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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 21, 1972, High Point, North Carolina High Point Enterprise sunday May 21, 1972 13atax, budget stands to decide Taylor Bowles race editors note the dem erratic gubernatorial Campaign Between of. Gov. Pat Taylor and Hargrove Quot skipper Bowles has developed one key Issue taxes. Here is Taylor says Bowles out promised him but he wont let that happen during the Runoff Campaign. Bowles advocates having each Agency in state spend government Quot develop two categories of priorities for their Bowles save Taylors income programs a doll a Bowles says Lay ors income coast one each program each second How much we Are going to How much we could save. I can to Tell you what the Revenue needs will be a Taylor said. He said the raise would fulfil his earlier Campaign Promise a not to let state employees become victims of the lieutenant governors oth w. Cru nov we in Cave r1 vmv11 a comparison of their tax an pay raise proposals Are department could then separate and budget proposals. Signs of a losers desperation. Be go cent of budget a nows special Here is a summary and com that goes for the most essential by de Rowland Parison of the spending and programs and the 20 per cent associated press writer Revenue stands the candidates which goes to the least Essen Hargrove Quot skipper Bowles have taken based on past won 45 per cent of the vote in statements and specific ques the May 6 democratic Gubernat Lions asked of each by the As trial primary largely by re serrated press eating a no new he How does Bowles justify his the a least essential category also proposed to use $300 Mil a no tax stand five per cent of the total�?$10 lion which he says will be he says a after considerable million should be put to better available in the next two years research it is my. Judgment use on higher priority items.�?�. For new programs. That i can find More than $300 Nauru. In rep Able income was under $2,000. It. Gov. Pat Taylor who had million in the general fund for fyn la Junr management this is basical Yth 15.000-and-37 per cent of the vote blames. New and improved pro z Tull under 8roup l m taking about i or major financial proposal is a. Possible Cut in the income tax Twenty per cent of the $2 levied against North Carolin. Billion general fund approx liable with incomes of $5,000 or Tion would be. Earmarked in less Taylor a elaboration a last year there were 672.000 to Correct some inequities in our whole tax Structure. For in stance you could make very slight adjustments in income taxes of $20,000 and above. A a it a very difficult for me to say How this Money would be replaced in the state Treasury. I would want to put together a total budget. A i would first Start on the Side of what i wanted to do for the state a Taylor said. After i had prepared that and added it up then i would go Over to the other Side. This is when i would make decisions. What i returns filed where the net tax would do on the liability he said the current 7 per up with a at least $30 million in when you add their exemptions and so Forth. Quot they paid $19,807,000 that showing on a failure to get Grams. None of this. Would his position across that he be the result of new or Ina. A. _ can to Promise no tax boost will creased allow table funds. And he be needed although he opposes Bowles says first Quot North air adv com a total individual income tax of any increase. Carolina s Strong tax base has. A gang no. Of $301,755,000. What i am roughly Bowles says he d use half the been the principal Factor in pro Leas to Mill on a �?ot1&Quot is hat about be $300 million for expanding the during surpluses Over the last Jot least a j1, tween 6 and 7 per cent of the state s career or vocational to years at the average of $137 ,.tayor mys f Isa _ total individual income tax was paid by people in this category. Education system and the other million per biennium. Our directly accused him of favor half for giving new impetus to present tax Revenue is subs an currently underfunded projects itally above the rate of increase each candidate accuses the estimated. I believe we will significant difference Between be state Are in this group cent income tax rate against salaries of $20,000 or More could be increased and because the Federal government out of allows state levies to be deducted on its return Quot a form of Revenue sharing a the blow to upper income persons would be greatly lessened. A High Echelon Taylor staff Likely that you would make cuts in specific areas where you thought there were inequities rather than Cut the total tax Load. I know its popular to say it but i know the demands of our society Are just done to see How we can say that we re going to Cut Back on Bowles a we could Cut taxes when we have paid for All essential had Money left Over. I done to foresee that happening any time soon based on our present the two also answered a question on whether tax increases May be needed. Taylor a reply a i am not go ing to advocate any new taxes. If the services that the people want and need Are that it requires new Money it will not come off the average. The Middle income North Taylor had said earlier in the based on those same facts. Quot i done to believe that it would be helpful for me to speculate As to hypothetical situations in the future involving circumstances not reasonably predicted upon past or existing should live within our present tax program with no new or increased taxes. I think that our tax Structure is basically fair but of course it needs constant study and Taylor has critical words for Bowles proposals too. He said Bowles is critical of Taylor so a he a been talking about to plan to readjust income tax going to save a lot of rates. He said Quot i certainly that sounds great. In a going to have no objection to reducing save a lot of Money. Taxes think for anyone but i done to this is very realistic at a the Hasni to told where he a going to save. And he keeps the present time and i done to talking about there a a credit think or. Taylor does either in a saying is a except As to its political Appeal whole lot More realistic than a i still maintain that we what lie s member said the Point is to Campaign a should it become ing new taxes. And he adds roughly 40 per cent of the in take a look at the whole the present Rev a i have tried to Point out the Divi duals paying income tax to Ture if a tax increase were Nee Enue Structure will not support other of reckless. Being unrealistic or have a surplus of at least $140 what skipper has said and what ii have said. He says that a for four Vears ill see to it that the Essary then decide where it j the level of Quality and oppor he said. Would be More equitable to put Unity we want our children to you could eliminate taxes it. Have in the Public schools then danger Man working without shatter resistant lenses protestors March in Fayetteville on those persons without add i would not change the rate it would be my responsibility As wealthy and corporations pay Justin anyone a rates. In a not of those say from $20,000 on governor to so inform the no More taxes a which Means in saying this would happen but Down a the lieutenant governor say this is what we in Fayetteville . A away at the giant military a about too persons including spallation of it. Bragg. Several Vietnam veterans who the protestors began walking had their faces painted White to about i . Symbolize a death mask a Street Park in do what skipper says do provide and substantial Taylor said. The lieutenant governor be from Lamon came More specific this week rom through downtown fac Eville. Marcutt Vera Eft yet Neville saturday in protest of blocks and then drove in cars cent Pav raise in the several things. To Clark Park on the outskirts coming two years there was a heavy police is of town where they held a Rah How Quot does Taylor propose to Cort. The March was peace Tui. By. Finance that9 the group carried signs org police provided the March it w0�?zld take approximately ing the release of Black i ii with a motorcycle escort. About $150 million Over the two Vear Tant Angela Davis and ones do two dozen policemen including period a he said a a you re going minding the end to americana special riot control unit to have a $150 million surplus participation in the War in Viet walked along the edges of the you can pay 0ut of the sur Nam. Column of protestors. Plus the protestors also include attending the rally was How a unless you make out a total marchers who were critical Olard Levy a former i who was budget it s hard to Sav where the army a decision to extend court articled when stationed the Money will come from. If the Tours of duty of some gis at fort Jackson near Colum skipper will make out a total by 90 Days. Bia s.c., several years ago for budget. Ill do it. There was an armed forces refusing to train medics bound i Quot until i come up with a com Day Celebration several Milesi for the Vietnam War. Plete program. Until i know effect that the average Man is we u have a $150 million credit said. Going to have to continue to balance next july you both Taylor and Bowles were pay exactly what he a been could take $40 million out of it asked if they thought taxes paying and get no More serv for the biennium and still have could Ever be reduced with no ices. $110 million left corresponding increase in an a a there a just no Way you can a a a have advocated this More other area. Their responses and As a principle to show the need new Taylor need and this is Why we need it and this is what it will on higher taxes a i have based All my financial analysis upon known facts under past or existing Circum any time you use tool you heighten the risk of Eye injury a unless you re also using Eye Protection. The Impact of a flying object can smash a Lens cause serious injury Causa blindness. Just about anybody who wears glasses can have them fitted with toughened shatter resistant lenses. What makes lenses shatter resistant a heat treating process that adds amazing strength. 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