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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - November 19, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Tyl Cujic us Jam Sidd address your questions about your problems to mar Jorie Mansfield in care of the Enterprise. Your letters will be answered in these columns. Dear mins Mansfield my husband and i both work and make Good salaries. We Are saving so we can own our own Home and i find my work and housekeeping about All i can manage. My husband is a great one for running around and having a Good time. He always wants me to go with him and i know that he loves me. But lately when i have beep too tired to go out at night he has been going without me. A a a a he is not a bit underhanded about it and i know lie is not interested in anyone else but i can to help timing a Little jealous of the girls he pays attention to when i Ani at Home ironing him a clean shirt for the next Day. What must i do i hate to insist that he stay at Home a although i know lie would if i asked him to. A a Hattie t of Aye monday tuesday Quot dead end kids is. Quot Little Tough Guys Quot for control of the Gutter in a Boltini drama City Lite insanity clue discovered Experiment shows seat of trouble pm Ila de pm i a nov. 18�? up a an Experiment giving the first physical clue to the nature of insanity indicating that its seat is in the ends of nerves was announced to the american philosophical society today. These nerve ends Are of Peculiar shape resembling tendrils of plants. They grow in clusters out of the ends of nerve fibres like slender threads unravelled from the end of a thick string. They reach out separately like parallel Bridges to connect with the neighbouring nerve fiber. The novel Experiment which shows their possible connection with insanity was reported by or. Carl Caskey Speidel professor of Anatomy at the University of Virginia. Is that you Are trying to do one Job too Many. Either you should have a reasonable amount of help with your housework or you should Stop your Job outside yup Home. There Are very few women who can do two jobs and keep up with a pleasure Loving Young husband and not lose Thor health or dispositions in the process. The Little amount you would spend for a capable housekeeper Ami laundress would in Money excellently invested in health and happiness for you. Of course your husband loves you Ami wants you to go with him now. Hut w ill he always lie Content to have a wife who comes in from work and stews around the House for hours and then drops exhausted into bed right when he feels like calling the gang together and turning on the radio born to love each other in one picture Hedy Lamarr captured Hie world now Lier second picture teams the exotic pm Auty with tin handsome Robert Taylor in tin picture lady of the tropics at tin Paramount theatre today and monday. Will continue smashing statues dont envy screen Star s smart clothes dress that Way Yourse by Mcie Neville \ special treats a red Skelton a in a seeing latest football news red wed. A thur. Ii in to join the Ilmy Ani the Eia Elk it kill wide and Lai Ihm m a Stan Laurel Oliver Hardy in the flying deuces Quot a with Jean Parker every hour is bargain hour Here adults 25c in a a children 10c maybe so. Again maybe not. At any late it in a risk that in your Case is uncalled for. Your Little Home will Tut he a Happy one if you have slaved away your youth and looks and have j grown away from your husband j and his friends. Invest in a i maid or Stop work for a while j and rest. Then step out with your husband when he feels Gay. It will do you Good and help to keep you interested in the same friends and the same entertainment. A a there is no real Economy in overwork for a Young wife. It tells on Lier health and makes Lier look on the dark Side of life. The details of housekeeping naturally fall on Lier regardless of whether or not sin does a Days work outside her Home. She needs rest and change of scene a not housework a when her Day s work is done. Wield new manage Lexington nov. I Julian Robertson of the Erlanger company textile manufacturers has announced selection of e. P. Cofield of Reidsville general manager of the Erlanger and Nokomis Mills Here. Ancient egyptians possessed such musical instruments a the Harp guitar pipe. Trumpet and drum according to archaeological findings. Spurning Aid offered by congressman sol Bloom. Mrs. Adelaide Johnson of Washington d. C., says she will continue to break up her Marble works. The famed sculptress shown with her bust of Susan b. Anthony faces eviction from her studio Home near the Capitol because she cannot pay taxes and interest. She is destroying her statues to save storage costs. The family doctor anaemia is term used to describe several kinds of blood deficiencies aka service staff correspondent movies the Secretary a i a y a marries the Boss. And fans say a huh no wonder with the clothes she but Hollywood a stars say the White Collar girls can dress As smartly if use their eyes before they open their purses. A shop windows Are free. Fashion magazines done to Cost much or included in the Price of a movie they can look at some of tile simplest most individual office frocks a designed by the same people who make Glamor gowns for stars a says Joan Blondell. She has played probably More working girl roles than anybody in Hollywood a reporters Sale clerks. Secretaries switchboard operators. Proper fit is All important now As Secretary to screen mayor Jonathan Hale in columbian so the incredible or. she wears several studio designed costumes that Are Good examples to working girls whose ohs demand smart clothes on medium budgets. One is a decidedly non Babyish Juniper frock. Another a Redin Gote in a Gay Olor a third is a dark crepe with a full length Center panel of lighter crepe a a and they fit a said miss Blondell. A i done to care what a girl pays for an office dress or what its material or color is it ought to fit perfectly before she wears it in Public. No i did no to know that when i was behind counters in new York department stores. I snatched up cute Little $3.98 numbers on my lunch hour and wore them the same evening Quot i got Bright greens and beige and Pink then impractical shades. Now i like dark colors because they re easier to vary with accessories. Aud i think Bosses and the rest of the office Force get awfully tired of seeing the same dress every Day. Not to mention its needing cleaning and repairing regularly. I would change outfits every Day even when i had Only two dresses. A a get simple ones no Hustles a and Wear different jewelry or collars and cuffs. Jackets of any kind Are Good this year and Good any Yar in a Chilly office. Instead of drab Long sleeved sweaters Why not an Angora Bolero a Gay quilted Short packet a warm coloured Tweed coat or a Bright red flannel jacket with Silver or brass buttons a and suits Are swell for different jackets blouses and sweaters. One trick of use on suits is to know two Long Chiffon scarves together dotted ones or a Cerise and Dusty Blue. Put lie knot at the Back of the neck Cross the scarves in front fasten them at the Back with elastic a Chiffon Blouse for half a Dollar a As Secretary to a movie mayor Joan Blondel wears a Redin Gote frock of Strawberry crepe offset by bands of White. Sleeve and bodice fullness fall from shirred shoulders and the Waist is snugly fitted. The corded Wool draped turban and other accessories Are Black. An important touch is the massive Gold Fob ornament. Since die end of Iii world War. England Lias re housed 15.000.000 people or approximately one third of its population. Rats one destroyed a whole town in Tanganyika Africa after first ruining Tho Cotton crop. They invaded the town in such numbers that die inhabitants were forced to evacuate. Illel Lull Llull Lilloll la ill Llull ill Lull la a new Quot thin Man Quot laugh and thrill hit Nirk Aud Nora those slap Happy mar rid swim hearts Are Hack Hack. In the happiest Daf Fiest most exciting of All the a thin Many mystery Romance a with a cute Surprise editor Journel of the american medical Sao Clation Ami of try Geia lha health Magazine the word anaemia really Means Quot without it is frequently used to describe not Only cases in which the formation of blood has been reduced hut also eases in which the number of red blood cells is less than it ought to he it is also used in cases the amount of red colouring matter in the blood in greatly reduced a person with anaemia May be suffering from any or a Ombina a lion of All these conditions. The physician can frequently i judge from his first sight of the patient whether or not anaemia is present a reduced amount of red colouring matter in the blood will make the patient look Pale. However a look at the hard palate or the Eye indicates More to a doctor than just a glimpse inf the skin. The skin of the face i May seem to be red because it is sunburned because the person has thin skin and because the blood vessels Shine through the skin and sometimes because lie person is extremely Well nourished although anaemic. Rays Radium benzene benzene products or metallic poisons May be due to damage to the Bone marrow in which the red blood cells Are formed or to the fact Itiat certain organs of the body Are seriously damaged by disease Iso that they cannot play their part in regeneration of the blood. Certain substances Are necessary to produce blood cells with a sufficient amount of red color a lug matter. An absence of Iron i May result in anaemia and Theiron May either lie absent from i the diet or lost from the body due j to Haemorrhage. It is also known that the liver and the stomach May Supply substances which Are essential to the building of blood. In other cases anaemia May he due to a destruction of blood by j the action of infection or by the action of substances which destroy blood like Snake venoms and certain chemicals. Sometimes i there is destruction of blood he a cause of jaundice. The blood is the most essential i substance in the human body. Unless it is kept Normal in amount it red blood coils and in red colouring matter health is i hound to suffer. Quiz partner of track head a v a a blessed event Modding amount of blood the ab-1 the present buildings Havana Sei Ioe May be due to a shortage University has requested the of red blood cells or to the fact 1 government of tuba to Construal i that various poisons such As x another University. Seeking a motive for tile slaying of Edward j. Of Hare Chicago police questioned his partner John Patton above about the business affairs of the assassinated race track president. Meet or. Thin Man or. The kid Iii the three cornered pants. Of Dit in were of them Are a fun. A riot two hut three nurse rumoured seen with Jimmy jumper frocks can be in the business girls wardrobe if they Are As smart As this worn by Juan Blondell. The tuck in Blouse is Navy Blue rough crepe printed in White its design accented by a Cluster of White China grapes. The gored skirt of solid Navy has stitched shoulder bands and peaked Belt. The up is Navy velvet. Flapper Fanny by Sylvia a cops. 1#j or a Sis vice it t m St to off we Salem St. It i Thomasville be amp a Uay it a Powell to taif Vivki. Loy another thin Man with Virginia Grey oho Kruger a c. Aubrey Smith Ruth Hussey a Nat Pendleton a Patric Knowles More hits of Joy Quot Good egg Quot color cartoon a a failure at fifty miniature act a a. Center news events today thru tuesday in in monday a heaven with a barbed wire Fence with ikan Rogers a bad Little Angels w Ith Virginia Vav la ukr and Guy Kiddle wednesday Panama lady with Lucille Bali. A also serial and comedy til thursday a hero for a Day with Anita Louse Friday a career with John Archer saturday Sago of death Valley with Roy Rogers a Aho serial and comedy admission adults 15c 2 for 25c except saturdays children Loc miss Romelie Schneider nurse at Mayo clinic where Jimmy Roosevelt underwent an operation is rumoured to have been seen in company of the president s son. Now a Hollywood movie executive. Ii a guess this winds up our outdoor concerts for the season rvs there was Frost in my Harmonica . Non few 19. 1939 the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center High Point North Carolina p4ge eleven Sec a

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