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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 2, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Monday october 2. J930 the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina Page Turi to Russia technically at peace holds War correspondent a Tea it lot key As War enters second Mont to Peak come fishermen Fil voor brimming p075 Ano let thet0p5 run Over for tomorrow we stomata merry merry Spotan then we to Steo Dover the above poem contains five. Different words of the same letters. Greensboro Oft. 2 opening the lecture course at woman a College on Friday evening october 6, Vincent Sheean Ace War correspondent will speak in a cock auditorium at 8 30 of clock. Slieman s most recent International Jaunt to Mexico last july As soon As the Advance copies of his latest Book a not peace Blit a were off the press. He went to observe first hand the penetration of nazi and communist propaganda South of the Rio Grande. During Sheean a Early journalistic years he went to Russia and Persia and then into China. While in China he became the Friend and confidante of Madame Sun vat sen. The a Mother of the chinese revolution and then went to Jerusalem in 1929 when the Arah jew ish riots broke out. And was lha first correspondent to report them. After these exciting years lie determined to Settle Down in Dover England to write fiction but after a collection of Short stories and one historical novel were written he could not stay away from the International situation any longer and sailed for Spain. Jepton Ruma sign a Titica on Monche Kuo Border Dispirito. 20,000 Ftp orfed kitted in renewed japanese drive in South control Chino. Further threat Mode to Western Powers holdings in for lost. By Willis Thornton aka service staff correspondent the War behind the War that is the Wordy War of the diplomats a enters a new phase at the end of the first month just As does the military War. With the Conquest of Poland an accomplished fact. The Way is open to shifts in the lineup a Radical As that which opened the door to War on sept. In the to Uisok shift of Russia from the British French to the German Side. The outstanding diplomatic fact of the War thus far is that the dominant Factor is a country which is not even at War. It was russians pact with Germany on August 27, arranging Mutual no aggression and a Trade treaty Between the countries which gave Germany the Green Light for the invasion of Poland on sept. I. It was russians armistice with Japan in outer Mongolia sept. 15 and her sudden invasion of East Poland and Quick agreement on division of the spoils with Germany that gave Japan the Green Light in resuming the Conquest of China. And it i russian now dominant position in the Balkans which will determine any changes in lineup which May follow the Complete Conquest of Poland. Thus a country technically Neutral and at peace dominates the diplomacy of the War. The european War enthusiastically called world War no. 2 by some. Is scarcely that As yet. Britain. France and Germany Are the Only countries at War. True Ber associates. Australia. New zealand. Canada. Egypt South Africa and Norm Ireland have joined Britain. There have been none of the world wide actions on separated fronts like the world War campaigns in Africa Turkey Arabia. China and Russia. Old lineups were immediately shattered on sept. I. The German agreement with Russia broke the anti comintern pact which was supposed to have United Germany. Italy and Japan in opposition to soviet communism. The latter two immediately became Neutral. The same frantic pressure from both sides immediately was applied to Italy and the neutrals of Southeastern Europe. British am bag it Sador sir Percy Loraine and French ambassador Andre fran Cois Poncet were constantly at the italian foreign office. British pressure on Turkey helped hold her firm As a Neutral despite the German Campaign of Franz von in Apen sent there by Hitler several months before the crisis. Rissi a gets in on spoils London Borts report of world Conquest plan Germany to dominate Europe Russia to command India j pan to control for East. Report Russia pions sphere of influence in Baltic Germany in Balkans. China India scale of Milee y \ Mongolia Turkey seeks no aggression poet with Russia Japan manch Germany Russia Divide Poland Warsaw tolls Rumania tears russian attack Balkans Pion peace bloc Germany want Usa of russian natural resources new government Tokes Power following Nasi red pact Douer a Russia tails Estonia to d11o pm Europe letter delivered 32 years late mailed in Savannah _ 1907 North pole Pacific Ocean report i see Battle h off Norway j Bremen not reported Here Arctic Ocean Greenland British French Advance in soar germen defense grows stronger Alaska report sub seen off Ketchikan Atlantic Ocean services at the churches Canada declares War guards strategic areas will Send flyers to Aid Britain. R British warships in North Seo blockade attacked by Nasi bombers. English enforce Contra band control halt ships Seise cargoes. R subs mints take tall of 33 Allied ships to neutrals including British aircraft Carrier courageous. Liner a the nit. British worships sink three German vessels mines destroy two More. Canada report subs seen u. S. Co Greet meets to strengthen neutrality will act on embargo repeal. Keep out of War Quot movement spreads. United Stotts proposes safety Belt Quot around americas Brasil suggests Quot customs truce Quot at pan amen con conference. Christian science a a unreality was the subject of the lesson Sermon in All Crotta n science churches and societies sunday october i. The Golden text was from proverbs 13 7. A there is that Marketh himself Rich yet hath nothing there is that Marketh himself poor yet hath great among the citations which comprised the lesson Ber Mon was the following from the Bible. A lord How Are they in teased that trouble me Many Are they that Rise up against me. Many there be which say of my soul. There is no help for him in god. But thou 0 lord Art a shield for me my glory Aud the lifter up of mine head. I cried unto the lord with my voice and he heard me out of i holy Hill. I Laid me Down and slept i awake for the lord sustained psalms 3 1 -51. The i Esson Sermon also included the following passage from the Christian science textbook a Sci ence and health with key to the by Mary Baker Eddy. A evil is a negation because it is the absent a of truth. It is not ii United states up 0$ r r la in father of baseball Quot fired the first in on shot of the civil a As Captain he fired the first shot from fort Sumter in reply to the Confederate bombardment k Char lepton i bbl Bortis i a v ,0�. I i v scored i i \ 58 Vij i Points ,. \ in a Jtj single or game fest Bali no calf gear my after a month of War repercussion Are Felt in almost Rorry Section of the Globe a great pains to stress Friendship with Russia. Both Britain and j Tuch a Fik Russia Are vitally interested in will Ivl Lam control of the All turkish Dardanelles. Italy which avoided the danger of being forced into War at the outset basks in a profitable run Quot c Trade with England and France bottle sea which those countries have been at pains to keep profitable for her. Italy a hinted of new policies after the Conquest of Poland was completed. And might strike through Yugoslavia at British dominated Greece throwing in her lot with a Hitler invasion of Rumania through Hungary. It is unlikely As such a blow would bring Turkey the rest of the Balkans and perhaps even Russia in against Germany and Italy. But As the first month of the War ends Italy Lithuania a a Wilno e. Prussia state College win negro sought aft celebrate birthday attempted Assaul 8icilystok Pisio a Ostrolenka Raleigh Ort. 2.�?dp in. C. Quot Date pol lege will to 50 years old tomorrow Ami a big Cele brat Ion to Mark the occasion a been arranged. More flan ill representative of educational institutions in the Gate will take part in the Celebration. Raleigh. Oct. 2.�?iipi�?dr. Mph w. Mcdonald of the North Rolina University Extension apartment and Harry Caldwell Clinton oct. 2. A do a Oss hunted with blood Hou a a negro wanted on a f attempting to rape two Omen near Here saturday \ Poince v v Warsow Lodi Kyj v v a v fit Ulm Germany v v Cracow Brest life ask Russia whether Hitler tries to go farther East or turns Wco to toward France. A Din Lompey has to adapt itself to what happens on the Battlefront a once said lord Grey British wartime foreign minister. The virtual end of the polish War within 30 Days a confronted the diplomate with a new situation. Spain Portugal Italy Yugoslavia Rumania Bulgaria Hungary Greece Turkey Belgium. Holland. The Baltic states and the scandinavian states All still cling to neutrality breathlessly awaiting what new lineups the second month of War May tiring Forth. That Hitler armies could go through Poland Clear to russian Border in Short order Russia made her hurried truce with Japan and moved in to assure herself of her share. Probably by prearrangement russian and German representatives met at Brest Litovsky. The same town in which Germany once dictated a humiliating peace to Russia to Divide the spoils. Russia got a Frontier As far West As the whish a vist Ala line in territory which Hitler can defend from the West scarcely better than the poles could from the eat. Stalin won a larger russian Border along Hungary and Rumania thus giving him a virtual veto Power Over further German expansion to lha Southeast along the Berlin to Bagdad route. Any further Hitler gains in that direction roust be either by arrangement with or in despite of Russia. The Small Baltic states Estonia Lithuania and Latvia by Extension of the russian Frontier to East Prussia. Were placed completely at sheriff i. C. Tart said the cd negro was Andrew finn Blefield. 21, w to was though armed with both a pistol Shotgun. It Kry Vinopol a by Rovo Tuska \ l a Boczo \ the on tobacco control in a pc Al referendum thursday. Or. Carero a Poe. Farm Lead and Ben d. Lewis president the Goldsboro production edit association urged farm i to vote for control in radio dresses last night. Henry a Wallace Secretary agriculture will speak at a every mortal must learn that there is neither Power nor reality in evil. Evil is self assertive. I says a i am a real entity Over i mastering Good. This falsehood i should strip evil of All pretentious. 1 the Only Power of evil is to destroy itself. It can never destroy one Iota of Good. Every attempt of evil to destroy Good is a failure. I speakers will include former governor o. Max Gardner and or. William i. Few president of Duke University. In the half Century n. C. State Bas grown from an institution with 72 students to a College with a pin so i Plant valued at 7, Ltd Hugh and a student Hod of 2.330. Tarnow Troublefield. The sheriff s an sex convict having a term for breaking and enter scale of Miles Hungary sheriff said the neg Home in the Piney hip late saturday i i to As Ault a it it was frightened brother of baseball Czar Dies in automobile wreck and struck said. The negro entered he brother of j Horny and tried to assault Inham of Bur-1 tied woman but was scare deep River news majority of unions Coron crop to come from Coker too miss Florence White entertained the Young people of the neighbourhood monday night with a lingerie Shower in Honor of a Bride elect miss Merle Briggs the honoree received Many Lovely and useful gifts. After a social hour the hostess served Dainty refreshments. The saturday night prayer meeting which was held with or. And mrs. Hilbert Jordan was Well attended misses Nev and a Mhz Westmoreland of Colfax Sang Sov eral selections. The Phil lathes held their usual monthly business meeting on thursday night with mrs. Elsie Monroe oct. 2. A Union county Farmers have enough certified Coker too Strain 2 Cotton seed to Plant most of the lint acreage in the county next year. Reports t. Mayfield assistant farm agent. A about 90 percent of Bis year crop will come from Coker too May Beld said a a the county will remain on this variety next year because product lion Thi year Sill no Douht he the largest per acre during the past ten Premier Armand it Sll Nescu in Rumania. Bionic it that country to tension with ruthless reprisals against the Quast fascist Iron guard organization on the same Day president Roosevelt of the United state put before a a ref Tai session of Congress his proposals to repeal the arms embargo a measure which would greatly held the British French forces. Two flays later there met is Panama a United conference of 21 american republics intent on devising ways to stay out of War together. Yet defending their common rights and cushioning the shocks of War to Trade. To key Rea ssi radio Italy on the 24th, Italy made a significant move. She withdrew garrisons in the dodecanese Mauds demilitarized the albanian Border. This looked very much like a tangible move to reassure Turkey and the countries of the Eastern Balkans and to give impetus to a Balkan Neutral bloc to be backed by Italy Turkey and Russia. Such a bloc might be Strong enough to prevent further aggression in that direction by Hitler through Hungary yet keep the neutrals at peace. Turkey though Loyal to its British leaning has also gone to lug a few Day with her brother and family St their Home in Jamestown. Or. Aud mrs. Orville Scott and son Robby visited relatives in Sanford Over the week end. At the aquacade show hit of the new York world s fair Chesterfield has the Callou see More Chesterfield smokers every place you go. That a because Chesterfield a right combination of the Best Home grown and aromatic turkish tobaccos is the Only combination that gives them a cigarette of real mildness with a different and better taste and a More pleasing Aroma. Or. And mrs John Lindley of Climax were guests sunday of or. And mrs. A. Wood. Or. And mrs. Floyd Kirkman and children of pleasant Garden visited or. And mrs. J. L. Skeen on last sunday afternoon miss Florence White spent the week end Iii Rock Hill s. Car. And mrs. Glenn Jackson of Salisbury have been spending a few Days Here with relatives. Dinner guests sunday of or. And mrs. C. E. Thornton were la. It Briggs mrs. Oriana James and daughter Catherine of High Point and or. Aud mrs. Ralph Thornton and family. Miss Edna Mathes spent sunday in Kernersville with her sister. Or. David Kerner. Mrs. A. W. Yates and children spent wednesday afternoon with friends near Lindley Nursery. Miss Claudia Thornton is spend notice of Safe of land under and by virtue of the Power of a tale contained in a certain deed of i i Trust executed by Angel h Kotalo and j wife. Angeline k. Rotates to Mauk j j Cauble trustee dated april 2, 1934. And recorded in the office of the Reg later of deeds of Guilford county. North Carolina. In Book 737, at Page j 592. Default according to the term of the note therein secured having been made in the payment of the name at the request and upon the demand of the Holder thereof i will offer for Sale at Public auction for Cash in j front of the municipal building. In the City of High Point. North Carolina. On monday october 30. 1939, at 11 00 o clock a. M., the following described property lying and being in the City of High Point county of Guilford and state of North j Carolina beginning at a Point on the Eastline of fourth Street which Point la Distant in a northerly direction too j feet from the Point of intersection of said line of fourth Street with the North line of Barbee Street thence along said line of fourth Street. N. 4 degree e 50 feet to a Point thence s 88 degree e. 125 feet to a Point thence s. 4 degrees w 50 feet to a Point j thence n. 88 degrees w 125 feet to the Point and place of beginning said i premise being known As no. 604 fourth Street according to Survey made j by june a. Johnson c. E. Under Date j of october i 1928 and being further j known a a part of lot no 17. In Block Quot a Quot As shown on the plat of a Willo bar Terrace which plat to duly registered in the office of the Register j i of deeds for Guilford county. Northa Carolina in plat Book 4, Page 212. The property will be sold subject to j All instalments of Street assessments i due the City of High Point accruing j and becoming due after october i 1939 the purchaser will be required to Deposit 5 t of the Purchase Price in j i Cash on the Day of Sale As evidence of i Good Faith. This the 27th Dav of september. 1939 j Mark Caubit be trustee Roberson Haworth a Reese attorn i i 10-2-9-18-23. Make your next pack Chester Fields. They satisfy headache neuralgia combination of the worlds Best cigarette tobaccos. Tbs Quot by Quot formula is a spacial combination of several Quick acting in gradients widely recognised for their Relief giving effectiveness. These ingredients dissolve promptly sad go right after such discomforts As head acts neuralgia muscular aches and functional periodic pains. Keep s 2 9c or 25c package of Quot by Quot Handy. W in used for the Relief Ai those Ach and pains for which it is recommend and. And according to directions indicated on each package we think you la agree that it works fast and relieves in a hurry. Always consult a physician when pains persist or recur frequently. U t a menu i of Alco co /

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