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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 11, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Pai to to sit i the High Point Enterprise Piedmont enter of Industry High Point North Carolina thursday May la. 1039 county and municipal governments to inor of fight Over right to tax municipalities 1 of lilies �?~11 ill it by Henry a Veri Eiju special to the Enterprise i Raleigh May ii. There col. Lindbergh in new uniform Are unmistakable intimations a Long expected Battle Between county and municipal governments Over the question of tax ability of municipal property is going to break out shortly with great vigor. Signs pointing that Way come from both sides. To begin with it is a matter of fact no Guesswork that the attorney general a office is being asked for a Broad and inclusive opinion on just what municipal property can legally be taxed by counties. It Isnit a matter of pubic record yet and information that the opinion has been requested Isnit being volunteered by the a. A s office. Opening Gin from the other Side of the Fence the municipalities through Quot municipal news a publication of the North Carolina league of municipalities have launched a bitter attack on the recent decision of the state supreme court holding that hotel property in Warrenton is a proper and Legal subject for coun y taxation. This decision is expected to be used As a lever for taxing such Muni property As Power lines outside their limits which serve Rural customers. It is contended that the entry of the town and cities into the business of furnishing electricity to a us towers outside their limits is a business pure and Sample and not a governmental function. As such. The physical properties would under the Warrenton decision Likely be subject to and Valorme taxation by the counties in which located. It is this possibility w which draws such hot fire from the editorial writer for the munits Organ. It is headed a a changing the constitutions and it strikes out hard at the supreme court s ruling. A there Are now two methods of amending the Constitution of North Carolina. The editorial begins. Quot the first and the Only method prescribed in the Constitution itself la by vote of Tho people the second is by vote of the state supreme court. Quot the Clear language of a Mere Constitution however is apparently taken lightly by a majority of the August members of our highest tribunal whenever tire i provisions of our haste Law con. Filet with their opinions. Justification for this conclusion is i indicates clearly that the towns by the associated Presa i it too soon Quincy mass. Ply Roy g. , owner of a steel casting company eat Down to open his office Safe using a combination known Only to himself. Suddenly the door came off in his hands. Police said a burglar apparently had Given up efforts to crack the Strongbox just As it wan ready to fall apart. All tied in Philadelphia. Up a a life of do in patrons pounded on the door of a state liquor store when they found it locked to minutes before closing a time. Three clerks heard the pounding a but they could t do anything Al amt it. A Holdup Titan had locked the door drawn the shades and at that moment was taking $172 front Cash registers. He escaped through a rear Woor. Leaving flip patrons still a funding and the clerks hound with rope lying on the storeroom floor. Happy Iii huh Day Hoh Broderick Calif. Up a jurors temporarily abandoned court dignity when they discovered it was Deputy prosecutor Robert soil Abe birthday. In a body they arose and Sang Quot Happy birthday to profit in Honor Benton it. Wash. Up a the Benton Rural electric association recently eliminated meter renders and asked All customers to read their own meters report by postcard and Imick payments by Money order. Manager j. La. Whitehead says collections improved to per Lent under the Honor system. Dressed for Royalty prom her new wardrobe especially made for the visit of the King Ami Queen of great Britain mrs. Franklin i. Roosevelt poses above in two attractive dresses. The evening gown at left in pastel shades of mauve Chiffon emphasise a two Tonc train of Lime Green and Petal Pink. Flowers Are bundled where the colors meet. At right is a casual dinner gown with a tailored White crepe top skirt of red and White Star print and a wide Bluebird leather your manners test your knowledge of Correct social usage by answering the following questions then checking against the authoritative answers below 1. Should an employer Sav Quot Good morning to any employees he passes on hts Way to the office 2. Should a business person carry on Long chatty personal Telephone conversations during office hours 3. Is it important that a receptionist appear pleasant and helpful 4. Should a Saleswoman Quot advised a a customer who seems capable of deciding for herself 5. Should a salesperson Tell a customer that what he asks for Quot Isnit being worn this season Quot what would you do Lff Ycu Are a woman trying on dresses in a store. Would you a be As careful of the dresses As though they were your own not straining the seams or staining them with your makeup b be As careless As you like since the store a a a a a a id you responsible for damage answers 1. Yes. 2. No. 3. Yes. 4. No. 5. No. Best Quot what would you do solutions a. The chinese Central government is cooperating with chinese merchants in plans to establish a Large spinning weaving and dyeing Mill in Yunnan province. Sec. Morgenthau celebrates birth Washington. May up a Secretary Henry Morgenthau jr., took time out from fiscal problems on his 48th birthday j anniversary today to order red j roses for a new Treasury Garden j his tall form More stooped j and hi.3 hair thinner than when he took office five and a half years ago the Treasury chief was making no Bones about his concern Over the anticipated $3.-300,000,000 deficit for the next fiscal year. Quot its was the homely Way he described it. Early this week he voiced his misgivings about extra agricultural appropriations now before Congress. The Rose Garden Wasny to a minor matter however to this Man who deals in billions of dollars. As a Young Man he bought a 1,000-acre farm near Fishkill n. Y., and fanning is still his Hobby with emphasis on Flowers and fruits. When workmen started digging up a Corner of the Treasury grounds a few Days ago the Secretary wanted some roses planted there. Jokes about the excavations resembling burying places for some of the Treasury s $1 6,000,000,000 Worth of Gold did no to deter him. See the perfection Oil ranges with High Power burners on display at our store Bloom furniture co. 202 n. Main St. Phone 2195 get it Here see them both Here _ St perfection Oil ranges with High Power Burner and if you want a smaller stove with 3 or i burners we have those too. Guilford furniture co. 209 n. Main St. Phone 2162 a military Man is col. Charlet a. Lindbergh pictured for first time since his return to j. S. In uniform of rank. Lindbergh strides across Lambert Field. St. Louis above during Survey of nation s air Force. Mothers Don t want to be an awesome n Day of being treated like an institution. She might even get a kick out of it. Its not that Dorothy Isnit proud of being a Good Mother she is. Rut in the face of All the Quot Angel Mother sentiments living that Mother s Day lets her in for a its like s tonic for her to he aware that a a he is More than a Mother. By Rith Millett Mother s Day with its senti found in the recent decision in and cities Arent going to give up mental sermons and Mushy Menthe Case of town of Warrenton without further fight. The activity j a enough to make any is. W Arren county 215 n c a a. A office in looking up j Mother feel like an institution. 242 where five of the seven uf1� Lew on the matter indicates j Mead of Uke an attractive rnai the two taken together indicate hat theres a brisk Battle brew no. Iii Nve or i new even Quot. Stean or Mae an air Acme Rembert of the court decided to a least one county is got-1 ionian who happens to be bring a mend the Ting ready to move. Ling up a family because she the i Esmon the question at Issue was whether property owned he the town. But not used for governmental purposes is subject to a j county tax. The supreme four i held. 5 to 2. That it language of the Constitution in the subject is Quot property belonging to the state or to round i j a co rotations shall be exempt from the court s majority reasoned i that w Hen a municipality passed i torn its governmental fun Hen i capital shorts for such purposes a operating a i tuesday and will continue through hotel then it lost the distinctive i thursday la really something new characteristic of a government under the Sun in North Carolina. Think motherhood is a Good in vestment. Modern women have outgrown Mother s Day at least the Way it la traditionally celebrated rut even though she does t like climbing up on a Pedestal for a Day a Mother can to get out of it. It be gracious for her to refuse to mount the Pedes i when everyone is inflating j to with another mothers Day Raleigh May 10-the c. I. J rolling around it is a Lucky safety seminar which started i Young Mother who happens to j Agency which exempts it from tax at inn. By analogy there is reason to believe the court might bold properly subject to taxation it s about the first time that newspapermen have been invited to come up to a series of meetings exclusively for their education such property As Power i be i a with a View to the further dammit and operated to serve it us a elopement of traffic safety tech towers not in the corporate Lions i a Lequea which can he applied to on a theory that the Munich i to. At communities Quot As the pro Pality having gone into an out i Gram expressed it Ami out business proportion for i a a. A soft should be subject to tax maybe the free rooms anti meals a Don. Had something to do with the Al 1 be municipal new editorial most unanimous acceptance of in-.-.�?1------ vital ions to attend the safety ses Sions. At All events by Early tuesday afternoon a representatives from no less than 36 papers had registered. Blit i sep ii of lion Alima 11 there were also registered reproved natives of some thirty Odd organizations interested in safety education. Governor Clyde r. Hoey was an j Early speaker on the tuesday pro i Gram. He expressed regret that he would not be Able to attend All the sessions. Quot but you know in a just busting up schools and and in a busting pm at a rate of one a Day with some extra ones thrown in for Good measure a very now Aud then a he apologized. Ronald Hocutt. Director of the i Highway &4fety division received la neat compliment from his excellency Quot i done to know anybody who has done a better Job than Ronald i Corcutt Quot said the governor of North Carolina s safety program. In you cannot afford to let so called a Spring Lexer itt Gnu you Down. Or let you Down ass. Ionic May be just the a lift vow need this Spring to nuke you feel better and took better. When that tired let Down feeling begins to take hold and you slow Down i Tor and publisher stressed the rein your work and thinking As the Day of newspapers As Par Cun on it is Well to remember Lour by pants in safety education precious red blood Eelis May have been a rile primary role of the Newa re died in no Morei and strength paper is As a reporter a he said Thi. Taiwan 1 Quot in lha 01 Arthur r. Robb editor of Edl be married to a Man with enough j imagination to appreciate How she feels. The Man who does will work As hard to make her feel like an attractive desirable woman As everyone else u working to make her feel like an Awe inspiring self sacrificing better than human Mother. Ewe one Way he Coil i put the idea across would be to take Dorothy not Mother out on the saturday night before mothers Day and see that she has a perfectly swell time. With an evening of gaiety and fun behind Aud the Clive memory of looking Lovely and feeling spoiled she would t mind one Bas been used for displaying various convention paraphernalia a drills forceps etc., for the Den-1 lists loud speakers pennants and the like for the Eair association Box cars and other things for the forty and eight. But the limit was reached yesterday. Into our Sanctum came storming miss Parker indignation written Large in every feature. Quot now what do you suppose i found right by my desk this morning Quot she exploded. Quot of All things. You a never guess a task it was True too the morticians were holding their convention perhaps not inappropriately at the same time that the Highway safety seminar was meeting downstairs. Lebanon c. E. Makes plans for mothers Day the Lebanon methodist protestant Christian Endeavor society held its monthly business meeting at the Home of miss Loie Yokeley on idol Street tuesday evening at 7 30. A Good number of the members were present. The meeting was presided Over by Francis Payne president. The pastor. Rev. O. L. Easter a present with words of encouragement for the Young people with much enthusiasm gained at the Kansas City conference from which he returned in time to meet hts appointments this past week end. Announcement was made that for a lifetime of cooking satisfaction the annual custom would by followed this year and the Christian Endeavor members will entertain the mothers on sunday evening at a supper in the Church hut and this year All the mothers of the Church Sre invited. Misses Lois Yokeley and Doris King will have charge of the program. Plan for work in connection with the state Christian Endeavor convention to be held at High Point College june 22-25, were discussed and mis Ruth King was elected registrar for the society and the president urged the members to cooperate with the registrar in gaining 100t registration. A social hour followed the business session and miss Yokeley assisted by her sister. Miss Gladys Yokeley served delicious refreshments to those present. See our Complete display License revoked included in the list issued by the state Highway safety division today for Driver a License revocations was Jacob e. A mail so. 2 fire station High Point convicted in Thomasville recorders court May 5 on a charge of driving drunk. Place this Beautiful perfection Oil Range with High Power Hume i in your Kitchen. We also have a wide Choice of other models now on display. See them today Cut rate furniture co 613-17 Kart Green phone 2m79 we have a Complete line of perfection Oil stoves and ranges with the famous High Power burners. A Small Down payment will place one in your Kitchen. Home Moffitt 113 East Commerce St. Furniture co. Phone 4973 get your High Power perfection Here get this Fine porcelain enamelled perfection or the new a table top perfection Oil Range from Paramount furniture company 214 knot Washington St. Plume h102 any 14�?stoves or Complete Range a sri have them and Well make it easy for you to buy one Troxler furniture co. English 4046 we have it to a Wear and Strain of worry overwork colds and sickness often lettuce ones blood stick Goth. Rut you a rebuild this strength by restoring sour blood to Normal in the absence of an organic trouble with tile famous s.s.$. Tonic. Improve the appetite further . Ionic whet Lite a Petite. Foods taste better. Natural Iii festive juices Are stimulated arum final a the food you eat is of More value. A very important step Izick to health. I at All drug stores in two sizes. You will find the larger size More economical. Interesting Booklet free Ever since the legislature con Send name and address or Post card to vented the sir Walter has been the ass. Co., Atlanta. Ca., dept. N scene of Zontini Tion that in t quite in Iii la i must be something More than a Bird dog bringing in game kilo Ken i Down by speaking at yester a noon a program were or. F. R. Noi Singer educational consultant of to a american a association lieutenant Franklin a Kreml director of the Northwestern University traffic Institute director Hocutt and judge e. Earle Rives of Greensboro a municipal court. See our display lot helpful illustrated Booklet on the Joy of living. . To sprint Idt we Tindal activity of one sort or another and since the Law makers quit and went Home there have been Many conventions of one sort or another. Which has been something of a plague Aud a nuisance to miss Vallete Parker the hotels pit bile stenographer. 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