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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 30, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Age four Sec. A the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of id Miry High Point North Carolina High Point Enterprise b. a. Rawley see a and treas. Ett a. Cecil Gen. Mgr. Published afternoons and sunday mornings j. P. Rawley publisher Mai 1915�?1937 pus m. subscription rates Dally and sunday by Carrier in High Point and nearby towns Ive months .$10,40 months. 5.20 ree 2.tiu e month .90 e wee. To Carrier in nearby town Are not permitted to collect for More than one Eek in Advance. Carriere in City Are not permitted to col. For a period of More than five weeks. Ii us caption for a longer period is desired Ament should be made direct to office. E associated press is exclusively Soled to the use for republication of ail is dispatches credited to it or not other be credited in this paper and also the a1 news published therein. Member of audit Bureau of circulation entered As second class matter at the office in High Point n. C., under the of Congress of March 8. 1872. National adv. Representative the John Budd co. 420 Lexington ave. New York City thursday March 30, 1939. Jyh Nushi for Many shall come in my name tying i am Christ and shall deceive 245. Deceivers Are the most dangerous Myers of society. They trifle with e Best affections of our nature and Olate the most sacred Rabbe. Kack has come at last to War torn Spain. But what ice peace casualties total e than a million souls Home ones run into hundreds of Osands costs amount to More an $40,,,. Robert Southey in his poem in Battle of Blenheim a fought Home to Many the futile of War. A Veteran of the great title was telling Little Peterkin bout it a but what Good came of at last a quoth Little Peterkin. Why that i cannot Tell a said a but a twas a famous the famous Victory in Spain rings to the fore Generalissimo Ranco. Just now he is ruler Cable everything but withal an known Quantity. If he apes Hitler and Mussolini untold mis lie ahead for the people of in. If he chooses to become a of benevolent despot he May Able to bring about a semblance Law and order among the asses greatly divergent in inking and ways of life. If the Diar Chy is restored and Amtal becomes the order of the Day in the period before the Span to american War it will Mark e death of a Peoples Hopes for n Opportunity to live peacefully and cheerfully. The fascist vultures outside pain will undoubtedly make train demands for help rendered and swoop Down for Choice Lakings. So at Tho Best the out k for the sorely tried dons not look Good. Who could be guilty of extreme cruelty if he is such a Man How in the world could miss Lombard take the risk of marrying him there is no need for argument Here. The phrase a extreme cruelty has become a convenient one for Hollywood ites who want to change life partners. Vex not an artists mind. Thou canst not fathom it. Has his Back it Premier Daladier who was looked upon alter the Munich fiasco As being somewhat spineless has demonstrated to the people of France that he really has a Back Bone. Last night in a speech he offered to negotiate Frances difficulties with Italy but put it squarely up to Rome to make the next move by clarifying her demands. Furthermore he bluntly warned that a we will not cede a foot of our land nor one of our rights. We Are just wondering what Mussolini will be Able to make of that speech. Rather than deliver an ultimatum regardless of consequences he will probably ask for a conference in the Hope that he can get certain concessions and bide his time until he can ask for More. Negotiations would tie valuable to both France and England for the time element involved would mean a strengthening of armaments. Mussolini is too Wise to Rush foolishly into a War that would cramp his Imperial notions. Gary the Ukraine Western Europe and even England. So the conquering hero is to get most of Europe in instalments. But Wasny to there a King who marched up Hill and then Back Down again and maybe Bobbie Burns was right when he wrote a the Best Laid schemes of mice and men gang aft a Gley and leave us nought but grief and pain for promised thursday March .40, 1030 now watch. Closely this time irn Egie author of a How to win friends and influence people ii Money Money the appropriations committee in Congress feels that in approving the $100,000,000 appropriation for spa it was following a a More Liberal policy than a searching inquiry probably would it claims that spa with the additional amount at its disposal can maintain its Rolls at the level desired by president Roosevelt and have Money to spare. On the other hand word comes from the White House that the $150,000,000 was needed but that if a lesser sum was appropriated the spa would Hae to stretch it out and do the Best it could. This looks like a Compromise. Johnny q. Citizen of course wonders Why it could not have been brought about sooner. The president requested Congress a got up on its Dew claws and delayed for weeks on weeks thus putting a Damper upon those trying to eke out a living and affecting business. The investigation of spa will probably extend through several months. It will disclose that a great Deal of Money has been spent. Of Money Money Joes the unfinished window again local hospitals and a Hildrene a Home Are the Reci cents of allotments from the Uke endowment fund. These allotments vary from year to in but they Are regularly look for As much As the coming of Pring. The Winston Salem journal noting of the general use of the und says a in the two Caro Nas too hospitals and 43 orphan Ornes have occasion to know hat James Buchanan Duke lives i. Trustees of the Duke endow ent fund have appropriated to Hose institutions this week the Otal of $959,724.81 for use in Aring for their inmates and exuding their facilities to meet ver increasing human needs. A a state builder while Here in in flesh James Buchanan Duke stretches his hands from the bomb to construct the unfinished window in Aladdin a Gable lomb Ard at Long last Clark Gable and Arol Lombard film stars Are an and wife. Along with the tvs that the two were married Arizona came the announcement that mrs. Rhea Gable second wife of the film Star had chained a divorce on the grounds f a extreme is or. Gable the kind of a Man Hoey for president the House in the North Carolina general Assembly last night very graciously adopted resolutions recommending that the democratic National convention nominate governor Hoey for the presidency. It was expected that the Senate would act upon the resolutions favourably today. Far by it from us to speak adversely concerning the gesture. We Call it gesture by the Way advisedly. Governor Hoey a career As the states chief has certainly shown that he has executive ability that would amply serve were he elevated to the presidency. But when the Good Fellows get together in a democratic National convention they think in terms of those sections that Are never considered hence the South has no Chance to get a presidential candidate. Of Well occasionally we do get a candidate for vice president a after much political sweating. Moving by the Calendar Hitler in his mein kampf said a an intelligent Victor will whenever possible present his demands to the vanquished in the fuehrer is trying to show Tho a world that he meant w hat he said. His maps Are dated and he moves by the Calendar. By a certain Date he was to take Over Austria at such and such a time he was to gain full control of Czechoslovakia. In like manner he has times set for Poland Hun of you want to master the Art of calling Peoples attention to their mistakes in a Way to make them want to do As you suggest you will be interested in this Story. The incident occurred on one of the new Santa be streamline trains. My Porter Roy de Vaun had another Porter helping him make up the berths his Helper had put two bolsters in my tied one at the head and another at the foot. There should have been Only one. Roy de Vaun could have said to him Quot you stupid fool. You be been making Pullman Beds for 12 years and you put two bolsters in this bed. Can to i Ever Pound any sense into that thick Skull of if Roy de Vaun had said that you know what the other Many a reaction would have been. Anger. Resentment. Sulking the moment the head porters Back was turned. What Roy de Vaun did say was Quot you Are too Good a Porter to make a mistake like and he smiled a heart warming smile As he said it. So what did happen a smile in return. The second Porter had been praised. He Felt Good. He had been Given a Good reputation to live up to. You May be certain that he would never put two bolsters in a Pullman bed again. Struck by this adroit and unusual method of criticising a Man. I asked de Vaun where he Learned this. I he replied. Quot i Learned it from w. K. Bixby. I used to lie his Valet. Or. Bixby was an awful smart Many one of the biggest business men in St. Louis. A director in several Banks and had something to do with the american car and foundry company. I often watched the Way he handled people. He never raised his voice never got excited. If you made a mistake he never told you about it before other people. If he saw you were confused. He would wait until the next Day before saying anything. He loved to Praise people and when anybody did anything wrong he told him about it in such a kind Way that he made him want to do better next time. I Learned More from being or. Bixby Valet than i did by going to High school four years and attending Kansas University two years. He went on to say that no Man in St. Louis had better service in his Home than or. Bixby did that All of his employees w Ould have gone through hell fire for him. If you have people working for you. Ask yourself this question Quot would they go through hell fire for me Quot if the answer is maybe you could profit by employing the methods of the late w. K. Bixby. Wev wow a wow Waller in i a a a him 11 on Hoodoo Cut $ _ Trade Mark registered copyright 1939 Dally Mirror inc. I via a a i we a i a a a a a wive is we vis a a i Ivy a a Vvs a we a we a a Viv it things i Nev for knew til now out wires is the 9,000-mile jump from Abolt the Telephone the transmitting station at band eng. A a a a. On the Island of Java across the a in planning the film Alexander ofic to san Francisco it Graham Darryl Zanuck figured _ on a big dramatic scene to be built around the first words Ever heard on the Telephone which he thought would be what hath god wrought Quot research revealed the words were Quot or. Watson come Here i want you Quot when Bell spilled a bottle of acid Over his pants. A faille gig time Bell. The wonder Man who invented the Telephone through a new principle in electricity knew nothing at All about electricity. It was this Lack of knowledge which led him to interpret a common error in electrical work As the Means of sending speech Over wire. Are you mired with life have it of suffered some heart breaking tragedy then throw yourself into some work you believe in with All your heart live for it die for it and you la find a happiness that you had thought could never be yours. The Telephone number of the sons of the american revolution Pennsylvania society in Pittsburgh is Atlantic my. Alexander Graham Belles invention of the Telephone is known As Quot the most valuable single Patent Ever issued Quot because out of it grew radio talking pictures the teletype machine wire photo and numerous other industries. The first Telephone operators Back in the late 70s and Early �?T80s were Young boys. They were replaced by girls when subscribers complained that the boys got Sassy and talked Back. 11 guess the boys got sore and told them to go to Bell the first demonstration of the Telephone on feb. 12. 1877. W As also the first radio broadcast Long before radio was invented. The program broadcast from Boston to an audience in Salem consisted of a trumpet Solo and a vocal Quartetti. A novel idea editor. The Enterprise Well the Good citizens of High Point Are wondering what will be next. We have a maid Street one Hundred feet wide we have a new county court House in the City of High Point we have a Post office that will last to the third generation we have an underpass we will soon have a Power Plant. I wonder what will be next. The next thing that i want to see is a canal Cut from Here to the Ocean. I want to see the ships rolling up in the City of High Point with the United states Flag hanging Over them. David Evans 610 Blair Street High Point. The longest Telephone Call you could make from the United states would he from Bay. California to Adelaide Australia a distance of 18.000 Miles via new York and London including both w ire and radio circuits. The longest Call within the United states would be from Eastport Maine to Bay. California. 2.910 airline Miles. Mabel Gardiner Hubbard who spurred Ami on in his invention and whom he later married was never Able to make use of it because she was deaf from Early childhood. You can talk to 93 per cent of the Telephone world from the phone in your Home. The other 7 per cent of the worlds telephones not yet connected with the u. S. Are those of new zealand and soviet Russia. The head sets worn by Telephone operators today weigh 17 ounces. In 1880 they weighed six pounds. There Are More than 200 separate pieces that make up the Telephone instrument you tones travel faster than High tones Over Telephone wires. On wires leased to broadcasting stations the Telephone company has to place delay apparatus at frequent intervals in order to give the Piccolo time to catch up with the Bass drum. Put Down the figure to and 88 ciphers. And you will have the amount your voice is amplified by repeaters when you make a transcontinental phone Call. Henry Fonda was one of the technical advisers on the production of Quot Alexander Graham belly As he had worked for two years As a trouble shooter for a phone company. His College thesis was on Quot communications Telephone and Here a the real headline news about Clark and Carole a wedding plans. Their Quot honeymoon cottage Quot wont have a swimming Pool. The Boston Globe was the first newspaper Ever to receive a Story via Telephone when on feb. 12, 1877, it printed a description of a Public demonstration of the instrument Between Salem and Boston. To insure privacy against tuner in ners in transatlantic radio Telephone conversation an automatic device turns your language into an unintelligible gibberish called the device changes High tones into Low and vice versa and scrambles vowels and consonants. By the time it reaches the listener it is in proper order. The first Model of the Telephone made by Bell was constructed from a human ear which he secured from a doctor. Boll and his father and Grandfather before him were All teachers of speech and vocal physiology specializing particularly in teaching deaf mutes to talk by Means of a system of vocal writing called Quot visible he certainly gave the world an earful Rich men w Ould wind up with their taxes Brae cat uni they say More women than men kill people with guns. With a glance. Too. I have no desire for personal gain As a result of my service to Mie state. Whatever compensation i receive shall he divided in equal shares among Catholic protestant and jewish charitable causes. Rabbi Almond e. Cohen of Cleveland on being appoint cd to a state Job. Chinese girls who operate the switchboard in san Francisco s Chinatown have to know the names and corresponding numbers of every one of their 2.500 subscribers who Are asked for by name. Operators greeting at this Exchange is Quot Day Husy bin Shiah Quot which Means Quot number when King i in Saud w anted to install a Telephone in his Palace in Riyadh in saudi. Arabia moslem leaders objected and said it was the we Ork of the Devil. The King did no to argue but just said if the instrument were the work of the Devil the holy words of the Koran would not pass Over the wires. The mullahs read passages from the holy Book to each other Over the phone until the moslem were convinced that Allah hid okayed the installation. Ten years ago local new a twelve new directors were elected thursday night to the Board of the High Point . Local republicans Are circulating petitions calling for an election on the amendment changing the City charter. A cantata Quot Hosanna a was Sung at Springfield friends Church last the local chamber of Commerce will conduct a contest in which Cash prizes will be offered for the Best suggestions for the enlargement of High Point s manufacturing Field. The Happy feed store will sponsor an easter egg Hunt on monday. They will give away 1.000 eggs. Mrs. Ophelia Josephine Crowder. 77. Died last night at a local Hospital. About people miss Eleanor idol is at Home from Salem College for the easter holidays. Or. And mrs. J. S. Teague Are visiting relatives in Siler City. A a mrs. Bruce Craven of Trinity has been called to Mocksville on account of the serious illness of her Niece miss Bobby Rich. New Brief a the six Story Annex of the Ricks hotel. Rocky mount was burned Early today estimated loss. $500,000.�?secretary Wilbur today announced in Washington that 349 permits for Oil prospecting on government lands had been cancelled. Today holy saturday the roman clergy had the privilege of Blessing All private houses and Public buildings Quot with Bell Book and holy for the first time since 1870. Twenty years ago compiler notice Twenty Sears ago people were saying that a Ford would Quot take you there and bring you but harking Back to the Issue of the Enterprise for saturday. March 29 no sunday Issue for the 30th i we find an item in reference to a Ford which strongly reminds us of Oliver Wendell Holmes poem on the Century old Quot wonderful one horse Shay that went to pieces All in a Day Quot quit on lob a Ford car owned by Carl Gilbreath a Guilford county Farmer grew suddenly tired of its labors this morning and Lay Down on the Job. Rather on the Street ,. Or. Gilbreath was driving his Ford up Washington Street and was forced to Stop the automobile at the intersection of Washington and main Street to allow another car to pass. As the automobile stopped the rear Axle and the wheels separated letting the Ford rest on the pavement. Traffic was Bruce Cotton in Washington by Bruce Catton Washington March 30. A the next bitter and sensational scrap m Washington will be the fight Over the pending War profits tax measure. The Bill is about As drastic a measure As any taxation Bill Ever offered in Congress. It would confiscate corporation profits in in excess of 6 per and w Ould tax individual incomes sop heavily that very be exceeding their earnings. Naturally a Bill like that is going to stir up tremendous opposition. But the thing to remember about it is that the proposal is a direct and legitimate descendant of the. Famous Senate munitions investigation of a few years ago. And All of the highly explosive ammunition collected during that investigation is waiting to be fired at the Heads of the Bill a opponents. Bill is old timer the Bill was not hastily drawn. Ai has been charged. It was drafted by the munitions investigators thief years ago and they took six months department assistance to do the Job. I on the committee then wer4 senators Bone. Clark of Missouri. George Nye Pope Vandenberg and Barbour All except Pope Are still in the Senate. And All Are in favor of the Bill. Objections to the Bill so far Art chiefly two. First the individual income tax rates it provides for application in time of War Are so Steep that in states which Levy intern taxes of their own. A Rich Man would be taxed More than the total of hit income. In new York for instance a Man with an income of $500,000 a year would be liable for state and Federal income taxes totalling $526,000. A million Dollar income would be liable to taxes totalling $1,061,000. The other objection is that these crushing taxes plus the confiscatory corporation taxes would make it impossible to fight any War under any circumstances whatever since they would simply Stop the processes of Industry and Commerce. Affirmative arguments but the Bill a sponsors Are ready with answers. First of All they say. It will be simple to work out in the Senate finance committee an adjustment which will keep state and Federal rates together from taking Mort than a Many a total income. Second they remark that if the Hill operates so As to keep the from getting into lactic Telephone to Horn by tooting it ment. Demonstrate the into the instr when Bell and his assistant Watson first perfected the Telephone their greeting Over the wire was commercial use of the phone brought in Quot hello a and the British a Are you there a when Belles untutored assistant Thomas Watson was Able to retire on his earnings from the Telephone he started a full College course at the age of to collected a Library travelled around the world and ultimately became a highly cultured and erudite Man. In Tirana the capital of Albania there Are no Telephone numbers As Calls to any of its 300 subscribers Are made by name. Country any wars that in just swell. That a what it is meant to do. Beyond that though there is the argument that the country a machinery not Only could function in wartime under this taxation Law. But that through the Law the country would pay its War costs As it w ent along. One estimate is that if this measure had been in existence in 1917, America would have come out of the world War without any added debt. Underlying All of these argument there is the vast wealth of material about wartime profits. That material collected during the munition investigation. Shocked the Cour cry when the investigation we As on the Bill a sensors believe it will do so again and will rally Public support to Page a the Bill. World War difficulties senator Nye flips open the published record of the munitions investigation and Points to a Section recounting the governments troubles during the last War. The Copper Industry refused to produce the Price proposed by the government. The steel Industry refused to fill wartime orders until prices had been stabilized at Levels satisfactory to the Industry. The do font company refused to build a great powder Plant Whit to it alone was qualified to build until it was assured of what it considered a sufficient profit. And there in the record is a letter from Pierre Dupont Quot we cannot assent to allowing our own patriotism to interfere with our duties As fundamentally the Bill rests on the proposition that in War time someone besides the Man who goes into the army should be called on for vast sacrifices. That proposition has potentially. A tremendous Public Appeal. You can be sure that it will be presented dramatically and forcefully when this Bill comes up for debate. Whether the Biti can pass is another question. Already there Are signs of wavering among some of the 50 senators who sponsored it. There will be More in the near future. But a gorgeous fight is in Prospect anyway. Blackfeet indians will serve As guides in Glacier Park this summer. Will they arrest you of you refuse to buy a Blanket although the voice grown faint after travelling fifty Miles by wire the longest distance a Call is sent with an Ohio manufacturer of two tone automobile horns landed a big order in England when he used the transit during the production of Quot Alexander Graham the most interested Spectator was mrs. Gilbert Grosvenor the Telephone inventors eldest daughter. Most interesting moment in the film for her w As we Hen Loretta Young held a 16-Day-old baby in her arms which in the real life Atory was supposed to be herself. A Quot behind the eight Ball Quot club has been started in Philadelphia. Members Are probably just waiting for a break. Every time the nazis have taken new countries they have also taken new enemies. A Prince Hubert us Zug Loewenstein exiled German Catholic partially blocked for some time by the broken automobile. And that was the Livest item of the Day

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