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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 15, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Wednesday Mav 15, 1940 nine legislative aspirants favor it Congress program candidates appear before local Council to express views on school Issue the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of High Point North Carolina Page Hye italian Navy sails into War spotlight a Row a mme no Giulio Cesare 23,622 tons nine of Guilford a 14 c candidates for the state legislature one he publican among the group last night gave their full endorsement to the 15-Point program of the North Carolina Congress of parents and teachers. One after another the candidates appearing on a program sponsored by the local Parent Quot he discovered the fireworks were teacher Council pledged their sup three Sticks of dynamite they had port to a teacher retirement ays-1 found in a vacant lot. Tem sick leave Security tit position salary increases and the flashes of life by the associated press Boom Revere. Mass. A it aroused mrs. Mollie Langone s curiosity when her two tiny sons and a chum came into the House to get matches to Light a firecrackers a a following them into the Yard a Sweet mess other Points of the program. Senator Thomas Gold predicted that the next Assembly will be favourable to the program. He told the group assembled at the senior High school auditorium that he would not Only vote for the measures but would work actively to see them through legislative routine. The speakers were each allotted a Short time for speeches. After w hich the meeting was i thrown into a panel discussion of the issues. Winchester a. A four trucks parked in h resident Jal serf Ion were moved i police order after complaints poured into tile office of mayor Char Lea r Anderson. Tile trucks cargo was 12 hives of Money bees by ought to Frederick county to pol leu ire Apple Orchards. The bees started investigating the which started tile trouble. Pennies Kok car Huntington ind. Maneu vers Rush to test spectacular clash expected Between red and Blue armies in mock warfare How to eat to beat the heat by wit am t. Rives Leesville la. May 15.�? up a great tanks of the red and Blue armies raced Down Dusty Louisiana roads today pointing toward a spectacular clash of some of the army a finest equipped units. Army officers judging front Po-1 a it ions the steel monsters assumed yesterday expected a Headon collision that would play an important part in tactical work of the War Maneu verse second phase. The outnumbered red army from Texas fell Back along the line yesterday and prospects were j no better today. Reports filtering i taming to keep in from enemy lines said the average per blues had some Soo tanks which j son pretty heal bested the Texas troops three to i a. And you your vitamins Are just As close As the Corner grocery store by m ice of. Smith nutritionist t or Rland health 4 a on Neil the vitamins have sort of sneaked up on the country. A lot of people still done to know about them where to look for them at least. Vitamin therapy for that matter is still in its infancy. But enough is known about via Dale or. Gold devoted the major i Gasman. Mail Carrier kept a portion of the allotted time to bucket into which he dropped in explanation of the procedure pennies during the last year. Of getting their proposals enact a this week he took the contents. I of into Law. He urged the Organ-1 14,000 coppers to an automobile Iza Tion first of All. To see that j Acenoy and paid $140 Down on a the program is adopted into the car. Demo platform at Tho Contention at Raleigh this week. Keith Harrison was first speak i that schools can be no better than the personnel that mans them. Therefore he i is e of to i a that teacher standards be raised thy the adoption of legislation ooh As that proposed it. Inc la Quot Robert k. Moseley also declared he favored the whole program he a advocated also Broade Ulii he curriculum and re organising the ate set Bool Loa d Shelley b Ravener deplored the slim Chi to of hoi and promised to fight if elected for increases. He also stressed the mint of vocational education z h. Howerton Republican candidate for the Senate compared the Republican state platform with the Congress program minting out the dose similarity it of the two Beverley Moore said he Thor mph la subscribed o the w Hole program and mentioned in Par ocular salary increments retire a pent and the twelfth Grade. Rupert t. Pickens declared the tile Point of Federal Aniwa to in much a question for the leg Slature As it was the Federal government. Hut said he favored such Jessir Tare provided a too Many Wiringa Are not attached a As Well the remainder of the program. Joe t Carruthers Greensboro to dilate. Mentioned among other i to of tenure a retirement ays in and salary Fred j. Flagler said a i am amputation Kansas i tvs John i. Hollins tacked an advertising sign Over a St Airn a Ilion started to drop to the floor. Ills wedding ring caught on a ledge and jerked lits left Finger off above tile second joint. The rom of tile Finger was removed at general Hospital. Sir eme test j Ames Iowa John and Louis Van Der Linden have put then brotherly love to a political test. With the help of John Van Der Lindon a senior at Iowa state i College students recently formed a Young Republican club. Now. Louis Van Der Linden. John s younger brother and a Junior at Iowa state is assisting in the organization of a Young i democratic club. Jet a ask a Ltd so a l a a r # my i to Quot a a. Of Trig. I my of Paras or s 47 torpedo boats. 25 6thcr vessels. Total 396 warships�?725,000 tons Italy has no aircraft carriers a of Quot a 133 sub Mai a incs i 10,690 tons. Into the War spotlight sails the italian Navy current mane vering in Tho Eastern Mediterranean. It is smaller than the navies of Britain or France but is strategically located in a sea it might control to Cut the direct Allied lifeline to the be with tonnages for news of coloured people if cast and India. Pict Ochart shows principal units of the italian Ai ships built building or appropriated for through 1040. Latest farm Market report fruits vegetables cautious Chicago a Hen judge Edward Cue silk fined John Mur Ray 12, Fin a 1% Igig a a Barge the Jurist asked what Lurral carried two pair of re Hunt gloves. A a Man can the too careful about Money these Days a Murray said a so much of it has germs on lessons in English by a. L. Gordon words often misused do not roughly in sympathy with your i say a i could of or would Oft helped you the meeting mrs. D. H. Was Hall. Turned Over chairman of ii it leg it. By or. Blake Thompson. Ake up your liver bile Mai cell Ltd and Yms ii jump oat a bed in the mar nuts Ranny i a the liver should sour out own pint of a uni Btl into your b daily. Of this hit is not Frealy. I nod mar Sot la int i dry a n lha in Cru ass Tilo u up pour tto Marh. You get Eonni tat re. Yon Al tour sunk and the world Hahs Mink. It take i to Good old Cartara a i it it i Vrr Pill to Gat the too Pinla of Hilt swing freely to my Ymir to up and of. in making bit sow Feaoly a a. A if a a i. A Lay a i could have tor would have helped you a j often mispronounced alien. J pronounce Al yen a As in Alt e As a in men unstressed accent first j syllable. Often misspelled carte a menu observe the e. Synonyms maim mutilate Dis Able. Injure cripple. Word study a use a word three times and it is let us in crease our vocabulary by master Jing one word each Day today i word resplendent shining brilliantly Lustrous a the was resplendent with Council president shortly after the opening. The discussion program was in Der the direction of professor i Walter Fleisc Henann of High Point College. Luck Relief rom the heat done to swelter get heat Relief right Anay with a Philco York portable air conditioner in your Home or office. Why wait when you can enjoy Cool dry fresh Dean air now. At amazingly Low Cost enjoy a Philco York air conditioner brings you Reu portable air conditioning changes cools or Humidifier filters the air and gently circulates it. Street noises arc shut out you live and work in peaceful Comfort regardless of outdoor weather. Quickly and easily installed no plumbing no airing. Plug into any electric socket. Tharas a Philco York air con _ _ ditto nor for ovary size room now priced of Low of. Mother do Guter Lianqi it in an Effort to Honor their mothers the Young people of Brooks memorial methodist Church under the leadership of miss Ernestine Reid and miss Helen Ganna i Way. Gave a Mother and daughter banquet at the Parish House monday evening. The principal talk the evening was Given by Rev. R c. Sharpe the pastor at the close of the banquet he fittingly summarized the ideals of motherhood. The program for the evening was As follows Toast to mothers miss Hilda Amaker response. Mrs w r. Robbins vocal selection. Florence High school quartet j Toast to daughter mrs. It. It. J Sharpe response. Mrs. A. H j Champlin piano Solo. Miss Lois Haizlip vocal selection. Florence High school Quarter Toast to mothers. Mrs. B. J. Johnson Toast to mothers Thomas a Smith duet misses Thelma Sapp and Virginia Fuller. John my Ai n Cost to meet the John Mccain Post 194, american lignin will meet in the William Penn cafeteria wednesday evening at 8 of clock. All members Are urged to he present at this hour so that the meeting May close at 8 30 at which time the women auxiliary will sponsor a a night of honoured by luckier mrs. Ors k Martin was very pleasantly surprised with a Mother s Day dinner that was Given by her daughter mrs. Josephine Ingram and miss Marlon Martin St their Home on East Washington Street sunday afternoon the dining room in which 20 guests were served was beautifully decorated with snapdragons and carnations. Person la Thomas Rivera assistant to the Legi Strgar at Howard University Washington d spent monday evening Here visiting or and mrs. C k Yokly of 1200 Kivett drive j or. Rivera is an Uncle of mrs. I Yokely. J Homer Clark of Augusta. Fax j is visiting or. And mrs. Ode Clark i of 1503 West Street he is a brother of mrs. Clark. The Many friends of mrs. Ora Lee Heath will regret to learn j that she is 111 at her Home on North Street. A correction the Soprano soloist for the i Leonard Street chorus in its rendition of a have Maria during the music festival held at William a Penn High school sunday after noon was not Gwendolyn hut Catherine Chambers. Council to meet there will be a meeting of the recreation advisory Council on j tuesday. May 14 at 8 p. In. At the Washington Street Community North Carolina shipping Point information and tuesday s sales on the principal wholesale markets As reported by the u. S agricultural marketing service and North Carolina department of agriculture. Puce Are confined to the ranges at which the bulk of the i. C. I. Stock of Good Merchantable Quality and condition sold. Lettuce new York Market Dull and slightly weaker. North Carolina 5 Peck hampers big Boston Type 75 cent to i of. Romaine i of to 1.25, iceberg mostly 3 75 to 4 00, few Best High a 500. Fair. Quality 2 50 to 3 50 Wallace Rose Hill Market slightly weaker. Morning sales 24 quart crate. Blakemore. 3 00 to 4 75, mostly 3 50 to 4 to missionary 2.15 to 4 of mostly 3 50 to 3.75. Prospect methodists to hold Homecoming program a Thrige philae slightly Wibu hamper phia Market Dull Aker North Carolina. Domestic round Type. And i1 i to to 1.25 s. C pointed Type fair quam As cent to i of new York Market Weake by hamper pointed Type p a to pull and alts s. Boun til it coh i ran u by phone us now and you la soon be Cool City refrigeration co. F/9q50 easy terms i North main St. Phone 2023 Chest. National demo. Spotlight on former Ohio governor Columbus. O. A via a 15 j colourful Martin i. Davey who a it lashed frequently with the new j Deal a i Iii i ii isl in i Ion in two tur indent term a Ohio governor hot Hack into the i Era i in spotlight today As he no i vein bar opponent of gov John Vav i Bricker seeking re Cletion. J tabulations i rom the second major Rice of yesterdays primary showed editor congressman Dudley a. White and mayor Harold h Burton of Cleveland running virtually even in the contest for the Republican nomination for the u. S. Senate seat now held by vie Dona hey retiring Democrat the Cleveland Plain dealer predicted a 5 t.000-vote Burton Victory on the a is of a heavy Phi Rall to expelled in Cleveland a Here to Uuttu i slow. Sep of in new York Marker in weaker i by Hamn t 37� to i 50. Sweet potatoes new York Mark North Carolina. Porto r i. By. But in to i 35 to 1.40 i of to i is. Baltimore Market Dull North Ca rot Ina by. Basket Porto rican and Nancy Halls u 8 no. I i of to 1.15. Ungraded 75 to 85 cent. Potatoes Hastings Fla demand Good Market weaker. Carloads and truckload Fob usual term monday. U. 8 no i. Fatah dons and Spaulding Rose. Dou by headed barrel 2 75 too Pound a ack 1.43 to i 50 50 Pound sack 75 j cent by. Basket 90 cent new York Market vary Dull on old j i $ toe a ii bout steady on new. Maine in Pound sack Green mountains. U. 8 no i Alee a. I 90 to 2 of Fla u s. No. headed barrel Fatah dons Wash re mostly 3 00 to 3 25. Few 3 37 3 in washed 2 50 to 2 75 by Basket i of i to i 25 Chicago Market about steady on j no. I Southern triumphs slightly weak Jer on Alae b and Calif Triumph about steady Calif. Whites steady for i old Idaho russet firm for All variety i of Northern Stock cars on track 18j i new 105 old arrived 60 new. 38 old. J total u. 8 freight shipments monday t 577 cars track Sale pet cwt. Idaho russet Burbanks u 8 no i 2 05 to 2 25 Minn. N. Oak red River Valley i Section 75 to 80 per cent no i qual i Ity Early Ohio few i 30 to i 45, unclassified 90 cents i car unclassified Cobbler 1.05 u 8 no. I washed Bliss j triumphs Ala. Few sales 2 15 Tai 2.25 to 2 40 Calif late monday 2 25 to j 2 30. Calf. U. 8. No i washed Long Whites initially teed late monday i 2 25 to 2 30 Green peas new York Market about steady by. Hampers 8 c. 1123 to i 37 amiss. Fair Quality. I 25. Calif. 1,37�?~a to 187 a. Mostly 150 to 1.75. Philadelphia Market firm. I hampers North Carolina i to to 1.15 j s c i of to i 15. Washington Market about steady j a Irth and South Carolina by. Hamper generally Good Quality mostly i of o 1.23 few higher Ordinary to fair Quality 75 to Jwj cents Baltimore Market Dull North Carolina by. Hampers Small pods. Of cents to 1,10 8 c. 75 to i of. It Olive n. A Market weaker. Morning sales by. Hampers 50 to 85. Mostly 63 to 75 cent. Strawberries Hammond la demand moderate Market weaker. Auction Sale monday 44 cars offered 33 sold la billed direct. 24 pint crate. Klondyke 85 per cent no. I Quality t.25 to i 50. A. 1,34. New York Market about steady North Carolina 24 quart crates per quart Klondyke 20 to 25. Mostly 22 t ?4 missionary 18 to 22, mostly 20 to 22 cents. Homecoming Day will he observed at Prospect methodist Church located three Miles Southwest of the Civ on la Prospect Road on sunday May 19. And an invitation is extended All members former members and the Public in general. The pastor. Rev. Van Harrison will he in charge of program arrangements and will address the us it j group while another highlight of the Day will be an address by Rev. T. R. Johnson retired methodist id minister of Thomasville who was no formerly pastor of Prospect v8 j Church. The afternoon session of the All Day service Wim feature group singing and lunch wit he served in the grounds at the hour. One. In the forefront of the red elements was the Blitzkrieg ing seventh Calvary brigade the army a Only All mechanized outfit. With tanks a combat cars they Are called armoured cars. And other instruments of death the brigade employs the cavalry essentials of mobility Speed and Shock. The unit strikes runs and then strikes again in contrast with the infantry tanks habit of laying a heavy attack Forward by deploy i ing of infantry troops. Clusters of natives stood in Awe by roadsides As the tanks lumbered into positions. Sometimes i the machines left the Highway to Cut a path without noticeable de Lay through Fields studded with tres. The 18.900-Pound steel Mobile j i forts Are propelled by 7-Cylinder i i air plane motors and Are protected by a thick steel coating and these firing weapons a .30 calibre machine gun. An anti tank gun an anti aircraft gun. A a Lap gun a so j called because the gunner holds it in his Imp. A sub machine gun and pistols for the four Man Crew. Local Mah is officer of Carolina organization Chapel Hill. May 15�?rill i Dees. Jr., University student from j Goldsboro has just been elected Delegate head of the order of the grail one of the leading Stu Dent honorary organizations. He j i creeds Paul Thompson of Wadesboro. Other officers elected Charlie i idol. High Point scribe. By Jones. Penngrove. N. Exchequer Anil George a of heart St. Petersburg Fla., assistant exchequer. John Caffey is visitor in City is encouraged John Caffey of Greensboro can-1 dilate for the democratic Nomina ton to the United states House of representatives from the sixth District spent All Day tuesday in High Point visiting friends and supporters or. Caffey Dei lated that he wan exceptionally encouraged with his prospects not Only in High Point j lint through the District As s whole. Squalls gone from Navy Roll Greensboro Man assigned to u. S. S. Sailfish by Tom Horgan Portsmouth n. Hmay la up a gone from the Navy tolls today was the tragic u. S. Submarine squalls and in her place appealed a new name the Sailfish. Nothing in the services prescribed close clipped commissioning ceremony served As a reminder of the Stark peril that hovered about the now sleek Metal Hull from the time she Sank carrying 26 men to their deaths in 40 fathoms in a faulty trial dive last May 23, until the underwater Craft was raised and brought into a dry Dock four months later. Joining the submarines new commander lieutenant commander Morton c. Momma. Jr., his three officers and 53 men in the commissioning was Admiral Yrus Vav. Cole the Portsmouth Navy Yard commandant soon to retire he was decorated for directing the first actual Rescue of is kind the diving Bell escape of the 33 squalls survivors and for the subsequent salvaging of the submarine. Manness assigned _ assigned to the Sailfish were you get them All. Include the Tol our a to escaped the squalls Dis towing foods in your regular diet i Aster Doe was electricians mate the equivalent of one pint of i Joyd b. Manners of Greensboro. Milk daily adult one and one a. Who closed a watertight half pints to two pints for Chil door and shut out the sea saving Dren. Jail those who were in the squalls one serving of Green Leafy or Forward compartments. He re Vellow vegetables daily. I turned from the murky Depths to one serving potato daily. J1 be unlighted world in the second one serving Citrus fruit or to trip of the Rescue Bell. To Dally. Another was electricians late at least one other serving of j Gerald \ my Lees of Richmond. Fruit or vegetable daily. Kans., saved in the first descent one or More Servings of whole of the Bell a third was torpedo Grain Cereal daily. Man Leonard de Medeiros of new one serving of egg meat of l Redford. Mass., who came up on meat ii Institute daily i the third trip and who Bas served these foods plus the Rood nor eight of his 12 Navy years in Suh Mali consumed to meet your Bod marines while the fourth was by needs will furnish according1 gunner s mate Eugene d Craven to our present knowledge of Vita of Thayer nuns All the a by a Riboflavin the fourth and Nicot inic acid necessary for the Normal person. The adult re Arsis protein and Energy qui rement for Vitamin i is in which the body must have known. The child must secure hts moreover it is More Economy Vitamin i either to in exposure Cal to have them in your food to sunlight and or Vitamin Dlf you can afford concent done to need to f look very hard %. For them either i vitamins Are a1 i ways on Stock at your closest grocery. A glance at the daily quota Alloo i. Smith of essential vitamins will show you that of you want to lie sure of who returned on my final trip. At of concentrate such a fish liver Oil. X you can afford a Good diet and if you Ca Naford a Good diet you on to Nee concentrates. I you buy right you can lug Home enough vitamins to keep the whole family healthy. That pretty important these first hot Days. There is one car for every four persons in the United states but noon i Only one Bathtub for every six Persona. Food wisely selected and carefully bought can and do give excellent returns in health value. A but the pills a some persons ask. A a it a so easy to get my vitamins in pills and then i Don t have to worry any the answer to that is that Yon have to worry More because foods Eon-1 lain. In addition to vitamins min coach fares one Way a cents per mile round trip 10% less than double the one Way fares a air conditioned coaches on through to a me Southern railway system Cleveland Market Earth North Carolyns 24 quart crate. Tau Quality National demo various varieties. 3 00 to too Philadel phia Market about Cady. North Carolina 34 quart Era a Klondyke 3,00 to 5 50 Blakemore fair to Good Quality 4 of to 5.00, some Best 5.50 missionary fair Good Quality 4 of to 4 75, mostly 4 of to 4.25. Pittsburgh Market weaker. North Carolina 24 quart crate. Blakemore and missionary 4.75 to 5.00. State auction markets Burgaw Market weaker. Morning Galea 24 quart crates Varlow a varieties. 2.50 to 4 80, mostly 3.00 to 3 60 Chadbourn Market weaker. Morning sales. 24 quart crates. Klondyke 3.00 to 505. Few Tower mostly 3.75 to 4 33. It Olive Market Zraket morning Alf i�?T4 quart irate Loti to Little. U. 3. La 3 50 to 4 25, ii so youre supposed to be mans Best Friend Woof u oof old hound. You must be sharing All of your masters burdens and cares. Ill bet he a the Type that overwork and Over worries and gets nowhere. Now take my Bossy he has plenty to do and plenty to think about. But you la never find him trying to squeeze two Days work into one. Or brooding Over things that never happen. No sir he a steady and cheerful usually whistling when i meet him at the Gate. And when we go inside to the mrs. And the kids boy is he Welcome. He loves his Home and he loves to be Host. He understands the meaning of hospitality. The Good friends it attracts the feeling of Security his friends bring him. Why done to you Chase Over some time it la do you Good to see the Way we pc div. It Tir cd amp a minute of it. Cit Fey oudiv�,id4a cetus drop of ii anti full Buick in Kurt the worst hmm gun Btu Bud Weiser a Mumm a a a in a a a a it set Vetari cd y t in sin lie h. We make this Birdseed test All is no Barley in a Barley Harvest. Seeds of other plants Are gathered with the Grain but ingenious separators in the Home of Budweiser remove them. Every one. Then the Barley is tested for sprouting. Result pure Barley pure malt pure Budweiser. You Maki this test drink Budweiser for five Days. On the sixth Day try to drink a Sweet Beer. You will want Budweiser s flavor thereafter. Cena mc., it iou

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