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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 20, 1976, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper Randall b. Terry president co publisher d. A. Rawley co publisher David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pres. Good afternoon Joseph p. Rawley Gen. Mgr. Joe Brown editor 4a saturday March 211976 from the Winston Salem Sentinel the triad Park mayors of two triad cities have spoken out in recent weeks on reviving the triad Park proposal. A local governments in the triad should agree without further delay to take the Park plans Down from the bureaucratic shelf dust them off and begin working to make them reality. Mayor Jim Melvin of Greensboro has suggested a practical and inexpensive beginning for the project City town and county governments of the triad could Pool their Money and take options on key parcels of property in the proposed Park area. More recently mayor Franklin Shirley of Winston Salem suggested abolishing the special five member Park commission composed of delegates from Winston Salem. Greensboro High Point Forsyth and Guilford counties and handing Over Park planning to the full Piedmont triad Council of governments. There is some Merit in the idea the Park might Benefit from a broader base of support in the Region even in these difficult financial times the from the Miami Herald men what we have Here when office machinery first came into being it was the person rather than the device that was termed a typewriter for reasons that have since been lost or perhaps misfiled the term shifted to the typewriter itself from the writer who typed. This was no simple matter because there were no automatic shifts Back then since then the typewriters mortal Model have progressed through a variety of Job related appellations a typists re typists secretaries executive secretaries. From the Charlotte observer secretaries to the executive secretaries and so on. With such an Advance it is probably not seemly that the same old machine be stuck with the same old name typewriter that is Why we suppose a new Model electrically motivated with a Power return a paper injector. A touch selector and a Carriage loading ribbon is not a typewriter at All any More. What is tit is a with a capital c. We await personnel department s search for an executive communicator some angry Calls we received two Telephone Calls monday morning from people with similar complaints. The first was from a Matthews woman whose 21-year-Oid son a student at state University had been Given a ticket for having an expired License tag at three minutes after Midnight the Day of the deadline for buying new tags. It probably will Cost him $25. She said. She wanted to write the governor about her son and Quot that Man who got stopped for speeding and got off because of who he from the Gastonia Gazette she was talking about col e w Jones commander of the Highway patrol the second Call was from a Man who said he had gotten a ticket for going 60 in a 55 zone he too was angry about col Jones and about How people in Power get favored treatment. Quot it makes me madder Ilian anything since the Nixon he said he said we should write something about it Well Here it is. Maybe their comments have something to do with Why Public Confidence in government is declining Hooray for Yard sales Winston Salem recently passed an ordinance and the High Point Enterprise is pushing for one for its City that will put the brakes on Yard sales in Winston Salem the City fathers thought that its residents should not have More than two Yard sales a year at any location and that Only household items can be sold in this manner. The High Point paper says that things have got out of hand there and that the City fathers should follow suit of their sister City. That Calls for wails and lamentations once again the voice of irresponsibility figuring that the ladle is gathering up too much soup Calls for a Law to regulate people it seems to us that the garage or Yard Sale is about the most amen can like Endeavor to come Down the Pike Iii the last Quarter Century. So what if there Are a lot of Yard sales so what if some Corners Are seeing More than the usual traffic because of sales so what if some of the buyers Are not buying for use in their own Yards or Homes but might have a sneaking idea of resale is that cause for drafting an ordinance and binding the Little people with that Many More strands of red tape and Tommy rot we think frustration brings Revenue state might be willing to contribute at least a Small measure of support for a triad Park if the local governments of the Region showed their commitment to the Park first. One such step would be the option moves Melvin proposes. Perhaps most important however would be a visible demonstration by local government that this Section is being treated As if it were a Park or soon to be one. That Means careful revision of local development guides and zoning statutes perhaps even rezoning of some property to reflect the Park plan. This policy might also mean rejecting other rezoning requests and refusing to extend municipal Utility services into the area. These gestures would Cost the triad governments nothing but they would demonstrate a powerful resolve to establish the Park a resolve that the state could not neglect. The triad Park promises to be a popular Well used and worthwhile natural Scenic and recreation resource for the whole Region. But the whole Region must begin working together now. Or it will never open its Gates. By Holt Mcpherson Enterprise editor emeritus lots of folks Are gnashing Teeth in frustration at the governmental red tape they have to Cope with a especially the managers of Small businesses who must fill out scores of forms for dozens of agencies. But few Are Ever Lucky enough to exact vengeance in kind. Mayor Ernest Angelojr of Midland Texas got that Chance. Midland it appears has just been put through the Federal Mill. The City applied for funds from the department of housing and Urban development. It took eight months to get the application processed. It was easy to understand the mayor s displeasure therefore when huds regional office in Dallas asked for a reserved parking space at the Midland municipal Airport. Mayor Angelo replied in part As follows Quot i. You must obtain from the . Government printing office or the National archives or the Library of Congress or someplace a Supply of application form com-1975. You must submit three executed and fourteen confirmed copies of this application. "2. Along with the application submit the make and Model of the proposed vehicle together with certified assurances that everyone connected with the manufacture servicing and operation of same were paid according to a wage scale that complies with the requirements of the Davis Bacon act. "3. Submit a genealogical table for everyone who will operate said vehicle so that we can ascertain that there will be a precisely exact equal percentage of Whites Blacks and other minorities As Well As women and the elderly. A 4. Submit certified assurances that this plan has been discussed at length with the equal employment Opportunity commission and submit that commissions certification that requirement 3 above has been fully complied with. �?o5. Submit certified assurances that All operators of said vehicle and any filling station personnel that service same will be equipped with steel toed boots safety goggles and crash helmets and that the vehicle will be equipped with safety belts and an air bag to show compliance with the occupational safety and health act. �?o6. Submit an environmental Impact statement. You will probably want to hire an expensive consultant to do this. The statement should show the number of times the vehicle will be operated times of Day the name of the operator. And the number of other vehicles that might be coming into or leaving the parking lot. As Well As the number and Type of aircraft that might be Landing or taking off at the Airport at the same time and an exact conclusion As to the effect this will have on the atmosphere in West Texas �?~�?~7. In order to obtain approval of a negative environmental Impact statement you will not be Able to a operate the car on gasoline produced from Domestic Oil because that would require that someone discover it process it and deliver it and it is possible that some private person firm or corporation might realize a profit. B operate the car from Energy produced by Coal because this might require digging a Hole in the ground. "8. Submit a certificate from the attorney general of the United states that All of the certifies of the above assurances Are duly and legally authorized by Congress and the president to make this application and that the United states of America is a duly organized and legally existing Independent nation with the full right Power and authority to operate automobiles in the first place. A what does being fastest have to do with running the machine a Washington merry go round Quot upon receipt of Tho foregoing rest assured that the application will be promptly referred to someone for approval. We cannot state at this time who that someone will be because whatever department he or she is in will be undergoing i process of reorganization. A despite the remarkable similarity Between midlands a red tape and Washington a there is a very important difference mayor Angelo was Only kidding. The Federal government int the whole Community should be aware of the newly adopted Myca corporate goals which shape some major directions Tor its program thrusts in the years ahead. They were approved by the Board of directors and we Are glad to share them generally Here today 1. To strengthen family Unity to seek to preserve and strengthen among members of family groups the kind of relationships that Foster love understanding arid bal Mony. 2. To improve health and physical fitness to seek to improve the Standard of physical fitness and to help persons develop an understanding of the importance of health and fitness in improving the Quality of their lives. 3. To Bridge gaps Between people to seek to create understanding and appreciation of such differences As race culture age and tithe separations Between people 4. To develop leadership to help each participant realize his potential to Lead and influence others to improve this skill and to provide opportunities for the exercise of leadership. 5. To develop a positive self image to help persons find ways to strengthen their sense of Worth. In our planning to achieve the goals of the Myca we must give proper consideration to financial Structure the kind of atmosphere created and the attractiveness of the Appeal of any on going or suggested program a Story of a refusal to give bribes from the Greensboro record smile in Raleigh school officials have leaped to the defense of a controversial program whereby children who Are too Busy to learn How to read Are taught to rinse their Mouths out. No one is amazed at the defense inasmuch As the defenders Are precisely those officials who fell for the Mouth rinse program to begin with. Swishing mouthwash according to assistant superintendent Robert Bridges is part of the total curriculum a which is supposed to sound convincing but in fact is just another Way of saying that this is what the children Are doing in school when they Are supposed to be learning. The question remains is it what they should be doing Lite answer is Plain. Of course it in t. Schools were not intended to be dental clinics. They were intended to be schools where children go to have a Little knowledge put into their Heads. So that their bodies will be taken care of As Well the Community has taken pains to provide certified hospitals and clinics. That a the Way ifs supposed to work. One catches a Strong whiff however that Raleigh schools Are caught up in that age old yearning to Lay Down ones own responsibilities and take up somebody else. The heavier ones burdens the stronger the yearning. Thus the common phenomenon of the Schoolman who finding his charges horrible ignorant of history Anil math takes it into his head that what the Little blighters ought to be learning is All about sex and How to drive a car in Raleigh s Case the alternatives a some would say a a relevant Quot but they would be wrong a curriculum is different but not much. Instead of learning How to drive a subject difficult to master much before the Early teens the children Are learning How to swish and spit. All in due course they will learn How to drive too and about marriage and perhaps How to bore a Hole in a Board. And in another generation or two who a to notice that nobody remembers anymore Why Hannibal crossed the Alps they said it Quot if one thing has troubled the american Public about detente it is the sense that it is a one Way Street in favor of the soviet Union that american leadership does not hold the soviet Union to commitments solemnly undertaken particularly where human rights and soviet jews Are concerned a a in. Frank t hurry it Idaho Oddren my i or it arid to or ii on soviet jewry. By Jack Anderson United feature Syndicate Washington the president of Nicaragua personally tried to squeeze a bribe from ism in Exchange for business favors in the Central american land. The Story was recounted by the late Arthur k Watson son of in my a founder. Watson headed ism world Trade corporation at the time of the bribe demand Watson later ambassador to Paris was visiting the nicaraguan capital of Managua on business. As he recalled it in talks with friends in Paris in 1973, he was invited in to speak with Quot Somoza who was running the the current president of Nicaragua is Anastasio Somoza but one of those in whom Watson confided in 1973 said it was conceivable Watson meant Anastasse brother. Luis or less Likely his father Anastasio or. Who was assassinated in 1956 All served As nicaraguan Heads of state in any Case Watson said he was outraged when the nicaraguan head of state put out his hand and Quot blatantly demanded a payoff for allowing ism to expand its facilities in Managua Watson emphatically refused saying his firm did not do business that Way a recent audit by ism seems to Bear out Watson. Except for some Legal contributions to Canadian politicians no payoffs were found. In Washington meanwhile the inter american development Bank Ida is considering a $24 4 million loan request from Nicaragua for the construction of a superhighway around Managua. Such Loans Are supposed to Benefit the poor but this one would enrich president Anastasis Somoza by and senator soaper our Alma mater the school that does no to pay its players fears the upcoming schedule now that some of its opponents Are letting the larger girls i a a a a a Dit Onai millions. For the Quot Managua As it has been dubbed would pass through acre after acre of property owned by Somoza his family and his flunkies. It would be 80 per cent financed with a Long term Low interest loan from the Ida this Means the american taxpayer in Short would be supplying the nicaraguan government with about $16 million at two per cent interest payable within 40 years. The a Managua Beltway Quot of course would increase the value of Somoza a personal property by millions of dollars it would be paved furthermore with Concrete blocks manufactured by the National Cement company which Somoza also owns. Indeed the benefits that would redound to the dictator have so astounded Ida officials that the loan is being held up until Nicaragua enacts a tax Law that would prevent a a unjust enrichment Quot to anyone footnote nicaraguan ambassador Guillermo Sevilla Sacasa acknowledged that the proposed Road would pass through Somoza property but argued that it would Cross land owned by other people As Well. As to the ism bribery demand the ambassador said none of the Somoza would Ever have a a used such methods. I assure you it is a very honest Sevilla Sacasa is the brother in Law of president Anastasio Somoza solar eclipse it s hard to ignore the Sun but the Energy research and development Agency Erda has done it. In preparing a Quot comprehensive National plan for Energy development Erda has ignored solar Energy. This oversight charges a confidential Senate memo is Quot politically e incredibly Erda slow opinion of solar Energy is based on studies conducted by general electric Westinghouse and try which have a huge financial stake in developing nuclear Energy. I a a a a a i n. A m i Narn the Senate memo prepared for sen. Thomas Mcintyre . Charges that Erda has a Blind Bias in favor of nuclear Power. Its Energy plan Calls for the . To increase consumption of nuclear Power More than five times by 1985. Erda appears oblivious to evidence that nuclear Power May be too dangerous to depend on in the future. There is growing pressure on the government to Stop the spread of nuclear Energy. Yet a no contingency plan has been done a alleges the memo a concerning the effects of a moratorium and gradual phase out of nuclear the prospects for solar Energy have been undercut meanwhile by the government s reluctance to fund the research. The government has fostered the impression therefore that there will be minor Federal support for solar heating and Cooling protests the Mcintyre memo Quot thus they conclude that there will be Only marginal use of solar heating and Cooling equipment by the year 2000.&Quot now Erda is making it a self fulfilling prophecy Oil Bubble the Senate has moved to the Brink on a Bill to break up the Oil Industry. But the House so far has been satisfied mainly with talk now powerful House judiciary chairman Peter Rodino quietly asked his staff to be ready if the Senate acts he has ordered a study of the effects of splitting big Oil firms into separate companies for their various parts drilling pipelines refineries and filling stations. He also wants to know whether divorcing natural Gas Coal and other enterprises from big Oil would increase Competition and bring Down prices. Letters to the editor a Challenge on emphasis to the editor along with our blessed Freedom of Freedom of the press is implied a moral responsibility of at least seeking to determine the truth. I consider you among the morally retarded. The Sanders cartoon of tuesday March 16, does nothing but Foster and support a Complete lie. The National Rifle association does not advocate that everyone should be Able to obtain a firearm. If you would bother to seek the facts you would know that sales of firearms to minors and other similar persons Are prohibited by Law and have been since the enactment of the Federal firearms act of 1934 very detailed forma Are required to Purchase a firearm and certain qualifications to obtain a firearm from a licensed dealer is unlawful if the information supplied is untruthful. The most obvious step to control misuse of firearms is rigid enforcement of Laws and prosecution of criminals but too few gun related crimes Are forcefully prosecuted. The Federal firearms act of 1968 is not even applied to criminals who use sawed off shotguns and such in crime if the crime Itsell is prosecuted in state court the Only persons tried under this Law Are dealers whose books Are not in perfect order note fatty Hearst is not being tried for Possession of an automatic Rifle instead of bemoaning the fact a poorly written Bill died in the House of representatives last week Why not use the Power of your press to Garner support to enforce Laws with vigor and to prosecute anyone who would perform violent acts against their fellow Man instead of merely mimicking the mindless anti gun press. I Issue you that Challenge Krank Clamon Valley drive maybe he was conned to the editor a few months ago you ran a letter in the a letters to the editor column from a prisoner in Blanch n.c., near Danville a i Felt sorry for the fellow since he said he had no people nor any friends. For a while he was pretty faithful about answering my letters even though the most he Ever wrote was a Page at a time. I sent him a transistor radio because he said he would really like to have one to listen to in his cell. I usually sent him a Dollar and a couple of Stamps every time i wrote him. Then at Christmas i sent him a Box with Candy and nuts and gum and a Little Money but the Odd thing is that i have not heard from him since at the Lime he was in Asheboro so if he had died i would surely have seen it in the paper i have no idea How Many other people wrote to this fellow of what. They sent him. I did what i did Only out of sympathy for his condition and tried to be a Friend but i just cannot help but wonder if he Only wanted to see How Many people he could con out of something before and during Christmas and then just quit corresponding maybe some of your other readers can enlighten me through this column. Ben Giles High Point

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