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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - November 16, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Page ten Sec. Tre High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of a High Point North Carolina thursday november 16, 19,i Olej kleenex multicolour pack 200 sheets each 13c a a Koh 2.v Efird s Point to by or no i to by Violet and Daisy Hilton famous siamese twins two persons or one i i the american Guild of variety factors Al wrestled with this problem today Aud called a meeting of its executive committee in an Effort to decide it. Thomas d. Senna business agent for the Guild maintained i that the girls now circus perform lets. Should apply separately for i membership in the Guild and pay a individual dues. Sears super value Days Sale ends saturday save now on craftsman and companion Power tools to it lion e of this a Bor i 13 .88 111 Bowne Jas month Small carrying charge Doltl la Buksh Drill press. 4-in. Rapacity. Three jaw Chuck Brome bearings genuine bin h Sau Bench saw. 7-in. Blade cuts 2� inches deep. Adjustable table tilts to 45 degrees. Sot illustrated a Crafty rotary tool a i h p. Craftsman motor a 4 v Inch Pointer planner Al kith Kinder grinder with a a. P. Motor. Two grinding wheels visible safety Type. Use Sears easy payment plan lathe lathe with 9-in. Swing 44-in bed. 30-in be tween renters. Four speeds. Husky a crafts Many Quality. Sears Roebuck and co it to -82d North must Street Blume High Point. T new horror added to War lir Miral l Ank capable of kit Catling scope of Poison ohs by Howa till by. Iii. So is Lek Al he it ii co flit or new York nov. 16. Poison Gas warfare has a new weapon ready for the Battlefield. It is the chemical tank a squat speedy steel skinned Caterpillar whose insides instead of guns Are mostly Poison liquids and gases. This tank is described by it. Col. Augustin Prentiss. V. S. A., chemical warfare service As one of the Moat formidable methods of attack yet devised. He is one of the great authorities on Gas warfare a chemical to inks have the Power a he writes in the chemical warfare bulletin a to suddenly release enormous concentrations of non persistent lethal Gas in such strength As to readily break through any military Gas the non persistent gases Are those which float in the air and Poison the lungs. Their Potency As weapons was greatly reduced by Gas masks in the world War. But the chemical tanks May prove so effective says col. Prentiss that an entirely new Type of Gas mask will be needed for Protection. This mask would shut out All outside air and keep its wearer alive by breathing oxygen stored inside the mask. A single tank he explains. I carrying 1,000 pounds of phosgene fan cover in one Mission an area downwind 600 Yards Long and too Yards wide for an additional 500 Yards or a total of nearly two thirds of a mile the concentration of this Gas will he sufficiently deadly to cause serious casualties. The great advantage of this j new War engine is the ease of j placing Gas. For example to do the same thing with artillery i or projectors of Gas would re j quire hours of preparation transporting materials to the firing line. The tanks alone of ground weapons carries its own Gas. European belligerents Are sup piled with these tanks. But i these weapons Are Only one of several Poison Gas instruments j new since the world War and waiting for the Day which in i rope fears perhaps the most and for which its civilian populations Are most widely prepared. Shipping Phi i tons if you Are moving from one City to another and it is necessary to ship furniture Long distances ail possible precautions against breakage or damage Are True Economy. Wrap the furniture in cloth or layers of heavy paper and Erat j firmly. An article of furniture with slender breakable legs should have them reinforced with Strong strips of Wood extending j Down below the legs so that the weight of the pie rest on the reinforcement. Detachable parts 1 Are safest removed and packed separately. Leaf average is $16.75 a Hundred Winston Salem nov. 16.�? tobacco sales Here yesterday according to reports from first Sale houses indicated that the Market had disposed of More than a Mil lion pounds of Leaf at an average of $16.75 a Hundred. Types of Leaf sold were thought by both operators and growers to be j slightly poorer in Quality to grades sold earlier in the week stated sales supervisor Booth. However prices per Grade were steady and in line with earlier prices. Some Good Quality lots brought As much As $65 a Hun died growers making Good sales were j. Z. Holloman. 126 33. 196 to 29, j 294 to 29. And 102 of 27 bogles and b. 28 of 50. 282 amp 34, 344 to 34 and 168 z 27 Tuttle and by a 270 Ltd 25 and 246 a 27 Sam Lawson 116 to 30, 84 of 28, 138 to 25, and 120 to 24viyal Sandy Moore. 354 to 26 and 288 a 27 Wiley Whitaker. 430 to 27 and 406 a 27 Roy Bowman 146 of 26. And 200 @ 25 w s. Hennels 264 of 24 and 120 Ltd 28 Garrett and Sawyers. 94 to 51. 292 of 27 and 336 of 234 Doss and m., 322 of 28 and 402 of 26 r. H. Breeze 124 to 34 and 150 6 27 Henry Joyce. 124 w 18. 128 of 23. And 120 of 37 Shore and Cass 252 to 27. And 286 of 26 Hiu and Tuttle 132 of 28 j. E. Matthews 354 of 25. 130 of 26. And 117 $ 22 tickle and Thompson 272 of 25. And 274 of 24�2 Bill a Aridge 396 of 27 Reece and Cas Tevens 24 at 30, 46 a 28. 116 of 24230 in 234. And 160 a 23 Floyd Chilton 30 of 39. 274 of 35. And 210 of 24 Whitt and Whitt. 386 a it 25. 186 to 22. And 86 to 20 p. Caldwell. 170 of 174. 126 to 24. 12 of 39. And 16 of 40 h. E. Payne 158 to 38. 106 of 29, and 348 of 24 Clyde Wood. 184 of 28 Odell Joyce. 230 of 40 Roger Sharp 82 of 27, and 156 of 26 a. Morgan. 386 to 27 Petree and George. 84 of 44, 52 of 30, too to 25. And 146 of 23 4 r l. Cromer 406 of 27 and 64 of 26 Randleman and m206 to 32 and 108 to. 28 c. L. Horton 118 to 15, 48 to 18. 316 to 25. 316 of 33. 120 @ 34. 166 Ltd it 41 and 140 to 54 Flynn and Sullivan 38 @ 34, 122 j ?7, 478 of 25 and 402 of 23 Lin Ville and Caudle. 72 to 28 Reid and a 260 to 27 Holland and Salley 474 u 32, and 363 of 27 h t. Webb. 216 to 25. And 106 to 27 mrs. Carrie Baker 130 to 31, 30 s 36. 132 to 241 a and 132 $ 24 s. O. Matthews. 30 35. 26 to 3290 of 31. And 38 to 30. W. F. Herrick. 122 a 18190 Ltd 26. 244 to 36, and 32 of 57, Rye Tising kor Becki its new York. Nov. 16.lb?�? modern advertising methods helped the army hang up a peace time recruiting record by enlist i ing 50,836 men Between july i and nov. 9, col Lloyd b. Maseru Der. Of the recruiting office said today. Vacancies resulting from Cuba s drive against dishonest officials and employees in the Treasury department Are being filled by graduates of the University of Havana school of Commerce. Physician to die for ii slaying convicted of shooting to death attorney publisher Benton 111., nov. 16.�? a a or. George w. Gore sr., 64-year-old physician was convicted of the murder of Carl chois ser. Benton attorney publisher today by a jury which fixed his punishment at death Iii the electric chair. Two women and to men were on the jury which reached its verdict at 3 . Central Standard time. Reading of the verdict awaited convening of court at 9 of clock. The prominent Southern Illinois physician sat emotionless alongside his attorneys As the jury a decision was announced. Counsel for the physician h id not denied that he shot and killed Choisser last sept. 25 on the Public square1 hut had attempted to show that he was a emotionally insane at the time. Or. Gores son. George w. Gore jr., was acquitted in the a a same courtroom Ort. 19 of a charge of murder in the slaying of his Stepmother mrs Nancy Gore. Choisser was to have been at Toftey for the son in that trial. Goodnow hit is arranged Baltimore nov. pm funeral services were arranged today for or. Frank j. Good now political scientist University president and co author of the Constitution of the first Republic / China. Or. Goodnow a native of Brooklyn. N. Y., died yesterday at the age of 81, to years after retiring from the presidency of the Johns Hopkins University. Sears super value dats heres 2 new 1940 super values in Silverton radios 11-tube Lowboy America s greatest Radii Quot buy lie Nee a four Star feature adaptable Fin television. 5 Hoad most a lid a american. 550 to Ittel h. A. Foreign and television Short wave to to in A dire and air plane 1.7 to 5 �?T., and two spread Banks it. I 0.8 and 11 -115 C. O push Batton. Revised lout super Heterodyne. 12-in the dynamic speaker. 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Keeps your motor sealed in Oil. Crankcase service quart. 15c allowance Trade in guaranteed up to 36 months. More Power when you need it. For Heater radio Etc. Sizes for All cars. Ross of i by so x by plugs guar Deg. I2r. Owl anted 18, ski mile. Reg. Savi Money on items in Sears Catalon use. Our Catalon order ser vice Sears Roebuck and <0. Sears sell anything and everything totalling to or Mori on the easy Rayment plan it 319-323 North main Street phone 3435 High Point n. C

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