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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 27, 1940, High Point, North Carolina A trim Point enter pm ise published and sunday mornings j. P. Rawley publisher a he 1915�?1937 Al. Terry president a. Rawley. Sec a Aud treat. Wimett a. Cech Cen. Mgr. Pus m. Waynick. Editor subscription rates daily and sunday by Carrier in High Point and nearby towns Reive month. $10 40 months. $ 5 20 ire month. $2 00 in month. 90 in week. .20 Carrier in nearby towns Are not per Lutted to collect for More Tau one reek in in City Are not permitted to col for a period of More than five week i Lubeck Letlon for a longer period is desired i ii n in associated pres is exclusively end to the use for republication of All a dispatches credited to it or not other in credited in this pair and also the pal news published therein member of audit Bureau of circulation tiered a second Cia matter at the it office n High Point. N c. Under Tbs of Congress of March 8, 173. National adv representative the John by do co. 420 Lexington a. New York City wednesday March 27, 1910. Cd thou yet condemn uncontrolled spending yes but always it is Safe to do that. The real test by the fire of Public opinion will come when those things for which the Money was spent Are condemned. Not in position to criticize daily German newspapers lambast the British alleging that it was an English plane that flew Over danish territory last saturday and that English airmen machine gunned five danish Hunters. The claim is made that it was a flagrant violation of neutrality Laws. English papers retort that it was a German plane with English markings that did the dirty work. We on this Side will probably never know the exact truth. Granting though that it was an English plane who Are the nazis to criticise they have violated All International Laws regarding solemn treaties As scraps of paper. Their crimes in Poland Are enough to make All decent Neutral nations turn a deaf ear to German cries of a Wolf Wolf a the High Point Enterprise Pitmon Center of Industry 1917 told a different Story. Uncle Sam could stand ? few insults but he refused to have his toes mashed. We cannot predict what another year May bring Forth but it is pretty certain that if this nation does not enter the War it will be because the Berlin Moscow Axis refuses to Monkey with a Buzz saw. High Point. North Carolina Jim with Dale Carnegie author of a How to win friends and influence people Quot but whatsoever hath a blemish that Alle not of Lei for it shall not be Rentable for you. Leviticus 23 20. A a. A a i. Than the trifle. A Lavater. In Mati Rhy of i Aiton i full year without a fatal Accident is the record now Hung for the first time by Commer ii aviation. Yesterday morning the Early hours the Annivera by of a disastrous crash in tin1 a St occurred and with twelve months of Safe flying lapsed Ingram Ula tory messages were of Deli St to tin flex loping new Prier. These messages caught 8 american passenger transits in Hie air. When the world War ended years ago the More ent hurtle prophets through t the Anil Iid Lye filled with planes in sort order. They expected Pride operators As Well As Commer til to above tile land Arni in sea in great numbers. But a a time there was a slump interest in aviation. Manufacture struggled with a limited Market and both maker and of Fator of planes sought subsidies one kind anti another to carry pm through lean years. Now aviation is burgeoning. Long a Omsk tuition for licenses or Nve ens 11\ in can us the id is net worked with Carrier stems. In tin year marked by id deaths Tommei Tai planes ans sorted More than two million to sengers and carried them near 815, ski or a passenger in addition to the commercial Era rapidly pulling out of the articular la hazardous and of a Primental class private flyers re multiplying. In the years in Xii Tely following the world Rar a few of these took to the or. Hut the thrills subsided the St was dulled and for a decade longer flying private As Well Public languished. Man finally is Learned to us a his wings in meting More than perilous and nature aviation has matured. What Sun spots did to wires at some time in the Distant past Many millions of years ago the Sun was in collision with another heavenly body and Small portions of it were thrown out into space and have continued whirling around it warmed by its heat influenced by its vagaries. Our Earth is one of those fragments. Although the Sun is More than 92 million Miles away its a a spots Are troublesome to us. Those a a spots judged to be particularly intensely burning masses of gaseous matter threw american radio Telephone and Telegraph systems into confusion during the past week end. \ magnetic storm the worst in the a current Clevon Pear Cycle was recorded a or rather it occurred because recording Needles were pushed off the papers edges. In addition to the delay in transmission of important messages considerable damage was done. Lightning arresters were burned out Cable s were fused and a a dips As pronounced As 1,500 volts occurred in generators. Thus we Are reminded that among the stars 92 million Miles is a really neighbourly distance. In the news Alkins gingerly Iro i in i us ism i s a sincere in purpose and Hon to in practice Quot is the Praise lilies a. Karle it gives the Rouse it administration As he Speaks of All places Bangor. Maine thing further lining said one i Gilt conclude i Ila i Ilia imm Astel general a animating in feet that the administration least Well. But or. Earley does no to Damn Lith faint Prate a declares to i a the american people will Ive a Choice tins year Hen a party which has Given a life and new Force to the leaning of popular government id one which has failed to make single contribution towards jiving the outstanding problems the past ten will the republicans be forced or. Farley suggests to Quot in Rise the major administration tildes Wen As they run for of in in Opp Niton i Quot i Hose who shined those Polk irs Quot Arlam the ambitious candidates Are it Vav to put their fingers on sped interns in the Roosevelt Ian pro am to denounce them. They the Greensboro record states that the nations airlines Are ready to celebrate completion of a years service a covering an estimated Moo too xxx Revenue passenger Miles a without a fatality Here indeed is a notable record a something for the other passenger carriers trains automobiles and ships to shoot at. The record is All the 01010 noticeable in that it was attained in comparatively so Brief a time. The railroads had Many serious wrecks before they attained their present enviable record but it must to remembered that for Over fifty years they operated without the electrical devices which now go so far toward preventing mishaps again the old time Engineer who had to work Long hours overtime was a menace to safety however great his skill. In the matter of safety on the highways something Lias been attained. Progress has been slow because of the slowness in eliminating Speed fiends Drunken and in killed Drivers. A few years ago an automobile manufacturer asked Charles f. Kettering to come to his factory and make a study of a problem that no one had been Able to solve. You have heard of the famous Charles f. Kettering a the Man who invented the self starter on your car the Man who invented the electric Cash Register which is probably used in the stores you Trade with or Inyo or office. He also developed Ethyl gasoline and Duco enamel. When he arrived at the Plant. Kettering found that the problem the manufacturer wanted solved proved to be a Uicker Way to paint his automobiles. He told Kettering he would take him through the painting department and show him All the details so that he could find where some of them could be improved. A i Don t want to know any details a said Kettering which surprised the Man. What not study the details Kettering asked him How Long it took to Send a ear through the paint shop. Thirty one Days. A How Many Days do you want Cut off a Kettering asked him. A Well if you could Cut off three Days i would to satisfied. That would save me thousands of dollars. Rut i warn you i have the fastest and the most skillful painters in the business. We consider ourselves Kettering found this to be True. Corners had been Cut till absolute efficiency had been achieved. A a suppose i Don t try to improve your method at All. But work out a new said Kettering. The manufacturer was Blank. Quot i m afraid you re tackling the impossible. There is no other Quot Well there always is a said Kettering. Kettering called his staff together and set the men to work to find a new method. The first decision they made was to change the paint a get a faster drying paint. The next step was not to use paint brushes at All the idea might prove to be absurd but it was Worth trying. The men started in with the two simple objectives. In no time at All a fast drying paint was worked out. In fact it dried so fast that it stiffened the brushes and that was not practical. So some new method must in found to get it on the ears. Then they tried a squirt gun. It worked the paint dried As soon As it hit the car. Next they started in to improve the squirt gun which finally developed into a Spray. The car would dry in an hour a month had been saved in painting a car. Kettering had achieved his aim not by trying to improve old methods but by working out an absolutely new method. A there is always another How True that is it is the goal to strive for. Instead of trying to improve an old method in some line which interests you Why done to you think up an entirely new and different method yes indeed there is always another method. Bruce Calloo Walter winched on Broadway copy Erht. 1149, Dlly Mirror to ii i n a 11 Lei ten tears ago a so called cd of emf. Private papers of a in reporter tee Hee department from the Freehold in. A transcript of March 22nd a Why is the dope peddle reporter Walter Winchell seems to have pulled a fast one in his broadcast sunday evening. He told a lurid tale of police pinching a huge marijuana ring in Florida and among the ring leaders a Freehold Man. Local police and county detectives have not been a ppr it Vul m the alleged Many a identity nor did any reputable newspaper carry the Story As far As could be found out. Could it be possible that the redoubtable Winchell made that one up a from the Asbury Park n. A evening press of March 23rd a Freehold youth is arrested in Miami in marijuana last laugh department when the column fumbles have a merry Holiday and Why not. Not Many of them however cd columns firsts when they Are confirmed local new affecting the the depression wave court Here. Many husbands have been brought before the court during the year on a charge of non support of their wives and families. In most instances the judge has dismissed them after exacting a Promise that they would find work and take care of those to whom they Are responsible. A a Trio of plays will be Given at the local High school tonight. Wednesday March 27, 19 0 Bruce Cotton in Washington n. Is. R. B. Dispute revolves around Saposs and Witt Washington mar. 27. A if you want to know Why the labor Board is split by a conflict of wills Between William n. Leiserson and his co members j. Warren Madden and Edwin s. Smith study these two recent developments. I. The argument Over the boards own report on administrative reforms in which the handling of relations Between the Home office and the Field staff is criticized. 2. The action of the House appropriations committee in knocking out funds for the boards research division head-1 de by David Saposs. Leiserson says Witt bungled Leiserson has been demanding administrative reforms since he went on the Board last june. Key spot is the office of the Board Secretary Nathan Witt. As the setup is Witt is not merely the Board s Secretary but its chief administrator in dealing with the All important work of the Field offices. Leiserson maintains that this part of the Job has been bungled and that much of the boards difficulty is due to that fact. He feels that the Wagner act would be accepted by labor and employer alike without much demur if it had a couple of years of capable administration. He has sought witty a removal without Success he has likewise been unable to get a new setup under which an entirely separate office would do the administrative work. Board s defense of Saposs weak if that argument illustrates the disagreement on administration the Row Over the research division show disagreement Over procedure. Leiserson holds that the boards primary Job is to get facts. To him this does no to mean simply holding hearings a in which As he puts it Quot you have a lawyer on each Side and whatever gets by the two of them a the truth it Calls for extended intricate researches into economic backgrounds Trade practices and the like which can be done Only by specialists. Both the Smith committee and Tow appropriations committee made the research division a special target and the Board majority failed to put up much of a defense. When Saposs head of the research division was be it the Smith committee the boar counsel did not bring out his Casa through direct examination instead Saposs was left to make his defend under Cross examination. The a of is the Finger pointers lit the ports Ace for Wiz. Is the youngster covering the world Telen More has been written about the Tome lengthy treatises on the lipping from a Broadway column in Broadway Lama than about most stage couple. But what they treasure r them or. And mrs. It did beat folks it i the in Inch a ii it re cling cent it a Yoth pop a Quot the faces about Tovin paragraph in the Quot column entitled new York hear i beat of r la Lier editor for he said it there always is lots of speculation in election years. That s what makes them interesting done to you think so Elliott Roosevelt interviewed in Detroit. Uce publisher of time inc., met Ralph Ingersoll a form the Magazine who is readying a newspaper called Quot a. Ingersoll said that he hoped Luce did t mind the Way he was raiding his staff Over at time life and Fortune. A so Many of explained Ingersoll. A deserve a promotion and besides i am not going to touch any of your department Heads a so done to worry about a a whats matter a snapped Luce Quot anything wrong with them a in the Stork club the to be were the guests of friends. He is Rich and mellowed. It is not known other Midnight a Middle aged fellow and his Bride ends. Ile is Rich and mellowed. It is not known to his intimates that he began his career 35 years ago with a Pushcart. His partner then who is also Rich today a subway builder used to go through the ghetto with him and shout a per tay Tiss 25c a Peck a a a. Wtb/-us5. Ask. A Peck Quot. The Groom to be shouted it on one Side of the Street As the subway builder yelled it on the other. When the fellow got up to dance with his Fiancee his old partner recognized him. He Ridin i an or. He wanted to first see if such he did no to go Over to see him changed him. V. Sirju Suei t j can cd him. And so when the music softened the subway Man shouted a per tay Tiss 25 cents a Peck per tay Tiss 25 cents a Peck. I he Man paused looked around excitedly and then seeing his old partner str. His girl on the dance floor Yelling a per tay to rushed Over to embrace him. Had d out other landed 25 cents a Peck a As he picture clique reporting Frank Graham in the n first game this season a Brenda to Var a about people a mrs. Ray Thomas of Washington. D. C., is the guest of mrs. J. D. Rogers jr., and miss Nina White. A miss Dot Cottrell of Gulf port. Miss., is Tho guest of miss Alice Elizabeth freeze. Or. T. R. Zimmerman is recovering from an appendectomy at High Point Hospital. News Brief crude carbolic acid Flavoured with Ginger has been responsible for Many paralysis cases in the South and Southwest according to a statement by Federal authorities. A Al Capone has been invited to the Black Hills a where a stranger is not judged by his Twenty years ago local new robbers entered the Overland garage 111 Jordan Street. Last night and escaped with two automobile tires. A a tobacco Market for High Point is almost assured. Beginning monday High Point will have a clean up week. About people g. T. Wood returned yesterday from the Western part of the state. A mrs. Frank Wineski and daughter. Miss Thelma left this morning for Nashville. Tonn., where they will so Ion some time. A or. D. A. Stanton is in Wilson for a few Days. Economist far from communism the whole Case of the research division. By the Way. Is a tragicomedy Saposs is popularly supposed to be the boards chief Radical. As a matter of fact however Saposs is about As much a communist As Martin Dies. On the contrary he is in very bad with an important Section of the boards staff precisely because he has been fighting the communists tooth and Nail. We can All agree that every Active candidate for Public office should be judged solely by his character and ability and not by his form of religious worship. A gov. Herbert Lehman of new York. We in this country Are not ready to resort to any espionage systems which have wrecked Many other countries. Senator Burton k. Wheeler i dem., Mont every time we get used to pronouncing a French Premier name a new one takes Over and we be got to learn All Over again. Locks As if the British did t do 41 Well As they said they did on the Island of Salt raid. They probably kept hitting the Arnut target and counting it Over and Over again. By. Sun on lefty Gomez Gomez makes his debut in a word to Oliver Stanley Britain a Secretary of state for War to englishmen and euro peans generally the Gastonia Gazette says a a it a no Good trying to frighten or threaten us Over to your Side. We re not biting. We re staying out of this War. Did you get that a we re staying out. We done to like Hitler ism. But neither do we like War. If you people in Europe must go to War in Europe count us out. We do much Tetter on this Side of the Atlantic. There Are 21 republics on two continents living together As peaceful neighbors. We like ii that Way. We done to want to change Brave words and yet we recall How in the presidential Campaign of 1916 when or. Wilson was a candidate for re election we chanted. A the kept us out of War a the i think the people who want the president to run for a third term will continue to want him for a third term whatever other candidates Are announced until he decides. Secretary of Interior Harold Lekes. There is not a City or county throughout the nation which has not been enriched in some tangible Way. Through the labor of spa workers. Col. F. Harrington. National works Progress commissioner. When men of Minster England visit the Village a pub Quot instead of playing darts they now knit Woolen comforts for girls doing War work. F. D. first hint that he might not run again comes with this alleged conversation Between the president and senator Norris. Quot you must Quot remarked the senator Quot run for a third a among other things a f. D. R. Is supposed to have answered smile family has been pressing upon me that the burdens of the health of every president Lief re me. Quot Well or. President a grimly replied the senator from Muraska Quot you mean Many other great soldiers have fallen before it our c capsule criticism by Alvin Hamburg on a recent premiere a i did no to see it but my girl Friend tolls my that it is three acts of gags which were the a a aeolian ing. A my is of the presidency impair Nebraska via i vim in were thrown to Gether instead of away Quot in a safety talk state rep. Ouzts of s. Carolina revealed Why Auto fatalities Are More numerous than train accidents to wit a a a t u a news briefs Daylight saving is in effect for Many states now. A g. E. Hutchens today bought from a. A a. Sapp two handsome Brick residences on Steele Street. High Point. A Herbert Hoover declares he does not seek to be president. Morgenthau says no one should worry if the National debt goes up to 50 billion dollars. When you get that High you begin to lose count anyway. Governmental shakeup seem to have got into the blood of european democracies. American new dealers Are hoping citizens Here wont take the hint. New York a trigger men Quot were not paid highly. Like Hollywood paychecks their salaries Are often exaggerated. Jbf j Vij Izzy keen International fairs and expositions scheduled for this year in Germany will to in Leipzig Vienna. Breslau Cologne Konigsberg and Prague. Four $100 Hills were found Between the tiling and ships plates of the liner Ben Agana while it was being dismantled at Jarrow England. Police used Hammer and chisel to free William Sullivan who was found aired arid chained to a Lamppost in j Tai Belfast n�?Tj1 them Ireland. A. A a v Imp i i i Quot the Engineer does no thug the fireman Quot. An easy Way to get the census take the unemployed census and just add the democrats. A dear or. Winchell a writes r. Wynn associate editor of St. Augustine fla., a we news hounds done to like to hound news hounds hut there comes a time in every news hounds life when his curiosity must be satisfied. In Brief who in the world was that flaming chunk of Femino sity whom you apparently were enjoying dinner with aboard the Florida special As it breezed through St. Augustine you a better Tell. Or. Well Well Winchell on you Quot she is my favorite sweetheart because she reminds me of my wife times Square ticker tape George Jesse who May marry leis Andrews thursday proposed marriage to Aldine judge Bunny Waters and Gloria Cook in Florida last month and three weeks ago in new York asked Joan Castle to marry him. Maybe he did no to think lots would say yes. Flash George Trommer. Lois recent favorite in the George sweepstakes is gravely ill at the Waldorf. A heart attack said to have been aggravated by coming in second. Mrs. George Stevens wife of the Hollywood director denies that she Lias reconciled with him. Stevens has been reported Ginger Rogers reason for finally divorcing Lew Ayres. Jiminy Cromwell will file for the new Jersey Sena ship before april 21. Nobody say a dons Duke. His wife. Sin 4 it n h. Cample of Coal to reach Newcastle last week was hauled by the times Book review which sent an interviewer to ask win. Saroyan to talk for publication the City editor of Quot a. will be Wesley Price who left american a to take the Post. He is a former world Telly City editor. A the fifth column Quot show brought author Ernest Hemingway $800 in royalties last week his loot of a $18,000 Gross. The new York journal american proudly Points out that its talented Cholly Knickerbocker had the boat that Henry Ford the 2nd, was becoming a Cali old is Early As March 16thwha the journal american apparently meant to report was that its Cholly Knicker c Al be and effect hit seems like s e n a tor Norris is Kinda set on investigate the. Federal Bureau of investigation. I thought he was most interested 1 in the. . And the Norris dam. He Mought be inter ested in a dam rite the rest of us done to know nothing a bout. And then a Gin hit Mought All be the same thing in tile wind up. Any Way. The Bureau is Aee used of that a listening in on secret wires which of course is very unethical Frum a pro a ssi onal standpoint. And flew hunk in has overheard some secret political meet in a. I Don t Al a i. I f i i ,. Vee found out what he knows tor Conli Gest Load for Man s boat of be i tin new York Muth politics but i remember he said i Druary 15th. It a Rotten politics is the most one lifting influence which Foster a Tut s crime

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