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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - November 8, 1925, High Point, North Carolina Age 4wich Point Enterprise. Sunday. November 8. 1925 sunday iter prise every afternoon and a Aday. Rawley r. B. Terk publisher Cecil. Business manager Bacon City editor months months a. Month. Is see a a a a a week 3.00 1.60 .56 .16 associated press is excl entitled to the use for re Ilion of All news dispatches to it or not otherwise cred in the paper and also the �1 news published therein. Tiered As second class matter Post office at High Point. under the act of Congress of Reb s. 1873. A or Tising department 2725 re department .2365 stress department.2312 advertising representatives Frost. Landis and Kohn. Bruns. Cd building 250 Park ave. New re Peoples Gas building Chian Boulevard. Chicago. Nday november 8, 1925. November prayer by Thornwell Haynes Bountiful dispenser of auf. S color and companionship or and one with Hie kindly in broken Clouds and in our Bors eyes awaken us to a a absorbing consciousness of one indwelling and Royal Euniice. Forbid that our sense of touch Ith thee May be numbed Gay the Lien grind of toll. Forbid that r tongues should be hushed by v that wandering wishes Ould Beckon us astray. But May very fiber of our being pulsate the presence of thine own it life and As the Birds and Odds and leaves and Sunshine so May we sing the song thou t Given us. O wonderful father we Hallow by name for this marvelous november weather so full of thine it sweetness and Power ant it May tide us into a purified and glorified thanksgiving. Amen. The Quality of these keepers of the Public conscience. Buncombe county juries tried two negroes during the past week for attacks on women finding one guilty and the other innocent of the charge. At a distance the evidence seemed almost equally conclusive in these cases. Identification by the victim was positive in each. Yet the juries freed one and consigned the other to the electric chair. No one can say whether Justice has been done or not but the selective nature of the jury action seems to reflect dependable character. Quot not guilty could not be an easy verdict for that jury yesterday to find. The line of least resistance was not followed. The twelve Buncombe men one May be reasonably sure were guided by their convictions and what glory there in in the tragic incident comes of the courage the jury showed in holding the balances of Justice steady under hard conditions. The jury of course was aware of the nature of the Public spirit. The trials both were held behind closed doors and before a selected congregation of people. As one account in an Asheville paper had it Quot the negro was standing in a group of glistening state troopers were on guard to prevent mob outbreak. There could be no hiding the truth of the stir from the men in the Box. Furthermore the victim in the Case wherein the defendant goes free was described repeatedly As a Quot prominent woman Quot and it was Over this crime that the Public was inflamed to the danger Point. It was no easy task to which these dozen men yesterday were set and As we assume the twelve acted on their conclusion that an innocent Man was threatened with the state s death All Honor to these men who kept the Public conscience in the midst of the storm of human emotions that swept around the courthouse in which they sat to find their verdict and stood on their feet to declare it. While the state can find juries with that sort of manhood North Carolina is capable of self Rule. This we say without any conviction As to the guilt or innocence of the defendant in the Case. It is a tribute merely to the courage of Buncombe s dozen men awhile the temper of Asheville was at White heat. Cause the state is using All available now and clamouring tor More through a portion of the Busy year at least. The Carolina Power and Light company a act must be adjudged therefore to be the course of an ambitious growing Enterprise that realizes the electric Power rate is one of the elements considered by an Industrial concern in finding a location. Perhaps the Carolina Power and Light wants to do its bit to encourage new factories to Start up la its part of the stats. Albert e. Wiggam biologist ays Beauty and brains go together t surely the gentleman would not seek to prove that they Are inseparable. General regret mu3t be Felt Here that the Captain of the Lenoir Rhyne football team was seriously Hurt Here yesterday in the game with High Point College. The visitors were clean sportsmen to a Man and the game was a contest of a Fine order the Accident marring what would have been otherwise a notably pleasing meeting of athletes of the two institutions. Asheville business men Are pre paring for a a know North Carolina tour which will carry a motorized party on a circuit with Wilmington and new Bern As Eastern Termini. The party will pass through High Point and indeed the route is so Laid out that the tour will give the group a Fine View of the state. It is a sort of get acquainted tour and probably will be Worth the Cost in time and Money spent on it not Only to the members of the party but to the state. High Point should have a welcoming committee ready for the visit. The matter of Street paving from time to time the City coun cil Here will be admonished to slow Down its Street paving program but it is an almost inescapable conclusion of any group of men burdened with the responsibly of thinking and acting for the common Good that a paved Street no longer is classifiable As a luxury. The modern Way of building streets by assessment of abutting property for nearly All the Cost is the Only practical Way to meet the demand for Street paving. The Cost of a Adf Vesite these Days should include the pro rata expense of the Street improvement because the Concrete Street is almost As necessary As City water lights or sewer connection. The Good Street is a perfection of Community service which should not be discouraged. The Small City that measures up to the popular expectation in Street paving has a right to demand in return the prompt payment of the amortized assessments. The Bond Market takes securities and furnishes the Money for such work readily ordinarily but a City a credit is hampered at times by the slow pay of paving instalments by the property owner. The City loses nothing in the Long run because property values Are sound and the assessment not Only is a first Lien but it draws 6 per cent interest while the Bonds Bear interest at a lower rate but the successful furtherance of Street paving on a proper scale depends upon financial cooperation of the government and the property owner. That is what should be encouraged. Or. Volstead thinks the Federal officers will find the unused Teeth of bus statute can be very effective if they Are employed despite Long disuse. Since the Pullman surcharge sought to be removed by the statute the interstate Commerce commission would set aside reduces the travelling Public a Bill in this state a matter of 875,000 a year the test of the recent order involves More than the a principle of the the Large attendance at recent athletic events held in this City shows a growing interest in sports which go on throughout the year. The fact the amp to there Are Many alumni from North Carolina schools in this City keeps up a Friendly rivalry among these As the reports of athletic contests come in. High Point citizens should begin thinking now of what an advantage it would be to make High Point a sports Center for this Section. Harmful. Last year he paid a income tax of $30,000, and built a Home at a Cost of a Hundred thousand dollars. Of every Dollar he took in fifty cents of it went for advertising note that specially his victims fed the Wolf that ran them Down baited the trap that caught them you Are always telling of the duty your government owes you of the duty owing you by neighbors acquaintance members it your family. Think of the duty you owe yourself. Your first duty is to watch out for the frauds with which the world is filled. It will not do to say these dangers should not exist. They always have. Man has his enemies is naturally a has the timid Rabbit chased constantly by dogs and shot guns. What a rogue a Man is in Selling whatever be makes a profit on you Are an Oyster to whoever can open you. And every Oyster opener uses the same trick he says he loves the 6yster he is trying to open. Honest men cannot keep the rogues off of you they Are themselves fighting for existence. Any Man who offers to fight your Battles is a fraud. After seven years he has finally found some one he dares to arrest by Albert t. Reid in these Days of the a new Freedom in certain social matters a looseness of thinking and living develops to alarm the observer. Americans talk More of the Sanctity of the Home and perhaps do Legato Sanctify it on the average than most folks. At any rate our divorce record rises up to Challenge analysis and to impeach us with Tho world. In the past two months says a welfare officer at Durham too new divorce cases have been entered there and 30 boys and girls have run away from their Homes any of the Homes that Are not broken Are doing Little to justify themselves by disciplining and strengthening members of the household the officer believes astr amp offic increases Here the danger from Grade Crossings increases tremendously and the delay in the movement of traffic to rough the City streets is a problem in itself. A Case in Point occurred recently when a Workman was injured in a shop South of the Railroad his injuries resulting in death. It was stated his sudds death was due More to Shock the anything else. His one Hope was a Quick arrival to the operating room. Nearly thirty minutes were required for the ambulance which towns there Are not even was summoned from less than six blocks away to reach the scene because of traffic congested at Crossings which were blocked by trains and by trains at two other crossing the Library facts about North Carolina in a current bulletin sent throughout the state by the Library association on the a a Library situation in North Carolinas this sentence appears a so important and Large a City As High Point has no this City during the past week took the first official step toward remedying that condition when the City government made an appropriation to equip a Small libary and and to pay the salary of a librarian. A few citizens actively interested in the movement Are forming a local Library commission which will work on the collection of books. High Point soon will have a Public Library. Perhaps some of the remarks of the North Carolina Library association about the situation in the state May encourage local people to cooperate in the movement Here. The following is an excerpt from the bulletin a a according to the statistics in the september 193.�?�issue of the North Carolina bulletin there Are in North Carolina 33 tax supported Public libraries. A a according to the list of cities and towns published in the 1935 North Carolina manual there were in North Carolina in 1930 478 cities and towns and according to the same sources there Are 9 county libraries in too counties. A there Are 40 towns of Over 2,-�?o00 inhabitants with no Tux supported Library. N 25 of these 40 association libraries. So important and Large a City As High Point has no Library. A the total number of books in the tax supported Public libraries of the state is 182,279. This num Ber is smaller than those included to the Public libraries of any of the following cities Denver Colorado Bridgeport Connecticut Louisville Kentucky Springfield Massachusetts Worcester Massachusetts grand rapids Michigan St. Paul Minnesota Jersey City new Jersey Toledo Ohio Providence Rhode Island. A the Public libraries of these to cities alone with a total population considerably less than the state of North Carolina have nearly 15 times As Many books As there Are in the tax supported Public libraries of our state. A a the total number of books in All the libraries in the state Public association High school College University White and coloured a is smaller than the number in the Public Library of Boston or Chicago or in the Harvard or Yale University libraries. These four libraries have Over seven times As Many books As there Are in All the libraries in North Carolina. A that the situation Here very Sketchly indicated is deplorable no one can deny. For to quote a recent editorial in a the saturday review a a there can be no dispute among thinking people As to the Eminence of the Library among institutions making for the Public welfare. The school alone surpasses it As a Means to the education of the people and it alone with the school possesses the supreme distinction of affording a medium through which deliberate direction can be Given on a Large scale to the formation of taste and the development of standards. Who Ever has se6n a trim Small Library in an isolated Community with its rows of classics and shelves of new books offering Relief from he Monotony of Village existence knows what the Library is to the Rural districts. Whoever has a watched the ranks of readers poring Over their books in the libraries of the great cities realizes the enormous impetus to culture that they afford. The More complicated living grows the More it knows of hurly Burly and the less it has of leisurely contemplation the More essential is it that whatever forces make for Light and leading should have full play. Among them none is More big with possibility than the Library none More easily accessible to those who would seek it none More necessary to be Howe v about oysters respectability Ordinary girls by de. Howe i am laughing at a big literary Man who edits a certain Magazine. He Kenly feels the need of better Short stories. He has written much on the subject and told writers exactly How the Short Story should be written. Still Good ones did t come in and month after month he found his Magazine Dull because better material was not available. So in his desperation he concluded to write a Short Story himself. I have just read it and it is undeniably bad. The truth is there Are far More publications than can be supplied with interesting material. Editors Are in despair they realize that even the Best offering is poor stuff. I venture to say editors frequently Issue editions of their magazines and shiver because they know the contents Are poor. Writers cannot do the Fine work demanded nor can the editors themselves when they try it in desperation. The people were never promised by any real authority anything they Are not getting. Ever since i can remember and i am informed Long before they have been demanding More Liberty better conditions Etc. They were never promised any such things except by men they had every reason to believe were unreliable. As a tramp pursues his Way through town and country and sees Only Homes of successful an i worthy people i shout think he would feel ashamed of his idleness and worthlessness. The vast majority of people make a Success in life in some degree and have respectable employment Homes and friends whereas the Tram i is useful to no one cared for by no one missed by no one his whereabouts Are of no interest to anyone except constables and watch dogs. He is a a different from most others and the difference is discreditable. But probably he rather take3 Pride in his roving disposition and need of Bath and employment i have noted lately that idlers generally have increasing contempt for those who have jobs and pay some attention to the old rules of respectability and Industry. A French a specialist a or. Toulouse goes so far As to declare that every Man who make a Success in life is something of a dub. Such a statement May do Well enough for literature which is always too Friendly to vagrancy but fact is an entirely different thing. The fact is that those who get along and do some sort of work regularly and creditably Are the better specimens of Mankind in thinking As Well As in working a Man who decides to be an industrious creditable citizen has been brought to that conclusion by intelligence. In literature respectability is often As lamely represented As Justice at a court House trial one Lone District attorney who frequently does no to amount to much represents Justice while three or four Brilliant attorneys for the defense represent such excuses and alibis for wrong As can be dug up. Still even though the defendant is acquitted or gets a too Light sentence he does not amount to As much As those who have not been on trial and Are Busy in creditable ways in the big buildings outside the court House Yard. That indifference to religion Are on the increase and that something must be done to Check and remedy these conditions. On armistice Day it you will lend the influence of your paper i shall be Given an Opportunity to strengthen the morale of our country. The Sui port of Yot daily is needed very much. For your armistice Day edition i rant the use of a your nations prayer a which enjoys the endorsement of president Coolidge governors churchmen of All beliefs and other notables. I sincerely Hope you will please take time to read the enclosed. You will Render much service to our beloved country if you would assign one of your staff to feature a your nations an editorial if this meets with your policy. Would also be gratefully appreciated. Enclosed is a stamped addressed envelope. Kindly use this to Send me a copy of the edition which carried something on a your nations i would be thankful for this favor and it would also serve for All time to place you on record As having supported this patriotic Endeavor. Personally i am spending my pennies to popularize a your and Tiona a prayer a and i am getting much satisfaction because i feel that i am rendering a distinct service to god and country. If you cannot assist me financially in this holy patriotic work you will i Trust give it your moral support through your powerful daily. This in itself would be much. Thanking the press of America through you for past favors i beg to remain for god and country. Francis c. Young. Ill continue Appeal York nov. 6 map a doubt that Gerald Chapman would hang was expressed today by Frederick j. Groehl who was the bandits counsel at his trial for killing a new Britain conn., policeman. Or. Groehl said that Effort would be made in the Federal court at Hartford to have Chapman rammed to the Atlanta Penitentiary to Complete his 25 years sentence for a new York mall robbery. Or. Groehl expressed the belief that Chapman could not be legally executed before completion of his Federal term. He added that an Appeal to the United state supreme court was Likely of necessary. Chapman was taken to Connecticut from Atlanta by special arrangement. Hudson Essex worlds largest Selling 6-Cylinder cars the Cut of rates by Carolina Power perhaps the world really is getting better. Otherwise there is no apparent reason for the voluntary Cut in rates for electricity that the Carolina Power and Light company the furnished of a a juice to the Eastern half of the state or a Large portion of it has made. Not Long ago the Southern Power company made a reduction in some of its rates also without compulsion. For years All revisions in electricity rates were upward the producers climbing tile Hill against no great amount of opposition but burdened nevertheless with the necessity to convince an Alert Public and the corporation commission of the equity of the advances. That a portion of these gains should be relinquished voluntarily might not be surprising if there were not so Many ways other than letting the people in on a Benefit to escape he maximum surtax on earnings. Encouragement of the state to use More electric Power s hardly the explanation of tha Ems be listen to conversation awhile or read awhile and you can hear anything. An american girl went to Italy to have her voice cultivated. She returned within a few months saying teachers there were jealous of her voice and tried to ruin it that americans might not have the distinction of the greatest voice in the world. The girl and her Mother Are Well satisfied with the explanation but the neighbors Are laughing a the neighbors frequently foolish in their own affairs Are quite smart in detecting the follies of others. I suppose i am an Odd fish but have never wanted to marry an actress. I have kept no count but probably i have wanted to marry a thousand of the Plain Ordinary girls met with in Plain Ordinary life. An old Man told me lately that he dreads to go on the Street As fully half the people he meets refer in some Way to his age and increasing feebleness. I cannot recall a time when on meeting an old Man i called him a dad a or otherwise referred to his infirmity. I seem always to have known that it is very impolite and brutal to distress an old Man by referring to his age. Nor do i Ever say to the old a How Well you Are looking a a since this is Only a Dull Way of being offensive with cheerfulness and compliments. People in our town Are not Able to travel much but Are Good listeners when anyone returns from a trip and pick up about As much information As there is to be had. Likewise few of us Are Able to devote All our time to Reading but we have a few old men who do and they Tell us what the books contain. Copyright 1925, Bell Syndicate letters nov. I 1925. Editor the Enterprise president Coolidge and other National leaders in recent statements have been lamenting the fact that crime amongst our youth the people Are kind in the pres i ence of distress and poverty As naturally As they Are mean and envious in the presence of Prosperity and riches. A Patent Medicine Man was lately arrested for using the mails to defraud it was found his remedy not Only did do Good hut was fire is your Best Freind in weather like this let us be your warmest Friend a ton of Coal now will Stop a ton of colds later. City fuel co. Telephone no. 335 Well keep you warm new Low prices Hudson Quality gave this volume volume gave these prices the coach 1165 the Brougham 1450 the 7-pass. Sedan i65s freight and tax extra and for those who desire these cars May be purchased for a Low first payment. The remaining payments conveniently arranged. Motor 201 East Commerce Street service co. High Point n

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