much they May differ from the prevailing View and the prevailing will. Americans can be thankful there is an abundance of Beauty Parlours Over Here where it Isnit necessary to have a War to save the face. Germany announces Only six kinds of jams and jellies will be sold hereafter. Now if German housewives can just find something left in the cupboard to spread them on. Cattan Quot Over the Graves Forward Quot a from the Birmingham news a German general in Poland offers the reminder that the motto of War is Quot Over the Graves a Over the Graves. Over the Graves but not the Graves of men identified Only by numbers. Over the Graves of men who ate and laughed and dreamed and hoped. Over the Graves of men who liked to come Home at night from an honest Days w Ork and play with a child born of their loins. Over the Graves of it outs who wanted to be poets or doctors or lawyers or writers or teachers youths who we anted to serve the world and make life happier for All. Over the Graves of children whose play ended abruptly and forever when a bomb dropped rom the sky. Over the Graves of mothers who mourned and wept and died untimely deaths because their sons went to War and did not come Back. Over the Graves of All those who died of malnutrition because the ravenous maw of War took All the food. Over the Graves of those who fell in pestilence because of War s privations. Over the Graves of the innocent and the guilty the High and the Low the kindly and the mean. Over the Graves of those who fought and Over the Graves of those who wanted Only peace. A Over the Graves Forward Forward Forward for the living. Forward for those who must Grope their Way because they were blinded by a Shell. Forward for those w to stumble and gasp because of the Gas that seared their lungs. Forward for those who crawl because their legs were left on the Battlefield. Forward for those shocked by Shell fire w to tremble As they walk and know not where they go. Forward for those who hide their faces from the world and walk Only at night because of the Sears of War. Forward go Loo. I Hose wrecks of humanity whom the world Calls Quot Basket cases a the soldiers w to lost arms and legs in War and Are doomed to pass out their Days in Hospital suspension frames. Forward go those extremes of mutilation those who lost not Only their limbs but also sight and hearing and taste and still live on. Shapeless globs of sensitive flesh within which a mind and soul still think and feel. Quot Over the Graves Forward go those sound of limb and body but they stagger Forward under debt. Forward they go in the Shadow of fears bom of unsolved problems realizing that for every problem solved by arms a score of new ones Are spawned by the War. Forward they go in repressive hate and vengeful Ness. Quot Over the Graves Forward amid the wrecks of Noble buildings. Forward Over once Beautiful Parks where War s victims now lie buried. Forward Over the Fertile Fields slowed by hellfire and sprayed by the blood of men forever dead. Forward Over torn paintings and broken sculpture. Forward Over a civilization scorched and a culture corroded. Quot Over the Graves Forward a into hell. I think ifs great that Here in new York we Are having a week of music and not a week of wartime former mayor James j. Walker of new York City. There a one Nice thing about Admiral Byrd s new expedition to the South pole. He May run across the Bremen and put the world at ease. Bruce Catton in Washington isolationists track Rumor of u. S. Promises to allies Washington oct. 14.�?the Reft Story Back of the Clark Resolution Foi a Senate investigation of foreign propaganda efforts in this country i that it represents an Effort by the isolationists to find out whether the american government has secretly Given a assurances Quot of Aid to England or France. On the face of it the Resolution a introduced by senator Bennett Clark of Missouri a s i in ply Calls for the appointment of a committee of seven to investigate what if anything foreign Powers or their agents have done to influence americans action on the Aims embargo. It is worded broadly enough however to empower such a committee to go into the whole subject of transatlantic communications both ways. Ii is an open secret that the isolationists Are deeply suspicious tha some representative of the administration has Given the allies far broader commitments than Are a Matte of Public record. The isolationist Hope that through the Clark Resolution that entire question can be examined right to the Bottom. An when As and if the Resolution come to the floor for debate a look for fire works of All the colors in the Spe Trum. Banks on outbreak of peace a certain prominent new Deal sen Ator. Who has been Active in the figh to get the arms embargo repealed gently bet $10 that the european a would be Over by oct. 21, 1939. He argues like this neither Russia. Turkey nor ital really wants to see Hitler expand an More in Eastern or Southeastern in rope. Russia has got him stopped ii the East right now and is Hemmin him in along the shores of the Baltic All of the reports from Europe ind Cate that conversations to Check Ger Man expansion in the Balkans Are no. Going on. So when this peace offer was main t it logical to suppose that a sub surface communication went with it t London and Paris suggesting thai since Hitler was now tied up in the East and Southeast and since the Maginot line in the West is practical impassable the War might As Well called off with such a suggestion this sen Tor believes there May Well have gon the further statement that if eng a and France wanted to keep on figh ing in the face of All this it would strictly their War after that and ii russians turks it Al. Would supp Hitler with enough raw materials f make the blockade relatively in Effes Tive. The senior admits he asked a and got two to one Odds. Rut he i Urr the thing was Worth risking ten spot on. Anyway. No Sale to this Prospect Dorothy Detzer is head of the w menus International league for pea and Freedom and As such la one the most effective and determined the peace lobbyists Here. One of her efforts has been to demonstrate that a War Boom is like to develop if we sell War supplies England and France. So it was rather funny that a w Street investment House should a dentally Send her its most Rece brochure a which was an Appeal customers to buy now and take a Vantage of the coming War Boom. Or1 paragraph in it announced that of Low priced stocks now timing offer a at least 26 Are War miss Detzer promptly took to brochure up on Capitol Hill to Pla it where it would do the most Good. Trade and peace twin City Sentinel in the midst of the confusion Crea de by the european War Cordell Hud american Secretary of state Sticks his guns. He continues to Ham Home the idea that the peace and dec nomic Security of nations depend it it on the expansion of world Trade. His theory is a indicated upon of belief that Only through a Freer so tem of Commerce among nations Ca each nation secure an adequate in ply of those raw materials and of essentials that it needs in carrying its industries and supplying the wan of its people. This theory is difficult to Challens probably there will always be s countries which have materials of countries need but do not have. U less Trade is liberated from r shackles and allowed to expat among the nations controversies tween the a a haves and the a Zhav no tsp will continue and these diff ice ties will Lead to War. The lesson which the Powers some of them at least apparently Hanoi yet Learned is that a sound c Mercial program is Worth far in than colonies. Winston Churchill refers to Russi position As a a Riddle wrapped in in tory inside an Enigma Quot and thus Cie things up considerably for those of who Only read the papers. Of it Isnit one thing its Aneth after a Tongue twisting session i polish cities the radio announcer must tangle with the names of so players in collegiate Backfield. Of rain did no to return water taken from oceans by evaporation science reports they would dry up in 3000 it cars. Here Ai last is the solution to the submarine problem. Noah Webster took 21 years to prepare his dictionary of the English language. The average american youth manages to learn to mispronounce in i i word in an equal length of time. That Balmy Breeze you feel Isnit repercussion of the California he wave. Its just Congress warming for the embargo debate. \

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