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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 27, 1940, High Point, North Carolina I i. High in dim i Yaj a kit ugh Piedmont onto of Industry High Point. North carotid v wednesday March 27, 1910 in captains Are amed for chamber f Commerce drive Progress thursday afternoon at 4 of clock a it is Gratifying to note a said or. Poole a that not a single individual has thus far declined to serve in any capacity in which he 1 has been requested to act. If this j spirit continues to prevail not Only is the Success of this Cam a. I sign assured but the future surf pc of Jerp Progress of High Point will cer a k i / tiv each Captain will select Triniy to something of which we. L oin workers to solicit a a a a a a Quot Broud Quot a in Campaign Exchange club has program observing 29th anniversary founding of civic organization celebrated by local club members of the High Point Exchange club fittingly observed the 29th anniversary of National Exchange in their weekly dinner meeting at the. Sheraton hotel last night. Program for the occasion was prepared by r. T. Draughon and Solon Williamson. Following cutting of an anniversary cake bearing 29 candles. I a ceremony directed by m. L. A be in readiness for the lug a it Atrick. District governor of sex salvation army jew league in c Ifor progressive plans series of formed ten additional leaders As Cap Ains in the general sales army of in High Point chamber of com a Cree were announced today by be two division chairmen. Noble Praigg and de Mendenhall. Division one under chairman j ende Nhaisi. Will have the follow g captains Olin w. Leba Rott Mold j. Koonce. H. E. Hutto a1 a Davis and \ g. Bedford. Division two. Noble t. Praigg chairman will have e. M. Dud by. E. L. Chitwood. John Peacock orate Haworth and Horace ii Lerton. These captains will today and Morrow each select four work s to Complete their teams and he entire group of both captains and workers will meet Friday of Moon for the purpose of select a the prospects whom they will elicit in order that everything kick off a at breakfast monday taming april i Clinge in Western North Caro Harriss a s num Ilina re t do a Hong president a crusade of a soul in discussing the coming am of the Joca dub brought per ,. A a _ , in Al Ign this morning j. W Poole Donaj greetings to the club from world Wile n d simultaneous the i a has. A. Berkey who organised i eastertide to Whitsuntide a neral chairman said William Gillis temporary Cha Irman of local unit of state league William Gillis was elected temporary chairman of the High Point unit of the North Carolina league for progressive democracy at an organization meeting in the court room at the county building last night. Mrs. Rose Danenburg was named temporary Secretary of the unit. The meeting heard addresses by Lawrence Seton Ross of this City Southern organizer for the United furniture workers on a the importance of congressional elections William r. Dalton of Reidsville chairman of the state leagues candidates committee who spoke on a progressive democracy in North Carolina a and Mike Ross of Greensboro state organizer for the league. Appointed last night was a committee of two to cooperate with similar committees in the other counties of the sixth congressional District in interviewing congressional candidates. Also appointed was a committee to cooperate with a committee from Greensboro As a Guilford coun this fades of the Campaign feel that j the first Exchange club in de Pentecost has been commenced committee. Of business Man with vision will Trout on March 27, 1911. Or. By the salvation army forces of be nuts the world. Jenera George l. A a a a a Quot of 1&Quot 1�l ii to see that his own Success is Berkey who served As the first rapped up in the Success of High Point. This Forward looking of it of the chamber of Commerce a Challenge to every thinking siness and professional Man in in City the new program of work so fraught with possibilities lit no one with any investment business in High Point can of had to fall or refuse to participate it to the. Extent of his the major firms committee in Ier the direction of r. T. Amos As National president urged continued growth of Exchange. Solon Williamson made a report on a prepared speech on Carpenter army Leader declared j&Quot.8 a a a that in Many lands he has visited skin native a a there is a growing anxiety among f k Ann a ppm Tail Christian people that the Force of Sov a Jub Quot lire of the spirit activity and scope of1 evil should he restrained and the f. Offer candidates to my National organization Par tides of iniquity stemmed the genially with reference to com j whole Effort of this crusade will Center about the person of Jesus the Saviour of Man idol Lolus 1910110 a special prominence both in British trap to bait sea lure nazi Cruiser Squadron against these comparatively Light forces the British probably would have some heavy units nearby to fall upon the germans with Superior Power. Meanwhile Britain continued to count her mounting mercantile losses. The reported sinking on sunday from an undisclosed cause of the British Tanker Daghestani 5,742 tons spoiled a British admiralty announcement made Only yesterday that the amazed when Albert Kleinpeter above of l. S. U. Used a week ending last sunday Midnight backstroke to win the first heat of the 1.500-meter freestyle was the ,ir8t since the War began swim. He placed second in tile race being beaten by Welch of a who h 110 British 01 Allied the University of Florida. Nea photo a is tsp Aiss a a. His backstroke is amazing a spectators at tile Southeastern conference swimming1 meet in Atlanta were ships into Battle counting on air Force to spread new wave of submarine warfare by germans London March 27.�? a a while British warships busied them selves with tightening the blockade against German Ore import in Hope of luring the German Fleet into open Battle great Britain counted on the Royal air Force today for Yeoman service again any spread of German submarine raids. Consecration of British destroyers and submarines in the Skagerrak. Off the danish and norwegian coasts was aimed primarily at cutting Germany sore supplies from Sweden but Neutral observers saw a deeper motive. They said that if Germany could be goaded to Send out a by a. M beauteous Portia blossoming oui in springtime style ii Unity projects for local clubs. Paul Callahan committee chairman preparing a ladies night entertainment reported that april 16 is the Date set for the occasion. It is expected that at Lairman started its work at Ai that time several members of Neleon meeting yesterday and the Greensboro and Winston-111 make their first report of Salem clubs will be present. Palace theatre a Salem Street Thomasville cowing tomorrow a Mutiny in the Bio House with Barton also on Star a stars of tomorrow a admission Zoe last times today a City in darkness with Charlie Chan a also serial and comedy door and in the open air will be t of j Given to the Bible As the word i a 0 105011100 of god and the guide of life. In i connection with this crusade. Commandant e. C. Harriss who has seen 52 years service in the salvation army will open three weeks of revival meetings Friday s night at 7 30 o clock at the army j Citadel. The commandant has held meetings Here in previous years and is a forceful speaker. The pub lie is extended an invitation to attend. Admission adults children or of. Except thurs. Jade / tor of and saturdays w a i a i Al Here next sunday College choir will be augmented by outstanding Loral Singer the High Point College choir under the direction of Janet Russell Owen and augmented by outstanding local singers from other choirs in the City will present Mendelssohn s a a Elijah at Wesley memorial Church next sunday m iss halt in Walker of Bur i night. March is. At 7 30 of clock Young Democrat ofed Iai Burlington March Lington has been appointed vice chairman of the executive Conine n w. Smith talented and Well known local musician and i Ioc i Mitten of the sixth District i Fholer director of the first Treaby ,. Lorlan a Huttich a Iii thi i Oung Democrat clubs. Ii yes sir Mill la �?Tmt3bb�?i the Broadhurst has the biggest show in town a Hui its of entertain ment thursday Friday saturday Hoppy in on the mar Pat ii in i intent Western adventure a lies nut to cleanup the West i Terian Church will preside at the Organ and will accompany the so i a ousts and the chorus. Carl g. N. Cronstedt director of music in i the City schools will take the part of Elijah and will carry the largest i part of the Solo work. The other soloists Are miss Dorothy Hoskins Soprano of the music department of the City schools miss Janet Hall contralto of the music fac ully of High Point College Aud j. I Gurney Briggs Tenor director of Lemon juice recipe checks rheumatic pain quickly if you suffer from rheumatic arthritis or neuritis pain try this simple inexpensive Home recipe that thou aids Are using. Get a package of Ruex compound today. Mix it with a quart at water add the juice it i Lemon. Its easy. No trouble at ail and j the Wesley memorial Church pleasant. You Ned Oigt by 2 Tablespoons choir fill two times a Day. Often within As hour a sometimes overnight a this chorus la the same group which rendered the Handel a splendid results a obtained. R a a Messiah during december last 5�?o�?o.n.�llulcuj,z la. I your and Hon who wore Blo to Bill Boyd Choppy himself Russell Hayden % Jane Clayton in a the showdown a Katra extra a Ruster Keaton Iii a Pardon my berth Marks Quot the Shadow latest news Ivery hoi r is bargain hoi r c adults toc children do not feel better Ruex will cot you nothing to try a la to sold by your druggist under an absolute Money Back guarantee. Ruix compound la for Sale and recommended by Mann Sec herds Walgreen and Good drug store Storay Center tile producer of those great hits Jam a a Alexander ragtime hand and a in old Chi Tagoo give you. A Little old new York starring Alice Faye Richard Greene Fred Macmurray Broadhurst t. I i i a my William Henry Louise Campbell Robert Page a emergency squad added musical hear this rendition Are expected to he glad of another Opportunity to enjoy the music of a great oratorio. The presentation of Quot Elijah quotes being sponsored by or. G. I. J Humphreys for the High Point College in co operation with or. I k. H. Blackard and Wesley me Morial Church but it is intended to he a Community project. It is i hoped by those in charge that it i will prove a distinct contribution to the aesthetic and cultural life of the City. The following la the personnel of the chorus sopranos mrs. R. T. Amos miss Evelyn Atkins. Miss Martha Baity miss Harriet Berry miss Virginia Butner miss jewel Campbell mini Mary Snow Criddle a Haugh. Miss Florence Elkins miss i Elizabeth Ellis. Miss Jesse Frazier a mrs. Ernestine Hendrix mrs. J. W. Lindsay miss Dorothy Billville. Mrs. Reid Marsh. Mrs. John Miller mrs. John Peacock. Miss i Celina Parnell miss Ruth Phillips. Miss Helen Scott. Miss Frances Scruggs miss Anna Tesh miss Iris Thacker. Miss Charlotte Var Ner. Miss Lilly Whitaker min ionian Ellison miss Dean tip Manley. Altos miss Margaret Baird j miss Gertrude Bingham. Miss j every married couple grat e Bevans. Mrs. J. Gurney j Quot collective j merchantman had been sunk. Cast Emoor lost the 6.574-ton British Steamer i cast Emoor today was reported i overdue and was feared lost with her Crew of 40. Thirty six survivors from the 6,922-ton British Steamer Rossington court rammed and sunk by an unidentified Tanker in mid Atlantic March 13, were landed in Britain today by a motor ship which had rescued them from a single Lifeboat. Neutral merchant shipping casualties reported today included the italian Steamer Italo Balbo i 5.114 tons damaged in a collision with an unidentified danish ship off the Southeast coast of England and the Netherlands coasting vessel Saba. 400 tons reported a week overdue at Amsterdam and feared lost with her Crew of seven. The norwegian admiralty announced last night that eight or nine British destroyers were sighted in norwegian Waters on at least two occasions last. Friday when German ships were passing the coast and that norwegian torpedo boat fired a warning shot in one instance. Protest considered British foreign office sources said a norwegian protest alleging that territorial Waters had been violated was being studied and the entire affair is being the Skagerrak passage linking the North and Baltic seas i especially important to Germany in Winter when her Ore ship a ments from Sweden must come Down the norwegian coast. When the ice is gone ship can rail from Sweden to Germany in a Ide the landlocked Baltic Whert British warships have not Grace Tainsh once voted most Beautiful coed at Washington Square College n. Y. pictured As she War admitted to the bar of new York. Although fees As an artists Model helped pay her Way through Law school so said a everybody has forgotten that Beauty title by a French close refugee Camps mood of Spaniel War escapees Keing assimilated in Lidit against nazis Paris. March 27. Air a French government Camps for Spanish civil War refugees whose numbers reached 500,000 after Generalissimo Franco nationalists drove through Barcelona to the yet f French Border a year ago last t his utterly feminine hat of Navy Straw with Pink blossoms and Pink veiling looks like a prize example of the confectioners Art. Its to Wear right now As Well As later on in the Spring the hat is shown with a smart compact decorated with figures reminiscent of civil War Days. Any Case by Lack of sea room. Thomasville will hold Honor court boy to receive award thursday ode j tis a Dom perfectly Fine people May turn into married snobs penetrated and where Battle op-1 january will be cloned completely Erat Lons would be hampered in end of this month. French officials in announcing this decision today said that of the flood of refugee Spanish republicans Only 6,000 men remained in the once extensive Cantonment. And official records were produced to deny allegations made recently in the United states and Mexico that the refugees had received a had i Vul met in France of the original half million court of Honor for the Thomas-1 men women and children who Ville District scouts will be held streamed across the Frontier to thursday evening at 7 30 of clock fore the victorious Franco adat the City Hall with Glenn pen a Vance Only 155,000 remain in Kington chairman of the court of France the official said and Honor committee presiding. With the exception of the 6,000 immediately following the court still in Camps they have been Asor Honor Complete Plana for the a situated in the nation s War of District Camporee will be Dis f fort against Germany cussed. J the remaining 345.000 either the following awards will be have elected to return to spam. Presented j or have taken Refuge in latin troop 37 k. B. Bryants ten a american or other countries it Der foot Clyde Hinkle a Wood is said. Carving Leroy Bryants painting a a and Wood carving Charles try i before tak lug in a fresh sup anti Wood carving. Poultry Rais i ing Edward Coggins a poultry i raising Clyde ii Inkie a painting. Troop 60 second class badges Lee Meadows Charles Walters i Billy Sisk Randolph Robbins i Billy Tate Public health. Per-1 in Sonal health Ashley i Daniels ply of air preparatory to diving whales must expel All the used air in their lungs. This warm air striking the cold atmosphere condenses into a vapore. Causing the phenomenon known As a spout ii i us Millett ? in the beginning feeling a hit Dairying personal health Calvin has a j sorry for other people made them j Chandler a Lea there raft Star it la draw their of n happiness Aud j Tommy Wilson personal health. A according to manufacturers Hie life of a Good tire is about 20,000 Miles Briggs mrs. John Clinard miss made up of their two personal i internment closer about them. Winifred Bodle miss Lucille Cra j ties and the Way they influence j then it Wasny to such a bad yen miss Evelyn Davis. I Sadie each other. Thing. Doss miss Audry Guthrie miss often it becomes vicious Ink but mild pity gradually turned Ruth Guyer mrs. C. R. Hinshaw Hng on the faults of both and to contempt and soon they were mks Nell Holton miss Jean Max j building itself up by tearing Ev-1 tearing people apart just for the i Well. Miss Mahle Koontz. Mrs. Lawrence Matton miss Frances Mendenhall miss Ruth Medlin. I miss Elizabeth Monroe miss Inez Tryone else Down fun of it. And because it made two persons a neither of whom them feel Superior to Point out would think Quot i am. Perfect Quot a a to each other All the faults of find it easy to think Quot we Are their friends and neighbors. Pitts miss Hulda Whiteley. Miss j and soon they have their a collective personality is Doris Poindexter miss Edith themselves believing that they something a couple should watch. Vance miss Emma Whitaker. Miss Are right about everything. That for of they done to it May become Nina Whitaker miss Hazel their Way of living their posses far inferior to either of them. Wright. Lions their attitudes and beliefs other people Are tenors Lawrence Byrum Are right. In comparison All tile really not a a dopes Banks Chilton. Paul Koontz other couples they know seem to j the Hest Way to guard against Wade Koontz Roy m. Padgette i be dopes mismanaging their of letting it become malicious is to i Roop 5 Bobby reid�?50 hours of air planes Are delivered to the civic service Harvey Armondo War department. Farm Home and it planning farm layout and building arrangements horsemanship Sonny Burton a farm Home and its planning. Farm layout and building arrangements horsemanship second class Harvey Almond. Leo Myers in Myers Bobby Reid. Dalford Styers. Sonny Burnton Tenderfoot a Donald Baity Bobby Hall John Jackson James Cranford. S. Vav. Taylor jr., Argle Wood. I fairs and just muddling along. Basses Louis Alrutz. Fey Beek it relieve their own l. Vav. Derringer Joe May David Virtues Are unique Mckinnon Baxter Slaughter John Clinard Grady Comer Arthur fiddler. Henry Hall Jack Houts Bernard Hurley Clarence Keever Tommy Kinasczuk. Charles Mecum John r. Peacock Francis Stalnaker Elliott Wynne. Before they were married they accepted their friends pretty much As they were without feeling Superior to them. Make it a Rule never to build it up by finding fault with other people. The a a rent to we wonderful and Arentt they dopes attitude is the ruination of a collective personality. Firemen taking at Leas 150.000 variations to As ii a existing manuscripts of the new j a a fit Fol i Gutc testament of the Bible can found. Be a Blind As a a Blind As an owl a and a Blind As a beetles Are common expressions yet not on of these creatures is Blind. A during 1938,. England import i six month probationary period expire this it Crk Nineteen members of the High Point lire department began today a series of tests by which chief k k. Ingram will determine Only one half of which was produced in the British Empire. During funeral ceremonies a ii finn among the indians of Ecuador a High Point woman club widow sings the Naff All the on you Vine to our re Llu cd h r 1 of a Ned it us band while he wag ally. Cd $2,229,000 Worth of butter whether Thiv Are qualified to Grad uate from the Quot recruit class to full fledged firemen. The six months probationary period established by a provision in rho City charter governing civil service expires this week for the 19 Al Rena appointed to ser via when by at adopted the two platoon system for the department. The written tests were Given today and following these the men will to put through rigorous drilling tests to determine whether or not they Are qualified for further service with the department. Under Section 13 of the civil service article Iti the charter persons appointed by department i foregoing loads May be removed at any i productive capacity and to in time within the six months pro sure improved types of planet on binary period without Benefit i for our forces each Surh Case of Appeal to the civil service1 commission. More Abo Woodring continued from Page one foreign orders then prior to release for Sale abroad manufacturers shall agree to accept change orders on existing War department contracts. A the government must be fully protected and any authorized delays must not interfere with the delivery of equipment for units immediately necessary for our defense needs. A the release policy for foreign Sale of our most modern designs a Woodring said a will be liberalized to accomplish the to furtive i stimulate be rets covered a no military secret will be divulged or released to any foreign purchaser of military air planes. A neither designs owned by the War department nor manufacturer owned designs Over which the War department Lias control will be released for manufacture or detailed Assembly abroad. A foreign governments must agree to furnish us full and Complete information on the design equipment Aud combat performance of american made Woodring told the committee the War department might find it necessary in order to carry out the new policy to ask Congress to extend the time in which existing appropriations for aircraft purchases Are available for expenditure. Normally when a department Falls to use funds appropriated for a specific fiscal year Tho Money goes Back to the Treasury. Rheumatic pains. Now relieved quickly with remarkable. Time tested remedy the Ostrich which grows to a height of 9 feet weighs As much As 300 pounds and provides feathers for feminine adornment is the largest extant Bird domesticated to Man us must be decided on its merits i pains of rheumatism Nentis Lum prior to the release of any of1 Bago and sciatica yield promptly to our designs for Sale abroad the Quick acting Ruma ban ingredient manufacturer must negotiate also relieves terrible gout pains by with the War department for reducing excessive uric acid in the such changes in those models blood. Take in hot water morning am which Are under contract for 1 night. One bottle usually works Wos the United states army in or-1 Der. Get yours today. At All Dru Der to Insuik that improved Usu stores. Ruma ban

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