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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 2, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Weather fair and slightly cooler tonight the High Point Enterprise High Point Tho Center of diversified manufacturing Enterprise vol. 56�?no. 123 Mem re it associated pres High Point n. C., thursday afternoon May 2, 1910 Complete Vea service Price five cents Huish abandon fight at trondheim a a a a a a a a a a a wage hour repeal asked i Wop llr1 exemptions cause heated controversy administration House members soft pedal Campaign Washington May 2.- up a demands for Complete repeal of the wage hour act came from a National business group today during the final hours of prolonged House controversy Over expanding the Laws exemptions. In it sixth consecutive Day of debate Tho House was confronted with More than .10 separate proposals for exempting various groups of agricultural processing workers from the wage hour Law. The demands for repeal of the Law were presented to the 1 noted states chamber of Here by its resolutions 8 Dik too Hirt As gunners Down nazi bomber wreckage of a mine Laden committee. Which also proposed a German bomber and a Home on the main Street of Clacton on sea England Are shown Resolution calling for fundamental radi0telephoto from London. Shot Down by anti aircraft gunners the big bomber kit Ion so act at Nafis Quot session of crashed with an explosion that killed its Crew of five killed three English civilians and injured too others. Three houses were destroyed and 50 others damaged. Congress. In the wage hour controversy administration House members encouraged. At repeated votes against sweeping exemptions expressed belief they would have a Good Chance of defeating far j reaching proposals to revise the Wagner labor act. Campaign soft Pedall de five Days of wage hour arguments. It was Learned have caused them to soft pedal their Campaign to prevent the Wagner act Contro a Ray from coming before the House. Although democratic leaders i Cash for u. S. Arms program United states chamber of Commerce outlines 24-Point plan Washington. May 2.�? up have not yet pieced Wagner act a 24-Point program topped by do. Norse nazi troops linking Block forces foreign volunteers strengthen norwegian forces in guerrilla fighting amendment Mauds that further United states arming Ive expedited on a a pay As of the Calendar it was considered Likely that the Iglus come up the week a a to basis was submitted to the. J United states chamber of com Merce today by its resolutions committee. Commending Steps thus far tak subject in or May 13. The Chiel As wage to / was Buck h in y by the Oyes m thei the sex Issue before the House or debate was resumed j an amendment we hich a Calin temporarily sturday attempting to present exemption for engaged in Agricula. Have been arguments ont of that provision Toda rep Troi Dart amp ture Averbuck said that his proposal would exempt an additional 200, j poo workers mostly in Sinai fat in cooperatives which Wash dry j pack and store fruits and vegetables. Hep. Wadsworth Rny. One. Of Buck s supporters argued that an exemption was just As Necea i Gary for the washing of Navy Beans for example As for grow j ing them. Chodos Xii Yagi k but few members appeared to i continued on pigs two Wallace advocates Long term Loans needed to Stem emigration of unemployed farm labourers Washington May 2.�? Pye a Long term Rural works program and expansion of Federal farm Loans were advocated by Secretary Wallace today to Stem the West-1 Ward tide of unemployed farm labourers. The agriculture department chief told the Senate civil Liber-1 ties committee investigating the farm labor problem that unless something is done to reestablish the the migrant thousands the a a country a Bill for their support will continue to grow a a this army of uprooted Home a less Wallace said a May Lay its troubles to problems which have afflicted american agriculture for Many years. A they were not created by the depression although it has great j in aggravated them and they cannot be cured merely by an upturn in the Trade Cycle. Reasons cited a they arise directly out of the waste and exhaustion of our soil which has gone unchecked for More than a Century years of ruinous farm prices the disappearance of foreign markets in co to strengthen the army Navy and air forces the resolutions group said if was imperative to Speed up preparation so that a any potential aggressor however powerful and ambitious will he fearful to attack a we should carry our National defense on a pay As we go basis a i the proposed Resolution added. Quot we believe that substantial economies can be effected in the operations of the government and that i such economies Shook lie made at once in the interest of National safety. With these economies we believe that any additional Burden necessary for our safety will be assumed readily by businessmen and All other the committee suggested fur a ther that the organization ask Congress to a reaffirm its determination to Kepe the United states out of War. Unless our nation is there was no reference in the j proposed resolutions to the ques j lion whether Loans should be granted to the French and English j governments in the event that their assets in this country Are exhausted before the end of the european War. Although some Western members had advocated opposition to such Loans the committee was represented reliably As feeling that any stand on the Issue would be premature because the Allied assets Here Arete estimated to be sufficient for from one co two years. Lines in Central j "i11? i charted by West Gallagher Stockholm May 2.�? Nome glans troops strengthened by foreign volunteers were reported today moving West from the swedish Frontier and South through the glom a River Valley As German forces fell Back from their Advance posts to protect i Trade their Supply Norway. The norwegian Roros. Point of the nazis fur-1 these Advance in the Gloriaa River Valley and Tynse 25 Miles South of Roros after the germans had withdrawn apparently has prevented the German ing their Northern Ai forces at least Tempo this route. Roros is 195 Mil Oslo. Us Eden aiding norwegians were non committal As to the nationality of the foreign volunteers aiding them hut reports have told of numerous investigation is termed a malicious building Trade investigation caused by political motives leaders say of aia put labor govern building through Ives has Bent for from link i Southern drily along North swedes fish of the while reorganize harassing or Border to no the germans. The guerrilla d norwegian forces were the sketchy nazi line a new British sea and air offensive to halt the flow of German continued on Page two occupation of a Dalsnes announced by germans Init Striae o inference meets Max i i-1 to Winston Salem. May 2.up a the Lith annual statewide Industrial safety conference will be held Here May 14-1 to. Berlin. May 2 a up a the German High command announced tonight that nazi forces have entered a Dalsnes Allied debarkation Point on Norway a West coast which the British have abandon Jad the announcement said the port which was a base for Britain a attempt to capture German held trondheim too Miles to the North was occupied at 3 p. In. T s a. Rn., e. S. To kidnapped comedian causes Harvard riot Pitts Burg of. M american federate spokesmen charge mentus investigator practices Cit or r out Lea i a course a i i the destruction of organised la oct tiption of this assertion before the Pennsylvania federation of labor convention prompted presentation of a Resolution denouncing activities of assistant attorney general Thurman Arnold in invoking the Sherman anti Trust Law against i building trades unions in his a of of onside inquiry. J the Resolution demands a court interpretation of the act As applied to worker organizations. Immediately came announcement from Akl forces that injunction proceedings would he instituted to prevent further prosecutions by Arnold pending such action tactics of j where the proceedings would be instituted was not disclosed. Leaders in the construction trades were represented As being unalterably opposed to the assistant attorney general a holding that closed shop contractors must accept non Union fabricated materials. A through use of the Union declared one spokesman a building trades unions have undertaken the task of standardizing such materials on the same High Quality basis As other proven commodities. If that Arnold a interpretation is to apply Trade unions May As Well the hitter attack on the government prosecutor whose inquiry the past year resulted in indictment of hundreds of firms and individuals came yesterday from John p. Coyne president of the a building construction trades department and Matthew Woll federation International vice president. They emphasized denunciation of Arnold should not he construed As reflecting upon the new Deal and also declared they held no Brief for individuals who might be found guilty of corruption. Sound systems of tenure an alarming increase in farm ten a Gay the development of types of a a Hsu it cd to the soil and climate the growing surplus Cambridge mass., May 2.�? a Harvard was five up or Down on Massachusetts Institute of technology today in the matter of arrests following the first annual interscholastic riots of 1940. Seven Harvard were arrested tuesday night when police broke up a milling throng in Harvard Square and two . Lads were arrested last night in the Wake of guerilla fighting along memorial of farm population and the rapid drive in the course of which a development of a Large scale in-1 half dozen Harvard men had to do serialized Type of run for their lives Clad in shorts he said he hoped Congress Only. The seven Crimson men were fined $5 each yesterday for disturbing the peace. One of the . Students was arrested for assaulting a patrolman and another was charged with stealing a safety Belt from a fire floods and restoring erode truck. The guerilla warfare apparent would consider in the near future a a Long term Public works program in overcrowded farming areas in the South alone lie declared thousands of men could find useful work for More than a tade. Rebuffing forests control by broke out in connection with the same affair which started tuesdays night disturbance in j Harvard Square a the a Kidnap Inge by . Men of Eddie j a a Rochester Anderson the negro radio comedian who was scheduled to appear at a Harvard smoker. Someone set fire to a Small Wea outbuilding on the tech Campus and in the ensuing Melee in which policemen firemen and several Hundred students mixed it up merrily about 20 Harvard men were deprived of their clothing which was tossed into the Charles River. Some of them dared the chill water to retrieve their apparel but a half dozen sprinted Down the drive into their shanties. The tech crowd claimed Victory while the Harvard charged they were attacked from behind after an honest Challenge to fight was de state Board appointments announced by Hoey today dined by the . Men Raleigh. N. C., May 2.�? to a governor Hoey announced foul appointments to state boards and commissions today. Or. James a. Palmer of Charlotte was named for a five year team to the state Board of examiners in optometry succeeding or. John t. Campbell of Washington. Or. Edward m. Stafford of Durham was appointed for a five year term on the Board of osteopathic examination and registration succeeding or. Sherman t. Lewis of new Bern. Kingsland Van Winkle of Asheville was reappointed for a two year term on the commission on uniform state Laws and Fred but a ton of Kinston was named for a two year term expiring december i i 1941, in succession to j. Crawford Biggs of Raleigh j. M. Johnson nominated to commission South carolinian familiar with Southern transportation problems Washington May 2.�? if a j. Monroe Johnson assistant Secretary of Commerce since 1935, was nominated by president Roosevelt today to he a member of the interstate Commerce commission. Johnson a native of Marlon. S. C., who will be 52 next sunday was named to fill out the unexpired term of m. M. Caskie of Alabama who resigned. The term expires december 31, 1941. Stephen t. Early White House press Secretary said that More than 15 senator had urged the president to name to the commission a southerner who was familiar with the South a transportation problems. He said the chief executive Felt he had obtained in Johnson a Man with a a very Good working knowledge of Railroad problems arid one who is familiar with the South a troubles. Johnson telephoned his acceptance from Indianapolis. A a Greece Calls army officers ten classes of reserves to report May 5 Athens. May 2.�? a it it a Greece today called up ten classes of Reserve army officers for Active service As tension increased Over Italy a possible plans in the Mediterranean. The officers were ordered to report for duty May 5. The Call to the colors followed a May Day speech by Premier John Metaxas declaring Greece la a Strong and United in this most formidable of All wars which will decide the destined of Mankind for Many negotiations i Dee xxx a speaking at Piraeus Metaxas disclosed the government was negotiating w Ith a a great Friendly j Power Quot which is engaging great numbers of unemployed greek workmen. Although Metaxas failed to identify the nation informed quarters said it was France who wanted thousands of greeks to work in French War industries in the mines and on farms. The allies have Given Greece pledges similar to those made to Rumania that any threat to it Independence or territorial integrity would bring Allied assistance Ever since Premier Mussolini occupied Albania in april 1939, the greeks have feared he might strike on eastward to take Salonika and obtain a foothold on the Aegean Cabinet Heads Are in weak position British reverses in Norway cause criticism of leaders London May 2. I pm amid hints that the political axe May lie hanging Over some Cabinet Heads because of Britain s reverses in Norway a critical House of commons gathered today to hear an accounting by prime minister Chamberlain while a political storm brewed British sea and air forces hammered at Germany a routes for reinforcing Lier army in Norway. The air ministry said that Norway a largest Airport at German held Stavanger a was bombed twice during Daylight hours of yesterday and this Ai drome together with Aird Romes at Aalborg and Forn Ebu. Was heavily bombed during last Forn Ebu is Oslo s chief Airport and Aalborg is the danish starting Point for German Aerial transports. The ministry a communique said the British had sup ered no casualties in these forays and had shot Down one German plane in an encounter at sea near the Island of no Derney off the German North coast. British warships supported by bombing planes were reported in Stockholm to have penetrated the Kattegat yesterday. Shore observers said they had sunk one nazi transport and set another afire in a two hour Battle with nazi vessels guarding a Convoy on the Home front an air plane believed by observers to he German flew Over a Southeast coast town today. A trawler and a motor ship were reported machine gunned by German planes last night. Berlin claims allies in Quot headlong flight hold Central and South Norway Chamberlain tells House of commons of withdrawal and says allies not letting guard Down in Mediterranean naval Power is shifted London May 2.�?up a prime minister Chamberlain disclosed today the withdrawal of British troops from the a Dalsnes area abandoning the attempt to take German held trondheim from the South but declared Britain would keep on fighting Germany in Norway and refused to be trapped into letting Down her guard in the Mediterranean. A we have no intention of allowing Norway to become merely a Side show a Chamberlain told the House of commons a but neither Are we going to be Trappe t into such a dispersal of our forces As would leave us dangerously weak at the vital he asserted that blows to the. German Fleet permitted a an in. A. Quot portent redistribution of the main j Allied fleets and announced a British French Battle Fleet was in j the Eastern Mediterranean on the Way to Alexandria. Egypt. Chamberlains statement was his second report on the Norge j Gian Campaign but he made it j Clear at the outset it was Only an interim report that there Wasi much he could not say for fear of disclosing strategy to the germans. An announced a debate in j the h ouse of commons on the Campaign would he held next tuesday. Great portion i Rhen Der de chamberlains announcement indicated the allies were abandoning to Germany All Norway South of a line running from trondheim Lait to the swedish Frontier including nearly half the country a total area six sevenths of the population and nearly All Industrial cents. Today a German High command communique indicated that norwegian troops had been in action on the a Dalsnes front covering j the British withdrawal. La a. Contingents of norwegians were j reported surrendering apparently when this covering action was completed. Chamberlain pictured Gen As prepared for invasion of Netherlands or Belgium or action he said she a would scruples to undertake. A for it May he that their Savage j hordes will he hurled against i Southeast furore a he said. A they might Well do More than j one of these things in preparation i for an attempt at a Large scale attack on the Western front or even a lightning swoop on this he said the norwegian Campaign had a merely concluded a single Quot German losses in men cannot i be estimated but they must have j amounted to Many in silence the crowded House received chamberlains report in comparative silence. Many members appeared to be stunned by its implications. The German High command earlier in the Day had reported its troops within 25 Miles of a dais Lan v the loth not tension eased in Adriatic by Kab to x go j. My sex k Roxie play 2.�?<7p a foreign i Minter a omit Galeazzo to no today azure u United stale ambassador xxx 111 la Iii Phillip that Yugoslavia Italy s neighbor Oil the Adriatic was Safe from italian invasion it was reported to in usually reliable quarters. The United states Ai Lahassa Doris talks with i Tenter Aln Solini yesterday and with Tiano today noticeably rinsed tension in diplomatic circles. Auxin had reached an acute mgt int with the announcement that British shipping had been diverted from the a a i Terraneau As a precaution. Phillips v i it 141 t to no was the second in two Day. The Mil a Savior Cath at tin foreign ministry yesterday after seeing Ali Issoline and it is said. Received assurances from la Dine that Italy did not plan any War move for the present. Murder result of Domestic difficulties eight pistol shots on body neck and head Raleigh May 2.-�?</p about 27. A Ron Truc k Confin urn on Cage two Deputy chief of staff will retire tomorrow Washington May 2.�? up a brigadier general Lorenzo i. Gasser Deputy chief of staff of the army will reach the retirement age of 64 tomorrow and will be succeeded june i by brigadier general William Dryden. General Gasser won the distinguished service medal for his world War services As a staff officer with the ref. Ald e. Turner Driver for the City sanitary department shot and killed Joe r. Mitchell 40-Yearold City employee today and then shot himself in the head inflicting Quot a very serious wound Hospital attaches said. Coroner Roy m. Banks said Mitchell had eight pistol shot wounds seven of them in the Hack of his body neck and head. Avg Chappell superintendent of the sanitary department told Pollee and reporters that he believed Domestic difficulties caused the shootings to in or complained Chappell related that three months ago Turner and his wife the Mother of two children separated a on account of Mitchel,.&Quot he said he was Able to effect a reconciliation after Turner had complained to his superiors that the City a bought not to employ a Man like Mitchell who was trying to break up his witnesses said that Turner continued on Page two Conquest strengthens Reich s War Chest by Lloyd Lerrah Washington. May 2 a up a Germany a secret a War Chest Quot fortified by acquisition of convertible assets in Denmark and Norway now totals More than $200,000,000, on the basis of estimates by american officials charting the economics of the european War. The Federal Reserve Bank figures credit the third Reich with Only $29,000,000 in Gold but that total has not varied since december 1937, and officials do not doubt the existence of far greater unreported reserves exact amount unknown the exact amount of Gold and convertible assets Germany May have gained in Denmark and Norway is not yet known to american economists. At the time of Hitler s lightning thrust into Scandinavia. Norway reported $51,000,000 in Gold reserves and Denmark had $53,000,000, financial authorities pointed out however that both nations reputedly had sent Large consignments of Gold to London for safekeeping just prior to the German invasion. Norway also shopped 33,000,000 of the Metal to the United states during january and february. Assets Frozen president Roosevelt a executive order meanwhile has a a Frozen danish and norwegian assets in tills country preventing their Transfer to Copenhagen or Oslo where i hey might fall into German hands. Preliminary estimates place norwegian holdings Here at $88,-000,000 and danish at $51,000, too. A Large part of Germany a Gold resources is believed to have come from seizures made when German troops took Over Austria and her $4 6,000,000 in Gold reserves and Czechoslovakia which reported $67,000,000 in Gold shortly before the end came. The poles managed to spirit their Gold stores out of the country. Although Germany has shipped Only $1,318 in Gold to the United states since the War started the Reich a commercial commitments Are reported to have been met promptly. Officials assume that some German Gold for payment it purchases abroad has come out through Neutral Switzerland or germans meet with Only Quot isolated and unimportant resistance Quot Berlin May 2. Job a German forces were reported authoritatively today to have a solid hold on All of South and Central Norway after British forces a in headlong flight had rushed to the sea to abandon the a Dalsnes sector on i the norwegian Atlantic coast. J it British prime minister Chamberlain disclosed to the House of commons today that Britain had Given up her foothold at a Dalsnes. The British Force South of trondheim landed at a Dalsnes More than two weeks ago and advanced to do has. 56 Miles East where it was Defeated. Dub official German news Agency said the Only opposition now confronting the germans a from a isolated unimportant nests of it also reported a dramatic Battle which apparently was fought before German columns won Possession of the Railroad linking Oslo and Bergen another Western port. Sti Broun resistance e at Myrdal about Midway Between the norwegian capital and Bergen it said the germans had to fight heir Way through a three mile Long Tunnel against stubborn enemy resistance Bec a Usa there was no Way of Side stepping it. In the Northwest it said a group of German Soldier finding Bridges blown up and no other Way around managed to make tha crossing with the help of rope. The High command said German vanguards had driven to about 25 Miles Southeast of an Dalsnes British base too Miles South of trondheim capturing Soo norwegian troops in the operation As Well As a enormous quantities of British supplies at do has railway Junction in the Interior Southeast of a Dalsnes and Southw est of trondheim. In headlong flight dub German news Agency said the British had left do has in a headlong it said that a enemy troops which last night were about 30 Miles Northwest of do has near eleven again offered opposition but were overwhelmed with 300 norwegians among tile forces covering the British withdrawal taken prisoner in the War of the Allied sea Power the High command announced the sinking of one British i merchant ship severe damaging j of six others Aud a hit on the after deck of a Cruiser. In the air War it said German warplanes a continued successfully on schedule disturbing and destructive air attacks against enemy lauding plates and announced the shooting Down of six i British planes. J the High command said the continued on rage two Allied Ald to Norway pledged indirect warning to Mussolini is conveyed London. May 2. A up a sir Kingsley Wood. Lord privy Seal i today pledged great Britain not to rest until Norway again is free. Speaking to the Primrose league conservative party political organization sir Kingsley said a i believe this country regards restoration of the Freedom of the norwegian people As vital to world peace and that we shall not rest until that has been achieved. A it is perfectly True that w e Are fighting to defend ourselves in a life and death struggle hut we Are also waging War against an evil thing a wicked Force which of it could would destroy humanity itself just As it has broken every International Rule sunk merchant ships without warning and sought not Only to conquer hut to Fahsing Dix eve Brig. Seu. Sir Henry Page Croft conservative member of Parlia i ment conveyed an indirect warning to Premier Mussolini in another address before the league. A for every German capital ship Cruiser or destroyer Quot he said a the allies can dispatch two capital ships or cruisers to any other Ocean such As the Mediterranean or the Black sea. Where a possible ally might be persuaded to eater the conflict on Germany sir Kingsley reference to the restoration of Norway As vital was interpreted As an indication the government w As entertaining no thought of abandoning the Eam a pain there. J a the Issue is Clear and unbridgeable a sir Kingsley said. A the stake is humanity and i civilization itself. A the German dictator is any

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