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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 10, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Wednesday. May to 1039the High Point Enterprise Pic non Center of Industry High Point North Carolina Page five delicious and refreshing Mem Quot a the drink everybody knows whoever you Are. Whatever you do. Wherever you May be. When you think of refreshment you Welcome an ice cold coca cola. For coca cola is pure refreshments familiar to everybody. High Point coca cola Plant the equivalent of t this much extra smoking a pleasure w in every pack politicians and judges also blasted Lieut. Franklin m. K rein i of Evanston ii is Raleigh speaker by John Mebane Raleigh. May right to the jaw could scarcely have been More effective in jarring a Man out of his senses than was Lieut. Franklin m. Krems verbal Battery of rights and lefts in jarring North Carolina s newspapermen into an consciousness yesterday in the i tuesday afternoon session of the c. I. I. North Carolina newspaper seminar of safety Here. Lieutenant Kreml. Who hails from Evanston us and is director of the Northwestern University traffic Institute lambasted the politicians the political minded judges and All interferes with impartial justic with a vigor that left his listeners a hard boiled newspapermen at that gasping with amazement. And simply because he had the audacity to raise hell when it needed raising. No ton Al Den it m concerned with political interfere with intelligent and impartial traffic control lieutenant Kreml declared that the american people do not have Confidence in a government which permits special privilege to grow the a a fixing a of traffic tickets came in for Especial attention because the Young and vigorous director of Northwestern a traffic Institute declared it tends to discourage the Law enforcement officer with a propensity for honesty and a desire to enforce the Law with impartiality and fairness. Judge came in for a share of attention a rather important share at that. Too great a percentage of judges on the Bench today. Lieutenant Kreml averred Are better politicians than they Are judges and one cure he suggested might be a Salar More commensurate with the task they perform than is the Case. Generally speaking at the present. The majority of police court judges today he charged Are inefficient and unfit. Thrown in too was a word about police and he urged the newspapermen to Aid in the pro Gram of a building up policemen to the professional level they must achieve of better government is to be effected. Rives answers possibly it might have beef embarrassing for Many judges to have been scheduled to follow on the program of the seminar the address by lieutenant Kreml. But not for judge e. Earl Rives of Greensboro. Known to scores of friends As a a stubby judge riffs not Only took the lefts and rights but managed to hand out a few of them himself. He too took some Well aimed jabs at the a ticket fixing Quot habit. Fairness above All things he emphasized is essential in the administration of Hustle in the courts of the nation. The officer who instead of remaining impartial in the Hope of seeing Justice done attempts to Pla it e himself in the role of prosecute it a does Little else than interfere and sometimes to a serious extent with the impartial and honest administration of Justice. Periodic or spasmodic enforcement of the traffic Laws the judge continued will not bring Success in the Campaign to control traffic accidents. The process of enforcement must be a rigid and a continuous one. The Law enforcement officer he added must command the respect of the Motorist unless the drive to reduce Traffo act i of its is to meet with considerably less Success than it should. Suspended sentences for hit and run and Drunken driving counts Thomasville. May to. Van Owen of Spencer was found guilty of Drunken driving and hit and run driving when tried in Thomasville municipal court monday before judge c. Vav. Gilliam. The arrest of Owen was the Tega it of a wreck Between the car of Owen and j. Vav. Webb of Salisbury. The collision occurred on the Thomaa Vilie i Lexington Highway and Owen failed to Stop. Local officers investigated the incident and arrested Owen who officers said was drinking at the time. On the Drunken driving charge the defendant was Given a 60 Day Road sentence which will be suspended on condition he pay the court Cost and a Fine of $50. His Drivers License was ordered revoked for twelve months. On the hit and run charge he was Given a thirty Day Road sentence which will be suspended on condition he pay the court Cost and damages in the amount of $11.65 to be paid to j. W. Webb. Frank Davis of Greensboro was found guilty of reckless drive they re not a King and Queen a mkt Quot a again in san Antonio Texas out of the Story Book land in Milton Bronner Nea service staff writer some of the false Story Book Glamor that surrounds Royalty in the minds of americans the feeling that Kings and Queens Are made of different Day than the Corner grocer a May be dispelled by the history making visit of two modest human beings named King George i and Queen Elizabeth. For this first British King and Queen to set foot on american soil Are simple and personally popular people who ate far less Likely to a put on airs a than would Many of their snobbish subjects in England a so called upper classes. Of americans find King George and Queen Elizabeth Given to simpler every Day manners than one associates with monarchs it must be remembered that this Royal couple was not a a born to the throne. The one time Duke of York did not expect Ever to become King George i. He had an elder brother the Prince of Wales who actually succeeded to the throne As King Edward Chi. And Queen Elizabeth was not even of Royal blood. She came from the old scotch peerage. She did not expect to be the Queen. Hers was a love match with an attractive Young Prince who expected to devote himself to the air Force after having left the Navy. It was the famous episode of King Edward s love for mrs. Simpson which caused him to give up the throne that paved the Way for George to succeed him for years the Duke and Duchess of York had lived like Ordinary Rich English Folk not in a Palace. But in a Tail Stone front four Story House in Piccadilly neighbors of the rothchilds and the Duke of Wellington. Kina us is younger the \ n his years crowds which will throng the streets of american and Canadian cities when the Royal couple drive. By will see a Man Youngish look ing for Alt his 4 3 years whose wholesome Manly face easily Breaks into a crinkly smite. They will see a Queen who by any Standard would lie voted a very pretty woman although she seems to he setting in for comfortable. Plump Matron Hood. They will discover King George to be shy about speech making because of hts Battle with stammering. They will see a Chic but not a Over dressed Quot Queen who is bringing with her a stack of Beautiful new clothes which were especially designed for Thia trip. Reing King of Canada George i will have with him Many of his uniforms As top officer in the British army Navy and air Force. But chances Are that none of these will he seen in the United states. He w ill Wear c civilian clothes. There is one possible exception if the King goes to Arlington across the Potomac from Washington to pay homage to the grave of the american unknown Soldier he May Don a military uniform. In Peri in ceh War at first hand George i has always been a very serious Young Man. He has taken All his duties in great Earnest. Unlike Many sprigs of Royalty. He really served during the world War. Prince Lings who nominally in Alfed in gala colors and with the Royal arms emblazoned on Niche sitting room with a View of Hie dining Toom Een through the or of Tho Ungino in. I troll whirl Nill re err it do pm. La , dlr in Whir King George and Queen Elizabeth across Canada is pictured Here. Spacious quarters for Rrita ins rulers make the train veritably a window and radio provide a pleasant observation Post of a or the Royal a Palace on at right above is shown the completely fur tourists. The Kings Bede Tieniber is pictured at left. Whiskey caused most warrants Minelva six warrants issued during month of april in Tille special to the Enterprise Thomasville. May to. The report of chief of police f. C. Smith of Thomasville for the month of april reveals the fact that whiskey caused the issuance of 96 warrants during the month. Of this number 54 were for drunkenness one for drunk and disorderly. 32 for liquor Law violations. And nine for driving a motor vehicle while intoxicated. Other were As follows abandonment and non support. 2 simple assault. 2 assault on a female. 4 assault with a deadly weapon 7 forgery 2 assault with intent to kill carrying a concealed weapon gambling. 6 manslaughter larceny. 6 receiving stolen property violation of motor vehicle Laws. 8 speeding 2 reckless driving. 8. The record also show that a total of to months were Given in sentences to the defendants by judge c. W. Gilliam and 91 persons were locked in the City jail during the month. The identification Bureau of the police department which is under the direction of sergeant h. R. Richardson discloses the fact that 57 ets of fingerprints were made for the criminal files. 57 pictures made of prisoners one set of fingerprint made for the personal identification files one breaking and entering investigated and latent prints photographed and one identification made by the fingerprint method which resulted in the arrest of an escaped prisoner from a convict Camp. A a a a Tunisia is trying to improve its agr cult tire. Former congressman is elected mayor by Ide margin by Olen a. Elements sax Antonio Tex. May to. Of pm Maury Maverick. Jovial wine cracking congressman of last year stepped tip today As san Antonio s Brand new mayor vindicated at the polls Happy in his Victory and ready for next years political jousts. His Hometown nets the people who knew his grandfathers As a cattleman who gave the homeless cows in Texas his name put Maverick Back in Public life yesterday by a big vote. They did it so effectively that his Arch political foe a. K. Quin the incumbent conceded defeat with this simple statement Quot i was run Over by a Herd of stampeding Mavericks the term used in Texas to describe wild and wooly cattle that have strayed from the main Herd but that was not the whole Story to the people of san Antonio. A Maverick was Hack in the Saddle. The world War Soldier the statesman the likeable Maury Maverick was Back near the top. Where he Rode when times were Good Down Here. A a in a going to be a stuffed said Maverick Early today. A i got heat for Congress for not being that was All he had to say to the newsmen when they told him he had won a vet Lek did not mention the name of vice president John Nance Garner who. Mavericks friends said did not lend him a helping hand when Paul Kilday Young san Antonio lawyer was whipping his ears Down last year in the race for Congress. The last tabulation last night gave Maverick 17.94 7 votes. Quin 1 4.546. It a Roy Jeffers third Man in the race got 1 1,465. Three other candidates got fewer than inn each. Nea service Cable photo accompanied by Princess Elizabeth left King George and Queen Elizabeth Are pictured As the Rode in the Royal Carriage to Hoard ship for their history making american vat. Served with the armlet could be put in Safe spots. But the Duke of York was a Junior officer on a battleship which was engaged in the Battle of Jutland. German Sheila were no respecter of per sons. A Royal Duke was just As Apt to be hit As a common Sailor Aud just As Apt to drown if the ship were sunk. As the Duke of York he thus had his real baptism of fire. And its certain that threats of War now a and rumours of a German submarine off the Canadian coast could not have frightened this British Navy Man from an overseas trip to America. La Follette challenges opposition to War referendum proposal in capital Washngton. May to ply senator la Follette Prog wis challenged administration opposition to a War referendum proposal today declaring that a absurd fears had been raised against it. A there is nothing in the pending proposal which will cripple any president in his conduct of our foreign policy so Long As that policy is not to he implemented in the end by involving this nation in an offensive War overseas Al a Follette said in a statement prepared for at a Senate committee hearing. The proposal would require a vote of the people before Congress could declare War except in the Case of invasion or threatened invasion of the Western hemisphere or when the United states was called on to defend its possessions. Quot i do not believe that there is Validity in the proposition that there Are effective measures Short of a la Follette said a but if there Are those who take an opposite View this proposal for a referendum on foreign War will strengthen and buttress that ing and was taxed with the court Cost. David Wright of Spencer Rodney Daniels of Thomasville Herman Delappe of 409 Worth Avenue in High Point and Ruffin Shaffer of Jamestown were convicted of drunkenness and were ordered to pay the court Cost. Last headache Quot Relief Stanback Speed will amate Yeu Alto great for neuralgia and similar inorganic paint in use 27 years. Million of Stan backs used yearly is Stanback fatter try it and 5ct my sock with Stanback it a off resident Roosevelt told Congress in january that there were a measures Short of War a which this country might use in discouraging aggression throughout the world a lit Short a la Follette continued. A this joint Resolution take it at their word spokesmen for the administration s foreign policy who maintain that this polity does not involve any danger or risk of War. The War referendum proposal which would require a constitutional amendment was pigeonholed by the House last year after president Roosevelt and Secretary Hull had expressed opposition to it. It was revived this session by la Follette and la other senators. Chairman Hatch dam of a Senate judiciary subcommittee which is studying the proposal has termed it unwise. Senator Miller dark subcommittee Man said he would have to be convinced that there were valid reasons for limiting the Power of Congreve to declare War. The third member senator Borah a Idaho said the principle involved appealed strongly to him but he was not sure that it would work. Heavy seas Rock boat carrying King and Queen aboard e m pres s of Australia May Canadian press a the Empress of Australia carrying King George and Queen Elizabeth to Hie United slates ploughed through quieter seas today after timing naked by a half Gale which upset tables rite King and Queen Lait ii Good sailors spent some time on link Laie yesterday watch ing the Waves which frequently a mashed Down on the big liner. A St if w ind still blew from the Southwest Imlay Lull the vessel halt i steadied and sailors no it the morning taking Down Canvas curtain and other equipment used in protect passengers when a Gale is on. Guilford county realty transfers High Point township j. Linter Kivitt and wife to or i. C crts of and a v. Joyce three lots of Woodland development. John d Brown and d c. Macrae trustee to Guy d Grimes and wife. Lot on Oaklawn Street. A e. Scharrer and wife to Vernon e Mcalister and wife lot on Oaklawn Street. J. F Hayden and wife to w. J. Anderson and wife lot to of first National Bank company land or l. T Pierce to e w. Ramsey West half of plot 21, Section b. Oakwood cemetery. Gilmer township Harry w. Shiffman and other to Nellie Fry two tract of i j. Duffy Sib Daviston. Sharpe and Doggett incorporated to Agne Steele Holt lot in Jasper do a subdivision. F. A. Mayflower and others to City of Greensboro lot 14. Block b. Nocho Park subdivision. Morehead township j. A Waddell and others to Henry Maelyn. 3rd. And others lot on Wentworth drive adjacent to Mcgill. J. A Crutchfield and wife to f. D Lewis and Elbert Lewis trading As f. D. Lewis and son lot on new Street leading North from West Lee Street. Annie and Louis Brooks to George y. Lewis and wife lot four Block four of Glenwood plot. Rowe and Roach company incorporated to j. M. Crutchfield lot on Railroad Street. Ida b. Stadiem and Abe Sadlem commissioners and Ida b. Stadiem Independent to Harry w. Shiffman. One tract on Northeast Corner at intersection of Walker Avenue and Chapman Street two tract on Briarcliff Road near Wendover Avenue and lot two Block a Morehead Park Abdl vision on Walker Avenue. Harry w Shiffman and wife to d c. Kenerly tract on Northeast Corner at intersect pm of Walker Avenue i and Chapman Street two tracts on Briarcliff Road near Wendover ave it nue and in two Block a of More i head Park subdivision on Walker ave t nue cd Ltd of Green s o b of. Eldridge j and wife lot at 9 Section of Madi son Avenue and Wilson Street c l. French to George h. Stone and wife. Lot on Greensboro High Point Highway. Richard Mebane and wife to Viola c. J Maxwell and husband lot nine of Edward Crump subdivision. Fentress township Adelaide Bizzell to William f har j Ria and wife. Two tract of j. M Crutch j Field us dial Ion. Rome show will have farm movie t f you w ant smoking pleasure at its be stand a sound a buy too camels your smoke. There More tobacco by weight in camels compared to the average of 15 other of the largest Selling brands tested. Besides camels Burn Ilou to than any other Brand tested�?25% slower than the average time of the others. Thus camels give you the equivalent of 5 extra smokes per pack add the Bonus of camels costlier tobaccos and its Clear Why camels Are America s favorite cigarette smoke pleasure Pius Economy the cigarette of costlier tobaccos Penny for Penny your Best cigarette buy Quot fixers Quot lambasted by traffic expert at . Safety seminar

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