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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 31, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather occasional rain More data on Page 3a 92nd Vear no. 91 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1719 classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 High Point n. A. Wednesday afternoon March 31, 1976 64 pages daily 15c. Sunday 35c rhodesian women train rhodesian women dressed in Battle fatigues practice Basic Small arms Drill with 9mm automatic pistols on a Range in Salisbury recently. With renewed threats to Rhodesia these women have volunteered for women s service corps to Aid in defense of their african nation. The women Are not intended to be used in combat but act As Drivers and work in support services for troops. I a wire photo for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Go liquor bottles q. Are the go bottles going on Sale april i As in the last three or four years How Many years have they been Selling them i would like to know before april i please. Thank you. Woman for . A. We called the Abc Board the Day your Call was transcribed monday and they reported All 6,000 bottles had been sold within a couple of hours that morning they usually go on Sale Only at the nine Greensboro Abc stores it the monday of the week the tournament starts rather than a particular Date we were told some people get in line As Early As 5 a in this is the fifth year the commemorative bottles have been sold information on unions q. We. The employees of company Are asking very urgently that you give us an answer to our question. Question there Are approximately 900 employees and about a per cent of the people have nominated me to write this letter. I will not give my name because it would Cost me my Job. W e would like to know How to get in touch with a labor Union. The people at Are mistreated and we feel it is time for a change. Thank you very much. Concerned employees. A the Industrial Union organizational department of the Al to has a regional office in Charlotte. The address is 2121 Commonwealth Avenue. Harold Mclver is coordinator. A Booklet titled a Layman s guide to Basic Law under the National labor relations act is available for 35 cents from the superintendent of documents . Government printing office Washington d c. 20402 you May be Able to get a copy from the regional office of the National labor relations Board in Winston Salem. It explains the rights and obligations of employees and employers under the act. Employees have the right to engage in or refrain from engaging in. Union activities and to bargain collectively with their employers through representatives of their own choosing. Reporting unemployment benefits q. Do you have to report your unemployment benefits on the state taxes Why is it that you Don t get a statement to Tell Huw much you Drew lots of people did not keep up with their benefits. How can they find out Bow much they earned anon woman. A William Hollar manager of the employment Security commission office says if you will come by the office they will look up your record they do not give the information out Over the Telephone. This income must be reported on your state income tax return but not on the Federal wrong sex q. I sent off for and received my birth certificate. I am a girl and my birth certificate says i am a boy. How can i go about getting this changed anon. Girl. A. You can write the vital statistics office about the error and they will Send you an amendment form to Complete and return to them. Make sure the birthrate and other information on the copy they sent you indicates it is yours and not a brother a. Sometimes certificates Are filed before the child is named and they May Send a certificate of another child born to the same family. Defense spending supported Washington a president Ford s record defense budget is picking up initial support in Congress with some congressional defense critics expressing concern Over soviet military buildups the Senate budget committee approved by voice vote a $113-billion defense spending target for fiscal year starting oct i which it said is Only $300 million less than Ford wants the House budget committee. By a vote of 13-12. Set a target of $112 billion rejecting a proposal by its own chairman rep. Brock Adams. D-wash., that the figure be Cut to $107.7 billion defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said today the congressional action Quot reflects the changed circumstances in the he said americans have grown concerned about Adverse trends in military Power relative to that of the soviet Union. Rumsfeld was interviewed on the lbs to Quot morning the Secretary said Congress is following the changing attitude in the country. But Rumsfeld denied once see defense on 2a Frisco City workers go on strike san Francisco apr an estimated 450,000 Cable car bus and Streetcar riders had to find new Means of transportation today As Drivers honoured picket lines by other City workers protesting pay cuts. Despite an Early in orning court order against the strike pickets remained at municipal railway and other City facilities As the morning Rush hour began. Pickets had been posted shortly after Midnight and Union leaders said they hoped to extend the walkout into a citywide strike today. The City a drizzly streets were devoid of the usual rus hour Parade of buses and streetcars leaving men and women on their Way to work to stand in the Idle bus stops and Hitchhike. One Man in a business suit was seen peddling a bicycle in the rain. When the picket lines first went up. Tourists Riding the City s famed Cable cars were told they would have to get off in the Middle of the route the strike is by 1.900 City employed workers belonging to to crafts unions a plumbers electricians carpenters and other specialized trades. But the walkout Over proposed cuts in Craft salaries could affect As Many As 18,000 City workers asked to Honor picket lines. The municipal railway which operates All the struck facilities said it normally carries about 450.000 passengers daily. Mayor George Moscone spent the night in City Hall and a spokesman said Early today that the mayor did not know if any negotiations were scheduled Moscone would enter such talks Only at the invitation of the City a Board of supervisors the spokesman said. Police and firemen who staged a three Day walkout last summer were not involved in this strike City officials said they expected municipal hospitals to continue operating and emergency Crews were available to staff water and sewage treatment plants. Quot we re taking All our stuff in right said municipal railway manager Curtis Green moments after the Start of the strike. Most parking regulations were suspended and taxi Drivers were urged to pick up additional passengers in route. What s inside amusements10-llc bridge19c classified ads.19-23c comics.16a crossword19c editorials4a financial2a obituaries .2b sports1-7c television .6a women s news. .7-13a weather.3a study shows housing funds meant for poor diverted Washington apr Federal housing funds in tended to help the poor frequently have been diverted to other uses including building Tennis courts in affluent areas according to a study of 26 Southern cities released today. The study charges that Money allocated under Tho housing and Community development act of 1974 was used to build Tennis courts in Little Rock. Ark., and Chattanooga. Tenna parking garage in downtown Spartanburg , and a Central fire station in Gulfport miss. Quot there is no other Way to describe the misuse of the Federal funds under this act than waste a squandering of the taxpayers Money Quot said Peter Petkas of the Southern regional Council so an Independent Atlanta based organization which produced the study. Org officials in a statement prepared for release today called for closer congressional oversight of the program and were supported by spokesmen for the National Urban league and National association for the advancement of coloured people a act. William Morris a act housing director said in a prepared statement Quot that far too Many expenditures Are going into projects that Benefit More wealthy populations rather than the poor a he also contended that the . Department of housing and Urban development Hud Quot lacks the capacity and willingness to assure compliance with the spirit and letter of the the program was part of the Nixon administration s new federalism which called for dismantling Federal programs and. Instead giving local governments Money to spend at their discretion the report says very few of the 26 cities studied concentrated on aiding the Low and Middle income groups which the act was designed to help the report said Quot the most important reason for this difficulty is the Lack of political influence that Low and modern income groups exercise in the local Community development decision making process Quot local officials reacted to political pressures in different ways the report said. In Birmingham ala., the report said Money allocated under the program was dispersed to Many neighbourhoods leaving most with Small allocations insufficient to accomplish major improvements Quot Birmingham s Effort to please Many divergent interests May therefore have resulted in the neglect of the most serious needs of Low and moderate income residents Quot the study concluded Midnight deadline nationwide truck walkout looming Arlington Heights. Ill apr teamsters Union and trucking Industry negotiators remained far apart on crucial Money issues today As the Midnight deadline for a nationwide truck strike approached Federal labor officials said. Labor Secretary . Usery or said contract negotiations were bogged Down Over four or five economic issues. Although he declined to elaborate those issues reportedly include a difference of 75 cents an hour in wage increases $6 a week in other benefits and Cost of living allowances. Usery and James Scearce acting head of the Federal mediation and conciliation service planned to continue meeting with both sides today in anticipation of the Midnight expiration of the National master freight agreement. The current contract covers about 400,000 truckers and warehousemen who move about 60 per cent of the nation s total output of manufactured goods. Usery reported late tuesday night that some Progress was being made and said he Felt enough time remained to fashion a settlement lie added however. Quot i am hopeful but at this moment i certainly cannot in any Way indicate i see an agreement. We re talking about a National agreement that has Many implications not Only for this Industry but for the nation this year a the Ford administration is concerned that a Large settlement in favor of the teamsters would have an inflationary Impact on upcoming contract negotiations in the rubber construction electrical appliance and Auto industries. In weekend voting by Union members across the country. Teamsters leaders received overwhelming authorization to Call a strike if a settlement is not reached before the present contract expires Isery said tuesday that no decision had been made to seek a Taft Hartley injunction and invoke an 80-Day Cooling off period but Federal sources said preparations to seek the necessary court order were being made in Washington an injunction would order resumption of work for the Cooling off period if a strike is begun but dissident teamsters have threatened Wildcat strikes if such a Back to work order is imposed the labor Secretary told re Vilers that a Cost of living allowance is Quot certainly one of the More serious issues now Quot rank and file teamsters lost some 50 cents hourly in 1974-75 wages because of a Cost of living ceiling under the existing contract according to Union of see nationwide on 2a at Wallace rally hecklers Wear Bremer masks Madison wis. Apr Quot they will grow up Quot said George c. Wallace after hecklers wearing Arthur Bremer masks and pushing wheelchairs tried to disrupt a Campaign appearance Here Washington sen. Henry m. Jackson like Wallace a candidate for the democratic presidential nomination was also the target of abuse tuesday. Quot what happened to me that does t matter Quot Jackson told reporters. Quot bringing in Bremer on Wallace that was Bremer was convicted and sentenced to 63 years in prison after attempting to assassinate Wallace during the 1972 presidential Campaign. Wallace was paralysed from the Waist Down and now uses a wheelchair. In Washington meanwhile president Ford announced the appointment of Rogers . Morton As manager of his Campaign for a full term in the White House. And former California gov Ronald Reagan who is challenging Ford for the gof nomination prepared in los Angeles for a 30-minute speech to be televised nationally this evening. Morton 61, is a former Republican National chairman and Commerce Secretary and was most recently a White House Counselor. He replaces Howard h. Quot boy Callaway who resigned from the $42,500-a-year Job amid controversy As he quit Callaway declared he had done nothing wrong and would be exonerated in government probes of his role in seeking expansion on Federal land of a Colorado so hecklers on 2a truck strike would up food prices Arlington Heights. Ill apr the Auto Industry Farmers Small businessmen and the . Postal service would suffer major economic disruption in the event of a nationwide truckers strike. In fact nearly every element of the nation s Economy would be affected and one result could be higher food prices. Teamsters Union and trucking Industry officials continued negotiations today seeking an agreement before the Union s contract expires at Midnight but Federal mediators said the two sides remained Quot far apart on crucial Money issues. About 60 per cent of the nation a total output of manufactured goods is moved by the 400,000 truckers who have a moved a strike at Midnight tonight if there is no new contract Auto Industry spokesmen said a walkout would be devastating because the car manufacturers Are not equipped to switch to rail service. A general motors corp spokesman said pm would begin feeling the Impact in some operations within a few hours. Quot at the end of the working week. The shutdown would be Complete a he said. A Ford motor co. Spokesman said his firm would face the same Fate. Spring Means depression for Many Chicago apr Spring is when Many a Young Man s fancy lightly turns to thoughts cd love the saying goes. But for others it is a time when loneliness and depression Are worse than at any other time of year a psychiatrist says. Or. Francois about a Northwestern University medical school psychiatrist says Spring fever is for real but he adds that it does not affect everyone the same Way and he advised in an interview those who feel like tiptoeing through the tulips with the arrival of Spring should Lay off those who Are depressed by the season. Spring fever probably has a biological origin. He said pointing out that human biological clocks Are Well recognized. These could be related to seasons As Well As to time of Day he said Quot obviously Spring fever is not something that starts on March 21st,�?� the official first Day of Spring Alouf said. It occurs As the climate changes. Whether it is a Good experience or a bad experience depends on the associations a person has with the season he said Quot basically it has a positive he said. A people Are energetic they want to be out want to be reborn they Welcome the change from the Long others though Quot experience Spring fever As a Downer a especially if they Are lonely or Are involved in a relationship that is not working out Well he added. The psychiatrist said that some of his patients during treatment have accentuated feelings of loneliness or depression during Spring just ass a Spring on 2 a subway bus tie up threatened new York a the transit authority and its workers were reportedly locked in immovable positions Over productivity issues today As talks continued to Avert a Midnight strike that could leave three million subway and bus riders stranded Quot things Don t look Good at All Quot said mayor Abraham i Bearne As corporations booked blocks of hotel rooms for employees and the City made emergency plans to Cope with a strike that could bring new York to a grinding halt the 34,000 bus and subway workers Are demanding Cost of living raises and other increases for which the transit authority if insists it has no Money productivity gains a eliminating such things As paid lunch hours a could provide Money for raises the transit authority said but the transit workers Union responded it would give up nothing won in past contracts Quot the reality of the situation is that at the moment there is no answer Quot said state mediation Board chairman Vincent d. Mcdonnell. Michael Sovern chairman of the mayors three Man mediation panel said a number of other issues still outstanding would fall into place if the Money Issue can be resolved

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