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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 8, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Page Totite High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina monday May 8, 1939 Medico says u. S. Could save billion annually by treating mental diseases weather local weather noon today. 73 Low list night .57 High yesterday. S3 .32 rain this morning. North Carolina South Caro Man and Georgia Cloudy occasional rain tonight and tuesday. Winds Hatteras to Jacksonville moderate southerly winds overcast weather tonight and tuesday with scattered showers. Sandy Hook to h Atter ask increasing Southeast and South winds becoming fresh and overcast weather with occasional showers tonight and tuesday. High Low r fall Charlotte. N. C., May 8.-<ap>-official weather Bureau records of the temperature and rainfall for the 24 hours ending at 7 30 a rn., in the principal Cotton growing areas and elsewhere station Asheville. Atlanta. Augusta. Birmingham. Charlo ton. Charlotte. Chicago. Umbria. Denver. Detroit. Evansville. It Galveston. Opens hero. Hatteras. 76 Jacksonville. Key West. L Hie Rock. 78 los Angeles. Memphis. Meridian. Miami. My St Paul Mobile. Nit Mitchell. New York. Raleigh. San Antonio. 3sn Francisco 62 Spartanburg. Tampa. A Hington. Wilmington. 72 54 .22 72 56 .58 72 64 .44 68 60 .34 74 68 .60 77 59 .35 84 62 .52 76 60 .56 68 32 .10 82 64 .00 74 62 .00 78 66 of 82 58 .01 76 66 of 76 66 iss 84 76 ,00 78 64 1.46 72 54 .00 80 64 .32 70 64 .46 80 cd .00 76 54 .00 78 70 .02 54 44 .04 82 72 of 88 58 of 1 82 62 of 92 70 of 62 50 of 72 56 104 76 64 116 90 66 .00 76 66 .04 Tho Flag can be flown officially. Day and night Over Only one building in the United states the National Capitol in washing i lie nor Powell Robert Young George Burns Gracie Allie party leaders discuss looks of legislation Barkley mentions no Date for adjournment after session with for Washington May apr president Roosevelt and party leaders Iii Congress reviewed tile legislative Outlook today discussing measures that May be enacted before adjournment. No Date was mentioned for winding up Congress said senator Barkley of Kentucky the majority Leader. Barkley said the soft Coal situation was mentioned but that no specific action by the administration was discussed. Somoza Speaks Senate consideration of a record agriculture department Bill was delayed by a speech in the chamber by president Anastasio Somoza of Nicaragua. Mayor la Guardia of new York told the House spa in vet Ligating committee that of the government abandoned the principle of the works Progress administration the result would be a too terrible to contemplate a Secretary Hopkins Auld in a press conference that a a pessimism a among members of the United states chamber of Commerce was unwarranted and added that a i done to think for a moment that they represent the views of most business men in this Hopkins predicted Quot a steady Aud modest Rise in business for the rest of the year. James t. Shotwell Columbia University professor urged in testimony before a Senate committee that the United states adopt a neutrality policy Perl Ting discrimination against an aggressor naion in time of War. A us Benefit vote a Senate vote this week on an additional $338,000,000 for farm benefits probably will determine whether total government appropriations for the year starting next july i will surpass this years expenditures. The Benefit funds Are included in a record breaking $1,216,000,-000 Bill for agriculture department called up for Senate debate today. At the same time a $770,000,000 naval Supply Btl a largest in peacetime history came before the House. A Survey shows that regular appropriation Bills either enacted or Well on their Way through Congress carry $572,800,788 More than the same measures did i this year. Two More regular Supply Blite and next years Relief program Are still in the House appropriations committee. President Roosevelt a requested $1,763,-000,000 for various Relief agencies against an aggregate of $2,-163.000,000 which Congreve toted for Relief in the current year. He is he d for me killing continued from Page i by asserted i innocence and avowed he would a face the music alone a he received a message today from his Mother mrs. Ruth Burgunder Alhambra California which Jordan disclosed. A steady son and courage. Seeing you soon Loving you alway a the Telegram read. It was signed Jordan declined to say when he and Harless would Start to Phoenix with their prisoner declaring a we May ire Here for a Day or two to rest up Burgunder was arrested yesterday at Johnson City tenn., by sheriff Earl sell As he emerged from a Church. He was brought Here last night. In announcing his intention to avoid parental Aid in fighting the charge. Rur grinder declared a dad and Mother have gotten me out of enough trouble and i done to want them in this mess a he declared. He wrote a message for his father k m. Burgunder sr., saying a stay out of this. T knew what i was doing Ann will take the consequences. Stay in Seattle Quot for his Mother mrs. Ruth Bur Gunder who is separated from her husband and living in Alhambra calif., Hia message was a stay in Burgunder told the sheriff he for his proposal but there have i intended enrolling at the teach been no indications yet which plan Era College at Johnson City under i Disu amp t of by Robt Ripley or. It Lar in kitties says mental health greatest medical problem by Stephen j. Mcdonough a science writer Chicago May 8.�?people of the United states could save Skoog too too annually and pay off the National deficit within a comparatively few Yeara by the proper treatment of mental disease a prominent psychiatrist declared today. In an interview prior to the opening session of the annual meeting of the american psychiatric association or. Arthur h. Ruggles of Providence r. I., Secretary and treasurer of the organization listed mental health As the greatest medical problem in America. Pointing out that 51 per cent of All Hospital Beds in the country Are now occupied by patients with various mental diseases or. Buggies said that approximately 20 per Lent of the Federal state and private funds now expended in caring for such persons could be saved by preventing the development of such ailments of the mind. The sic Knees and death rates from mental disease could he Cut. With the resulting saving of human time and life in the same Way that illness and death have been reduced in the campaigns against tuberculosis cancer typhoid fever and other diseases he said. Quot at the present time 75,000 new mental cases Are being admitted to hospitals each year and unites we do something about it soon we will he swamped a the Providence physician said. A the problem is not one of providing additional facilities to take care of these people bin rather one of prevention of the mental illnesses which drive them to the hospitals a he added. The Cradle is not too Early a Point at which to and such potential cases. Or. Ruggles said and often a playmate May to the Best doctor in analysing a child a mental state w Hen he remarks that the individual in Quot All wet or Quot Kinda such a Quick analysis often indicates that a Cix Iid who does not get along with others will fail to adjust himself or herself to society in later life. Such mental Case respond quickly to treatment when found Early in life he declared. A the results which have been obtained in the campaigns against syphilis tuberculosis pneumonia smallpox and other diseases can he duplicated through Public education better training of physicians and the use of Federal. State and local funds As a Grant in Aid to treat mental cases before they Are Well started Quot he added. Suggests discrimination against the aggressors continued from Page i goods to belligerents of they paid rash and transported them in foreign ships. Senator Pittman. Chairman of the Senate foreign relations committee wants to make the Quot Cash and carry Quot system mandatory for All american goods including munitions. This in effect would re peal the arms embargo in the present Law in a separate clause his Bill provides for designation by the president of combat areas into which american ships could not go tinder risk of severe penalties. He is considering modifying this Section however to provide such Light penalties that ships could cruise in danger zones by violating the Law hut without their operators risking heavy punishment at Home. In other respects the Pittman ant Law by up safeguards designed to keep american citizens out of War provoking incidents and to forestall financial entanglement. Should the administration As is expected endorse the general principles of Pittman a plan it probably will urge that greater discretion he Given the president in the Law s application. The Bill now provides that the president would have to invoke it if a declared War broke out. Should an Quot undeclared War develop either the president or Congress could make the Law effective. Tho suggestion to limit new neutrality legislation to reenactment of the expired Quot Cash and carry provisions came from senator Vandenberg a Mich. He has won some by part Lynn support Doris Carley has photographed every one of the 8,828 houses in her Hometown new Weston mass a a i a l a a put. But amt. Lac warm Nutku a it a it the statue of Pasquino Quot a witty Barber was set up in Rome Ano contributors pasted satirical and witty comments on its base. Thus columnists were born. The first gossip column the hrs which was found in 1501 in the foundations of Cardinal cd arado at the Corner of his resident after Antoniol a Quino a Barber who was the i was set up Anonymous contributors would pot on flu news and personalities with particular e people of Home and Italy read these fainter wit the Quot Pasqui Nade a of which the modern gossip c in mix Pasquino had the greatest influence Upo tomorrow smoked one Cigar Fok if hours. Hill parallels the pre i setting up safeguards Norb asks four charges be considered in act continued from Page i liar to one filed recently with the Senate a Ihor committee. It was particularly critical of aug age scions by rep. Anderson a Mol and others that employers he granted More leeway in expressing an opinion regarding unionization of workers. Passage of Andersons Bill the Board said would make the Wagner act an Quot innocuous in opposition to proposals for increasing the size of the labor Hoard the report quoted a letter from chief Justice Hughes in 1937 saying that an increase in the number of supreme court justices would not promote the courts efficiency. Coleridge scout troop leads patrols in Wharrie Camporee Compromise is presented by Steelman Continio d from Page i the negotiators of both sides to keep this in in Pittsburgh or. James h. Greene vice president of the local chamber of Commerce said that the u. S. Chamber of Commerce might be asked to intervene and added Quot if president Roosevelt can to remedy the situation organized business must do authorities have estimated the shutdown greatest in the Coal Industry since 1922, has Cost miners $10,000,000 a week in wages and railroads at least $11,000,000 a week in freight revenues besides throwing additional thousands of Railroad and Industrial workers out of employment. Would win. Pumpkin pie originated in England they were made by baking a pumpkin which had i in filled with apples. Rialto a Law went i Tombstone Quot a with Harry Akey Saga write Palace theatre a o _ i o. Clui Chi in i m. Mall Salem Street Coak Dot Able enjoyable Thomasville ii today and tomorrow @ thanks for everything a with t Adolphe men Jou and Jack Oakie a i 15c 2 for 25c children a As Stiim Tejar it except saturdays Ioc la in in a a Iju a it a the name of a former schoolmate. Burgunder declined to discuss the Phoenix accusation asserting Quot one wrong word right now might hang Quot but a he added Quot urn not guilty of Berlin Rome Axis closer after Parley continued from Page i ing a Climax with sir William seeds British ambassador in Moue a instructed to present formally a British reply to the j soviet proposal of a Brit Ash French Huss an military Alliance. Dike Speaks the Duke of Windsor now at j be Dun France wits scheduled of broadcast to the United states Tat 4 p. In. E. S. To today what was described in Advance As a non political peace plea Quot an Appeal to reason in the ugh of world it will be his first radio message since his historic abdication speech. Dec la 1936. Pope Pius Xii yesterday renewed his Appeal for Quot thut peace so ardently desired by uneasy humanity.�?�, in a radio address delivered in French to the National eucharistic Congress at Algiers Algeria he reminded the faithful of his plea for a Quot crusade of prayer for peace during the month of May. Or. Sharp is invited to attend osteopaths meet or. F. Sharp 815 Security National Bank building High Point has been invited to attend and take part in the convention of the clinics of the american osteopathic society of ophthalmology and otolaryngology Eye ear nose and Throat specialists which will be held june 23 to 25 in Dallas Texas. The Eye car nose and Throat specialists will meet along with a he forty third annual convention of the american osteopathic association which will he attended by some 2,500 osteopathic physicians surgeons and specialists from the United states Canada and Europe. E stat my in x in a by. A Mhz. Edna r. Harris Raleigh. May 8.�? a a the funeral of or. Edna r. Harris corresponding Secretary of the state Baptist woman a missionary Union was held Here today. Mrs. Marris 67 years old. Died saturday night after a Brief illness. The body was taken to Gaffney s. Cd a for burial. Bit. It. It. Jewett Wilmington May 8, Ltd a or. Robert Diane Jewett 79, retired Wilmington physician and founder of Hie North Carolina health bulletin died saturday after a Brief illness. Three Hilt Point 4 patrols Given Honor hating in annual event Tho seventh annual Wharrie Council Camporee was brought to u close yesterday afternoon when the 49 patrols participating were officially checked for the final inspection at 4 p. In. The Camporee i this year resulted in some of the j Best camping that has been Dom j of nitrated in the Council during the seven years in which the Camporee has Peen in operation officials said. The lion patrol from troop 504, Coleridge with g. R. Hodgin As scoutmaster was Givin a rating of 622 joints to Lead All patrols in the Camporee. Four additional patrols were Given the Honor camping rating along with the lion patrol. These four were the Silver Fox patrol from troop to. High Point and the Wildcat from troop to High Point with d. H. Parnell As scoutmaster the Crow patrol from troop 28, Asheboro with Cameron Parks As scoutmaster and the Skunk patrol from troop 20, High Point with Charles Mcgahey As scoutmaster the ratings of the 49 patrols participating As released today by m. T. Lambeth chief judge of the Camporee Are As follows Honor patrols troop 504, lion Coleridge 622 Points troop 28, Crow patrol Asheboro 620 Points troop to Silver Fox patrol High Point 619 Points troop to Wildcat patrol High Point 617 Points and troop 20, Skunk High Point 612 Points. A patrols troop to flying Eagle patrol High Point 608 Points troop 4 8, covered Wagon Salisbury 608 Points troop 2 4, Beaver patrol Asheboro. 60s Points troop 47, Boh White patrol Yadkin 605 Points troop 13, Pine tree patrol High Point 603 Points troop 44. Hawk. 603 Points troop 48, Indian Salisbury 603 Points troop 50, covered Wagon Salisbury 599 Points troop 47. Trail blazers Yadkin 593 Points troop 3, Crow patrol High Point 590 Points troop 12, flying Eagle Salisbury 590 Points troop 33, Indian patrol Cooleemee 589 Points troop 44, flaming Arrow Salisbury 590 Points troop 33, Panther Thomasville 587 Points troop 27. Flaming Arrow Asheboro 587 Points and troop 502, Eagle Liberty 587 Points. A patrols troop i. Hound patrol High Point 585 Points troop 4 9, Spencer Dove patrol 584 Points troop 33, Eagle Cooleemee 583 Points troop 44, Wolf Salisbury 581 Points troop 28, Panther Asheboro 580 Points troop 21, Thomasville. Eagle patrol 578 Points. Troop 504, Eagle. Coleridge 577 Points troop 4 2, Indian Salisbury 575 Points troop 20, Wolf High Point 570 Points troop 4, Panther High Point 569 Points troop 26, Swallow Thomasville 567 Points troop 21, Wolf Thomasville 567 Points troop 20, Boh cat High Point 566 Points troop 34, Fox Lexington. 566 Points troop 2, Raccoon High Point 563 Points troop 33, Panther Cooleemee 560 Points troop 43, flaming Arrow Salisbury 557 Points troop i flying Eagle. High Point 556 pints troop to. Bear Thomasville 556, Points troop 2 8, pea Al launches drive to enrol textile workers under Banner Colini Binm was the mutilated statue of Pasquino an ancient building Iii Rome and set lip by e near the Piazza Navone in Rome. It was named Oral wit and who lived nearby. Moon after it on Aud around it satirical and witty comments nip Hasis on Quot blessed eventing of the Day. The h great avidity and their reaction gave Rise to oui in is a legitimate descendant. The first col a tile development of history and the newspapers. Charlie Freeman gets eight months Charlie Freeman 503 Mangum Avenue was convicted in municipal court this morning on three separate counts that netted him eight months in Road sentences. On a charge of assault against Freeman a suspended sentence of three months was ordered into effect. Trial on charges of driving without a License resulted in an additional 30 Days and the remaining four months sentence was Given for operating a car while intoxicated. Other cases disposed of in this mornings s est Ion included the following s. L. Shipwash 418 Cedar Street and Oscar Spivey 316 West Russell Street affray one half Cost each one half Bill of damages to new York cafe. Shipp. H was also ordered to pay Cost on a charge of drunkenness. Mattie Macdowell 214 Gordy Street carrying a concealed weapon $10 and Cost. Roscoe Friday and Thomas Lac key reckless driving Cost each one half Hill of damages each. Charlie Goodrum 802 Mangum Avenue drunkenness 30 Days. The following charged with drunkenness were ordered to pay Cost e. H. Wilson 1513 King Street Anderson Alston 609 Wade Street Thomas e. Knight. Fairfield Road Clarence f. Ring route four Clyde Leonard 109 Vail Street. William Glenn. Improper brakes a pay $3 Cost and repair brakes. William by Ley 801 South main Street one half Cost. Hoey addresses graduates of Trinity school services at the churches Christi an St Tena e Quot Adam and fallen Man Quot was the subject of the lesson Sermon in All Christian science churches on sunday May 7, 1939. The Golden text was from i corinthians 15 22. Quot As in Adam All die even so in Christ shall All he made among the citations which comprised the lesson Sermon a the following from the Bible. A for yet a Little while and the wicked shall not be Yea. Thou Shalt diligently consider his Niace and it shall not he. But the Meek shall inherit the Earth and shall Delight themselves in j the abundance of psalms 37 10, la the lesson Sermon also included the following from the Chriatian science textbook a science j and health with key to the scriptures Quot by Mary Baker Eddy. Quot through discernment of the spiritual opposite of materiality even the Way through Christ truth Man will reopen with the key of divine silence the Gates of Paradise we High human beliefs have closed and will find himself in fallen upright pure and free not needing to consult almanacs for the probabilities either of his life or of the weather not needing to study brain ology to learn How much of a Man he Page 171. Officers hold negro after liquor raid already facing one trial for illegal Poi session of whiskey for the purpose of Sale. Fred Simpson. Negro was released this morning under $300 Hail after being apprehended again by members of the local sheriffs Force near the Frank Davis service station on the Greensboro Highway. Officer said that 31 pints of tax paid whiskey was taken from a Thicket near the station Friday night but that Simpson who allegedly was on the scene escaped. He was arrested at the station saturday morning but denied ownership of the whiskey. The Case will probably he brought up for trial during the next session of High Point municipal court it we As Learned. The average life of a passenger car is seven years but it is estimated that about 125,000 cars twice that age Are now being used in the United states. Cock Lexington 551 Points troop 28, Beaver Asheboro 5 4 7 Points troop 6, Pine tree. High Point 533 Points troop 4, Moose High Point 526 Points troop 228 Eagle Lexington 526 Points troop 4 1, flying Eagle Salisbury. 523 Points troop 228. Rattle Snake Lexington 521 Points troop 60, Panther Thomasville 516 Points and troop 2 4, Asheboro Hawk 507 Points. Conti Niit i from Page i cause of the removal of the old time Drudgery. Quot we Are the inheritors of All that our fathers achieved. We Are one race the american race a and we have one object to live a the greatest possible Liberty in our Pursuit of happiness civil and religious rights. Quot but we May learn from other races. The greek philosophy said a know your Success Young ladies and gentlemen will depend largely upon How Well you know yourselves your physical and mental equipment the preparation of mind hand and heart for life s tasks. Every Day will multiply your privileges and there should be a dedication of your All in a service. Quot Seneca the roman philosopher said. A control thyself. Better is he that Ruleth his spirit than he that Tabeth a City. We must learn to control our thoughts and hold our bodies under subjection if we Are to be captains of destiny the romans knew the advantage in Law and order and this we must have of we attain greatly. Quot the hebrews of old went further than the greeks and the romans in their philosophy. They taught undying Grace purity of life. God like character and Jesus Christ the worlds greatest philosopher religious teacher and redeemer said a deny the self. A he that would save his life must lose it. Self denial Quot in life we must learn to deny ourselves of three things which weaken. The mothers of the world have Learned All this. As Good children you should learn to lift High the Banner of purity nobility and stainless character in order that you May he Able to answer life a High Call. Quot we have entered into a Large full Day. Thing Are not right. It is not an easy time and for the souls development it is Best that there Are problems to he worked out. There is a satisfaction that comes from achievement and for the reason we should not lose time in complaining. We Are made in gods own image and we should he Able to meet the challenges of this Day with Faith and character a scarred. Quot we should be glad that we live in America a you members of the graduating class go Forward you should take Joy with you rejoice always that your ancestors have made possible the Pursuit of happiness religious Freedom and All that helps you to serve others. Carry with you the insignia of this school. I Trust that you will always cherish the privileges which have been vouchsafed unto following the address was the presentation of diplomas by governor Hoey. Briefly he asked the graduates to remember three important things in their careers Industry intelligence and integrity. Quot by no Means a said the governor Quot forget the importance of integrity if you desire to the names of those receiving diplomas Are As follows William Albertson John Brooks Mary Burton Clifford Cagle Wyatt Church Doris Clinard Donald Clodfelter Margaret Cook. Paul Duncan Joseph Farlo Verda Farlow Jeff Frazier Helen Gibson Annie Gray Ollie lip pier. Virginia Hill. Frances Hughes Russell Hunt Leonard Hurley. Lowell Hurley a. Jones Paul Kearns Margaret Knight Evelyn Lackey Ruth Laughlin. Leatryce Lindley Hallie Marsh Lottie Milligan Kathleen Poole. Milton Reddick Harold Richardson. Ernest Riddick Sterlin Robbins Fred royals Viiginia Simmons Smith Annie Spencer Juanita Steed Thad Steed Imogene Sumner Marie Thayer Frances Trot to. Dorothy Wall Lucille. Walters Gillie Welborne Banks # Gorman leading group j Nin federation fold Washington May 8.-�? in a leaders of the american federation of labor began today a Campaign to bring 1.250,000 textile workers under their Banner Emid Cio claims that they had no right to the United textile worker so Standard. In the face of such claims Al representatives met with delegates to a Ute convention Francis j. Gorman president of the Ute who left the Cion a textile workers organizing committee to join the Al contended that Couit decisions in three states gave his group rights with respect to the Ute. The Cio on the other hand has called a convention of the two and the Ute for next monday in Philadelphia saying the two organizations would be merged at that time. The jurisdictional dispute Over the organization of the textile workers in the opinion of Many labor officials will have an important effect on efforts of the Al and the Cio to Settle their differences Gorman declared that his group would attempt to prevent the Cio from using the name of the Ute. He said president William Green of the Al would present delegates to the convention Here with an International charter on wednesday. Gorman contended also that 150 Ute locals were returning to the Al and that of delegates from All sections of the country would attend the convention. In contrast Cio leaders estimated 700 delegates would attend their textile convention next week. They declared they had negotiated contracts for 213.000 workers and were in the process of collective bargaining in behalf of an additional 176.000. Jap warplanes continue raids great log of life and property along South China coast from a harks Shanghai May 8.�? pm japanese warplane caused great loss of ufos and property today in repeated attacks along the South China coast to Stop goods of military and commercial value from entering the country. Authorities closed business places and ordered the people to move Inland to escape the raids which chinese officials said were Quot reckless Quot attempts to a break chinese an increase of activity of japanese armed forces was noted near Amoy where warships were constantly coming and going and aircraft were passing apparently headed toward Inland raids. Official chinese quarters vigorously denied reports Generalissimo Chi aus Kai Shek planned to move hts government a for the third time in 22 months of warfare from chunking to Chen Gnu Sczech wan province capital 175 Miles to the Northwest. Domel japanese news Agency reported that Chiang Kai Shek flew to Chengdu to consult his military leaders about shifting his capital there. Nothing definite however was known Here about the Generalissimo a whereabouts. Banking and Hankow were the previous seats of government. Chunking bombed wednesday and thursday with heavy damage and a casualty toll estimated at 4.000 to 5,000. Was besieged today by refugees who fled last week but were forced by hunger to return. Authorities gave great quantities of thin soup to the populace which had dwindled from an estimated 2.000,000 a week ago to about 300,000 after the raids. Alice Coltrane qualifies As administer matrix for estate of Alice Blair special to the Enterprise Greensboro May 8.�?Alice courant 118 Underhill Street qualified before Superior court clerk a. Wayland Cooke Here this morning As administer matrix for the estate of Alice v. Blair who died in High Point april 26. Heirs include Alice Coltrane and Vertie Lyerly of High Point Minnie Blair of Norfolk va., Mary b Mason of Atlantic City n. J., w. W. Blair jr., of Newark. N. A and John g. Blair of Hamlet the estate lists As $100 personal property and $2,865 real estate ferns plants which have no Flowers make up a Large part of the vegetable kingdom. White Mary Williams Blanche Wood lice music during the morning program was rendered by the High Point College hand. The invocation was spoken by or o. Williamson pastor of first presbyterian Church High Point. A presentation of records to be preserved in the Corner Stone of the agricultural building soon to tie built was made by Jeff Frazier president of the senior class. A Trio a god bless was rendered by misses Hallie Marsh Margaret Cook and Lucille Walters. Despite the rain the auditorium was filled. It is worthy of note that among the Many present were representatives or descendants of fifteen families w Ell known and respected in the Trinity Community too years a it. This fact was brought out by major Craven in his talk. Old Trinity graduates and graduates of the Trinity High school were asked to stand by principal Mccloud the old College a a grads were few in number but score of the latter stood

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