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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 15, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Page fourth Hijii Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina wednesday May is 1940 High Point Enterprise published it spoons and bund Momans j. P a a Bruj Tlell it �?1937 Al b. Terry. I resident 3 a Rawley. Sec y and treat. Cammett a. Cecil. Pen. Mgr. 5apus m. Waynick editor subscription rates Delly and sunday by Carrier to High pm let and nearby t0wn twelve month .5 20 six months a 2 60 tit Rev month. One month. 20 one week. In nearby town Are not of Coll Quot for More than one week n &r9 not. Permitted to col. Sa7n Rod of More than five week ill for a Tonger period is desired Nav rent should he made direct to off to. Zzz aume isted pres i exclusively entitled to the be for a her news dispatches crated to it Orno Tothy Wise credited to thl pm pm a a it local news published thereto member of audit Bureau cup m circulation _ ensured is to Tottem in High Point. A a a a act of Congress of March i. It Congress _ National adv representative the John Budd co. 420 Lexington a. New York City cd j or Wuzhi he that la of god Heareth god it Dye therefore hear them not. Belike be Are not of god. A John 8 4�. A a remember that what you believe la depend very much upon what u Arr Noah Porter. The threat to tar Heel oases speaking of Blitzkrieg con-1 Sider the drive made by the a a Temperance forces of the state against the limited number of Legal alcoholic oases. Today the statement is published that 94 percent of All men running for the legislature in North Carolina have pledged themselves to support a state wide vote on prohibition. We assume that it would be impossible even in the present Large Field to pick legislators from the other six per cent in number sufficient to prevent the election of a dry pledged majority. Clearly the Job of staving off a real threat to the whiskey stores is ready made for the representatives of the few wet counties. Of a state wide vote on prohibition is held North Carolina will vote dry. Loss of the whiskey stores will be a blow to a number of the Eastern counties. The people in some of those counties want whiskey and they do not want to Deal with the Bootlegger. We predict they will do a monster amount of trading to stave off a plebiscite. They May even go so far As to offer to support the constitutional mandate for redistribution of representation in the general Assembly in return for some Western and Piedmont help. The conversion of the Drys to the state wide vote plan has occurred since the wets made practical inroads into the prohibition sector. Originally the Drys opposed a vote. They thought the higher strategy was to work in the legislature itself against impairment of prohibition. But the Beer and Light wine barrage proved successful and it was followed by hard liquor which gained a few toehold to which it clings precariously now. If the boys do not go Back on their promises to the girls of the w. C. T. U. The prohibition Issue will sizzle in 1941. Heavy registration is a hopeful sign politics is the life blood of a few men in every Community. There should be no stigma attached to being a politician unless such a Man is actuated by the belief that anything is fair in politics provided desired results Are gained. Certainly there should be no criticism of those citizens who have busied themselves in getting former qualified voters to do their duty in the matter of getting their names re registered. Whatever the motive of the workers the heavy registration of Guilford county citizens can be of service to the county state and nation. It behoves every voter of course to study Well both the candidates and their platforms my then to vote his sentiments n primaries and the general elec Ion. The voter who is wheeled nto casting his ballot against his principles has Only himself to blame. Anathema too on the cheap politician who deceives a voter with promises that can never be fulfilled the Greensboro record comments As follows on the recent registration in Guilford county any doubt that might have existed about Lack of interest in Guilford county political affairs is dispelled by the results of the new registration. D. Edward Hudgins chairman of the elections Board reports that 30,978 voters registered in 56 of the county a 66 precincts. This fact has led the chairman to predict that the Complete registration will be Between 33,000 and 34,000. This heavy registration is an encouraging and healthy political sign. Of course it cannot be denied that the factional fight within the demo Brauc party in the county played an All important part in the efforts which put Over 30,000 names on the books in a new registration. Granting the significance of this Factor it is still a hopeful sign when prospective voters can be aroused to such keen interest in Public affairs. An excellent Job in registration has been accomplished. The next big assignment is to see that those eligible to vote Are at the polls to exercise the right of the franchise. A proposal for unification in the meeting of doctors at Pinehurst yesterday one member of the profession proposed that the states hospitals for the treatment of the insane be placed under the command of the state Board of health. The suggestion did not come from an official source but we wonder if the Board of health knew that it was to be made and whether that Board is in agreement with the idea. The hospitals Are operated now As throughout their service under their own separate boards of trustees and superintendents. There is no organic connection Between them and the Board of health. On the face of it the proposal seems meritorious. The state health service in North Carolina has won an excellent reputation for competency in the program it has directed. What objection is there to the unification of the health service to incorporate the treatment of mental diseases under the single general command possibly a question of staying Power for nearly 900 years no foreign invader has secured a foothold on the British Isles. The seriousness of the crisis approaching in the present War is emphasized by the warning issued yesterday by the prime minister that England should be prepared for invasion by the germans. The collapse of the defences of Holland opens the Way for an attack by air on England from bases within 125 Miles of the Island. That failure of the dutch to resist the invader More effectively is an impressive circumstance but the even More painful cause for reflection is the evidence piling up that the allies Are lacking in offensive Power. Throughout the War the initiative has been left to Germany. We Are not judging that to be unquestionably bad strategy but with the modern weapons Germany is employing England and France must be prepared to stand terrific punishment. The germans seem resolved to attain a Quick decision if possible. No doubt the dwindling materials of Germany make that kind of push desirable if not necessary. The matter approaches a Point where the stamina of the allies under destructive attack May be tested. If they have the fortitude of Spain a loyalists they May take the Gaff and muddle through to Victory. But for the first time Many millions of people including those responsible for american preparedness envision a Hitler Ian Triumph. In the news Premier Pierrot of France a German brutality repeats that of 1914 and even exceeds it. The world willbe the judge of the germans. The hour will come when Germany will Victor Hugo late French poet and novelist in an autographed prophecy found on the Wall of the room in Paris where he died a i represent a party which does not yet exist the party of revolution civilization. This party will make the twentieth Century. There will Issue from it first the United states of Europe then the United states of the the Wrath of men May yet Praise the judge of ail the Earth. With Carnegie author of a How to win friends and i influence people l. B. Hopkins president of Wabash College Crawfordsville Indiana sends me this True Story withholding the name of the Young Man for fear of embarrassing him. This Young Man a High school Sophomore decided he was a fed up with the conditions of his fathers Home. His Mother was dead and his father had All he could do to feed the younger children. Did no to seem to be any use hanging around there. So he went Down to the Railroad and hopped a freight. He went out into the farming districts where he followed the harvests living in Hobo Jungles working when he could get work living in much the same Way the Oakes Are pictured in the a grapes of but he Wasny to a typical okie As you will see. A on the Way from one farm District to another he met in a Box car an old tramp. They were sympathetic toward each other. Our Young Man poured out his troubles and voiced his despair to his More experienced Friend. Suddenly As he rambled on he sensed a Lack of sympathy on the part of his listener. He paused then plunged More fully into his woes and to add to the effect he described Hopes and ambitions that once had been his. Still no sympathy. Quot Well what do you think a he asked. The tramp stretched himself pushed the worn sole of his shoe against the Side of the Box car. And said Quot you can quit this sort of thing now and amount to something. If you wait another year you won t be Able the conversation came to a sudden Stop. That night our Young Man did t sleep so Well As he usually did on the floor of a Box car. Restless. Mind Settle. Same thing the next night. But not the third night for he spent that Back under his father s Leaky roof and the morning after he went out and got a Job of sorts. Not much of a Job but it provided food. And he went Back to school with his mind on what the old tramp had said. Not much time left. Must buckle Down. He did just that with the result that a member of the faculty told him if he made a record he would try to get him a Wabash scholarship. He made a record the faculty member made Good he pocketed his scholarship and one Day rolled off a Box car in Crawfordsville to begin his education a with a capital of half a Dollar. He was graduated last Spring a Phi Beta Kappa having pocketed prizes for debates general scholarship and biblical literature. And that Isnit All he is now in Law school on a Fellowship. If you Are idling along getting nowhere you can change your ways now. Why waste your evenings Call a halt now. If you delay a year or More you May not be Able to. Continue school go to night school establish a goal and Start climbing toward it. Brevi ties Back in new York after being mistakenly shipped to the wrong worlds fair Tharwa the egyptian Mummy has no comment to offer. It seems he was too wrapped up in himself to notice the Frisco expo. To reduce Glare an experimental Highway is painted Orange. Just the thing to go with our Little Blue Auto. Announced now is the nine ounce Vest pocket size radio. Instead of twisting a dial to silence a disliked program the fastidious listener need Only Button up his coat. As a Means of signifying enjoyment of food. Arab etl Quet requires the dinner guest to smack his lips it follows that if he did no to enjoy the meal he will smack the Host. It is a woman in Massachusetts who demands the Curbstone in front of her Home painted to match her curtains. The Well dressed inebriated then will equip himself with lace cuffs and boutonniere before lying in the Gutter outside. It Isnit the Mountain War taxes that bothers the folks on the Home front so much. Its the Low Cost of government to result in about 50 years when there a win to be any claimants around for old age pensions. No Industry should even pretend to boast that it has made technical Progress except As it measures Progress in terms of lower prices. A or. T. J. Kreps economic advisor to the Nec. This foreign intervention is humiliating to me. It should not be tolerated any longer. A Senor Ruiz Bravo peruvian senator after local nazis insisted on suppression of a British War propaganda film. Walter Winchell on Broadway or note my k Luff my. Copyright. I Dolly Mirror new York heartbeat face about town the Ranee of Sarawak dunking doughnuts at the counter of the Mayflower doughnut Ery on the grandest Canyon. Gertrude Nieson in Reuben so the Lassie with the Chassis. Grace Hartman wearing a $5,-000 pin on her $2 hat at cafe louts Xiv. Noel Coward and sir Thomas Beecham leaving off the final is in a confab. Miriam Hopkins dining on a delicacy at chateau Mode me a crepe Suzete Hing. Larry Hart the most superstitious person in town taking his temperature every lunch time Ai Sardis a and then bending Over it with a lighted match to read it. A Ben Bernie and b Way Rose in front of Lindy the gruesome twosome Dinah is the Thrush toying with a torrid carnal at the Xochitl. Sam Goldwyn variety a editor computing grosses at Park and Jock Whitney in the Colony at the Oblong hour Bankhead. Gird. D. O. A a no gels. Selznick Tail Iamb ire my my a Hallie in our Alley at club 18 of d. Roosevelt jr., was moving swiftly from table to table swapping handshakes with pals and others. It annoyed comedian f. Byers so much he finally blurted Quot what Cha doing Frank a running for a Tho id Tom or speeding a. The laughter rocked 52nd St. Over at polyclinic Hospital yesterday the Leonard Lyons latest cub jumped up in his crib to Tell the Little girl in the adjacent crib Quot in a a boy a. A yeah How wonderful a she said admiringly. A How do you know a. Little Lyons lifted his Nightie. A look a he said. Quot Blue booties a memo of a midnights whatever became of the Cliveden set. The wife of the music Box office treasurer is shedding him via the courts. Horace Heidt the band Feuhrer had his Schnotz mended at a Hosp a week ago today. Of you hear Stork club employees pass the word "200�?�� along to each other a it s their code for a the Boss is coming Sherman Billingsley just got Hep to it after two years. Republic aviation aviation corp., is expected to declare a dividend from $1,500 to $2 on common Stock by May 28thquot Romeo and Juliet was financed for the most part by Warners in settlement of a contract Olivier had with them for a film. Its a boy for the Charles no Nobles. With Loews state in the Market for in. E. Columnists we hear i1. M. Is seeking a Broadway columnist with Ham experience. Add Short Short word eaters the motor magnate who said the War was phony had his belgian Plant bombed by the nazis from whom he accepted a medal. J. Alexanders doing a Seii Ece on Billy Rose suggested title Quot Barnum and Midtown Vignette it happened april 25th at the Pennsylvania hotel. The affair was the National safety Council meeting and a news cameraman named Jimmie layer of the journal and american took several photos of a pretty girl which his editor published that afternoon. But nobody thought to ask the Young lady her name. And so the column is asked to Page her. The nameless Beauty is wanted by the Freres Shubert for a part in a new show. Broadway smalltalk Vivien Leigh is stopping at the ambassador and the Only Way you can reach her by phone is to ask for a name with the initials a is. A. Don t waste time trying to do it a you a never gut the first name even if you know the last we High is Alexander. Col. Gomez tips Ted the p. A. At la Martinique $1,000 Friday night. Betty Lynn of the Quot walk with music which used to be Quot three after three a chorus May become Jarinee de bourbons Princess. Burgess Meredith purchased a hat at the Allied Relief Ball for $100 and then shrieked his head off in protest when he Learned that Elaine Bassett who Model a it did t go with it. Exch amp James j. Braddock says he wishes the report that he has 2 pct of Joe Dimaggio a salary was True. Quot it would be a soft touch what a soft about $400 a year. The column hears that mrs. Jack Dempsey retained Mot Polakoff As her counsel last thursday. For. Jr., and Kendrick Sparrow of Boston have written and sold a Torch song for a big Advance to broadcast music inc., of 580 5th ave., entitled a will spend the rest of my life with Manhattan mural the drug store at 79th and Columbus featuring a fluid called Quot bottled will pow Era. The Best exhibit at the fair a the crowd itself. The Guy Voith the Long Black Beard who has a newsstand at 50th and 7th looks As though he just stepped out of a murder mystery tale. Billy a Steak House at 56th and 1st Avenue where they still use Gas lights for illumination. The pretty Gal at Park and 49th who solicits Money for the baby milk fund by asking passersby this nimble query Quot i beg your Pardon. Do you keep your Wallet near your heart a new orchids Arthur trongo Nethe cabbie near the hotel Belvedere who saved a girls life by talking her out of jumping from the 6th floor where she dangled with one hand. Happened last thursday night. Fausto Curbelo a latest a name Riconda a a Zinger at la Martinique. Val Olmann screw there too Louis Armstrong a recording Quot a. P. american folklore of this generation a Pip. A fifth the song by Mack Gordon and Harry Warren in Zanuck a latest musical Quot Lillian new York novelette she was the screen s glamorous Golden girl a Silken and Superb. More than any actress before or since a her name was synonymous with luxury and elegance. At her height she befriended a struggling fan Magazine writer. The sob sister travelled to the coast Many times at the stars expense and one Christmas her happiness knew no Bounds when the Glamor girl remembered her with a costly Mink coat. Now the Star has waned Only recently she landed on the front pages with a heart tugging tale of financial and marital woe. The sob sister on the other hand has been smiled upon by Fortune. At present she holds one of the towns top executive posts not Long ago the lady executive glimpsed her former Bene actress coming Tow Ard her on fifth Avenue. Hurriedly she crossed the Street to avoid meeting her and As she did a she hid her face in the soft Collar of the Mink coat the Star bought her six years ago sound in the night in Leon and eddies a get a Load of that Figger a shed look Blitter in Inoru of a milk Wagon a. In the Cotton club. Quot what paging father time ten years ago local new a attorney general Brummitt says that a vote May change his party affiliation on the Day of a primary election. A the criminal term of the Superior court will Oigt in at Greensboro May 26. There Art Many cases. A whole Day will by devoted to trial of persons int up from High Point. A registration in the Yard and Garden Eon about people a o. A. Kirkman jr., is a business visitor to new York. A mrs h. L. Shuey of Morganton is visiting relatives Here. A Sherwood Sorrell honorable discharged from the u. S. Navy has returned to his Home Here. New Brief a u. S. Marines killed 16 nicaraguan bandits yesterday. A a the Southern Baptist convention in session at new Orleans has agreed on a budget of $3,000,000. A Forest fires in Wayne and Craven counties in april caused a loss of $8,1%. Twenty years ago Loral Nevi a More than 15 states will lie represented at the Young Peoples convention of the m. P. Church to meet Here next week. A High Point b. P. O. E. Will be represented at the elks convention Wlinich will be held at Salisbury May 25. A shipments from this City to Points North of Washington Are being held up because of congestion in Potomac Yards. About people a e. D. Steele was a business visitor to Greensboro yesterday. A mrs. J. A. Barker attended the commencement at Guilford College yesterday. A miss Mary a Enden Hall has returned to this City after completing her years w Ork As teacher at Summerfield. New Brief a French troops Are retiring from occupied zones in Germany. A Chattanooga will get the a next Southern Baptist convention. A the american legion is to shun labor disputes. Championing the cause of another helpless Neutral is the Maryland s. P. C. A., out to Stop an inventor from trying to sell his High explosive to Congress by Blitzkrieg ing goats All Over the place. Bruce Cotton in Washington Figi Kes show Taft Cin Chin g delegates j bootleggers on run Washington May 15. A on reason for the quiet air of renew Confidence pervading the Taft Cam these Days is a tabulation of Delegat strength just made by a Promise new York lawyer who by the Way not attached to Taft bandwagon. This Man gather his own information state by state a worked out three so i j of figures for t i coming convento these Are i certain votes the first ballot t k Dupwe a a Quot a probable Streng Bruce cation on first Ballo Taft 364 Dewey 255. Probable strength after the Favori son delegations split up Taft 43 Dewey 283. This gentleman figures that a proximately 200 delegates at pm Adelphia will be seriously looking f a dark horse. He made his Survey without knowledge of Taft Headquarters a the Taft people Arentt claiming i dope is necessarily right. But his i ures certainly Arentt discourage them any. Uncle Ham still chasing bootleggers six years after prohibition Endel the internal Revenue Bureau la St making War on bootleggers Illi distillers and rum runners. Trouble Isnit entirely confined the Mountain states either Traditi a1 Home of Moonshiner. The two Gest booze conspiracy cases since i Hibi Tion broke recently in new yet and Oklahoma. In Oklahoma. 169 men we Ere Fondi Ltd t. to it tak liquor j the dry states of Oklahoma Kansas a a Federal offence under liquor Law enforcement act of 1936. New York 122 men were indicted charges of distributing 400,000 ions of alcohol about new York no Jersey and Pennsylvania Over a month period dodging $1,600,000 taxes thereby. Extent of the a Treveno Oerst a Job shown roughly by the figures. In la they seized 11,425 stills and 7,559j Gallons of Mash and fines totalling 224,032 were imposed on liquor violators in Federal court. Situation apparently is improver 1939 seizures of stills were 5 per under the 1938 seizures 7 per under those for 1937, and 31 per under the 1935 figures. Biggest number of cases origin in the Southern Mountain states in the Long ago Days. Theres one Fere Nee though mountaineers shoot the Quot Reveno Oerst so often non Days. They be Learned it does no to pay registering agents stopping propaganda the Law requiring All agents foreign Powers to Register publicly the state department is work Fine if it was meant to Check spread of foreign propaganda. It has made the big publicity Fin awfully shy about taking on fore accounts right now for instance. British government does not Hava Quot Public relations counsel in country although it has made pie of fat offers. One new York firm among most prominent has been solicited every european nation except Many and the Balkan countries turned them All Down figuring stigma of being an admitted Eye agent would be too damaging. It almost took on Norway the figured Norway was one country to would never get into a War. While was mediating the germans de in. The fight beginning today the Fate of the German nation the next 1000 years. A Chanc Hitler to i troops invading hoi i do not believe the con Flagra will spread to this hemisphere. A Kachiro Suma spokesman of the panese foreign office. In Izzy Keem the farm she does no to know can to Hurt me. At Ruban Bleu Quot you know the Type a she a a Diamond a dozen a. In club 18 a a it a a cinch her singing will bring Back silent pictures. At the Torch Quot hey who a the try Lon with the per sphere a. In place Elegante Quot you Lucky Lucky people tonight a there Isnit a grrr Damn celebrity in the House a. At the Gaucho a a she a something to look Forward to a and backward at. At Theodore a Quot sure she knows right from wrong. Its wrong she says when she comes Home without a new Bracelet. At Coq Rouge a a he a so unoriginal. When he talks you can just see him turning the Page. At the beachcomber a the wears his hair departed in the Middle. At Armando a Quot can you imagine she wears a dress like that and exp sect a Guy to respect Hor neutrality a ii a a \ hit seems like Henry Ford has got a practical Idear maybe a bout farming. He a a co sponsor of the National farm youth foundation which Aims to provide 20,000 scholarships Ferl farm youths. Or. A Ford said a the family system of farming has Suff Young men of the farm have not ired their opportunities on Home i and Young men of the City have appreciated the career a farm Offe i never snowed there a any Cai in farming onless raising you guns career. But hit la be a mighty thing if he Kin git Mem to work says Quot the boys All go to town i in careers and As Fer the gals Kain to hardly git one of them to Wood let alone plough and Hoe Cut since Aluta the world was which. Will be turned Back

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