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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 6, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather warming trend to continue froth yeah a no. 278 the High Point Enterprise Cail us circulation 882 1719 High Point n. C., sunday morning october 6, 1974 120 pages classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2111 daily 10c, sunday 25c football scores Duke. 16 Purdue. 14 Carolina. 45 Pittsburgh. 29 Oklahoma. 63 Wake Forest. 0 state. 24 East Carolina. 20 Clemson. 28 Georgia 24 Maryland. 31 Syracuse. 0 soviets planned big buys Ford wins Grain exports halt Washington it a it president Ford won voluntary agreement from exporters saturday to halt a 1500 million soviet Grain Deal that would have boosted american grocery Bills. Agriculture Secretary Earl Butz announcing this to reporters at the White House expressed dismay that the soviets gave no Advance warning they planned massive purchases of Corn and wheat. A we wish they had t done he said. The halt on shipments of 91 million bushels of Corn and 34 million bushels of wheat was negotiated at morning Long White House conferences with top officials of two major exporters. Continental Grain co. Of new York and Cook industries inc., of Memphis Tenn Butz broke off a six Day Western tour to Fly Back from California to join Ford and Treasury Secretary William e Simon at the meetings the agriculture chief indicated the administration has gathered evidence the soviets were planning still other Grain purchases that presumably will now be held in abeyance Moscow s contracts with Continental and Cook were signed thursday and Friday. Butz said the Continental and Cook deals a obviously would have a buoyant effect on prices in the United states by reducing already tight supplies especially of com. He said an agriculture department crop report next week is expected to show the Corn Harvest Quot Down modestly Quot from earlier forecasts that had not lived up to original expectations. He said the com crop has suffered from a a triple whammy a of a wet Spring dry summer and Early frosts in a formal statement Butz said Ford a expressed his desire to protect the supplies of both Corn and wheat to assure adequate supplies to both . Consumers and regular overseas buyers without the need for general Export in response to a question. Butz said he would regard the soviet Union As a regular overseas customer and declared the United states Hopes to a Supply a part of their needs at Simon will discuss the situation with soviet officials in Moscow next week. Butz reported Simon s trip was scheduled before the Grain deals became known. It was Simon who announced Friday night that Ford would seek a voluntary halt to the planned shipments although existing Law empowers him to Block commodity exports s�2��1 for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Get the Story q. I would like to know if its lawful for a school teacher to hit a child with a Barber strop. I m trying to decide whether to take it out in a warrant or blood. Anonymous woman. A the Law allows a teacher reasonable Force to maintain discipline to interpret what is reasonable one would have to know in each Case what the child was doing and How much Force was applied which could Range All the Way from a tap on the hand or rear to flogging him like a Galley slave. We Are personally against Corporal punishment As it humiliates a child and emitters him and the teacher a and spreads to the parents who want to retaliate. On the other hand if someone came at us kicking and clawing we d probably Settle for anything Handy to fend off the attack. Try to simmer Down until you get the whole Story from the teacher and some classmates. Children do have a propensity to exaggerate Don t we All. If you still fee More Force was applied than the circumstances warranted go to the principal and superintendent before resorting to the courts. Come to think of it. There s a parable that fits this you can look up chapter and verse a about going first by yourself to the person who you think has unjustly treated you before you involve or embroil others in the argument its still Good advice after 2,000 years but Seldom followed knife repair q. I would like to know if you can Send a knife Back to a company to get a Blade replaced in it. If so what is the address e. M. A your Best bet is to write the manufacturer who made that knife the address could be secured from the store where it was purchased or from the Public Library s directories of business if there s no name on the knife or you Don t know where it was bought try a merchant who Sells similar ones. All x d q i d like to know Why these movies like a last tango in Paris Are rated Quot a Quot Here in High Point and rated a in Greensboro. When you go to see a movie that a rated a and you get Down there and ifs rated Quot re i wonder How they can print it in the newspapers. Or. Anon. A. The movie ratings Are Given by what is called the Green Sheet a a name Given to a group representing catholics jews protestants ptas and Many other associations their opinions Are passed on to the Public As a general guide the ratings appear on the previews and among the credits a preceding the movie and usually always in the ads the exception occurs when a theater manager takes the opinion rating into his own hands and switches the rating in his and. This is Why parents should know what is in the movie or read the a doctored ratings or reviews Given in magazines before letting their innocents behold iniquity. There s been a steady and Ever accelerating change in attitudes on this As one former theater manager said if ratings had been Given in the Days of a gone with the wind Quot it probably would have gotten an a a a for Gable s single a Midnight Cowboy was first released with an Quot a a but was Given the a a re stamp the second time around. Alexander Pope the poet not a movie or a pontiff summed it up Well a i ice in a Munster of to frightful Mien at to be hotel Needrit hut to be teen let teen too Oft familiar with her Are he Firtl in lure then pity then that the Caterpillar Taal at he Anteri Al the Butterfly a of i Merer r atch me in one of Thote liar Nett thin. A reaction with regard to the information Given on the Quot serving you pamphlets it was Learned that the Cost of mailing each Utility Bill a whether in envelope or not a is to cents each due to the fact they Are Over sized postcards with no extra expense in postage the Cost of including the leaflets is reduced from 8995 to $475 monthly for the printing and envelopes soviet Grain Reserve High Moscow apr Washington a decision to suspend shipment of 125 million bushels of Grain to Russia creates no immediate problem Here because soviet Grain reserves Are at their highest level in three years but it could cramp plans for expanding the country s meat production agriculture Secretary Earl Butz said in Washington he suspected the soviets wanted american Grain to maintain their livestock population. He said president Ford obtained a voluntary agreement from exporters to suspend the Sale because it would boost . Grain prices and ultimately the u a consumer s grocery Bill. The soviet Union is expected by Western experts to Harvest its second largest Grain crop in its history within the month it comes on top of an All time record Harvest the year before and observers Here agree that the soviet Union is not in pressing need of Grain shipments from abroad. After a disastrous Harvest in 1972. The soviets purchased a full 25 per cent of the american wheat crop approximately 440 million bushels at that time they paid is 65 a Bushel since then the Price has climbed to about $5 and now hovers around 84 75 the soviets while not yet forecasting the year s total Harvest. Are expected by Western experts to reap about 200 million tons of Grain. This might be Short of the 1974 target of 205 6 million tons but is still practically certain to be the second largest crop in soviet history after the 1973 crop of 222 5 million tons. Bombs kill 5 injure 54 pub patrons Guildford England apr bombs exploded without warning saturday in two bars often frequented by British soldiers and police said at least five persons were killed and 54 injured some of them seriously. A bodies Are lying said a witness to the first explosion at a bar called the horse and Groom. He said it was filled with 80 to 90 persons at the time of the blast fifteen minutes later a second explosion wrecked another bar about 250 Yards away but the manager of that establishment had cleared it of patrons after hearing the first blast. Police immediately closed All pubs in Guildford a thriving University and Light Industrial Community 30 Miles Southwest of London both of the bars bombed Are frequented by soldiers at nearby army Barracks Low stockpiles of Coal leave utilities Bare by Robert Holden a business writer new York a with Coal stockpiles running Low steel Mills and some Coal burning electric utilities Are powerless to defend against a threatened strike by Coal miners in november Industry spokesmen say. A at this Point there is nothing the steel companies can do Quot said a steel securities analyst who asked not to be identified a there just in t any Coal to add to Industry steel companies say they have two to four week supplies of metallurgical Oal needed to make Coke for the Steelm akm process. Coal burning utilities use a More abundant and less expensive Grade of Coal called steam Coal but their stockpiles Are reported running 20 to 55 per cent below the 90-Day Reserve they consider Normal. Electrical Energy derived from Coal accounted for 43 per cent of the nation s total kilowatt hours in july according to the latest figures from the Federal Power commission. Natural Gas was the second largest source but provided less than half of Coal s electrical generation. The Federal Energy administration is preparing contingency plans to divert some Coal supplies from utilities to other industries and to embargo Coal exports in the event of a walk out by the miners when their contract expires nov. 12. The Fea plans Are outlined in a yet to be released memo obtained by the associated press however a number of utilities say their own Coal stockpiles Are so Low that a strike would Force them to reduce Power output and a spokesman for one of the big steel companies said Coal from the utilities would t do the steel Industry much Good Quot you can use metallurgical Coal to make steam if you want to pay the Price but you can t use steam Quality Coal to make Coke a he said. Opposition continues few evaders seek amnesty cubans cheer Leader during speech Wei few cuban Progress seen largely due to Aid Havana a the cuban revolution is a continuing War against illiteracy disease poverty selfishness a and political dissidents. To most observers the social Progress achieved in Cuba Over the past 15 years has been extraordinary. Many of the gains would have been impossible without the 81 5 million Cuba receives daily in economic assistance from the soviet Union hut an equally essential ingredient has been the Devotion of the revolutions followers. A doctor at Havana psychiatric Hospital says a problem in Cuba nowadays is the growing number of people who work so hard for the revolution that they endanger their health Cuba alone among latin american countries has virtually eliminated the problem of wrenching poverty unemployment is almost nonexistent. The illiteracy rate according to United nations figures has dropped from 23 per cent in 1958 to 3 8 per cent today. Disease attributable to malnutrition or unsanitary conditions has almost been wiped out food though strictly rationed is available to just about everyone the Cost of achievement has been High dissenters often Are treated ruthlessly. Although the figures Are not known there Are believed to be thousands of political prisoners in cuban jails one state department estimate is that the number May be 25,000 in addition some 600,000 cubans a about 7 per cent of the population a have fled the Island since 1959, Many of them escaping the threat of imprisonment not All who want to leave have been allowed to. Michael Alvarez a 40-year old new York native born of cuban parents is one of them he notified cuban authorities in August 1969 he wanted to go to the United states. He was fired from his Job 15 Days later and has been unemployed Ever since living off Charity. He lives in the town of Elia in Oriente province some 32 Miles from the Beach. He is not allowed to go to the Beach he says because a the authorities think Iti try to escape in a Alvarez came to Cuba in 1959 As an idealistic 25-year-old supporter of the revolution he held a variety of jobs with the Treasury tourism and sugar ministries his last Job was As a mechanical Engineer in Oriente province he came to Havana this past week after hearing that . Sens Jacob k javits and Claiborne Pell were in town for talks with cuban officials. He hoped to Tell his plight to javits but he arrived monday from his 400-mile bus trip an hour after the senators departure from Cuba he told his Story to several american reporters visiting a cuban on a Washington a Only a comparative handful of fugitive draft dodgers and military deserters has taken up president Ford s conditional amnesty offer since he made it nearly three weeks ago meanwhile continued opposition from both anti amnesty groups and advocates of no stings amnesty some of whom proclaimed a Boycott suggests that the wounds Ford hoped to heal still Are open to complicate the situation the amnesty program is under Legal attack by the american civil liberties Union Justice department and Pentagon officials claim it is too Early to judge whether the program is a Success or a allure As Justice spokesman John Russell put it. A we expect More to take advantage of it As the Christmas holidays a military authorities said blare Are More Vietnam Era deserters wading in line to come in As of Friday Only 26 draft evaders out of More than 4,-Uuo listed As fugitives had agreed to alternative Public service in return Lur Legal forgiveness. At the outset of the program on sept 16, atty. Inside Reading on the scene Page 9a Young at 86 Page 3a museum s new director. Page 2d Clai Tifis. Page 8 22d editorial. Page 4a women new Section b sport. Section c 208 entertainment Poges 19, 20, 21 b obituaries. A Gen William Saxbe had predicted that about 2.500 draft resisters and an even bigger number of deserters would come Forward the response of military deserters has been better than that of draft evaders but still has fallen Well Short of w hat could be called a sur or the Pentagon reported that As of Friday 896 deserters had been processed or were wailing to go through the amnesty system at the Camp Atterbury. Ind. Center 2 Highway patrolmen Are slain Asheville n c. Api two Highway patrolmen were shot and killed saturday night in the Buncombe county courthouse apparently by a Man they had taken into custody tor Drunken driving officers said sgt w i Arledge and patrolman Lawrence Campe jr., were found lying dead in the breathalyzer room about 8 28 p a by fellow officers. Police said the two had stopped Edward Collins Davis 54, of Bryson City on interstate 40 about 7.10 p in. On suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol. They had taken Collins to the courthouse for a breathalyzer test officers sad officers said a weapon worn by one of the dead officers was missing state and City Law officers set up roadblocks in the Asheville areas one officer said the search was entered West of the City limits. Gov Jim Holshouser s office offered a 85,000 Reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the assailant

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