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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 6, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Old age is angry time within me there is a deep interest in old people because i am prepping to be one i will be an old Gaffer or i will be dead and id rather be an old Gaffer in spite of travel we have spent considerable time in Florida a and this state As you know is the burial ground of the rhinestone elephants. They buy condominiums and Glare bal fully at the Sunshine and Grapefruit. The retirees of Florida do not differ from those elsewhere except that in the Sunshine state you have an excellent Chance of passing on with a tan. A chronically diminished blood Supply to the brain rattles judgment induces negative opinions and excuses bad manners. Old couples in supermarkets engage in Battles of the carts the Way the knights of King Arthur a horsed each other in jousting. Some will not walk across a Street unless the Light is red. Then in spite of squealing rubber and horns they continue to the opposite curb to turn and Glare Quot go ahead kill me Quot age which touches Mankind at varying Calendar years demands More of everything and receives less. Example my father Quot Are you sure you want me to live with you every morning i be been getting five prunes. Now it s Down to old gentlemen and old ladies feel no morale boost when they study the face in the Mirror every morning. The old Man must shave his staring at the poached eyes and the gelatinous chins the old lady must effect a daily Miracle apply unguents to those features and make them attractive one More time. Living with that vision in t easy. Knowing that the children Are grown and Busy with their own families is no Solace. Quot i my Mother said on her 50th anniversary Quot that you were Little again and had to do As i Tell you. An elderly lady is. Let us Bear in mind a wife a Mother a housekeeper a sister and Long ago a Dutiful daughter. Most of the physical love has dissipated with the Onset of medicare. She sits. She studies her by Jim % Bishop lingers she sews a Little. Heads a Little. Watches the afternoon soap operas. Wonder whether to unfreeze three Lamb chops or four. The Man is in limbo. Now that he can sleep As late As he pleases he can t sleep once he had a Job. A business a career. Now he thinks that if he cleans the Ash rvs the walking will help hts arthritis. He finds that he has become intemperate. He Quot blows up Quot Over inconsequential matters but Hasni to Learned How to apologize. To kill time he and his wife wander in and out of movies Quot what was the plot Quot he says on the Way Home. Quot i mean not counting the dirty parts a usually he votes against rather than for a candidate. Part of his enjoyment May be in attending town Council meetings and harassing the mayor. His shouting incoherence is makes him feel that he has Quot fixed them but it wrecks his blood pressure. Each morning Between Awakening and the second cup of Coffee they must re Hammer their frames together to withstand the Rigours of another Day. It in t fun to anyone who can recall youth As though it was last week. This accounts for some of the bad manners in Public. If to use a Slippery Norm. The 60th birthday is the Start of old age then we have scores of millions of old people whose experience and Wisdom is not put to use. They Are wasted because we done to have enough work for our Young old age also brings unwanted thoughts about death. Its a Little closer now and it does not help to learn from week to week Quot guess who died yesterday you d never believe it. Never had a sick Day in his my father at 85. Said he Felt no Triumph Quot what Good is it i have outlived your Mother and our friends who is left me and when i talk who knows what in a talking about. You your kids Quot to be old and Busy making a Buck is Good. To be old and Rich and outs of work is bad. Man was bom to produce As woman was born to reproduce. It is when these functions Are foreclosed that the bitterness of age begins. The anger of age appears to be directed outwardly to loved ones. It is it. It is nourished by an inward dissatisfaction with the so called Quot fruits of the most important event May be a social Security Check in the mail Box. But no one Ever signed one Quot Wanh love.,.�?T�?T Charlotte newspapers boost prices Charlotte . Apr the Charlotte observer and the Charlotte news increased their newsstand prices to 15 cents today becoming the first North Carolina dailies to charge that Price. The Charlotte observer will also increase its sunday Issue to 35 cents. The Knight publishing company said higher newsprint and labor costs forced the increase. Home delivery prices remained unchanged. High Point Enterprise. Monday May 6, 1974 a desegregation meeting topic Williamsburg a. Apr the emerging problem of desegregation at the College level was to be a topic of concern Here today As attorneys general from 16 Southern states gathered for a three Day meeting. The 22nd annual Southern regional conference of attorneys general brought the most infectious of diseases is the pneumonic form of plague with a mortality a e of 99 99 per cent. Leprosy transmitted by mycobacterium Lewrae is the least infectious of communicable diseases. Vote . Skeen life Long Republican for sheriff of Randolph county trained experienced in leadership authority Delta gives you the Best times to Chicago and St. Louis. K its just 94 minutes nonstop to Chicago on Delta any morning or evening. Also 3 services every Day to . Leave Greensboro High Point Winston Salem arrive Chicago arrive 8 36a 9 10a is 10 55a 11 51a l 24posthru 3 40p 5 16p 5 50p is. Is nonstop. Of on top. Except for nonstop and thru Jei service is via connection. One Way Day tourist fares Chicago $57, $59. Delta accepts major general purpose credit cards. For instant reservations thru Delta Matic Call Delta at 883-6187 or see your Friendly travel agent. And have a Nice trip adelta Ina too Fey Nofu Nonam. The longest recorded hair was that of Swami pandarus Annahi the head of the Thi Rubadu Thurai monastery India. Hts hair was reported in 1949 to be 26 feet in length. Read the classifieds smaller classes Toronto a metro Toronto school Board is hoping for a smaller Pupil teacher ration in elementary and secondary schools. Top priority is to be Given to improving the ratio in the Board s 1974 school budget. Together the top Legal officers of 16 states. They Are slated tonight to hear an address from u. S. Attorney general William b. Saxbe. The Nixon administration Cabinet officer was expected to hold a news conference this morning but informed organizers of the event Over the weekend that a change in travel plans would preclude the session. Saxbe is a former la. S. Senator from his Home state of Ohio and was brought to the Justice department Early this year when Elliot l. Richardson stepped Down suddenly in the midst of a juror Over the firing of special watergate prosecutor Archibald Cox. Saxbe had t revealed the subject of his speech by late sunday. Virginia and eight other Southern and mid Atlantic Stales Are facing a directive from the department of health education and welfare to present upgraded plans by june i for de segregating their tax supported colleges and universities. The attorneys general Are also slated to take up the Energy crisis problems of land use control corrections and employment discrimination during their conference. In the primary support David e. Maas High Point s Man for the . House Leo Heer or. Furniture Market you re invited to Lay led revival Hillcrest Baptist Church Mcneil re. Off Hwy. 66 South Kernersville . Date May 5-10 services sunday 11 00 a m. Each night 7 30 . Speakers Glenn Mann Gene Abbott Carroll p. Welborn Harry m. Cline Charles Kegerize Randall l. Rudd Kenneth Hewett special music Church choir and special groups pastor Vincent g. Wall for state House of representatives elect a mature and responsible businessman to a mature responsible Job in government. It democratic primary May 7th Leo Heer a people oriented a pm it h Hrim no it Jim burnout Tisi before you vote consider the performance As judge consider the academic qualification consider the needs St a of North Carolinas highest court consider the Man Many View As one of the states Ablest Superior court judges. X i Delta is ready when you Are Quot judge Exum is Young energetic a devoted family Man and has both the academic and professional background to enable him to become an excellent addition to the . Supreme Newton . Observer news Enterprise feb 11, 1974 Quot put Book learning and Quot Carteret was blessed with common sense together and a working judge in the you come up with a potent person of James g Exum. combination. That what Carteret county news a you be got in judge James g. Sept 20, 1973 Exum. The supreme court needs a Man of the Caliper of judge Salisbury Post feb 24, 1974 judge James g. Exum candidate for the North Carolina supreme court High Point committee for Exum Quot judge Exum is noted for firm control of court proceedings for diligent study of Law applicable in each Case and for compassionate consideration of the rights and needs of those who appear before Greensboro daily news cot 25, 1973

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