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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 2, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Page two Sec. Baths High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry kick Point. North Carolina thursday. May 2. I1 to capital shorts Enterprise Bureau sir Walter hotel by Hunky w Khill Haleigh May 2. A Martin dips the texan whose House committee is the subject of to much controversy might have been the speaker Here at monday nights fourth District Young democratic rally if Dave Lark of Ballone Hadnot sounded off recently in an Effort to a a get or. Frank Graham University of North Carolina head through an investigation of imagined a a red activities at Chapel Hill. The word is that congressman Hal Cooley of the fourth intended to invite Dies to address the rally but dropped the plan quicker than a hot potato when the publicity surrounding Clarks charges broke. By Robt. Ripley it Impi a ssh Tut a a it this a North Carolina for Roosevelt committee is overlooking nothing and nobody in its efforts to insure a too per cent for delegation to the National convention. Every democratic county chairman in the state is being written a letter requesting him to introduce in the county convention of his unit a Resolution vouching full loyalty to the president and instructing the county delegation to the state convention to vote for a Rousevelt pledged slate to the Chicago meeting. A Burgin Pennell Maxwel for governor state manager came Back to Raleigh after a week end in his Home up in Buncombe convinced that there is not so much to the claims of Horton and Broughton supporters that they have the West a in the bag a a i d heard so Many claims. I thought id better go up and see about he said a a Ltd a the bunk. I Arn convinced that or. Maxwell will Lead in most of the 22 far Western counties although in a not going so far As to claim every every one of them for latest farm Market report fruits vegetables a used to raise River excursion boats 65 feet from one Leve to another on the Trent canal. It does the work of 6 Shaller locks a to n a. Sweet a 61,55 Kau a judge George Rountree. Sr., who was a member of the state legislature along with governor Hoey aom1 forty years ago Ca or to Raleigh tuesday to hear his Ann. George. Or. Argue a Case before the supreme court. A the Mude a darn Good one. Too a said the aging but still vigorous Wilmington Ian a which was no part of a Surprise. The Case which Rountree. Or. Was arguing was. Incidentally something of a novel one. The question was whether a Cash Register in a roadhouse padlocked As a no lev Nee is so much a part of the objectionable nuisance a to make it forfeitable to pay in the padlock action even where the Register was owned Nuder title retained conditional Sale to the roadhouse operator by an innocent third party who bad no knowledge of the illegal operation of the roadhouse the lower court held the Register could be subjected to Sale for . National Cash Register Many represented by Young Rountree Allan Marshall and Bill s Mon. Appeared for the company to an Effort to upset the judgment. Al by herself Oswego,ore., attended 5ch00l8 years and never Hao a classmate adjacent Wail boxes e w i it i Litchfield Road j a Watertown Conn Ivan Ginther Warrenton Oregon pitched 130 innings of softball in one Day Aud 27,1939 North Carolina shipping Point information and wednesday s sales on the principal wholesale markets As reported by the u. S. Agricultural marketing service and North Carolina department of agriculture. Prices Are confined to the ranges at which the bulk of the i c. I. Stock of Good Merchantable Quality and condition sold lettuce new York Market Dull on Southern Stock. North Carolina it by hampers big Boston Type. I of to 1.50. Romaine Type. 125 to 1.75 iceberg Type. 125 Baltimore Market Dull. North Carolina 5 Peck hampers big Baston Type Best 125 to 150 poorer 75 cents to i of. Some unsold. Radishes new York Market about steady North Carolina half Western crates and Eastern lettuce crates bunched 1.00 to 1.25, Philadelphia Market about steady. North Carolina by. Crates j Quality bunched. 75 to Loo. Sweet potatoes new York Market Dull North Carolina Porto Rrana u. S no. I. By j Bayeta 135 to 160, by. Crates i 60 to i 1.65. La. By. Crates. I 65 to 1.75. Baltimore Market Dull. North Carolina by. Baskets Porto Picans no. I. 85 cents to too ungraded 50 to 75 cents. Potatoes Hastings pig demand Good mar j Ket firm. Carloads o. B. Usual terms tuesday. Bliss triumphs. i and Spaulding Roar u. S no. I. Dou j ble headed barrels 3 00 too Pound sacks 160 50 Pound sacks 85 cents by. Baskets 90 cents. New York Market steady on old Stock about steady on new Stock. Maine too Pound sacks Green mountains u. S. No. I size a mostly 2 00 Fla. U. S. No. I by. Crates Bliss triumphs 1.15 to i 40, by. Baskets Kat a dins 1.00 to 125 too Pound sacks cobblers 1.35 to is. Chicago old Stock Market slightly stronger for Idaho russet and Best Northern Stock of All varieties new Stock Market firm for Texas triumphs steady for Calif Long Whites. Cars on track 124 old. 95 net arrived 17 old. 32 new total u. S. Freight shipments tuesday 640 cars. Track sates sacked per cwt. Idaho russet Burbanks. U. S. No. I. 2 15 to 2 25. Minn Hollandale Section. I car u. S. Commercials 1.40 Minn a. Oak. Red River Section 60 to 85 per cent no. I Quality cobblers 1.15 to 1.30 60 to 80 per cent Early Olios 125 to 135. Wis. U. S no i route Whites Good Quality 1.50 to 1 60 i car u. S no i Kata dins. I 65 carlot and i. C. I. Track Sale per j0 i Pound sacks. U. S. No. I washed Tex. Bliss triumphs i 45 to 1.50 Calif. Lon. Whites initially iced i car showing decay 90 cents too Pound sack i car 2 45. Green peas new York Market slightly weaker. S c. By. Hampers 1.50 to i 75. Cabbage new York Market Dull and weak i a by hampers. S. C. Pointed Type 75 cents to i of Domestic round Typ. Too to 1.122 Fra Domestic round Type mostly i of to 1.26. Some 1.37 it a to 1.021 red Type 1.75 to 2 00. Snap Beans new York Market Dull and weaker. Fla considerable Ordinary fair Quality by. Hamper Bountiful 1,25 to 2.00 plentiful 1.25 to 1.75. String less Black Valentine i 25 to 2 of strawberries Hammond la demand Good marked Strong auction sales tuesday. 38 cars offered 37 sold. I billed direct 24 pint crates Klondyke u. 8. No. I 2.25 to 2 45. Average 2 35�?Tj. New York Market slightly weaker. North Carolina 24 quart crate per quart. Blakemore Best 18 to 20. Poorer maj. Fletcher to head Region six Washington. May 2.�? up a major a. L. Fletcher head of the cooperation and inspection Branch of the Federal wage Aud hour Ivision soon will become director of Region six at Charlotte n. C. Tho division announced yesterday that the mope rat Ion Aud inspection Branch would be abolished Lune i. Fletcher who had recommended its elimination said that it virtually had accomplished its program of decentralizing the division s work and training re 15 to 17 cents. Do setts 20 to 23. Fairfax 22 to 25 Klondyke 20 to 23 missionary Best mostly 18 to 20. Few 22 to 23, poorer 15 to 16 cents. La. 24 pint crates Klondyke per pint displays 12 j to 14 mostly 13 to 13 t cent standards 12 Cerris. Baltimore Market about steady North Carolina. 24 quart crates per quart. Missionary 4 of to 4.75 Klondyke 4 50 to 5.25 Blakemore mostly 4 00 to 4 80 few Low As 3 50. Philadelphia Market slightly stronger. North Carolina 24 quart c ates per quart Biak Morea 4 50 to 5 of. Some 5.25 missionary 4.50 to 5 06 Washington Market nightly stronger. North Carolina 24 quart crates per quart various varieties Best 5 of to 6 of mostly 5 25 fair qual try 4 50 to 5 of Pittsburgh Market about steady j la. 24 pint crates. Klondyke per crate. 3 of to 3 15. Philadelphia Market slightly stronger s. C dozen Bunch Pyramid 1 Cates. A ome fair Quality medium to Large sizes mostly 2 50 to 3.00. Some 2 in to 2 40. Medium sizes i 60 to 2.25. J mostly 2 of to 2.15 Small sizes i to to j 1.50. Mostly i 25 to i 50. Cucumbers new York Market about steady fit by baskets fancy 2.75 to 3.23. Choice 2.50 to 2.75. Plains 1.23 to 2.00. Pickets 2.73 to 3.50. Ginthor scored 25 runs Cit fax us 5yn3>. Owe a in Mckenney on Bridge three losers in partners suit found in Florida tourney hand by u m. Of. I Ken Nhy americans card authority on the subject of the supreme court it a been noticeable during the entire sprint term that Appeal docket have been unusually Light particularly with respect to criminal Capet. Attorney general office attaches key they have had fewer Brief to prepare than in Many year. There Are fewer doomed men on a death Row in Central prison than for years. A in All it seems that North a roil a is getting More Law abiding. Even of Federal judge i m Meekin think that liquor cases Are about a frequent As Ever in i Eastern District. A Only about to butter consumed Home produced. Per in cent of the England is this year Southern sectional a a championship tournament which was held at the Hollywood Heath hotel Hollywood Fla. Attracted not Only the Best player of the South but a great Many Northern Star a Well. The attendance figure at the tournament this year Almond equalled that of the Eastern til new Volt. Today hand taken from the Southeastern was interesting be a cause we Seldom find the three losing tricks in u hand All in the i suit hid by partner. Declarer re Allied however that the missing Honor were undoubtedly divided Aud it would be hard to find a combination that would prevent him from getting an end play of he proceed to play the hand on that Assumption. The opening heart trick was won with the Ace two rounds of Trumps taken and the North and South hand stripped of Spade at this Point Declarer led a Diamond. West played the Queen and if East overtake with the Kine. The Jack in Dummy will be established. West a allowed to hold the trick and a forced to Lead a heart which South ruffed with the remaining Trump in Dummy. A a q7 a to �T�j85432 do a q7 a 106 52 n w e ate a j83 a k 9 7 5 4 a q j 8 63 i a i 2 a a k to a q 9 a 65 a to dealer j a k94 a a a 9 76 a k 108 4 3 2 duplicate a. And w. Vul. South West North East pass pass i a i a 2 a 2 a 3 a pass 5 a pass pass pass opening a 5. I j discarding one of i losing data moods. Thus Only two diamonds were lost and the contract made. While til s is not a difficult Lintel Declarer had to i in careful to play All t d be Roll to ii of Spade before Lead lug a d to morn it j Louiae the contract could have been defeat a at the beginning had West a red to Ope n the Dingle ton Queen of Diamond in spite of pm cask revocation histed by the state Highway safety division of revocation of their drivel a licenses Are Millard Ulm an Ashmore Gantt apartment John be Blalock 4�u 7 Chestnut Street Frank Jones route i Garlton c. Hooka 207 Parkway Byron Campbell King Elk fast bul Tell Street All of High Point and Arthur Hayes of Jamestown or be ners Lyle. Your Choice when buying a Coo stove if you value Low operating Cost convenience and Quality la sure to be one of the new a a High Power perfection ii. 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Buy a Hanks undershirt too. See your Hanks dealer today. Shirts and Broadcloth shorts 35 3 i Intra Quality 60a web. Hanks Btu Labal shirt and Broadcloth Short a Law a 27a. Hanis clot cml Quaro shorts Illust rated above in 50 Duron at 76a p. H. Hanes knitting company Winston-sal8m, North Carolina liner destination veiled in secrecy liner loaded with Copper ingots brass bars Oil and crated air planes new York May 2 a a a pretty girl waving a Dainty handkerchief from decks loaded with warplane put a dash of peacetime gaiety into the sailing of the Ile de France Tho Groat French liner which slowed the Atlantic today toward some belligerent port. Til Roe thousand Well Wisher were stirred to voluble Delight at dusk yesterday when a shapely Brunette in Blue appeared on the liner Bridge and waved Adieu As the ship departed from its Staten Island pier. Loaded with Copper ingots Bias bar Oil and crated air plane the Quot eel carried two passengers whose names were no disclosed but who were Deac Ribu a a in in her of a French purchasing commission and his 16-year-old daughter. A floating Art a Lucky Captain Herbert Fontaine who i brought the vessel into new York i last september 8. Was in command j a the a flouting Art gallery a i now stripped of her luxurious fur fishing re set out on her first mis Slon since the War began. She a manned by a Crew of 37 5. The ship s destination was veiled in secrecy. Some thought she might sail to Halifax there to trans ship Lier cargo and then i head for Australia for troop trans a port duty. Other speculated on j the possibility she might dash straight for Europe with her Valu Able cargo. 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