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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 13, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Weather partly hourly tonight Ami attic sea the High Point Enterprise \ of. 56 no. 13 i associated dues. High Point n. C., monday afternoon May 13, 1910 Complete s a Selix la be lli�1b i oin tin outer of diversified manufacturing Enterprise Price Fin e cents nazis break into Liege against belgian Churchill Given great support by hogs Britain a new chief dedicates regime to Victory at All costs strategic fort claimed by German High command Churchill is Given unanimous vote of Confidence after stirring speech Kirman Moto Terman censored i nit smashes caption shows a barricade motor unit of this radio telephoto according to Tho the German army of invasion smashing a barricade somewhere in Belgium. Utch forces admit nazi pressure causing series f Quot strategic Quot retreats bulletins spa Kenter dec Keir Paris May is. A 111 a it til military f tourney de a red tonight that the germen nth ant e through Southern Holland and Belgium appeared to or a tie wed i la Elmina in London Lon Don. May is. A i pm a Ilieen a Whelmina of Holland arrived in England tonight. A a. O by shot Paris May it. A i pm a a Rench spokesman today said a Ranee had no intention of renin in her decision to Mumm ii Para mite troop defending French territory and not nearing the regular German uniform. He termed barbarism Ermany a tire at of reprisal. A Alii Aven bombed London. May is�?1 1>�?the ill ministry today Annot need a Erie of Quot successful bombing Hacks by the Royal in Oree during the night on the Yaa Haven Ai drome near Roterdam. Which German Force copied on their invasion of he Netherlands lot on Satur a. Ami thi n recaptured. New in f Erent e m o n t e \ Ideo Rug int a Lay is�?1 p a with Argentia ailing for in Inri h As Ltd idol a a Quot non belligerent Quot to 11title Tow a re the i Inq re i tar i Uruguay a reported to Lay to hate proposed a new onto Rance flt to decide Iii inline tips no t lie i vim 11� a ii Reph Lea now pledged to strict neural try. A a a but so hot Washington. May is a Lii Secretary Hull displayed a tick of enthusiasm today Over proposal by the Argentine for Ign minister for the adoption f a pan american policy of non belligerency Leut ratify. Instead of Apar assured of idies status quo take stand behind inundation line against invading troops by j. Reilly d is Luvan a Amsterdam. May 13.�? a the dutch command admitted today that its forces were making strategic retreats under the pressure of heavy German attacks but still held their water defense lines. It announced that dutch forces in Western Gelderland province a below the Ijssel Meer Guider Zee a were taking a stand behind their inundation line against a German Force w hich has crossed the Ijssel River and Quot come into Contact at some Point so with dutch forces. Ii said dutch Border troops had withdrawn also with Small losses to prepared defense position in the northeastern provinces. Germans in the North admittedly reached some Points on the Eastern shorn of the Ijssel Meer i Guider Zee. In Berlin. Dub. Official German new Agency reported Complete nazi occupation of the Northern province of Groningen and a Aid German forces had spread everywhere on the Eastern Shore of the Ijssel Meer which they reached Ai Harlingen yesterday ill ers \ it in the South the High command said German mechanized troops had penetrated to tin Langstraat Region which roughly is North of Tilburg and West Utah ii Bouch. Holland n great network of Rivers however still is beyond the nazis on tins northward path toward Rotterdam and Amsterdam. The communique said Quot German troops which passed the in Tuffo have come into Contact at some Points with our positions in the Western part of Gelderland which Are secured by inundations. Quot in the Northern provinces. German troops have reached locally the coast of the Ijssel Meer and of the Wadd Entee Between the Mainland and the Northern fringe of islands in tile North sea. Continued on in age two Britain and Holland do hoi intend to land troops there German communications lines to dutch Frontier and troops Are bombed Rny Kyo might i in c a and Holland both assured lain today they had no intention altering the status quo in Tho to Herlands Rich indies posses. Its. h a Iii a at a i in lint., i a ugh informed foreign mini a t Chiro arils that Britain did intend to interfere with the sent situation in the dutch 1st indies since she believed the tech forces there were sufficient maintain the integrity of the my concern had been expressed in by japanese quarters lest the Tish and French landings of res in the dutch West Ludo by be followed by similar Al-1 action Iii the fast inn ii has officially notified infested pow it s is imm Nims. In a i the european War shall no change in the East in Start us. And also reassured Japan. London May 13 uhf the air ministry announced today that the Royal air Force had attacked German communication lines Between the Rhine anti dutch Frontier and Quot heavily bombed Quot troops advancing in East Belgium. The ministry s communique Fol j was exaggerated. Lows i the British legation to the holy Quot the air ministry announces see As Well us authorities Al the that Whitby and Wellington air Vatican were reported reliably to Craft of the r a f. Carried out a have advised the English and series of attacks on enemy com f scottish students it would be Pru germans claim 18,000 dutch. Soldiers taken la e r Lin. May dub official German new Agency reported today hat one of the German Annie sweeping into the lowlands had captured about in too dutch Soldier while at one Point in South Midland a dutch general and ids stuff were seized. Dub said Tutu i re neb soldiers were captured in an action South of Saar Nicken on the magi not West Wall front in which German lines rushed Forward. The Agency also retail Ted the rapture of a Mhz prisoner mostly British by German Force in Norway in a fight at to North of mos Joen on the West coast in tween nut ilk and trondheim. Littorio line is reinforced further anti Allied demonstrations by italians Rome. May it a a a in the midst of a rising anti Albed Campaign Italy busily reinforced Lier Littorio line of fortified positions along the Western Alpine Frontier facing France today and according to italian sources called out additional reservists to reinforce her army of 1,250.000 men. There were two major expressions of anti Allied sentiment one a series of student demonstrations that brought out 500 soldiers and police to protect Ute British and French embassies the other continued propaganda against British French control Over shipping Jill the Mediterranean. Troop and police prevented the i student demonstration from Reaeh-1 ing tile two embassies. Students i who had marched through the a sirens with att italian Flag dispersed after Pei taters said they bad Beard them shouting for War. In addition Catholic sources i announced that English and scottish seminaries tor student priests were being closed and that the i belgian Seminary had been closed no confirmation of the Calliot fresh reservists was available n i authoritative quarters on to. I grounds that it w a military in j formation. But one informed source said the figure of , men published abroad probably by Iii Cill Wagnon London May 13.�? m3 a Britain a new chief Winston Churchill rained a unanimous Quot win the War mandate in parliament today after he warned that Quot without Victory there is no survival a either for the British Empire or what it represents. He presented his streamlined War Cabinet with its two Laberite members As a Cabinet of Unity and dedicated his coalition government to a single aim Quot Victory at All parliament summoned suddenly from vacation gave him unania Mous votes before adjourning to May 21. Two Independent labor members James Maxton and Campbell Stephen forced the commons to ballot on a Resolution offered by Churchill that his ministry represented Quot the United and inflexible resolve of the nation to prosecute the War with Germany to a victorious they shouted Quot not when the question of unanimous approval was raised but the j vote they forced ended up 381 to 0 because they had to act As tellers for the Quot not votes and could not vote them i selves. Churchill warned that the Alii i arc Quot in the preliminary phase of i one of the greatest Battles in his i tory Quot and proclaimed the aim of Victory at All Coit Quot because no is Vic la a a x x without Victory there a j no survival x x x no aur Viva for i the British Empire no aur Viva i for All that the British Empire i Baa stood for no aur Viva for the urge and the impose of the Agen that Mankind shall move Forward towards i in the House of lord the foreign Secretary. Lord Halifax said i a every Effort la being made to i support the dutch and belgians j i in their struggle by Tea by land and by Churchill who named Hia Cabinet and service ministers i inlay and filled other posts j ter Day said he expected to further appointments tonight Hia policy t he said la to wage War by land sea and air. Quot with j Al our might and with All the i strength god has Given us Quot against Quot a monstrous tyranny never sur a passed in the dark and lamentable catalogue of human crime Churchill warned of Quot Many Many months of struggle and suffering ahead even As earlier and authorized source told of possible heavy blows to the Allied cause a Adolf hitlers legions smashed j against bitter resistance in the in i faded lowlands. Germany apparently is staking Quot almost everything in an attempt j to win the War a British source said and speeding an at a tempi to drive a wedge Between i the dutch and the belgians while i throwing numbers of Parachute a Berlin May 13.�? a a a German troops have broken into strategic Liege and the German Flag has waved Over the Citadel of the famous fortress since this morning the j High command announced today. Belgian troops Are fighting bitterly against the crushing German Advance however and Are offering opposition in some of the outer forts of Liege it said. French troops Are moving up and have been thrown into the area South of Liege and i West of the Ourthe River toward which the i German troops Are moving it added. It Quot nerve Gas newest nazi War weapon penetrates Gas mask and renders victim helpless Bern Switzerland. May is. A a a Jap a a Quot Timeki Quot which Rule Ordinary git masks nil Render la victim Kelpie anti liable to coordinate their Muscles May he the Quot Surprise weapons which folded the German to rapture f Ort fount Ronael and Filiti drive an opening wedge into the belgian defense line. That belief a expressed today by Neutral military attaches to Switzerland through whose hand passe a great Deal of the War military information. They said a go of fill Type had teen developed Iii Germany and studied in other Rountrie in reent month and that Soldier inhaling it would in overcome by lassitude and would stagger and fall. Howard Blakeslee associated dress science editor reports Toliaf the american chemical society at a meeting two Confin Urti on fag iwo War sat yes add continued on fav6 two Yugoslavia moves to foil italians Hei. J la d e. Yugoslavia May 151.�?us�? a High yugoslav source reported Imlay Quot All Security measures including putting troops on War font my had hem taken in \ in Oslavia to guard against Hgt slide Entrance of Italy into the f Sirop Cali conflict. This source asserted that anti British demonstration Yea ter Day and to la it in Italy Quot confirmed Quot Hie fears of the Belgrade government that Italy would fight with Germany if she entered the War. Ile said that in this event invt Yugoslavia and Greece were in immediate danger of f air list invasion. He reported air Force patrols Over the Adriatic had hem established to watch any italian warship movement. A German t loops also Are driving West from Liege North of the Meuse River. The communique issued from Adolf hitlers Headquarters with his army said Quot the attack of Ger Mim Force in the West made Good Progress on May 12. Quot in Holland. German troop Are j moving Forward West of the South j Willem canal. They have Stab i itched Conia i Wrath troops and i d by air around Rotterdam. Moving Forward a in Belgium the crossing of the Albert canal was forced not the Welt of h t. Out hoops Are a a moving Forward West of Liege and North of the Meuse and have i broken into the City of Liege. Quot the German Flag a waved j on the Citadel since the f pm Moon of May 13 while individual outer i forts still resist. Quot French troops have been i thrown West on the Ourthe and in Southern Belgium. Our troop Are there in a fluid Advance and Are beginning to approach the goal i set up. Quot South and southeastward from j Wei Rueken ton the Westwall Maginot fro tour positions were j moved Forward and several Hundred prisoners were taken the Advance of our army was supported effectively by the air Force i with attacks on troop con Etta Tiona. March columns and rail i roads. Quot the air Force continue its great Battle for air superiority j Over the Western area of opera Ilion with noticeable Success. In All on May 12, 320 plane were j destroyed among them 53 in air j fights. 72 by anti aircraft fire and Hie rest on the ground. Twenty live planes were brought Down during a British attack at maa i str kit by anti aircraft fire. A j single air Squadron succeeded in shooting Down 16. A a our own losses compared to 1 the enemy and measured by our j successes were slight again Yea-1 ter Day. They consisted of 31 planes. Quot the enemy also suffered heavy damage at a. Quot off the dutch coast a Cruiser was heavily damaged by bomb bits. One Cruiser of the Southampton Cia i British t a Well a a transport were sunk and seven More Supply ships were hit and set afire. Quot off Narvik where strength Enod enemy Fleet units appeared i a destroyer was seriously damaged by bombs and another destroyer was seriously damaged off Heeme soy. Continued on Page two second Dai of a total Wahy a hammering the allies from Holland to the Moselle River sector the German military machine gained ground but apparently with heavy losses. This map hits the High spots As follows landed troops on Beach at the Hague. 2�?nazis advanced into Holland As dutch retreated to stronger lines. 3�?slicing through the dutch appendix Lim Berg province. Germans battered maastricht claimed the capture of a major fort at Liege and hammered the Almedy sector. 4�?the German columns in Luxembourg were reported halted by Allied troops. 5�?a full division of nazis 14. X 0 men smashed at the Maginot line near Sierck in an apparent drive to Torce the French to Rush reinforcements there. The shaded area in Holland represents area to to flooded for defense. I he shaded lines in Belgium and France locate defense lines. Underlined cities were targets of Aerial attacks. Roosevelt to recommend increase by Congress for National defense fresh assaults faced by allies near Brussels belgian French and British troops fighting Side by Side to halt Onrush of German m motorized forces by Kobert Okin Brussels May 13.�?<-pi�?belgian, British and French troops fought Side by Side against Gorman motorized forces which the High command said today had Quot delivered new attacks against All our French hurry belgian help enemy attack seeks to further Widen breach in canal defences five Hundred million May be asked to add to two billion already proposed Mun cations in Germany the Rhine and dutch Frontier night. Of Blenheim aircraft bombed enc my troop h roil Ell Eastern Bel during last Quot a Force a to heavily adv a timing cell it. Quot All but in Quot a cod in turned Bale nne of the aircraft these operations re Between j Dent for them to go Home. Infantry Carabiniero and mount j re police in doorways courtyard i Aud streets prevented groups of j student from reaching tile Brit tan and French embassies. I a reported the italian student had been let off Trout their a laser to v hat a planned to he a Large . Washington. May 13 to president Roosevelt plan to Send to Congress this week a recommendation for More Money for National decease. Stephen Early presidential Secretary said the president at this time had no specific amount in mind but would decide on some sum As a result of conferences i with bus advisers on defense. One such conference with War and i Treasury department official was scheduled today. Already pending before Congress Are requests for upward of $ 2. ,000,000 for defense requirements in tile year starting july i there a been conjecture that or. Roosevelt in View it a needs emphasized by rip War abroad might request another ,,non. T it appeared Likely that it Fougnie a. Mobile forces to safeguard the a Western hemisphere at any threatened Point would figure Iii any revised estimates of armaments. Administration quarters had indicated that this and a demand for speeding up munitions manufacture were embodied in War department recommendations submitted by or. Roosevelt for week end study. Asked whether the presidents message might cover the subject i of upward revision of the $45.-ouo.uoo.uou limit on the Public i debt to cover expanded defense appropriations. Early said he knew nothing about it. But assumed that this was a Point on which Treasury Aud budget officials would advise the chief executive j a reporter remarked that be supposed or. Roosevelt would revive suggestions for a special tax to finance a emergency defense expenditure. Early replied that be Quot would not go out on that Hub Quot a Appal Cully auustus a against such a prediction. The president recently told a press conference thai Congress evidently would not vote new taxes ruses Ion. Congressional leaders leaving the while House after their regular monday morning legislative conference with the president. Said they had discussed the forthcoming defense recommendations and foresaw some delay lit adjournment of Congress. Early said the president had before him a group of reports front experts covering All developments in the european conflict since last september including observations on the course of warfare in Poland Denmark. Norway. And partial reports already on Belgium Holland and Luxembourg. A in he president lie said. Was studying these with aides and and i be is with a View to getting from them a composite picture of what i out taut u of in tic indy in Berlin the nazi communed que said that the Germany army having breached the Albert canal fortification and the Ehen Ethael j fortress had taken the Citadel of the Liege fortress on Tho main j belgian defense line for the e coast at Antwerp. In Paris however a War of fice spokesman said the Only fort taken by the bermans in the Liege zone was Eben email. Which the germans occupied saturday. Impeded Allied a rial operations he j said have impeded the German Progress and a nazi column Bead i big toward tongues wag stopped j last night by a mass assault which j put French and German armoured i cars in Contact in Large number for the first tune a Only 35 Miles East of Lints Els in the sector Southeast of tri Lenont however the Berma us threw heavy concentration into the fray and. They said a flanking column a driven 12 Miles past Liege which i 3d Miles Southeast of Tir Lemont the belgians apparently have taken a better grip on themselves with the allies support and it is said Here the Campaign is fat from Over. Experienced observers predicted that the next few Day will Tell Tho Story. Refugees meanwhile steamed West and South some of foot some on bicycles and some in automobiles. Failed states ambassador John Cudahy said be was conferring with belgian red clo officials the Feruline and housing of War refugees already is a tremendous Paris. May i. Up a Germany pushed Ber attack against Tho Netherlands and Belgium with redoubled violence today a French reinforcements rushed to Aid the besieged lowlands the item h High command report Ted in a communique. The enemy attack a reported to be particularly severe in the legion North of the Albert canal apparently in an Effort to Widen the breach already forced in the canal fortifications which make up a vital part of Belgium a de Fet be. System a / the germ a us Alan threw heavy concentrations into the sector Southeast of Tir Lemont which is Only 25 Miles East of Brussels. The German High command reported a flanking column drove l3 Miles past Liege which is 3u Miles Southeast of Tir Lemont other major Points in the renewed nazi drive the French communique said. Were by the belgian ardennes mount Ains which lace German occupied Luxembourg Aud in the Region Betic a lit i Beld Canel and the lower r Bine. I Lulu Uund us lib a i a a 4 continued of in a a Isu

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