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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 13, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Page fourth High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of a High Point North Carolina Mol Allamay 13, 194 Ign Point enter prise published afternoon and sunday morning j p Rawley publisher i91v-lw b. Terry president a. Rawley 8<c�?Ty and tres. Emmett a. Cecil Gen. Mgr. Pus m. Waynick editor subscription states Dally and sunday by Carrier in High Point and nearby town Cive months. So months. 5-j? ree months. A 3 22 e month. A s e week. 20 carriers in nearby towns Are not flitted to collect for More than one a a in Advance Jarr lera in City a not i rim atari to Cal to for a period of More than five weeks la ubic Riolon for a longer period a d2,. Do a meet should be made direct to office. A the associated press is Ipri to the Uff it for republication of ill we Lipat Choc credited to it or not oth to cry Dot a in the Pai to and Alan it. A1 news pull ahead therein. Member of audit Bureau of circulation ii or r f i its second Claes matter at the cml in Hui. W it Jmc Unda. The. I of Colima of March 8 if a National adv repress us is thi John Budd co. 420 Lexington Ava. New Yoi a City Munday May 13, 1940. It it Wuzhi and of be walk contrary unto me id will not Hearken unto or i will Ink seven times More plagues upon u according to your of. A punishment is Justice for the unjust Augustine. Orth a to Lin a in Roosevelt peaking of Blitzkrieg consider that one in North Garcia saturday in the interest of third term for president Roose a it. Local defences Here and there pre sabotaged completely. The Josevelt machine rolled Over the ate and now comes the report at 2,710 of the 3,506 delegates trued for the state convention pc instructed to support a third pm. Included among those 2,710 a Many no doubt to whom the lord term idea is anathema. We Low we can name a few in that Egorov in the Guilford Solega >w.l. In this county forces so even a divided on other issues deem a of More practical importance optically did not dare even Hen their wishes undoubtedly Ere to do so to oppose Roose rat. Not a Peep against the lord term Resolution managed y major Edney Ridge of teens Boro came out of the res iut ions committee or the demotic county convention itself. When it is borne in mind that in convention forces dominant sturday were being marshalled i some extent by the brother inlaw and close associate of c. Shuping bitter anti adminis a Monist nothing More need to a said in support of the propose on that the Roosevelt Resolution As swallowed by some As a bit a Pill. North Carolina politicians can e through a Stone Wall about As r As the next Man or group of in and it has to it Een apparent in months that no one other Lan Roosevelt can prevent his pm nation. Under the Circum ances perhaps it should t be uprising that few can be found Nong the a a practical boys will a to stand in the Way of the mighty Mobile fortresses of the lord term movement. Ill i and of \ Ovik c career not always does a Star of the Nursement firmament know Hen his career is ended. Not Al ays Are those who Are certain knit the close of a career Light judgment. Shirley Temple is tiring from the screen on the Dement of the producers who a Al her under contract. The 11-Jar-old actress Defeated by the to growth which children normally want takes leave of the ours with three million dollars Hod away. She May come backs not As a wild actress hut in maturer roles Lere have been instances of cd dual successes but they Are re and in no instance we re-11 has the mature roles made nutation equal to that Stab hed by the younger ones therefore perhaps Shirley will o Only in the memories of those Ivy a it. Fin vim tin Art of the child and in the Musty Rolls of celluloid As far As her a a Public is concerned. We May wish for her a life Richer and Fuller than it could be for anyone constantly catering to the general Public and appreciate the fact that she leaves the movies before the Sweet illusions of her entrancing work Are disturbed for the millions who have enjoyed her talented childhood. Concerning petition for building permit the High Point Board of adjustment had a request before it Nowr of More than Ordinary Public interest. The request is for a permit to allow the erection of a gasoline filling station on a site within the first Block of English Street. The site is on the North Side of English Street at a Point where College Street dead ends. The declared purpose of the City from time to time is to open College through to Elm at least for the Relief of the great traffic congestion of main Street. No Structure should be erected on the site in question without deliberation of its effect on this ultimate necessity a the Extension of College Street. At prefer re a curb Market occupies part of the site sought to be converted into a filling station. The proposal for construction of anything resembling a permanent business place on it seems to us to Call for joint consideration of the Board of adjustment and the City Council. Friendly suggestion for state police one of the worst traffic jams Guilford has experienced occurred on the Winston Salem Greensboro Road in the Vicinity of the tri City Airport yesterday. The air show Drew an extraordinary crowd of motorists but not even the huge crowd could justify the amazing blockade of a main Road As it was blockaded at the time of the breaking up of the show. State police were in charge. They were there in considerable Force but they have much to learn about How to handle a traffic Jam. We would suggest to the commander of the state patrol that he witness one instance of the handling of a traffic Jam by the police in or near Baltimore for instance and then have his men instructed in traffic management by someone who knows How to handle a real crowd. Certain aspects of one state contest not often does on of the larger newspapers in this state take enough Intel est in the result of contests Between members of the same party for nominations in primaries to make known their preferences. A present instance of exception is that of the Charlotte observer apparently out and out for Pete Murphy of Rowan for Secretary of state. Hon. Walter Murphy better known As Pete has been a warhorse of his party for longer than 40 years. He was a member of the 1897 legislature if we Are not mistaken and he has Bien a mighty Force in legislative circles almost continuously since. Now he wants to be Secretary of state. When Al Smith then governor of new York was invited to North Carolina to talk to our official family about How a state government can be streamlined he had reduced new Yorkus from 99 agencies to 17, if our memory serves us he told the Secretary of state then Stacey Wade that the office was an aggrandised clerkship. Certainly it is an office in which the career men a the let oys and girls who remain administration after administration a do most of the work and can do it All. The present Youthful Holder of the office Thad Eure a far East Erner seeks renomination and the Charlotte observer advocates or. Murphy partly on the basis of the fact that the u est does not get its share of state offices. There is a mighty Good other special reason which is giving Pete Murphy strength in the Cam j >t1l he . I it history and traditions of the state than any other Man in Public life. He would be an asset at Raleigh As historian extraordinary at any time and he would be especially desirable there now when the state is developing tourist interest and needs Good North Carolina tale tellers. If or. Murphy lands the Job we Hope he will leave the work to Max Abernethy and the girls As his predecessors have done and devote most of his time to cultivating visitors from out of the state and keenly interested children from the schools within the state. Pete Murphy will be Worth his salary if he lands for that service alone. With a a Dale. Carnegie author of a How to win friends and influence people in 1893 a panic swooped Down on the country like a Mink on a Chicken pen. Arthur e. Stilwell was trying to build what is now the Kansas City Southern railway. He needed Money three million dollars. The Only Chance for him to raise that amount of Money was in Holland but he knew no one in Holland he had no powerful connections. But if that was where the Money was then that was the place to go. So Arthur e. Stilwell started to Holland to raise three million dollars but done to think he went on a wild Goose Chase. He had a splendid reputation and he had All the credentials any one could ask for. He recalled that once on a sightseeing trip he had met a Hollander but for the life of him he could not remember his name All that he could fish out of the past was that the Man was in the Coffee business. He thought that lie might recognize the name if he saw it in print so when he arrived in Holland he went to the Coffee Exchange and looked at the list of members. There it was John de Geol Jen. An unusual name. What was to be his next step instead of Rushing directly to his Prospect he first Learned All he could about him. He spent two Days doing this. He looked up the name of the boat on which they had met the name of the Captain and the names of some of the passengers on the third Day he presented himself at the hollanders office. The Man was to based to see him and to learn that or. Stilwell had remembered so much about him. They had dinner together and talked of their former association. The Hollander liked the affable american and was flattered because he had come to Sec him. Or. Stilwell then told him that he was financing a Railroad and offered the Hollander a Job for three years As foreign representative. The Man was doubly interested now and after going into details agreed to act As representative. Through him or. Stilwell was Able to meet the financiers of Holland. The Stock was prepared for Sale a Camj Saign was mapped out. And the Stock was put on the Market. Small investors stampeded to get in. In 27 minutes after the doors of the bourse were opened the Stock Issue was snapped up he had his three million dollars. He took the Money Back to Kansas City and completed his Railroad and did such an outstanding Job that his Road built one third of the new mileage for the whole United states for 1893. The Pivotal Point was the Way he approached the one Man he knew in Holland. He Learned All he could about him before he saw him he placed the Man under obligation to him gave him responsibility and procured his cooperation in raising the Money. The town of port Arthur. Texas is named for Arthur e. Stilwell. Start St Rai Book Many readers Are cutting out these columns and pasting them in scrap books so that they May review and study them As a text Book on Success. Why not Start your Success scrap Book now Brevi ties in this decade another social responsibility must be assumed by Industry the responsibility to workers thrown out of work by new Murray chairman of the soc. The communists have wrecked our movement just As they wrecked the recent youth Congress. A a. Philip Randolph declining re election As president of the National negro Congress. I think i can win 30 games this year. Last year i did things wrong that i u do right this year enough to make the Feller. Cleveland indians pitching Ace. Any human action that produces Hurt or injury cannot possibly he Good. Rabbi Mon is m. Goldberg. New face to face fir test a Quot to a n or a it a it a a la a or "3a a. He Walter Winchell on Broadway Ctm Mark registered. Copyright 194#, Pally Mirror Man about town Zorina Aud Balanchine Are acting like loons instead of adults. Before she went with a Louisiana Purchase she to Speed alone at the Ritz Tower. F. Donald Coster s widow May remarry soon. Why was that break at the Wal kill prison hushed last month. Jam Frazer Frazer Sisters was quietly divorced in Chicago two weeks ago. Groucho and Chico Marx Are having their own Warthe Scripps toward gazettes Are for Wendell Winkle. And done to be surprised if time. Life and Fortune comr out for him. Too Jot Adonis saved the police dept much embarrassment by giving up. The a wanted ads 120,000 of them misspelled comm Valentine s name. Nunnally Johnson is convinced Saroyan is some kind of practical joke it a literary hot foot that George Jean Nathan is playing Oft d. Watts. Or. Aldine judge s divorce Cost husband i. Topping $25,000 in counsel fees. That the fee for his own lawyer when the Hill arrived the Oiler Las. Topping phoned the attorney Aud said a a in la play you one game of Golf a $50,000 or nothing. The game is to he played this week. The barrister i John Kadel Oner Golf Champ of w in Tuot. Nixie Dunbar a pals suspect that she married Gene Snyder Long Hoot Gibson is flying to Detroit for Barbara Bannister s premiere bowery its that serious. The Vav. Gardeners i Babs Beok with those who said they were arranging a Florida melting they be made m. Loring the Royal Palm club Thrush has it had again. She s the re wife of a local sports pager. The cops Are readying to Finger new York night club employees just like in Miami Beach. Jenkins i lightweight Champ had a Brandy via Coffee at toe ing out ambers. Mrs. Myron Kirk has movies of Hollywood Pool showing him holding hands with Anita. One of the nations richest motor car makers is s slum s before Myron lolling Ai and i done Tmea turning Catholic ago. At the fooled up. Est rung in Niall the new Knock round a n Santa Orson Welle received oodles of publicity Over the legend that on May with he would inherit $15,000. To what happened. Well. Orson got the Check from the estate on that Date but taxes erosion time and Etc Etera made him the receiver of the magnificent sum of #28.10, Sherman Fairchild the air plane parts mfg Powers heaven arc Bloop-Bloop.,. Phil amid oven change of heart is now the Siwady Shadow of of Model. Christine Fisher and Hamilton Andrews Are a Trude Nie Srno a hideaway poops is allegedly one of Chicago lid Dorothy Sparrow of whose Beatrice had a by Tibbett the Conover mid item. Ger richest lads who follows by plane wherever she premieres. Eileen Mckenny a my sister Eileen Quot became i s. N. West in Beverly Hills april 19thsaxie Dowell certainly did no to get fussy when he wrote a playmates. A which is a redwing note for not nazi 5th columns Are timing established All Over s. America. In Ecuador a purge of nazis left the nation with hardly any air Force.,., Viv Leigh has Broadway All to herself this week in person As Juliet at the 51st Street theatre at the Capitol in a Waterloo Bridge a at the Rivoli in �?o21 Days together and at the Astor in a woman who is a Clever Crook Ami who in mulch plenty of Coin from married men respectable and vice versa including a governor in new England has finally been caught up wit ii by John Law never before would anyone Hermit her threats to get into a courtroom. One Man fed up with the blackmail let the spotlight Blind Bim temporarily to unmask Lier. The names Are so big lawyers believe their eyes when they saw a Small account of her predicament in a newspaper. It seemed to he the understanding of All lawyers whose clients were trapped by her skirts that no sum would he too big to hush things up and now she is prison hound and when she gets out her face will Imas wrinkled As her reputation. The Allied Relief Bull Friday even a raised $42,700. Joyce Mathews new Groom. Col. Gomez is the biggest Money Man since Diamond Jim Brady. Gomez carried too thousand Dollar Bills when he came to town.,ii. Innes the Paramount exec and Leila Ernst of a too Man girls Quot Are sighing in rhythm Wallace be cry and Polly Adler Arm in armed it on 5th Avenue the other afternoon bowing to their respective fans. Such popularity. The Straw that killed kid Mccoy the screen Story he and a Friend wrote about his life was rejected by the studios. Now. Two studios picture about him from the cold a of april 12th Chamberlain May be replaced by Churchill As head biggest raid was on the world Telly 11 placed. Are thinking of doing a the report persists that Man me be in 3 was Quot men who wont tic re or. Whitney a settlement press. In Cash it is under $1.50, she must pay present yearly which Jock had Given her Yea frequently with Dick Vic gee Hilt she has gotten herself she enjoys a taking Quot their men a bar surrounded by 8 or to sired tips. Isnit anything like the three million Given the too she gets property Worth $800,000�?on which taxes of $85,000 jewels insured of $220.000�? is age a anyway. She is seen in Reno most who is just through a Rushing Quot Muriel Hamler cordially disliked by most of the divorcees for away from them. Sometimes Slit walks into cowboys and delights in leaving a Rockefeller Quot Diana Barrymore treats j. Gerard jr., As though she were mrs. J. G. Or Leif Erickson a current insomnia is Doris Dudley. Lyle Talbot is celebrating his divorce with fifi do Orsa Jim Braddock gets two percent of Joe Dimaggio a earnings. The daily news has assured the Larry Clinton it will be a boy Iturbi is now campaigning for Miriam Hopkins. John Lowe of Hollywood is Ruby Keeler Jolson a greatest fan a Natalie Hall the Thrush will marry the chief counsel of a big milk firm it All jells Well in Reno mrs. Kay Foster Mother of Betty Benjamin who divorced Bettye a pop 18 years ago May wed him again. Teachers will be startled at the inside info in May Healy articles in civil service Leader. Biggies will squirm. The police have in to tempt in or j n Ltd 1 d o father time ten years ago local news Nineteen badges were awarded High Point boy scouts at the May court of Honor held at Wesley memorial Church last night. Mrs. La. A. Millis will speak tonight Over the local broadcasting station Werc in reference to the Flower show which is to be held in the furniture exposition building thursday and Friday of this week High Point 1930 population is 38,708. About in Cople miss Rosa Long has returned from Richmond a. L. C. Parker and e. A. Byrum Are attending the knitting arts exhibition in Philadelphia or. And mrs. Charles t. Hamilton left yesterday for their summer Home at Montreat. New Brief a the first trans at lactic mail plane has landed near Rio Janeiro after crossing the Ocean from Natal Africa. A Asheville today honoured the 100th anniversary of the birth of Zebulon Baird Vance. North Carolinas War governor. Twenty ears Ach local new the Mccrary Cigar company has been organized Here. K. T. Terrell of Greensboro will he superintendent of the factory to be located Over the Western Union offices on North main Street. The Quaker Quartetti composed of mrs. La. I. Cof Field or. And mrs. Gurney Briggs and Dan w. Smith gave a concert at Guilford College last night. About people mrs. J. A. Eshelman returned last night from m. F. Crook so int yesterday in Charlotte. A mrs. C. M. Brown is spending the Day in Salisbury. New briefs Carranza troops and rebels Are waging a furious Battle in Mexico. A saloons Are said to be w id open in new York. A the Honor system has been abolished at Northwestern University. Unique these hobbies of modern Heads of states. President Roosevelt and King George collect Stamps. Hitler collects Stamps and also the nations that Issue them. Oops Pardon me says the fuehrer edging his Way into he Netherlands a sort of Modem Don Quixote out to fight the windmills. Married a year ago in Florida to Alicia Reynolds. Nancy Mac Woodbury. The soap hired is the reason Tony Demarco looks happier lately. The univ. Of Missouri annual award this year will go to the Portland oregonian. Publisher k i. Hoyt is Prohs by the youngest on a big town Gazette. Sally Fields the rage of vaudeville not too Long ago will soon return to the footlights and hurray for . P. Leevoy who blogs Charles e. Coughlin in Reader digest May he sued for alleging that the reverend Brogue is phony. A a Whitey Dahl. Franco prisoner had Check trouble at the Stork saturday night. After listening to of dry a speech on the radio Over 200 diners in Dunty Moore stood up and applauded. All the opposition against for is Irene Only Bruce Cotton in Washington maritime Union Row with government n a ring fire Wor k s Washington. May 13�?�?Tthe longstanding Row Between c. I. National maritime Union and the Bureau of Marine inspection and navigation is beginning to break into the open. Biggest maritime Union complaint is the charge the Bureau has been antiunion and has used its Powers under the navigation Laws to j discipline militant Union men while let a steamship own-�-0- trailers off with a slap on the wrist. Bruce cation Early this month the Union distributed about Washington a pamphlet summing up its charges demanding a revision of policies by the Bureau and calling for dismissal of the bureaus director. Commander r. S. Field. This win touch off some fireworks. The Bureau is a part of the department of Commerce and hence it responsible to Harry Hopkins. It is an open secret that top department people Arentt wholly satisfied with the bureaus record and that certain changes Are in the cards. There will he an immediate backfire however if anything of the kind comes on the heels of the Union s pamphlet. For the rumours of an impending shake up in the Bureau sound to some congressmen like Advance announcements of a a surrender to the c. I. and some ardent anti new dealers Are already collecting ammunition. Right to strike is Basic Issue Basic cause of the trouble is disagreement Over when and How a Sailor May strike. It s pretty generally agreed a sink while a ship is on the High seas is either Mutiny or something very much like it. The Union however argues that while a ship is at Anchor or at Dock in a port the seamen May strik without incurring any More penalties than factory hand ashore would incur. Commander Field does t see it that Way. As Field interprets the Law. Once a Sailor has signed articles aboard ship he is under contract. Under that interpretation a sit Down strike by men who have signed on is illegal even though the ship May he tied up at wharf. Field Points out. However a mar May not he held to involuntary Servi tilde aboard ship if a Crew wants to strike 11 it members May imply go Ashir or desert ship without suf a Lei my any i entity other than forfeiture of pay. Bureau caught in old Union Rou of a certain extent the Bureau a been caught in the old a. F. . I. Crossfire. Under the navigation Lawi As revised in 1936. Merchant seamen Are supposed to possess Continuo discharge books giving a record each voyage. The c. I. O. Sailo have denounced this As a Quot Fink Book a asserting it makes possible Black list my of Union sailors they Carty certificates of identification instead. A. F. L. Sailors on the other hand a the Book. Done to Overlook Ibe fact that the Dies committee has been gathering Good Deal of testimony about allege communist influence in the National maritime Union. That will he drawn on heavily if the unions scrap with the Bureau comes to a showdown. Bees Are reported especially Fey of Blue Flowers the wary picnickers then will think twice before spreading his cloth in a Field of violets. The Gemsbok a soul ii african Ante. Lope never drinks water a Pecula Rit shared with the North America inebriated. It is estimated some 52 million pee pie will be on the highways in the cars during vacation periods this sunk Mer any 51.500, of whom can a Quot found on a Given Road any sunday All ter noon. It by Winner take All hit seems like the allies got stall of cd after Hitler give pfc Mem a taste of War right in their faces. Even at that they got one thing to thank Hitler for and that s putting a i reef m chamber i we if j Iain a unti Melier. When they got tha Outen the Way. They Wasny to Long git tiny started. According to the papers tin germans has been flailed close to the Border and Allied air planes Start cd a rapping a few bombs on Germa soil. In my judgment the Only a the allies Kin win this War is to fight it out in Germany and they la Likel have to git Hitler Outen the Way for they Kin do that. Like Paw said once a bout thai Arn Mons gang a the Only Way to

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