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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 11, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Weather mostly Cloudy tonight and Friday. The High Point Enterprise High Point Industry it High Point offers Good Opportunity for year around work vol. 55�?no. 131 Meni Bek associated press High Point. N. A. Thursday afternoon May la 1939 Complete Nea service Price five cents part of miners ordered Back to work last minute bulletins great Britain will fight of Poland threatened use of Force in free City Lead to War prime minister Cham her lain says Britain would be involved in general War London May apr prime minister Chamberlain said in an Albert flail address today that any attempt a to henge the Danzig situation by Force Quot so As to a threaten j polish Independence would inevitably Start a general War i in which Britain would be in i solved. Chamberlain said a in Many minds the danger i spot in Europe today is Danzig j where our assurances to Poland j Are Clear and concise. Although we i would be glad to see the differences Between Poland and Ger a Many amicably settled by discus Sion although we think that they could and should he so settled if an attempt were made to change the situation by Force in such a i Way As to threaten polish Independence Why then that would inevitably Start a general conflagration i in which this country would be involved Quot women i the prime minister spoke to a meeting of woman members of the conservative party shortly after foreign Secretary Viscount Halifax had received soviet ambassador Ivan Mai sky in a new Effort to smooth out russian British negotiations for an Alliance. This meeting coincided with to dictations by Izvestia the russian governments Organ that Moscow would reject Britain s latest pro or. Pm. And Mim min. Pf11 or it Quot a a Quot a it in la. 18-h.i. . Semi finals. I Chamberlain said that sex pre Mier Leon Blum of France who erred Leali e meeting postponed Geneva May 11.�?cpv�?at the. Request of soviet Russia the league of nations today postponed its Council session originally set for next monday until a week later Derringer loses new Vork May a verdict of $8,000 was returned by a jury in supreme court today against Paul Derringer Pitcher for the Cincinnati Beds who was sued for $25,000 by Robert e. Concion Industrial Engineer of Larchmont n. Y. Condon accused the ballplayer of attacking him in a Philadelphia hotel on Lune 27, i Oso during the democratic National convention. Merger ring hearings Philadelphia May ill Cpl with a Speed that stunned prisoners and brought protests from one attorney men and women charged with the Eastern states murder plots to collect insurance were Given Brief hearings in Small groups today and held without Hail. The first group of three included towering Cesare \ Valenti 55, brought Here from a new York prison and Morris bolder both arrested As leading conspirators. And David Brandt Philadelphia typewriter Salesman. Mrs. Page wins Pont e Vedra Beach fla., May 11.�?clh�?defending Champion Marlon i Ley won a nip and tuck Battle from Dorothy Kirby of Atlanta one up today to Advance to the semifinals of the Southern women a Golf tournament. Mrs. Estelle Lawson Page of Greensboro n. Cd a former National Champion shot a sizzling game to swamp mrs. Sam Israel of new Orleans 7 and 5. Widow faces questioning Ilipipw-11 Alfip i a pm Iii i fir to facing a detective after her arrest in Philadelphia. Mrs. Meyer Shenkman is pictured in custody pending an inquiry into the death of her first husband David Smigel. She was the 12th widow and the 24th person arrested in the investigation of the fantastic five state a Poison for profit murder ring suspected of 200 killings in the last to years. British is not so Days More Coal Raleigh May 11.-Ninc state institutions by the division of Purchase and contract have enough Coal to last an average of so Day. Japanese losing War enthusiasm chinese military spokesman says Tokyo forces Are being sapped Chung Kiang China. May la. A aft a chinese military spokesman asserted today that a japanese soldiers Are losing their enthusiasm Quot for the undeclared War in China. The spokesman said this was apparent from statements of new japanese War prisoners who he a Aid show they Are a increasingly lacking in conviction of the righteousness of Japan s Generalissimo Chiang Kai Shek and mme. Chiang whom japanese had reported in Chengdu As a re auit of japanese air raids on this temporary capital were Here today. They inspected damage done by the air bombardments and aided in Relief work. The chinese military spokesman a Ald chinese forces had engaged japanese in 793 clashes on All fronts during last april Aud had visited London yesterday that there was one main danger a a a of War that the rest of Europe filled might become convinced that Brit soviet Russia says Are not Gien enough Assurance proposal acceptable they Tain and Fiance were insincere and i proposal were utterly Unace Able in their present form said soviet Russia insisted on i formation of a a United front of could not be relied upon to carry out their pledges of military Aid. A no More deadly mistake could be made Quot the prime minister asserted than to attribute such in Mutual assistance Quot by Britain sincerity to the British French i France. Russia and Poland or at front. He added least by the first three. Misunderstanding the editorial was taken As an a it would he a frightful thing indication of the Kremlin a att heres How Itman pm the i / / to l l newspaper Izvestia de looks i Tiroux Al a Writy i cd Goebbels eyes Moscow government dared today that British Security i if Europe were to be plunged into War on account of a Mai sky Scall was the third in three Days. Tude. Izvestia said that if Britain and France wanted russian collaboration in any scheme for Security in Eastern Europe they there was no immediate official i must declare themselves willing explanation of the visit but it was i to fight for the soviet i Nion and believed the envoy Laid before lord Halifax the precise russian objections to the British proposals along the line expressed by Izvestia in an editorial. Izvestia said the British proposals were utterly unacceptable in their present form and said soviet Russia insisted on formation of a a United front of Mutual assistance by Britain. France rus it a and Poland or at least the first three uncertainty prevailed whether Britain yet was ready to meet the apparent russian position on Jill Points including the Extension of guarantees to other Baltic neighbors of Russia. The evening Star said Edi Tiro ally a it seems logical that the sys pm of Mutual Protection should killed or wounded .>2.033 Japan a he extended to Lithuania. Latvia est and captured 1,063. And other Baltic chinese strategy now. He de meanwhile in Geneva. League dared is to avoid major Battle of nations circles reported the pos but to keep relentless pressure on j Nihi Lity of a russian request to postpone the opening of the the far Flung japanese lines and Vau eing wherever the japanese withdraw and trying to consolidate China a scattered forces. Such tactics in declared Are preventing the japanese from concentrating Power for heavy often a a Ives and. He said Are enabling the j chinese constantly to sap the Jap anese strength. Roosevelt signs Interior budget Washington May amp 1 a a Hill appropriating $172,679.- 765 for expenses of the Interior j while a representative of the department in the year starting Pennsylvania medical society of not merely invite the soviet Union to help them fight Izvestia concluded a we Are told that by defending Poland and Rumania. Great Britain and France would be defending the Western Frontier of the it. 8. S. R. That is not True the Western Frontier of the a s. S. R is not confined to Poland and Rumania xxx a not having a part of Mutual assistance with great Britain and France nor with Poland the u. S. S. H. Is asked to undertake to assist All these three states without receiving any assistance from them and moreover in the event of aggression aimed at the it. S. S. R. The latter would have to rely solely upon its own forces xxx a in his statement in the House of commons on May to Chamberlain. The British prime minister spoke of collaboration of an Alliance with the in s. 8. R. But collaboration implies reciprocity As its natural basis. Where there is no reciprocity real collaboration. On a 2 Kin. On Page 9 labor supports doctors oppose health program Washington May up a Al and Cio officials testified today in support of a proposal by senator Wagner any for an expanded Federal health program july i was signed today by pres Dent Roosevelt. While the total was $4,853,326 less than the budget Bureau recommended. It was $26,952,852 in excess of the amount for the current year. Included in the measure was $60,823,000 for reclamation and Power projects. Among the in posed it As creating a a danger of breaking Down democracy in this the witnesses testified at a Senate labor committee hearing on legislation which would provide Federal Grants to states for various health activities. A in Germany in 1850 they started these things and what individual items were $23,000,000 i it now a dictatorship Quot or. C. L. For the grand Coulee dam in Palmer of Harrisburg chairman Washington $10,000,000 for the of the Pennsylvania society scentral Valley projects in Call committee on Public health legs fornia and $4,50,000 for the action asserted. Boulder Canyon development on Lee Pressman counsel for the the Colorado River. Cio attributed opposition to the the Hill provides $5,000,000 Bill to a a reactionary group of for water conservation and utilize officials of the american medical Tion projects in the great Plait Slid and Sekii arid areas of the Matthew wot i representing Al urged enactment of the measure contending Ghat a the Berlin May and Here is a picture of the Coal tie up in the i nit my states drawn by headlines across Page one of propaganda minister Paul Joseph Goebbels newspaper Der Andriff a Herr Ite ident Roosevelt Here lie your tasks a Quot catastrophic miners strike a militia against hungry a social crisis in America woman Secretary of Walior absolutely seeks removal of deterrents Secretary Morgenthau to push correction of Pax Laws Washington. May Pic Secretary Morgenthau asserted today the Treasury intends to ask Congress to remove business deterrents from the tax Laws. A reporter asked whether president Roosevelt had virtually forbidden Bim to present a tax revision program to Congress. Morgenthau replied a a that a ridiculous. We re living under a democracy thank although declining to discuss any details of his tax views Morgenthau said specifically he a stood by a press conference statement of a few months ago that he hoped Congress would Clear the tax Laws of business deterrents and use encourage business to take Normal investment risks. He also asserted he stood by his March 3 letters to chairman Harrison of the Senate finale committee and chair France lined with others in Alliance Daladier says problem is to regulate divided interests in nations Paris May apr Premier Daladier told the chamber of deputies today that prance a in Accord with All other states which wish to live honorable a had concluded specific military alliances to prevent a violence and threats from trading Europe into catastrophe. Quot the True he said Quot is to know if the different interests which can Divide Peoples will he regulated by methods of peaceful collaborations or by violence and if necessary he asked if it were necessary to recall a violated promises torn up accords nations which have disappeared or been subjected despite the most solemn promises i made at the same hour when contrary decisions were being Daladier declared the a love of peace is so profound for Alt peo i pies of the world that no one must i Call on it to cover All forceful he asked if peace consisted of invading other countries and presenting a continual new demands which eau Lead to conflict condemning Peoples to a France Quot he said knows no hate. She feels sincere sympathy for All Peoples. She knows beside by Long experience that War would not solve any of the present problems that it would Only make their solution More difficult and More emphasizes partnership the Premier emphasized the partnership of Britain and France and pail tribute to British sacrifices in instituting military conscription. ? a the Solidarity Between France and Britain is closer and More j confident than Ever Quot he said. A it remains the basis of French policy and w e will not let it be weakened by intrigue or by odious and lying Daladier like president Albert Lebrun in an earlier speech As parliament reconvened after the easter recess paid respect to pres-1 ident Roosevelt. A it is with great admiration the Premier said. A that i take note j the state will reach a a a critic of the Noble message of president tipped Topper % a new slant on millinery leaning to High style is displayed by Elizabeth Royce american visitor to Pisa Italy. Her hat was designed by italian milliners after the famous leaning Tower right. Blast kills eight in Grain elevator Road system. In n. C. Needs working Over. Roosevelt addressed to the world april 14 in the name of the great Republic of the United states. A in giving him at the very first the Complete adherence of our government we have been the interpreters of the sentiment of i both Daladier and Lebrun so sudden explosion hurls flames a about 300 feet in air Chicago May tip an explosion and fire levelled a Mam Arnoth South Side Grain elevator i today in which firemen feared j eight or More men were killed j the flames then spread to four j neighbouring elevators and enveloped a Quarter Square mile in searing heat. Fire Marshall Michael j. Corrigan said it was the largest fire j in Chicago since the $8,000,000 t Ai conditions a unless a far j conflagration at the stockyards reaching program is launched May 19, 1934. Five City firemen Raleigh. May tilt a it a North Carolinas primary Highway system once the Pride of it of. Cost of a medical Tare should be a an Couartou 11�-nc> of the lowered so that it la within the Quot our Quot a , own. Commit reach of that Large part of the population which has less than $1,500 Woll asked the administration of old age insurance the National employment service unemployment compensation and health insurance he placed under the department of labor. Other developments in Washington. Secretary Morgenthau reiterated that the Treasury intends to ask Congress to remove business deterrents from the tax Laws. A White House Secretary said president Roosevelt was considering further Steps in the soft Coal shutdown controversy but would take no action As Long As the operators and miners representatives continued negotiations. Rep. Caroline of Day any told a Senate committee that Congress some Day would Squire a nation wide ote before american soldiers could be sent abroad. Tee promising to present certain unspecified tax studies whenever the committees wanted them. Mor Genth amp a expect. The House committee to summon him in about a week. The Treasury Secretary s tax recommendations for Iii ii i a t e d mainly by undersecretary John w. Hanes a former Wall Street broker have been reported to include consolidation of the present four corporation taxes into a single Levy provisions for off etting corporations operating losses of one year against the profits of the following year and numerous other technical changes desired by businessmen recaptured Raleigh May Abs will Barham a life termer convicted in Forsyth county in 1936 of kidnapping w. W. Pollock of Winston Salem was captured Early today near Weldon the penal division said. Messages were approved unanimously by the Cabinet. Britain in Deal with Rumania Sinjin Trade agreement in within the next few Lear Highway Engineer w. \ ame in in said today. The chief Engineer of the state High Way and Public works commission spoke at the conc i uding sea lion of a three Day safety Institute for newspaper sponsored Hgt an investment company the commercial investment Trust. Omni Cine in opinions expressed tuesday by Revenue commissioner a. J. Maxwell Liaise estimated the com to of modernizing the Highway ays tem at 947,000.000. N. C. Farmers Are prompt solving about $23,400.01 0 18 repaying Fra Grants London May la. A Oliver Stanley president of the Board of Trade announced in the House of commons today that great Britain and Rumania had signed a Trade agreement under which Britain would Advance a credit of �5,000,000 about $23,400.ooo j. Britain will take 200,000 tons of rumanian wheat and the credits site will Advance to Rumania will he used for the Purchase of United kingdom goods. Stanley said the protocol of the agreement was signed in Bucharest today following the recent a successful Quot visit of a British Trade Mission. It was expected Rumania mainly would Purchase armaments with her credits. Britain pushed the agreement As part of her Campaign to offset Reich fuehrer Hitler s economic penetration of Central Aud Southeastern Europe. The British Trade Mission was sent to Bucharest after Rumania and Germany signed a Trade agreement Stanley said an organization would he formed to promote British rumanian Trade a in a number of Britain will Purchase 200.000 tons of wheat from the next Harvest a if available Quot at world prices. Details of the agreement Are to he published tomorrow. Cotton w t rehoused destroyed Monroe. May 11 fire caused by the backfiring of a gasoline motor destroyed the Cotton warehouse of Frank h. Fairley and threatened to spread to nearby tanks of the Texas Oil company Early today. About 300 Hales of Cotton in the warehouse were damaged and a Quantity of Loose Cotton was destroyed. In Washington May Llu a5 Low income farm families North Carolina who obtained re j the habilitation Loans from the i Arn Security administration apparently or paying than Back Aster at Worth Quot �2 than Farmers in some other states. Administrator will w Alexander informed senator Bailey dec today that More than half the Money the Fra loaned to North Carolina Farmers up to january i had been repaid by that Date. My four other men two seriously Hurt were taken to hospitals. Preliminary estimates placed the los to Grain and properties at Well above $1,000,000. Reports that casualties might reach a score could not he confirmed because the heat kept firemen some Loo feet from the ruins of elevator a a Quot of the Rosenbaum Grain company where the explosion originated. W. A Gassier superintendent in charge of operations for the company said eight men were believed to have been trapped in Quot a elevator. The elevator covering a Square Block and 150 feet High was at one Hundred and second Street and the Calumet River on the far South Side. It was owned by the Rosenbaum brother Grain company a spokesman for which 800,000 bushels of Grain valued at $200,000 were stored there. To estimated the Joo too. Lewis opens up outlying districts still negotiating however for appalachian area settlement new York May apr John in. Lewis dispatched telegrams of instructions today to Union leaders in outlying districts in the soft Coal mining Region to sign new contracts with operators and when that is accomplished to a arrange for forthwith operation of the about 126,000 Miner employed in the so called outlying districts stopped work May 4 and 5 to Back up the 320.000 Idle miners of the appalachian area whose representatives Are dead a locked with the operators com a Mittee in contract negotiations at the hotel Biltmore. Closed shop i jew to Telegram emphasized that two sentences must he added to the wording of the Cid contracts when the new agreements Are drawn. These sentences make it. M. W. The exclusive bargaining Agency for the employees and establish a Union shop. Reopening of the mines in the 14 districts outside the appalachian area would stax e off a i threatened crisis resulting from a fuel shortage. Lewis was quoted by Ellis Searles a Union officer As saying the ump would sek individual contracts in the appalachian area As Well As in the outlying districts if the joint operators com i Mittee refuses to accept the unions terms at a meeting this afternoon. A John l. Lewis is confident that a Large majority of the Quot operators Are ready to Deal with us individually a Searles said. A a we be got them linked. They will have to accept the Union shop deadlock a deadlock in negotiations for a new contract for the eight state appalachian area Basic for the entire Industry has thrown 460,-000 miners into idleness since the old contract expired March i. A last Effort for a Blanket appalachian agreement will be made in a meeting at 3 p. In. E St. Today. Unless agreement is reach cd individual contracts also will he sought with appalachian operators. The government s proposal of contracts was presented by or. John r. Steelman Ace Federal mediator after expiration of the 24-hour deadline for settlement set tuesday by president Roosevelt. Steelman advanced the plan when the deadlocked committee seeking to reach a new agreement for the appalachian area adjourned at 1 30 a in after the ump had rejected a last minute Compromise offer by the operators. The operators offer did not provide the a Union Quot shop demanded by the miners. Three other elevators Are in he immediate Vicinity. Dock men said no vessels in the Calumet River Cor threatened. A 5-11 alarm and four special alarms brought All apparatus in the area in. On in Ligac 2 Industrial Bankers pick w. It. Speaks As chairman Pinehurst May of a North Carolina Industrial banker today elected w. Marshall Spears of Rocky mount chairman of their Section of the North Carolina Bankers association. Representatives of Trust divisions chose l. E. Watts of Winston Salem chairman of their Section. The sections met before a general session of the 43rd annual convention of the Bankers association at which hankers problems Weie discussed by Harvey weeks assistant vice president of the Central Hanover Bank of new York and Thomas c. Boughs la president of the Morris plan Bank of Richmond a. The convention will end tomorrow after speeches by Preston Delano comptroller of tile cur Reify and governor Hoey new officers will be installed. The hankers Hall will be held tonight. Last night after the annual banquet representatives of the american Institute of banking chapters in the state staged skits to entertain the delegates. The Trust Section voted to held an Annua fall convention of the group the meeting to he held the labor Day week end. Roaring Gap was suggested for this years meeting and the executive committee was empowered to name the place. T. A Chapman of Raleigh was chosen first vice chairman and Secretary treasurer of the Trust Section we Ith j. P. Hobson of Charlotte a second vice chairman. It. H. Mcduffie of Asheville f. D. Bozarth of Durham e. C. Crow jr., of Wilson Fred la Graham of Wilmington and the new officers comprise the new executive committee. A. R. Bennett of Durham was named the sections representative on the executive committee of the Bankers association the Industrial hankers heard Gurney p. Hood of Raleigh state con. On a the 2 wants to give workers Choice claim present Wagner act \ in tall Forres Man to join Union Washington May a it a representative Hoffman a Mich contended before the House labor committee today that the Wagner act had deprived some workers the right to determine whether they want to join a Union. Testifying to support of a series of amendments to the Wagner labor act he has proposed Hoffman frequent critic of that statute and of the National Iju Hor Board asked the committee to write into the act a sentence saying employees shall have the right to join a for not to join Quot a labor organization. A men now Are forced to join a particular Union a and that a been pretty widespread Quot Hoffman said. A there s nothing in the Law that compels anyone to join Quot representative Wood do interjected. A certainly but i do contend that As a matter of practice Many men Are compelled to join a Hoffman replied. Hoffman recalled that in the current Coal controversy there was no disagreement Over working conditions wages or hours but Only Over two other issues a one of which was the cloned shop. A then you want to make the closed shop unlawful a Wood asked. A i Only want to w rite into the Law the right that everyone recognizes a Man should have the right to join or not to Jot i a Hoffman replied. A Al proposal to scrap the National labor Board and substitute a new five Man Agency shaped up As one of the biggest obstacles to any agreement on revising the Wagner labor act

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