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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 26, 1939, High Point, North Carolina pm l a Sec. A High Point Enterprise b. Terr president a. Rawley Sec y and treas. Wimett a. Cecil Gen. Mgr. Published att croons Aud sunday mornings Mai j v Rawley publisher Mai 1915�?193? thus m. Waynick. Editor i a a subscription Raies daily and sunday by Carnet in High Point and nearby towns Ive months. To to months. S 5.20 ree months. It 2 us e month. Of e we a a. -20 earners in nearby owns Are not per fitted to collect Foi mole than one \ in and a Nee Sanitos in City Ai not i Nim Ted to col it for a period of More than lev weeks la subscription for a longer polled is , Ynn tit should be made Din e u the associated pm be is \ in led to the use for republication of adms dispatches credited to it or not Ottise credited in this paper Aud also the Tai news published therein. M by per of apus i by Reau of circulation entered a second class matter at Thi Stull a e ill High Point n c. Under the i of l uti it of March 8 1872 National adv. try John Ulm do co. 420 Lexington ave. New York City sunday Marcu 26.1939. Cd Ujj Wuzhi Reinsh cd is 111 not mat a want a or fact Man. Neither will he help the la la 8 a i j. A a god go Vert is tile world find we have Only to do our duty wisely and Imp Fie Issue to Jay. New defense for the american system 1thile recognizing the strata i to which american tolerance As been subjected we did not pact an unanimous vote of the a Lousy of representative Foi tile ill authorizing deportation of by alien who advocates change the american form of governed. The Bill is a sweeping attack upon anti americanism explain in part if not justified by the relations through the Dies committee investigation. It is not uprising that Congress is impaled with the mouthing conspiring Goose stepping percentage of migrants. On the other hand has that in Tience not caused the House to Ake an assault of a kind on the Ery americanism it would Deend. That May Well appear to be he Case. We have in the Amerin political system orderly ways d Means for changing the form f government importantly. The nest Ion whether the privilege of cussing that kind of change and advocating it should be denied the newcomer to America is debatable. We would i reluctant to see the citizen deprived of the privilege. The american presumption has been that we can take the risks of free speech. The Bill in question modifies this presumption. It is the kind of thing to gratify the Patriot infuriated by the mouthing and conspiring Gentry hut the old Law which provided deportation for aliens who advocated overthrow of the government a by Force or violence a will appear to Many liberals As sufficient for reasonable self Protection. The readiness with which the Bill passed the House shows however the new intensity of american self consciousness in these critical times. The Hospital Bill we Are publishing today a Bill prepared for introduction in the general Assembly which would give statutory character to the trustees named by the City Council to Advance a plan for establishment of a municipal Hospital. The Bill would authorize the trustees to mortgage the Hospital property in the event of its construction with Revenue Bonds. The Lack of Power to do so has been one of the hurdles of the movement in behalf of the Hospital. We so no objection to this amplification of the authority of the trustees. Any Hospital built with borrowed Money for which the Lender could look to the institutions Revenue alone for repayment probably ought to stand surety to its full physical Worth for that obligation. Nothing May come of the Hopes Back of the creation of the Board of trustees or the introduction of the Bill in question. But regardless of the Fate of the idea there can be no danger to City property or credit in pledging whatever Structure might be built by the trustees with Revenue Bonds. The High Point Enterprise Piermont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina round out investigating found sunday March 26. 1930 prospecting for Goli the spa May be set to prospecting for Gold in North Carolina. A project has been developed which Calls for a $200,000 Grant of spa funds with which to cooperate with the state geologist in studying Mineral resources. Particularly would the prospecting for Gold Center around Charlotte. That a a pretty Large grubs take. The old timers at prospecting probably would have regarded the $200,000 As Gold enough without spending it Hunting for More. And a lot of pay dirt in the thinly i penetrated Carolina soil would have to be handled to show a profit on a $200,000 search. On the other hand pres electing for minerals should be More interesting and quite As profitable As much of the work regularly done in the course of making jobs for the unemployed. The Drivers of the mysterious cars were attending a spa Safe driving school. This leads the twin City Sentinel to say a we need to get excited Over those things which tend to Benefit humanity not excited in a hysterical manner but in the sense which inspires enthusiastic and determined Endeavor to participate in such a High Point citizen recently said a i expect to attend a Safe driving school i do not own a car and May never have one of my own to drive but i want to understand the automobile a both How to manage it and Dodge of we had More people of that spirit there would be less talk about a these Here Cyars ruining the a the City selection serving this City and almost any other As member of the governing Council usually is a thankless business. The City is fortunate when Good men with no special interests to Advance through office holding Are willing to offer themselves for the positions. Perhaps it is not surprising that very few Are out for the local Council manic memberships at this Date not far Short of the deadline for announcement. That deadline is april la. The primary is set for april 16, wherefore it appears that the Campaign for nominations is to l e a Short one if indeed there is to lie Competition for the Nomina Ioas at All. High Points charter authorized form of government practically compels an aspirant to run As a Republican or a Democrat and with party responsibility thus established. It is possible that full tickets will be in the Field for the May election without primary contests. No great difficulty has been found in recent years to get such consent tickets ready for the partizan test of strength. While this party line drawing May occasion heat at times we believe the great majority of High Point people care less about which party is in Power than they care about the qualifications of the men in office. Interest ought to Center during the immediately ensuing Days on developments of conditions under which the City will he assured competent direction for the next two years. Important municipal projects Are underway which must be safeguarded by those in political control. We Are mentioning these Polit Federal Reserve Board chairman Marriner s. Eccles testifying at a Senate committee hearing suggested pointedly that if Congress believes balancing the budget w6uld promptly restore Prosperity it should act accordingly a without delay and without compromises for the Benefit of any special but he said a this would not be my program. While i am convinced that such a policy of retrenchment under present conditions would have disastrous results we live in a democracy and therefore i believe that the viewpoint of the majority should be made the Hickory record feels that or. Eccles has called the Bluff of the so called a Economy imagine the confusion of the dissatisfied congressmen now that they Are called upon to a put up or shut but the people what will the people Back Home say about retrenchment even the great Daniel Webster after he had become a famous senator arose from a sick bed and travelled Many Miles just to plead a Little Case because the Man sent for him confused by a thundering a no a asked a what will the people say a Walter w i Neli e 11 on Swad Wcur the new York scene the first nights there was Only one bib and Tucker event during the week. The offering was a the hot Mikado a keyed to saxophones and Harlem frenzy. Bill Robinsons taps brought it up to Date and Eddie greens ranking added More 1939 flavor. The judgment was that the show was More professional and finished than its spa predecessor but lacked the latter a slap happiness. The first stringers stayed Home Sun. Night and let the non commissioned reviewers handle a Stop press Quot which had a Quot feeler showing. The big boys had reason to congratulate themselves for loafing the critics Circle courteously delayed their balloting on the prize plays until after the opening. Easter monday of Quot the flashing Stream a written by Charles Morgan prexy of the London reviewers rotary. As an added gesture of Welcome or. Nathan beloved Leader of the local assassins reviewed a the flashing Stream three weeks before seeing it the stars of Quot stars in your eyes Are its redeeming features. Particularly exhilarating being Tamara Tumanova whose Ballet dancing is Ballet Good. People w to would like a lesson in acting should witness the craftsmanship of the cast in a the Little foxes a at the National or Quot outward at the playhouse. Theirs particularly is the Best acting of the year. The old Plank Road by d. R. Carrick the Concord Dally Tribune probably has plenty of company in this utterance a we think Congress will have performed a real service for the Public if it will continue its spa inquiry to the copt the one who got away with the Point where the Relief Organiza potion will reduce its own administrative Cost and expenses to the lowest possible figure before resorting to the dismissal of those actually in need from Relief Rolls. Total administrative expenses. It has been brought out reach $5,000,000 the average citizen of course cannot comprehend the need of a vast army in administering Relief he cannot even think in terms of five million dollars. But he hears and reads that there Are Over 5,000,-000 people unemployed in the a the Wiwik a the most electrifying remark uttered by sex pres. Benes of Czecho Slovakia on his sunday size up of the monster nations concerned hitlers efforts toward peace. A the peace he said Benes Quot is the peace of the cemetery a. The radio comes at you with some queer surprises hut nothing Ever threw these eyebrows higher than Ethel Barrymore s tussle with swing with that educated voice it seemed almost wicked Gable and Colbert repeating their Quot it happened one night for the de Mille doings shamed a lot of Cinema Story thieves. They showed that the original is still better than All its dozen of enjoyable canapes during the week j. A were Margaret Speaks warbling of Hon and wonders Why they Are nil it no Rair Abd eii7,b, not recipients of at least a part Lennox ditto of Gershwin Quot sum of All that Money being spent Mer time Ogden Nash is a likable w r a rim in a tit nor a a bet. But the Reading of his hair real matters because of the Brief brained rhyming show they Are be poses. The discrepancy brings up time remaining in which tickets ,. May be formed and the dearth of apparent interest now. In the news its in the news when a serious teacher of history talks on the subject of Quot love to an Assembly of College students. We learn from the a Chi to a published by the students of High Point College that or. P. S. Kennett head of the history department at the College really talked about courtship and love on last monday. He discussed such types As casual acquaintance foolish and self entered courtship and sordid love. He intimated that each of these was temporal and not lasting but the Only the one love a that arises from Mutual admiration anti Friendship can be really the one proper for we have an idea that the students will remember the professors address Long after they have forgotten about the French revolution and what Hitler did to the map of Europe. Lincoln a Story about a Steamboat on the Sangamon River. He said that it had a two foot engine and a ten foot whistle when the whistle started to blow the engine stopped working. An Asheville woman complained to the police that some mysterious automobiles had congregated in the Beverly Hills Section of that City. They excited her. What were the people in those cars up to anyway she soon prophetic matters Are verified editor the Enterprise the Pope is dead. He came to office in 1922 a. D., just before the Rise of the dictators and while the world was undergoing Radical changes not Only in its political and economic Structure but also in its religious activities As Well. When the soviets came to Power in Russia the greek orthodox Church received a mortal blow from which it will never recover. On March 6. 1924, the Mohammedan caliphate passed away. This was just 1290 years from 634 a. W Hen ornate Ibn Al Khattab the second of the Mohammedan caliphs began his Rule. He was responsible for transferring islam from a religious sect to an Imperial Power. During his reign the mosque of Omar w As built at Jerusalem. Now the caliphate has passed away. What of future of the papacy it is not without significance that a new Pope has taken office. Catholicism was introduced in Israel lands in 596 a d. Under Gregory the great. The Bible became an open Law 921 years later in 1520 a. This is the official Date of the reformation. The time period 924 is equal to the number of years 22 of Jacob s trouble multiplied by the 12 of revelation ten continued on Page five Sec. A Ter for the Eye than for the earn though there a nothing the matter with them anywhere. John Gunther the Newspaperman whose report tial accounts from Europe will be used by future historians was electric listening on the Quot information please show the san Francisco worlds fair has been a life Saver for Many West coast comedians who have dusted off the Mae West gags which they Are now pinning on Hedy Lamarr. The front Page Walter Duranty is having fun in Moscow this week All his bulletins taunt great Britain his own country with proposing measures against Hitler that were spurned when suggested by russian when they would have been useful. Too bad about the times other boy. G. E. R. Gedyce who was shagged out of Prague to London. Ifs his second humps Rush the other being out of Vienna. Is he Safe in London. Neville Rollin Kirby a retirement from the world Telly a great loss too following the withdrawal of Liberal Washington staffers leads analysts to guess that publisher Roy Howard is fixing to accept Hilling As the no. I anti Roosevelt. The March 21 Page one of that newspaper finally confessed that the gossip column style belongs on the front Page in five column headlines to wit Quot is Duce Cooling toward Hitler he Hasni to congratulated sentiment Ani sentimentality every sensitive and sincere soul tries to distinguish carefully Between the real thing my its superficial counterpart. That is often a difficult problem in this a of confusion and Ballyhoo. Frequently it is easier to pay tribute to false gnus and standards than to resist Thorn. Curiously enough those that discriminate less May fare better at times than the More discerning. Certainly the latter group is a smaller company occasionally criticized and if too much of a non conformist referred to As Odd or queer. The difference Between persons of sentiment and those of sentimentality is an example of the Point in question. The distinction is the fundamental one of separating the genuine from its imitation the difference Between a sincere and refined emotion and that of an exaggerated affected or surface feeling. The one is within the other for external use Only. Those who cry most and too often Are afflicted with the sin of sentimentality. Something should be done about it if possible lest the condition become so chronic that True emotion become unattainable. Veneered emotions Are a very common mechanism for obtaining Petty concessions especially used by women but often also by the male. Unfortunately it has a much wider and More vicious usage. Many men of was overwhelmingly justified in my pruning operations and that i was the victim of sentimentality. And now much More recently i am again on the defensive. A few persons who read the horse and buggy Days in this column and Learned that the wooden parts of the body of the old family Surrey burned brightly in the fireplace have upbraided me for the combustion of those memories As it were. I have accordingly been condemned As a creature devoid of sentiment and feeling else How could i bring myself to destroy by fire such a witness of the once Happy Days. Good writers Are accused of wringing their masterpieces from their own life blood but i can to see that such a charge has any relation to me or my source of fuel. In regard to the oxidation of the combustible parts of the obsolete Surrey the fact is that i first tried to donate that vehicle to a Friend who mildly contemplated its restoration. But this was not a Williamsburg nor was he a Rockefeller. After two inspections. Each time observing the Leaky roof under which it had been parked for several years and commenting on the Iron oxide on the Metal parts the decaying wooden parts the missing wheel and the other shortcomings he tactfully allowed his interest to perish through silent in fulfilment. So the Surrey was finally dismantled. The three surviving wheels were artistically Hung on a protected Side of the Bam the Metal prominence with malice forethought. Fram work want a underly preserved As it seems March to the drum beat of sentimentality when it can serve their purpose. Certain lawyers and politicians Are among the most notorious offenders but they Are also a and the burnable parts unhesitatingly consigned to the flames for warmth. The once encumbered space is now available for constructive storage or other uses and the ashes of the late the magic lanterns the Bolos shipped us a couple of helpings of the think cinemas during the week. The first we As the we Ork of Sergei Eisenstein. The Little White Lubitsch of the soviet directors. His piece called Quot Alexander the heroic diodes of a 13th Century russian Prince excited raves from the press gallery. The other Quot concentration exposed the prison cruelties in the barbarous countries of Europe time i by but a Little shrill. Bob bums makes a wild grab at will Rogers following in Quot in a from he makes a Good Cut up. But he in t will which is just a fact not a rap a newcomer called Laraine Day brightens up Quot sergeant Madden not a Little with w. Beery As a Tough honest cop making every thing else alright. Some of the Patter in Quot i was a convict Quot is Nice and Salty but the pattern is what makes it a convict. Quot risky business reveals a radio Spieler at grips with the underworld. And if you can find it in your heart to Root for a Guy like that its your dish. Quot or. Moto in danger Island sends the fat Little Dick after smugglers and he rounds up Allex companies by some ministers of the Mode 0f conveyance will a Given a gospel fiction writers advertising decent dispersal on nearby soil As the specialists and otherwise honest occasion requires. So if i excreted no Varv Reav a a a a a a a a a a a i Salty solution at the overdue passing some time ago i was upbraided for of a once respected but very decrepit cutting Down two Trees. I was re coach it was because the time for minded of the Beauty and value of tears if any had been so Long ago these Trees for Shade the Long time it that it would have seemed maudlin required to grow them and All the sentimentality to sniffle now Over the rest. Of course i pointed out that Surrey situation. These Woody plants had always been i shall always. I Trust be a firm de overcrowded. That As Pear Trees they fender of honorable and sincere senti were not even Good ornamental and ment in All of its manifestations. Be besides. They were ninety per cent cause of such an Altitude i shall like dead from the fire blight disease so Wise continue to agree with that a destructive and contagious to adjoin Mous Scot Thomas Carlyle when he ing pears. It did no to matter i was wrote that the Barren est of All mor morally guilty. But i still think i tals is the after thoughts by w. A Bivins Spring Loye and marriage perfect happiness not possible a Frenchman by the name of Raoul de Roussy de sales last year wrote this for the Atlantic monthly Quot it seems incredible to americans that love should not always work out As advertised. American women in particular Seldom accept the idea that maladjustment and misunderstandings Are not Only Normal but bearable once you have made up your mind that whatever the ultimate aim of a mocking Bird was near my window this morning Trilling out the news that Spring is Here. The breezes have been whispering the message and warm Sunshine has been calling out leaves and Flower As Bright witnesses of the fact. And again comes to mind that line of Tennyson. Quot in the Spring a Young Many a fancy lightly turns to thoughts of who am i to be talking about love the year bring the philosophic mind. Our Earth Euten ctr rect a a and love is not something to he philos a h of it or Anthi ols is hired about. Emerson not very sue no of he program it Cess fully tried it and yet he showed. That he had been through the expert to damages end wrong because ence. He wrote. Quot a Mankind love a Wrt Wro Quot Man it a a he he knew w hat it meant to be Rork of economic reasons. In a student of a Glove a window a compatibility falseness to marriage Burn hair a certain perfume the rus ack love. And just Plain Lack Ile of a Silken skirt Long drawn signs. Common tense. Sad results Are seen delicious moments when nothing was in Hrank a Quot it Quot a a. And children sep said and nothing done plans for a re from fathers or mothers Quot cry Seate tomorrow and happiness until Lnu a own a quoth n0 Hul the end of love s old Sweet song. A Quot so often the song docs end. And vet. Spring is in the sir. The Quot love love is done. Better to have loved and Kun a a working and soon there will lost than never to have loved at All. Harvest of marriages. Hessen we May be willing to say hut con rant a three anon to be made one Sider the Ron sequences when marriage a it a a a happily a afterwards ifs takes place after a Brief courtship. M a l4p of the do when two people fail to understand each other the quips and Cranks that comprise the elusive thing known As personality. Just Here fools Rush in where Angels fear to tread. I know a Fine Young Man who married in a whimsical moment and awoke the vastness William Cullen Bryant that american poet who so often contemplated death wrote these lines a eth Golden Tun rho planet All the infinite hot of heaven nex Day to despise himself for his �?~atv., deed. He did not love the woman at Gunhar but a handful to the tribe Chat lumber in in Boom a take the Wing his Side and Felt that he never could love her. So in time the divorce Mill did its heartless work. Should m Arrige re an Experiment 3t mornings Pierre the Barest wilderness 2l to thyself in the continuous Wood. Where Rolls the Oregon and hears no sound. Gave i own dash legs it the dead Are the Story Teller that a Hack writers catechism in Coronet by Ellington Curtis bundle of cliches was funny the first couple of dozen times Frank Sullivan wrote it. Practically nothing but staff by liners on stages first twice a month edition. Economy Haywood Broun who will probably do a Rolin Kirby when continued on Page 5, Sec. A and millions to Tho solitudes sine the first the flight of year began hav Laid them Emerson who wrote so feelingly of in the Mast love later wrote this Quot is not marriage an open question when it is a1 f Ines Arr rom i Lego from the beginning of the frn t0 Edgar Allan Poe s poem world that such As Are in the ins Titu coliseum and find it Allex Tion wish to get out and such As Are a is Sefl m Well chosen words out wish to get so. Let us admit. A vastness and age and memories for the Sake of argument that mar 0f Ridge is an Experiment. Then judge site my it and isolation and dim Ben b. Lindsay must be right in views night a about companion ate marriages. Not wholly for such marriages lightly Why All this my Good Friend a. F. Made before civil officers lacks sane Eshelman of this City just the other Tity they Are entered into with no Day suggested that i read Tennyson a such idea As Quot for better or worse poem. we Ell i have read and by their very nature presuppose it and. As or. Eshelman told me the nothing More than convenience and poem describes the present age bad vows that May lie lightly regarded politics War greed race hatred tricks love deep and abiding seeks no such of Trade and so on. A vast round of temporary arrangement. These words troubles and in the end remorseless of Grover Cleveland late president of death it is by no Means a Lovely the United states have More than poem but there is one Bright spot once been cynically referred to a Quot my Tennyson thinking it his Friend a married life has been one grand Sweet thur Henry Hallam who had died or. Cleveland married rather wrote. Quot i loved him. That a late in life,.but the woman who re vastness in the end it will Swallow trained with him until a time Sunder up Hitler. Mussolini and All other de Shell from Pearl was worthy of Blind leaders of the Blind. Is that All the love he bore her and All the enough i choose Here the words of Fine things he said about her. A Book St. John Quot blessed Are they that do should be written of the Many mar his commandments that they May ridges that have been successful. Have right to the tree of life and so common has it become for men May enter in through the Gates into and women to go to Reno to get Quot in the coupled Quot it does not bring a laugh any More and even gossip passes it u. S. Departments recent note to lightly by. Hollywood stars Are not Germany ended Quot accept sir renew considered much in the news if there de assurances of my High considering nothing More to Tell that they have renewal was Only just in time been divorced two or three times. A the policy seemed about to lapse. A Book for this week by Betty and John Mebane a volume which will Delight everyone who enjoys gardens and gardening is Quot gardens and gardening. 1939.�?� edited by f. A. Mercer the studio publication new York. $4.50. Gardens of genuinely artistic Merit in this country in England France Italy Belgium. Germany and Sweden Are beautifully pictured a both As settings for different types of Homes and As purely artistic Effort in the that particular Field. There Are formal gardens informal ones pergolas walks and fountains that Are a Joy to behold. There Are spacious Layouts which would require the attention of a trained staff and cozy Little Garden patches which you and i might Plant and cultivate ourselves. There is a Section of the Book devoted to Progress in Garden design and recognized landscape artists give their opinion on the subject of planning gardens to enhance the Beauty of modern architecture. These specialists emphasize the importance of gardens As antidotes for present Day High pressure living and Point out the fact that there Are Only two types of gardens when we talk about fundamentals the formal and the informal methods of planting. Any present Day Home or building can be beautified by careful selection of Flowers and shrubs and the Garden or landscape should be planned to harmonize with the Type of architecture chosen for the buildings. Mark Severin has contributed an illustrated article on Quot unusual plants in the Kitchen Garden we hich will Appeal to imaginative gardeners and Cooks. He includes a number of receipts in which these unusual vegetables and seasoning matters May be used which will tickle the palate of a real epicure. A fascinating Section of the volume is devoted to statutory out of door furniture and numerous practical gadgets which will tempt the hardened dirt Gardener. Helpful suggestions in regard to climatic and soil conditions Are Given. Like All studio publications this Book is beautifully bound and charmingly illustrated and whether you cultivate petunias in an apartment House windows Box or cultivate acres of Garden space you will thoroughly enjoy the Book. A a with Spain s present bloodshed in the limelight we found Gregory Mason s Quot remember the Maine Henry Holt and company new York $3 especially interesting. The author pictures the United states in the Day when the War cry was Quot remember the the mysterious explosion on Board the vessel while it was in Spanish Waters and the subsequent Spanish american War Are described from the Point of View of a journalist who came to know and Many of the other colourful figures who took part in the growth of the nation during this period of imperialism. In relating the Story of the Conquest of the Philippines Cuba and puerto Rico the author gives a vivid picture of the governmental departments especially the army and Navy divisions and the Story he tells of inefficient practices make of the victories won by the americans seem almost miraculous. The americans had to fight even More deadly enemies than Spanish Soldier a they faced inadequate equipment unsuitable clothing antiquated anus and the deadly peril of malaria and yellow fever. Deadly funds Between army and Navy officers Between commanders of fleets and armies in the Field added to the confusion. But the end of the War found America headed for the top of the Heap and Spain a fourth rate nation. The author has reproduced a colourful and dramatic scene in american history and writes with authority and distinction. Quot remember the Maine is a thoroughly readable chronicle plentifully sprinkled with the slay humor of Quot or. a a Margaret Lathrop Law who of several years now has been writing poetry. Has to her credit a creative imagination of High degree a a Quality which serves v1 lift her poetry out of the muck and mire of the commonplace and to give it color and verve. Miss Law is not so much concerned with technical expert Ness As she is with ideas a fact to be commended and the result is that while her verse May Lack in rhythmic Mastery it certainly does not Lack in imaginative Quality. Above All. It is not dreary and commonplace As one will find evident in her latest Sheath Quot camellias and Black laughter Philadelphia poetry Public fliers for example Quot Gray Moss fogs the Eye like smoke puffed from a High swung censer and Quot wind flecks dim shadows and Quot the spell of muted evening there is much of the South in this volume. There is poetry of Charleston of Savannah of new Orleans of Georgia Marshland and of Muscadine and Chinquapin. Here is sincerity and warmth and Joy Quali ties one certainly does not find at random. They done to pay much attention to contracts any Cunningham. Resigning As associate architect for the planned new German embassy in Washington. I see it As my duty As Premier to say that Quebec favors bread for its hungry rather than guns. A Premier Duplessis before the provincial legis lature. There is Little room for doubt the or. Garner and the president have travelled separate roads since the Winter of 1937.�?elliott Roosevelt radio commentator

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