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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 10, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather scattered showers More data on Page 3a 90th year a no. 130 the High Point Enterprise Cail us circulation 882-1719 High Point n. C., Friday afternoon May to 1974 30 pages classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c sen. Schweicker joins Lis pressure on Nixon to resign grows Washington a sen. Richard Schweiker of Pennsylvania added his name today to a growing list of republicans urging president Nixon to resign in a letter addressed to the president Schwiker said Nixon should step Down because the watergate transcripts released by the White House last week a reveal a total disregard for the moral and ethical values upon which this nation was built. A i am compelled to speak out a Schweiker said. A i cannot remain silent in the face of the now obvious moral corrosion destroying the Nixon has come under growing pressure to resign since releasing the transcripts to Days ago. Some of the pressure has come from conservative republicans who have supported him in the past. However White House Deputy press Secretary Gerald l. Warren said thursday Nixon Quot is determined to remain in office despite comments by some and the attacks by appearing on Abc s Quot today Quot show. White House Counselor Dean Burch said today Quot i Don t think the president has any intention of resigning i have no reason for believing the president is considering Burch said Nixon feels he has not committed any impeachable offence and feels obligated to Complete the four year term to which he was elected in 1972 Burch predicted Nixon would give that answer to any delegation that might come to the White House to seek his resignation. Quot it seems to me the president of the United states is entitled to due process Quot Burch added Schweiker. Who has often split with Nixon on issues said he would not prejudge Nixon on issues relating to impeachment but he said the edited transcripts of presidential watergate conversations released last week a will inevitably destroy your capacity to Lead our nation effectively for the remainder of your a i am convinced you can Best serve your country and the presidency by signing now Quot Schweiker said Schweiker is the third Republican senator to Call for Nixon s resignation. Sens Edward w. Brooke of Massachusetts and James l. Buckley of new York previously had called on Nixon to resign. A there is no question that the president s position is continuing to deteriorate Quot said a senior Republican senator. Another reported increasing cloakroom talk that Nixon would resign if the House votes to impeach him. Almost nobody in the House in private conversation. Now believes that impeachment is not a foregone conclusion said rep. Charles Wilson. A Tex new pressure for Nixon s resignation came thursday from three top House republicans and several midwestern newspapers on the Day the House judiciary committee formally opened its hearings on whether Nixon should be impeached. The statements that Nixon should consider resigning were made by reps. John j. Rhodes of Arizona the House cop Leader John b. Anderson of Illinois chairman of the House Republican conference and Barber b Conable of new York chairman of the gop see pressure on 7 a housing Market gets $10 billion Washington a president Nixon announced today he is pumping in an additional $10.3 billion to bolster the nations sagging housing Market the president said the Money will be used to subsidize interest rates on conventional government a insured mortgages and to provide additional Cash for the nation s savings and loan institutions. The president said the Money supplied to the savings and Loans institutions would be provided by the Treasury under its standby loan authority. The savings and Loans Are the biggest contributors to the housing mortgage Market. They have been plagued by declining Money to lend As investors seek out More lucrative investments with interest rates soaring president Nixon said the Money the government is committing should help finance Over 200,000 additional Homes. The housing Industry has been in a steady decline since 1973, with housing starts of 318.000 for the first three months of this year compared to 488.000 for the same period last year. The presidents action expands a program initiated last january when the department of housing and Urban development committed Over $6 billion to mortgage subsidies in an Effort to Spur construction of 200.000 new Homes. The Money was applied to veterans administration and Federal housing administration mortgages to Cut the interest homeowners pay from the current Cha a maximum of 8 i per cent to 734 per cent. The effect is to trim the monthly payments on a $30,000 mortgage Over 30 years by just Over $15.30 per month. The administration committed $3 3 billion to the subsidy program this time and raised the percentage Home buyers would pay to eight per cent. The difference Between the Cha a maximum and the subsidized rate works out to $15.90 on a $30,000 mortgage extending Over 30 years Senate kills wage Price monitoring by Joe Hall associated press writer Washington a the Senate after a partisan squabble has abandoned attempts to provide any government monitoring of wage and Price increases. Democrats who started a week ago to try to keep some standby wage Price controls on the books killed the entire legislation thursday after charging the republicans wanted Only a Sham monitoring Agency. The Senate vote came a Day after Ford motor co. Announced Price increases averaging $163 for 1474 automobiles. That action was criticized immediately by John t. Dunlop director of the Cost of living Council who called it an unwarranted violation of Ford s commitment to the Council not to increase prices on 1974 Model. One Council source had suggested wednesday that Ford had blundered in its timing and that the announcement could affect the Senate vote. House judiciary committee in session at beginning of impeachment inquiry a we to hotel pre watergate tape evidence denied panel for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Polio Protection q. A few years ago they gave everybody polio vaccinations twice and i Haven to heard anything More about it. I wonder if that is permanent for life or for so Many years. Anon. Man. A Public health nurse Lucy Lopp says the vaccine is permanent. Three doses Are Given the second one six to eight weeks after the first and the third is taken eight to 12 months after the second. A state statute requires every child to be immunized against polio As Well As diphtheria whooping cough tetanus and red measles unless exempted for some medical reason or for religious beliefs. Private number q. W by does it take so Long to get a private line because my grandparents Are very old and they have a time trying to use the Telephone because of the people that Are always talking on it. They at times get sick and need doctors but they can to always get the phone and if they had a private line they would not have any difficulty. Please attend to it. Thank you. Anonymous woman. A. You forgot to give a clue to their identity or yours. Remember that anyone who refuses to relinquish a party Telephone line when needed for an emergency Call is guilty of a Misdemeanour. The Back cover of the Telephone Book quotes the Law on this and your grandparents should t hesitate to ask the talkers to get off the line if they need a doctor Cost of prisoners q. There was an article in the paper a while ago about the Cost of maintaining prisoners in North Carolina and wonder if you could reprint the Cost per Man to the state for having him in prison per year or per Day. Anoa. A. The Public information director of the department of social rehabilitation and control is. Charlotte Short says that in 1973 the Cost to care for one prisoner per Day was $10.03. The department was budgeted about $66,000,000 for the next year and there Are presently 12,011 men and women in the office of correction. Sound off we would like to announce that the to Parent teacher organization of the Wesleyan children Scenter at 1917 n. Centennial is holding the second annual Benefit auction this saturday afternoon the Lith at i . We have Many new and excellent items donated by local merchants and friends of the school and proceeds will be used for the audio visual equipment for the school. We Hope this can get in this week if possible. Thank you. Mrs. S. L. I would just like to compliment the High Point police department i just passed by Brentwood Street and they were protecting a Little dog lying in the Street that had been run Over and some kids were in a very dangerous spot. I think we should compliment our police department for such Good actions As this. They were doing a great Job trying to prevent an Accident and they were getting the Puppy out of the Road too. Anon. Man. Nixon and Ford meet formally Washington a president Nixon and vice president Gerald l. Ford met for an hour today and the White House said it was quite possible they discussed the mood of the country in the Wake of Nixon s release of edited a watergate transcripts. Gerald l Warren White House Deputy press Secretary ticked off items which he said Ford and Nixon discussed including foreign and Domestic concerns and the state of the Economy but said nothing about any watergate related conversation. Asked if Nixon might not have sought from Ford a report on his grass roots findings during extensive recent speaking trips outside Washington Warren acknowledged Quot it s quite possible they discussed the mood of the however Warren said flatly there was no talk of a possible Nixon resignation. Quot it was a Good talk Quot he said. The White House spokesman also was asked if he Felt Ford was doing All he could to Aid the president in combating possible impeachment and talk among republicans of a possible resignation. He said he did not think it would be proper or fair Quot to get into that. The White House would not say who initiated the session. Warren said simply both Nixon and Ford have reported Quot they want to talk regularly and they do Quot there were reports thursday that Nixon would meet with Ford today. But As late As thursday night White House press Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler insisted he knew of no such plans. Ford told an audience at Eastern Illinois University in Charleston iu., thursday morning that disclosures have Quot created a diminished Confidence in our Public officials Basic distrust of their Doar recommended the tape be subpoenaed and chairman Peter Rodino d-n.j., said a Day would be set aside next week for the committee to act on such matters As the issuance of subpoenas. The committee is due to resume the presentation of evidence next tuesday and continue through thursday but could set aside a period to act on other matters. The importance of the april 4 meeting is based on the testimony of Jeb Stuart Magruder Deputy director of $50,000 contribution reportedly vanished by John Beckler associated press writer Washington a the tape of a White House conversation two months before the june 1972 watergate burglary emerged today As a key piece of evidence missing in the House judiciary committees impeachment probe committee sources said a subpoena for the tape will probably be issued next week. The tape of an april 4. 1972. Meeting Between president Nixon former White House chief of staff h r Haideman and former atty. Gen. John Mitchell is one of. 76 watergate tapes Nixon has refused to turn Over to the committee Washington apr the Gap the missing the Senate watergate com evidence leaves in the Case Mittee has been told that a put together by the judiciary $50,000 Cash contribution committee staff was pointed Given by a supermarket sex out by chief counsel John ecu Tive to c. G. Quot Bebe dear thursday when presen Rebozo As a secret con tation of the evidence began Tributino for president Nixon s re election Campaign i never reached the Campaign a a a committee As in eikt0d a what s inside i Washington Post reported i today. Amusements.7b the newspaper quoted in bridge.7b formed sources As saying reclassified ads8-15b Bozo the president s close comics6b Friend and key Biscayne crossword.7b Fla., neighbor has admitted editorials4a under oath that he received financial2a the Money in an envelope obituaries.2b from a. D. Davis vice sports3-5b chairman of win Dixie television .8b Corpa food Chain based in women a news 6-10a Jacksonville Fla. Weather.3a Rebozo contended that he Nixon a reelection committee. Who has pleaded guilty to a charge of obstructing Justice. Magruder said Gordon lid by s plan for electronic surveillance of Nixon a political opponents and bugging of democratic National Headquarters was approved March 30. 1972. And a memorandum to that effect sent to Haideman s staff assistant. Gordon Strachan Strachan who is under indictment for conspiracy and obstruction of Justice has Bebe Rebozo testified that he referred to the Liddy plan in a paper prepared for a meeting Between Haideman and Mitchell immediately before the two met with Nixon Haideman has testified that while the political Campaign was discussed at the meeting with Nixon his notes of the meeting do not indicate the intelligence gathering plan was brought up the judiciary committee has decided against issuing a Blanket subpoena for All watergate tapes it has requested. But plans to see How the missing data affects the impeachment inquiry and then subpoena what it thinks it needs. During a Long closed briefing thursday the committee received a detailed account of events leading up to the watergate break in of june 17, 1972, and a thick pile of supporting facts. Members said the staff presentation reached no conclusions and did not relate see 2a Usia head kidnapped shot and freed Ancon Panama canal zone apr Quot he a got a gun Quot shouted the terrorist As Alfred a. Laun Iii tried to figure out How to operate a pistol one of his kidnappers had put Down on a table. A Laun the 36-year-old head of the . Information services office in Cordoba Argentina was shot in the Abdomen kidnapped and interrogated by leftist guerrillas operated on and deserted in a dry riverbed All within 13 hours on Friday april 12. Quot i did t feel the Bullet just a great weakness Quot said the american from Kiel wis., who is recovering in the Panama canal zones Gorgas Hospital. Laun gave this account of his ordeal answering a Knock at the door of his Home in Cordoba he looked through a peephole in the door and saw a Man in a police uniform who said he had come to Check the antennae of the american s shortwave radio set Laun opened the door and the Man stormed in with a drawn pistol followed by a Man with rope and another with a sub machine gun. Laun sat Down then noticed one of the men had put his pistol on a table and picked it up. Unable to figure out How to release the safety catch he was struggling with the pistol when one of the guerrillas shouted a warning to his comrades and a shot rang out. As he Lay on the floor screaming Quot no no no Quot one of the men jabbed a hypodermic Needle into his thigh and he was plunged into a vividly coloured fantasy. He was bundled into a White Dodge and lost consciousness. He awoke on a cot gagged and with his hands and feet bound. Some men came into the room replaced Launs gag with a Black Hood Over his head untied his hands and began questioning him about his radio equipment and his work in Uruguay. Laun told them he was wracked with pain that he had no family and that he was prepared to die. He said he had been a Ham radio operator since he was 12, that he had never been to Uruguay and and that All he knew of the Tup Amaro guerrillas there Quot was what i saw in the movie a state of siege a which happens to remind me of my present the film is about the 1970 kidnapping of Dan Mitrione an american adviser to the uruguayan police who was murdered by the Tup Amaros. Later Laun was dragged and carried up six or eight Steps into a room put on an operating table and the fantastic dreams in color began he awoke in the Back of a be Usia on 7a turned the Money Over to Frederick c. Larue a Campaign aide but Larue has told the watergate committee he never received it the Story said. The Post Story said committee investigators have been unable to find any record that the $50,000 was received by the. Campaign organization. The Post Story said Davis allegedly turned Over the contribution to Rebozo in a Saloon several Days before a new Campaign finance Law took effect on april 7, 1972 and thus did not have to be reported publicly. Rebozo also is the subject of a current watergate committee investigation into a secret $100,000 Campaign contribution from billionaire Howard Hughes. Herbert w. Kalmbach the president s former personal lawyer reportedly has testified that Rebozo told him that portions of the $100,-000 were either Given or Lent to the presidents private Secretary Rose Mary Woods and his brother f. Donald Nixon. Rebozo has maintained that he placed the Money in a Bank Safe Deposit Box and returned it untouched to Hughes representatives two years later. . Dock workers walkout Morehead City n c. A state ports authority workers struck for higher pay today. They put up picket lines at Morehead City. They and longshoremen Are members of the International longshoremen a association. The longshoremen who Are not directly involved in the strike refused to Cross their picket lines. There was a ship to be worked at Morehead City this morning. Eight gangs of longshoremen were ready to unload it but turned Back when the pickets took up positions. The spa workers Are employees of the state. The Ila represents about 350 of them at state ports in Morehead City and Wilmington. Their representatives had asked a wage increase of 12vs per cent in a new contract. The spa had offered 7 it per cent which is what other see n c. On 2a

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