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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - November 8, 1925, High Point, North Carolina High Points population u. 8. Government census 1923 22,279 the sunday Enterprise High Poist the growing Industrial City of North Carolina has a total of 125 manufacturing plants weather forecast cold at beginning of week fou Lowed by mostly fair weather and temperature Normal vol. 34�?no. 34 full associated Presa High Point. N. A sunday morning. November 8. 1925 i pages today Price five anti Saloon league urged to go on with fight by Federal officers and other leaders notables address relates Story of session saturday How father slew of the leagues his daughter a three United states senators were on the program of convention Elan conducts slain Man s funeral a witness declares her father poured out love on a human husky Chicago. Nov. 7.�? apr a group of Federal officials advocates and enforcers of the volstead Law today advised the anti Saloon league convention to continue its fight to keep America dry and preserve self government and the Constitution. Three United states senators the head of the enforcement Branch of the government the commandant of the coast guard a Federal judge and a District attorney comprised today a speakers. At the close of the session the voice of William Jennings Bryan delivering a speech on a it Eudeal Republic came from a phonograph. All the Federal officials were agreed that liquor enforcement and Observance rapidly Are squelching the Bootleg traffic but appeals frequently were heard for the leagues to create and reawaken a Strong Public sentiment for enforcement of the Law by local officers. Drys were advised to take a tip from a a personal Liberty shooters a by agitating for More Complete log Alf self government to perpetuate the american principles of democratic government. A a there Are too Many people now running to Congress for Laws which local police and judiciary ought to be enforcing under state and municipal regulations a said Edwin a. Olson United states District attorney for Northern Illinois. He urged the convention to prevent the passage of a Federal gun Law secure repeal of the Federal Tito theft Law and similar legislation covering such acts As stealing from freight cars. A we Are no longer going to receive such cases As Petty Bootleg arrests a a he said. A a you folks want to show your intestinal fortitude and when your local officials will not clean up your communities Burn them senator Frank b. Willis of Ohio senator Arthur Robinson of Indiana and senator Morris Sheppard of Texas All sounded warnings for the anti Saloon league to hold its organization together and organize further lest the liquor traffic creep Back into this country. A the Battles of civilization Are never won a said senator Sheppard. A we have driven the Saloon into hiding but we must keep on until we have exterminated every Root a and a senator Robinson reviewed the history of nations in the past which have fallen and disappeared. A when the people went on a Drunken even in our Day he said Merica has passed All countries in orld leadership empires have Allen and ceased to be. Federal judge Geo. W. Mcclin in of the Southern District of a est Virginia who gained the title f a a probation judge for releasing convicted criminals under the new a foliation Law said it had added o the judicial Powers the divine Quality of mercy a and endorsed to application in saving for society any first offenders. Both Gen. L. Andrews head of he prohibition enforcement forces and rear Admiral f. Ballard commandant of the coast guard de Lared that enforcement is making Reat Progress and will make still realer when the re organization roes Are Able to put into effect heir new plans. Sympathy was a cause mrs. Francis Bishop testifies at trial at Littleton col. The defendant weeps frequently or. Harold Elmer Blazer on trial for i life Breaks into bobs in courtroom varied views of tax reduction As Preston Neely negro he not guilty of attack on it is planned now White woman taken away trouble is fear at Asheville Al soldiers Are heu Coolidge is declared to approve the decision of the committee seeks Freedom Clear path indicated House is believed to be Iii mood to accept the Bill As it is written trouble elsewhere Littleton colo., nov. 7.�? apr tears streamed from the eyes of the jurors witnesses and spectators today As mrs. Francis Bishop daughter of or. Harold Elmer Blazer on trial for the mar Der of his 34 year daughter Hazel told in sob racked tones the tale of a a untold Devotion her father poured on the a human husky that the defense holds he slew through insanity and a humanitarian the aged defendant broke into sobs frequently As the daughter testified upholding her fathers act in taking the life of his first born and her own sister. Half the jurors wiped their eyes and scores of spectators wept while she described the fathers love and the helplessness of the she was utterly declared the witness whose appearance on behalf of her father became possible when the state rested its Case. A her body was terribly twisted. She could not walk feed herself and was not Able even to Brush a Fly from her face. The noises she made were animal like and frightened strangers. The sight of her eating was so revolting that i stand to watch her. A for thirty four years father poured on her the utmost Devotion love and care. He lived for her wholly. His worry Over and care for i believe unbalanced his mind and caused him to have the spells that came upon him often after Mother died. A the became morose and gloomy. Her Only amusement i suppose it was amusement for Here was to lie on the floor and crackle a piece of paper the Only object she could grasp against her body or on the surface of the floor a mrs. Bishop said. Two killed 5 Hurt in Auto Accident a As a fiery Cross blazed nearby klansmen directed the funeral of William j Clark mysteriously slain in Hillside n. J. Clarks wife and Joseph Cowen an admirer were held for questioning. A Bracelet in Cowen pc Possession contained a picture of himself and mrs. Clark. Measure Fame under the fire from borne members of the Senate yesterday in Washington Speaks out in behalf of Reo Cross society constant need to mobilize the spirit of peace president says an Appeal to Public president asks the people to support the red Cross in movement conference adopts a report voicing objection to pools a where both sexes swim a work justifies Faith society invites All to share its responsibilities to suffering humanity he declares in Jacksonville fla., nov. 7.�? apr two persons were killed and five injured none seriously late today in an automobile Accident near the Camp Johnston site nine Miles Southwest of this City. The dead Are mrs. Bertha Gaddy 22 Cora e. Boone 7 months. The injured j. S. Gaddy 43 Homer Gaddy 21, husband of the dead woman mrs. Thomas Boone 30, Mother of the dead child Catherine Gaddy 14 Viola Gaddy 8 months. All the persons were of a Green Cove Springs family originally from St. Louis to. Is meeting of Christian men in e Tabernacle today at 3 p. M. Arrangements were completed Ste Day for the mass meeting of Ristiano men of High Point in the Bernacle Corner of North main a Church streets this afternoon 3 of clock. Quot Quot by meeting has been called for a purpose of completing the or Niza tion of the Christian Evan Listie Lub and not Only the men of Art eded the first meeting in e methodist protestant Church re than a week ago but All Era who Are interested in the vement Are invited to attend the vice today. He committee in charge of arguments has provided a program Ich promises to be interesting flyable and enjoyable. Charles Fleet of Winston Salem and eral members of the gospel team that City Are expo a to he pres and will make Brief addresses Dward Powell Lee director of sic for the Stephens party will present to Lead the singing As will also mrs. Lee who will play the piano at the service. A highly interesting musical program will be rendered. The plan is to Complete the organization of the Christian evangelistic club at the meeting this afternoon and to Complete the organization it is necessary that All those who Are interested be pres ent. That group of Young men known As the a a gang will be a part of this club and they Are expecting to attend the service this afternoon in a body. The a a gang will meet at c�?T3 office of s. Clark and will go then to the Tabernacle where Thev will occupy seats on the plat form. This afternoons service promises to be one of the most impressive meetings of men Ever held in the City and a Large crowd is expected to be present to help carry of the work started Here under the direction of evangelist George t. Stephens. Carolina Civitano Honor High Point local men elected Washington nov. 7.�? apr wounds of the world War remain and while the great armies which grounded their guns seven years ago have been demobilized still there is a constant need to mobilize the spirit of peace. President Coolidge declared today in an Appeal for support of the annual membership enrolment of the american i de Cross beginning armistice Day. A May that spirit a he added a be with us All As we move along the pathways of the future. A we cannot evade we can not forget the responsibilities which Are ours while a single wound of that War remains unhealed. Our work has still to he done until we reach that plane where Quot we can ask Are there no others who need help a and the answer shall by a there Are no a praising the red Cross for its widespread and effective Relief activities the president said a it is one of the encouraging the hopeful things in this work of bringing sunlight to dissipate the Cloudy aftermath of War that we As a people and a government have the helpful and reassuring service of the american red Cross. A the american red Cross is an organization which with an Imper-1 Tia Lity As Broad As the Earth for it has broken Down All barriers mounted the Heights and marched unflinchingly Onward to Succour humanity. This work justifies our Faith in Mankind. A the american red Cross invites All to share in its inspiring responsibilities. It needs strength in numbers it needs you. Its record of the past is secure its record of the future will i am confident he the better for our standing with it to be counted in this legion of mercy which strives for the practical application of the Golden Rule of peace on Earth and Good will towards search for Bodle Wilmington nov. 7.�? tap a still clinging to the Hope that the bodies of Secretary of state William Taylor of Delaware Lewis Ross Fredericktown md., and Edward r. Pusey who went to their watery grave with the Bunny ii on the afternoon of october 24. About 12 Miles South of Murrell s Inlet one mile off Shore would Drift up on the Sand searching parties tramped the Beach today in a fruitless search. No signs of either of the bodies or the Hull of the burned and sunken 3acht, was found according to advices reaching Here tonight. It was stated that parties would continue their search tomorrow. Horace Haworth of High Point was elected president of the Carolina association of Civi Tan clubs in session at Greenville s. C., yesterday according to a message received by the Enterprise last night. Jack Edwards also of this City was chosen Secretary of the organization and High Point was selected As the place for the 1920 convention. Andrew Joyner of Greensboro was named first vice president. The Carolinas association is composed 2 of civitan clubs in North Carolina and the selection of or. Haworth and or. Edwards As its officers is a honer for High Point. Objection to swimming pools a where the sexes swim together j was voiced in a report of the com Smittee on social Reform which was adopted by the North Carolina an Nual conference of the methodist protestant Church Here last night. The report also carried a statement that a the Church is compelled to withhold its endorsement of the movie the conference unanimously adopted the report which caused perhaps More interest than any Washington. Nov. 7.�? apr the non partisan tax reduction Hill almost completed by the House ways and Means committed faces an apparent Clear track in the House but varied views on provisions 30 far decided on were expressed today in other quarters. While not giving definite endorsement to the measure in its present form president Coolidge looked with favor on the decisions so far reached by republicans and democrats of the committee. He was told of the committees action by representative Tilson of Connecticut who will be the Republican Leader at the next session and who while differing Over some provisions agreed in the main with the committee s actions. The committee working on such a measure for the first time in years without party lines sharply drawn rested today before considering revision of the excise tax schedules on monday. Non partisan decisions on the main features of the proposed Bill reduction of the income and inheritance rates and repeal of the gift tax and publicity of income returns assures almost United support of Tho committee and the House on the Bill chairman Green believes. A fight against the proposed Cut in he inheritance rates from a following acquittal nerf is taken to South Carolina Caf other submitted during the Day. No maximum of 40 percent to 20 per objection whatever was offered and it went through without any discussion. The report follows cent probably will constitute the Only marked opposition to the Hill in the House. The embryo measure came under a society s Only salvation is to be j fire of some senators today How found in the Christian religion. It j Ever while receiving general in is our duty therefore to preach Abo sement by chairman Smoot of football Star is fatally injured Dies Early today a Baxter Gillion of Lenoir Rhyne team passes away in Hospital Quot a Baxter Gillion of Salisbury Captain of the Lenoir Rhyne football team who was injured in the game with High Point College Here yesterday died in a local Hospital this morning about 2 20 o clock. Gillion was taken to the Hospital in a serious condition yesterday afternoon lie having sustained no injury to the spinal Coni. Shortly before Midnight however there appeared to be slight improvement in his condition ins pulse and respiration being Good and there was some Hope for his recovery. Early this morning ids condition grew worse and he died. The a it by was taken to vows funeral Homo to be prepared for burial and will he sent to Salisbury sometime today. Gillion was tile son of b. M. Gillion of Salisbury who was with the football Star when death occurred. Social As Well As a personal gospel. Industrially As individually the ideals of Jesus Are to be our standards. In the political world As in the spiritual Christ is to be King. The finance committee who will have charge of the Bill in the Senate. Senators Borah Idaho and Norris of Nebraska republicans and our play life our business life our Walsh Democrat Montana assail political life our educational life Jed the proposed repeal of the pub a All Are to pay homage to Jesus. I deity of income tax returns. Sena Hilda Ferguson former stage Beauty who is suing or. R. B. Urgarte of new York for a divorce claims he locked up moist of her clothes. Washington Hopes for funding Pun on italian debts expecting favourable turn to the negotiations Early in week and to recognize the supremacy of his authority above personal desires standards and ideals. A it must therefore be the duty tor Smoot opposed the projected increase in exemptions for married persons from 32,500 to $3,500 and said he believed the inheritance Sidney Alderman is speaker at Durham flight delayed Barcelona Spain nov. 7.�? apr count Casagrande attempting a flight from Italy to South America was not Able to take off from Barcelona today. It is be of the Church to cry out against tax should be repealed instead of social evils As did the prophets of modified old and As did Jesus himself and to build into the social fabric by every Agency of the Church the elements of clean honorable upright and god fearing citizenship. A the moving picture appears to he a fixed fact in our social life hut it need not and must not be a fixed fact in our practices. The fascination that the screen has upon millions of our people is almost irresistible once it fastens itself upon them. A Worth while censorship seems impossible and until the state furnishes such Protection the Church is compelled to withhold its endorsement of the movie screen. A another fact in our social fabric Durham nov. 7.�? apr no one Man Ever did so much for one state As James b. Duke did for North Carolina Sidney s. Alderman Greensboro lawyer and an alumnus of Trinity College declared tonight at a meeting of the Duke University alumni Council. The Duke gifts he said Are without precedent in the history of the Tydd for their generosity. A a buildings and equipment at Duke University now will be but a matter of carrying out that concerns our play life is tile j the alumnus said. A but what is modern swimming Pool. So far As j m0re important is for the univer we can see there can be no serious j Sty to secure men to run it that objection to a properly conducted j Weij rank second to none in the swimming Pool where the sexes j swim apart we do however most Alderman declared that Duke seriously object to such pools where Ujj University would fail in its Pur the sexes swim together. Our in p0se unless it touched and Bene dict ment of such pools is based on i fitted every Section of North Carole belief that the general mixing a Ina. Of the sexes in this manner tends Willis Smith of Raleigh was to destroy modesty which is an elected chairman of the alumni indispensable Safe guard to charac Council and president w. F. Tor. Japan attributes the Low morals j statues of Rutherford College of her people to her Public bathing vice chairman. Places. Judges from the court j a Bench have spoken strongly against makes big profit this evil and surely the Church Reidsville nov. 7.�? apr can not be silent. Our children it a. D. Hopkins of Benaja in should be Parent ally restrained and i Rockingham county will make a the people of our congregation j Cleat profit of $30 per acre on a warned against this menace. Field of Laredo soy Beans planted a civil Law is a bulwark to social j last Spring. That is the report of happiness Aud safety. Written and farm agent f. 3. Walker who says not unwritten Law constitutes this j that the Beans were planted in rows Washington nov. 7.�? apr administration officials concerned with the foreign debt problem continued hopeful tonight that a funding arrangement on Italy a debt would be forthcoming Early next week. There was nothing official from any source however to show in what Points the american and italian commissions remained at Odds although the statement was made that there was no Prospect of any serious disagreement. The next meeting of the commissions has been scheduled for late monday but it will be preceded by the first meeting Between the american and rumanian commissions. The meeting on the italian debt has prospects of being a plenary session for the experts attached to the joint sub committee were understood today to have Mareom polished much of the work assigned to them. Negotiations today were entirely informal. There w to several conferences on various phases of the question including a meeting Between Secretary i lion an under Secretary Winston with three of the italian commissioner. Comment on the meeting was refused by each Side. The Treasury has its records in shape to take up the rumanian debt of $ 16,508.000 at once if the rumanian commission so desires it was expected however that the meeting monday would develop Only an Exchange of felicitations. Asheville nor. 7.�? a two hours after a Buncombe Coon to Superior court jury had foun Preston Neely negro not Guin i of a charge of criminally at Tao Kin a West Asheville White woman an troops which had been guard him during the trial were die missed the militia was again o dered do report to the armory. To action was caused when office expressed the fear that them a be race trouble Here tonight. To troops Are being held in Reading and it was said would be place on the streets with report of Ani impending clash. Authorities heard later in the at Ter noon that threats had Benni made against Charles Moxley proprietor for whom Neely a been working and who was one the defendants witnesses hut we did not take the stand. Mrs. Moxley and several employees of the establishment went on Tbs witness stand in the negroes behalf and it was claimed that principally through their evidence in which it was said an Alibi for the negro wan established the negro was freed. Indignation with the verdict of the jury was expressed in Many quarters tonight officials Learned and it was decided that the troops who were called it for the Tiiman should be kept on duty tonight a View of the heavy pedestrian Street traffic on saturdays. Special police officers and Plain clothes men were stationed at every Street Corner in the City tonight and precautionary measures were being taken to keep crowds mov ing and for strict Street policing. Neely following the verdict wad surrounded by three squads of soldiers and carried to an Auto Obi while the hundreds of spectators in the court room were prevented from leaving the building Antil the negro and his guard were safely out of the City. Reports tonight were that Neely had crossed the South Carolin state line and was safely on his Way to his former Home at Laurens a c. Solicitor j. Vej. Swain announced this afternoon that 43 members of a mob Whiteh stormed the Buncombe county jail on september in in an attempt to take Alvin manse negro. Therefrom will by placed on trial monday. Mansel was convicted wednesday on charge of criminally attacking White woman and sentenced to i in the electric chair on january 13 lived that the necessity of repair bulwark. This Church has always thirty inches apart and were Catl ing his wireless apparatus will make it impossible to leave before monday. Pain eve approved. Paris nov. 7�? apr Premier pain level a financial measures were approved by the Cabinet today. They Are being sent to the finance committee o the chamber of dept i ties immediately. E. G. Snow Dies. New York. Nov. 7.�? apr Eldridge Gerry Snow president of the Home insurance company of new York and prominent in financial Aud civic circles died Here today. Stood for the majesty of the Law for All alike and we believe that those who enforce the Law Are our benefactors and should have our fullest support. A we Are uncompromisingly committed to the volstead act and to ail Kindred legislation. The eighteenth amendment to our Constitution must be preserved and enforced at ail hazards. Favor sabbat ii Observance a we also believe that Law is necessary to enforcement of Sabbath Observance. There has never been a time when a holy Sabbath rated twice during the year. In addition to the Cash profit the vines and stubble left on the land is estimated by or. Hopkins to be Worth at least $20 per acre in Plant food value. Continued on Page two make big Purchase. Mon Roe. Nov. 7�? apr a total of 35,000 pounds of hairy vetch seed has been purchased by Union county Farmers for sowing this fall reports farm agent t. J. Brown. An additional cooperative order for 6.00 pounds of vetch and Fulghum Oats has been placed and Many Farmers Are buying direct from seed breeders or from the local dealers. Greensboro Man is badly Hurt by Auto Robert Frazier of Greensboro was perhaps fatally injured when struck by an automobile near Golden s Beach on the Greensboro Road late last night according to advices received by High Point police Early this morning. No details were Given in the message which the polit.? received. It merely stated that Frazier was Knock. Down by the car we. E walking along tile Highway and requested that local authorities look for the Driver of the car. Frazier was taken to the Wesley Long Hospital. His condition was reported to be critical. Stripling wins. Columbus. A. Nov. 7 map a Young Stribling won a decision Over George Cook of Australia in a ten round bout Here tonight at the municipal memorial stadium. Cook was cored in the eighth round but was Able to finish the fight. Goes through Hendersonville a Hendersonville. Nov. 7.�? tap a Preston Neely acquitted today in Asheville of an attack on White woman was taken through. Hendersonville this afternoon and into South Carolina in an automobile closely guarded. The automobile went through the streets at a rapid rate of Speed the guarding a ars turning Back at the state line weather important for turpentine Man Raleigh. Nov. 7.�? a the weather is just As important a Tao tor for the turpentine operator a it is for the Farmer Aud the turpentine operator should observe the weather As docs the Farmer says the United states department of agriculture in a bulletin just received Here. Daily weighing indicate that the weather conditions the first Day after Trees Are chipped Are very important according to observations made during the 1925 turpentine season at Starke fla., by silviculture is Wyman and f Iii i in Wakely. Technical assistant. Of the Southern Forest Experiment station says that a a Dart men. Forte to 70 Pervert of a he Toful yield for a week. Ii says. Flow during the first 24 hours after Chipping. Of Lins first flow is not accelerated by a hot. Sunny Day. The entire yield for the week is considerably lowered. Other observations show that narrow Streak while proving unsatisfactory for Long Leaf Pine. Result in highest yields of gum m slash Pine. Wide faces in slash pin yield very Well in comparison but All yields Are better from tree grown i i open rather than in dense forests. A Chipping 3-4 Inch deep in the Long Leaf Pine appears to be most profitable the department say. Here too. The higher yield cons from Trees in eur stands

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