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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 4, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Page tenth High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina w Vine Dav october 4, 193$ Vij a cd to hts a it vhf i soc Chakales snot f dior f b baseball9 s Dassie opens Torlai a a a a a a a a a Bison sent through hard scrimmage by substituting major Hoople yesterday i had hoped to be the Only sports writer in the country not to write on the world series. But this morning one of the Many stories out of Gotham caught my Eye. It said something about the Yankees being complacent. Now if that scribe is Correct in his analysis you can go out right Quick and Lay a Little scratch that the reds will to a Little More troublesome than somewhat. Personally i subscribe to the theory that the Best Way to beat the Yankees is at poker. Not for a moment would i believe that there is any team up there much less a National league club that qualifies As a serious Chacon Ger to the present champions. That is of course if the Yan a Kees Are intent upon the business at hand and not count j ing the winners share of the Gravy Ere the Gravy is brewed. J of it were not for that disturbing note of a from place be about the yanks i would in forced to suggest that the Bronx bombers Are a shoo in for the championship Exen in four or five games maybe. There a nothing quite so demoralizing to an athletic unit than this a a complacency business. Its a sort of a trance you get into thinking All the while that you can get out and win anytime you get ready. Quite often the seventh eighth and ninth innings slip by and you really done to have enough outs to go out there and win. While i think that Paul Derringer and Bucky Walters Are a couple of Side winding rattlesnakes pitching in the National league they Are hardly accustomed to the fierce batsmen rather common in the american league particularly one Joe dim amp Agio. On the other hand of those fierce batsmen of the american league Are a a complacently certain that the whole affair is in the Satchel then your scratch on the reds is As Safe As anything is in baseball which is none too Safe. Scott seeks replacement for Simmons Trio i of vibrant inspected for vacant guard Post by Bill Currie or. Coach Lune Scott sent the Black Bison through a Tough scrimmage yesterday afternoon Jin preparation for the Tussel i which will take place Between ored for the most part the pen Ivory ii a Tea i r a High Point Gocz to Catawba and Lenoir Rhyne tra Els to w. T. By Gene Wike Boone n. C., oct. 4. With the Calm of warm up games past the seasonal storm among the lit tie seven colleges of the North state conference is rapidly approaching with the Gap Between the top ranking contestants gradually but surely narrowing. Following this week s slate which will pit the heavy against the less a Stair con tvs a Lier seven teams Tor la i is Ila 11 irs undefeated red fans Back Home pull circuit for heroes to win first reds in spot to shatter yank dynasty Cincinnati is Loose Ami confident. While new 3 Ork is complacent which winds up this dissertation without anything being said. Nothing to it. Sports Roundup by Eddie Brietz the locals and coach Charlie Kearns aggregation from i Mills Home Friday night. Hampered seriously by the loss i of Bill Simmons crack guard the i Bison coaching staff sought a Man who would fill the Bill St the left guard Post James a a Stonewall Hayworth looked mighty Good in the practice session and j May he t ailed on this however is far from a certainty since David Barker and m c. Kinsey both have performed Well in i practice. The drills have consisted mainly of dazzle dazzle offensive tactics and pass defense in the last a two encounters especially the Lone with Reidsville the Rison i have been at a serious disadvantage because of the Lack of proper pass defense. From the Mills Horn Camp Nant race is expected to take on the crazy trend common to the Gridiron this season. There Are two conference games in the North state this week. Catawba meets High Point at Salisbury Friday night and Lenoir Rhyne goes to Battle with the Western Carolina catamounts at Cullowhee saturday. High Point is not expected to offer the sails. By John Frye Cincinnati it. Oct. 4.�? Pic with their reds standing at the Fountain of glory in new York the faithful Here can Only line up in front of the thou St aids of scoreboards and radios and sing a come weal or Rome woe tonight we May there is a big feeling in lids town that if the lied ran take the first world series game from Lite High and might it x Yankee Jon ran slice the cake. That going pretty Strong in the face of the dope hut the Man who sat in the bleacher All season believes to the Lwft Tom of his heart that the tanks would have a Bani time Serov blow to Bury indians much opposition j and despite Jim Whatley s newly Wing from ugh a organized Catamount team the Pride percentage and Predestin Lenoir Rhyne rears Are favored As one of the strongest teams in the Circle. Outside. Imes in games outside the conference appalachian journey to Newberry s. a where the indians have promised the mountaineers a natural. Last year the Roo Nemen opened their season with a slim 7-0 win Over Newberry and Tri Nal Ion. Ifs pretty sound logic As far As that goes for Ever hotly knows where the fellow who gets the jump goes tin Only <1 nest Ion and your devoted bleach rite can to say for sure himself is can they take the first game another question banging on the Light answer to the first is would the reds keep the jump if they got it there the it it. Has More on i lie Hall. Or Only has to Point to the last kit Louis series when the reds got the jump and. Despite some agonizing hesitation kept it. Tine thing that has your Loyal red fan completely baffled and insulted is tile attitude of new York toward the world series. He just can to make out a City of 7,000,000 not in a lather Over something he has kept in ids heart for 30 years. You can to Tell him ifs the fourth straight time for the Yankees there a a world l air going on. And its a big town. All he knows is that there s a big baseball game and lies irked thai somebody Isnit taking ids reds part in it very seriously. Richmond. A. Ort. \. Pm seven Southern conference teams xviii carry unblemished Loop records into scraps affecting the title this week end by Gayle Talbot new York oct. 4<p a i he biggest show baseball has to offer the time honoured w Odd series opens under Bleak skies at Yankee stadium standings u might prove to he a Dinger before the new York North Carolinas tar heist pack i Yankees anti the Cincinnati reds finish with each other. They go at it at 1 30 p. In. T St i before a crowd of probably so too with a ii i Derringer pitching for Cincinnati and Rufus t red i ruffing whizzing i rant one through for Tho complacent Yankee. Jut in Cincinnati at setters for the new season with two wins Are favored to beat Virginia tech before launching on three contests new York us a Tulane and Pennsylvania which will determine in n. A s National rating. Clemson a. State Clemson runner up along with a Quot v. I a v. M i. In in veal Quot Mon will i quota or Quot we Quot 8 a Quot Onon la circuit Campaign a Anat f.1? a Quot Filc we come 10 or Quot Quot 1 Campaign against a a c. State club which holds one Triumph Over Davidson. V. M. s Squadron engages Davidson and Richmond and Washington and Lee play at Lexington. Captain George Stirnweiss returned from the injured list of Chapel Obi and took a Light work out hut coach Ray Wolf had George badman halfback Veteran. Working at the tailback spot in Case the triple threat Stirnweiss is not in condition to Start against tech. Stop. Reds confident few teams in history have held the affection of their Home town like the reds do today. That gives manager Bill Mckechnie boys a Little something extra for w hit h to fight. They Are a a Loose a confident Crew full of their prov til ability and Iii no Wise owed by the task they face. The Yankee go into the a Eric a trifle too satisfied with themselves three Trail it world Rome word of serious practice Day night s game figures nothing on their famed and so far quite Short of a toss up Between the successful running attack. The aggregations. Mills Home eleven cannot boast Elon opens a new series with a heavy and experienced squad. Catholic University in washing however coach Kearns said a we ton d. A. Saturday. Elon will he Hilt Iii. S arc it for i tricks Bobby Samolyk has been show championships have made their ing up Well in practice at n. A attitude almost careless like a state and is slated to get a Start Man preparing to shoot a few Rah new York oct. 4 a the look like the weather Man May have Mort to say about this seines than judge Landis. Among those who did t laugh Ai the giants drafting of Paul Dean twas rankle Frisch. Frai in said he would like to have dizzy and Daffy with him at Pittsburgh i xxv-1 a a i i Era say you will get an idea How Tough Minnesota is aft heats Nebraska by two or three touchdown saturday. Pick the yanks in six. Hut they re to Tinat if ruffing in t himself Oday. Harry Martinet of five no Orleans stairs thinks in ulane should admit it great be and glee the player wore Confidence last week head Voce i re Complete destruction of flew son and Rubn in to show Lee Hois Tulane is the class of live South. P. A t Tulane 7 Rte Maon a. Ager of the St. Louis year i dub won the Pennant and set a new attendance record Lam a awarded a plaque As the outstanding minor league figure. This Lear the Saint did no to do so hot. Either artistically or financially. Just Lite same Lon s pals Are going to give him another plaque for rowing them he can take it. World series facts figures new York. Ort fact and figure on 4.�? i the world Hope to give the Bison a Good in the line the Bizoti outweigh the Mills Home lad any a w Here from three to 15 Pound however the Backfield has such advantage. J in order to he Able to Cope i with the running attack the Bison Are concentrating a great Deal of their offensive Drill to blocking land tackling nevertheless they Are not neglecting their Aerial bombardment which proved to he a i gun in the tight with the i ions of Reidsville last Friday. Left end is even More of a my i Tery Ihan left guard since coif a ton a a Bush a Over Ash suffered a shoulder injury that will Deal note in keep him out of Friday night s fracas. While Doug Reid played some mighty Tine Hall in j the flank position this season and Frank Amick a relieved him Well it is still doubtful As to whether either of these two men twill appear in the starting lineup the underdog hut Golenbeck and Boone in action for the christians stand to make it plenty Tough. Fresh from a tie with Western no Carolina Guilford will travel to f play the Randolph Macon team at Ashland saturday. Lent features As the quakers one possibility for a showing against the highly favored aggregation. Last week s games were interesting but ran trite to prediction into Dot tonal game slain for Durham saturday afternoon Charlotte oct 4.-�?hp of Colgate red Raider pull a trick on t of that Well known hag saturday it s a afe bet to say that the Duke Blue Devil will recognize it. The raiders also known a i a mad magicians of the Gridiron i and the a sleight of hand artists Bobby skip Advance in Golf tourney appalachian opened her Home sea have been Well scouted this fall son with a 21-0 win Over the car a and the devils have been to son new Tan eagles on a Muddy. Stored in their ways. Field. Two touchdowns in the first j although George Mcafee ran half by Baker and Broome and i Well on an improved Duke d ree fur Gal my a in. The 0 Worth so so this year a11 the new to Freddy Apostoli in if a. Joe Louis s def aids said a a can to that a la hit a. When he goes i in Oakland in a couple of w it Don Budge will Start taking p is on. Among t yank have bought x i im1 it of series pasteboard May he just it it has the Hest looking yearling Quad in history and no fool ins a a Rob Kitty Sot Las Angelos times a in the Occidental College to Angelo cml Hall brochure two Page titled a the i putt Outlook Are printed on Blue wiper in red Ink. R. A the to go a a lost 2<� Lei tee Mien old noodles Hahn who twirl i a no hitter for the red is the a Hillier in 15�dft is Bill Mckech lie guest at the series Dale Mead manager of Henry Armstrong. Is about to figure in marital main event. This Cill he Al Cha Cha 20th anniversary As official worlds series a Low n # Loo Mckenna reformed Tori nit i or. I general limn series opening today Between the Grott stated tha it might new York Yankee american a a necessary to shift Carl justic e league champions and the Quot in from right end to left and thus Cannati reds. National league r Pennant winners. Two conversions by Walters sewed up the game but the reserves added another in the last quartiles or when Daugherty plunged through from the eight Yard line indians won Catawba eked out a close 7-f� Victory Over King College in Salisbury despite the loss of the Brilliant defensive Center. Barger. Not much difference appeared he. Tween the teams with the except change in the by lion of Phieffer and Green who held the Edge Over the King Romeo had. Jap Davis second team. Had Dee Early because ankle. Tony Buffa. Now on the to leave Pra it of a sprained regular Tat Kle and his spent a starting time a so p. M a . A a Yankee stadium second game thursday at Yankee stadium third fourth and fifth if necessary at Cincinnati saturday sunday and monday. Probable attendance 50.000. Weather forecast Cloudy and warmer. Postponement first game will he played fit St Day weather permits probable pile hers Yankees. Charles t red i huffing reds Paul Derringer. Betting Odds Yankees 2-5 win first game. 1-3 the series and 4-1 win four straight. Empire a american league. Bill Mcgowan and Bill Summers National league. Ralph plane Ali and reans Reardon broadcast Mutual broadcasting company. A a a a a a a fights i. Is night by the x on Riard pre new York Benny Yack. 123. Toronto. And Lee Harper 127, port Arthur Tex Drew t8i. White Plains n y Oliver White 35�. Brooklyn knocked out Joey Green. To. Washington. D. A <2 Houston Tex. Leonard Bennett. My Chicago knocked out Tony Garcia 152. Mexico. I. On roster. Fullback Thurman Homey Mhos Bina Tion both on ground and Are still suffers from a crushed Finger will he in shape to play. The Bison. In spite of All these changes and injuries will be As Strong if not More so than they have Heen against any team they have met previously this season. Tai attacks Lenoir Rhyne took an impressive 2, Chi Victory from the High Point panthers Friday night in Hickory. Elon was hard pressed to take these same panthers Lfl-0 and place kick expert understudy. Bill Ratley Long time kicking. On the first team were Bailey and Perdue ends. Buffa and Wilkerson tackle Johnson and Bihar guard bums Center and Wesley and George my x fee eaves and Robinson hacked rack in the North Carolina lineup was co Captain George Stirnweiss injured in the Wake Forest game rut the flying dutchman was limited tee pass ing and Light work As the squad drilled for a a Arginta tech Sweet Jim Lalanne his understudy looked Good Frank of Hare third quarterback was Laid up the previous week. A indication t in \ orge badman Veteran that Lenoir Rhyne will be touch halfback worked some at the howling grocery Hafix tip drink in is a in k \ take her Bowling Shell enjoy it too Lake a Rowling a a Date a your xxx Ife or sweetheart will enjoy if a touch As you do. Take her to the Arcade amusement company Friendly allele free instruction to beginner. Arcade amusement company aim Ade in i old n a Southern railway system announces opening permanent passenger station High Point afternoon october 4th. Isis. The Southern passenger station High Pooht n. C., is pm leniently located on main Street in the Busine District of the City. The permanent passenger station now completed offer excellent a Enger sen tee to All Patron and will he occupied Tor All passenger service and travel after departure of train 45 leaving High Point 12 50 p. In wednesday afternoon. October 4th. Nem reduced fares for economical travel one Way and round trip fare to All Points. Afr Condit Onei sleeping can. Dining cars and coaches on through trains. Insure safety a avoid Highway hazards travel in Comfort by train few travel information schedules fares and sleeping car reservations Calls h. I. Saunders. Ticket agent Telephone no. ?146 player isl 2nd 3rd Tot Mahaffey 84 82 107 293 d Kennedy. 132 104 98 335 i Thomas. 85 89 84 278 j Kennedy. 133 108 117 358 White. 83 89 a i 263 total. A. 537 482 508 1527 i american Bakr Rte pts vers let 2nd 3rd Tot pall is 89 85 270 Rovn Chrome. 83 87 98 262 Workman. 102 83 107 292 Smith. 121 82 106 319 Steed. 83 85 113 301 totals. 485 446 513 1444 Mil k Bot i player it 2nd 3rd Tot West 84 89 87 280 Mitchell 78 77 to .235 k r Gary or. 80 77 88 255 Pickard ill 104 79 294 a it a is. 84 77 77 238 1 total. 457 434 411 1302 Btl Star players 1st 2nd 3rd Tot Davis. 82 113 104 309 i Phillips. 92 115 99 306 j Lloyd. 85 85 96 279 is ail my. .81 96 105 282 Grant. ,. 83 86 92 271 total 453 495 499 1447 a. W. Horne players 1st 2nd 3rd Tot Justice. 88 93 85 .261 Vaughn. 81 74 101 256 Swain. 109 85 119 313 i Rutledge. .83 85 117 302 totals. 455 452 416 or i 1423 i and rough for Elon and to Atawah in Tho Pennant rare Elon took a heavy Healing from Lasalle at Burlington Friday the score Reading 22-. Following a hard fought first half the visitor pushed across almost at will with the visitors Reserve strength main difference Between teams. The tailback Post gunning for Virginia military Institute. Davidson a wildcats who command respect with their passing went through a brisk scrimmage against Cadet Playa. A Skull practice will he held tonight and Light practice sessions will precede the game. A ale Mcclin Leuk. End. And tub Guilford and Western Carolina 1 by hand hark Are nursing fought to a scoreless deadlock at i slight bruises a it Rived in the j Guilford. Lentz stood out As nut Duke game hut ate expected to r standing for the quakers and. Start against v. M i. The catamounts presented Brown and Elliot for approval. To Date Lenoir Rhyne and Elon occupy joint leadership in the notice of syk vat of summons by publication North Carolina Guilford county. In be municipal court of the City of High Point. N. Carolyn t White. Plaintiff is John m White. Defendant. Live defendant. John m White will take notice that an action entitled a above has been commenced in the municipal court for the City of High Point for absolute divorce and that the Aid defendant will further Lake notice that he la required to appear at the office of the clerk of the municipal court of the City of High Point in the court House in High Point North Carolina on the 4th Day of november 1939. And answer or demur to the complaint which Haa been a led in Thia action or the plaintiff will apply to the court for the Relief demanded in said complaint. Thia tha 3rd Day of oct Utu in Vin s Ingram. Clerk of municipal court r Sanders attorney. 10-4-11-1825 conference both with victories Over High Point. The standings team w i. T pet. Lenoir Rhine Ion Elon 10 0 1 000 Guilford 0 0 i .000 w. Etc of too Catawba 0 0 0 ,000 appalachian 000 too High Point 0 0 non Piedmont Mill finisher players Jal 2nd 3rd Tot is i is. "6 73 75 224 Welborn. Ion 82 94 776 Bowden. 86 84 74 244 Durham. 78 76 154 Shepherd. Btl 83 86 249 his. 77 77 totals. 417 395 432 1244 big Beer Plater Tat 2nd 3rd Tot Smith. 117 99 103 319 Walker 120 98 108 326 Hawes. 96 108 112 318 Fraylick. 96 111 116 323 Hutchen. 92 101 96 291 totals. 527 508 340 1573 Tim desk company players it 2nd 3rd int i Retro. 89 93 102 277 Bere. No 104 90 274 Dunn. 89 104 102 286 Capp. 76 87 106 a 69 Craven. 84 84 73 243 total. 404 472 473 1349 Tomlinson of High Point red top players 1st 2nd 3rd Tot slate. 83 105 79 267 Kirkman. 86 89 85 253 Duggins. 84 123 80 297 Wood. 91 83 91 265 Surratt. 89 90 89 268 total. 443 483 424 1350 Collin wild Cal players 1st 2nd 3rd Tot Rawls. Ici 70 71 241 a Roux. 79 96 81 256 Florry. 77 61 69 207 Cory. 102 106 93 301 Covington a a. 94 190 92 306 Tot Sis. 453 453 412 1319 on Tho North Carolina state i hold. Rob by Samolyk and Jack j hucks he Stern std in the half bark Post of pal Fehley. Who re a of in of a knee injury in hip j Tennessee game. The Park i preparing an offensive to throw against Clemson in Charlotte j saturday worked against the b team. Also Hurt in the Voltin a Leer game but Able to hobble i about were ends Charley smart and Monte Crawford. Two barks a tackle and three a hards missed drills at Wake j Forest whose deacons leave tonight for Miami. Fiarand the j Friday night came against Miami j among the injured Vivere Lamia . Dynamo utile guard. I Marshall Edwards and Billy i rustler Hacks and Tony Ralio Nix. Guard the deacons will Leach Miami tomorrow afternoon and will j Drill under the lights baseball writers favor yanks to take Cincinnati j new York of. I. Amp the men who get paid for going i to baseball games Are for the most part in Accord with the i popular belief that the new Yolk f Yankees will win their fourth straight world series Rham Plon a ship. Polled on the Pip of Hie classic i a of so sports writers liked the j 5 auks All the Way from in i evasive a the yanks. I think to j a definite vote for the defending champions. That left Only la Hardy soul who Dari the courage a or the foresight a to pick tile National league champions. Nobody was wild enough to guess the reds would win the series in four straight games. On the other hand Only three writer picked the yanks in four straight. A a a. A a an old Law of Chester England. Requires a Man to raise his hat when a funeral Paez. A i Lan i x. Ami. 4.�? a to the Stock of the Alabama team of St Moldav Horner and Weldon hoc a on the up Wing today in the Southern Fiir Lylall Golf tournament a four team matched Troke in the Semi final round. The Horner Roe pair wore the Scalp id willing Charlie Yale former Hrisi a Amateur Champion and i brother Dan after a pret Cufar match yesterday. X North Carolina tandem it Ipoh he Southern Amateur Champion from High Point and skip Lle Hamler of Duke uni Hersity tangled with the Lahaman after eliminating Kentucky cd Brown and Jimmy Scott. The it ii k it Florida pair of Rawford Rainwater. Ivna Acola. And Hill Stark Jacksonville knocked out Sui Alexander Ami Henry slyer of North Carolina after Stark link a John pint for the winning Birdie. The f i o r i to i a ii teed off Agni to a South Carolina Combine of Frank Foueti Charleston and Harold Hall Columbia who outlasted i Baric diurnal .lr., and Xiv in Everett of Reorg to. A. A a Horseshoe expert plays Here Friday Ray h i be one of the country greatest Horseshoe tossers will give an exhibition is Hie y. Mcl a courts Friday night at 7 30, Frye who is from Epners a i is the Champion of x Irginia. Mary land and the District of Columbia a title he has held for the past four years. Resides orthodox pitching the Champion will demonstrate a few tricks such As striking a match with a ringer and putting it out with another pitch ringers on a take hidden by a Blanket ringing a cigarette. Pitching at j movable stakes and ringing the i legs of a chair on which a person j is seated. T prior to the exhibition by i five. Luke Huntley of Lexington i Carolinas a a. I Champion will i meet either Ray Houser or Spence. Warren both leading High Point i tossers in an exhibition match. Rumor has Younts becoming next head of postmasters i Greensboro oct. 4. J postmaster j. Tracy Moore of Greensboro forecast yesterday i at postmaster Paul r Younts of Charlotte would he cled of president of the National Assoria Tion of postmasters Ai Ilia body a annual convention in Washington nest week. Moore made lie Prophesy after a special meeting of the North Carolina chapter of the National association. Younts now is first vice president of the association. Ing halfback berth. Shad Bryant got away for sonic Long runs As Clemson got acquainted with the i state system. Shu Ruk v. M. I Roaches were Encoura-1 red by the return of Captain Paul i i shit and son Shelby of the Backfield and Luther Sexton end. Daj video no a varsity went through a Long scrimmage with the Frosh. Six injured first stringers who were held out of the Marshall i game were reported in shape at j Virginia tech for the Carolina j clash. A and l Hacks showed improved offensive punch in i scrimmage. Duke s Blue devils facing an important intersection Al test with i Colgate have been dividing their attention Between study of the red raiders plays and polishing their own Aerial and running at tacks. South Carolina will Send an in jury riddled team against Villan j ova while Furman also preparing1 for a Friday game. Went through Comart work with Captain Ronten Shelley fullback and Lloyd col sex. End. On the sideline Wake Forest drilled with two harks a tackle and three guard nursing injuries. Lists i h a double barrelled gun. Probably they have been soothed too by the fact the bookmakers Are offering 3-to-l Odds against the reds. But it might Back fire on them. The reds Are a Good Hall finn with a couple of Fine Pirn hers in Derringer and Bucky Walters a Nice Hatting Pursh and really exceptional team spirit. Thor pulled themselves together to fight off the recent sensational bid of the St. Louis cardinals a club like that could heat even the Yankee in a four of seven series. X x n is a a solid i n a Complete season if they playing in the same league Ankles Doug the a would pull from the reds. Just like did fro the Boston red the Yankee Are a a a solid a Good in every position and in some. Rut it has not Long since the red sox came in and swept a five game with Joe Mccarhy a won ova so it can he done lowing Are the starting it no Aith the record of runs hat d Nati ing average world series sidelights be x Erk x l car mesh n by pm pct in put i or it a tit be 5 235 Werber 3h Sami knife la 77 ,1?9 pre 2h 55 Yas of a1 334 no Odmin of a4 134 or Maggie of 126 All i m Cor k la is Yaj Dicker c 104 ,10i Lorn Battu t 5 a a Nikirk if too 307 Craft of a just Gordon 2b lie Rox bar err of 44 .�?T4 Dahlgren less 234 mar. A a 5s a Pitcher won Loa Pitcher won Bem ruffing 21 7 Derringer 25 7 Pearson 12 5 Walter j7 17 a Thompson is gome 12 i Hildebrand to 4 a or Gamble. H re 24 Simmon 43 rib .272 pct a Umpire Ralph tinello Ara bean Reardon National Learie Btl Mcgow. An and Bill summer american league left Petor by i Dron Bacilli new York Ort 4�? i it pm baseball men. After Hus Ineas hours always sit around unfeeling baseball yarn. Joe Devine the Yankee scout who bet,.me famous by touting Joe la Maggio when other major league clubs were passing him up because of a trick knee. Is having much fun of the world series conclave telling How Beans Reardon broke in As an Umpire. Devine was manager of a team at Calgary Alberta and the Day before the season opened he was summoned to the door of his hotel room by a loud rapping. There a 135-Pound. 21-year-old youngster took an oratorical Ian it e and declared. . Devine i am John Reardon and i am going to Umpire 1 1911 for a he Cardinal your game tomorrow. I just xxx Antal the it Philadelphia athlete you to know that i am going tolm.<1 re k out Len of first rail them As i see them. And you doge to men who faced him. Hut better attend to your own knitting or else i la throw you out of t he a a a Uresti ing last night by the user to leg press Indianapolis Omer Roc be a a de slur in threw Biben korean 2a0. Texas twice. T t it in my Fenter i Idt Carthage Ort. 3 4 Community Center built by Tho National youth administration has been completed Here. Devine says it is tile Only time he Ever a ordered out of a game before it started. Reardon is one of the four arbiter working Tho series Here Frank Frisch new pirate skipper. Is aiming to collect another Gas House gang at Pittsburgh. A i done to want to say too much this Early a he told interviewers a but i am going to have an aggressive Tram and i mean it. The Way i feel is that of a player lie missed Al Simmons who Bro he a 11 game with a Home in ,. Now the two Are teammate with the reds. Notice of exit or Vali Able land under and by virtue of the Power Conia hied in a certain deed of Ira executed by Emmett f Pritchard gunman led i to Alexander Parker and a c Macrae. Trustees dated october i 1930 and recorded november 28 1930, in Book no 658, at Page no 171, a the office of the Register of deed for Guilford county North Carolina default Hax inf been made in the payment of tha indebtedness secure to i Here the undersigned trustees does t want to play a Obah he sen at Public auction to the highest ought to to in some other Bual a a Ness a its a Good trick even if Etc. Bidder for Cash at the East door of the Guilford county court House in o ree a Boro. North Carolina at 2 of o clock a rn., on the 6th Day of november 1839 the following described property located in the county of Ipp i Guilford. City of High Point North his 11 lends this series., says Ai Carolina and More Pittsburgh in 1925 he wound up 1 scribed a. Follow 3 500 Short buying Vin for pals j beginning at a take on the North w to forgot to Shell out. Being i Prev Side of Sigi it drive which Arak at a Point to feet in a Bill or Kehnie is shying away from acting As a ticket broker for particularly de. A hat boy for the new York Yankees sounds like a Good Jolt Tim Sullivan at 20, has Bren picking them up four years and voted a 11,000 rut Iii four world series in addition loins salary. Buddy located Westerly direction from the northwesterly Corner of the intersection of Sunset drive a d Mission Street running thence North 4 Deg 40 min East 163.34 feel to a stake thence North 85 Deg 40 min West 50 feet to say til n i red Wing Rosar of tile yanks thinks third j take thence Mouth 4 Deg to min West baseman Jim Tabor of Hie red 162 44 fret to a take on the northerly Minn. Game sox has a stronger Arm and faster Hall than Bucky Walters and ought Warden Phil Nordeen thinks he s i to take up pitching Joe Louis on the Trail of a a a spy a plot three times he approached anglers fishing within a no shh ing zone extending 3 10 feet out from tile dam acts the Mississippi River. Each time the it rowed out of the forbidden area. Nordeen figures the fishermen have a a a spy planted atop the dam Wail to warn them when a Hie Law approaches. Bought six Box seats for the series games Here. The last shutout in a world series was pitched by Lon warned of the Chicago cubs against Detroit in the 1935 reds have scored in Hie first inning it limes this sea on and gone on to win 3s of the game., Rani Derringer opened the aide of Sunset drive thence along the northerly tide of Sunset Oma South is Deg. 30 min. East 50 feet to the beginning and being better known As no 504 Sunset drive in tha City of High Point North Carolina and More specifically described As lot no. 78 of Sheraton Hills a map or plat of which la duly recorded in plat Book no. 4, at Page no 33. In Tbs office of the Register of deeds for Guilford county. North Carolina. The i la 2nd Day of october. 193. Al expander Tarken and d. Macrae trustee. 10-4-11-18-25. I i

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