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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 27, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Misunderstanding Greensboro event Tokes off Awain a a a a a a a a a a a Sarazen not so hot Over Young crop says Snead. Hogan maligning Etc. Not Well grounded in fundamentals by Bill bom Greensboro. March 27. Map a far from looking Forward to retirement Gene Sarazen at 38 is mapping out a Campaign for at least three More years of tournament Golf. Part of that Campaign includes play in the current Winter tour. He Hasni to finished first yet hut Start ins the thrice postponed second round of the $5,000 Greensboro open today he was Only two shots Back of Ben Hogan and Clayton Heather leaders inst saturday with fios. Learner Ali a Kiekel v Quot there a no reason Why at my a of i still be Good enough to said the Stocky Squire Quot a few tournaments and Hen i get Home to go that so a i in a a Hagen and Jones Aud i a rious about buying an aeroplane to make the Goli circuits. A Parup 1 fhe Gamp differently from big 200-Pounder, who Wallace Wade observed with the youngsters coming up today. Meine Eves is All helped up about the idea and already has these Fellows Snead. Hogan. I in. A jul Mangouni can All hit the Ball a hours Solo to his credit. A Story of mine which reached its Climax yesterday fought on this one from sergeant Mcmahon the Blind mild War Veteran now promoting Here. A when i was promoting in Arizona a the Sarge related la had a deaf and dumb wrestler on a number of my shows. Veil one Dav the deaf and dumb wrestler handed me a Cloine number written on a piece of paper for me to fhe Sarge paused. A imagine a deaf and dumb Guy giving a Blind Man a Telephone number to Call a the sergeant roared. Several weeks ago which is my Story i had occasion to write Jim Londos the eminent greek heavyweight wrestling Champion. By devious routes and Means i received word indirectly that Jim was going to answer just As soon As he got a minute from one of his Tours. ,. Well yesterday a letter from the Penn athletic club in Philadelphia came in the mail. It was from Jim All right. But it was written in greek and i can to read a lick of a reek that Sas had As a deaf and dumb Man giving a Blind Man a Telephone number. Senators most improved Amer club i to t rack him my ii ii Johnny Bulla the Archdale boy who is out shooting at j pm the a today after a Layoff in the Greensboro tournament is Max Wak left Clover 142-Pound welterweight and Bill Gene Sarazen who never was much of a Guy for pulling his punches when he talks should get under the younger pros hides with today a rather close comment on their claim for golfing greatness. Just he a mss Covington the High Point boy who prepped at Woodbury Forest is sort of sneaking into athletic Fame w without a great Many of we civic minded citizens being aware of Jis accomplishments. Just the other Day the crack athlete a As elected Captain of the Princeton freshman basketball ent Day player both pro and am at the banquet honouring the freshman and varsity Amateur. Tho curses and equip quads a. Or end of or season a fire so tier informs us. Quot or and last fall he played Quarte Ivok on the Liger Frosh foot-1 there a Chance of their getting All team. As a sort of a reminder he a one of the few local even Little too fast. And there athletes to make Good in calibre of Competition Princeton of ords. Congratulations mile off the tee and straight too. A still they re not shot maker they re not Well grounded in fundamental. I done to believe they have the Type of game that will serve them As Well at 35 As it in the Tiest of a sorels or Micro City matches. Worn warn Ann Doe Ai 25. Yet a Good Golf game Bell were runners up in their open divisions in the greens a Ouid hold up that Way just a Boro Golden gloves tournament last year. A Man with a Good physique ran. The Burlington Exchange clubs boxing team which will clash with the High Point athletic club Here Friday night with proper rare. He healthy at 40 a at Gene contend that things have been made too easy for the pres a club designed for practically every sir text you have to hit w 1thhoi/hs Opimo a til withhold my final opinion on these boys until they re past said Sangren a that will he the big test keep winning then and winning the big ones i ii he ready to concede they re Fine he believes too. That the play lets today face a definite Hazard j in the number of tournaments they make. J a not that in a not All in favor tour Quot he explained. Quot its a Fine thin does a lot. ,. Re. A for Golf and brings out Many e Gridiron. He thinks like All the rest of us that Duke new far a but the Hove a Aho old ill be loaded for hear next fall. Dot new ton who appears i k their spots better if they tilt training Camps Durn Iii in Dimaggio so Good he inn Start today of he Daliis to red put out feelers for Paul Hailer anti Jake Powell Sarasota Fla Dominic the that Cincinnati reds officials who youngest of the Dimaggio. Looked remain mum. Have sent a feelers a flock of the pros that started in the Greensboro tournament left during the postponements for Asheville and a few practise rounds before the $5,000 a i and of the sky open starts on Friday. They did no to do so Well in the first round so they just Plain gave up. However the leaders Are still at Star mount today shooting for the Cash and Fame. Crowell Little was in town yesterday for a Short stay. The Carolina Keynoter now coaching Davidson a Frosh team of thi Winter is that the wildcats will lie a Little stronger next fall on extremely Good in his lad workout and the red sox manager. Joe of they i in Cronin says he tan play today against the dodgers if he wants in a i Iti is sign Vii a in Ach. do Prat Tiro believe that i Huck Klein slugging outfielder released by the pirate anti signed by the Phillie. A Stipel the spark that will Start the entire team hitting. I it k i up to nos tells Hollywood Calif. A two be doing a pretty Good Job with not much to work with is Don t and try to make every youngsters that did t have much to the i Ira Lea in Hopes of obtaining Paul Waner and also that the reds would part with a sizeable sum for he Yankees Jake Powell. The condition of Moat of his players is unsatisfactory to manager Bill Mckechnie so he sent them through a stiff workout tuesday. A it i kit to Ken test Kirt my Krs. I la. A the Lieland indians hid goodbye to their training Camp site Here in a game with Syracuse of the International league. Howling ladies league Stag club players 1st 2nd 3rd tot Howell. 104 98 87 289 Mcleod. 91 94 81 266 Harvey. 128 116 89 333 Bulla 95 95 91 28 Jarrell. 66 127 135 328 totals. 484 520 483furniture City players 1st 2nd 3rd tot. Bodle. 81 67 71 Stynchcomb. Joi 81 Reid. 87 77 74 Voncannon a 87 85 83 Grayson. 115 109 88 Curtis 120 totals. 471 400 438 american bakeries players 1st 2nd 3rd tot Falls 89 to 109 308 Carter. 91 86 106 283 Smith 78 106 97 281 Mcdaniel. 87 19 81 241 Steed 103 too 103 306 totals. 442 48t 496 1419 american bakeries no. 2 players 1st 2nd 3rd tot. Pounders. 80 98 86 264 Furr. 92 80 83 255 Ai be Mon. Too 102 109 311 Jones. 83 83 78 244 Furr. 80 91 92 263 tots. 435 454 448 1337 ram Hal Pectal Pia vers 1st 2nd 3rd tot Kemp. 85 2 109 276 i Hoover. 107 97 82 286 Rutledge. 96 89 82 287 j Duncan. 84 89 99 272 Bain. 92 108 86 28 1 total. 464 315 458 1387 Watts no. 2 players 1st 2nd 3rd tot. Peoples. 104 101 105 310 Capps. .87 us 96 298 Carroll do 104 91 285 Tuttle. 90 91 88 269 Kirkman. 78 7 91 256 totals. 449 498 471 1418i.�?�? City firemen players 11 2nd 3rd tot Samuel. 91 87 104 282 Bodenheimer. To 92 296 Davis. 93 98 108 299 Womack. 99 118 91 306 martin79 119 87 283 i total 458 528 485 1466 Piedmont finishers player 1st 2nd 3rd tot Boyle 90 104 97 291 j Barham 81 84 la 246 Bale. 91 91 97 279 Orceane. 93 is 81 289 we Elborn. Too 87 81 288 i totals. 455 481 437 1373 fights today harrs up outfit of Speed demons Griffith bickering with giants to get Zeke Bonum Back by Gayle Talbot Orlando Fla., March 27 a map a some consider the Vav Ashington senators the most improved Hall club in the american league and manager Bucky Harris thinks Tho 1940 Model perhaps is the capital Ixonia fast and City a Best in to years. Not that Bucky is harbouring the 38th annual North and South women a Golf tournament miss Kirby shot a 7 9 in the the game will Mark the first j qualifying round and was the Only Pill getting some humps. An n. State alumnus insists that in solution for states losing is a new coach. Durham ight a basketball team will play its first game in the Glen alls. N. A. Tournament tomorrow night. Well take Mem against the Field. Tournament and practice besides he All burned out before Ever reach 3b is port % lion nil ii it so saying the Squire sailed off a info the Greensboro opens second is holes. He is trying hard for his first below 70 round of the Winter. With that in mind the boys had Best beware of Sarazen. By Kaddik Sci Al new York. March 27 up York debut hut a is the same Ion t be too Impresa de by those old a a when he used to come Rhonney Horn the pods and he ?. Yen ago do a All h heir opponents ate busting at travelling by car and shows i. Lea water. Light games there Al hers at every whistle Stop. In 4 1 round trippers 22 by the it must tie considerably More Rooks ,. Short fences and than bolls with Billy Conn or Hose Gulf Stream breezes Are the Why is it they re saving hell be ii wer v cub Ivory Hunter i dry Dock until mid Nam 1 a 00k one look of Phil Rizuto sport Short shots la Ken Noih or Koory and Jerry Priddy Kansas City rack key one combination and Aid the it were Worth a Cool inn a to any big league outfit. Bruce Morrison Coll Elk Eyre the to hikes in new York a anxious to know what became of lie Don git they subseries to fight the parimutuel. ,. The Mutu Els it seem Are Here hut the dough Isnit. Harry , Vav bite sox Pitcher not Only hitch hiked i Way into baseball hut landed right ii Lite dough. ,. Marl heard athletes sen needed for a Semi pro Loop Iii Oklahoma City. So lie thumbed rides from his Home at Granite City 111., and landed a Job kneading dough Aud elbowing for a Flaker team. Chance of staying with the a s May get the Chance Connie mar k indicated today. Both Eddie Collins and Al Brancato hate come along rapidly and Brancato May even statue the season at third base. A a a a \ v i s Vav v n t to i r a do Ori. Hmm la. A making one of la worst Spring bowing Iii ear official of la Vav a hindi ii senators Are read let i do Arnot Anobling to git the club some life. Vav till the exception of dutch i Ani ii a re and Rudd la i the report is that owner Lark Griffini Xxiii Swap Ain both <111 Iii club Ami there i a to lid i it hat a Deal with tile Detroit Tiger i in the offing. Macphail pm of rag Al Sarasota. Fla. Larry Mac Phail. The free speaking Boss of the b Rook by to dodgers admitted today that the clubs chances of Landing in a higher berth than it did layer had been consider a Aldy heightened by the better-1 appearance of Mel harder pro tiding a lest for the problem Arm thai handier pm Ltd the tribe his ill. Paul o Den went Hack to Lex Eland tor treatment of an a injury caused xxx Lien he xxx struck by a foul tip. Doctors a Iii Xiii of is not threatened. One on the Field to break us. Or. Robbins had a 90. Mrs. Steile Lawson Page. The mid South list and former National Champion a in a five Way tie for second place Wii i so. Fifteen other matches were booked for today they were mrs j. J Lawlor. New Rochelle. N. Y., is. Mrs. Vav. B Mccullough Hanh picks tiv la Krs Huntington Valley. A mrs. T la by do Tex manager Fred Stuaffer. Philadelphia is i. Haney regard Vernon Kennedy i Thomas r. Rudel. Forest Hills. I. Eldon Anker. Nate Andrew How j. Netty Abernethy. Pittsburgh. Ai d Mills and Kmil Bildilli As the i Vir. Edwin Stevens. Iii five of the St. Louis Brown Greenwich. Conn. Mrs. Jane sea pitching staff hut he insists a Welt Carthage n. C., is. Jeanne there plenty of Chance for other Cline. Bloomington. 111. Mrs. Hurler to work into the Seleeta Archie Robson is Helen Waring Circle a a a a a if you re looking for a Good a r mudder for Derby instil Mace How Why did everybody Rush to about mrs. Ethel v. Marts chatter oui item of la t week thai Ted Quot won three out of font Jav i i by y and Sammy Angott in the mud on the coast s fight in i a to t a til Herb hip a it a at Drifting not the link or the wires confirmed it Yea May i in All minor ports and Day. V Chicago sports concentrate on football baseball in pct a Loc Louis it a i 7 time basketball of and when co cd Golf dint against Johnny Raychok the yank Are sold it will not he a Rilday night. Hard flock to a Syndicate the other Arnee Lardon. A Stribling h not vex heavy a ii league clubs would not a weight came a Cropper Iii ills new 1 prove such a Sale. Knights Atlanta March 27.�?i the Albert g. Both who dishes out publicity on Louisiana state athletics drops a note saying they think Down there l.8.u. Has the two Hest College pitchers Iii the South in Jesse Hanna senior Lethander and Ray a Dolch. Junior . The two Ihnn a thu Ted a howl o be. My. Reese and Charley Gilbert the for three la a Rookie. Huck to Stop cars los a no Kliche the pirates called in lefty Dick , j Oil it it lining Aud Joe Row Luau gala to or a it Slop lie Hil i ago us xxi have rung lip two straight Oxer the riles manager Frankie Kris ii said he thought head Call on either Rob Klinger or Max Butcher to open the regular season against St. next month. Pelicans recently Ping apiece. A a a in s Fred Russell Nashville Trimier a those close to the i diversity of Florida a opposed i cont Inu Aizic of hic Pittsburgh a Stem a installed by lock Sutherland erstwhile assistant. Williams Ami Stilligan Ami Are clamouring for an altogether new Jan a rum. Sensational Smith will definitely be a member of the gamecocks Golf team this season sax or. Havilah a Brook the varsity coach. Rah Vav Vii i Vav v in it Tampa. Fla. Cards Vikki Phi is Vii Mill Kaill Over Joe a xxx icky decision to sign Iii mho contract the i a re 1 a i Xxiii take on the Phil lie gala before heading for Havana for a series xxx till Hie cuban All stars tile Only Consolation Ilia manager Hay Iliad can gel out of Iii least exhibition record a five Xxiii and la Loe a is that three of him victories xxx Ere Oxer the Yankee. Mrs. Page shoots 80 in North South Dorothy in ii captures medal with a 79 Pinehurst. Match 27 to Dorothy Kirby of Atlanta the medallist was called today against mrs. Jane Brooks Robbins of of. J Pinehurst mrs. Boyd Morrow. I Philadelphia is. Or. Ivy Goetz Man Washington or. R. Hat a i Haugh Cleveland is mrs Russell j Nolinon. Old Greenwich Conn j i Jane Cothran. Greenville s. C., i is. Georgia Tainter Fargo n p. I Deborah Verry Worcester mass., a Marcia Bassett. Buffalo n. I Priscilla Janny Bryn mawr pa., j is. Mrs Arnold Mcnitt washing 1 ton mrs. F Sprague Melrose. I mass., is. Mrs. R. S. Patton. Jr., Hartford. Conn. Or. Ralph King Cleveland is. Or. Thomas Nolan new Castle a Anne Krumbharr Philadelphia is. Or. J. P. Meador Young Glen hard punching i in plunder he on the Friday nigh inter Cit any illusions about a Pennant or boxing meet Between High Point j even has a first division glint in and Burlington. Loflin who i eyes. He is too much of a real fought for the v. M. A. A year is for that As most managers a is a pm top and hustling Young Iowa Day. Rut the senators Pilot Ster xxx to i regarded a a Comer in might he pardoned of he took a ring Circle. Certain Pride in what he has a i comp listed with bus limited As a sets. After playing the senators the other Day. Oscar Yih of the Cleve 1 land indians summed the Sinh up j very Well when he said a they can he heat hut you be got to keep them off the fast cull a that s what Harris has one of Hie fastest clubs in baseball. It int a heavy hitting outfit and ifs pitching is Only nominal. But it it boasts a set of boys who can and do run the bases like stake horses. George Case. Rudd Lewis. Jim Pofahl. Gerald Walker and some of fhe others will win a lot of games with their legs in j the coming season. The senators finished sixth last year s notch lower than in 1958. In 1938 they had Zeke Montira playing first base and knocking in 114 runs. The moral being Plain they Are bickering with the giants now and trying to get zek j Hack at their own Price natural i by. The Gianta paid Washington a 25.01 0 for Bon it a w inter Eforo last. Now even though they profess to have no use for Zeke themselves they dislike to let him go Back to the senators at a bargain Price and thus openly admit that a old Fox Griffith took them for a ride. So they Are bickering and the Transfer Likely will he made eventually providing Zeke agree to play in Washington for a Good Deal less than the si5,000 be to demanding from the giants. Can be Bonura As the senators badly need men who can drive in runs and a j Jimmy Wasdell Al Wared at first last year they much he p being an improved team with Bon a lira in the Hatting order. Harris considers his Outfield setup a Good one with Gerald Walker in left. Case in Center and Lewis in right. Jim bloodworm proved himself a capable second Sacker last season and Cecil Travis is going Good in his new third base position. Bucky is a Little worried though about the throwing Arm of his new shortstop from Minneapolis Jim Pofahl. A the club has a first rat Catcher in Rick Ferrell. The Only Rea-1 son it cannot he considered of first division calibre is its Lack of High class starting pitchers. Dutch Leonard. The Veteran knuckle Haller who won 20 games last season is a Good one but Atter thai Harris mostly must rely j on his two Southpaw Ken Chaa and Joe Krakauskas Medwick signs contract for $18,000 fee Vii Vii beam. Kin., March 27.-�?i/p a the St. I Axil i cd iou i the do pester a nominee for Hie National let Enguio hag. Scored a crucial fit the Diamond Victory in signing baseball no. I holdout. Outfielder to Vleda pick. Who thought i slugging Talent xxx Ort h at least 20, i year a return to his 1938 salary changed his mind last night and accepted the cardinals a a deadline offer of , same As he earned last season the club s Stock Rose Sharp i on the announcement. The Cardinal have Only a mediocre record in Hie Grapefruit la it gue Aud there had Bene considerable gloom Over a absence. Several National league managers have picked the cards to xxx in the Pennant Vith Medwick. Joe led Hie National in Hatting and xxx on the most valuable player Avard in id fit. I Hatting average last season xxx a bask getting the left fielders autograph on a contract xxx a a t Humph for president Sam a Redon Xvan maintained the Money difference a a trifling. Or feared conceding an Inch to Medwick would he the signal for other players to Lake a Mills in h xxx a pc of holdouts next Rar. Joe arrived her xxx till his male hut is not exam cd to pin until after Hie team returns from a series at Cuba. Vleda pick. Xxi has Bern golfing regularly All Spring said lie xxx As in Fine one. Waters face Competition famous pirate brother Ari May be Bench Cal by Elliot anti Nan Rohay by i a six Newland san Francisco. March 27.�? i Pic the Pittsburgh pirates Iii Aberdeen. N. C., mrs Estelle i an out. Of re 00 a a quickie Lawson Page Chapel Hiu n. C., is. Mrs. A t. Menzel. Stamford. Conn. Or. Murray shifter. Johnstown a. Jean Bauer Providence r 1. It id m Isi Krs on Road Bloomington. Id 27 for fhe second straight car Indiana will not he Able Loha any varsity Tennis matches at Home because of the Lack of series of exhibitions left one Poser which May provide the new behind the baseball news this sea son. P it deals with fhe Wailer boys a Paul and Lloyd who taught themselves to hit Corn ohs with a Broom stick so accurately dining March j Oklahoma school Days they be brother e exhibit to baseball by he Ted f run is understood Kisco n. In the first round of facilities. Wrestling wed., March 27, 8 30 p m. La 8. Hamilton a steam heated bldg. High rot it n. T. Ali. Star Cari tickets Sims a 19c a vie promoter Blind world War vet Era n a Hergt. L. Mcmahon Kex Good hotel phone fid it Rosky Rah Ryan it Ain event a a. A out of 3 so minutes Semi Cin i. A is a Chick Uttke Beaver one Call a 4. Minutes opening a is a i s i at e one East a to minute ringside tickets on Sale at Sheraton and Elwood hotels Section hex Essert for coloured fans Blackjack Kyhi it Johnny Marks Cloyd Viva of Vij. Lire Sanders it xxx mild seem. Is earning i Salon tills Spring. He Iliad just finished helping Omi is till seven a a a re of Spring Drill at Louisiana state. Vanderbilt linked him to succeed Ray Morrison and t Oxx in a a Spring session xxx it ii the a Iii Molnrr ahead. Tkv Pulli i no set i a Man Blader lit la i Ilya ii came one of the great arts of baseball. The question is Are the wands nearing the end of their string with the pirates the answer on the Fate of the present set up would appear to lie at St Petersburg a. Clev Laud a a St. Louis n 2. At Bradenton. Fit Brooklyn no 5. Boston n 2 at Winter Haven flu new 1 York Ini la. New Yolk Ian i a at i lame. Cliv. A a 2, Kansas City a i 111 innings. I at Sarasota. Boston All 2, Newark ill i at Hollywood Calif cineaste Ca 2. Hollywood i. M san Francisco Pittsburgh everything was All set today for the bristling Battle Between Rosy red Ryan of Philadelphia i Aud Blackjack Hailer of Kansas i City tonight in the main event of hear now quartered at tropical the weekly wrestling Caid at the Park. Is a dead ringer for old j South Hamilton Street Arena bowl women hox Ling is Hie greatest indoor sport Iii tin world. It is a game that Vav Omen ran Roin Pete xxx till men and some time a 200 Pound Man find himself i tile merry of a of Pound girl. Join the coterie of women howler every tuesday and thursday. It s thrilling and it keeps you physically fit. Arcade amusement company Arade i lib no Sra Heroit. Except that he Hasni to won so much As a two bit piece. A a a a observation by Ord Signor Gale into Haw it All figure out. He says Vyone of these night a bum is going to Knock out Joe land. Pay Click i a hum hut i am is is a bigger Imi i done to think tiek Xxiii Xxiii. Oxx on figure thai out. A a not Mim. Being a lawyer Sam Nahant Brooklyn Rookie twirler is smart. He s Balking at being sent promoter sergeant Mcmahon announced himself As being satisfied with the Way things have shaped up for the big bout with a return affair from one a week ago that left a lot of fans and red Ryan very much dissatisfied a piece of alleged skullduggery on the part a a c referee Ernie Powers so barges Ryan and a Host j of fans allowed the a cobra clutch expert to win a match j that by All mean should have gone to tile Philadelphia redhead. It has Prospect of being a Siam Baug Brawl with the red-1 will do double duty will tangle with Jake Patterson fhe former intercollegiate wrestling Champion. Patterson in a couple of previous appearances Here revealed a lot of Speed and Power but Wasny table to acor any impressive victories although he put up great Battles. Marin is one of they Are the sole survivors of an Era that saw Pittsburgh win Philadelphia a a. Its last National league Pennant in cancelled rain. A in 1 927. J at Laredo Tex. Paul who joined the pirates in a is. San Antonio 1 926. Wll be 37 years old next j polled Fain month. He is beginning his if at los Angeles teen Ali season. Lloyd 33, hopped it ago n 8, los Angele Pittsburgh uniform in 5. St Lounial Tex Post Al to 1927. Three times Paul Lias led the league in hitting. He was top stick Man of the club with .328 last season. His batting Eye is still Sharp. But i former Speed is Only a memory. Lloyd smaller than his Broth the local favourites and is credited or hit .355 in his first year with with a Triumph Over the hated i Tho pirates. Last season he cd Tab purple Flash. J bed a weak .285 in 112 games. Another grappler who has won 1 during this Spring training. A lot cd local fans Over on Bis youngsters Bob Elliott and Mansi de is Floyd Marshall the pop Rice Yan Rohaus have been per it Jar Denver colo., boy. Marshall forming in the Center and right who is yet to meet defeat in a Field berths once completely Doin la ugh Point l ing will tackle one j Ina Ted by Lloyd and Paul. By of ii is toughest opponents in Al Bainie Frankie Frisch pulling the leu Eustace of Wakefield. Kas. In pirates managerial strings for the first time regards Elliott and Nan Rohaus As Comers plans to give to Nashville. He figures he i hashing a temper that is name enough Daffy Guys with the five to his flaming thatch. Johnny Brooks without having to go to i Marrs has Heen obtained to play Nashville to truck along with the policeman to the Battle which we know Batrou Poffenberger. Pleased a Large number of fans the curtain Raiser. Veteran Oil servers a Quick to say that us j Taco is one of the Best wrestlers them every Chance Rosy Ryan Ever to appear Here. Last week to had a comparatively easy time who protested the derision last in walloping the Tough chief lit week. Tie Beaver in one fall. He is fast in the a i final mans who Strong and scientific. Today a schedule at Tampa. Fla. A Cincinnat in is. New York n. At Miami Beach Fla. Philadelphia no is. St. I Ouis Nat Sarasota a a a. Brooklyn n. At i of Angeles Calif. Chi Cago n is Pittsburgh Nat Orlando. A Washington a is. Detroit a. At Haines a it y. Fla. A net Yolk a a. Kansas City a. Hollywood Calif pin i a Delphia a a. Chicago at. At fort Myers Fla. Cleve land a is Syracuse in. At Laredo Tex is i a is. San Antonio Tex. Both Are driving hitters in the Outfield composed of right Handel 300 class. Their Only drawback hitters the Waters Are poit Side is the fact Boih Are right hand ars they Rome in Handy in Bel hatters of they stepped in As Reg a such pitchers As Cincinnati Ai u lax a it would give the club an ter and Derringer Are working

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