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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 7, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Tuo Lav May 7, a hotel High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of High Point North Page seventh Enterprise Page of entertainment for the family Cross word Puzzle religious Leader horizontal i 7 16th Century religious Leader. La by Way of. La Eagle s nest. 15 paddle. 16 for fear that. 17 Cut piece. 18 grating. 20 Noah a boat. 21 Balcony. 23 peasant. 24 constant companion. 25 sound of pleasure. 27 derided. 30 purposed. 33 consumer. 35 armadillo. 36 winged. 38 fragrant Oleoresin. 39 to obtain. 40 West indies abbr. 41 Many a Reading room. 42 is retrospective. Answer to previous Puzzle be 47 to guide. 50 sick. 51 gaiters 54 ancient. 55 molding. 57 form of 58 he was a or changer of religion. 59 he was a by birth. Vertical 2 to prove. 3 Hazard. Many -. 19 his or beliefs attracted Many followers. 21 to wander about. 22 Sweet potato. 24 saucy. 26 to cure. 28 Small Island. 29 throb. / 31 imitated. 32 Cognomen. 34 Tunnel. 37 Pitcher. 4 to make lace. 38 Chews. 5 pertaining 42 to do again. To the nose. 43 to split 6 seed covering 44 Genus of a How to eat to beat the heat watch protein i diet when Sun blazes hotter by Ilich h. Mil Ith nutritionist. Clr Eland health it Oil Heil Hoof Spring fever affect your appetite Well its bound to but not like the fever doctors talk about. A True fever Means the body m is rapidly generating Energy Iii the form of heat usually Butin 9to�7lot by Kohl Ripley Uncle Ray s Corner emm amp in Sab. In postcard to 6m. Stern radio sports announcer was delivered promptly 7 to Ogle. 8 to dress. 9 male Deer. To Assam silkworm. 13 measure for fabric. 14 Frozen water. Swans. 45 entirely. 46 Mast. 48 pedal digit. 49 sprite. 52 Branch. 53 afternoon meal. This that i you More to the body a burning a o w n t i s a with s or Squires eat save from 11 s ii e s i n g hot 16 his version of 55 Mystic the Bible was syllabic translated into 56 giant King. And the fir Days the problem is getting rid of t lie extra heat f he body generates oxidizing food. Normally the r temperatures Dot hesitance from you. Or mechanism a a 4f in in a Lindy and there is no co in i Ira Ted it u la finn of not require More than too feet in circumference Elva i ver Highway fort a Eles Wasif ton gr3 Charlie Gehringer Detroit Hitas Hole too but triple Anda Home run in Twat order Detroit St lows nay a 1939 or 149. Kunf Furt so talk it in. We new Ngmar a wed Jug of milk submerged in a Well 9 years was still wholesome of. Banks Quitman Texas Belgium was captive in world War soon after the 191 4-1918 world _ War broke out the German Kaiser took a step which Hurt a Little country in Western Europe. This country was Belgium. A German message was sent to the belgian government. A we want you to let our soldiers pass through your the message said j in effect. A we do not want to make j War on you but simply desire to carry out our War against j Belgium replied. Quot you cannot go through our the reply brought on an attack. The germans had not expected to be told they could go through Bel a glum and they were ready with full plans to Cut across the country. At that time the King of Bel Gin in was 39-year-old Albert i. He had been giving much of his time to trying to bring about better Laws in his country. With the outbreak of War he took part in the command of the belgian army. On hot August Days in 1914, German Cannon pounded belgian i forts. The forts were Strong but the huge shells broke them up. A part of Belgium was Captur led. And German soldiers passed j through into Northern France. J they hoped to tat tire Paris within i a few weeks. Shortly after Belgium was invaded. Great Britain entered the War. British troops were sent to j France and helped to hold Back the German tide. The world War lasted about King Albert during the world War of 1914-11 18 soldiers. The United states entered the War in 1917. But american losses were not Large compared to those of other major countries. During most of the War Belgium was held As a a captive much of the land was in German hands hut belgian soldiers kept on fighting to help the allies. After the War was Over. Belgium Init new forts. Their present defense system has been called a the Little Maginot and has been compared to the big Maginot line in Northern France. For travel or history Section of your scrapbook a a a. If you want a free copy of the a rim Yea i h and four months. It illustrated leaflet Quot your body at i proved to be the worst War of mod to Send me a 3c stamped. F him Abrought Al Eatlo self addressed envelope in care of or millions of germans russian this nows Naner i French. British. Australian Ana new Bow diam belgian italian and other tomorrow Uncle Ray. Belgian customs. George Ross a . Has 5 million aunts 23milli0n cousins and was Boan in the Center of Gravity his Mother s Maiden name was million and Sra Ltd is the name of is Birthplace i i Ona Harrison in Hollywood Mcgee gave up $25,000 a year ringing Bells for $10 a week in radio it was Good idea too Many proteins make you feel the hot weather More. Tichier food is Best. Body at Normal temperature 98 degrees fahrenheit. Eggs vegetables Aud ing you warm in Winter and hot More milk in summer. J fruits. Then too there is one mass of i a dle too Helgn in protein Mckenney on Bridge jump to four tells your partner limit of hand avoids slam bid Hyum. K. Mckenney americans card authority my he a Naif Ivalu nod r Ift ened. Chi o that it Stream. F Larrv hum til oxide food it the in the Winter we conserve this heat by heating our Homes i proteins which a whips up the schools places of work. And by j body processes creating add wearing sufficient clothing comes tonal heat meat. Fish poultry. The first warm weather and we of you want to keep cooler you j must do the reverse. And at this can do not better than get most of i Point the diet comes in again. Your protein diet from milk just How does diet affect the cheese eggs vegetables and Cej regulation of body temperatures j reals a moderate amount of fish j excessive food intake Over a be meat and poultry is All right. I Rod of time produces a heavy meat once a Day is sufficient layer of fat this fat acts As a even More Man necessary most of sort of insulation Fine for keep-1 the time. In place of meat. Use foods 3o per cent More beat than a Normal mixed moderate amounts of can create or calorie diet with protein. Finally there is an Economy Angle to this lighter summer diet. Eggs milk and vegetables Are cheaper in the warmer seasons than meat. You can Cool off and save. Next gardening double barrelled health giver. In today s hand South holds exactly the same cards that he held in my la i article and again South bids a Spade. West holding is just a Little too Light to Ria a vulnerable Overall of two hearts. North Bas a Fine Spade fit and a Rood club suit. Bult from his standpoint the hand does not look like a stain. But he knows that hts opponents probably have a Nave in either hearts or diamonds therefore this time North must jump to four Spades not inviting i slam but simply telling his partner that that is the limit of hts hand now you can Ace East s predicament who cannot risk an overran if five diamonds and North and Outh buy the contract for font j Indes which they eau make. As i matter of fact they make five East and West can make four karts therefore even if they bid. Ive hearts and were doubled they von id go i a very Good score on1 he hand. A q 10 43 2 �8 a 1085 a a k 5 3 a 6 n a 97 a a j 10 7 w e v 9 53 2 e a a k q a 96 a 1076 4 2 at dealer 7432 a 9 a k a k j 8 5 a kq84 a j a q j 8 duplicate a. And w. Vul. South West North East i a pass 4 a pass 7 five hear s double j and Down one would be Only minus 200. Serial Story Beton love by Charles b. Parmer Cove most Taco inca Surv inc. Inc. While the other minus 4 50. Way they Side glances Pic of la Kiu to Lea Vbk Fok Kent Al i Quot Aht of us \ r matters Smirky Ito Sii a society girl of tier of race hor1, Pepper boy Pai l Wharton a a rival owner determined to Leach Sherry that racing i not a woman j game. Sill i Ghantt Young gentleman Tiller. Willie Bond a Sherry a Uncle a turf a adviser a yk8tkkda1 Uncle Willie make ome Good lad Quot will enough to pay the kill Aud buy a trailer. Sherry is too Happy to j scold Early in the morning they hurry to leave for Kentucky. Shep and Paul huh Aud clash. Paul want to take Pepper Boyf j Sherry hut a die refuse. She is sine re lit wishing him Quot Good Luck As in walks away. Chapter i Quot my turn next in l it Quot Shep Grant asked with a slow Grin. Coming up to Sherry Bond. The girl did t seem to hear she was i looking Ai Pepper boy tethered in the trailer. At Ted Dunean Bond. Mane vering i Nile Willie it into Sherry a roadster. Quot so that a the layout is it a she said under i her breath she herself would ride a with Sam. In the big car drag a gins the trailer in their Wake. Sherry a a said quietly. Then added with a shrug a she get my Colt. So now she a trying to get my Shep looked at her quizzically. A what Are you saying Sherry a a the Bonnie lad tried to claim my Pepper boy Quot Sherry a Grants voice harsh. A Are of sure about i Only knew that Paul Wharton tried Quot she raised a hand. A Shep i feel j that maybe Paul was trying to a protect my Colt a but we wont go i into that # i know Mac belter i a any help miss Quot he Quot and offered you one of her imported cars to drive to Churchill Downs in Quot he nodded. Quot then i went out and got this fool outfit a Quot i understand a she repeated less harshly. A a you re my age. J Shep a pretty Young. That a Why was 11 hate to see you roped in. Like that me you be lost the Silver spoon and like me you have had to shift for yourself you happen to know horses a lot better than you do humans a Sherry moved away from him. As if to end the conversation Wasny to. She has t a Colt of Derby j a just forget w hat in be she Caliper in her barn she tried waved her hand to impatient through traffic to get Pepper j now behind the w Heel of the Road Tunnel you know a a Quot gosh Sherry ill swear i Star. Quot my crowds ready Shep. Wei now he grinned us he did t know it Quot Arentt Swank at All the trailer on. A nope they did no to Goah is right. The woman has even needs a coat of paint but j for me miss but there racing folks. A Bye in Salute called a ooh Yea she seemed to relax with Relief. Then she leaned Forward a gorgeous smile crowing her smooth features. Quot you ready for us Quot Quot what a he looked keenly at her. The smile leaving his face. His manner changed. Quot ready for what Quot he asked. Quot for us for Pepper boy. You the words came fast a we re on our Way to Churchill Downs for the Kentucky Derby a i thought the track telephoned a might have for a motorcycle is the Holland Rill Potter Bat for Paul Harrison while the Nea Hollywood 01 111111 Hist is on his vacation. By Bill Porter Nea service staff correspondent Hollywood Jim and Marian Jordan better known to their fans As Fibber Mcgee and Molly Are pretty disturbed about some untrue stories being printed about them a Moat of the stories Lead you to believe that we were never successful until we became Fibber Mcgee and Molly a a said Jim Jordan. Quot and you d think that $10 a week was the most we made on Rudloe before we hit the big dough. The truth is a much Hetter Story. If you la print it Well Tell it to i said Quot Okay i la print it. Or. Jordan. And he said. Quot or. Jordan is my dad. In a the Jordans Lousy prosperous new whatever their financial condition before live today in what you might rail tan estate out enc no Way. The plate is surrounded by a j Rose covered Brick Wall. Within the Walls Are to Flower gardens j lawns a swimming Pool where mrs Jordan takes swimming leg j a sons. A shop where Jim makes furniture a Small Orange Grove with a Brook. Al brr and Molly meet in choir a we first met while singing in i Tho choir in Peoria 111. I was 18 and Marian 17, staid Jim. A at t that time she was teaching piano Andl was playing Semi pro Ball and learning to sing. Quot we were married three years later in 1918. People seem to be-1 i Lieve that we be lived All our lives in apartments but we be had a Home Ever since we be been mar i Pany and that year we made $25,-000 net mrs Jordan chimed in Quot sure and we be still got the Bells out in the garage. Come on out and we t show them to Marian and Jim were concert singers then and Marian played piano and Organ in addition to the Swiss Bells we gave up concert work because we thought there was a future to radio Quot said Jim. A and it s True we made $10 a week on our first radio show. We spent All the Money we had saved just living at that time and i even sold washing machines sewing machines and vacuum cleaners to help the budget. A finally we went into vaudeville Foi two years because radio was t paping off we made from $750 in $1000 a week in vaudeville As a Harmony team and we made that much in radio when we went bark to it. A when we started Back on Indio we had a two hour variety show we Sang and played piano and Organ and told Storle All under different names and with different voices. Akk Samb old milks a was for Fibber Mcgee and Molly being new mrs. Jordan said Quot we be been doing those same characters for years in a series called a smack outs Jim was the grocer who was always smack out of everything. Fibber Mcgee and Molly have made one motion picture Quot this Way Quot we want to make another picture Quot said Jim Jordan Quot and were bickering. But nothing has been St. If we do make one we Don t want it to be a million Dollar epic but a Small Inex ried. My dad gave us $1000 for a i pensive picture we have no am wedding present and we socked it j bit Ion to be motion picture actors Quot right in on a Home. The one we everything Shep horses and Money and diamonds everything but youth. Now she s gone afer you because you re Young and attractive you la make her feel she is. the girl finished quickly Quot suppose she donated the Money for those fancy togs Quot aaa amazement then anger swept Grant s face far. Sherry we re real Quot wait a minute a he grabbed her hand. Quot listen. In a going to the Downs but not with May belter s stable. In a getting out of this mess a if Sherry had had surplus Cash shed have taken a ferry which a that s going tool ships horse vans from Long Island he said sternly direct to new Jersey. But every Quot in pc never fallen so Low As to take j Dollar in her bag was precious Motley from a of they drove to the nearest Bridge Quot not not yet Quot Sherry answered. A but you la wind up doing it if you stick around that woman. I know gentlemen riders done to take she looked around. A ooh Shep. J Money Shep. You ride for the we re Leav Honor and hip fun of it a your own horses and those off lends. A you take no pay for Riding but you do take expense Money doubt you. Shep and that can be a Large sum More than a professional jockey would draw for the a urn Riding on the Flat this tame services. The expense Money of she said gravely looking straight up into his eyes Quot will cover such slight services As being an official escort a dancing with her saying pretty things Shell expect to heart a a Quot look Here. Shep Grant threw his Riding crop to the ground in disgust. Quot you be got it All wrong. I Tell it of i Haven to taken a cent from that urn sorry but you see ing immediately for the Downs. A a in a going too Quot he Auld. Quot so Early the Derby won t be run for 14 Days and there a no steeped using he smiled but it was a forced Amil season too you know something in his manner caused her to look at him searchingly. A a what a up. Ship Quot she asked. He hesitated an instant. Then sh1 gave a Quick look at Shep s get amid the Tang of the stable lunching of leather the horses and the Muf of hoots from the in in. Up. The neighing of fled clump i in111v beyond his immaculate figure was out of woman and dont intend to. 1 Quot but you will my it i a a a a pm 4 v cd Llu cosh Imo by Nea sir if you want to borrow the car you a belter not Emu that game a jeep a she said. Quot i never saw you so dressed up. What a happened to you a she insisted. Generally Shep went about in torn sweater and increased breeches and old Riding boots. Quot Well or a a he hesitated then words came tumbling out looked her in the Eye Wii with May Helio going to ride for tin w i he ii in Iii to ing up in i Ltd my will Ray dear you can t be Lucky at poker always she was very close to him. And she made her voice Low and intimate. Quot she let you win did no to she. Shep and it was her Money you wanted to lend me Quot a browned hand shot skyward. Quot i swear Sherry a i won that Money from a Bunch of men. Will you believe me Quot his Young face was exasperated yet full of concern. Quot maybe it was foolish when Keller a4ked me to ride for her this season Quot rolled Down its Long incline into Manhattan. Quot we go to the Holland Tunnel Sam a that takes us under the Hudson River and into new Sam stopped the car As a. Light turned red. Quot but we got to get across this Here big town first miss Sherry. Seems like a powerful lot of folks travel in today a he complained. Quot got to get this Here baby Colt Safe through these Here Sam obviously was worried. Suddenly fear gripped Sherry what if something should happen to them suppose a careless Driver sideswiped them or a truck bumped them the least Quick and unexpected Jolt which harm the Ordinary cargo could ruin Pepper boys chances for the Derby could even keep him from Ever racing again. A sprained ankle a strained Tendon or worse a broken legs head be ruined. She blamed herself they should have taken the ferry even if they had to go hungry should have avoided this congestion. In that moment a motorcycle cop Rode alongside a Young. Irish faced cop red hair allowing aught phone we be i got the Light Holland Tunnel Quot j a a yes yes Quot Sherry said breath Lessly. Quot follow me a ill give you a break Quot Ile snapped the goggles Down Over his eyes touched a lever and hts motorcycle Buirst into Rull j throated Road la settled Back inthe scat. T ailed to Sam. Quot follow i me Quot and with a gesture ahead i led them Down fifty seventh Street his Siren shrieking. Over third a Lexington Park fifth Avenue they crossed i new York the wailing Siren warning traffic aside while Corner cops waved them on. Now they were going Outh Ward. Traffic continued to draw aside to let thrill pass. They Rode at an even Pace so As riot to Jerk or Jar the Colt. Sherry a spirits i buoyed up this was a Good Omen the escort ended at the tunnels j approach. The cop dropped Back alongside is the truck halted for another Light. He straddled ills wheel again pushed up his goggles. Grinned. Quot All right Quot Quot swell thanks to you Quot Quot whats the name of your horse Quot a Pepper boy from the Lone tree Quot Lone tree Stahle a Pepper boy say in a going to Lay a couple Bucks on his nose for Luck. He better Quot hell win with half a the Light turned from red to Green. The cop let go her hand grinned broadly As he waved her on calling. Quot Good Luck Pepper boy a the car and trailer carrying Pepper boy to Churchill Downs i swept into the Holland Tunnel Kentucky far have now makes the fourth one we be owned. Quot we be always made Good Money Quot said Jim Quot Why. It has just been in the past two years As Fibber Mcgee and Molly that we be earned As much Money As we did in 1922. We owned the metropolitan entertainer and England machines in warring on Slot butchers of England Are protesting that the pork pigs they receive Are too Large to be Cut into Small rationed joints. In London the average daily consumption of water amounts to Swiss Bell ringers a concert com-1 38 Gallons per capita. Flapper Fanny by Sylvia com 14� by in Rowel inc t m my it a Rry under his Cap. He stopped his machine straddled it. Then glanced j per Jeiz by ahead up ahead. He raised his goggles smiled and Bis hand went up to his Cap i to re continued of course there a a Lotta difference in our Ages but she i a if a by mature for

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