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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 9, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather scattered showers More data on Page 3a 90th year a no. 129 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882.1711 High Point n. C., thursday afternoon May 9, 1974 52 pages classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2181 daily 10c, sunday 25c election in july Trudeau Liberal regime toppled Ottawa apr Canada s political parties began preparing today for a general election in july after the toppling of prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau s Liberal government. Inflation was certain to be the major Campaign Issue. By a 137-123 vote the House of commons adopted a motion of no Confidence in Trudeau s minority government. The 54-year-old prime minister said he would Call on . Jules Leger today to ask him to dissolve the lower House and Call an election. Election Day is expected to be july 8. Meanwhile Trudeau and the Liberal Cabinet continue in office As a caretaker government. Trudeau said in a telecast after his defeat that he welcomed the electoral fight but considered the interruption of parliament while the country faced inflationary problems a unfortunate and Trudeau was brought Down by the new democratic party Canada s third largest political faction whose support had kept him in office since the Liberal majority in commons was reduced to a minority by the 1972 election. After siding with the government on 19 previous no Confidence motions the 31 new democrats joined the 106 conservatives to bring Down the government with a motion condemning the budget submitted on monday. With one Liberal absent. Trudeau mustered 108 votes from his party and 15 from the social credit party. The decisive vote came on a new democratic amendment to a conservative motion of no Confidence charging that the budget failed to provide effective remedies for the to per cent inflation Canada now suffers. Confidence in government eroded Ford Charleston. Iii. Apr vice president Gerald r. Ford said today watergate has caused a an erosion of Confidence in our Federal government which i believe has reached crisis in a speech prepared for delivery at Eastern Illinois University Ford said Quot it is time to put More truth in Quot the time has come for persons in political life to face the truth and speak the he said. Ford said Many of watergate allegations re it see Confidence on 2a impeachment hearings begin in. A a a a. Ii i my or. House panel opens grand jury report by John Beckler associated press writer Washington a the House judiciary committee is getting its first look at the celebrated briefcase full of grand jury evidence relating to president Nixon s role in the watergate cover up the material forwarded to the committee for its in wholesale prices slowed Washington apr Sharp declines in farm and food prices slowed the Rise in wholesale prices in april to its slowest rate in six months the government reported today. The labor department said wholesale prices increased seven tenths of one per cent seasonally adjusted and five tenths of one per cent unadjusted. The increase was still High ��2@�11 by Normal standards but considerably below increases recorded since november. April a Rise compared with adjusted increases of 1.3 per cent in March 1.2 per cent in february and 3.1 per cent in january. Despite the slowdown in farm and food prices there was no hint that the inflationary surge was abating Industrial prices regarded As one of the surest barometers of inflation jumped an adjusted 2.3 per cent in april. In March Industrial prices climbed 2.9 per cent. Farm products processed foods and feeds declined for the second consecutive month dropping an adjusted 3 per cent and an unadjusted 3.7 per cent. The agriculture department predicted wednesday that food prices would begin to level off during the second half of the year and possibly even decline in the final Quarter. Wholesale prices Rose 18 8 per cent in the past 12 months. Changes in wholesale prices usually Are reflected later at the retail level. The big Rise in Industrial prices reflected in part the dropping of Price controls from various industries. Metal products accounted for almost one third of the total increase. Iron and steel scrap Rose 14,7 per cent and steel Mill products increased 2.7 per cent. Price increases by industries freed from Price controls appeared to be cracking the Cost of living Council s heralded anti inflation commitments for big business unless Congress votes to hold them together. Ford motor co. Announced Price increases wednesday averaging $163 for its 1974 autos and the Council said general motors planned to follow suit. East and mountains Morgan strongholds for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Showboat presentation q. I would like to know when the shows at the North Carolina Start because i am going Down there on the last of May. A. J. D. A. The battleship sound and Light spectacular is presented nightly at 9 p. M. During the summer months of june through labor Day. The battleship is open every Day of the year. In the summer months the hours Are 8 a. In. To7 30p. In. The rest of the year the ship is closed at Sunset. For Cycle safety q. Why do the bars in the storm sewers on Eastchester drive run the wrong Way that is Why do they run parallel to the curb i thought All Highway engineers knew by now that they should run perpendicular to the curb. The Way they Are on Eastchester they could cause death or injury to bicycle riders. I think it is a shame that a new Street should be built or widened and then have a mistake like this occur. Thank you. J. In m. A. We referred this to Curtis Yates bicycle coordinator for the state to see if this Type of grate could be eliminated in future Road work and also if those already installed could be modified or replaced Yates replied that the parallel drainage grates Are a matter of concern to Many cyclists throughout the state. He went on to say Quot your request along with similar ones from Charlotte Chapel Hill Carrboro and Greenville has instigated investigation on my part with the Highway division. I find that the Highway design Section is quite aware of this problem and no longer installs parallel grates on streets and roads that have any indication of possible bicycle traffic. I have also requested that consideration be Given to alleviating the problem of those existing parallel grates. The response to this request however was not As positive As the first. Replacement of existing parallel grates would involve an enormous amount of Money that the state does not presently have. When checking into Charlottes situation some 300 parallel grates were found on the City streets. A my suggestion at this time would be for the City governments to either consider the Cross hatching of such grates with a device that would allow the bicycle tire to move Over them or to paint caution stripes around the Drain along the Street Side to warn the bicyclist. These suggestions Are not the most advantageous for the bicycle rider but they would provide for a safer Riding environment than now High Points City Engineer Jim Oliver said this Type of catch Basin grate is not used on projects designed and constructed by the City. Traffic Engineer r. V. Moss said his department would look into it and hoped they could install some crossbars to prevent a tire from being wedged. Sound off the High Point youth services Bureau is having its White elephant Sale and auction saturday a to a. In. To 5 p. In. It will be held in the parking lot of the h. P. Bank amp Trust co. Branch at 1801 Westchester or. sponsors Are the Exchange and Exchange the clubs and the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority and Delta Sigma Phi fraternity at High Point College. Every hour there will be drawings for prizes which will include tickets to car winds Lakeside land of of and free tune and Oil changes. Anyone who has items they would like to donate which need to be picked up May Call the youth services Bureau 886-5181. Proceeds from the Sale will be distributed Between the High Point kindergarten for the handicapped and the youth services Bureau. Adap news analysis by Robert b Dulles associated press writer Raleigh apr Robert Morgan is North Carolina s democratic nominee for the . Senate primarily because of organizational strength he displayed in Eastern and Mountain areas of the state. Morgan did not fare nearly As Well in the Urban areas of the Piedmont. But he Cut his losses there enough to avoid being drawn into a Runoff with Nick Galifianakis. An analysis of the returns that gave Morgan a narrow 50 49 per cent majority also shows that he benefited from the Low voter turnout. The Morgan majority was built in agricultural Eastern counties like Pitt Wayne. Wilson Craven and his Home county of Harnett. In Wayne county for example he Drew 5,190 votes and his opponents combined total was about 3.000. Building on those solid majorities was the Morgan Effort in the mountains. It was strongest in counties where the democratic organization is strongest. The party stronghold of Madison for example gave Morgan 1,295 votes and his opponents a combined total of about 700. But in Mountain counties where Republican victories have sapped the strength of the democratic organization like Wilkes Morgan ran about even with Galifianakis. And his totals were far Short of a majority. The handful of counties where Morgan was not the front runner fell into four categories. There were Urban Piedmont counties like Guilford Forsyth and Mecklenburg with High concentrations of liberals and Blacks. There were some counties that Galifianakis had represented As a congressman like Randolph Orange and Chatham. There were counties where an opponent was the favorite son such As Durham and nearby person for Galifianakis and Union for Wilson and there were a few Mountain counties where the democratic party organization is weak. A Galifianakis staffer looking at the returns pointed to Durham Mecklenburg and Wake As the counties where Galifianakis failed to get the strength he needed to Force a Runoff Wake was perhaps typical of the entire state. It voted 15,135 for Morgan and 15,032 for his opponents. Wake contains the state s fourth largest City Raleigh where the electorate is about 25 per cent Black. Bul it contains Many farming areas and Small towns such As Wake Forest Fuquay Varina and Zebulon. A precinct analysis of Wake Points out More clearly be East on 3a democrats Promise unified Campaign Raleigh a the two Defeated major candidates for the democratic nomination to the . Senate from North Carolina have promised to support atty. Gen Robert Morgan in the general election. And. Morgan in turn promised wednesday to run his Campaign in close conjunction with the democratic party organization. Morgan won the nomination in tuesdays primary by obtaining 50 49 per cent of the vote enough to avoid a Runoff against former . Rep. Nick Galifianakis of Durham. Henry Hall Wilson of Monroe the other major candidate in the Field of to ran third in the race. Quot or. Morgan ran a Fine Campaign and i wish to extend to him my full support a a Galifianakis told a wednesday afternoon news conference. Quot i will do everything in my Power to urge my fellow democrats to do the same to ensure his election in november As our next senator a Galifianakis added. Morgan will face Republican state rep. William e. Stevens of Lenoir see democrats on 3a pachment inquiry by judge John Sirica of . District court has been examined by the chairman ranking Republican member and chief staff lawyers but has not been available to committee members until today. Now. After months of being kept in the dark about it and other evidence gathered by the impeachment staff the committee will Start considering the Case for and against Nixon a impeachment. The opening of the crucial phase of the inquiry will be marked by a round of speeches in Public session after which the committee will go into executive session to consider evidence bearing on the watergate break in and cover up. Chairman Peter w. Rodino jr., in j., said wednesday the closed sessions probably would continue through next week after which a decision will be made on opening them. Another decision facing the committee is what to do about Nixon s refusal to give it any More watergate material. The committee has subpoenaed tapes of 42 presidential conversations dealing with watergate and has a request pending for 76 More. At a democratic caucus wednesday there was unanimous support for issuing a new subpoena but divided opinion on when it should be issued and what it should cover. The most Likely course to be followed was suggested by the senior Republican rep. Edward Hutchinson of Michigan at a news conference with Rodino. Hutchinson said that when gaps appear in the presentation of evidence and chief counsel John Doar says they could be filled by material sought from the White House the committee could decide then whether to request it again. Hutchinson said that rather than Issue a subpoena. He would prefer to negotiate the matter with Nixon s lawyer. James d. St. Clair who will be in the committee room during the presentation but the democrats and Doar appear to prefer a subpoena. Doar said at the news conference the issuance of a subpoena is the orderly lawful Way to proceed. A it int a question of whether we will Issue a subpoena but when a said rep Charles Rangel. D n y. Rodino said the opening phase of the presentation of evidence will be limited to watergate one of six areas of presidential conduct the committee is investigating. Anderson urges Nixon resignation by Frank Cormier associated press writer Washington a rep John b. Anderson a member of the House Republican leadership said today it would be Best for the country if president Nixon resigned and predicted Nixon will be impeached if he does not step Down voluntarily. The Illinois Republican chairman of the House Republican conference said he and other House and Senate Republican leaders have considered going to Nixon and asking him to resign but Anderson said they have decided to wait until after a House vote for impeachment since Nixon has continued to express Adamant opposition to resigning. Earlier House Republican Leader John Rhodes of Arizona said Nixon a bought to consider resignation As a possible options if it becomes apparent that erosion of Public Confidence prevents him from effectively discharging his duties. Rodino said it probably will be the end of june before the committee is ready to vote on whether grounds exist for impeachment. House majority Leader Thomas p. A a tips of Neill said a full House vote on impeachment will take place about aug. I. John Rhodes a i do not feel that we have yet reached that Point a Rhodes added Anderson told newsmen he thinks the watergate transcripts released by president Nixon last week have been devastating and that Nixon cannot survive the resulting negative View in the country of his White House leadership. Again and again. Anderson said Nixon missed chances to take the initiative to end the watergate affair. Anderson said that instead so Anderson on 2 a White House tries to drown out critics j what s inside bridge14d classified ads5-131 crossword .12c editorils.4a financial2a obituaries.2d sports1-7c television .8b women a . B. Weather.3a refined cussing great help expert by Walter r. Mears associated press writer Washington a after futile efforts to dam up watergate the White House apparently is trying now to drown the scandal in a deluge of words. That s half the strategy. The other half is to Stonewall it against further disclosures of White House tape recordings demanded by Congress and the special prosecutor. Public release of the edited watergate transcripts and the series of White House analyses speeches and comments that have followed add up to an intensive Campaign to get across the presidents version of the Story. One Assumption in that Effort has to be that however Many americans take the time to read the 1.254 pages of edited conversations about watergate almost everybody will know that the president made them Public. In that Campaign the act of releasing the White House transcripts was itself a crucial step whatever Reading they get and whatever construction is put upon their ambiguities. It was unprecedented and it put the White House in a Posi tion to say that the president by his own decision had revealed Quot the whole Story of the president and his men Are stressing two themes that the transcripts for All the scars they May put on Nixon s image show him innocent of knowledge of watergate or its cover up and that everything relevant to the Case now has been made Public. The key is relevance and the fact is that the White House decided what fits that description. House impeachment investigators do not agree that the whole Story is out. Furthermore they want to judge for themselves what is relevant not Only in the transcript tapes but in other so a White on 2a by Timothy Harper associated press writer Milwaukee apr. Reinhold Aman takes a different View of the watergate transcripts than the pastors and politicians who have criticized president Nixon for the Salty language used in the White House. A i just eat it up a said Aman a professor of medieval German literature and an expert on swearing who can give Mem hell Damn and thousands of other expletives in 50 languages. Aman who teaches at the University of Wisconsin Mil Waukee sees swearing As a necessary Means of letting off steam in almost every language. A i done to advocate swearing a he said. A i done to encourage my children or students or friends to swear. I personally swear because there Are so Many things that Bug me. That a Why everyone swears and almost everyone far from being shocked at the language in the White House transcripts Aman finds it lacking in the very words he s interested in. Quot most of the time they Are omitted although you can sometimes predict what should be there a he said. A a in be been sort of trying to 1 fill in what it can be. Quot i wish i could get All the expletives. That would be like winning at a lottery or Aman 38, has plenty of experience in dealing with no deleted expletives. He has published several scholarly works on profanity patterns throughout the world and compiled dictionaries of cuss words to help explain the background and meaning of curses. Quot swearing is a Means of letting off steam to keep from getting ulcers and from keeping frustrations bottled up inside a said Aman. A it should be use properly a he cautioned adding that most people done to appreciate the finer Points of cursing. He said the unsophisticated cursor Aims insults at a foe s physical characteristics rather than gauging his cultural and educational background before using the verbal rapier. Only a Low brow Swearer relies on ethnic slurs he said. I w a m i of i in it by. Pic ill i Phi i americans Are among the least refined cusses largely because their profane vocabulary is 25 or fewer words Aman said. Among his favourites curses Are yiddish s a May All your Teeth but one fall out so you can get a Toothache a the rhymed insults of the turks and the singing exchanges Between eskimos. A a Tell me what swear words you use and i will Tell Aman leans Ovek foreign language works you who you Are he said. Tap

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