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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 19, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather partly Cloudy cooler showers Likely today and monday 90th year a no. 139 i he High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1719 High Point n. C., sunday morning May 19, 1974 152 pages classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c go Ian Heights agreement reported Jerusalem a Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger scored an apparent breakthrough saturday in his bid to separate israeli and syrian armies by getting an american proposal tentatively accepted by both sides. The turnabout from an impending impasse developed at a 3 2-hour meeting with syrian president Hafez Assad in Damascus. Kissinger then flew to Jerusalem to report to the israeli negotiating team. Following a two hour session israeli information minister Shimon Peres said a we have already accepted the american proposals and so have the a significant Progress has been made in these talks. The syrians Are rather receptive to the american ideas and he said the israeli government expected that a in two or three Days an agreement separating the opposing forces in the Golan Heights a will be decided informed israeli sources said the main thrust of the latest developments was the introduction of an american proposal that was More acceptable to Syria than a plan offered by its enemy Israel. The sources said the american proposal differed Little from the israeli plan but involved handing Back a a few More villages and a bit More they said Israel apparently now was willing to give Syria civil administration for the whole of Qun Eitra the War ravaged provincial capital in the Golan Heights instead of Only the Eastern third of the town. All the relinquished territory would be part of a United nations Buffer zone the informants said. Peres said the american proposal involved a guarantee of the Security of israeli settlements in the Golan Heights but he did not elaborate. Earlier Kissinger had drafted a statement to explain Why he was leaving the area without a settlement but then found the tide turning in his session with Assad. . Officials described Kissinger As a very newsmen were told unless there was an unexpected Snag the agreement would be signed in Geneva by israeli and syrian representatives. The fighting is expected to continue until that Point but it will end when there is a settlement. . Officials said Kissinger is very close to getting a pact. These officials confirmed meanwhile that president Nixon sent Kissinger a message last wednesday instructing him to remain in the Region until he could arrange a disengagement. Nevertheless with the two sides Only inching toward each other and the Mission 21 Days old. Kissinger planned to Fly to Cairo after reporting to mrs. Meir late saturday night. He had intended to reach Washington by sunday night. Before leaving Damascus Airport Kissinger said that a significant Progress has been made and the prospects for an agreement have been advanced. A for this reason i have agreed to stay in the area for a few Days to assist the Par ties in reaching an a senior official unnamed under the briefing rules stressed that the considerable a a give in syrians stance was toward Kissinger undisclosed bodies of four Sla members identified los Angeles a newspaper heiress Patricia Hearst was not among the five victims of a shootout Between sym ionese liberation army members and police the Coroner said saturday but Donald d defreeze self styled Field marshal of the terrorist group was identified As one of the dead los Angeles Coroner Thomas Noguchi said four of the five victims had been identified As suspected members of the Sla. He said the fifth victim a woman had not been unidentified but definitely was not miss Hearst. A a extensive comparative studies have excluded miss Patricia Hearst As the one White female victim who remains mud enticed a he said. He said that in addition to for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Big Money q i heard that an Large sum it Money deposited in a savings account at one time is reported to the internal Revenue service by the Bank. Is this True of so How Large is the amount before it is reported anon. A a Bank official said this reporting applied Only to checks Over $10,000 deposited out of the country not within the . Quilting Bee q. Could you give me the directions for making a log Cabin quilt anon. A. Possibly some member of the tar Heel needlework Guild can come to your Rescue on this. Their next meetings will be held on May 20 at the Forest Hills presbyterian Church on w Lexington ave. A one Ayio a. In. And another at 7 30 p in. For those who can t make daytime meetings. There Are about 80 members now in this recently formed Guild and they Welcome new ones of you can to attend try one of the needlework shops. We re sure the directions would be too lengthy for the space available. Young conversation lists q. Could you give me some information on the youth conservation program at Pilot Mountain this summer it sounds like a very interesting project and would like to know where we would be living and How Many roommates we would have. Thank you. . A. For the Benefit of those who Don t know about the youth conservation corps Camps they Are administered by the . Depts. Of Interior and agriculture the Forest service and state governments. Their purpose is to offer youth summer employment on Public lands working on conservation projects and learning How to improve and protect natural resources. Applicants must be 15, but not yet 19. There Are no restrictions As to sex race or social and economic background. Campers Are required to remain at the site each night including week ends. The facilities Range from tents to rough bunkhouses to Barracks. The duration is approximately 8 weeks. Students w ill be paid $5.50 a Day plus room and Board for the work study program. William a. Webster chief of operations for the division of state Parks says the state Park system is involved Only in furnishing a site and setting up work projects. The site will be in the Yadkin River Section of Pilot Mountain state Park since the information and application forms were mailed to All superintendents and secondary school principals in the state Webster suggests you go to your principal or guidance Counselor for further details. Re action the Energy crisis has caused some of us to Start bicycle Riding however there is a plague in our City called Quot the dog and i think we need to remind people that own dogs that they Are responsible tor keeping them up in their Yards. The dogs for some reason like to Chase bicycle riders and should a person be bitten by a dog they would have Legal rights to sue that individual and might even end up with a partial disability. I think the dog owners in High Point ought to remember that and i think a Law should be passed much More severe to provide safety for Bike riders. Thank you. Anon. Man. Defreeze. Other victims were Nancy Ling Perry Patricia a Miz Moon Soltysik and William Wolfe. Police said an identification card belonging to miss Hearst had been found in the burned out remains of the House but said they did t believe that she had Ever been in the House. The House caught fire in the course of the shootout Friday night collapsing in flames. The bodies were so badly charred that the process of identifying the victims was delayed. Defreeze a 30-year-old Black also known As a general Field marshal Cinque a was the recognized Leader spokesman of the terrorist group he has been described by Law enforcement officials As a lonely outcast who was obsessed with guns and had been in and out of prison since his first arrest at the age of 14. Mrs. Perry 26, White was a former Barry Coldwater for president Campaign worker turned English literature major at Berkeley topless Blackjack dealer and. Finally revolutionary. She was considered the theoretician of the Sla and was believed to have written Many of its manifestos. Miss Soltysik 29, was believed to be a co Leader of the group. Wolfe. 23, the son of a Pennsylvania Anaesthesiologist. Became a political activist while studying at Berkeley. They were both White authorities have said that the Sla was a multiracial group of about 25 hard Core militant men and women. The death of defreeze mrs. Perry and the others cuts deeply into their membership and top ranks. Ironically their deaths were not triggered by overt rebellion against the government which they said they wanted to overthrow by armed revolution but by a simple Case of common thievery a the shoplifting of a pair of 49-cent socks. The Petty theft at a sporting goods store in nearby Inglewood thursday touched off one of California s largest Ever manhunt ending 24 hours later with 500 heavily armed policemen and Fri agents laying siege to a yellow stucco House in South los Angeles. Asked whether the Friday night shootout that led to the the deaths of the five would Sesla on 8a More about Sla members on Page 4-c officer carries Shotgun from burned House i a de freeze Soltysik Wolfe Hearst family relieved Hillsborough Calif. Apr Patricia hearses parents were greatly relieved saturday to learn their daughter was not among those killed in a shootout with los Angeles police a family spokesman said. The Fri agent in charge of the Case said he thought she now was in less danger. A i think she is probably in less danger than she was before the incident in los Angeles a Charles Bates special Fri agent in charge told newsmen outside the Hearst mansion Here. Asked Why he Felt she was safer now Bates said a a because five people Are dead. He also said authorities had no idea where miss Hearst was but said he Felt the focus of the investigation had shifted to Southern California he said a report Sla members had been seen in the Portland Spokane area was unfounded. A a of god thank god a Randolph a. Hearst was quoted through a spokesman As saying after he Learned his on impeachment Issue Ford judiciary vote could go either Way by d. M. Rothberg associated press writer Washington a vice president Gerald r Ford says he thinks there is an even Chance the House judiciary committee will vote to impeach president Nixon. But Ford says he does not think an impeachment Resolution would pass the House. A i suspect the Odds Are 50-50 on the committee a Ford said in an interview with the associated press. A i done to think the Odds Are 50-50 in the House. A i think at the moment the president could probably win in the House a 4 to 3 ratio something like if the impeachment move is Defeated Ford said it then would take successes in foreign and Domestic policy for the president to recover the Public support he has lost during the past year. A i think if the president and Henry Kissinger Are successful in the Middle East. And i think the prospects Are fairly encouraging i think that would be most helpful. A a if the Economy stays Strong if unemployment does t go up if people Are feeling happier about their economic prospects i think that would help but not As dramatically As something involving peace a Ford said. The following Are excerpts from the interview q. In View of what you be said about an impeachable offence coming Down to what the majority of the House determines How do you assess the likelihood the House judiciary committee will approve an impeachment Resolution and what the House then will do a. I suspect the Odds Are 50-50 on the committee. I done to think the Odds Are 50-50 in the House. I think at the moment the president could probably win in the House a 4 to 3 ratio something like that. Q even in View of the statements by House Republican leaders John Rhodes of Arizona and John Anderson of Illinois suggesting the president consider resignation a. Those Are not statements on How they re going to vote. Those Are statements on resignation. I done to think you could use one to prove the other. Q How would you evaluate those statements Are they trying to warn the president that he is in trouble in Congress a. I think that you can Only see Ford on 7a 20-year-old daughter was not a victim. Family spokesman John Lester said the hearts would not make a statement a they realize that those who died had loved ones a he said. A they Hope there is no further bloodshed a Lester said. A they remain apprehensive about the whereabouts of their daughter. Quot they continue to Hope and Pray that she will be returned Home safely soon a Lester said that Patricia smother. Catherine was speechless at the news but a obviously much relieved and had tears in her eyes a Lester said that after �?�104 Days emotions get rather miss Hearst was dragged from her apartment near the University of Calfi forma Campus at Berkeley on feb 4. The Sla claimed responsibly for the abduction. A it is hard watching a burning inferno knowing that your child May be in there a Lester said. A in View of the tragedy in los Angeles they would rather not make a statement at this Lester relayed the Hearst so reactions to newsmen after los Angeles county Coroner Thomas Noguchi telephoned the family that miss Hearst was not among five persons who died Friday in a los Angeles House set on fire Friday after a raging gun Battle. A they simply sat in a chair and breathed a sigh of Relief after that announcement a Lester said. He said mrs. Hearst remained silent after Noguchi a Telephone Call. A but it was obvious that she was relieved that Patty Wasny to in that House a Lester said. Asked what the hearts were doing he said a a they re in the House spending the Day just like they spent the last 104 a just Lester said the family still had Confidence in the Fri and its efforts to retrieve miss Hearst without bloodshed the hearts obviously feared for the life of their daughter after they watched live television coverage of a police raid on the Sla hideout. A ooh god. I Hope she is not in there a Hearst was quoted As saying in an Early morning conversation with Lester. Lester said of Hearst at the time a a he a really Down. I be never seen him Down like this before. He just looks absolutely terrible. He a drawn Gray the family watched the televised Battle Friday night Quot for an entire hour while listening to the radio and watching television nobody said a word a Lester said. A blast decried by the associated press the United states and other countries reacted with dismay saturday to indians emergence As a nuclear Power with its first atomic test explosion. Quot the United states has always been against nuclear proliferation because of the Adverse Impact it will have on world stability a Simone Poulain press officer for the . State department said in Washington. The underground explosion in indians Large desert West of new Delhi places the world s second most populous country after China into the so called a nuclear up to now. It has been reserved tor the major military Powers a the United states. Russia China. Britain and France. There was no immediate reaction from China Britain or France. India said the bomb was designed for peaceful Pur poses such As Earth moving and mining but Japan protested the test. Defense Agency sources suggested it might touch Olf a nuclear arms race among smaller countries especially Israel. A the government can Only express regret because we have been and Are still against any nuclear test by any nation for any reason a Susumu Nikaido chief Cabinet Secretary said. Some officials said they were not surprised at the development but questioned indians decision to spend the Money on the project. A i Don t see How this is going to grow More Rice which is what the indians one official said. In Russia. Indians ally the official soviet news Agency Tass called the test a a peaceful explosion and said India was a striving to keep at the level of world technology in the peaceful uses of nuclear in Islamabad a Pakistan foreign office spokesman said India s action Quot cannot but be viewed with concern. By the whole world and More especially by India s the two countries have warred three times in the past Quarter Century and pakistanis chief Delegate to the Geneva disarmament conference in Switzerland said the test would have a far reaching ambassador Niaz a. Naik said. A we have always maintained there is no difference Between tests for peaceful purposes and those for military purposes. The technology is the same. We have kept warning the International Community against the dangers of this backdoor entry into the nuclear inside pc grads. Reading patriotism tested. Page 2a Cates in a Bug. Classified. Editorial. Women s news. Sports. Television. Entertainment. Obituaries. Patricia still missing Indian

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