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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 2, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Age four the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina Ich Point Enterprise published afternoons and Bundu mornings j. P. Rawley publisher 1915�?1937 in. Jav Rawley. Sci a and Trees. I Mett a. Cecil Gen. Mgr. A us m. Waynick. Editor subscription rates daily and sunday by Carrier in High Point and nearby towns live month. To 40 months. I 5 20 re month. I 2.60 month.90 week. 20 i carriers in nearby towns Are not per lated to collect Tor More than one Eek in Advance. I driers in City Are not permitted to col for a period of More then five weeks. If lbs Ripton for a Louger period is desired nent should be made direct to office. Winner but actually the Deal is not so one sided. Britain needs the Cotton for War purposes and she has a rubber surplus. Under the terms of the Trade both the Cotton and rubber were to be impounded for military emergencies. Uncle Sam cannot throw his rubber on the Market to take advantage of the High prices but England can proceed to consume her Cotton. The 82,000 tons of rubber will not deplete the British Supply nor can it affect the demand for rubber. Under these conditions the use of the rubber to buy an essential War commodity now when British purchasing Power must be conserved seems a fair Trade. In associated pres is exclusively in the the use for republication of All a dispatches credited to it or not other credited in this paper and also the new published therein. Member of audit Bureau of circulation agree with workers organizations. The Toronto news recites two clues of its origin both connected with the French word Quot Sabot a which Means a wooden shoe. The first theory is that the French peasants would stamp their feet to interrupt musical programs they did not like and the noise of their wooden shoes beating against the boards gave Rise to another theory is to at Quot Sabot also meant the shoes Cut in railway ties and that Quot sabotage originated when the French railway workers Tore up those ties in a big strike. Still another Story and the one a accepted by tile new Century diction Aryl is that the making of sabots was considered a speedy and Slipshod sort of a business and that when workmen in More exacting professions did work too quickly and therefore badly it was called a a sabotage much in the same manner As an unskilled Mechanic today is Refeit cd to sometimes As a Quot Blacksmith. Monday. October 2, 1930 and we thought politics made strange bedfellows tired a second it in tier at cite in High Point n. Tunder of Congress of March 8. 1812. The the National adv. Representative the John Hud co. 420 Lexington a. New York City monday october 2, 1939. 0. or i was in Luin Gred Ami or gave meat i was thirsty aint or gave drink i was a stranger and yet a me in >1 i thew in that will not give some portion his ease his blood his wealth for Good is a poor Frozen churl. It Anna Baillie. Her la in Hill s parallel to prove his theory in Ston Church ills historical parallelism As he sup irked his theory that right will Levail in the current wit May it seem to some of our Soulias Happy. He compared Mish Germany to a misled conned icy. Re would suggest had we the in of the first lords sets that find his illustrations nearer Imp. Dabbling in american his by for proof of the inevitable Humph of Good Over evil is like to alienate some sympathy it a the British cause which the Lesmon May need if Victory is ome to British arms. When poor old China sought to Sieve her ponderous body and it used mind of the enervating i Cotic Haze several Genera ans ago England with Indian puppies for Sale denied her the a Ivilene with Force and arms Oes or. Churchill believe that ight triumphed in that Pectic Lar conflict old Bedford Forrest of the on federate armies opined that in Winner is the Leader who its thai fastest with the most it Napoleon is credited dts the judgment that god is till the Force which has the Best a Tillery. And the Christian Bible ills us that those who live by in sword will die by the sword. It Trust that the England who lad wielded Tho sword in Cai. And unjust is not meet for in coup de Grace but we look pot her history and Marvel it the incompleteness of a estimate of what May Lappen in War. Thrice aimed is in whose cause is just but right Las been so afforded and wrong enthroned by Force of arms quite is often we fear As righteous less has emerged triumphant a it a conflict. Not so one sided the United states made a profitable Deal with great Britain when the two nations kist june agreed to exch nge Cotton owned Gay the United states for British libber. The Exchange was made it a the basis of prevailing prices Tor both commodities. The Exchange was to be 680, xxx Bales of Cotton for 82, xxx tons of rubber. 680,000 Bales of Cotton for 2.0 h tons of rubber. Both the Cotton and the Rubier Are available in the markets it greatly altered prices. Cotton Las dropped and rubber has advanced a result is that Uncle Jam today has about,30 million dollars advantage in the Deal. This is the status of affairs As the plans Are devised for effecting tin Exi Bange of goods. Rubber not Only has advanced sharply being a War necessity but it May go Een Birdie on the face of the Deal the unite i states is a whale of a the tobacco election imminent is an election with a property qualification for Suffragan. No one can vote who had no share in the 1939 tobacco crop. Every owner of land on which tobacco was grown every tenant and every share Cropper Are eligible. Members of the families of these classes Are not eligible As the owner tenant and sharecropper must have Independent Bona fide status in each instance. The election is set for october 5 and contrary to the usual american practise a simple majority will not Rule. The vote for control of the tobacco acreage in North Carolina in 1940 must lie two thirds affirmative in order to prevail what will the tobacco growers of the state do with the Issue they Defeated it last year and the 1939 crop set a production record. Even with a i eat surplus of the Weed in sight the sales were running along fairly Well around 15 cents per Pound average when the War started and the British buyers dropped out of the sales warehouses. That was a blow the probable effect of which caused the warehouses to close. It is said that they will reopen october to regardless of the outcome of the voting on october 5. Our Region is a Center of former hostility to control. Growers in Guilford. Davidson Randolph and Forsyth helped defeat the control proposal last year. What should they do about the matter. Now ? the Enterprise does not profess to know but we Are impressed by the facts marshalled in support of control. The state department of agriculture agrees with the Secretary of agriculture that government Aid without control is impracticable. It is suggested that the Market might drop to a six cents level. With control what the plan is to throw $30, xxx too to $40,- xxx xxx of Federal Money into the equation. Using the facilities of the Imperial tobacco company on the auction floors and for warehousing and processing these funds would be expected to prevent demoralization and to Peg the Market around the figure for which tobacco was Selling when the warehouses closed. The Imperial tobacco company would have an option on the portion of the crop thus bought with government funds at Cost to the government. Those who urge a favourable vote for control Point out that conditions Are different now from those existing during the world War when inflated prices for tobacco followed a period of Low prices. Fifty five per cent of the crop normally is exported More than one third of All the Leaf grown going to the British alone. Elimination of this Export demand causes a crisis which those most intimately identified with the Market think a pro control vote alone can ease. Are they wrong in this judgment should the Farmer vote for reasonable guarantees or flout the suggestion and take his chances in the news at the outbreak of the world War there were a few German natives naturalized american citizens living in High Point. They were not disturbed before americans entry into the War but when this nation declared that a state of War existed things were changed. One citizen declared that life was made miserable for him he was constantly under suspicion because of his Gorman birth despite his Avo vels to the effect that he was every Whit a Loyal american. Something of that old feeling against the germans still exists in certain centers and Law enforcement officers Are almost daily getting false alarms about German spies or supposed germans acting in a suspicious manner. The Durham morning Herald thinks that caution is needed a we want to help All we can but by reporting people on the flimsiest of evidence we Send Federal agents on wild Goose chases when they Are needed for real service with Dale Carnegie author of a How to win friends and influence people Walter winched on Broadway pit go i n to a 11 Ier d to i Nile 11. Fen m Irrer. Inc. Or. Let Dia list for a people and Leal. Indus i gibe my is the psych infirm employing 15.000 is the Only full time clonal psych to inst in the in hence a a sabotage i Fayetteville observer Quot sabotage Quot is a word which has become More or less common in the English language since the world War and in its usage Means the deliberate and malicious Clandestine destruction of property. Sabotage is extensively used in wartime to put out of commission machines used in the production of War materials and is used in the so called collective bargaining to bring to terms employers who refuse to United states or Canada. She has held More than 5.000 consultations on office problems. What do you think she says is the problem that she has to solve most frequently How to get along with other people she declares that this Lack causes More trouble than All other office problems put together and that this is As True in the Home As in the office. All Day Long she interviews one person after another trying to help people adjust themselves to the problem of getting along with others. One Day one of her students came to her. In an upset condition saying she had lost her Job. The girl was a dashing blonde Twenty years old. For six months she had been working in a Hank and now. The girls Superior was a woman much older and not in the least attractive. The pretty girl had Felt the older woman inferior because she was so Plain and she had taken no pains to conceal her feeling. The result was inevitable the Plain woman disliked the pretty blonde. The girl was a Good worker but the older woman gave her no credit and finally the pretty girl was dismissed. Here is the Way or. Giberson solved it she advised the girl to see the president of the Bank an appointment being made with the presidents Secretary with whom the discharged girl was acquainted. Or. Giberson insisted 1. That the president be told that the girl had done Good work for the Bank. 2. That she ask him if he could give her any suggestions so that she would not make the same mistakes in her next Job. .3. That she was in no Way to say she thought she had had an unfair Deal. And was not to reflect on her Superior. 4. And. Above All she was not to ask to be reinstated. The president was impressed. He had thought the girl had come to complain instead she honestly wanted advice. He liked her attitude not one growl against the older woman a so he gave the girl a Job in another Branch of the Bank. The girl was elated. Quot that old fuss budget will never bother me now Quot she said. That was bad. Or. Gibe son warned. There would be another person above her in her new position and she must learn that one who is older and More experienced must be shown deference. She must give up her mighty attitude and recognize the value of superiors. The girl determined to follow that advice realizing the fault had been hers and not the older woman a. She is now head of the department if she Hadnot changed her attitude. She never would have advanced and might have gone a Long time without a Jok Man Abolt town the editor for an opposition paper gave us this a a scoop. That two weeks ago. The London Ace for a new York Gazette cabled with permission of the censor that the Bremen was a British prize of War of True it confirms the column s item of weeks censors okayed it goes the legend because the British govt and the new York paper Quot have Long been sweethearts. However when a British statesman probably Chamberlain Learned of the leak he transatlantic telephoned the publisher Here and persuaded him to kill the Story. When we asked the opposition editor Why he gave the news beat to us and Why he did t use it himself his explanation was plausible. He said Quot in the last War Many editors Learned that by offending the British they ran the risk of having their transatlantic Cable rights denied. Berlin could easily prove that the Bremen was Safe at a Neutral russian port As claimed Why not Send an papers a photo of it with the Crew lacing greeted by the russians i picture could hardly he taken since the germans and russians Only by married and the Bremen had never before visited a re Berlin Quot debunk a this one. Ten Lois a i a Fth Council and chamber of a Railroad crass ing monday n age by re years ago members of Thi directors of the immerse will disc or my situation in a ight october 7.-�? Lent Rains was heavy. Deep River i and water is pouring add Over the municipal Lake dam ? City local is the meet dam not out of its Bank in a mighty Cas main Street is to be re surf Ian port a Nean Ich a. Let about people of Philadelphia Jack Spartanburg i Cia surf. Statesville a daughter my mrs. R. E s the gue miss Mary visiting mrs or. And or r the gues w. J. Flair Matthews t of mrs. Noggins of la j. Cul. Ford of s of their Iti the. It a ramps explains Why Winston Churchill told the press last that he Quot believed Quot the Bremen was at Murmansk. Russia. If the by admit they have it at one of their ports it would invite nazi bombers which would prefer the Bremen at the Bottom of the sea instead of allowing the British to transform the Bremen into another Couri earner. The column received that information who once Rode the Bremen and claims to have i last week. Is n a it _ you plane ight from a source in the British Isles by Lillie a 18-year-old son. Sir Robert pm my and the Star is deep in gloom. Chums the dancer and Virginia Verrill the Thrush an Whitman the animated cartoonist filed a suit Disney. Rho and technicolor for five million infringement in the filming of a Snow White Quot will be chucked at . I i joined the British a Spect that Georgic Tapps secretly sealed. Vincent in Federal court against damages. He alleges Patent and a pinocchio Quot. Another is at Newt worker suit of a strike fury of the tropical Gale blew itself out today somewhere near the Virginia capes. W. B. Plemmons of Ashe . Vice president in this has asked governor Gardner to Call a Speciall session of the general Assembly to set machinery motion for the settlement of la troubles in North Carolina. Ville. State briefs a two Marion text lit Whit killed today As the re fury in Hylton Smyth editor of Quot living a medical arts Hosp. Frances Farmer estranged from her actor Groom and playwright Clifford Odets parted from Luise Rainier Are collaborating the ersome Caldwell Margaret Bourke White Are being Perona Al Morocco chief waited thirty minutes for a table at the St. Regis which is today a funniest joke. Tip to editors be careful about certain show girl and Chorine statements. Some of you were used to Quot even matters Quot Bunny Walters of the into Casino choir and Lief Erickson the actor Are swapping baby stares. After a fortnights courtship. B. Marco married Carroll Reynolds the Miler Imodel yesterday. His mater was robbed of 35 is in Miami Beach last Winter. The dept of Justice has intercepted messages revealing that a every Effort Quot will be made to stir up trouble Between u. S. Minorities. It May happen in six weeks or six months. George Brent and Ginger Rogers have been seeing a lot of each other. They be been ducking the hot spots in favor of the revelation about the Quot bearded lady being a Man spoiled a press agents dream. The a a. Was ready to announce Quot Here engagement to Man Mountain Dean. The aftermath of a recent mag a a exposed directed against the president is terrific. The Man most hunted up about it in t . But Herbert Hoover who communicated privately to the president a that he considered it Quot the most indecent thing i have encountered in my Public life Quot. Hoover told . That there were 22 inaccuracies in the part that dealt with him on a preliminary Survey Only. He assumed he said that the ratio for the entire tiling did not White House will not Francis Bacon whom the author frequently quotes was quoted by an intimate of . As follows Quot Bacon said a we Welcome the treason but despise the trait ago Burke cultist night then build Twenty years local new evangelist Pepper in a Sermon Here said Quot put god first and your mansions and buy the Beautiful cars you want. There Are Many men living in mansions on Earth who wont live in a Pine pole Cabin Over the woman s club held its first meeting for this season Day. Yester Ier Mailer i. Chrysler the motor magnate ill a Long time has taken a turn for the Vincent shemans Diana follies Robe it son Are Lullaby shopping again. Lucky people. Ditto the Kenneth Roberts of Columbia blasting. Polly Lux one of the Ziegfeld show girls with brains is building a 47-room hotel at Miami Beach her sixth in As Many years. Polly is at the Essex House prettier than Ever. Eleanor Holm and Billy Rose have changed the altar Date to mid november. She will vacation in the Winter in the Roney Plaza Public Library has withdrawn All books on codes and ciphers from general Cir major John Astor of the London times will change his name to avoid political confusion with his brother. Viscount Astor and lady Nancy. Eleven of the n. Y. Times correspondents on the other Side Are British. The latest a very bests inside info in Washington is this that ill Justice butlers recuperation requires his retirement from the u. Court Bench attorney general Murphy from the same Section of and of the same Faith will succeed him. Murphy s Post would u. S. Solicitor general Robert ii. Jackson. And if that War in the Isnit settled soon. Mayor la Guardia will become Sec y of War. If the very s. Supreme the National a ill go to War depot who do you suppose is the dark horse candidate for governor of Louisiana James Aswell former Broadway columnist As a radio rat or Back Home at Natchitoches he lambasted the regime of Huey a heirs Long before the Federal indictments and newspaper exposes. Another Case As big As the Coster Musica Mckesson Robbins matter is being Dewey a. Involves the disappearance of a silk underwear for men Fortune. Several Bankers Are in trouble also., or. Robert Wolfe of Norwalk dropped dead Here recently. His family is anxious to locate his doctor son out of touch with them for too Long the probation Dep t refused Dixie Davis permission to go to California and become a movie writer. A High police official in this state was the object of a blackmail attempt recently. It was hushed. A men have handed subpoena to Many Hollywood stars to api it ear before the Dies group. Among them Are tone Cagney March and Melvyn Douglas. About people j p. Raw Ley left yesterday for Charlotte where she is to attend the wedding of her sister miss Laura Mccoy. Lawrence Ingram has resumed his studies at Carolina. Mike Shiplett who recently returned from soldiering in Fiance is now Salesman for the Quality shoe store. Frank wine Skie returns tomorrow to the City after a two weeks tour of the North. New briefs phys Evans say that president Wilson a condition is worse. King Albert of the belgians and Queen Elizabeth and Prince Leopold received a noisy Welcome upon their arrival in new York girls of Wellesley Are training for a Field meet. Tea Coffee and Candy Are forbidden in their diet. Joan Crawford whose name was signed to donations for an Quot ism outfit did no to donate a Penny to it. She is frightened stiff and May have to Hurt one she once loved devotedly. Malcolm Macdonald British Secretary for Palestine land son of Ramsey and Dorothy Dickson american born dancer Are Middle aisle bound. Editors can Check with her father. We. Bradford Dickson of Staten Island. Now that the Conrad Thibault have re notarized it his next Bride May be Betsy Berkeley formerly at the Casa Manana. Prince Hubertus von Low Enstein and his Princess Are blessed eventing. Father Coughlin has removed his name As president from the Masthead of that weekly to Winch he still contributes. The police checking on the leaders and riot in cites of a Bronx group of Quot patriots a just Learned that most have Long criminal records Bruce Catton in Washington the Battle of Washington Washington. Oct. 2. A the real question at stake in the fight Over revision of the neutrality Law is both simpler and More profound than the general trend of argument so far has revealed it to be. Basically it is just this is this country going to decide now once and for ail. That the most important thing is to see Hitler beaten or is it going to decide that Colton the Mast important thing is to stay Ai peace even if that May mean having to Swallow a Hitler Victory Over England and France underneath All of the window dressing that is what is at stake. The struggle Over repeal of the arms embargo has become a Symbol. Boiled Down what it symbolizes is a do we take sides or done to we the one driving Force behind the Effort to remove the arms embargo is a conviction that this country cannot afford to stand by and see Hitler w in. Is administration Neutral that conviction rests on the belief that the world just won t be big enough in the Long run. To hold both democracy and the totalitarian idea. Because of that belief this administration is not now Neutral. It wants to help England and France and that is Why it wants the arms embargo lifted. And since the actual Concrete effect of lifting the embargo is less important than its symbolic effect the administration in the Pittman revisions to the Bloom Bill a is willing to consent to practically any stiffening of the present Law if Only the embargo clause can be lifted. It ought to be added that the revisionists Are entirely sincere in saying that they do not believe that lifting the embargo will Lead to War. There is no need to doubt that the administration Means what it says when it announces that it proposes to keep the country at peace. But it is equally True that the reason for trying to get the embargo lifted is a desire to exert America s influence against Hitler the administration wants to see Hitler beaten. That is the Basic fart that underlies All of the talk about a True and the like. On the other hand there Are the isolationists. Like the administration they Are entering All of their attention on the arms embargo itself. The fact that the Pittman revisions give them practically everything but the embargo leaves them cold. For the conviction which holds them together is the conviction that the one important thing for America is to stay at peace that the calamity of going to War is so much greater than the calamity of a Hitler Victory that the latter ought to be risked rather than the former. Private opinions brought to Stokl Ace and the bitterness of the fight now being waged can to lie understood unless you understand the thing which Many men in Washington Are saying privately but which few say in Public. These private opinions boil Down to this that because the arms embargo does symbolize so much beyond its actual Content we Are liable to commit ourselves to something we can t Back out of if we repeal it. If that is we have an administration that wholeheartedly wants Hitler beaten and if we repeal the arms embargo in order to make hitlers defeat More Likely then the die is cast and we Are in for it whenever something beyond Mere repeal of the arms embargo is necessary to keep Germany from winning. That argument goes beyond everything else in explaining the isolationists tenacity. It weighs More with them even than the Prospect that repealing the embargo might build up a War Boom which would Quot automatically Quot draw us in As the 1916 War Boom is supposed to have done. Such a Boom could easily develop under the present Law in materials other than munitions. Indeed the Pittman Sions Are tighter in this respect the existing Law. But the embargo clause is the Crux of it not because of its actual Concrete effect but because of the implications which Are becoming Yound up in the whole fight Over the proposal to repeal it. Added to which there is the steadily growing feeling among the isolationists that a definite and conscious current to put this nation into the War is now in motion. He said it Revi than indians at Niagara Falls Are being taught How to make arrowheads. Things Are pretty bad on All the reservations since the War shut Down imports of Knickknacks souvenirs from Czechoslovakia. If subs keep blowing British shipping under the Waves it looks like Davey Jones will have to be getting a new larger locker take care of the overflow. Paris announces a new lipstick for wartime makeup. While it May be a precaution against mass attacks from the air. It will probably not incite no re ardent advances from individual soldiers. \

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