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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - November 16, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Thursday november 16, 1930the Hatch Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina Page three Sec. A meats and fish a fruits and be pfc i Abi e s a Groc Fries a bakery Dairy 1300 South main Street 112 East Washington St free parking space at both store get the thrill of Thrifty shopping to Chase those budget Blue away head to the Aap Market. See the enjoyment Thrifty shoppers get from filling baskets with Money saving Quality foods. Enjoy the pleasure of shopping in such cheerful surroundings. Get the fun of picking out your own Quot Good prices Are Low because Aap eliminates unnecessary Steps in buying and handling Quality food. Savings made Are passed on to you in the form at Low prices come in today to see the scores of Thrifty values. Pea Beans Rice pineapple tomatoes flour dressing Beans Blue Rose broken sliced std pack Sun Nyfield High Quality 4 la 19c 4 lbs. 17c no. 2h j a can a 4 24 no. S cans Ann pm salad bag it Jar Pinto Small Lima great Northern or Birdseye la. 23c 75c 25c 5c Cranberry is 2 is 25c sugar 5 a a 27c Io-53c cheese peas eggs fresh palsy Aap tiny med Al it us in Meed 2 la. No. 2 can Boa. I9c lie 45c fresh or Pullman a amp a bread 3 is 20c Plain Marble or Raisin Pound 19c cake cinnamon sugared Plain donuts do. J a a Aap Rakers Square Rolls 2 9c \ pork roast Lawn and Pound a a a 17c pork chops Oater it Pound a a a 23c round Steak top Tia lit Stoer Pound a a 23c sliced Bacon hindi a sugar cured Pound a a 17k turkeys fancy Young a Tiai it a i Pound 25c oysters quart 35c for slip Virginia Mandan streaked meat bib a Pound a a a 10c cured hams to to 12 Pound mire w Hole or half Pound a a a 21c Rump roast top Grade Stoer Pound a a 23c sausage Armour Star pure pork 2 ibs. A 29c by by i i a i i ii a Juicy florida�?210 is oranges 2 Doz. 25c full of ,1 Iii Ltd of is Grapefruit 4 for -15c selected in la Lio. Fin for baking potatoes 5 ibs. 15c fresh forge till mile carrots each 7c i a a 10c Luyeho St ilk Well bleached celery a apples in sap or Sidman to ibs.29c cranberries Pound.15c grapes 4 ibs.25c coconuts each 5c the pick of the Coffee plantations brought direct to you. Eight o clock Coffee nuts Brazil i. 124 almonds 23c pecans i 19c arc be walnuts 20c mixed a 17c Walnut shelled 27c Jane Parker old fashioned fruit cakes 1-lb cake 2-Lo. Cake Job. Oak 5-lb. Cake 39c 75c mime a serial Story 5 would kill by Tom Horner copyright 1939. Mea service. Inc. It ast of cd lbs Arnold blk Hohm a five Perron wished him dead. He i f n bunt la of i \ kill i charming Young wife. William Alston a Bon Thorness father in Law and Bual i be associate. Joky in Torio a night club owner Ami gangster. Era Johnson a the mystery girl. John Boi Glass a Young mining Engineer Iii love with Ara. Kaptain Dawson a detective who likes id listen. A yesterday Arnold Henthorne name five persons who hate him As lie Waits for his murderer. His Luck has run out. Xxx Idle lie recall ids phenomenal business sucres., lie door opens the killer eiders. Henthorne recognize his visitor lakes a desperate Chance. Cha it full huddled against the Gat Post. I patrolman Flynn had not missed i the Silver of Light that filtered through the rain As Arnold Ben i Thor be peered out into the i storm. For hours he had watched that window steadily throughout the night. He knew Arnold Henthorne was in that room a i waiting a poor Flynn said to himself. A him and All his Money a and afraid that Louie ones going to get him. Sitting up there waiting. Fold and wet i a they ate. I d rather lie in Dan Flynn s shoes tonight than i Arnold Henthorne he jumped involuntarily at i the sudden Flash of lightning and the clap of Thunder that Fol Lowed. He hunched Hia shoulders deeper into i Raincoat resumed Hia paring Back and Forth before the Gate. Off a taxicab Slid to a atop at the Urb. The door opened and a Young Man s head emerged. Officer of officer a the Young Man railed. Flynn turned a what do you want at Thia time of Tho night of you re drunk you re disorderly and in Llu a a it not drunk i am officer we re looking for a minister. We want to get a what a a that right officer a the taxi Driver put in. A there used to be a minister lived around Here someplace. These kid a a a these idiots a officer Flynn retorted. A there let # have a look at his flashlight sent a beam through the dark ties to show the laughing face of a youth peering out the cab door. Raindrops flecked the Youn Man red hair. You it an honest face a officer Fly a conceded grudgingly. And that wild look in your eyes explain Why you a be getting yourself married on a night like this. But where the girl j that d he marrying the like of you a his flashlight swept the j Interior of the cab. Huddled in the Coiner was the i girl. She was Small dark of hair dark of complexion. It was her Eye that officer Flynn remembered Best later in the night a Brooky they were sir a he reported a just like Little live Oala with a Wisp of smoke com my from a can t you wait to be in acne in the morning. Like decent folks a Flynn growled at her hut i tone belted Hia anger a ills his idea not mine a the girl answered from her Corner Fin turned Back to the Young Man. A it # a surly wife you re picking if i May say so lad. Rut then my own is no Angel. Now what Are your names a a do you have to know that officer a the youth asked. Quot after ail. We be committed no crime just asking your help in finding a a anyone that Stop in front of Arnold Henthorne House tonight has to give his name. Captain s order. Come on now Tell me who you Are a a if you re going to write Down our names you d belter step into Lite cab sir Quot the youth aug rested. A Lier climb in. Ii Maud out on the curb. I la turn a a the Light for Flynn pulled his notebook oui of a Raincoat to. Ket leaned wet and dripping into the cab in the Light the girl was even prettier. She pulled her Slicker loser about her. Turned her fare to the darkness. A now name a John Douglas a Cam the voice behind him. A and yours a fix tin nodded toward the girl. Her answer was softly spoken so softly Flynn baldly heard. A Para a and let s see your to the cab Driver. The Driver fumbled in his pocket for a moment finally withdrew it a Greasy card. A in i cd so it la Flynn spelled out slowly. Quot Well looks All right. Now you get going you la find a minister on a i is and Hay where did that Young fellow go a i lie my a motor roared. Swiftly the girl reached across the seat gave Flynn a shove and slammed the door. Before the patrolman could recover his balance Aud struggle to draw his revolver the cab had disappeared in the darkness. John Douglas a nowhere in sight. Flynn s whistle thrilled through the night. A they you where do you think you re going a the policeman gun in hand darted from tile shadows of the garage hurried to the figure that had just come up the walk. A i beg your a soft voice answered a i Ani William Alston i be Collie to see my daughter mrs. Henthorne. She called for me. I am sure she s expecting me. May i ring a a Captain a orders were to admit no on1, sir a the policeman Stone was deferential. A co ahead ring the hell and Well in a moment the door opened throwing a Shaft of Light on the tall old Man. Came the Butler s voice. A mrs. Henthorne is in her rooms. She asked that you come up immediately. Its All right the door cloned. As the police your Man returned to his Post just inside the garage doors the piercing notes of a police whistle spilt the night. The policeman ran toward j the front of the House. Suddenly he stopped Short As a shot echoed above the rumbling t Hun de to. Then he ran on. If i so Joey Ditorio smoothed his coat Over the automatic in his armpit i Holster pulled his hat deeper Over j his face. A now Henthorne a he said softly to himself a Contes the i lie walked out the door into the clamor and Din of night club i gaiety. A orchestra blared from across the dance floor arid a throaty voiced contralto mourned an unfaithful Lover. Guests spoke to him As he walked Between the tables. A waiter came up at his i nod. A get Pete Joey ordered he turned to a noisy table. A a a to Marge to a wave encompassed the others. Quot getting i off to a late Start. Past Midnight j Dave and you re still on your feet Quot been Here almost two hours a Only six drinks and still can i see a Dave laughed. Quot what you doing Joey cutting your whiskey now a a takes Champagne to get von going. and As Pete touched his Elbow. A Pete Champagne for Dave a crowd on they All cheered and whooped after him As he walked away. A Mimi be Back soon stick around and Well have1 another round before up sinery they d remember the Champagne and the time. Ton. Joey wanted them to remember the time. They d forget about the flout show if they could see it. A Mimi be bark in an hour. Pete a he added in a lower tone a a it a after Midnight Joey pulled his wrist in front of him a sure Pete saw his watch Quot take he went out into the rain in his car a few minutes later he stopped under a Street Light. Set the hands of his watch Bac exactly one hour. To in continued new la Kating pad even the Best of circulation May fail to function adequately c a Long Winter drive or at even to most exciting november too a game. So it might be a Good id to provide oneself will one of the new chemical heating pads. Simply add a few drops of water to the chemical filler and heat is generated steadily for approximately eight hours pads ate not bulk Are very inexpensive and n fill Are available at nominal Cost. A statue of a tractor Driver and a woman Farmer carrying a sheaf of wheat aloft was exhibited in Moscow. I f i i jittery us a Star let h e a19 a h t morning after Don t to through the Hay with in a hangover Hrand rho that Racks Norvo and hinder by Ine a. Take Ami Dine not How quickly head dear nerves a calmed Pep return let Dos of can Jinx at in 30c and 60c bottle. Cap Udine Man non Oil used in Moat Hospital. Recommended by doctor. To help protect baby skin. 43c tit fight to Riti of to it put Al 140 South main Street with picks and Cracker. Money on your Peruna drug needs Nile a ill xxx Illia ius one Pound 10c size Flo vol by v w v of vol Brazil nuts Lux or lifebuoy i 39c soap 5c Aqua Velva Mercur Chrome 3c extractors is .49 cod liver Oil i hot xxx is Talcum powder 49c gone Pound chocolate covered cherries 19c new crop pecans select thin Shell 19c it to Len clan the amazing new Odoro no Cream a checks perspiration safely a effective i to 3 Days a wont irritate skin or rot dresses w m vib l tile Herman a non Greasy. Stainless b q r soothing a no waiting to dry of of a of a i a Safe before or after shaving Only 3lc

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