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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - November 16, 1939, High Point, North Carolina I 1 \ j v thursday november 16. To Iother Hatch Point enter Rife Piedmont Center of Industry Juge Point North Carolina pact Fin e�?5ec. 39 Oil firms Are indicted Harrison in Hollywood net Star California grand jury accuses companies of Sherman i \ violation authentic locations of stories Are usually no Good for filming horizontal los Angeles nov. amp indictments charging conspiracy to maintain gasoline Price in violation of Tho Sherman anti Trust Laws named its Oil companies and two Petroleum associations today. A Federal grand jury which in five months heard More than Ino witnesses accused the. Concerns of purchases from Independent refiners at arbitrary prices calculated to eliminate Competition Between the two groups. All of the companies operate in California hut the jury claimed affects of the conspiracy extended into Arizona. Nevada Oregon and Washington. It listed the firms As controlling 95 per cent of All gasoline sold on the Pacific coast. Purchases were made by major companies if was charged on the understanding that the independents would in return maintain prices for the remainder of their gasoline at about the same level As that of major companies. It also was alleged the Independent refiners were allotted fixed quotas which had the effect of limiting the amount of gasoline w hit it a Ach could produce. Major concerns indicted were Standard Oil go., of California Texas company Richfield Oil corp., Shell Oil company inc. Tide water associated Oil co., Union Oil co., of California and general Petroleum corp., of California. Los Angeles Park formerly used a or every kind of outdoor shooting by Pacl h Orbison Nea service staff correspondent favor try k Lank Charlotte. Nov. 15.�? amp the transportation department of the chamber of Commerce went on record at a meeting lat night As favouring establishment of a truck Lane around Charlotte for transportation of gasoline and High explosives. Hollywood nov. 16. When flickers were in their adolescence and directors were beginning to wish for More authentic backgrounds a Pioneer producer squelched them by ordering a a Trees a tree and a Rock s a Rock so shoot it in Griffith so Griffith Park served for years As everything from Prairie to pampas Jungle to Tundra. Cameramen had to figure their angles carefully to avoid catching los Angeles City Hall in their shots of african tribal soirees. But even practical Hollywood finally grew ashamed of the same old rocks and eucalyptus Trees so companies began going on More Distant locations. Southern California boast that it can duplicate any Region in the world lately though production budgets have been Bent and shattered by a Vogue for realistic scenery at any distance and any Price. For instance California did no to have quite the right country for a Abe Lincoln in so rho took a Large company to Eugene Ore. Illinois itself was t even Good enough two ent Ieth Fox made Quot Drums along the mohawks in Utah and metro picked Idaho for a Northwest Idaho is considered almost a suburb of Hollywood now. Los Sun Valley doubles for the Alps and its Plains and Hills Are favored for super westerns. Director William Wellman gets Claustrophobia on a movie sound stage so he dragged a Beau Gestey into Arizona and a the Light that failed into new Mexico. Billboard Dot Tom Sawa pics Home the studios have tried hard to make pictures in the original locales of the stories but it Seldom works very Well. David Selznick thought head do Quot Tom Sawyer at Hannibal. Mo., but there were too Many billboards and Telephone poles. Warners have had to build their own Virginia City and Independence. Mo., Wasny to of any use to a Jesse but Quot the biscuit eater a a dog Story really is being filmed in Georgia where it belongs. About half of the Story of a Buck Benny hides again Quot is supposed to take place Oil a dude ranch near Keno. But the Nevada country does t look like Nevada country to director Mark Sandrie so hell do his ranch scenes in mex cd. Orson Welles originally planned to take his troupe to Panama forthe South american Jungle stuff in a heart of but that was too simple or something. So now he has decided on the Florida Everglades. New York s mayor la Guardia last Mouth made a Strong bid for the return of the movie Industry to the City of ifs origin. He spoke of sea. Lakes mountains and the advantages of the big town itself. He May As Well have suggested Quot a tree s a tree and a Rock a Rock. Shoot it in Central i 6 pictured Tennis player. 11 loves. Answer to previous Puzzle a a i la i Jattro i us o a a 13 midday. Chi Hsi sensational extra help for colds with Ludens these famous cough drops not Only help soothe Throat but release a menthol vapor which with every breath helps penetrate clogged nasal passages helps relieve a Clothespin nose a copy. 193. Laden inc prehistoric Story Light in wardrobes realism is of no great moment to hat Roach and d. G. Griffith in their filming of �?o1.000,000 b. however they be Rhosen a Nevada location As an approximation of prehistoric scenery. Their people Are definitely wrong and they know it hut they also know that nobody would pay to see a neanderthal hero woo a my a Shapen. Troglodyte maid. The leading Man in this Stone age epic is Victor mature who Looka More like something from Olympus than a scion of All anthropoid family. Ilia Gal is Carole Landis the Golden one Complete with permanent wave and 1939 contours. Nobody will Wear More than the Hays office requires but that a probably quite a lot More than was stylish a million year i ago. The Story is a simple narrative of a dawning of civilization How j people began to learn something of kindliness and co operative j work. Love does t seem to have changed much. The problem of i dialog worried the producers but j they be decided to have the actors i speak monosyllabic gibberish. The 1 voice of a narrator will explain j everything. They Hope. 14 dragnet. 16 to Carol. 17 one who runs away. 19 Indian. 20 jewel. 21 before. 22 railway. 23 Organ of hearing. 24 pleased. 25 tatter. 28 insect. 29 perishes. 30 to carry burdens. 31 Fence bar. 33 water main connections. 35 sinless. 37 to Clatter. 39 Street. 40 color. 41 to implore. 42 rodent. 43 Prev Aricatar. Of i Atie Bosco a r a l a be a to p pub mini a it Iha Timbl e i a m enamel hemp and n Bedoc a Rejab pcs no co lop r a Ico la 44 kind of lettuce. 45 stuffings. 46 not so much. 47 at this time. 48 to depart by boat 49 this Champion is Only 19 years old. 50 he is the a a of the american singles title. Vertical 1 the soul. 2 queerness. 3 defrayed. 4 to boast. 5 tax Ageous tree. 7 within. 8 believer in the gospel. 9to leave. To trapped. 12 to jeer. 15 tree. 16 to amaze. 18 obliteration 20 forcible restraint of speech a 23 one who praises. 24 to encircle. 25 to restrict. 26 lava. 27 hails. 28 flour Box. 29 to refute. 30 Wager. 32 Busy insect. 33 dread. 34 to loiter. 36 violent collision. 38 cd Pike spoon. 41 hair ribbon tie. 43 romanian Money. 44 Mountain Range pass. 45 Skillet. 46 behold. 47 chaos. 48 note in Seafe. Latest farm Market report fruits vegetables North Carolina shipping Point information and wednesday Sale on the principal wholesale Market As reported by the i. A agricultural marketing service and North Carolina department of agriculture. Price Are confined to the ranges at which the bulk of the Stock of Good Merchantable Quality and condition sold. I in. 1.4 2 Green mountains. 1.43 Fatah dins i 42 to i 44$. Calif. 5 6 n j. S c 3 66 pre nov. Is. 1.25 la steady. No. I. He get rot Ator shipments nov. 14 Del. 2 la 20 my. 12, North Carolina 3 Tenn. I a. 8 total a thusly unreported. North Carolina i total i Cleveland Market Dull. Porto Picans. U s. No. I. North Carolina by. Baskets. 1.00 to i 25 a by. Basket. 1.15 to by. Crates. I 25 to 1.50 Pittsburgh Market a orto Picans in 8. North Carolina by. Baskets 1.00 to Lio s. By. Crate 1.15 to 1.25 i a by. Crates. ,1.40 8. By baskets. 1.00 to Liova stave barrels Jersey Type it. S. No. I 1.25 to 2.25. New York Market Dull. Porto Picans i. S. No. I North car by. Baskets. 90 cents to s. C by. Crates. 1.15 to a by. Baskets 75c to Eastern Shore of a. By. Baskets fair Quality and condition. 50 to 7 5 cents. Washington Market steady. I by. Baskets. A Porto Picans j 60 to 75 cents my. Golden 65 to 75 cents new York Market steady. Loo Pound sacks it. S. No. I Maine Green mountains i $5 to i 95 Lone Island Green mountains. South Side 2.00 to 2.15 North Side i is to 2 00 Idaho russet Burma tips. Bakers in. 2.10 to 2.20. Olina 1.15 1.00 to 90 Cotton ut>11 Lii Xii new York Market Dull. North Carolina Eastern lettuce 1.00 to 1,25, radishes new York Market stronger. Eastern lettuce red bunched. North Caroli to 1.50 s. I 25 to 17 Philadelphia Market North cat Olina 12 quart crates slightly crates a. 1.25 3 v Dull. Climax baskets cents. Carr be Rochester moderate stronger c loads tues terms and f red bunched few 40 Chicago Market weak for Idaho russet slightly weaker for neb. Bliss Triumph and about steady for Northern Steak 11 varieties. 423 cars on track. 87 arrived. Total u. S. Shipments tuesday 514 cars. Carlot track sales sacked per cwt. Idaho russet Btl rim inks u. S. No. I i 6o to 1.85 mostly to 1.71 i. S. No. 2 few sales. 1.25 to 1.27 4 neb. Bliss triumphs. Is per cent no. I Quality sacks washed 1.50 to 1.90 according to Quality and condition. La ate sales tuesday Oue car 1.65 Burlap sacks unwashed. Few sales 1.55 to 1.60, late sales tuesday 1.50 Minn. Hollandale Section generally Good Quality cobblers one car 1.20 Minn. Red Valley Section i s commercial Early Ohio one car Lete tuesday 1.15 n. Dak. Red River Valley Section 85 per cent no. I cobblers few toll 7 a a 90 per Rolls Triumph. 1,10 per cent no. I Early Wise. No. 2 round car 95 it. A a ales. 1.10 cent no i to i 25 85 Ohio Lio Whites one St \ i or aph bed n. Maas featured in life and look terms to suit your convenience for Christmas buy now w Hile our selection is Complete. Fill hold for Christmas or deliver when you say. To Hen you buy a Lane you buy the Best. Vav the Only tested Aroma tight Cedar Chest in the world. The Ideal gift for sweetheart daughter Mother or sister for Christmas birthday weddings graduation or confirmation. Demand i t slightly Loaris and truck a f. O. B. Usual b. Shipping Poi lit based on delivered sales less ail transportation charges sacked per ton danish Type 16.00 to 20.00 mostly 18.00 to 20.00. Baltimore Market about steady. A. I la by. Hampers pointed Type Best mostly 1.25 poorer Loo to 1.10 n. Y. 50-Pound sacks danish Type. 65 to 75 cts new York Market steady. N. Y. 50-Pound sacks. Danish Type. 50 to 60 mostly 55 to 60 cts. Red Type 8 5 cts. To Loo. In Xii Beans new York Market Dull and slightly weaker. Fla by hampers. Bountiful 2.25 to 2 75 string less Black Valentine 3.00 to 3 25. Baltimore / Market Dull. Fla by. Hampers string less Black Valentines Hest 3.25 to 3.50 London nov. it Flthe British press reported today that the German Steamer Leander 9s9 tons had been captured by a British Cruiser and her a few of about so interned. They scored 3 of count Fuls. I n g r a m a p Stead usual barrel i to 3 win tuts furniture company 309 North main phone 4001 poorer 2.50 to 1.75 to 2.00. Apples Martinsburg Xiv. Ter. A. And nearby nand Light Market loads tuesday f o b. From cold storage ii no. I Ben Davis 2 1 a one car 2.35 grim 21 a incites one car 2 to baskets i. S. No. 1 York in min one car 90 cts 2 min. One car 85 cts. Philadelphia Market Dull. By. Baskets and crates u. S. No. I and unmarked 24 in. Min. A Wand Pean Eta Raeo and officious to it to 1.10. Hcs a Der. A Artemis of. S. Inches 1-4 to by. By the same Token Xou score or fail to a gleam Oil scr do give by the Wax son eel. Arc von Aielt and keen. Is sour aplomb at lop Peak. ,. Do Sou have a Lull quota of red eel is or has overwork worry colds and Sinklier tamed a loss of appetite and a minced Ted blood Tell count i hat tired feeling May be a warning a general Tun Down condition May moan a late cd Normal resistance. It von Loci the need of a tonic do tis the tried and tested ass. Tonic to implore a lagging appetite and help change weak Bax a tells to Strong ones. Ii very Urpin ant step balk to it Alfh am Ding Stoto Tan Supply Ami no ethical dealer will suggest a substitute. Marine corps to seek enlistments negro District in s. Invaded by hooded men sergeants Howard i. Walker and Jarl a Mcdonald representatives of the United states Marine corps recruiting service from District Headquarters. Raleigh will be at the Post office building in Winston Salem from november 20 to november 23. Inclusive for the purpose of interviewing Young men for enlistment in the Marine corps. Greenville. S. A nov. 16__ i pm the heart of a negro District was invaded last night by five carloads of Robed and hooded men who announced they planned to a ride All the approximately 30 figures stood Iii groups for 3u minutes and left after one commented that they were seeking a a dangerous police watched the proceedings but no trouble developed. Nog Roe stood at a distance and watched. Applicants must be White single eighth Grade or above in education. Is to 31 years of age in Good physical condition and of Good moral character. Young men selected will be furnished transportation to Raleigh for enlistment. Those enlisted will be transferred to the Marine Barracks Parris Island s. C., Tor training preparatory to assignment to some service school foreign station ship or Marine Barracks for duty Kote pkg. Of 12 20c 2 for 39 Efird s High Point Efird a Efird a notice on. Go fall merchandise must go look at these values children s All xxx col sweaters xxx Ere Laa a tax Chenille spreads Diamond and Floral de Len. A Teton. $1.94 Corduroy for Panama and children garments. Special x Abd of at toes Presque Isle Aroostook county Point. Maine demand slow Market Dull. Carloads tuesday. Fob. Shining Points based on delivered sales less All transportation charge Presque Isle rate too Pound sacks. A s. No. I children a Union suits Winter weight. 50c value for childrens Corduroy overalls $1.50 value for men s medium weight Union suits two for $1.60 36 Inch Outing dark or Light colors curtain scrim 5c Yard at him. Gowns anti pyjamas xxx Omen and children acting town and a Jama Star 2 to Al i i m cd Cotton Batts size 72-1ao. Beady to quilt. 48c new woolens in plaid and Tweed. 50�?� wide. Special Yard u i c girls skirts fully pleated Ami gored Aly in. Variety of color. Size 21 -52. Ladies blouses Rijh Maize taffeta and Alin Long and abort sleeves banded whim. Xxx Hie Blue Terra Cotta Roe Teal. N new curtains straight Ami ruffled. All color. 48c a 59 window shades in in Sii ekk Texo Tiik Xia pair sweaters ladies brushed Wool sweaters blankets single Blanket 50% Wool. 72\8i. $1.94 Quot in. In. High Point n. C

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