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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 11, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Thursday May la. 19v9the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina Page eleven Sec. A ten decisions made by court killing aids Columbus county in construction of proposed Hospital Raleigh May apr the supreme court handed Down to decisions yesterday one of them aiding columbian county in the erection of its proposed Hospital. The court upheld Superior judge . C. Harris refusal to Grant an injunction staying the issuing of Bonds with which to pay for the building. Associate Justice Winborne wrote that the plaintiffs s. W. Carrel jr., and Dock Fowler Columbus county tax payers could not attack the Bond order because they waited More than 30 Days to Institute their action after publication of the order. A non suit granted in Mecklenburg county by judge Hubert e. Olive was reversed. The action was brought by William Rabb for injuries allegedly suffered when he bit into a Weiner and broke two Teeth on a piece of n Etal. The defendants were a. M. Covington and Arthur d. Covington trading As Covington Brothers and the we Hite provision company. The plaintiff did not resist a non suit granted for the provision concern. In writing the opinion. Associate Justice seawall noted that the court we Quot confronted with i Pinehurst May la. In a i int i in a to the it a. free to make a Choice of poll honkers decided yesterday to Cornut in e 0perate with Gurney p. Hood. North Carolina Hanking commissioner in gathering information on the fiscal condition of the state s local units. The local government commission is the Only Agency which now does that work. The investment Bankers elected r. C. Kirchofer of Raleigh As a the Awendaw school in chairman Thomas c. Darst of Charleston county was closed to i Greensboro vice chairman. Other Lay As health officials sought to committeemen Are j. T. Warmath prevent spread of infantile Par and m. Daniel Lewis both of i Lysine. Three new casts were i Greensboro and Murray Atkins of ported yesterday. Charlotte. Five die in freight locomotive pileup n. C. Medical body in Bermuda for Good time on convention with tender of one engine jammed vertically Between them two locomotives of a Pennsylvania double header freight train Are shown after running Over end of a stub track and derailing South of Pittsburgh a. Five crewmen were killed two seriously injured. Registered Bankers will cooperate with g. P. Hood Des. The Choice tween facilitation of Commerce my Hep reservation of the Public health x x \ a in such a Choice it seems to us there is no question that the latter should prevail. A a a a a m Mooi. It i of i Charleston s. Cd May la. Latest farm Market report fruits and vegetables North Carolina shipping Points information and wednesdays Sale on the principal wholesale markets As reported by the i. S. And North Carolina departments of agriculture. Prices Are confined to the ranges at which the Hulk of the Stock of Good Merchantable Quality and condition sold. St v Vikki Kim Chadbourn. N. A demand moderate and Market weaker. Auction sales tuesday 24-quart Why i m not even a Wachovia customer Quot ,. He said. Because he did t have an account at the Wachovia he thought the personal loan plan was not for him. Then he discovered his Friend did t have a Bank account either but was paying off a Wachovia personal loan in monthly instalments so he decided to get the facts. He knows now that when he wants to borrow for unexpected needs the fact that he is earning regularly entitles him to apply for credit at the Wachovia at 6% discount with twelve months to repay no extra fees of any kind and life insurance to Protea hts loan at no extra Cost. A Wachovia Bank and Trust company Salisbury Raleigh High Point win Stone Salem Asheville member Federal Deposit insurance Corpora i Ion member Federal Reserve system crate Klondyke 4.00 to 4.50, some Best High As 4.75. Few High As 5.65. Small and Ordinary fair Quality and condition. 3,25 to 3.90. Few Low As 2.75. Wallace n. A demand moderate and Market about steady. Size and Quality included. Auction sales tuesday. 24-quart crates Blakemore 3.25 to 4.50, meekly fair to Good 3.50 to 3.75. Missionary 2.60 to 4.15, mostly fair to Good 3.10 to 3.50. Hammond la demand very slow and Market Dull and weaker. Auction sales tuesday 46 cars offered and sold. 2 4-Ptnt i crates Klondyke in. S. No. I i mostly % Inch min., 1.00 to 1.17%, average 1.06%. New York Market Dull and weaker. North Carolina. 2 4- quart crates per quart missionary Best 12 to 16 poorer 7 to 9 cents. Klondyke Best. 20 to i 25, mostly 20 to 23 poorer 8 to 15 cent. Boston Market finn. Street i Hales truck receipts. North to Aro i Llna 24-quart crates Klondyke 25 to 27 cents missionary 18 to 20 cents per quart. A Bank new York Market Dull and weaker. North Carolina. I % i Bushel hampers pointed Type 85 cents to too. Philadelphia Market slightly stronger on Large Stock weaker i on Small Stock. North Carolina i i % Bushel hampers pointed Type. 1.00 to 1.10. Uhren Pead new York Market about i steady. North Carolina Bushel j hampers 1.00 to 1,37%, mostly a 1.00 to 1.12%. 5-Peck hampers 1.50 to 1.75. Philadelphia Market about steady on Southern Stock North Carolina Bachel hampers 1.00 to i . Sweet in Ata to Khz Boston Market about steady. I North Carolina Bushel baskets Porto Picans 1.75. New York Market Dull. North Carolina Bushel baskets. Porte i Picans. U. S. No. I mostly 1.15 to 1.25. Potatoe8 f o. B. Rantings Fla and i nearby Points hauling mod Erate. Light wire inquiry. Tuesdays demand very Light and too i few sales to quote. Asking prices unchanged from monday. Most i shipments rolled untold. F. O. B. Presque Isle. Aroo-1 Stook county me buyers hold Jing off. Demand moderate and Market about steady with Little change in prices. Carloads f. O. I b. Shipping Points t bae cd on delivered sales less All transportation charges Presque Isle rate 100-Pound sack Green mountains u. S. No. I 91 to. Us i mostly 91 to 95 tents. I min., 98 to 1.03, mostly Kata dins 2-Inch min i. 1.08. Cobblers u. S. No. To 88 cents. Lettuce new York Market about steady. North Carolina 5-Pcok hampers. Big Boston Typo Bint 2.00 to 2.50, few 2.75 poorer Loo to 1.75. Romaine Best 1.00 to 1.50, poorer 75 cents Lee h am i Lton Bermuda May la. A to a the s. S. Queen of Bermuda with members of the North Carolina medical society and auxiliary Board docked Here this morning. Today and until tomorrow afternoon at 4 of clock when the boat leaves on its return trip to Norfolk va., the doctors their wives and members of their families will have a general Good time on this English Possession. A dinner dance will be held tonight at the hotel Inverurie. Business sessions will be resumed when the society is again on the High seas. The ship is scheduled to Dock at Norfolk about 9 o clock sunday morning. Many phases of Medicine were discussed yesterday. Members who died during he last year were paid tribute. And the Moore county medal for the Best paper read at the 1938 convention was presented to or. O. Hunter Jones of Charlotte. Auxiliary Meeth the auxiliary met during the morning and in the afternoon participated in Bridge games and deck sports. J or. J. Buren Side Fry of Wilmington society president spoke i before the physicians on prophylactic measures and their Worth in treating Many infectious disease. A the Span of he said. A has been lengthened by to to 15 years and the control of infectious diseases has been Gratifying to the medical profession and a great Comfort to the a it a Jenner a he went on. A who gave to tis the simple procedure of smallpox vaccination which has so effectively Eli min j ated this disease that our health department does not now class ii As one of the Quaranti Nable prophylactic measures for scar i let fever have not cans Ful a some remedies Quot he is Ford figure Legal citizen i topic said that a often patients j complain of symptoms of the urinary tract when the real Eon edition causing the symptoms is in Tho reproductive system and vice versa. Or. G. W. Kutscher jr., of Asheville speaking of pectin a compound which housewives use to made Jelly congeal said that a no organism causing diarrhoea in my last Summers series was found which did not disappear entirely and permanently following use of the close association and interaction of mind and body furnished a topic for or. Raymond s. Cd Ristell Duke Hospital neurologist and psychiatrist. He Sal that Public health activities beneficial to mental Hygiene included saltation of environment communicable disease control particularly syphilis and other veneral diseases. A this he a Ald a has brought about a conservation of the nervous system and directly and indirectly of the mind xxx a the increased attention that Public health is giving to premarital examinations Ante part in blood tests and treatment of congenital syphilis ought to he of Reat value in mental immigration committee of House of representatives probes u. S. Citizenship status of w. J. Cameron. Above. Ford motor co. Radio commentator following charges he was issued citizenship papers without filing declaration of intention to become citizen. Aid adding that efforts have been made to develop effective emms for immunization against and treatment of whooping cough my Measle Quot Ith Elk ailment or. Edgar v. Benbow of Winston Salem. Speaking on another that Are sure to please a March of magic shoes assuring smartness Comfort mid extra Wear. White or Black kids Pum pm staph or ties. C p reinforced steel Shank. Ernest kid leathers. Perfect fitting lasts. Other Arch shoes $1.99 remember a a Here with Hose a new assortment of summer shades to choose from Berne hosiery Are the talk of the town 49c or. 59c or. 69c or. 79c or. Berns it North main Street opposite Wachovia Bank on Sala thursday Friday a saturday 145 South main St. Right reserved to limit quantities now every Man can afford to own an a Tel Gina electric dry Shaver a 98/ a a a ilk min Ike Tine available to w i he Tom Eft dont my la a i Ivory Mao. For Beautiful hair 3-oz. Valene soap est Onliest shampoo with 2-#s, hair tone Tho 0orort Hoir rest Hinkle pills bottle pc too. A. O at fin0 a Monty Celt buy parlays Gardenia Oatmeal soap 6g���r�ut tit a pc Cabot far Only a Beauty treatment to itself clean deeply leaves skin soft ans smooth without drying mar of Oil Shamloo disc. 75c size. Flu 2 specials dish cloths Durhia Homcy quality61-in. Envelopes package of 25pot cleaners Hauy Afara afar tooth picks bound Wundt hand lotion a. Woodbury 19c size 4 shoe laces of 27-Inblack it brawn. Do Atlas shoe polish Black brawn at Tan ,. Do 2 2 2 2 palmolive facial c soap. 9 Clear again cold tablets. No narcotics Laxa Ivaa quinine .23 or. Lyons 07 tooth powder-50c a Carbasal shaving Cream-50c size. Waldorf toilet tissue. Chamberlains 42 hand lotion so size a a a giant size p and g soap 5�nl6c Box of 30 Modess napkins 45c the 300 Yard to do qsfl3i�/ Golf Ball a Tough a a Long Kyc 3 for 72# a True my 12 for 2.50 Johnny Bulla. Ieng driving professional cellar tvrtt4 sos far a with 12 a do gel Hama. Thit est record a mad in april i ass. Few Gociar can aspect la match this record however Tali prove that if Yam Haw the kill Tong distance it in the 2sc to de Golf Heil. Facial tissues part action to 200, Feen mint 25c Siaa Tahiti. ,. Assorted chocolates in special gift Box 2 n i la Box. Soc a dunce selection of ear finest Quality Candle tacit. Ding each favorite a Pecan leg Tell Ca remelt nougat to Cream and other mothers Dav cards 5c to 25c i Berg 1.00 to i. Cents. Snap Beans new York South Carolina Bountiful 2.25 to 3.0 Low As 1.00. Valentines. 2,50 poorer 15 Market steady Bushel hampers poorer string less Black to 3.oo, poorer Ioc size Lux flakes 2sl7e Bayer aspirin pm tin of 12�?T. Jul pol ident powder 0 20a Sise tin. De 4 fold a curl comb m fit int Yaar Gar. Kreml hair tonic a a soc sice Voltia. Rubber gloves sex to no froth lib. His anacin tablets a a. A pc Siaa turn. I sensational Doftert iou set All bound string less few 3.00 poorer Low As 1.00 2.00 to 2.50, 1.00 to 1.75. It u m heels new York Market Dull. Florida Bushel baskets Best 1.75 to 2.50, mostly 2.00 to 2,25. Fair Quality 1.50 to 2.00. Peppers new y Ork Market about steady. Florida. I % Bushel crates Bull nose Type medium to Large sizes 2.25 to 2.75. Small size 1.75 to 2.25. Cohn new York Market about steady. Texas Bushel baskets 2.25 to 2.50. Pint size rubbing alcohol the Asheboro May Turner superintendent of City schools Bas announced that with the exception of John Garrett High school instructor and Ruth Tucker elementary idea Char the faculty of the Loc. School will remain the same Foi the coming year. No appointments to fill the vacancies Wert i announced. Nearly one fourth of the pen pie of England have moved int Lim houses since the world War. Wood sewing kit of chocolates Roll top kit pocked with delicious a Jcj sorted Concio. Stationery Box of chocolates antique finish Leatherette to with tags a Jaq a Laraine vanity smartly styled 1 colognes Loon Laraina Lelong orc 4 Lent Hort Jug evening in Paris set perfume rec Cologne of of give her 3 novel of Charm books of perfume smart new $ distinctive. Al 3 authentic Book like port ulna too Gilt Beek Eland at tract i vely etched and on Molod. Lovely odour. Kleenex facial tissues by a 1 Vul of. 200 z a 25 Jergens lotion 29c soc size 75c size listerine for Dandruff .59 Squibbs dental Cream 33 40c size lady Esther face powder outstanding values fresh cigars tobaccos s tobaccos Bult Durham Colden Groin. Duke mature or old t Orth stole to it it or Shiv certified Cremo cigars to 8o ��t25 velvet . Or Raleigh Garcia Sublime Perfecto 5 cigars a or 19c Box so 1.70 Briar pipes from 39c to 5 smoking stand heavy steel Chromo trim 89 w Alnut finite Ontarl a Par iou Ash Tro it italian Balm and 20c coolies 55 value both for porcelain enamelled 8in i cooker $2.75 79 on our value. Al plan i to i Tho place of 8 utensils. Triple coated enamelware Whit body with coloured trim. Shore Awn Brand 24 sheets or 24 envelopes your Choice 8 with Thi Coupe new pocket size Aetna radio a world of radio it s in a nutshell. Performance never before possible in a radio this sit. Only 71-in. Wida Zuj in. Thin. Coupon aspirin tablets finest Quality tin of 12. Coupon 30 it. Wax paper 5c 2 Kolls perfection surgical Gauze i Yard Bengt 6 with this coupons

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