High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives May 25 1940, Page 7

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 25, 1940, High Point, North Carolina A it us Ivr Iii Nimr Nisto to led mint Center of Industry High Point. North Carolinas Page seven Ray perfects super sensitive bulletins Lane Detector for own use new defensive weapon ill give 15-Minufe Arning to u. S. By Edward e. Romar Ashington. May 25.�? up highly Ecret super sensitive air e Detector which pierces All and darkness to rive defend fighters a vital. 15-minute Ning of approaching enemy raft has been perfected by the y for a Chain of coastal look stations. Signed to forestall such Flection a engulfed the relish Force before it got off the my the apparatus has been ribbed by Brig. Gen. George No in charge of army War is a a apparently far in Ade of any similar equipment table to any of the Perth hinted that aircraft encoded not be shielded or Insu against detection by the de which reputedly picks up Waves or rays at distance i Miles or More. Neral Strong and general ral George Marshall chief. staff gave congressional committee members Only a glimpse of photographs and sketch est of information about the Detector when they requested that $6,299,000 be included in the presidents billion Dolar arms program for a vast air plane warning system. As secretly safeguarded As the air corps treasured bomb sight the Detector has been in development at the signal corps Laboratory at Forth Monmouth n. J., for More than two years. Given Field test 18 months ago at fort Bragg n. A anti aircraft exercises its performance gratified experts. Proposing to manufacture 4 0 detectors costing $54,700 each at the outset the army would install them in six warning stations on the Atlantic coast one on the Gulf and three on the Pacific and others in Hawaii. Alaska puerto Rico and the canal zone. Oil tanks bombed London May 25.�? up a the air minister announced that British warplanes today bombed Oil storage tanks in Rotterdam starting two fire. Methodists kill motion to fight fifth column train Cancelli Paris. May 25 a up a the Simpson Orient express one of Europe a crack trains running state department makes no comment on report of agents arrest in London Washington May 25.�? up a the state department declined today either to confirm or to deny a report that a staff member of the american embassy in London had been arrested in Scotland Yard s drive on a fifth column suspects. A dispatch from London bringing word of the report quoted embassy officials As saying a we can make no comment in response to questions at his press conference Secretary Hull declared there was nothing he could say about the report. He Asheville. May 25.�? of a a Resolution favouring cooperation with the Federal government in1 declined to predict whether i rounding up German sympathizers i formation would be made available and persons guilty of in american later. Activities was killed by the South or Gandhi advocates Indian no a. Conference voted Down cooperation with British a Resolution by the Rev. G. Ray Jordan of Wintson Salem calling for Church registration of conscientious objectors to military service in order to facilitate their exemption. From Paris through Switzerland to Italy has been cancelled As an Quot Economy measure a the ministry of Public works announced today. It said this action was Only temporary. Bombay India. May 25.�? up a Mohandas k. Gandhi Indian nationalist Leader today advised his followers to refrain front Quot creating trouble Quot at this critical time and declared the British Are Quot Well Abel to Cope with any difficulty that May face Quot British people stand in no need of sympathy from a subject people for they can command All they least from the latter a Gandhi said in a newspaper article. Otice to delinquent tax payers dont limed from Page six w my Loc Sis Cable. W. R p., Vee. Lot Moffett farm vac. Asheboro. A r., 2 vac. Iota Ream. Clifford m lot n Hamilton. 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Lot 610 Vail. 2 15 7.37 132 31.47 1857 3 to 8 60 2 66 8.73 10 33 5 83 2 58 9.55 10.00 15,80 10.12 2 16 1923 7.02 9 24 12 59 10 47 7 93 9,68 7.79 unlisted 5.56 4 89 3 89 3 73 in 40 04 10 51 3 is 506 83.27 2 74 664 4 21 1400 85.11 843 389 968 990 8 43 22.87 409 4 32 432 5 20 1 89 985 7 04 3 89 2 58 2 15 4 38 1278 22.03 11 42 3 47 12 59 697 18 61 35.16 877 2 74 Rivers strikes at 5th column Georgia governor rules that aliens must surrender licenses Atlanta May 25.�? up a in an unprecedented move against Quot fifth columnists Quot governor e. Rivers directed today that the business occupational and professional licenses of All Georgia aliens be cancelled june i. The executive orally instructed Revenue commissioner t. Grady head to revoke the permits effective that Date. Immediately after this was announced head Aud Rivers went into a consultation to determine of exceptions would be made of aliens who have applied for citizenship by that time. The Revenue department was unable to say at once How Many persons would be affected or to estimate the value of the businesses involved. Georgia does not have As Large an alien population As Many Northern states but unofficial guesses were that at least several Hundred would lose licenses. The governor said he was relying largely on the Quot Broad Powers Given the Revenue commissioner under the licensing Laws to make his instructions effective. He added that As far As he knew no such action Ever had been taken by a state government before. This step was the most drastic of several taken by Rivers this week in a Campaign against subversive elements. Included in these was a proclamation Reques ing that All aliens Register with police units and be fingerprinted. This proclamation brought a threat of court action from the american civil liberties Union. Graham backs for program raps democracies action in shutting off Spanish loyalists Chapel Hill May 25.�?<zp a or. Frank Graham president of the University of North Carolina said today he supported president Roosevelt a foreign policy in the main but that he had opposed the policy of America and other democracies a in withholding rightful supplies from the Spanish democracy when the Spanish people were being rushed by Hitler and he pointed out that his stand with respect to the Spanish democracy was in line with his present stand for supplies to the Allied democracies adding Quot it is american supplies not men which the Allied democracies need. American Entrance into the War in transferring the flow of supplies to our own forces would Cut Down the supplies now indispensably needed by the two new members Are added to local staff employment service two members Moore and miss Ruth Mae Hadnott have been added to the staff of the local office of the North Carolina state employment service this week M. Do Bryne office a tanager announced today. . Monroe who was transferred from the Roanoke rapids office is a Junior interviewer. Miss Handnott a former member of the new Bern office staff has been reappointed interviewing clerk and transferred to this office. This gives High Point a staff of to persons increasing the office efficiency and Opportunity for Community service says or. Dubruyne. The office manager also an minced that 4 0 openings were filled in the past week in High Point 37 in private employment three in Public. More about on Rushing continued from Rule one More about president continued from Page one Quot the plan at present is not definite. The president knows the the University president said manner in which he wants to a. He Quot deeply deplored the allies running out on Woodrow Wilson s 14 Points at Paris the failure of America to join the league of nations the failure of the league of nations to revise the terms of the treaty of Versailles in humane consideration of the German peo proach the problem but he has not decided the details or the names or it had been reported that the president had decided to revive the Quot Council of National defense Quot a the world War Board of six Cabinet officers and seven civil presbyterians opposed to conscientious objectors pie the failure of the democracies Ian experts a to coordinate Ami to lend a brotherly hand to the Speed up the nation s $3,297,-struggling German democracies to 011,352 defense program and the consequent tragic Rise of or. Roosevelt an informed annular to i Hority said already has oem grahams views were presented piled a list of names from which in in interview today in the daily tar Heel student newspaper. Rochester. N. A a a May 25.�? up a the 152nd Assembly of the presbyterian Church in the u. S. A. Has refused to urge Congress to exempt conscientious objectors from military service because of Quot the Church historic stand the recommendation tabled at the Assembly second session of the week Long meeting yesterday also would have Given objectors equal standing within the Church. It was viewed by a Church author More about inactivity Ity As a Quot Strong statement vulnerable continued from Page one horses alone not to speak of men which one bomber attack on such a Street would have caused we kept straining our eyes for Allied planes and saw none. Blaff officers told us that Ger for Man scouting planes located every enemy contingent. These Scouters know who was who in each approaching column. They also knew where Bridges which had to be crossed were without Trees offering shelter or where else they were especially the Council members May be chosen but the identity of the men on the list is a closely guarded secret. Administration aides have been studying an enabling statute dating Back to 1916, to determine what revisions in it May be necessary. The word that a defense Council was Likely coincided with forewarning of a Senate drive to expand the Navy a air Arm far beyond the limits suggested in president Roosevelt a emergency preparedness program. One avowed objective was a greater Armada of Long Range planes As the Quot surest Quot guarantee again a to an in Vader i attack. Whether the new National defense Council would have the same framework As its world would have no binding Power in the tack on England for they ii oui 26 and 22 Miles respective from the Folkestone Dover coast. Germans have said however that occupation of the Nari owing areas of southwestern Belgium and Northwestern France a the sack of territory upon which the nazis Are pulling the drawstring a is a necessary prelude to any jump off toward the English Shore. Quot the ring around the belgian army units of the first seventh and ninth French armies and Hie main body of the English expeditionary Force was considerably increased and thereby definitely closed a a said the High command s review of yesterdays operations. Tightened the ring it now might be called a car Rote was tightened on its Eastern front by capture of Ghent and Courtrair and crossing of the Lys River a sequel to an earlier smash of nazi divisions across the Scheldt which in one Section parallels the North South Lys River line. The capture of Courtrair on the Lye brought a Barb of the German envelopment front 15 Miles Northeast of the French Industrial City of Lille just inside the French Border Lille a peacetime population was More than Lun,-&>00 and it was a Center of War industries Lille changed hands three times in 1911. Between Roubaix and Valenciennes another sector of tile envelopment front Southeast of Liue German troops attacked be neb Border fortifications the High command said. the South Between Valenciennes and Vimy. It. A said that Quot the attack on both Aldea of Dona is progressing in a Northwestern South of Sedan near the hinge of the big and Little Maginot lines sector of the first German penetration into France German troops Quot in recent Days wrenched an important Hillside Strong Point from the enemy after Stout fighting and kept it despite heavy the German air Force lashed at Allied lines threatening the two aides of its salient to the Channel which forms the lower jaw of the trap and crashed bomb 3. I flame throwing tanks not used in drive to Channel 258 174 68 330 8 95 14 05 75 16 48 7 79 536 i 58 680 204 32 76 2.15 680 2 15 20 25 315 1089 30 55 ii in 10 92 395 5 94 386 17.79 60 52 606 998 2 77 1406 922 11.74 668 489 4 89 1024 658 8 12 396 14 69 8 650 969 486 8 22 582 420 9.69 785 2.74 a is 19.77 933 tso 10.72 29 78 4 32 1032 488 990 3 89 680 11 55 6 26 6 93 409 3 47 7 80 a 8 21 1871 5 80 15 61 5.37 32 74 1.88 903 1068 15 40 5.06 13 36 734 7 22 2947 12 44 35 76 4 37 15 30 2 16 926 2 in 374 8.37 with this knowledge the German air Force appeared so supreme that attack on the massed roads by the allies seemed inadvisable. But we wonder Why at least no Effort was made to drop bombs on strategic Bridges or the i military highways Are not Only i As a disinterested from Industrial and other Fields. The experts who helped mar. Paris May 24.�? up German columns which crunching to the English Channel i bystander was puzzled but Ger through a 30-Rollt corridor have Man officers implied they could Shal the nation resource in discarded the flame throwing not understand it. I 1917-1h were Bernard Baruch tanks Vav Iii ii thy us a to Cut. A financier Samuel Joniner in. General Georg von Kuechler. A rompers Iam chief of the her or. Eader .uu9 Rosenwald War predecessor was not certain.,._.mthe fact that the 191law was Lnla a wan and French Channel mentioned in this connection i Quot destroying or heavily however led to belief that it Dan a a Kong destroyer and seven would i merchant ships or transports with tilt i tonnage of roughly 20, tic ski As the 24-year-old act now Atanda the Council would be headed by the secretaries of War anti aircraft artillery Navy Interior agriculture Coni i communique Meree and labor assisted by an Quot advisory commission Quot of experts French destroyer Quot an additional destroyer As previously reported was sunk by said the Cut through the fortifications of the Meuse River in Northern France Coni Mander in last week military report said Man a run it in the Antwerp sector. Today. And general Walther von retch 1 a Stead. They Are using tank. Al Ftp commanding the army push equipped with machine guns. The fiame thrower had Only a 70-Yard Range. More about dive bombers continued from Page one pilots in the squadrons based on thrive Field Are almost literally doing the work of three men. 22 words were censored Here French air officer said today the initial nazi advantage in the air was being Cut Down but they added that even the experience and daring of the French pilots has not been Able to keep the germans from raiding into the heart of France. While we talked on the Well camouflaged Field fast fighter patrols swept into the air to meet another bombing raid on a neighbouring Field. The heavy crunch of bombs followed one another in rapid succession until the German bombers were beaten off by the French planes which dived with machine guns and Cannon firing. Throughout the Northern air army zone officers told of heavy German bombardment but with Only Small damage. More about London ing toward the French ports opposite England were amazed at the absence of air activity. Allied air activity also seemed missing at the Battlefront although i can give Only one personal impression. Businessman Daniel Willard Railroad executive or. Franklin h. Martin a medical authority and to o engineers Howard e. Coffin and Hollis Godfrey Only Baruch who also headed the War industries Board and Willard Are still alive. Both have been consulted by the administration on defense matters in the German officers professed to be As eur puzzled by a seeming Lack of co. It am speculation operation Between the Allied air Wight indicate Force and by what they called aimless dropping of bombs at night on Western German cities. German officers assured me that they were keeping exact tabs on these bombings All of which they claimed hit civilians and non military objects. His defense Council decision in the course of his Quot fireside Chat Quot broadcast tomorrow night. Advance notice of a Senate drive for greater immediate enlargement of the Navy air Force a Given after the Senate naval committee decided yesterday to recommend a authorize a this destroyer had been identified by dub official news Agency As French and the scene of the sinking As the Engin ski Channel. German airmen were said to have scored bomb hit on troop and tank concentrations marching Columna rail lines airports anti aircraft positions Inland and artillery positions quays shipyards docks moles Aud gasoline storage tanks in belgian and French Channel port. The High command acknowledged Only seven planes missing in yesterday s operations at against an Allied total or h4 27 shot Down in air fighting by a nil a raft fire and the remainder destroyed on Tho ground. The germans holding Narvik under Allied seige were retried reinforced by Mountain Chasseur units parachuted into the German Camp. The German radio announced Bill which would that off Norway warplanes badly $2,200,000,000 4 i damaged a British aircraft car More about deadly continued from Page one Drew slightly into Belgium without being hampered by German attacks. He said. The separation of the Smail Allied units from the Northern Allied army was accompanied by destruction of rom Mienl carry to the Senate floor a fight cations which prevented the Ger to Siep up naval plane production mans from further Advance he and Pilot training beyond any year program for the naval air Lier Kvut out of commission a Bat corps and its Shore bases. The Reship Sank one Cruiser arid two measure however imposed a Supply ships and damaged still .ooo.plane top on the Navy another Cruiser two More Supply strength. ships and a Tanker. This quota placing contrasted Quot the battleship which As pre with simultaneous House action piously reported was badly hit in in voting 391 to i for an unil Mit Hie Bow on the Day before was de expansion of the army air t hit on the Stern by three new Fleet senator Byrd d.. Announced that next week he would i 126 Armstrong. Harvey est lot 821 Hilltop Graham Bual 2 lots Wash. Terace no. 179-180 for the years 1935-1936-1937-1938 and 1939oreen t r., 2 lots no. 12 or 13 Church old. Hoover mra. Alicem. 2 lot no. 65 a be Fairmont Park Lorth year 1935. 1936, 1937. 1938 and 1939mane. Lot old Thoa. Re. Mir. Abe lot Blain ave. Rankin a. A int. 3 lot Gordon. Rob Naon Walter a lot Ort Fth Park for year 1934, 1035. 1938, 1937. 1938, 1939snow lumber co., bal on 513 Chestnut loathe years 1937-1938 and 193938 80 Taylor. Walter a. Davie old. 8 06 3 77 393 9 86 a 97 4 20 15 45 continued from rage one Eutzly were aimed at steel factories the others it was Felt were attempts to shake the morale of civilians already disturbed by ldm05fkiw taken numerous arrest of possible Quot fifth no authoritative information was made Public in London whether the Navy was bombarding Channel posts where German troops Are established or attempting to withdraw the expeditionary Force As it did in Norway. Shortly before noon Southeast English coastal towns heard a steady Cann Nading from across the Channel. There were reports also that observers in those towns had seen flashes of machine gun fire in the skies indicating that Royal of Amiens. He said the irregular jagged French line from Valeno Innes through Cambrai Arras and St. Omer to Boulogne remained unchanged. While the Breech of the not closed. Not close. But he reported Allied troops were moving in a pincer Advance intended to trap the fast moving German Quot pan Aero units which air Force filers were attacking have streaked through this Cor German planes Over the Channel Ridor toward the English Chan an air ministry communique Nel and at the same time to is said today British planes had Des to Ahlfs connection Between the troyed or seriously damaged 40 i main French Force on the Soune German bombers and fighting and the Allied armies pinned i planes Over the French and Bel Side i he German ring of steel in Gian Battlefront yesterday while Flanders and Belgium. Losing ten of their own ships and the War of movement continued that British airman had account throughout the North and norther tor 120 German planes in the West the spokesman said with de last three Days Tach cents moving in Between in the communique said 31 of the Emy groups while isolated units enemy planes had burst into flames or crashed on Landing and that the rest had been put out of action. Thing now contemplated. Senator tidings did said that he would second the Campaign. More about fifth column continued from Page one i the immigration committee i approved a House Bill to require the War office spokesman said the deportation of aliens who add hundreds of prisoners Quot were Vocate changes in the american taken in local successes mopping of government. Up operations where nazi troops a Senate investigation of sub had established Bridgehead South aversive activities which affect add a while the morning communique of the High command reported consolidation of positions on the Somme and the taking of Quot a certain number of prisoners Quot the chief objective of the French army was to bite through the German salient driven toward the Chanuel just North of the Somme. Gossett Zeriul lot 1316 a a Commerce. 3.51 a Octal end Woodall 2-3 int. Mont Llew to. 7 80 973 weather of Hamik Fok the week South Atlantic states fair beginning and near end of week showers about wednesday or thursday Normal temperature except slightly below in North portion first of week. Fought against opposing Advance guards. South of Sedan where fighting is progressing favourably in the wooded Section the spokesman said the French had recovered ail ground lost to the germans he described engagements in this Region is Quot very hot Quot and said new artillery bombardments began this morning. Bragall will have a Zebu farm. The National defense was proposed by senator Reynolds de who also submitted a Resolution calling on All government agencies to report to the Senate on aliens they employ. Senator Stewart to Tenn proposed a Quot permanent alien registration chairman Sheppard a Tex said the Senate military affairs committee would hold hearings soon on legislation to set up a Quot National Industrial defense corp Quot of private citizens who would cooperate with the government in locating Quot fifth Columbi in the House a Bill containing authority for the Secretary of War to purge the army s civilian personnel of a fifth column Quot suspects regardless of civil service restrictions was passed yesterday and went to the Senate. The committee on in american activities requested another $100,000 to investigate leads which chairman Dies a Tex said Quot Are coming in faster than we can handle Dies said the committee was trying to confirm reports that germans have directed the establishment of camouflaged air bases just South of the Rio Grande. Bombs Quot the broadcast said. Quot tile vessel Lay motionless Aud made no further attempt to defend helium is a substance never has been Frozen. That Center Farmer daughter Quot with Martha rave and Charles Ruggles. Features at 1 64-2 32-4 31-8 1 0-7 59-9 48. Broadhurst Quot Light of the weaters Star with Ramtu Hayden Anil Noah Berry. . Fat urea at i 54-3 54-5 34-7 54-9 45. Paramount a a Midnight limited with John King and Marjorie Reynold. Feature at 1 00-2 454 30-6 15-8 00-9 45. Rialto Quot Heroe of the Hills Quot with the three me quit ears feature at 6 32-8 04-9 46 Colgate soaps palmolive 8 for lilt it a Sipek kids ______2 for hic the red Box for washing Dushe it a gon soap i for 10c concentrated Sipek suds. .2 for Ioc the Blue Box for washing clothes Octagon Leader .4 for Ioc Octagon toilet. A for 14c Sta to n Iran tilled soap 2 for Ioc Octagon cleanser.2 for or Kluk 2 for Ioc formerly red super Sud A. Lewis Soi South main

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