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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 2, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Til11r-Wmx. May 2. 1<m it the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina Page eleven Sec. A Hatch Bill is tabled committee kills measure regulating political activities Washington May killed yesterday the Senate approved Hatch Bill to regulate political activities of state employees paid with Federal funds. The com Mitt co ordered the Bill a tabled a meaning that it will be stuffed away in a pigeonhole. The vote was not announced and chairman Sumners a Texi refused to discuss the matter beyond making the Bare announcement of disposal of the measure. In addition to restricting the political activities of state employees paid in whole or in part with Federal funds the measure also would have limited personal Campaign contributions to $5,000. A serial Story bet on love by Charles b. Parmer copyright 1040. Nea service inc. Cross word Puzzle Quot ice work Imi. Promptly Ooth no a Roux Diurba not cd mud Byky id cd and we liner a chm and pm Ahry us m directed of picketed Mill a Pun penile. Ast of characters Sherry Hom a Sonny girl owner of race horse Pepper Roy. Pail Wharton a rival owner determined to teach Sherry that racing la not a woman s game. Shei Crane a Young gentleman Rifle. I Elie Ronot Sherry Sunde a turf yesterday Wharton wins the horse hut Uncle Willie shows his a in and that of the other Trainer were math Iii violation of jockey Chih rules. Hie horse is returned to Sherry. Later Paul explains he was trying to save Pepper Roy for Sherry begs her to marry him now. She starts to answer. Chapter Vii eagerly. Paul Wharton waited for Sherry to continue. A a yes Sherry go but Sherry a sentence was never finished. At that moment a tall thin Chap with a great mop of Blond hair stepped into the Box. A Sherry Bond a a Shep Grant what Are you doing Here a she jerked her hand free grasped Grants outstretched hand. Wharton looked up making Little Effort to conceal his resentment a my Friend. Paul Wharton Shep. This is Shep Grant. Sit Down. Wharton nodded. A a in be met a swell Colt you be got. Grant was saying. A the s Lay in a Supply of these values sugar io48< lard 8 a 59c Sun Brite cleaner 2 cans 9c Lima Beans no. 2 cans 5c kill Ream cheese in 19c matches 6 boxes 15c Eckerson Grapefruit juice no. 2 can 5c sausage = in. Los Lemons doz.20< Kim Klesh the Mikki Al picnic in 15c Hormel i if de boiled Ham in. 33c Small of i Irle hit Beans pintos in. 5c hoi Thern i i l Oleo 2-ibs 19c a f. V. Vanilla wafers 2 boxes -25c Miller Corn flakes pkg. 5c soap special Lux soap.3 for r1nso.3 for Lux flakes for lifebuoy.3 for Spry i in can 20c 25c 10c 20c 21c s. W. Hornes store Cor. Ennis and Tryon phone 6496 dial grocery i Buhl Tornar English and brigs Thoa him j Highland Mill Fairmont Crocket Pak Hiu cd two Lwft and Barton Kert Thorn a is pm met strut hmm Mist Lambeth grocery. Tis Manta phone 367 got everything. And can he run and Madden a i have Ridden Pepper boy much better myself. I intended offering but i make it in from Chi a Cage in a since when have you been Riding on the Flat a Wharton asked. A thought you were the White haired boy in a i do ride Over the Sticks a Shep Grant answered nonchalantly his eyes never leaving Sherry a face Quot but in a Light. Going to ride of the Flat this season too. But say Sherry about the Derby a a Paul was just speaking of it a she said tone Lessly. A a yeah about Pepper boy say heard there were a couple of claims did you lose him a she Shook her head. A Paul says he was ready to save a that so a the intruder looked suspiciously at Wharton. The lat a ter ignored his glance. A Paul advised me twice not to Start ale Colt in a claimer. When i did. He tried to claim him for i me. He and the other follow both lost on a wait a minute a Shep Grant sat Forward on Tho seat. A Paul j Wharton tried to claim your Coit a a she nodded. A let me got this the rider looked from Wharton to Sherry. A the was going to let you buy him Back at the claiming Price a Sherry looked at Wharton. 3 that was it Wasny to it a the Blond Chap whistled softly. And Grid used. Sherry saw Wharton a face turn Aery red. She looked at the second Man. A Shep Grant what s up a a not a thing a he said with an exaggerated drawl a not a Little thing. But you ought to Bone up on claiming rules before you fall for bedtime aaa Wharton was on his feet. He said in Low tones Quot you might explain that and you might explain where you come in on a i Rome in right Here fellow a Shep Graut got to Ilia feet faced Wharton. Quot maybe that a business. Wharton you re a Whiz at business but racing s something else Sherry a vol Rose insistently. A please explain a nothing special to explain a he turned to her. A but you should know that no horse claimed can Start in the name of its former owner till 30 Days have passed and 14 Days from today the Ken i Tucky Derby is run. Seems As of Wharton was going to he in the Derby a with Pepper boy carrying his colors. Later the Colt might run in yours he grinned nodded his head at Wharton started up the three Steps leading out of the Box. A one minute Wharton a voice was Low. But Sherry caught a razor like Sharpness in it. She saw Shep Grant turn swiftly around. A a you May know Wharton a voice crackled a shut you be got a lot to learn about human nature my colors Are going to be in the Derby carried by red Soldier the Only Colt of real Der i by Caliper on this track As you la i tee when the Handicap to run. I he s going to spree Dearie that i Field. I done to need Sherry Colt a and if i did i Haven t sunk that Low a he turned his shoulder then spoke Over it to the rider a Good Day. Oriental scholar horizontal i great Oriental teacher pictured Here. 9 his native land. 23 to recommence. 14 clouded. 16 if not. 17 to proceed. 19 diamonds. 21 matrimonial property. 22 voter. 24 Monkey 25 to set on end. .27 Cravat. 28 curses. 30 observed. 32 healthy. 33 advertisement 35 his doctrines Are based on worship of a a or forefathers. 38 common verb 39 Eye fluid pm 41 female Deer. 42 to Pickle. 43 wading Bird. Answer to previous Puzzle 44 discharges. 46 Uncle. 47 head covering 48 in the Middle of. 50 chaos. 51 to gnaw. 52 Northeast abbr. 53 summoned. 56 to become old 57 he is rated among the worlds great a a is or thinkers. Vertical 2 boats lowest deck. 3 promontories. 4 enemy. 5 above. 6 to line a vessel. 7 insertion. 8 Large scale. 9 company. 10 an embrace. 11 to form an idea. 12 Dryad. 15 Constellation lion. 16 chinese or teaching is based on his ideas. 18 to Cut with shears. 20 Plant. 22 states of Bliss 23 Bellows. 26 draws close 29 too. 31 North Carolina abbr. 32 Stop. 34 an outlet. 36 to prepare for publican 37 to abound. 38 while. 40 aspiration. 44 disastrous lots. 45 slight Burn. 47 Nimbus. 49 animal. Is measure of length. 54 sloth. 55 to suffice. 56 exclamation. Gentleman Grant Atma a nerf reddened Collar to Edge 4 there for a to from top of soft of his fair hair then quietly turned Aud left the Box. Sherry Over Paul Wharton shoulder watched him move off in the aisle crowds she asked a is it True what Shep said that i buy the Colt Back in less than 30 Days a a you could buy him Back the next minute but you race hint until 30 Days a i she glanced out toward the track where a Field was parading to the Post. A Paul then the Colt could no to a he broke in seating her question a the Colt would have run i in your name he spoke the words lightly Quot How could he a she asked a Cloud gathering in her face. Quot silly a lie repeated As if to a child. Quot he d have run in the name of mrs. Paul Wharton of course a Quot of. Of Quot slip repeated eyes focused on his fare. A How very Sweet of you using my Pepper Roy As a sort of Bride a to gel me to marry you Quot Paul Wharton caught her hand leaned closer to her. A the Colt would lie yours and everything else i Quot you might let go my hand Quot site said in a Low furious tone. Quot of All the unsporting Lowdown tricks trying to steal my horse that Way Quot a steal according to regulations Quot hush i have believed it of you a a Sherry dear a Wharton s voice was husky and he continued to hold her hand with firm grip a a you be got to listen to tile and to believe me. What i told you about claiming Pepper boy is the away soldiers a standout a yet he s not even favorite a maybe Young Wharton a putting Over a Good thing. Wish i knew a a the told me just a minute ago a Sherry said before she thought Quot that red Soldier would spread Eagle i a the did. He a Uncle Bill lowered his glasses asked in a Flash Quot How d he say it bragging or serious a Quot he Why a Sherry tried to reconstruct the mood of the moment Quot i guess it was bragging in a Way but if his Colt does t make Good Well he a Laid himself wide open. Anc to a Man who la jeer plenty at Willie Bond considered the mat ter for All of three seconds. Then went into action. A my dear hold these glasses hold my place business by dear business a be j Back in a the horses were at the Post when he returned red Soldier in the Light Green and Cherry red blocks of the Wharton stable was cutting up at the Post the starter was placing him outside. A a they re off a the crowd yelled As the Field sprang Forward on the Backstretch. Sherry saw the Green and red shoot to the front the jockey wan cutting across to the rail he had stolen the Start he was three lengths ahead someone jammed up beside Hor on the Bench Uncle Willie. He exuded Confidence. A magnificent Start a for red Soldier a a he exclaimed. Quot just heard that right after the race red Soldier will be cooled out put in a Van. And shipped to Churchill Downs to prepare for the Derby. Look at him he Stow roping the Field fancy a Sherry saw the Colt Way out in front running into the far turn. Open Daylight Between him and the Field. Willie Bond was booming in her ear Quot if that boy will just hold him snug till the last Furlong he a doing it my word a and he a still two lengths ahead and running easy. They re whipping in the Field behind Nim a the rest of the race was a blur to Sherry. The horses swung into the stretch a spot of Green and Cherry in front. Then she saw something yellow and Black leap out from the pack of horses behind now two horses were fighting it out. Down that Short stretch. Willie Bond sized Sherry sarm in Vise like grip. He was screaming in her ear a now s the time to make hts run come on. You Rascal come on Don t let us Down a turn him Loose Lei him run. You fool a the jockey on red Soldier As if he heard lifted his reins Flung himself Forward began hand Riding Bis mount pressing hands against the Colts neck a urging him on a Hundred feet from the wire the challenger came alongside running fast then the Hay leaped in two mighty strides spurted a length ahead a swept under the wire a Winner going cranium crackers in a Fri or Vii Al Klix hons this being an election year politics is among the most important conversational topics. Do you remember what happened at presidential elections not so very Many years Back try these True and false statements 1. Herbert Hoover was opposed by Al Smith in 1928. 2. Theodore Roosevelt was the Republican party s candidate by inst Wilson in 1912, 3. Norman Thomas ran on the socialist ticket Iii 19 24. 4. The democratic candidate in 19 20 was of. 5. Charles Evans Hughes opposed w Ilson in 1916. Answer on want and rage. John Mig Ley of Granby conn., issued a private Copper Coin known As the a Granby Token a a in 1737. Quot How do you a rate Jones Quot if i become weak run Down some Guy will get a l of my Job re truth. And you Dun r belong in this lacing game. I want to get you out of it. It a be different if you weren to so Young Aud so utterly Beautiful a a Sherry broke Iii scornfully. Quot suppose you drop my hand id let me out of Here a he released his grip stepped Back she was searing him with Ber eyes Quot done to you Ever speak to me again As Long As you live a a s hot tears burned Sherry a eyes As she hurried through the crowd to tile big nun standing at the rail. Uncle Willie was in a tense mood he lifted his scarred old Field glasses surveyed tile track. The Handicap horses were parading to the Post. Though Sherry stood beside him on the Lawn Bench behind the rail the big fellow spoke As if to himself Quot in the paddock they say red Quot my word what a Colt a Willie Bond exclaimed in Awe. A the boy never touched him with a whip either. And look a a the time of the race was going up on the boards a a he a equalled the track record a to be out inned in his have right of Way a Philadelphia Walter Hildreth. Bearded 61-year-old former school teacher came into court accused of pushing mrs. Christian Febiger a dogs around. He protested lie shoved Ber pekingese off the sidewalk because she was on the right when so should have been on the left and he could t get by. Magistrate Jaroh Dogole up holding the Freedom of sidewalks for dogs ruled they could walk where they please and fined Hildreth $10 for disorderly conduct. Quot therefore i reason Semi Bly. The tonic to take for my run Down condition is . I build bark my body and blood strength. Stimulate my appetite and soon a feel like myself Guam a in my work sturdy health it everything. I must keep lit Aud on lop of in Job to hold it and pick up my weekly pay Cai Elope a a of von feel til eel. Let Down. Or Low Iii spirits in the absence of an organic trouble. . May lie just what iou need to snap Back into your goo self. You owe it to yourself to Lingin on 5.. Today it is Economy to regain health. ,. Eron inv to Purchase the Large sue , tonic . Co. Snake in the or its Poplar Bluff Fletcher was recorded As this Spring s first victim to the Posic packing urge. He was bitten by a Rattlesnake while picking wild Flowers Nelt a a darn where he n of wed As an Engineer. He la recovering. Guilford count realty transfers leap a int Rock. Wyo. A three daughters of or. And or. Clyde Morris have been married in the first four months of leap year. Mrs. Morris herself was a leap year Bride. High Point township e. E. Mendenhall or. And wife to James o. Snipes jr., and wife. Lots in Ardale Heights. Gate City motor company to h. H. Hawkins and wife. Lot on White Hall Street. E. E. Mendenhall or. And wife to Charles a ill Mattler and wife lots in Ardale height. National bondholders corporation to Hallie Jones and Ira Shankle and win. Plat on Tulsa Ell Street. E. P. Clodfelter and wife to Hamilton Lyle Clodfelter. Iota of de Clodfelter and George e. Miller tract. Morehead township c. E. Leak trustee to e d. Steele. Plat on South Spring Street. J. E Cooper and wife to j. O. Cooper and wife plat adjoining property of Hudson and others. D. R la Rue to Meyer Levine and wife. Plat on Ellington Street. Gilmer township r. O. Dawson and wire to r e Low Der Intok and wife lots in Bessemer Heights. C. V Lowdermilk and wife to r amp Lowdermilk and wife plat on Ensley Street. Open saturday night till 9 p. M. Harles a saving Headquarters for keen things lit menus and boys Wear. Keep you Eye on Harles a ail through april 113 South main Street i new smart Cool be my. M % a pillar red i Val Lue 4�?o every be store Colo Tut the Miff if of wpimfff11 Quot Iii an Ever a mens 2 piece Slack suits it c Sanford Zed to fit a forever a handsomely tailored in a swell streamlined Model that looks custom made mix tile Slacks with sport shirts or sweaters a poplin Doeskin a hop sacking twill a shirts shirred Yoke Back 2 Flap pock ets inner outer style a Slacks pleated front a self Belt Well tailored a Blue tan Green rust natural a Small. Medium Large sizes other new 1940 Slack suits $198 and $3.98 mix Mem match Mem sport shirts Sinh Broadcloth nub crashes linens nov Elty patterns inner outer style All Kip colors mix Era and match via. Swell variety of other shirts 25c to 79c to styles in menus new Slacks Sanford Zed smart Woven i stripes plaids soft sprint shades Teal. A up Green tan Grey. Sies 29-4cov scores of other styles at. $1.9$, keen sport shoes compete your ensemble genuine Goodyear sewed swell styles Quot till heavy sporty soles leather bed Bubber Cork. To rep White. White Aud tan Black Brown bookmaker �1 to tan men s and boys sizes i St of scores of other styles. $2.98 mothers. Look what 25 will buy for i your Boye

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