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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - November 20, 1939, High Point, North Carolina We a t ii e of cantonal rain tonight and tuesday cooler tonight. The High Point Enterprise High Point tile Center of diversified Man ii fact ii ring enterprises vol. 55�?ino. 321 Mem Bah associated press High Point n. C., monday afternoon. Non Ember 20. 1939 Complete Nea service Price five cent nine vessels victims a a if if it it it it it it it it it it a it a German planes zoom Over London and Paris gop s considering farm labor planks for 40 platform Mcnutt after spending week end with Roosevelt says president must give democratic nomination his Okay by i. Harold Oliver Washington nov. 20.�? apr news that three Republican groups Are conferring on farm and labor planks for their 1940 platform provided a diversion today for political forecasters who for weeks have talked about Little except the third term question. Charles e. Wilson interest in the burning topic of whether president Roosevelt will run again was kept alive Howe or. With a comment by caul v. Mcnutt that Quot no possible combination or permutation could keep the nomination away from the chief executive if he chose to make the race. Or St it at Hyde dark Mcnutt Federal Security administrator. Who spent the weekend at Hyde Park. N. Attending the Cornerstone laying ceremony for the new Roosevelt Library has said repeatedly that he would withdraw from the 19 40 convention contest if or. Roosevelt sought a third term. The president admittedly is having a lot of fun keeping news Papen on and politicians guessing about his intentions. Mcnutt told reporters Quot if or. Roosevelt decides to run he will he nominated and elected. If he does no to run the democratic nominee will have to be acceptable to farm Issi is politicians generally agree that the farm states will be one of the major battlegrounds in the 1940 Camp a in n. Republicans made marked gains in the Midwest state and congressional races last year and Are eager to follow up those victories. It was Learned that senator Mcnary of Oregon Senate minority Leader has been conferring with other party chieftains on ideas for Strong farm Aud labor planks. Mcnary one of the authors of the Mcnary Haugen farm Bill i Hack in the Coolidge Hoover Days j believes like Many of his col i leagues that the administrations reciprocal Trade program la Detruf j mental to Western agriculture and should be altered or scrapped. Mcnary determined what his alternative plan will he remains to he seen hut Mcnary is so determined to have a voice in formulation of farm and other planks which would attract j Western voters that he has permitted friends to push his own candidacy for the presidential nomination a second Republican group studying the farm question has just been created. Chairman Hope i Dean agricultural study commune kans of the House pub tee named a subcommittee headed by representative Horton tit. W to with representatives Allen in. Iii end d Worth a r., a Idaho As members to hold hear j Coit. On Page two. Dies probes in Michigan i a american head asserts important military dope stolen by spies Detroit nov. 20. A up rep. Martin Hies dem Texas chairman of the congressional committee investigating us liver j give and in american activities said in an interview Here today that nazi and communist agents i Quot now across the Ocean had Moi end important information of j military value from Detroit in j i ast rial plants. One Day Dies was Here for a one Day j secret conference about such matters. The primary purpose of his committee now he asserted was to break up foreign spying and to prevent sabotage in Industrial plants. He cited one Case of a lecture j or described by him As a nazi spy who was entertained by a patriotic society Given ready a Cess to numerous plants permit j Ted to take pictures and to obtain extensive information about Industrial processes flans in Herm by Quot this information is now Back in Germany a he said. Dies said much information was obtained from communist j party members disgruntled after the German russian Alliance was announced he added Quot i intend to talk to approx j mutely to of these informants j today secretly. Of course i can to reveal their names. Rut i can j say that four or five of them Are also members of labor j shoots Dallas lawyer n main Street Dallas tex., nov. 20. Pic. A woman armed with two guns shot Down Brooks Coffman. .19, an attorney on main Street today. He died a half hour later. Miss Corrine Maddox 215. Whom Coffman was charged with i stabbing with an lie pick last May surrendered to police soon after the shooting j Quot i have just shot Brooks coff i Man Quot assistant District attorney Jimmy Martin said she told i him. Coffman was under a charge of assault to murder for the icepick stabbing of miss Maddox. Miss Maddox found wound a Ltd in a gravel pit near Irving. I Tex recovered after several weeks in a Hospital. George Lawton Telegraph com a Patty representative told news j pit Perm in he was sitting in a main Street office when he saw a woman shooting at Coffman i she had a revolver and an Auto a Matte pistol. Quot the stood Over him. About i five feet away firing into Lawton said. Quot he was trying to hold himself up with one hat. A and hollering and pleading for two persons die in fire Indiana hotel destroyed by Niji lit Blaze Philip d. Reed a a youngsters t a k e Over . A these two Young men have taken Over leadership of the giant general electric co. Reed who is to succeeds Owen d. Young retiring As chairman of the Board and Wilson 53, will be president taking the Job of Gerard Swope also retiring. Reed attorney and electrical Engineer started with the company while studying Law and had risen to the Post of assistant to the president. Wilson went to work for the i company at 13 As an office1 boy and has been executive vice president for two years. To Are Terre hate ind., nov. I two men wore killed cd today when fire swept the i or Story Brick Saint Nicholas hot few blocks from downtown t haute. The two. Trapped on upper floors were Warren Blair 7�T�> j year old retired Railroad conductor and j. W. Jewell about 60, both of Terre haute. J. W. Mccarty of Detroit suffered minor Burns. About 20 Othor persons driven from the hotel i in their night clothes escaped in i jury. Firemen rescued several. Reds Call for War opposition Omin Iii to paper i Recs youth of world to i i Jill a la i la i is tic Quot conflict Koth Ufa workers die new Britain. Conn., nov. 20, Ltd a four new Britain Wea employees were filled today when a train Aud their automobile collided. The dead Richard Mcnamara. Ronald Loo mis William Frazier and Jeremiah Lynch. A a a a a a Breaks record Kansas City nov. 20 pm forty six Days without a tray Fie fatality a new safety record for cities of 400.000 or More population a ended today wit to the death of William e. Sheridan. To. Sheridan was struck by a motor land car last thursday. Moscow nov. 20. A the newspaper red Star Organ of the soviet russian army urged the youth of the world today to oppose continuation of the present a capitalistic War under the leadership of the communist International. In a special article the red Star asserted students of the United states great Britain j France Aud India Are strongly against War. The newspaper said that while Quot the soviet is in a j Strong position capitalism is i falling into ruins Quot i. S. In col Ragen ent the Tenor of the article was echoed in a new York dispatch to the communist party newspaper pravda which said anti War i sentiment was growing in the i United states Quot the song a the yanks Are not coming. Is sweeping the Conn try a pravda said. These thrusts accompanied by continued press attacks on Fin for a increasing preparations 4�?Ton. On Page two British fliers give invaders Battle in air Paris source say nazis erecting dikes along Western Border London nov. 20.�? apr an unidentified plane flew Over Essex Southern Kent and the outskirts of London today trailed by anti aircraft fire but no air raid warnings were sounded. Flying Over the Southeast coast at a great height the plane was greeted by steady fire. British chasers streaked in Pursuit As the Craft sped eastward. In one town on the coast crowds gathered in the Street to watch the firing against the plane. A German scouting plane also was sighted Over North Scotland and reported driven off by anti aircraft fire. A Paris dispatch reported widespread scouting also Over France by German planes a a Paris alarmed by visits by nazis Pauls nov. 20. Up a germans continued widespread scouting flights Over France today while the flooded Rhine and other Border Rivers forced suspension of even local operations along the Western front. Military sources said the germans could be seen erecting dikes on the other Side of the Rhine and abandoning some Small outlying defense posts which were flooded. Scouting flights caused Alert signals this morning in widely separated Points in France. Nothing important the general staff a morning communique said merely a Noth no important to report during the earlier however military sources said the French had fought off Lei near Biles killing s capturing one. British War Sec Hore Belisha tourist it a St Day expressed with the general said. A Britain i winning this a tit is the Type Hest just digging tight a he said Man found dead in Pickle vat Goldsboro nov. 20. Up i James Bradshaw 40. Was found i dead of drowning in the it. Oliver Pickle company 15,000-gallon i washing vat today. Coroner t. R. Robinson who joined Deputy sheriff Roy porcine i in an investigation pronounced it a ease of suicide. Lying near Bradshaw a shoes land coat Percise said was a note j in i Reading Quot this is the Only Way i could get out of my troubles that were so great i could not Over come sea tragedies take 177 lives Over week end planted explosives take place of stills As most serious menace London nov. 20.�? apr mines at least temporarily supplanted submarines As the leading sea menace off the British coast today As the floating explosives added still further to the wars greatest week end toll for merchant shipping. Nine vessels were reported sunk in the North sea Over the week end with 177 persons dead or missing. The sinking included the 345-ton British trawler Wigmore with a Crew of 16 and the 1.267-ton British Collier torchbearer be ensue n Figi res from War s second big sea tragedy top a passengers and Crew members who survived the mine sinking of the dutch liner Simon Bolivar in the North sea read and play cards in Batholomew Hospital Harwich King. Some of the estimated 260 survivors were taken to London hospitals. Bottom a blasted by a mine explosion As she attempted to Aid two other mine damaged ships the 7906-ton dutch liner Simon Bolivar at Jove Sank in the North sea with a loss of life estimated at 140. The loss was one of the worst merchant shipping disasters of the War. In no patrol is and Ary the Lex lie front i satisfaction situation and comfortably if War we do n and sitting 10,000 Nippon in South China by violent wind storm St of correspondent leaves Germany Merlin nov. 20. Up reach Conger correspondent the new York Herald Tribune has left Germany with his wife because lie considered his usefulness ended by restrictions imposed by nazi authorities for one of ids dispatches. The dispatch published last tuesday reported among other things alleged discontent among submarine Crews in Hamburg. Conger was denied Cable Tele phone and mail privileges and a mod from ail conferences dispatch Laim invaders still not in k a tip is province Hon Kong nov. 2<. Reports from chunking said Day a japanese Force landed the South China coast in w pm Kiangtung province already numbered 10,000 and was being reinforced hourly chiefly by cavalry. The Landing was started last wednesday for the declared purpose of cutting the chunking governments Quot Hack door life through French China and British Burma. Chinese dispatches declared the japanese Advance units had not penetrated in weather prevents reconnaissance flights mercantile sea warfare picks up in North Berlin nov. 20.�? apr violent storms kept German troops on the Western front Busy yesterday removing uprooted Trees dub the official news Agency reported today. Which were disclosed today survivors of the Torch he Crew reported to have need 13, were landed at an bsh port Denni a a Down in addition the sinking c 4.258-ton British freighter Silva Quot by enemy action was disclosed today. It was not immediately Clear whether the vessel was a mine victim. Her Crew was landed safely. The Pensilva left Philadelphia oct. La for Glasgow a total of nine vessels Wera reported sunk in the North sea Over the week end with 177 persons dead or missing. The total tonnage lost was 32.006, Neu a out inned on rage two nine killed on highways i Raffic accidents l Ake heavy toll Over week end in North aeolian Charlotte. Nov. 8#.�? a a traffic accidents killed at least nine persons in North Carolina Over the week end. An automobile mishap near Hillsboro was fatal to l a Allen 64-y is whet skid in in i in lid ii 47 int hut Green appeals to Public for Al labor Beati asks blame for feud be plated on Heads Washington nov. 20 a up persistent amid persistent talk of administration Effort to bring the Al and the Cio together president William Green of the Al has asked the Neutral Public to place the responsibility for labors internal feud Quot where it a we believe that an attitude of neutrality toward the dispute night. A therefore such an attitude hinders Tho attainment of Pence ii did utmost a we Are convinced that the fads show the american fed new oration of labor did its utmost j to prevent the split in labor and i has Ainee done everything in its Power to effect reports have circulated among Union officers that an influential Cabinet officer would make the new gesture toward bringing the two factions together. But John l. Lewis the cd Leader is known to be opposed i to any More conferences unless history of the labor War and peace negotiations. It included president Roosevelt a Public appeals urging the two groups in identical terms to restoration of Unity in the labor movement. The afle version of the diplomatic exchanges and conferences during the last four years North of their Landing Point acknowledged a drive of inc lug intensity toward Yam about 25 Miles from the Kwh is. List week hic japanese ported reaching Yam then. Near Nanning japanese reports placed the invaders within 25 Miles of Nanning capital of Kwang St province and 30 Miles from the in do China Road. While a main japanese Force advanced five Miles toward Nanning. Thor said More japanese units landed yesterday on upper Tonking Bay and pushed eastward within 40 Miles of Lakhoi Tonking Bay treaty port still chinese held. Chinese said a japanese naval Landing party yesterday on the Lakhoi Peninsula a few Miles East of the treaty port also threatened it. Third term talk taken As joke the weather prevented German reconnaissance flights bul planes j already in the air returned safely dub said in elucidating today a High command communique which stated simply a no special events yesterday j widespread scouting today Over France by German planes was reported from Paris while in England anti aircraft batteries went into action against an in indo j identified plane regarding mercantile sea warfare the report stated that units of the German Navy continued a to he Busy in the Baltic the North sea Aud in All planes Koss Rorrer As for the Western front activity enemy planes penetrated German territory Only in the immediate neighbourhood of the Border dub said. Apparently the a Lively Itta it Hine gun and Rifle tire on both reported in yesterdays communique spent itself without follow up action. That communique also took note of Quot localized artillery activity elsewhere on the front a dispatch from Basel Swit therland said flood Waters of the Rhino had driven French and German soldiers from their riverfront pillboxes at the Southern extremity of their lines close Call for Kaiser Doorn the Netherlands nov. a former Kaiser Wilhelm la of Germany had a narrow escape malay when a Midden windstorm uprooted three Large Trees in the Garden of doom Castle. The no a year old former Kaiser walking with an official of his court was oui. To Yards from where the tree fell having just passed the a Poi he returned to the Castle in a la Igil it nervous state. The storm caused damage to Small Netherlands shipping yesterday. Seven seamen lost their lives. In he Kaiser sent a message of condolence to Tjugen ii Over he sinking of the Netherlands liner Simon Bolivar saturday off the British coast. N Hod when ill Vav Zebulon Farmer. Kenvil in mrs. No of Greenville i into overturned of her son Simon w Ousby. Dick so washing killed at Durn car on the Highway in his Home. A a Una Shup at the Seagrove hemp Highway intersection a fatal to Oliver w. Farrington Randolph county filling station operator. At Mon textile to his autom turned. Will Sui Anion Lester is Ker was killed bile skidded and also Idem til of a id fatally injured in an suiting from a skid. Child Dies eleven year old Thomas sol i Ney Waldrup was Strick by a milk i truck near his Home at Midway in Cabarrus county and died soon i afterwards. An automobile occupied by we men plunged Over an embankment near Asheboro. A a d. Wit 1 son 35. Of Asheboro was killed William Malcolm Hicks 27, died in a Leaksville Hospital about two hours after his motor i Cycle was in a traffic Accident. Czechs receive Assurance grievances will be studied Washington. The mystery supporting nazi Germany b e l i a nov. 20.�?f/p Prince August Wilhelm fourth son of the former Kaiser and to High ranking nazi storm troop Leader told foreign correspondents today that the Hohe Zoll erns were solidly behind Germany in the present struggle. Prague nov. 20.�? up a Prague workers ignoring agitation for a strike to protest condition under the Rule of nazi Germany went to their jobs As usual today diets already under martial i despite Assurance from labor i ens to German officials that t had persuaded their follow against a sympathy movement. He can be convinced that a sat ant in this Case who profess to i factory settlement will result. He anxious for labor peace Mere issues Case history by serves to shelter and protect on the heels of recent Whit tile Side which is to blame a i House meetings with the rive of the labor feud contended that Roosevelt intentions As to a third Lewis and the Cio rejected All term produced More Good natured the federations terms. Banter at the White House today a we invite the Public to read but no further clue to the preside record study the facts and dents draw its own conclusions a Green asked Jock Early by a reporter said. Whether or. Roosevelt was trying his statement reprinted exec to fool newsmen Stephen Early Tulve Council reports to Al con a White House Secretary replied volition since the Cio group that he thought rather that the split off from the Al in 1935 president Felt that reporters were Over the policy workers in Maxi lit Enke a Lonh Raleigh. Nov. 20. Up a v the Dolor vehicle Lur. A called i1 a a Quot a or around 75,000 application cards of president 194ll , plates today and plans to mail 525.000 More cards this week. The 1940 tags will go on Sale december i. I with the Assurance j plaints would receive Early Eon Side rat Ion. Anxious to avoid further disturbances following recent arrests and executions of czech student leaders and others the protectorate government appealed to the their com-1 czechs executed Rig month for ski Raleigh nov. 20.�? up a director Frederick j. Handy reported to attorney general Harry Mcquilan today that the state Bureau of investigation was called the former Czecho slovak Tai was reported generally yesterday after two Days in nine students two policemen another unidentified czech before firing squads in London former czechs of organizing j asking for Advance information i into 40 new eases during octo production in a on the weather and some times its greatest number in a sit Green said in a statement la it labor leaders Green issued Artis tries. Were Subtle or too Subtle. Month. Workers to refrain from striking Ovakian president Eduard Bene a a i and polish Premier Genera to study grievances Sikorski agreed to the Appeal was accompanied j elaborate on measure to a a repave by a Promise that protests Ceca-1 the damage done to their co a stoned by rising Price and other tries. Both polish and czech the grievances would he studied. Gions Are being trained to fight czech h police also spread a warn with the allies aug through workers District in it it was estimated several to Prague and four other Industrial j Sand czechs were arrested centers that any strikes today in Schutz Taffel elite guard tilt a sympathy Tor executed compatriots i students under 20 years of would be suppressed sternly were released hut older due v. This action was taken in Dis still in custody. V i

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