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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 8, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Age four Ink High Point Enterprise Piedmont no Industry High Point. North Carolina monday. May 8. 10,19 High Point Enterprise published afternoons and sunday mornings i. B. Terr president. A. and treas. Hammett a. Cecil Gen. Mgr. Quot apus m. Waynic editor a p Rawley publisher isis�?1837 8u6scription rates Dally and sunday by Carrier in High Point and near by towns a pee months. X Man us. Bree months. Be. Mouth. Be we. $10 10 a s a by so to carriers in nearby Mwau Are not permitted to collect Tor More Man on week in Advance. Can i to in it Iii not or flitted to col t Tor a period of More Man five week. I subscription for a longer period is desired Ament should be made direct to office. The associated priss is exclusively in tied to the use for republication of Alt a dispatch endued to it or not Otho ise credited in thu paper and also Tbs Val rows published therein. Member of audit Bureau of circulation entered As second class matter at the stuff ice in High Point i under Tbs t of Congress of March t. 1872. National adv. Repreza euratus the John Blob co. 420 Lexington a. New York City monday May 8. 1939. Cd Ujj Wuzhi j submit Yoni Seh is therefore to it id. A Sis the Devil Ami he will flee from 4 7. A a loll will. What i Lulu will when iou w 111 i i. I. H r a i Berlin s debt to the Hov it he Cui Cill it Pill Clatl it i Aln it the change of temperature in Elm Moscow relations Sung the extent to which Hitler indebted to Moscow. He would not have been per listed to rearm Germany Conny to the peace treaty prob it by had it not Lien for the Paia facing effect on British and 1-Ench opinion that communism voided. Many British and Many henchmen regarded a Strong halved Germany As a safeguard against something worse in world kitties. . No doubt Neon of pm still so regard Germany Jirels the two great democracies it uld not have stood aside and Lowed lie Many and Italy to it a grappled old on Spain had fear of not been rot to fear w Ith them. While the elected government Spain fought to a finish the Herat civil War in a Century ily and Germany aided the Ream France and England pendent As they were upon a Mediterranean allowed the Nisil gown Ament to tx1 defeat without lifting a hand. The being danger of communism id Quot democracy shivering in its lots. So in that Shadow Hitler a ought his wonders of Alining a organizing hts people and Ion this was Well done in con Ligating their position in Kiltie. It will bt1 a tragic As Well ironic development if Hitler to swore everlasting enmity for Issei should turn now and fold his bosom his political blood ther or. Stalin and use the a relationship for support of tiler aggression in tile interest world domination. Japan must be watching the is with an interest equal to it of England. An Accord Hern Moscow and Berlin might Ive the yellow Man out on a la. But what Are moral Obliga is to a blood inspired nordic a rampage. Riniti is Celebration a he Hue rain of la could impair the Celebration at Unity High school importantly. It Community and the school fees particularly were resolve that the Centennial of the be s Dei a Ion to education it uld lie memorable and the Temprise congratulates them on Celebration. Juite properly the governor hired the occasion by being sent and making the address la \ a his kind of Centennial which Unity celebrates ought to be pin sized More among civilized it Ples. We have been inclined to go our celebrations and to Al our eloquence to flow on is where some Patriot risked ave his life in armed defense i his country or his country a principles and purposes. That kind of service lends itself better to dramatization than that of the site of a Hundred years of steady work in education but who will say it is the More important service the dignity of work Only the Man who is competent or has been competent As a Mechanic understands fully the deep satisfaction which comes of that condition. True the Man who works ably with his hands in some mechanical Field of service May look longingly at a different kind of employment but he does know the pleasure of definite Concrete accomplishment. We Are reminded of this theory by the current response of the sex Mechanic president of general motors to an editorial inquiry As to Quot what he would do for a living if he were 21 years old the american Magazine asked the question in Pursuit of its purpose to be helpful to puzzled Young men starting out to make a living. President William s. Knudsen a answer is Superior to the average commencement address and he preaches a truth which reasonably Well educated Young Southern men particularly need to learn. We think his reasoning Well Worth the space we Accord the following excerpt from his answer to the editor a j would try to get work in a machine shop. If that failed i would try for a Job in a filling station or As an apprentice to an electrician or a plumber or As a clerk behind a counter or As an errand boy Quot i would try to get some work to do with my hands. I have been More or less a Mechanic since i was sixteen. In my Early Days in a bicycle Plant. I went to a technical school at night. A nowadays in America youngsters want a College education. That is All right. I would probably want one too. But i would to if i knew what i know now. Let the College education interfere with my practical education As a Mechanic. A last summer i talked a Good Ileal w till some Young College seniors. They All seemed worried about How they would get their Start in life. I suggested that they go out and try to get a Job working with their hands filling station factory store machine shop. They thought i was joking a now these were pretty Good average. Decent intelligent Young americans. The tact that they feared to go to work with hum hands indicate there is something wrong with our system of training. A of the hundreds of thousands of Young men graduated from College every year. The larger proportion seem to have one ambition to sit at a desk. A there is nothing Humble about the position of a Mechanic. Even with All our unemployment the top rank skilled Mechanic is still the most sought after Man you can find. The Genius of America is production and a Large let percentage of our productive enterprises Are headed by men who have come up from the workers Bench. A Why is it then that so Many of our youngsters today want to Start their careers sitting at a desk with no More manual and practical skill than to operate a Telephone they Arentt weak on an average they Are stronger and healthier Thun we Are. Why then their dread of manual labor ? a the pioneers were men of Little education. So were the immigrants. Consequently there grew up in America a great reverence for Hook learning. From this came Many Good tilings. It provided the urge for Universal education in America. A but maybe we have gone a Little too far in our reverence for Book learning maybe in our concentration on that we have forgotten other tilings which Are just As important. That is. The knowledge of How to work with our hands How to create with practical skill. A i am not belittling education. What i am trying to say is that a person educated entirely through Book i Only half educated. There is a kind of practical knowledge and Good sense which can flow into the brain Only through the use of the Drakes ship possibly our award of the Palm for the Best press Gentry in North Carolina is to Ben Dixon Macneill who does most of his writing now for the news and observer from Manteo. His present interest arousing publicity is devoted to description of Ami speculation about an ancient ships Hull which a storm has uncovered on the outer Banks near Oregon Inlet Southeast of Roanoke Island. It is not surprising in View of or. Macneilly a writing about it that thousands of people Are flocking to the a pee for personal inspection of the find. The questions As to what kind of a ship the find was originally and As to its age have not been answered except in the fascinating imaginings of the reporter. The latest suggestion with excellent support of course is that the vessel was a War vessel which sir Walter Raleigh designed for England. Why not explore or exploit at least the possibility that it is the sir Francis Drake vessel driven ashore during a great storm and wrecked the night after the famous harrier of the Spanish main had agreed to lend the lost colonists one from his Fleet to take them to England that would surround the find with new Glamor and it might help dispose of the recent claim from markers Island that it and not Roanoke was the site of the first Colony. With Dale Carnegie author of a How to win friends and influence people a Young reporter on the grand Forks North Dakota Herald wanted to get ahead to make More Mono. Than the newspaper was Able to pay him. The town was Small the paper was Small his salary was Small. How was he Ever going to make More Money ? his name was Douglas e. Lurton he hit on an idea which changed his whole life. This idea was so simple so sound so True that anybody might employ it. This was the idea the Way to get ahead is to create something new that is needed. That s All. Just thirteen words. He realized that the people who made the big Money were not the people who did routine work. They were the ones who thought up something new contributed something to business. Or to the world that it had not had before. He decided to originate something new himself. But what that was the question. The thing he knew most about was reporting and publishing. But the Chance to originate something new in publishing in grand Forks. North Dakota. Looked pretty thin. But Doug Lurton did t see it that Way. He saw a Chance. He determined to learn More about reporting and publishing and moved to Minneapolis where he got a Job on a the Minneapolis daily All the time he was developing his idea. Studying the idea. Reading up on it. Making notes. But where he was going to present it he did not know. But the idea seemed sound. Someday he would find the right Man to put it before sex a. His specific and Concrete working out of his general idea was this that Jample would be interested in a pocket size Magazine which helped them with their daily problem. That is How to get a Job. How to go to sleep if you suffer from insomnia How to cure an inferiority Complex. That Sall there was to it. Completely simple. He told people about it. They laughed. The idea was too simple. Somebody must have thought of it before anyway. But he kept on. Studying Reading developing the idea. When a the literary digest failed his inspiration a Horn. A now is the time to present my idea. They will probably want a Magazine. I la take my idea to he armed himself with ammunition. Got facts and everything available and went in to see Wilfred j. Funk. He talked with enthusiasm and conviction in exactly thirty minutes or. Funk said yes. They Shook hands. The Deal was made. He had worked All these years for that half hour. But it was Worth it. This was in april. The first Issue of the Magazine was on the Newsstands in october. It takes the average new Magazine three years to break even. This Magazine made Money on the first number. Its title is a your can you do what Dong Lurton did originate a new idea give the world something it Hasni to had before. Remember Doug Lurton s thirteen words. Afraid to testify to their Faith editor the Enterprise a sunday evening Union service of Christian churches was held recently in a protestant Church. The principal speaker was a jewish rabbi. I believe in Freedom of speech so have no objection to a rabbi expressing himself on a Public platform. But what i cannot understand is Why a rabbi should occupy a Christian pulpit when he does not believe in christianity. He declared that the salvation of the world rests on the people of the world thinking with a minimum of Bias and acting with a maximum of self restraint. A definition of these terms As understood by him would no doubt be very illuminating. However i understand that salvation rests Only upon the knowledge and acceptance of Jesus Christ. It certainly does not rest upon the doctrine of the Freedom of the human mind As further declared by this rabbi. Rut then what can we expect for the very ministers sworn to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ were afraid to mention his name that night. Jewry has scored again. No doubt continued on Page 9 overlapping dreams Walter winched on Broadway Coper Lehi. Ill Dally Mirror. Lur. A fall Ori n Oll i w a o Ier t line Man about Toun the Franklin Delano Roosevelt .lr., Are imaging again. Int Jessica Pepper of the Broadway Lahde Dahs. Secretly sealed to a. Arthur the sex Colum most and now a 20th Century Fox the Luther adlers Sylvia Sidney have shelved the stage for a year. Blessed events ailing they say theres no a a inside on Litvinoff a quitting the soviet High command. Doctors orders because his ticker trouble would end him in a year Etc. Around the supreme court they say Barrymore a suit for his $300,000 a will never come to trial Coucci one of the great jockeys this last scratch was Jalapa Clown in the Dubbye will pull a a a Gehrig and quit. .117 cookies at Jamaica have lost Over 400 is to Date a conservative estimate. Frank Erickson a been booked for $70,-000. The bund meeting at mad so. Garden bowl july 4th has been cancelled. At the dutch treat club luncheon John a times Kieran introduced eve Curie the Radium lady a daughter this Way a imagine a Mugg like me introducing a Dame like her Quot the Federal agent Are investigating nazi consular officers in the u. S. For activities similar to those Over which Hitler purged his own storm troopers including Roeh the department of just icons have been probing the scandal quietly. The Heinie Are alleged to have wooed several american soldiers in an attempt which failed to get army secrets. Nanty Carroll May give in and say yes to Yan Smith who flew in from the coast again to Shadow herring Gardner boy. John and his wife exl Greet their heir about May 15thjune 2nd May be the Date for the Dorothy Lamour Charlie Barnet merger in Mexico. Lee Wiley the Thrush is at drs Hosp overwork. Clare Luce the playwright whose Groom publishes time. Life and fort Nehas made a sizeable contribution to the vets of the Abraham Lincoln battalion which fought Franco. Ralph pulitzer is seriously ill. Father divine via a proxy is bickering for the edifice at 121th and Lexington for another heaven. The phone firm is vacating it the circus paid off that Bank most of the million it owed. It owes Only 190 of now with a terrific ticket Advance on in love with the honorable or. Soands a Tho new Torch Click in t a steal from a dinner for one please. it s an Echo the die committee ill receive a sensational report before this paragraph appears Iii the Washington Herald with alleged proof that a bund Leader has a criminal record in Germany where he stole clothing from students at the univ. Of Munich and for which he served four months in prison. Then As a shipping clerk he hefted merchandise valued at 3.000 Marks in the preliminary examination of a recent Case the prosecutor questioned the Bundit As to whether or not he had a criminal record. He replied Quot not he May he deported for la perjury upon entry to this country and 21 perjury in applying for and receiving his citizenship. Elliott Roosevelt Ralph Blitz and Anion Carter will Call their new night club venture atop the Belmont Plaza hotel a the Texas ranch. The next a. F. A. Chorus girls Union War will by with n. T. A. He flew 20 girls from la Wood and when told he had to pay rehearsal Coin Laid them off until a week before the premiere which rehearsals Are Gratis. T. G., not Twogood. Was t there a raid in a Midtown n hotel wednesday Aye in which federals collared two nazis with illegal rec g and sending radio apparatus. Jimmy Stout who Rode Johnstown to Victory and the mrs. Have puff fat. The Omaha Gazette printed it but none of the wire news services touched it. It happened during the Golden Spike festivities when the locals and invited guests wore period costumes and carried guns. Three were Hurt because a n. Y. Columnist allegedly held his .45 too close to victims. Mrs. Ray Gage wife of a Union Pacific official Wen to St Josephus Hospital when the wad from a Blank Cartridge entered her foot an Inch and a half Over the ankle Cecil b. De i lie s publicity Man Bill Hebert and his lady companion were other victims of the prankster who also peppered his own toes and finally shot the right Guy. And didst lie recently empty a six shooter with real bullets into the air on Madison Avenue from a cab prosecutor Dewey four months ago was Given a report concerning nazi smuggling of gats and tear Gas bombs into n. A the report gives details names and places. But nothing has been done about it yet. How come. B. Lithe offered to sacrifice her $2,5 x weekly wages in Quot set to music to keep the cast employed. But the music Box refused to Cut its own $4,700 weekly guarantee. The Billy Rose aquacade Biz is amazing. 15 is Friday night and lots More saturday. They say the Midway at the fair will sue Whalen for breach of contract not opening on schedule Etc. Cecil b. Demille will depart from american historical flickers and next make Quot the Royal Northwest mounted police. Time mag hollered in listing Lovely Nan Wynn the Thrush As a negress. It will make amends by running her photo in its next Issue. Earle w. Waldron dramatization of Quot mein kampf Quot which will utilize a living newspaper technique will reveal that Fritz Kuhn the bund chieftain will shortly be superseded by a Beautiful and titled German woman with International social contacts. John Wilke Booth Nephew. 72, is Wilfred Clark an actor with the Federal theatre. One Girlie show at the fair has an old lady Stooge who runs up to the stage examines a nude at close Range and then faints. Gets a terrific How the Lone Ranger now shouts a Chi to Bondy instead of a Chi to Silver because Bond bread has replaced Silver Eup As the sponsor you dopes. Goodness How Sec a denied the blessed event exclusive so Many months Golyn Lacy of the dodgers team and Mary Lawlor will Reed. She divorced him in Miami recently. Tallulah Bankhead has a a adopted a Spanish orphan now in Paree. She gives Lier month for his support for life. How Good is that talk that c. Gehringer of the tigers team will marry the Young Dodge widow Shes the sex phone operator who inherited millions when ten years ago local news a the Redpath Chautauqua will open Here May 13. The local alumni of the University of North Carolina held a banquet at the country club last night. Executive Secretary Robert House of Chapel Hill delivered the principal address. A prof. Charles w. Phillip of Greensboro addressed the Church school workers in a supper meeting at Wesley memorial Church last night. About people a miss Nancy Carr Terry of Salem College is spending the evening in the . Wilbur Jones is expected Home today from Atlanta. The local chapter. Children of the confederacy will sell Confederate flags in High Point on Friday. Proceeds will be used in local work new Brief a to a Georgia farm school today governor Roosevelt of new York said the following things were needed by Rural populations better Home living conditions improvement of agricultural methods and the elimination of inefficiency in local c. C. Cranford Defeated k. D. Cox for mayor in the Asheboro City election yesterday. Twenty years ago local new High Point has reached her Liberty loan quota after an intensive drive amount raised $607, 950. This City will very Likely get an ice Cream Cone Plant. It is stated that a local concern will Start making Cones today beneath the Henderson and Foust meat Market on South main Street. The electrical storm yesterday afternoon put half the Battery of Linotype machines at the Enterprise out of commission. For this reason Reading matter in today a Issue is Short. About people High Point business men and Farmers in the immediate Section definitely de idea yesterday afternoon to see that this City gets a Creamery. A committee appointed to solicit Stock is composed of the following men j. J. Farriss a. Of. Tate j. Emillis. C. C. Robbins p. M. Davis and a b. Richardson. New Brief a Germany is expected to sign peace treaty but pressure is needed. Three american naval flyers took to the air today for a flight across the Atlantic. Ifs amazing to see two european forces bidding for favor of the greeks. We thought they were All in America running fruit stores and restaurants. Her bridegroom drowned on their honeymoon. The columns Detroit editor says Gehringer who threatens to remain a Bachelor admits seeing her a lot. The son of the Bot Recap inventor a or. Putnam of new Hampshire left 15 millions to three Sisters All Over 80. After they it will be split among Harvard Yale and Princeton. Al Marinellio a co Leader mrs. Elvira Caffre will Transfer her support to his political opponent Jimmy Kelly. Those communistic soviet fliers arrived at Floyd Bennett Field in a very capitalistic plane own # by a Vanderbilt and piloted by millionaire Harry k. Thaw s boy. Russell the column is now off to see Rosita do her Sally rat dish Dove dance at the worlds fair. S. Has anybody got a package of Bird seed Brace Catton in Washington by Bruce Catton Washington. May 8�?a movement to rally the nation liberals behind a Concrete program for ending unemployment and restoring Prosperity through drastic government action is quietly being Organ f sized Here this Spring. It undertakes to outline a policy around which new dealers might reassemble after an election defeat in 1940�? a Prospect w hich is i frankly taken into 111 account. Up the movement is a a being headed by a Broom Calla group known As the american association for economic Freedom. On its National policy Board Are such men As Bishop Francis j. Mcconnell of the methodist Church monsignor John a. Ryan. Rabbi Stephen s. Wise president Frank p. Graham of the University of North Carolina. Prof. Paul h. Douglas of the University of Chicago editor we Illiam Allen White of the Emporia Gazette. Sex gov. William a. Sweet of Colorado and Frank p. Walsh chairman of the new York Power authority. Its acting chairman is w. Jett Lauck Washington economist. Biel aimed at future for upwards of a year the association has been drafting a Hill which is tentatively called the Industrial reconstruction act. This Bill will shortly be introduced in the House and Senate. There is not even a Remote Chance that it will pass and the association knows it. It Hopes though that hearings can be had on it later and that these hearings plus a publicizing Campaign a will Force the measure on the country s attention and get it widely discussed. It May be years before a real concerted drive to pass it gets under Way. The Bill is based on the theory that americans productive capacity is ample to give the nation an annual income of at least too billions if not considerably More. In Brief the Bill would set up a National reconstruction commission with a planning Board under it and a set of regional or Industrial councils sprouting off below that. Each of the big industries affecting interstate Commerce would be studied to determine its productive capacity the potential demand for its product the number of men it would employ if operating at capacity wage Levels Price Levels and so on. Government would Dic Tate eventually a program Widd Ive framed for each Industry designed to step up both production and employment. A government Assurance corporation w Ould be set up to insure individual producers against loss in any increased production they might be required to undertake. A government capital issues banking system would be created to provide needed capital for new enterprises or for expansion of old ones. On these programs then Industrial activity would lie expanded All along the line. This it is argued would absorb unemployment while the new purchasing Power thus created would absorb the increased output. There is no pretence that this would he anything but government compulsion of the most compulsive sort. Federal licensing of All corporations would be involved a Given firm production schedule during any one year would be something handed Down from above. Private ownership would continue Aud so would private profits but private control would be strictly limited. In drafting All of this the association is looking a Long Way ahead. It secs the weakness of the a Lili Erali position As the Lack of a definite specific program for coping with the country economic ills. Immediate action on the Bill is not hoped for. The proposition will be kept in the Public Eye. However and in some quarters the thought is advanced that if the new Deal loses in the 1940 election this program might constitute a rallying Point for 1944. Littler drinks Beer a special one per cent beverage brewed especially for him. Moderation in All things when will Daylight saving time go out again just when we get used to the new radio schedule. Says Secretary Wallace a some Day the Peoples of the world will learn the Golden they know it now Henry but they done to believe in it. Now that Lou Gehrig a Streak has been broken How about looking for the Umpire whose Noggin has deflected the most consecutive pop bottles to German leaders the Prospect of attaining nazi ambitions in Europe is As far removed As the poles. Question Why docs the baseball season Start so Early answer so the magnates can take advantage of the cold weather to make up lucrative summer doubleheaders. It May be that few of the new York fair visitors will inspect the scientific exhibits. But. At least we All know now what a try Lon and a Peris a Herd Are. How much stronger we might be if our forces were United in the struggle against sin. The world and the episcopal Bishop Francis m. Taitz

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