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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - November 29, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Page two tue High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry Juge Point North cart Ina wed no Day november 29. 1939 try attorney is asked to interpret clauses in ocal civil service act weather question involves commission s authority to increase decrease penalties recommended the City attorney s office Ere Lias been asked to hand in an opinion on the interrelation of certain clauses in in civil service aet defining in Powers of the civil service on Mission it was Learned at to Hall today. Requests for such a ruling Are id to have come both from mein is of the commission itself and am other City officials. The commissions authority to id Public hearings on cases in lying the penalizing of employees d to modify penalties record glided by department Heads or a City manager except in cases Lay offs suspensions or Remov-1s said to be under question d the City attorney is asked to e his opinion on these matters. The opinion if it should he con led from any source May have a effect of throwing the act into s courts for a decisive inter Reion of some of its clauses. .0 recent months the Tommis a has not Only held hearings in is involving Only the infliction demerits but in at least one in Noe has increased such penalty a demotion of an employee. Oli it i it i t \ int n r City officials appear reluctant to drawn into a discussion of the tier. But it is understood that Oral of the higher authorities City Hall have questioned the it of the commission to go that boiled Down the questions on Ich the City attorney will Rule 1 has the commission the i to Hudd a hearing in Taes Ich do not involve Lay offs suasion or removal 2 has the commission the his stage show Luw i Elf the world Hak thrilled to Friday saturday the world famous Imperial hawaiians a it Atu ring a Bea Fri Al l native Hula dancers Snen native music ��?1 George oui settings Paramount a screen terrific prison drama Brian Donlevy behind prison Gates bargain hours til 2�?jmc Sis -80c�? a it or in Jwuc authority to modify penalties inflicted upon employees except in rates of Lay offs suspensions or removals Section 15 of the act is specific in requiring the commission to hold Public hearings at the request of employees who May be Laid off suspended or removed by the department head or by the City manager in the Case of penalties against department Heads and it also provides that the a commission shall report its findings and recommendations and that the officer making such Lay off suspension or removal a shall comply with the decision of the. the Section however does not give the commission authority to initiate penalties and under one interpretation at least limits its capacity to that of a quasi Judilla body which May accept or reject indictments which originated elsewhere pow Erh conferred Section five of the act however. Gives the commission the Power to a make and Amend rules for promoting efficiency in the classified service of the City and a for the appointment promotion Transfer Layoff suspension and i removal of All officers and and provides that a such rules shall have the Force and effect of Law a j one body of opinion holds that the commission from this clause derives the right to increase or decrease penalties a recommended by hiring and firing authorities As Well As the authority to Stab list the Demerit system. One recent Case which stands out in this connection is that of j s. E. Battley of the police depart a , whom the commission demoted from sergeant to patrolman j after the chief had recommended 4 00 demerits the officer did not i ask for a hearing and did not con Iti to the commissions decision. The dispute about the interpretation of the act however antedate the Battley Case by Many i months. Different funny swing its a swing trial for Fini a Paramount swing court a frat urine ill plier d Ince Hwd Paramount a sat. Met. U m Alto feature ural Kather noon today. Low last night High yesterday so 37 66 North Carolinas partly Cloudy tonight and thursday not quite so cold tonight in Northwest and extreme West portions. Winds Hatteras to Jacksonville la kit to moderate northerly winds becoming variable partly overcast weather tonight and thursday Sandy Hook to Hatteras gentle to moderate Northwest winds becoming southerly and increasing thursday and fair weather tonight becoming overcast thursday. Warmer Mortimer and Charlie snagged again copy. A 939 by Edgar Bergen interests inc. In Tern to and . Copy reserved by Edgar Bergen Charlotte. Nov. 29.�? apr official weather Bureau records of the temperature and rainfall for the 24 hours ending at 7 30 a. ., in the elsewhere station Atlanta. Augusta. Birmingham. Charleston Charlotte. Chicago. Columbia a Denver. Detroit. Evansville. Galveston. Greet Bora Hatteras. Jacksonville Rev West. Little Rock los Angeles Memphis. Meridian. Miami. Mph St p. Mobile. I Mitchell not w Orleans new York Raleigh. San Antonio san Francisco Spartanburg. Tampa. Washington a a Wilmington my areas and a l r fall 63 33 of. 65 36 .00. 60 27 of 61 42 of. 64 30 of 45 34 of. 63 30 of. So 27 of 54 28 of. 51 33 .00. 58 47 of 62 28 .00 50 44 0. 67 40 .00. 69 62 .00. 52 31 .00. 70 53 .00 53 29 of. 61 22 of 74 58 to. A 29 .00 63 29 .00 52 36 loss 43 of 52 39 of 64 35 .00 57 so .00. 67 51 of. 65 30 .00. 67 45 .00. 59 43 .0062 38 of enemy air forces wage stiff fight off British Shore con. From Page one which in the Long run Are Alto British it added a in the United states alone there has from the first j been a determination to judge j the whole question in its Broad est Netherlands ships will continue to operate government sources in Amsterdam said despite the new restrictions and Tho sinking of seven dutch ships by j mint s of submarines. It was an a ii a t the Netherlands id he equipped with i devices on the Hows to i lines i my French source is in .15 to 45 German Hail been sunk since j Igan sept. 3. Fhi run ill Speaks the French were credited with having Unk probably to. And Brit youths arrested on four charges Grady Shields and Leroy Shields held Grady Shields 19. And Leroy Shields 22, of 1125 Chestnut Street were arrested by police Here last night on four charges eat ii growing out of the larceny of an automobile and the breaking and entering of a Home on Chestnut Street. The two were charged with larceny of an Auto mlle breaking Aud entering and two cases of breaking entering larceny and receiving. Officers said they found Grady Shields in an automobile belonging to Frank Stewart of Prospect Street which had been reported stolen. They raid they found i Eloy Shields inside the Home of e v. Slack at Igor Chestnut Street. Recovery of property stolen from the Slack Home was also reported by officers making the arrest. Taken from the Home which had been entered by breaking a window pane were a radio two overcoats a handbag and other clothing the total value of which amounted to $150. The Cap was reported stolen Between 6 30 and 8 of clock last night from the 200-Block of West Commerce Street it was found in the 500-Block of Ward Street. Grady Shields was charged with breaking into the Home of Marvin Griffith on november to aggression psst and that Russia though officers indicated the could not tolerate a one sided Bai in might be reduced to for j Observance of the agreement. According to the Moscow radio. The latest alleged Border recall of forces form Border spurs Hopes for peace con. From Page one col. H one of the clashes the radio asserted but there was no repetition of the casualties reported sunday when the russians said. 13 red soldiers were killed or wounded by finnish Cannon. Foreign observers saw Little cause for optimism in the note in which Premier Vya Chesloff Zolotoff yesterday scrapped Russia a non aggression pact with Finland. Zolotoff asserted that Finland s refusal to withdraw Border garrisons As a guarantee against repetition of sundays alleged clash reflected the Helsinki government s a profound hostility toward the soviet housing project discussed Here by usha official new York stocks project proposal before planning zoning Board p. In. Stock quotations Adams exp. Adams Millis. Air reduce. Alaska Jun. Al chem St Dye. Alleghany. Ain Chal Mig. Am can. J. M. Savage of Washington. J am car Fly. Official of the United states i am for pow housing authority was in high1� 2 Point yesterday to discuss with the City planning and zoning commission a proposal for a housing project in this City. Or. Ravage outlined the various am Toh b provisions of the Federal hous Anaconda lug act and pointed out to Mem Arm til hers of the commission the Way the City could procure such pro i Jet through the assistance i the government Agency. Am Rad a St 6. Am Roll Mui. I am smelt a ref am sue ref. A t a. T a t a s f j. I a c Lof i ail ref. A Tat corp Baldwin Bho he rejected in Tho commission is making a terms Finland a suggestion that study of the proposal which j Barnsdall. The red army simultaneously Fame before the City Council at a mix Avian. A meeting several months ago. J Beth Sti the question at that time was Boling air i. Referred to the commission by Borden. The Council for study. Its recon Berg Warne emendations Are expected to be Bragg mfg a a a made to the Council at an Early �vk2 Quot Budd wheal Burl Mills. Several other citizens interest Bur add Mach de in a housing program for i Calumet h Hee the City were present at the can dry. Meeting yesterday afternoon. Jean Pac a real property Survey has Cannon Mill been conducted Here recently Case j under the sponsorship of spa i Cater a trac. And if the City decides to make j a application for a Grant to finance a project data and in withdraw from the Frontier de daring that the soviet troops a do not menace vital centers of Finland because they Are removed from those centers for hundreds of on the other hand he said a finnish troops stationed 32 Kilometres 20 Miles from Leningrad a vital Center to the v. S. 8. R., counting 3,500.000 population create an immediate threat to Finland s entire population according to Moat recent figures is about 3.364.000. Zolotoff charges Zolotoff said Finland had a sys Femath ally violated a the non uple trespass since the defend to went into the House to get own clothing. I pair remained in jail this a noon in default of Bonds c m St p a p pm Chrysler. Foci Coia formation collected in this Field Colum oat. Survey will be used. J come credit. Or. Savage came Here at the come Soh. Request of Twuwa officials who co with a Bon. Have open Active in supporting Consol Edis. The project proposal. His in a t i n it $ 1,000. The Al -1 Palace theatre Salem Street c k58msk Thomasville last times today a the girl from Mexico Quot with Lipe Velez and Leon Errol a Comino tomorrow a the Saint in London Quot with Geo. Saunders my Sally Grey aug serial a comedy admission adults 15c 2 for 2t c saturday children Winston a Hurt Hill Foj the admiralty said in of commons nov. S t lits must expect to n a boats Iii january Ever sinking have of the admiralty Aid statement yesterday boat had sunk a Bra of the London class o land Island was a a Devon naval circles said the port May have been a cheer tip the people information on the British warships. The French High command reported seizure of the German freighters Santa be and triads ships of 6.oho and 4,627 tons. Flight anniversary Mantlo nov. 29�? a a the anniversary of the first air plane flight of the Wright Brothers will i be observed at kill Devil Hill december 17. Recall of forces from Border spurs t is w natured. A a. German Tat a a set Cruiser the so of i Man pretended to or elicit tuition of clashes took plate at isolated Points on the Long Frontier. The most serious incident the Ladio said. Of urged near Vida Itczak. Veil Lisa near i Ike Ladoga Hopes for peace where Small groups of finnish j infantry were reported to have crossed the Border after artillery had hurled two shells 500 Yards into soviet territory. Con Oil i cont can. Corn prod. I Curt la Wright. Curtiss Wright a de Lack a. Doug Aire. Do porn. Blue Auto i t. A two Johns Man. 73a4 Kennicott san. In Kroger Oroc. 28k214 i Libby o f of. 51 456 i Lagg in Myers Bali. 6 n Loc w 34 h172j, Lorillard. 23 Hla lout so Nash. 58384 Mack truck. 28 ill Mccrory stores. 16b32>�?z Mont Ward. 552j Murray corp. J4l Nash Kelv. 61 Ait Nat biscuit. 22,Len to Cah Reg. Ish. 52j Nat Dairy prod. Is. Is Nat dint. 23&Quot, 169 g Nat Lead. 20h821, Nat pow in it. 8h31-4 n y cent. 18h6- no am Avian. 24 426 North am. A. 22 ,24nor Pac. 9 l217 of to Oil. 77-, i Otis Elev. 17h16h Pac Ohe. 32 ,6 i Pac Mina. 1612packed. A a a to. The. 29 Param Pix. I81 Penney j Ca 22h Penn Dix. 21, Penn r r22 b a 24h j Pitt 8cr h b7723 pub Sec n j40 a51i Pullman 33j43�, pure ii. 917 a a radio. 54124 Rad k Ola. 6h Rand. Fob. 15rep us. 2344t, Reynold b39 b38&Quot, Sears. Job. 70 Socony vac. 12b53 Sou Pac. 35b42h Sou re. 19,Sperry. My. 85std brands. 5s1223, std of Cal. 25 b ��2 std ii ind. 26 ,46 std Oil n j44 bus Stewart Warner. 9. La Studebaker. S ----30b Swift. 21b a a i Tex clip. 46 i 42>� Tex Gulf bul. 33 b 4 64 j Timken det a. Aih to Tri Namer. 6b of Iii i i a it a j in curb. To. 6. In Pac. Aoi b7sh unit Aire. 45b 17?j, 111 Fri 83 ton. From Page due col. 7 the finns were driven by Rifle Aud mat Bine gun the radio said. Back fire. Ryan repeats red charge continued from Page one ish democracy and friends of the soviet Union. He said the situation was different with the International labor defense. Two members of a finnish Border patrol near tile Village of Pum Mang at the Northern tip of Finland were reported still missing at noon despite Long search. The cottage they had occupied at the Iao rated Junt was found in disorder. The Telephone had been ripped out. Shots heard there in the Early morning still were unexplained. Cabinet me for while the Cabinet conferred last night in the partly blacked out capital phlegmatic finns questioned on the Street As to their Hopes and fears we Ould say Little except a we Are not flee pow h it. A. Quot h unit aaa Imp. Firestone. 20 u s id Alco Gen Blee. 39 v 8 rub Gen foods. 46 in s smelt Ltd ref Gen Mot. 53b us steel. Gillette. 6h Vanadium Glidden. In a Vick chem goodrich.21 Vacaro chem Goodyear. 24 Warner pie or Anan. Paige. La West Mary it nor by pad. 27b Western Union. Hud Mot. 6 i West Elf a mfg ii u up Mot. I i Wilson. In cent. A. 12b Woolworth int Harvest. St yell the. Int Nick can. A a a a a 38�?�3 i Yeung sat. Int Tel h Tel. 4 a t 2 p. In Stock Aal 440.000 42 3�. 4 44. 26, in i 39ii 47 b front organization a it More than a front Organ a they prided themselves on Theli Latten a a lie declared. A it s the calmness Gay thanksgiving treat As wives will Linda took love for granted As husbands go for granted As husbands go Tyrone went. For his Sec rotary Wjk i in in i mint a he. Jew of a a i my Theam today Center or. Kildare thrills and love seam in his Nev adventures ll1 the secret of or. Kildare a wit ii Lew Ayres Lionel Barrymore Helen Gilbert March of time front of War j a or is e a a \ Tyrone Ign Orff r w r i a a s Linda Power Darnell in Day time wife or ii ii Warren William a Binnie Barnes a Joan Davis v i a Jackie Cooper a in �?o2 Bright boys thanksgiving special Weaver Bros. Elviry a and Roy Rogers a in a jeepers creepers a also a serial comedy of harm amp it str defense Arm of the a Rhea Whitley committee counsel called off a list of organizations previously mentioned in testimony Ryan said the Case of the International workers order was a somewhat different too. Quot i done to believe its under the Complete control of the party Quot he asserted. He said he gave this opinion in spite of the fact that he knew Max Bedacht. Iwo Secretary to be a member of the communist party executive Cornin i 11 be. Ryan added that the Promin j enee of communists in the Organ a Iza Tion gave him a a ate control but that they did not dominate. # pm i on ills 101st birthday. Oliver j Chalker of Kenton. England. J drank Iii health in milk and water for that is the strongest drink he has Ever touched and he smoked Only onto when a boy. Proprietors of several build a Ings occupied by government of flees in Havana Cuba have i threatened dispossession proceed my unless Hack rent covering everal months Are paid. The foreign office expressed the View that a with denunciation of the non aggression pact there no Winter party season makes this cake recipe timely by Airn. Gaynor Maddox n a service staff writer holidays Are party Days and Long i is any formal obstacle that Means lots of cakes. Paste j. # l�?Tl11in? Over this one egg cake recipe on your. Hartjr Cajen Jar an j hang the Pink Coconut frosting recipe nearby. De opening everything is ready for the big reopening of High Point popular Price a he place the management extend to each of you a cordial invitation to join our reopening Celebration the next few Day May be just before Midnight t government communique said Quot the finnish government has considered the new note sent by the soviet government and defined its attitude and will hand Over its reply anything possible and from the foreign office spokesman a anything is possible now. Til situation is most flatly denied were Moscow radio reports that finnish soldiers had violated the russian Border. One of these said finnish detachments under artillery cover tried to invade Russia North of Lake Lagoda but were turned Back by machine gun tire. The newspaper Suot Nen social demo Kratti said. Quot the situation now is undoubtedly More serious than at any other time in the crisis. Nevertheless we hop that a peaceful outcome is still the he Singen Saumat foreign minister Kaljas Krak of a newspaper observed that Quot denunciation of the pact does not of it self increase the danger of attack. Unfortunately this danger j dozen cup cakes had to he considered by this Conn a �1"�u�?o-11 try the Uusi Suomi declared Quot we both play a part in Low Cost fun during the Christmas season. One egg cake two cups sifted cake flour 2 1-4 Teaspoons baking powder. 1-4 Teaspoon Salt. I Tablespoons Boater butter or other shortening i cup place sugar i egg unbeaten. 1-4 cup milk. I Teaspoon Vanilla. Sift flour once measure add baking powder and Salt and sift together three tin ifs Cream butt a thoroughly add sugar gradually. And Cream together Well. Add egg and Bent very thoroughly. Add flour alternately with milk a Small amount at a Tim beating after each addition until smooth add Vanilla bake in greased pan 8xx2 inches in moderate oven 350 degrees f 50 minutes or in two greased s i he h layer pans in moderate oven 375 degrees f i 25 minutes. Double recipe for three 10-Inch layers and bake in moderate oven 375 degrees of 25 to 30 min Lites. This cake May he baked in greased up take pans in moderate oven for 20 minutes or until 1 done. The recipe will make 2 a a n it Kea in minute fronting two egg Whites unbeaten. I 1-2 cups sugar 5 Tablespoons water. I i-2 Teaspoons Light Corn syrup. I Teaspoon Vanilla red colouring i can moist unsweetened Coconut. Combine egg Whites sugar water and Corn syrup in top of double boiler heating with rotary until thoroughly mix Over rapidly boiling water beat constantly with rotary egg beater and Cook for 7 minutes of until frosting will stand in peaks. Remove from boiling Titu i add Vanilla and heat until thick enough to spread. Add a few drops of red colouring to give a delicate Shade of Pink. Spread on cake sprinkling with Coconut while frosting is still this Kos enough frosting to or tops and sides of two fill layers or top and sides of an sxsx2-Ittch Ake. Or about 2 dozen cup cakes. To cover the top and sides of three 10-in h layers prepare this single recipe t w ice. Tomorrow s menu it thursday Only Kipling s immortal character fills the screen with never to be forgotten adventure its terrific Power workers strike stand where we have stood with i a a Diatko 0111�?� a a Viii f a Clear conscience we cannot do us i anything else. We have no right to forsake our Freedom or Independence and we neither endanger nor threaten thanksgiving in rices adult alld a 40c children 10c x thanksgiving Day Friday saturday a added enjoy in it a take a Cue Quot la f Smith specially a Mother Goose in swing time color cartoon Center new event of Victor m Clag Len Doug Fairbanks or. Ary giant in Quot Gurga Din r i no to Vance in prices thanksgiving 15c matinee 20c Mph a potential aggressor i by her latest note Russia in i effect called Finland a potential aggressor in refusing to withdraw i troops from the common Border North of Leningrad. This refusal said the russian note showed Quot the hostile desire of the government of Finland to keep Leningrad under As to Finland a agreement to withdraw. Provided russian troops also retired the russian not declared there was no present a Equality in the positions of the two armed forces since a soviet troops do not menace Vita 1 centers of but finnish troops Are stationed 2o Miles from Leningrad. Russian forces on the finnish Border have been estimated at j 1,000,000, while Finland has Only i 400,000, including reserves to defend herself. Continued from raise one minor fist fights were report d in scattered sections and four men were arrested and charged with throwing ropes Over electric wires in an attempt to pull them from poles. Senator Aguet is reputed to he the richest of Italy a 15, millionaires. Warned Over visit Many persons called the office of the Asheville citizen times and asked if the strike would cause president Roosevelt to Cantel plans to Dap Here tonight on his Way Back to Washington telephonic communication a not hindered but the City police sending station was quieted. Deputies were assigned to guard re a it Gas but they were not interfered with in their work. Although most of the people were asleep when electricity was restored lights blazed up throughout the i a for residents apparently had forgot to turn Oft their switches commenting upon the walkout Walter said that a no other matters such As wages hours or working conditions had been at Tisha St any breakfast Orange juice hot tracked wheat Cereal buttered Toast Coffee milk. Luncheon mushroom Melet French Rolls folded Cranberry Orange Gelatin sponge cake. Tea. Milk. Dinner Tomato juice roast beef hash carrots Broccoli with Hollan Daise one egg cake with Coconut frosting applesauce Coffee milk. Shimmy win stay Neutral continued from Page one Germany a earlier support of Finland against Russia Germany now is interested in seeing this wrong righted it was said. When the attention of these informed source was called to the fact that Germany showed great interest a few months ago in the question of fortification of Finland Saa la lid islands they replied that the political situation was entirely different now. They said that with Iii defeat of Roland the entire Eastern situation had come into a state of flux. A a to politic Al soc Lal reason Washington. Nov. 29 a p the fall and Winter social season of the North Carolina democratic t filth of Washington will be opened Friday night with the organizations fourth annual Ball

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