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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 24, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Iwai ii or a to ii Fly id Yulii saturday partly Cloudy and warmer. The High Point Enterprise highpoint Tho renter of diversified manufacturing enterprises vol. 5<vno. 115 Mem Beh associated pre8.j High Point. N. C., Friday afternoon May 21, 1910 Complete Nea service Price five cents azi armoured columns caught Allier Tillery crossfire along sea Corrido a a invaders near Calais and claim capture of belgian fortifications apr do Oehr of % j or a s l a i Miks silk Kendir a somewhere in by i Lilium a the surrender of three British Liers a somewhere in Belgium is shown in this radio telephoto from Berlin according pm i11 in censored caption material. Ilot training for 50,000 men arts july in for announces Lupetin irm huot Down it no it a May �?~24.�? a air ministry announced to t til at eleven Trio Wili lug plane Hail shot of Hin in left Tetteh tin Ila tie it a ii in and a Eric Nidy Dit Imp a a tip i v i limit la to w while on patrol i Rem ii of Aat tilt of three month course world make Large list of reserves available i German air Force claims six loaded transports sunk believe drive to Calais shaping Way for nazi assault on British Isles by the associated press Berlin May 24.�?germany�?Ts legions in rolling Armor have crashed through Scheldt River fortifications into Tournai and Ghent Belgium and have approached the a Gates of Calais vital Channel port on the French Side authoritative sources declared today. Engulfing the French town of St. Omer in their path fast moving German armoured cars were said to have approached Calais this Forenoon. Calais lies Only 22 Miles across the English Channel from the Chalk Cliffs of Dover England. It is assumed that St. Omer less than 20 Miles Southeast of Calais was taken last night or Early this morning. The Calais drive gave shape to the German aim of setting the stage for an attack on England it also forged a 7 . Ii also Morgen a new i Herman i Roods link in the Chain of fire and1 i steel which Germany is draw-1 Roosevelt Dis isolated by Washington president Roosevelt closed plans today to give j Basic training As pilots to 50, i cd l i he men in the twelve months Lucic k i Liq i of pre Selv the i Mhz lion age Ace lid by police stain Franz von Rintelen retained by British police Don May 34�?</h�?cap-ii a a a Man espionage activities the world War and in re car a resident of England a tallied today in England against fifth column Art Lvi la world War von lintels Oum of i ii chief it Jet Man Iii Iii t mud it t i . Then to in i i i i i i a a j i a Dent iou objector to Napili Germany Ile had been id Freedom a it of move melt she time of i Appeal Atlee the English alien court a Toher von Rintelen offered my experience Energy and i the defense of her Liberia a captured aboard a ship ingate in Imi 5 and return the United states where he invited of sabotaging in uni hips. He was released from late in 1920. Ii trial a 23-Day sensation 1917, he a described a poured a sum of Money Germany into the placing of agents in american War kids from april to August. Beginning july i. Through the civil aeronautics authority he said three month of primary training in flying will i he provided. While not All those who take the course will be finished material for the army and i Navy air forces the president asserted. Tivey can he incorporated i in various reserves. Asks supplement he told his press conference that Congress would he asked for a supplementary to handle the Pilot training program. In contrast with the Large expansion contemplated in flier training the chief executive noted that in the present fiscal year ending june 30, Basic training j would have been provided for 10,-000 individuals those who will Lake the Basic training the chief executive said will come from three sources i. The 435 colleges and schools now cooperating with the Caa in j providing training also other schools w hic h desire to come into i the program. 2 a Large group of citizens who have Pilot licenses or have had them Aud permitted them to lapse. 3. Men in the age group of 18 j to 25 years who Are not in College but want to make themselves 1 available for the aviation service i if they Are called upon. It i la promote it Back of the program or. A Roosevelt said will he a group of i Able and Well known citizens who i have sensed its value and Are eager to promote it. The administration is very glad to have their support he declared. What the Cost May he of giving three months flying instructions to 50,000 persons next year is not definitely known at this time or. I Roosevelt said and he indicated i that nothing would in known on that Point until he submitted rec commendations to Congress. The plans announced today mean the president said that the Pilot training part of the enter i gency defense program is essentially Complete. New Vork May 24�? a a Paul Archt rut re my representative in parts sate in in broadcast today that 5,imm conman troops of mi�?~c-ihniz4hi units were reported a isolated Quot Iii Ancien Anc that other Nasi mechanized forces had a a stalled from Lack of fuel. Although Ere rude military Authorine Wert unable to confirm the report of the a a isolated fore is at Amiens Arcdie Kinrd said they told of numerous motorized unit called in the Flanders Region Ami added that Allied Force we re Busy a mopping them up. Amiens Bael been taken by tile German but the Treuch cat it Viand claimed today that French troop had ret it lint to the City and were holding newly a seen line. Mob attacks Leon Trotsky russian exile slightly injured by flying Glass at mexican Home a Orr Samuel ,1re will a York May 24�? Jurman press advised Ger play against expecting an ii v it f in y i i in Iii Sci correspondent said in a in Merlin. Newspaper acknowledged said that the Herman Ras up against Well trained till equipped Force and that a decisive Victory in would i t i ome for at month estimated on the if the i a a \ ii took in Poland. Paper promises in news in hours As. May 24.�?dp a the newspaper i ionised it i mid i new of air character from the i front a a within he next time radio com men i a i or a said Tho solid strength mapped Allied forces in Bel cd Northern France a hold up aral Days. A decisive now be envoy to Spain former Cabinet member is Quot on a special Mission Quot London May 2 j Ltd a a sir Samuel Hoare,.a Veteran Cabinet minister was appointed today As ambassador to a Madrid a on a special sir Samuel who has held Many important Cabinet posts under various prime minister including that of foreign Secretary was air Secretary in the late Chamberlain government Ile was dropped from the government formed by Winston Churchill. An announcement Toahty did that since sir Maurice Peterson the present ambassador was being selected for another Post sir sum Uel Lead been appointed a to proceed to Madrid us his majesty a ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary on a special sir Samuel was expected to arrive in Madrid next week. The Mexico City May 2 4pm Leon Trotsky was attacked today by a group of 30 or 40 men who fired into the famous russian exiles Bedroll he was slightly injured by flying Glass. Several shots were fired into the room. Trotsky came to Mexico in 1937 after the wandering exile that followed his falling out with the Powers of the soviet Russia he helped to build As one of the leaders of the october 1917, revolution. Trotsky first resided Al the suburban Villa of the mexican muralist. Diego Rivera but lately has lived in a walked in House in the Village of Coyo acan Mexico City suburb. One of Trosky s Secretary guards Sheldon Harte was missing utter the attack during which assailants gained entry to the grounds took two motor cars and broke Down several doors. A fellow guard said Harte was some members of the band held at Hay several Federal list Riel police who customarily guard the place. Trotsky a room was a fall shot a Secretary guard declared. The attackers who left a number of incendiary bombs were reported to have used a automatic and other a Secretary who said he spoke with Trotsky a authority declared the a attack was personally directed by Joseph the former soviet War lord has been a critic and enemy of Stalin whom he charged with Quot countless murders in a so called Moscow i in tighter around 500,000 to 1,000,000 Allied soldiers trapped in Flanders. In smashes beyond the tangled lines of Battle the Herman air Force reported it had sunk six loaded transports in the English Channel and scored heavy bomb hits on several warships. Including a Large War vessel a probably a Lille threatened a German announcement that i Loretto Heights Northwest of Arras had been captured indicated that a German spearhead was threatening the strongest j Point of the encircled area the j French Industrial City of Lille 25 i Miles Northeast of Arras. The a Loti command declared heavy attack forces having broken through on the Scheldt River line reached the Western embankment of Lys River indicating that the Lys also had been crossed. The crossing however May have been at Ghent where the Scheldt and join. Authorized sources said the German and Allied forces were fighting in the streets of historic Ghent an important communications Center. To Miles Northwest of Brussels fallen j belgian capital. Tile High command s Dally communique did not mention Ghent hut said that Tournai on the Scheldt about 35 Miles Southwest of Ghent had been taken. A the Region of Northern Frame and Belgium wherein the enemy Armil further tightened by the successful attacks of German troops on All said the High command. A in Flanders German divisions broke through the fortified Scheldt position and advanced As far As the Western embankment of the the French fortress of Mau huge which had been passed by the German swy exp across the Middle of the Little Maginot line front Long on Belgium also a taken the occupation completed yesterday with the capture of the last fortified works. In the Artois Region North of the narrow neck of the German corridor to the Channel coast German troops were said to have Boulogne s capture is admitted strategic seaport is Only 20 minutes by air from London London. May 24.�?hd�? Boulogne Frances strategic i seaport 20 minutes by air from London has fallen to the German spearhead on the English Channel coast authoritative sources acknowledged today. A the germans look Possession i of Boulogne last night a they j said. At the time of this admission j the germans had not even claimed Boulogne saying rather that i their Channel Vanguard had passed the City heading for a Alai to j the Northeast prime minister Churchill told parliament yesterday severe fighting was raging a around and in j Boulogne and that the fighting. A threat to British communications had a implications of a Aeri Otis in >11 Latov today Carne word of the Ger a Man seizure of the Beautiful port City whose population in peace Are encircled was yesterday j time numbered More than 50,000. A spokesman said that virtually All the British troops at Boulogne a got he indicated that the germans were Able to seize the town because of their stronger forces. He added however that he had no knowledge of the size of the German capturing Force. Boulogne the Point farthest West of the German sweep through the Low countries and Frame in the 15-Day old a real War a is Only 28 mile by boat from Folkestone 105 Miles by water from London and about 80 Miles by air. Boulogne was seized apparently by German mechanized column worming North along the from turn in Campaign give full play to branches of service in which allies claim superiority Boulogne infiltration is admitted Paris May 24.�? up a the Allied armies caught German armoured columns in an artillery crossfire today in a new Effort to Cut the Reich army a corridor to the sea and turn the tide of the Battle for Mastery of the English Channel. Masses of Allied infantry also weighed Down on the German salient pressing South from Flanders Fields in the Cambrai Region and North from the Somme River in a pincers movement designed to break off the spearhead which has twisted West to the Channel coast. This turn in the Campaign brought into full play for the first time the two branches of the service in which the allies claim superiority. A a corridor 30 Miles wide separates the Centra French army on the Somme from the i Northern Allied armies of French British and belgian troops in Flanders. Through that Gap German mechanized forces a pushing Northwest to the aes. On both aides of the corridor the allies today installed artillery batteries which ranged from the famous French �?o7s-s, 3-Inch guns to the heaviest pieces which could be hauled tip. Their fire raked the German i Columna constantly while Allied Pluf need defying acknowledged German air superiority Ven j lured Over the German salient to i bomb and machine gun Road and j troop concentrations. Some Allied mechanized fort is lurked just outside the corridor j lying in wait for German motor cyclists and Advance guards and challenging the heavy German i tanks to frequent skirmishes. We Hiie the Northern Allied army originally in Belgium fought j southward in the Cambrai Valen i Viennea Region above the German i corridor French Force of the Somme were fighting northward to i attempt to effect a Junction at a i Point which remains a military secret. In Paris Gehman Blitzkrieg legions Keach Boi Lound a this map shows the theater of War in Belgium and France. Germany announced recapture of Abbeville and said it was a quite probable the vital port of Boulogne 26 Miles across the English Channel from Dover England had been taken also. Fierce fighting was reported around Boulogne. Duce rejects Allied conciliation offers for non belligerency believe Italy ready to strike for territorial aspirations Rome May 24.�?<&�?futile Allied offers of concessions to Premier Mussolini in the Hope of keeping Italy no belligerent were reported today in italian quarters. Continued on rage two Channel coast from Abbeville. Continued on Page two Southeastern Bishops placed by methodists Kail Kom hed Berlin May 24�? a in formed German source said today the railway line Between pail and Rouen had been bombarded regularly by the German air Force in order to Cut off the French nature of the a special my ious j capital from the important what a not disclosed immediately Tern Harbor of be Havre. Asheville. May 24.�? pm the Southeastern jurisdictional conference of the methodist Church assigned its eight Active Bishops today in accordance with the recommendations of its committee on Episcopacy. The assignments were As follows Bishop Vvs. Vav. Peel of Richmond va., the South Central european conferences in addition to i present area in the Virginia conference. Bishop Arthur j. Moore of san Antonio tex., to the North and South Georgia and Florida conference. Bishop Moore has had charge of methodist interests in the Orient Africa and Europe for the last six years. Bishop . T. Watkins to the South Carolina and Lipper South Carolina conferences he has been in charge of the Georgia Aud Florida conferences. Tile recommended areas for the remaining Bishops Are about the same As their present assignments. They follow Bishop Urban v. W. Darlington Kentucky and Louisville conf fences. Bishop h. M. Dobbs Mississippi and North Mississippi conferences. Bishop Paul b. Kern Cuba. Holston Aud Tennessee conferences. Bishop Clare Purcell North Carolina and Western North Carolina conferences. Bishop John l. Deceit Alabama and Memphis conferences the conference deferred acting yesterday on a Resolution by the Rev. G. Ray Jordan of Winston Salem requesting that machinery he set up for the registration of the denomination conscientious objectors to exempt them from military service in the event of War general Maxime Wey a band fresh from the front conferred with Premier a Eynaud and j vice Premier marshal Petain Reynaud maintained Anglo fench diplomatic Liaison by conferring with the British ambassador sir. Ronald Hugh Campbell at the Western extremity of the German spearhead French Advance guards Are reported to have i caught up with the German Light i inured units near the Channel port of Boulogne and Sharp fighting la under Way according to a military spokesman. It is Only 28 Miles across the Channel from Boulogne to Folkestone England. The fighting next to tile coast was described a a a heavy although the German detachments at Boulogne were still reported to he Only a Light the spokesman said that there was Little change since yesterday in the fighting in the Valencia Vennea Cambrai Arras area where the French then claimed gains. French. English and belgian troop were said to have repulsed German attacks and themselves counterattacked the positions were said to have remained relatively the same overnight held firmly a High command communique unusually tense said that the Somme River positions had been held firmly after a series of Small French victories reducing German Bridgehead on the Southern Hank. Tile French push into the Southern sections of Amiens yesterday was maintained the French spokesman said. French action was said to have thrown Hack German outposts and to have established Strong French position from which German units were being mopped up. The germans met with Quot Little or no Success in fighting farther eastward South of Sedan near at Togny on the Aisne River he reported. The nazi command it was said. Launched an attack with a perhaps a division of troops after a tremendous artillery preparation had blasted French positions and brought replies from French batteries with Italy observing the Anni i Versay of her Entrance into the i world War 25 vests ago today j unofficial observers said the French secretly offered her special i rights in Asia credit facilities j through the Suez canal and a free i port at Jib uti French Somaliland. Jib uti is the Only rail outlet to j Italy a ethiopian Empire. Britain has been negotiating for i an arrangement to lift the Allied i blockade in the Mediterranean Foi i Italy. Mussolini however was quilted i As saying the concessions Are a too Little and too some italians More than half expected Premier Mussolini to celebrate today a anniversary by announcing that Italy finally to strike for attainment of Hei Long heralded territorial aspiration. There were no surface indication of the exact time or place it Italy s leap. Most guess were that it would he against France or Yugoslavia. Against both of whom Italy has filed territorial claims. Italian have clamoured for Corsica French Island off Italy s West coast and for French possessions in Africa. Claims against Yugoslavia less emphasized concern chiefly Dalmatia the Section of the country along the Adriatic North of Italy a newly acquired Albania Italy linked by a a pact of steel to Germany against whom she fought in the world War today faced her former allies France and great Britain with bitter claims that they had cheated her of her share of the spoils in the last conflict. Members of the facial University youth organization who i assembled in Turin for a series i of sports contests were told the games were taking place a on the j eve of our War in a message from Guido Zanotta vice Secretary of the organization. The message said a from Turin we will leave for the last War of liberation which i will break the chains still impose. De on the country will open the Gates of Gibraltar and Suez and again will name the Mediterranean our italians Call the Mediterranean a Mare nostrum a our sea. Male Quot clerks Quot excluded from state hours Law negro in i los two Goldsboro May 2 a Deputy sheriff h. J. Gardner said Sylvester Woodard a negro shot and killed Lilly Townsend and Primo Daniels Here today. Gardner said Woodard surrendered a shun Lima late t Raleigh. May 24.�? ply attorney general Harry Mcmullan i said today he had ruled that male s a a clerks do not come under the state Law on maximum hours and i that a a clerks included persons operating Cash registers putting Stock on shelves and wrapping purchases As Well As those wait ing on i unfold ers. Answering an inquiry from an out of state writer Mcmullan Waid that the state Constitution pro Vides that a fall persons w to shall deny the being of almighty god shall be disqualified to hold pub-4 lie Navy 1st line planes few estimated that u. S. Sea Arm has Only 500 modern planes capable Washington May 24�?</p> a upon a protest that a the people ought to Fate the facts the Senate naval committee declined today to suppress testimony which is ready i one senator said showed that the Navy has Only of aircraft capable of meeting modern european i warplanes in equal combat. The testimony by Rumi Admiral John h. Towers chief of naval aeronautics was that of the Navy 1.367 combat planes only192 were less than a year old Aud the others ranged in age up to seven years. Senator Byrd Rva said he estimated by towers figures that Only about 500 of the Navy Craft could meet modern european planes in equal combat. W Hen chairman Walsh ii mass said thi presented a a very bad pictures of National defense Ami suggested suppression. Senator Tydings Imd asserted that a i Don t think that would he a w ise course a a too much of a spirit of Confidence exists now a he added a i feel that we ought to face the facts and that the people ought to Fate the senator Lucas it i -1111 had he hoped Ivo political use would be made of the information. If i resident Roosevelt had asked Congress six months ago for the emergency defense program which he requested to Days ago. Lucas said he would have been a accused of War or. Roosevelt said at i press conference that he understood the 4 8 state governors meeting in Duluth. Minn., about june 2, would express support for and pledge cooperation with the defense program. A Senate House conference committee returned to the House for a direct vote a provision in the army a civil functions appropriation Hill for $ 15,000,000 in Cash and $99,000,000 in contract authority to Start to k on a third j set of Panama canal locks. Seven Hundred americans apply to leave Britain London. May 24.�? up a seven Hundred americans eager to leave England and escape the dangers of nazi invasion applied for visas and exit permit to Eire in the last 24 hours embassy officials said it Day. In the of the growing danger embassy officials said they expected nearly half of the 5,400 american citizens in the British Isle to leave for Home

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