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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 5, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Pearson shuts out reds on 4 to 0 weather generally fair tonight Friday partly Cloudy the High Point Enterprise Mali Poi in the Center of diversified manufacturing Enterprise \ of. 55�?mo. 278 member associated Tress High Point n. C., thursday a Horn Jon october 5. 1939 Complete Nea service Price five Cen Snye demands recall of embargo repeal a of a a is peace Hopes hinge on talk Quot a fuehrer May be retained separately homers in 2nd win for yanks Lombardi single in eighth War born hit in ninth Only Cincy safeties Yankee stadium new York oct. 5.�? apr giving one of Tho finest pitching exhibitions in world series history Marcellus Monte Pearson hold the Cincinnati reds i two singles today to give the new York Yankees thou second straight Triumph by a 14 to 0 score. Of Vii my i x reds. Yankees. Ivor i m Imi s la m i i i \ \ i \ i. To i War Ber worked the r la i 2 4 9 r i 0 and pop in it to count to a Titi and two Sod then sent a Tut to Gordon on the nut of second. Frey lifted a Iona Lazy Fly to ight Center and Dimaggio loped ver to pull it Chr re. Good in to fouled to Rolfe in front of the thud Hae boxes. No runs no hit no error none heft ii a rat inning it v nukes rose11i let the it oui it reach two land one then dumped a single in Short Bitt Center the Ball just fling Over Myers outstretched Cross Tel a nearly picked Oft i get by Lombardi last throw it just got a k to the bag in outline plan i to end fight Reich Stag f pee cd tomorrow will determine chances of stopping War Berlin oct. 5.�? apr 1 germans pinned their peace Hopes on the possibility that Adolf hitlers Reich Stag speech tomorrow would out line a basis on which hostilities might be ended. The fuehrer a scheduled to speak at noon 6 a. Rn., e. S. To to the member of i completely submissive legislature possibly to i pronounce some new German at a Titue toward the Western Powers at War with Germany. But what Hitler intended to say remained a profound official Sec a ret and in official Circle it was emphasized that speculation on hts1 speech was Quot hazardous and a disservice to tomorrow the fuehrer is ached-1 tiled to speak for one and Throe. Fourths hours it was stated the Wmk winning Rin on thou Yankee Charlie Keller right foreground Safe at third after his 9th inning triple in yesterdays series opener. He parked Long enough foible up to the last minute catch his breath then lit for Home on Bill Dickey a single and the Ball game was Over. Yan Quot la crop it Kees 2, reds i. A Kven the Best informed Berlin i it j Ute hers Olfe bounced the Hall to w air to threw to Myers at reflecting closet to but Myers Imi to first was t la in to catch Rolla and be was sat on the fielder Choice. A Rev took Keller shot grounder lend stepped on second forcing i Rolfe. Keller a ale on first its there was no play there. Dimaggio walked merger almost or Gate in front of the v alike. La n in act p let for irs Lone Fly. No runs no hit no errors one lift in Send inning Reim Dimaggio trotted into left renter to take Mccormick s loft Tabard a fouled off five pitch starting line us n York a i Cincinnati no Coset Tiss berber 3b Rolfe 3b Frey 2b Keller of Goodman of Dimaggio of Mccormick la Dickey r e Selkirk of Craft it Gordon 2 b Berger of Dahlgren la Myers is Pearson p mailers p French strengthen hold in Northwest danger of attempt to turn left flank minimized by gains near Luxembourg Paris oct. 5.�? apr the French army was reported today to have strengthened its positions so greatly by recent gains on the Northwestern end of the front facing Germany As to minimize the danger of any attempt to turn its left flank by a the inst through Neutral Luxembourg. Military advices said the French a a a i to Ess Ion of the 11hitler enters polish capital in Triumph first bad be Bui Summers a. J second base. Ralph Punelll s. A j third base. Bui Mcgowan a. Les then sent a ions by to Dpi j Kirk deep in left Center. The reds were lined up on the Steps of their bullpen intent on the same w Hiie tile Yankee As us it a i just att Back on the Bench and enjoyed the proceedings. Craft worked the count to two Sud two then tanned swinging at a Low Bree King curve. No runs no hits no errors. A none bit Hiti ind inning v an Kees Dickey received a Nice hand As he came to hat apparently a j a Reward for his ninth inning single which won yesterdays game. Dickey was called out on i strikes on three pit ties As Val j Tern worked the Corners beautifully. Selkirk dropped a Texas league single into Short Center 1 but was out at second tying to stretch it. Craft to Myers. Craft pulled Down Gordon a Fly in Center. No runs one lilt no errors none left. Continued on in nge 2, Sec. A last minute bulletins Tii Kee Surry prison escapees caught Kaleigh oct. 3�?un�?state renal superintendent Oscar Pitts announced today the recapture of three negro convicts who fled from the Surry county prison Camp monday. Pitts said prison anti local officers caught Thomas Madden 27, and Robert Wynn 29, at about 3 a. Iii., and Harvey Greene 38, at about to a. In. T army was in full Possession of the hours Forest after a Brief close Range Battle Between French and German tanks. The Forest is in the strategic sector Between the Moselle and Saar Rivers just East of Luxembourg. Intensify a vim Ommi Mem on the political front police were taking action against members of the dissolved communist party on charges they were trying to put it into operation under another name. An order was issued for the arrest of two deputies of the party. Florimond route. 4 9-year-old journalist and Arthur Ramette 4 2-year-old Mechanic. The official journal published notices of the suspension of 19 municipal councils in various department in which communist elements had held Power. In an official decree apparently aimed at muzzling communist deputies who have been urging peace talks with the Reich Premier i Galilei sent parliament on vacation. The action stripped the deputies of the parliamentary immunities they have enjoyed since parliament a summoned in extraordinary session september 2. The communist Patty recently was abolished by the government but has been reorganizing under a new name. Strengthen hold on the German front reports con. On Page 5 Berlin oct. 5.�? a a a Rediehs fuehrer Hiller went in Triumph today to Warsaw Poland a fallen capital and inspected the a Nix forces which effected the City s surrender. He reviewed s Parade of the victorious forces immediately after the inspection. First word of hts activity in dismembered Poland on the eve of his world awaited Reich Stag speech came in a report from the fuehrer Field Headquarters by Der. German official news Agency official earlier had refused to say whether Hitler had gone to Warsaw and his Flag still flew Over the chancellery. The fuehrer made the trip by air plane to Warsaw where digit army officers a lid nazis welcomed him. St v be a Long they included colonel general Walt her von Brauchitsch. Commander in chief of the German army colonel general Erhard Milch general inspector of the air Force colonel general Karl re in on. On Page 5 nazi sub evades Irish after Landing seamen by Dwight l. Pitkin London oct. 5.�? it a �?1the British press association said today that a German submarine which landed 28 men from the torpedoed greek Steamer Diaman tis on the Irish coast acted too quickly for guards of Neutral Ireland to attempt internment of the a boat. The ship Crew was set ashore last evening near Dingle county Kerry some 15 mile from the spot where sir Roger casement i to it nationalist was land a h a German submarine in a world War anti British plot. Exchanged greetings first reports from Dublin said the submarine exchanged greeting with persons ashore while the Diamantis survivors were ferried to land in a collapsible boat. The do manna. 4.920 tons was sunk off lands end on tuesday. A civil guards patrolling the coast saw the submarine on the surface and rushed to the spot a a said the press associations account Quot but they were too late to detain the German a boat. While they were still some distance away the submarine moved away irom the coast Aud started to submerge. Quot when the guards actually reached the scene of the Landing the Only evidence of the daring Man Euver of the German a boat commander was a stretch of Frothy sea where the submarine had Dis appeared and a group of bewildered seamen were on the six hospitalized six of the survivors were taken t on. On Page j. chinese turn Back Jap drive first ni�11��ii offensive Iii year suffers great losses near Imnaha Hon Kong Ort. 3.�? i pm the japanese arrays major offensive in nearly a year appeared to have resulted in a definite japanese set Baic with heavy chinese reports declared without japanese denials that the columns which had been driving on Changsha capital of human province has been thrown bark and were withdrawing across the i River 40 Miles North of the if ii a few Days ago the japanese reported their advanced units in suburb of Changsha port on the Slang River about Iso in Ilea Southwest of Hankow. Al rat drive in year the drive was the first big japanese land operation in China sine the occupation of Hankow oct. 25, 1938. Estimate of the total Force engaged on both sides ran a High As 500.ooo, a japanese military spoke Ina in Shanghai said it was possible be attempt would lie made to capture Changsha since it had Quot no military the main japanese column had been driving toward the City Down the Hankow Camon trunk railway. It was the second japanese threat to Changsha which failed to materialize a year ago when japanese Forte neared the City much of it was burned by the chinese carrying out their Quot scorched Earth policy of preventing Worth Chile equipment or buildings from falling to the invaders temporary Border chinese officials expressed belief that the i River would form a temporary Boundary Between chinese and japanese forces. Chinese military authorities in chunking attributed failure of the japanese offensive against Chang data to the inability of an Eastern column to dislodge chinese forces blocking highways in Northwest Tiangsi. A chinese spokesman asserted the human offensive had Cost the con. On Pace 5 world series loser pushes 285-lb. Man into Cincinnati Cincinnati oct. 5.�? 4s a Roscoe Sander of Honey Creek. Iud., who bet on St Louis to win the National league Pennant puffed and wheezed his Way into Cincinnati at noon today pushing 285-Pound Lawrence Bailey of new Castle id. In a wheelchair. Quot i was for the reds Quot Sanders insisted. Quot Only i thought the cards were the better neither had tickets for saturday and sunday world series games Here a but both had High Hope of a getting in on Way or 1 newspaper devoted Only one sentence to announcing the Reich Stag be Sion although they displayed the announcement under their blackest headline. Observer seeking a hint of what be in an pol by May be knew that in quarters close to the for hate Walt Tion with prime minister lord Halifax tary. In speech Chamberlain Dissat Isaac the attitude of British ister Chamberlain and his foreign ferrets in parliament declared tuesday that Quot Mere assurances from Germany Quot were not enough for Britain to halt hostilities and Halifax said yesterday there was Quot no More perilous proceeding than to negotiate under the threat of Germany ready they knew also that from to con. On Page 2 see a big gins in embargo Battle a those Are the big Senate leaders As the major offensive in the Battle of Washington gets under Way. Sounding off to open the fight were senator William e. Borah of Idaho top left arms embargo defender and senator key Pittman of Nevada lop right key noting tile administrations plan. They were followed yesterday by senator Arthur Vandenberg of Michigan pm testing the proposed repeal and senator Tom Connally of Texas administration supporter. Bremen Crew Safe Hungary user in German seaport Friendly again nations be slime diplomatic relations first time since february Budapest oct. 6.�? Fly a Hungary whose government a maintained a policy of watchful silence with european War at the Border has completed re establishment of diplomatic relations with soviet Russia. The relation were broken last february 24 when Hungary signed Tim anti comintern pact joining Germany Italy Japan and Spain it was announced officially that a Yozef in Stuffy. Former Counselor of the hungarian legation in Warsaw. Had been designated As minister to Moscow German eagerness to in t ease the flow of War supplies from Hungary meanwhile was seen in diplomatic quarters in the appointment of a permanent German Consul it Szeged in the heart of a continued on Page 2, Sec. A Over 900 off a a phantom liner arrive in Bremerhaven say ship in Neutral zone Berlin oct. 5.�? apr the newspaper Frankfurter Zeitung reported today that the Crew of the German liner i Bremen More than 900 men returned to Bremerhaven last Friday after Docking the ship in a Neutral port. The newspaper did not Blent 1- by the Neutral port hut said the Bremen a company along with the Crew of the steamship Iller reached Bremerhaven on the steamship Sierra Cordoba. The Iller and i Sierra Cordoba Are both German vessels. The Homecoming seamen Given a cheering recept the Bremen Captain ahem was promoted Moore by order of Adolf Hitler liner in safety Frankfurter Zeitung Bremen reached the Neutral port safely. The newspaper added that numerous German ship on the High seas at the outbreak of the War tried either to reach their Home ports or Neutral harbours. The latest report of the w hereabouts of the 51.731-ton Bremen. $20,000,000 flagship of the German merchant Fleet was that Cere n a n i Adolf r rom lid the carried to Oslo tuesday by a Sabot who said he saw her in Murmansk. Russian Arctic port. Along with the 22.337-ton new York three smaller German liners and of German freighter the Sailer said Soo members of the Bremen screw Aud 400 of the new York a a had gone to Germany by Way of Russia. The Bremen sailed from new York aug. 30, Only 38 hours before War started in Poland Ami four Days before Britain declared War on Germany. The new York sailed from new York aug. 28. Pm Laski Holiday Washington. Oct. 5 president Roosevelt invited the nation today to observe the 160th anniversary of the death of a famous polish hero of Hie american revolutionary War general Casi Mir Pulaski october la. George says Bill authors will meet to consider changes Washington oct. 5. Map a senator Nyer and demanded today that the administration agree to divorce proposed repeal of the arms embargo from its a Cash and carry program of neutrality legislation. Proponents of the administration legislation he charged a Are taking the position that repeal of the embargo must be effected before other provisions of the pending Neu i trility Bill which would restrict the nations foreign Trade could be enacted. That. He asserted Quot misleads lha people and jeopardizes the peace j of the United both should survive Quot there is no Good a told his colleagues Quot Why we should not have both the arms embargo and the Cash and carry i provision Quot one of the Leader of the apposition to the Bill in it present form Nye decided Quot there can he Quick passage through the Senate and through the House of legislation to provide a Cash and carry p vision to cover All Commerce which is not i covered by the existing embargo Quot i want that kind of Law have wanted it for a Long time have prot Sefl and stood with of Ben j Here in urging it enactment into Law. I now stand ready to do anything possible to bring about i the passage of that kind i Lazion. But not if the r the arms embargo is the Price to j be paid for George sees meet senator George a a predicted that Senate author of the administration neutrality legislation would meet Quot soon a to consider proposed changes. Including the demands of whipping interest for modification of the restrictions on shipping. On the a note floor meanwhile senator Tobey a no renewed i argument that the legislation should be returned to the foreign relations committee and spilt into two part a one repealing the arms embargo and the other embodying restriction on american shipping and travel Tobey asked that the latter provisions including a Piohia Hixion against the transportation of Good to belligerent in american ship. Be enacted at once and that repeal of the arms embargo be considered later. Growing protests George one of the democratic members of the foreign relation committee who drafted the Bill said there had been growing protests from shipping interest against a provision prohibiting american vessels from carrying any material to belligerents and font inned on Page 2, see. A of in a peal Southeastern Weed growers vote on government crop control today Atlanta ga., oct. 5.�? in pm for the third time in two years More than 250,000 growers of Bright Leaf tobacco in six Southeastern states voted today on whether to invoke Federal action to restrict the planting of their crop. Agricultural adjustment and i ministration official estimated that approximately 660,000,000 i pounds of Liis Type tobacco used a principally in cigarette manufacture. Could be produced without j disrupting Domestic markets. That compared with a bumper yield of More than a billion pounds this season part of which a remains unsold because of dwindling prices and withdrawal of foreign customers when the european War broke out. Two thirds vote approval by two third of the grower voting today would bars i quire for establishment of the j control program limiting the j j number of acres planted to to j Bacco in 1940. The growers apr proved control of their 1938 crop. J both by acreage limitation and i marketing quotas which fixed the amount each grower could sell without penalty but rejected a 1 similar plan for this year. The 1 940 Prog Fain would not include the marketing quota provisions subject of it Ous Idt Rable criticism in the 1938 season Aud would permit each Farmer to dispose of All Leaf grow n on his a1-1 dotted acreage. A Flat penalty of to Cauls a Pound would be As i messed growers who planted in excess of their allotments. Wallace Breaks grower were urged by Secretary Henry a. Wallace to endorse i Toht program. Speaking yesterday at Kinston n. A. He said if the program were approved Quot the government will Aid in disposing of this years crop using Federal funds and facilities of British tobacco markets in the Carolina and Virginia closed in mid september because of the withdrawal of British buyers on account of the War and a consequent Price lag. Growers in the three other producing state. Georgia Florida Aud Alabama already had sold their Leaf due to an earlier curing and auction season. These planter received an average of Only 12.73 cents a Pound this year against 20.3 4 Iii 193 8. Ordinarily British and other foreign buyer take about half the american tobacco crop and were Ion. On Page at 8ec.�b great Britain suffers great sea a loss is the associated Prest sinking of two More Neutral vessels has brought to 62 Tbs number of ships reported sunk Ainee the beginning of the european War. The Gross tonnage destroyed exclusive of cargo mounted to 256,296. The Hoegh transporter 4.914 ton norwegian vessel was reported to have sunk tuesday after hitting a mine at the Entrance to Singapore Harbor. All aboard Wert rescued by a British patrol boat. The greek Steamer Diamantis 4.990 tons was reported to have been sunk tuesday by a German submarine off the coast of Ireland. The Crew of 28 was landed by the submarine at Dingle county Kerry Ireland. The losses to Date by nationalities great Britain 32 Germany 9 Norway to 5 Sweden i Finland 3 Greece 2 France ii Holland. 2 Denmark i Russia i and Belgium i. In addition to the two Lieut Al ships an unidentified German vessel was reported to have struck a mine near the Island of borkum in the North sea but this was not confirmed. A Stockholm new paper said yesterday it understood the ship was loaded with Iron from Sweden

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