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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - November 29, 1939, High Point, North Carolina We a i h e r partly Howdy tonight and thursday warmer tonight. The High Point Enterprise High Point the outer of diversified manufacturing pm or Prises a vol. 55�?no. 333 a Mituk associated Buess High Point n. Wednesday \ Futek noon. Non Ember 29. 1939 comi Lete sea service Price five cents Inland withdraws troops in it it a a a a a a a a a it it it Reich plane shot Down in Battle enemy air forces court opinion stiff f i g h 11 against labor Shore wage off British Union recalled another English ship 1,023-ton Rubi Slaw sunk by germans unsuccessful attack made on borkum German air base London nov. 29.�? apr an air Battle Between British combat planes and a Lone German Raider Over the Northeast coast of England today resulted in bringing Down the nazi plane at sea a British announcement said. British f go toil Rose to meet the Raider when it was sighted j approaching the Northumberland coast. Coastal residents lining the Shore watched the Battle. After j the invader fell a Lifeboat was j u a Hie to find a Trace of the planets occupants. In Srok another British Steamer the i 1.023-ton Rubi Slaw. Was added i to the list of mine victims off the j British coast. The Rubi Slaw Sank a yesterday two minutes after striking an explosive. Four injured survivors were rescued by j a mine sweeper and 13 others were reported killed. Cryptic radio instructions from j the admiralty put British warships j on the Elert for the scheduled j Start of a new total blockade against Germany monday. The air ministry meanwhile reiterated that All its planes had j returned safely after machine gunning three mine laying sea j planes yesterday at borkum. An j Island base off the Northwestern i coast of Germany a there is no truth whatever in j the German statement that our j aircraft flew Over said the ministry. I l. Ask Polit Al do we the German official news Agency dub said one British plane was forced Down and pro j Baldy lost in the North sea. And j that another flew Over the Nell j errands to avoid the sea. Fighting planes took to the air again today As anti aircraft batteries along the thames Estuary began firing hut it was Learned j later the shooting was not due to j a German raid and no alarm was j sounded. The mining of British Waters. With numerous recent shipping i losses resulting was blamed by i Britain for the decision to blockade German exports As Well As j imports. In conjunction with France the Royal Navy was instructed to re j move from any ship cargoes of German origin or ownership j heretofore the blockade has been1 aimed Only at goods destined for Germany. Mux Day Chat is Bax the starting Date of the Export Hail was set for monday to permit Neutral readjustments. It was understood that Good bought in Germany before nov 27 would he exempt even though not yet at sea. The London times said the blockade would he applied a Quot with j the greatest possible regard for j the interests of the neutrals i North Carolina to observe own thanksgiving Ica lilt. Ii nov. 211.�? up a Xoi Tii Carolina a democratic stale thai refused to abide by to evident Roosevelt a decision to have thanksgiving on november 25, will eat its Turkey tomorrow. And that Means the la Egi tining of another Hunting season for the Law will allow the shooting of Quail Turkey grouse ail Rabbit. State offices will lie hosed along with some Federal offices that decided to take both thank sch Ings. Football games will offer other entertainment and among them there will he the \ Carolina tussle at Chapel Hui and the Davidson Wake Forest tilt at i Ballone. Twenty is Blue Ridge Baptist association churches in Mcdowell county tooled their offerings and sent a Carload of farm pm lure plus a Little rash to the Thomasville or plumage. Ryan repeats red charge tells Dies committee again youth Congress is communistic continued on Page two camera aids in arrest of burglar Crystal Lakic. He nov. 29. Up a or. Is. L. Brunswick caught j a burglar with his camera and a j lot of ingenuity. The doctor has a filling station j As a sideline and had been bothered by repeated burglaries. He j is a camera hobbyist and used j knowledge gained therefrom to set his camera burglar trap. He rigged up his camera in the a tation and devised an electric Eye arrangement with an infrared beam and a Mirror. The idea was that if a prowler walked through the beam a Flashbulb would be set off and the camera shutter would Click. By a its i it in furthermore the Light from the Flash would strike a second photo electric cell setting off a screeching Siren. No doubt the prowler would flee in terror but would leave his portrait behind. All that happened the night of nov. 7. Or. Brunswick triumphantly presented a picture of the Mir Glar to sheriff Lester of danger. Some Days later the sheriff questioned Harold Lewis. 19, a Woodstock. Iii., farmhand about some Petty thefts. He got out the Tell tale picture which the sheriff said was a likeness of Lewis. Yesterday the youth confessed. Ginger said and also admitted a series of burglaries in Northern Illinois Aud Southern Wisconsin. Washington nov. 29.�?ll a William g. Ryan of Milwaukee. Who described himself us a former communist party member repeated before the Dies committee today his Contention that the american youth Congress was a communist party a a front organization. This assertion previously made i by several committee witnesses i and also denied by some was described by Ryan As a a generally accepted a fall communists know it a he testified. He said he had not worked in the youth Congress but had talked to communists w to i had offered t St i Mony mrs. Franklin i. Roosevelt has addressed the youth Congress j and has asserted although not i before the committee that she j knew it was not communist con trolled. This week she offered to testify provided the committee thought she had any information of value. The committee has not acted on the offer. I Ryan said that the majority of members of the Congress were not communists party members. A the communists exercise con. Tool through Small minorities a he said. The same was True he declared. Of the american league for peace and democracy the american negro Congress the american students Union friends of the Abraham Lincoln brigade North american committee to Ald Span Philadelphia group was ordered to pay $711,932 damages Philadelphia nov. 29. Map a the u. S. Circuit court of appeals in a unanimous opinion set aside today a lower court jury verdict which ordered a labor Union to pay the Apex hosiery company $711,932.55 for damages resulting from a sit Down strike. However the court said it had a no doubt that the Union and its president a should be compelled in the appropriate forum to answer in damages to the Apex company. The verdict was returned Here last april 3 by a District court jury against Branch i of the american federation of hosiery workers and its president William Leader. Anti Trust violation j Apex officials had charged violation of the Sherman and Clayton anti Trust act contending interstate Commerce was hinder i cd when the strikers were in pos session of the Philadelphia Plant j a one of the world s largest hos i Lery factories for seven weeks in the Spring of 1937. The Union leaders contended the strike started j in its opinion today the circuit court ordered the Case returned to the District court and a verdict in favor of the Union. The appellate court declared the evidence showed no intent by the Union to restrain Commerce a on the contrary a the court said in an Opi Niffa written by judge John Biggs jr., a their the Union and Leader intent was to i unionize the Appellee a Apex i Plant an action local in motive i and local in effect. A the effect upon interstate Commerce a merely indirect i incidental and in its original suit the company asked a total of $3,515,872. Treshel and damages it contended the strikers caused. Such multiple damages Are allowed in convictions under the Sherman anti Trust Law. The court pared the i company a damage claims before the Case was submitted to the jury. The court explained today that a the Crux of the problem a was whether the company was entitled to triple damages under the Clayton anti Trust aet in a i Federal District court a for whether i it must seek Relief in the state j courts of Pennsylvania. The Union it was held was j a not guilty of engaging in a com Bina Tion or conspiracy to restrain j a a a a ii in a i for Maverick Case Germany will stay Neutral sympathies Are on Russia Side. But officially Reich i disinterested by Lei is p. Loth aka a up a Heron russians Rith Finland by is Neutral informed it continued on Page to o i bar Lin nov. Man sympathies i Side in the i put j but officially Gen i and disinterested sources said today. The German View is that Russia has an unquestionable right 1 to Access to the Baltic sea. And that Finland is so placed strategically that she could prevent this i Access. Hence it is held that in fairness to russians rights As a powerful nation Finland should yield strategic islands at Issue this View is that russians de mends in no Way threaten the in integrity and Independence of Finland hym path Kwh spa Vuk frs informed quarters insisting i that they were not speaking for i the government said that Hus Sia had been dealt with unfairly Jai the end of the world War. As was Germany. They said that we Rong was done Russia in a Bot a thing her up without an unhampered outlet to the Baltic and and san Antonio Tex. Nov. 29 i pm both prosecution and defense pried into the poltto Al his tories of venire men today As they strove to Complete a jury to try blustery Maury Maverick. The mayor is charged with paying the poll tax of another. It appeared virtually certain the Way would be cleared for the Start of testimony before the Dave a end. Venire men were carefully questioned on whether they Ever had been members of the political faction which has support mayor Maverick or of the organization which he ousted six months ago j mme j this was made possible by from control of the City govern-1 ment. Some 80 employees of the company who were brought from other i plants not affected by the strike. I which was called by the local of the International brotherhood of electrical workers Al after i negotiations for a closed shop Nail broken Down j 75 still of t Early today c. S. Walters com a Pany vice president said the j strikers had asked and received permission to return to their posts but later statements from both j aides in the controversy said approximately 75 men were still out. I there was no picketing the resort City of 55,000 a plunged into darkness shortly be j fore Midnight when the strike began. In most instances officers said fuses were pulled from different circuits severing connections hut no serious damage to property was reported. Repairmen today had Little to do except to replace the fuses. Oil Krs a of fac pad besides Asheville the nearby communities of Weaverville Enka Canton Spruce Pine Black Mountain and Swannanoa which obtain Power from the same source were affected. Spokesmen for both sides said no arrangements had been made to continue negotiations which had been in Progress at intervals for some weeks. Power flowed continuously to hospitals and had it failed attendants were ready to turn on their auxiliary plants. Continued on Page two continued on Page twi Borah Wheeler will oppose Levy president special defense lax would fall on a Little fellow Washington nov. 29�? up a senator Borah a Idaho and Wheeler a Mont served notice today that they would oppose special taxes to pay for increased National defense costs. Both senators said they Felt that if any such taxes were proposed j men to a deficit they would be bound to fall on the a Little fellow w to could least i himself to any special tax until he afford to pay them. J knew who would be expected to the problem of meeting the pay it. Rising costs of National defense Haies Taa nature the army and Navy and into a through taxation As you can a a by budget would go Approximal-1 through by $500,000,000 of proposed sex i Wheeler expressed the belief pundit urea which he said May be that almost any kind of tax that attributed to the european War. Or. Roosevelt said previously that these Ine Reaace expenditures posed the question whether special Taxe should be voted by Congress to meet them. The alternative could be devised eventually would fall on the a Little fellow a adding a the country stand for no recommendations chairman Doughton dec of he said would be to borrow the the House ways and Means commonly and increase the govern int tree said that since the admin has been receiving president Roosevelt a principal attention in recent Days. He said at warm Springs Ca., yesterday that Normal and emergency defense expenditures would be separated in the budget for next year. Two bldg Kwh Stratton had made no tax recon Borah said he could not commit inundations he would not Hazard a guess As to what the attitude of his committee would he toward levying a tax for defense funds Iii a Campaign year. A of course a he continued a tile tax would not be collected until after the election but my idea is a it All ends up it seems to me in the nature of a sales tax ii other words a tax that puts that Burden on those who Are not Only that Tho Best politics is to do of additional Revenue is least Able to pay but who Are right wholly unable to pay a he Declar i necessary to build up the country sed. Quot i would not favor that. Defences politics should have no a you ran destroy the citizen-1 consideration in the he into an a a a budget he explain-1 ship of a country its morale and j expressed Strong opposition to a a Dinar expenses of its Worth almost As effectively1 Geed would go ordinal f general sales tax r i or a fat Landis fines i to big league clubs Chicago nov. Up a k. M. Landis commissioner of baseball imposed Fine totalling $2,500 on the Detroit tigers the Brooklin dodgers and two minor league clubs Toda it Ami issued a statement Iii which he scored several teams for failure to file contracts and other player begot int ions with his office. Iii a series of lengthy rulings which awarded Back salary and free Agency to several players commissioner Landis fined Detroit $500 Brooklyn $500 Dayton it owned by the dodgers $1,000 and the Columbus Chih of the american association of lied by the St. Louis t ordinals $500. A from the investigation in this referring specifically to a Detroit Case and other eases a Landis said a it appears that clubs Are signing players to contracts and term acceptances which Are never filed for promulgation and Are terminating the relationship by informing the player that the agreement has been or will be destroyed. Germany will fight against new blockade Extension of economic War branded violation of International Law recall of forces from Border spurs Hopes for peace russians express feeling that solution will be reached without War finns preparing important note for soviet Helsinki nov. 29. A Moscow nov. 29.�? of i af5 a Finland a acc Ted by a Hopes of a peaceful Settle a the soviet Union of menacing ment of the russian finnish i Leningrad and actually trying dispute increased today with to invade russian territory receipt of reports that Fin a prepared a reply today which Nish troops had been ordered May determine the next turn withdrawn from the Russia Berlin nov. 29.�? apr the German government announced today that it a reserves All measures to meet the new British blockade of nerves and in the War notes. A draft of the answer to the Rosston charge of Quot profound hostility of the government of Finland towards the soviet Union Quot. Ai i which Moscow cited As grounds against German exports which last night for denunciation of the becomes effective next Mon finnish russian non aggression if Russia brings fight to finnish preparing for any eventuality in the tense situation Between Finland and Russia citizens of Helsin fors finnish capital have dotted the City with air raid shelters like the one pictured above. Power workers strike Blacks out Asheville service resumed this morning but 75 workers still out other towns darkened Asheville nov. 29.�? apr City police and county deputies stood guard Over substations and other strategic Points today As electric service was restored to Asheville and surrounding communities after several hours interruption due to a strike of Carolina Power and Light company electrical workers. -.-.-.-. A the work of pulling the line Hack into operation was done by Day. A communique said a Extension of the economic War to German Export goods on Neutral ships with Neutral destinations signifies a new violation of International Law by England. Contr unction a it stands in Clear contradiction to recognized fundamentals of International Law especially the Paris maritime Law declaration of 1856. A this new breach of International Law affects neutrals As Well As Germany. The German government takes cognizance of the new situation created by England and reserves All meanwhile the German High command announced British air planes had attacked the nazi aviation base on borkum Island at the Mouth of the Ems River but had been beaten Oft without inflicting damage. The planes a communique said. Attempted to Fly Over Northwestern Germany by Way of the East British islands Only to Biri riven Back before reaching the Kuc x a Eshel l flights the British air ministry announced yesterday the Royal air fore had executed successful reconnaissance flights Over Northwestern Germany the communique also reiterated a previous announce nent of the sinking of a heavy British Cruiser by a German submarine. Official British reports denied the destruction of such a vessel text of the communique Quot in the West no special events. A English air planes again at tempted to Fly Over Northwestern Germany to the East frisian islands without however reaching the German coast. In connection therewith the borkum air base was attacked but no damage was caused. A was reported previously a heavy British Cruiser of the Lon j i Don class was torpedoed and de i St toyed by Captain Prien East of the Shetland a # a. Cost of food sends living Cost higher Washington nov. 29.�? pm a an increase of 3.6 per cent in the Cost of food during the three months ended september 15 sent the Cost of living for families of wage earners in 32 Large cities up 1.2 per cent for the period. Secretary Perkins reporting on the increase today said the Rise in food costs occurred largely Between the Middle of August and the Middle of september although the Cost of All items entering into the Survey except i rents was above the june level. Pact was completed about mid night. Contents of the note remained a state secret pending trans mrs i Aion. The Cabinet met again shortly before noon to put final touches to the finnish answer which was expected to be dispatched to mos cow late this afternoon. Finland mobilized officials denied Finland had mobilized her full military strength. They declared on the contrary that Many reservists recently released had not been Call i de Back to the colors. However there was no incline j Don to minimize the precarious it situation on the russian finnish Frontier where incidents or tiles de incidents were multiplying. I Border patrols at various Points i were ordered to move Hack so As i to avoid the possibility of clashes i with russian troops. Con in p Kuhn s trial goes to jury Twenty-1 ear sentence possible for strutting bund Leader new York nov. 29�?<zp>�? the larceny Case against Fritz j Kuhn who was denounced by the prosecution As a a a pathological liar and labelled by his own counsel As a a strutting Quot Little fellow j who ought to he goes to the jury today. Border. Helsinki dispatches said finnish Border patrols had been withdrawn at is Points to avoid clashes will the russians it was hoped the Issue could h settled by negotiations one in of facial hut Well informed Souci source said although Russia is Ai ready so far committed to acquis fion on finnish territory on the isthmus of Karelia opposite a str. Ingrad that she was expected to insist on getting it. This Mio Suud said the Russia despite the violence Euhe soviet propaganda Campa i attacking Finland does not a War but rather a resumption c negotiations through which could win concessions from finns i Resh Flasher the reports of finnish Loci withdrawals lame after the Viet government had report t re h Border hash in huh a it red army was said to have pulsed with machine guns finish troops attempting to Eros the Frontier. As a result of the repo a lashes in w hit h finnish i Lory was accused of Send a Hells Sci earning at rns the t Der new russian troops v said to have been dispatched loin Force Frontier garrisons ready a estimated by observe almost 1.000.000 men. Reports from Helsinki i rated that Finland has a Jap mutely 400,000 men under a a More than one tenth of the done a entire population. At the same time the c Monist party newspaper Bra disclosed that new class naval reservists had been Ca up for training and service the Baltic Fleet which has t conducting Maneu vers from b recently obtained from est it Aud Latvia. New Bress attacks while the press made new tacks upon Finland workers soldiers staged mass meet Only judge James g. Wall charge to the jurors a group of businessmen remained to be heard. Wallace already has dismissed five of the ten counts against the German american bund Leader explaining insufficient proof had been offered and criticized the original indictment As being too loosely drawn. 20 years Bossi ble s which adopted resolutions c Foj Taining such fiery phrases As time to exterminate the p which dares to threaten sent to prison years if containing counts r stealing $717 sury to finance j voting of his i sirs. Florence. As paid Al advice he never unidentified submarine sighted near Dardanelles instal bul nov. 20.�? up a turkish maritime authorities reported sighting a submarine of unknown nationality today at the southwestern Entrance to the Dardanelles near Toledo Island in the Aegean sea. They declined to speculate on its identity or destination. Kuhn could by for More than 2 evicted of All five r these accuse him from the bund do his extra marital a Golden Camp and $500 he list to an attorney for Lei the attorney testified got the Money. The heavy set. Middle aged defendant his fur Flushing under i the states verbal thrusts sat steadfastly studying his nails yesterday As assistant District attorney Herman j. Mccarthy charged in his summation that the de Fensel Scase was a met aim by heated attacking defense testimony that under the a leadership Princi-1 pie of the bund Kuhn was in j titled to spend the organizations funds As he wished Mccarthy j shouted that bund leaders put on i the witness stand had Quot lied lied. Lied to follow the in his closing address the Day j before. Defense counsel l. F. Sab j Batino expressed personal distaste for both Kuhn and the bund s principles but contended his clients present trial was a a persecution plot framed by assistants of District attorney Thomas e. Dewey in the Hope of advancing Dew eyes National political fortunes. J by Quot j soviet Ai sex Fermina i a lesson t coming russian i Don of the finnish n i do report Der Lucille i Moscow to in he eminent a most or it Tea is and Frau the he r b bandits a scoundrel the heels me nth a i in year old i army Din it cd Over pitch ski the Finni 11111&Quot the is Al a denied tin d a new i for delivery to the Dav finns Ca it i red three finns were continued on Hie Divorcee takes death leap from new York apartment new York nov. 29�? up a mrs. Adelaide Tate 38, a Divorcee fell to her death today from the 17th floor Greenwich Village apartment of a Man to whom she had directed three cryptic telegrams. Mrs Tate lived in a Riverside the owner of the apartment age Skiolvig a chemical Engineer employed by the Shell Oil company. Said he had known mrs Tate about two years. He said she had a key to his apartment Aud had frequently run gip Telephone Bills there. He was in the to Tai of Cal i i drive apartment where another Middle West on business he said tenant mrs. Helen Van Vaulken-1 w Hen he received a series of Tel Eburg described her As the former Grams addressed to him at Cleve wife of a West Boint graduate now in the Oil business in the South. Mrs. Van Valkenburg also said mrs Tate had two children a son Albert a government employee in Washington d. C., and a daughter Louise a student at Louisiana state University. Laud and St Louis All charged to his Telephone. When he returned today he told detectives he rebuked in. Tate and she went into the bathroom. A Short time later he said he opened the door and found the room empty and the window open. Yale student give Browde Bronx cheers new Haven. Conn., nov a up a Earl Browder v coming broke a storm of i by Veteran groups through of state after he was barred speaking at Harvard Brin and Dartmouth told a Yale University audience a the Only Way to peace Power out of the hands of till communists Leader tellers �?500 crowded into built to accommodate 406-Only a Small part of the persons who gathered outs building and raised a Terri during his address last in attack car As the speaker left by door 300 boisterous St milled around the Browder a Mobile with cries of a turn they almost did to resisting. The Din that a comp Browders speech included aim every form of noise from cd to the bursting of a to Recta t cries of a Viva Browder -4 a Down with everything rated the speech. Browder i no indication that he Walt turbe0. The crowd made up Mot students was attracted u scene by the unsuccessful Ltd of veterans mayor John Vav Phy and the Connecticut can legion to have pre Charles Seymour of Yale % the Tai

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