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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 5, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather sunny warmer More data on a 90th year a no. 277 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 8821719 High Point n. saturday afternoon october 5, 1974 36 pages clarified Adi 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c Oil Fields use plans continuing by Stan Benjamin associated press writer Washington a the Interior department is steadily continuing preparations to open the Atlantic coast and the Gull of Alaska to offshore Oil drilling next year provided environmental or Legal obstacles done to foil its Hopes. Undersecretary John c. Whitaker says he told the Bureau of land management and the geological Survey to prepare a schedule for leasing in the Atlantic the Gulf of Alaska or alternately in the Gulf of Mexico with the target of leasing to million acres in 1975. Sen. Edward m. Kennedy d-mass., said an orderly development could not be prepared in one year and charged. Quot the decision is premature and potentially disastrous if it is implemented sen. Clifford p. Case. R-n.j., also said that Quot any firm commitment to lease areas of the Atlantic Ocean for offshore Oil drilling at this time is but Whitaker said in an interview fonday there has been no decision on where to lease offshore in 1975. The schedule he ordered including specific lease Sale dates May not actually be carried out but is needed so the Interior department can assign funds and manpower to prepare the environmental studies required Whitaker said. Whitaker noted that Interior cannot legally make offshore leasing decisions before completing environmental studies and cannot lease in the Atlantic until the supreme court settles a jurisdictional dispute with the coastal states. Meanwhile. U. S. Hopes for driving Down world Oil prices by reducing demand received encouragement from saudi Arabia s Oil minister Sheik Ahmed Zaki Yamani. Federal Energy administrator John c. Sawhill appeared in a panel Dis Cussion with Yamani on Friday and asked him whether the world Oil Price would go Down if Industrial nations Cut demand Quot i think if you do this it will go Down unless some of the major a dockers come Down and Cut drastically their production Quot Yamani replied. A now the major producers of the world who can do this.,.number saudi Arabia and i can Tell you right now we won t Cut our production Quot Yamani added. Yamani said Iran was the other major producer Iran s ambassador Ardeshir Zahedi in the first Row of the audience quickly stated Iran too would refrain from cutting production to create artificial shortages and bolster High Oil prices. Yamani proposed during the discussion a meeting of seven or eight nations including Oil producers Consumers and underdeveloped countries to prepare the Agenda of a wider discussion of Oil related problems. Meanwhile sen. Henry m. Jackson d-wash., proposed that the United states set a ceiling on Oil imports to limit the Transfer of its wealth to the Oil producing nations. Quot this will Tell them loud and Clear that imports will not be allowed to Rise until prices comedown Quot Jackson told a democratic fundraising dinner in Manchester . On Export embargo Ford asks Grain chiefs to talk suggestions by the Basket president Ford stands in front of a Basket full of suggestions for practical Energy saving As he meets with newsmen in the White House Cabinet wants doctors Home room Friday. The Basket contains a sampling of letters received in response to a presidential Appeal for Energy conservation recommendations. Ltd wire photo by Charles j. Lewis associated press writer Washington a president Ford has summoned executives of two major Grain exporting companies to the White House to discuss the administration s decision to hold up the shipment of 125 million bushels of Grain to the soviet Union. Treasury Secretary William e. Simon in announcing the action Friday night also said Ford had served notice that he expects exporters to seek White House approval before arranging future contracts to ship Grain abroad. Officials of Continental Grain co. Of new York and Cook industries inc., of Memphis tenn., were to meet with Ford today. Agriculture Secretary Earl l. Butz an outspoken opponent of restrictions on . Farm exports was in California when the move was announced and broke off a six Day tour of Western states to Fly Here for the meeting an aide said. Some 91 million bushels of Corn and 34 million bushels of wheat were said to be involved in the transaction. Officials did not disclose the value of the shipment. . Officials said the decision to hold up the Sale was voluntary but they declined to say whether the soviets or the companies or both had acceded to an administration request to place the transaction in abeyance. Existing Law empowers the president to order halts to the Export of such commodities. The action came at the end of a Day that Ford devoted to economic matters and that saw these other economic developments a the nation s unemployment rate Rose to a 2v5-year High of 5.8 per cent in september the biggest increase since january As an estimated 440,000 persons joined the ranks of the unemployed. A an associated press Survey disclosed that the Early Frost the Midwest and the Plains states had further crippled crops already stunted by Spring floods and summer drought. Corn soybeans and tomatoes were reported hardest hit. A retail beef prices during the week declined 1.6 cents a Pound from the week before according to the department of agriculture. A a Star corp., the largest sugar refiner and marketer in the United states said its wholesale Price of grocery sugar in the Midwest went up Friday by to per cent. A the Bank of America in san Francisco and the first National City Bank of new York lowered their prime lending rates by a a of a percentage Point to 11?4 per cent effective monday. A it was announced that Bangladesh will get $17.1 million Worth of . Wheat and $17.5 million in . Rice under the food for peace program part of the foreign Aid plan. A the House Republican task Force on antitrust and monopoly problems shelved a confidential staff report urging curbs on Farmer cooperatives As Means of reducing food prices. The staff report had been opposed by lobbyists for co Ops. Inflation Shah tells iranians making of free schooling dirt dear Nixon leaves Hospital travel is restricted Tehran. Iran a the Shah of Iran said today his country a Quot unprecedented economic situation Means iranians now can enjoy free education from kindergarten through College. But he warned Young iranian doctors against working abroad because they Are Quot badly needed at As Many As 20,000 iranians Are reported working As doctors in the United states alone. The growth rate of Iran a Gross National product has gone from last years record 33 per cent to 40 per cent this year with 1974 Oil revenues at $21 billion the Shah said in opening parliament. The Shah called on iranians to fight a 14 per cent inflation rate Quot imposed upon this country from t Centralia 111. A inflation is devaluing the language As Well As the Dollar. For instance when you want to Point out a ridiculously Low Price you might say Quot its dirt but dirty a not so cheap anymore. Illinois Highway officials building interstate 64 say they paid 72 cents a cubic Yard for dirt fill in 1972, $1.30 last year and $1.55 this month. Chicken feed another synonym for cheapness has doubled in Price in two years. A 100-Pound sack about As much As a Chicken eats in its life now costs $9.50. That s $7 More than the Purchase Price of a Chicken. San Clemente Calif. Apr Richard m. Nixon has left the Hospital but the former president is under travel restrictions that will keep him off the witness stand in the watergate cover up trial for some time. Nixon who is suffering from phlebitis was recuperating at his Seaside Villi today after a 12-Day stay in a Long Beach Hospital. Or. John c. Lungren Nixon s physician said Friday the former president was Quot literally exhausted Quot and Woid require one to three months rest. That made it unlikely Nixon would appear soon As a witness in the trial of five of his former aides under Way in Washington. . The trial is expected to last about three months. Quot i think after being up All night going to the bathroom losing sleep having repeated tests i would say his condition is worse than when he first came Lungren said Quot an extreme potential danger still the 61-year-old Nixon will take an anticoagulant drug coumarin for at least several months for the phlebitis Lungren said. While taking the drug Nixon would be in danger of i aft a Afa a 4r 4 cuban school children two cuban school girls wearing uniforms consisting of White blouses and Darker skirts Are Busy at work in a Havana school last week. Cubans population is Young with almost half of the 9.1 million people never knowing any other system except for Castro ism. A wire photo italian communists favor win at ballot Box not revolution Rome a the italian communist party is bidding for a role in government a not through violent revolution but through the ballot Box. Quot we have Only to wait tor the right moment and join the government the right Way a not sneaking in through the servants Entrance but walking up the front stairs Quot says Giorgio Amendola a Veteran member of the party scentral committee. Founded 53 years ago the communist party of Italy has More than a million members and draws about to million votes in elections. Although it is the largest marxist political group in the West and does Rule some City Halls among them the City of Bologna it has no formal say in National administration. Now however it is waging a new offensive for at least a share of Power in Italy since the collapse thursday of the nation s 36th postwar government. Enrico Berlinguer its Secretary general says with the italian Economy slipping fast the communists Are Quot no longer disposed to be passive the image of the party is not what it used to be. Gone Are the Days of fiery Palmiro Togliatti the Stalwart theoretical who died at age 71 eight yeas ago. Also gone is the aggressiveness of Luigi Longo Togliatti s successor who now is the party a honorary president. To Many the party has become a political machine with a High degree of efficiency and less nepotism than it once had. It has also moved to attract Middle of the Road voters with a Strong platform of Quot moderation and Law and it draws its support from a Large segment of Italy a 20 million working class As Well As the intelligent. The italian voter who supports it is More Likely to do so As a method of protest than out of any communist conviction. Often he is roman Catholic but is Able to Square that with voting communist because As Giulio Giorgetti a 42-year-old Carpenter from Rome says the party often gives the impression that it Quot when you go to a party Branch you feel the camaraderie Quot says Giorgetti Quot it is the Only party in Italy which tries to help its members Quot socialist Man cuban goal Havana Cuba a who have indicated a desire one of the Long Range goals t0 leave he country. These of the cuban revolution is to arc Cuba s social outcasts create a Quot new socialist Man Quot for whom the revolution has willing to sacrifice his per no room. For High school Sonal welfare for the com dropouts there Are plenty of a Mon Good. Jobs available but the state the aim is to keep the decides which jobs go to socialist ethic alive once the whom. Present generation of leaders however excess employ passes from the scene. A ment presents a problem. In deeply cherished Ideal of Many shops around Havana prime minister Fidel Castro there Ozien Are More clerks is a society in which Money is than customers done away with and which t Ubas population is Young functions on moral incan almost half its 9.1 million lives alone citizens have known no Money is still very much a system other than part of cuban society 15 s�?~r0"� Quot it hot a years Atter the revolution cuban school children Are sex but its importance is Renus let w.e�?ob�jv0<1 by diminished. American standards. A reflection of the Puritan in Cuba waiters shun tips. Zeal of the revolution is the it is open to question whether absence of hippie lifestyles they do so out of fear of and provocative dress reprisal or out of sincere Dis miniskirts Are tolerated approval of the practice. For practical reasons. Quot they the state apparatus goes to Savo on Cly la. Astro sex great lengths to ensure that Plains. Just about everybody youth youths Are kept Tsvi especially is kept Busy St worthy program after Tueful tricks class or on weekends they tasks. Work in the Fields or on con unemployment does rot Striction brigades exist in Cuba except for those Malinger ers or those who display Quot social selfishness Quot Are chastised i for cuban teen agers the Inq i s 111 Sico i United states is the most fre amusements a quent target of jokes. But Bridge. A those who mock the Castro classified ads.1m5a revolution do so at their own risk. Crossword. 11a an editor of a newspaper editorials4a written for cubans under-25 obituaries. A population was asked what sports.h-10a cubans youth rebels against television Sec. B these Days. A a imperialism a a weather. A was the reply. Report on pot is expected new York apr the Federal government will report next week that smoking marijuana Lowers a persons resistance to disease causes chemical imbalances in the body and is tied to birth defects. Abc says. John Chancellor reporting on Quot neg nightly news Quot said Friday the government also will announce that Quot diseases of old age such As emphysema now seem to be occurring among Young people who smoke the department of health education and welfare reported to Congress last year there was Little evidence that infrequent marijuana smoking was harmful. Haemorrhaging if he suffered Quot physical trauma of any kind Quot Lungren said. Quot i would say that the time of him being Able to travel safety would be from one to three months depending upon How Well he responds to the anti coagulation whether he develops any complications and whether or not he has any recurrence Quot Lungren said. Lungren said Nixon must restrict his physical activity during his recuperation period. He will be Able to walk around freely within limits but Quot must not spend a protracted period of sitting in a car or air plane Quot the doctor said. Nixon who emerged from the Hospital in a wheelchair with his leg propped up. Was accompanied by his wife a Pat. And daughter. Tricia. As he left the Hospital in a Black limousine on Friday. Lungren told a news conference after Nixon left that he knew some people still doubt the former president was actually ill. Quot i know there Are a lot of doubting Thomases a but this is my honest Conception of what i think should happen to him during his recovery . Employee is reinstated Ford intervened Washington a a government computer specialist who leaked information to Congress about a controversial Federal Dat storage network has been reinstated to his Job after his Agency a Boss backed Down on a firing decision the specialists daughter had written president Ford appealing to him to intervene in the ease. John e Holt 44. A $32, emf year employee of the general services administration the government s housekeeping Agency was cleaning out his desk Friday when word came that Cha administrator Arthur f. Sampson had rescinded a firing order. A Gas Job review panel had voted 2 to i thursday to uphold Holt a claim that Sampson had no right to fire him and that the unsatisfactory Job rating Holt had been Given was unjust the review panel ordered the rating changed to satisfactory. But it had no authority to order his reinstatement and a Gas announcement Friday morning indicated that Sampson a firing order would stick. Sampson backed Down at mid afternoon however reportedly Atter White House officials intervened in the Case. Holt s supporters have claimed he was Given an unsatisfactory Job rating and ordered dismissed because he interfered with efforts by the Nixon administration to politicize the civil service and because he gave congressional investigators information about the proposed computer work. The Gas was the principal planner and promoter of the network known As fed net which was scrapped after Congress refused to appropriate funds for it. The proposed $220-Milliori network was to have shared information among government agencies and critics asserted that the system could be used to invade the privacy of nearly All americans

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