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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 20, 1974, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise the National whirligig Art Independent newspaper Randii b. Terry president publisher d. A. Rawley publisher David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Joseph p. Rawley Gen. Mgr. Mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pres. Joe Brown editor where Are America s friends abroad 4a wednesday March 20,1974 a widening Western rift Secretary of state Henry Kissinger and now president Nixon have sounded warnings about impending changes in american relations with Western Europe. In Chicago last week. President Nixon said Congress might authorize a reduction in american military forces in Western Europe if the common Market nations a gang up on the United states with a confrontation and hostility on economic and political issues. As if to underscore his remarks president Nixon has since announced through the White House that he will not visit Western Europe later this Spring As had been planned. The purpose of these remarks by Kissinger and the president is not Clear. They Are inappropriate however and Are Likely to make even worse the already strained relationships within the Atlantic Alliance. Twenty five years after the formation of the North Atlantic treaty organization the United states and Western Europe Are undergoing a change in relations. Both Are beset by similar economic and political problems exacerbated by the Energy crisis. France especially has questioned american policy not Only in Europe but in the Middle East and in Southeast Asia. Economically the common Market has challenged american imports while seeking greater Freedom for its exports into the United states. President Nixon is reflecting to some degree then longstanding american exasperation with Western Europe. There is a sizeable amount of feeling in the United states that Western Europe has never been properly grateful for american Aid. Through the Marshall plan after the second world War. During the Long involvement with the Vietnam War the United states came to feel strongly that it was not being supported As it should have been by its european allies. The Atlantic relationship has not been so one sided however that Western Europe does not have what would appear to be justifiable complaints against the United states. During the first Suez canal crisis in 1956, great Britain and France Felt they could not rely upon the United states to protect their interests in the Middle East so launched their invasion to regain control of the canal without consulting Washington. President Eisenhower and his Secretary of state John Foster Dulles promptly condemned the British and French Effort. It is not too unrealistic to say that the Western Alliance began to deteriorate at that Point. More recently the United states has acted More and More on its own even in areas of immediate concern to Western Europe without consulting or informing its allies. John Connally As Secretary of Treasury aroused european fears and suspicions with his nationalistic monetary policies. The Large american investments in Western Europe Are of growing concern to the common Market governments. Finally president Nixon s policy of detente with Russia and China was initiated without prior notice or consultation with either Western Europe or Japan. The result is ranking suspicion by Japan and Western Europe that their own interests Are being ignored by the United states in the name of detente. For president Nixon to cast further aspersions upon the deeds and motives of Western Europe is hardly the Way to strengthen the Western Alliance. The viability of this Alliance is As vital to the United states As is detente with Russia but to weaken the Alliance for detente is to the advantage of Russia rather than of the United states. Hopefully president Nixon intended his remarks in Chicago Only As a Spur for Western Europe but the 12 months that were to be the year for Europe passed three months ago with the Atlantic Alliance weaker than it has Ever been. There is Small reassurance in the picture of president Nixon journeying to Moscow while shunning visits to London Paris and Bonn. By Ernest Cuneo North american newspaper Alliance Washington the stability of governments was once measured by the value of their paper Money. In latin America for example when the outlying peasant Farmers came into change their Bills for Silver it was because they smelled a fall of government. For the most part however the eyes of the intelligence world entered on the Money changers in the Back streets of Tangiers. These Sharp eyed Folk could ferret out the Basic International trends months in Advance and calibrate them to the Penny. Their consensus of values constituted More or less the latest quotes on nations. The whole weight of nations has been combined against this nationalistic approach probably born of the realization that the civilized world is now so Independent that no nation is much stronger than its key alliances. If this Standard of measurement is used it is perfectly Clear that the Nixon administration is suffering More crushing electoral defeats abroad than it is at a Imi <f0mrirr0hrnal it amnesty positions Harden the arrogance in the attitudes of some Young men who fled their Homeland to avoid military service during the Vietnam War can Only Harden what appears to be the prevailing opinion on the matter of amnesty. President Nixon probably Speaks for an overwhelming majority of americans who Stop far Short of total forgiveness for those who Cut and ran. In considering the status of the self imposed exiles the alternatives appear to come Down to three. At the extremes Are those who would Grant no amnesty whatever either let them remain in permanent limbo or bring them Back to face criminal trials for breaking the Law and those who would Welcome them Home with no strings attached. Somewhere in the Middle Are those of us who believe that there must be a measure of forgiveness but who Are unwilling to see draft evaders and deserters welcomed Back As heroes. This Middle ground believes every Case should be judged on its merits but that some alternative ser projecting the news vice to their country is due from men who saw fit to break the Law simply because they did not agree with it. The arrogant attitude surfaces from those interviewed who declare that alternative service is unacceptable because it would amount to an admission of guilt on their part when they feel no guilt for fleeing what they considered an immoral War. The record stands to show that Many potential conscript is were excused from military service during the Vietnam conflict on justifiable conscientious objection grounds. Running away was a Choice others made and for which they must eventually stand in judgment. Few there Are among the hundreds of thousands who met their responsibilities in Vietnam and in wars past who can buy the total amnesty answer. Moreover the future of a Brush fire wars and who is there to say there won t be any a could leave the nation and the free world in great peril if the precedent were to be established. Travel recession Spring ordinarily is a season of Hope for the nations travel and tourism Industry. Cities and towns in Florida stage end of Winter pageants to delay the departure of Northern visitors. Washington d c., holds its annual Cherry Blossom festival to kick off the Spring to autumn tourist season in the National capital area. And operators of Mountain and Shore resorts begin to gear up for the arrival of the summer tourist Trade. The same preparations Are under Way this year but an atmosphere of uncertainty prevails. No one dares predict How Long the gasoline shortage will last or what effect it will have on americans vacation plans. It does appear however that the travel and Leisure Boom of recent years will be somewhat less dynamic in 1974. The Washington area convention and visitors Bureau reports that tickets to the Cherry Blossom Parade scheduled for March 30, Are Selling at about the same rate As last year. Because of unseasonably warm weather the blossoms May have bloomed and fallen from the Trees by then that a the Good news. The bad news is that attendance at major Washington tourist attractions in january and february was sharply lower than in the same two months in 1972. The White House recorded 32 per cent fewer visitors the Capitol 22 per cent fewer the National zoo 52 per cent fewer and mount Vernon 46 per cent fewer the John f. Kennedy Center for the performing arts claimed a sizeable increase in both visitors and paying customers however. Washington merry go round Home a and those at Home have been bad enough. First and Foremost is the defeat of the conservative party in great Britain. It is More than an open secret that Washington hates to Deal with a labor government in Britain and particularly one forced to recognize admitted communist protagonists. Among other things the United states and Britain More than other nations interchange information particularly on Fleet dispositions. American defense chiefs quite naturally wince at continuing close cooperation with a labor government particularly after the Burgess and Mclean betrayal of the Anglo american Alliance. But even worse than the conservatives losing the election the British two party system was shattered by the Rise of the Liberal party which is a protest vote against both. Most unpopular in London is Secretary of state Henry Kissinger. His utter neglect of this key Alliance and its subsequent collapse Are perhaps the most significant diplomatic events of the last decade. By land that principal architect of West East accommodation Chancellor Willy Brandt took a Sharp beating in German by elections last week. Brandts whole policy is a peace at any Price approach to Russia which exactly parallels that of Secretary Kissinger and the Senate foreign relations committee under the general name of the tide has turned against detente in West Germany and his is another major diplomatic reverse for the Nixon administration. France is in turmoil because president Georges Pompidou spiritual heir of Charles de Gaulle is in wretched health and getting worse. Brutal As these things Are his popularity is fading with his pulse. France is More splintered than on the eve of the second we orld War. The four parties of Italy Are striving to form the 36th government since the War. Governments in Italy Are Cheape by the dozen. The italians never pay any attention to their governments As Mussolini found out the hard Way and her legions of pompous Little politicians find by the easy Way of payola As a perquisite of office. In Short Italy can to marshal a government much less a striking Force. Of the disastrous Kissinger Middle East policy one can Only sigh that Kissinger alone reduced our staunchest ally. Goida Meir to a minority position and nearly lost her government for her. Put them All together and it thus appears that the Kissinger policies have met collapse in the West. Nor is the East any better. As might be expected peking is appalled by the vast swing of Secretary Kissinger toward Moscow. This indeed May bring about the fall of Chou in Lai who is under heavy attack because of his failure to consummate a detente with the United states to Stop the . Detente with Russia. As for Japan it is so much in the grip of the Arab Oil states Energy Wise and financially that her main concern is fiscal and Industrial survival. Japan Well knows of course that the . Navy possibly protect her line of Oil Supply in Case of a a East showdown. Thus far More than the american electorate Secretary Kissinger a policies have resulted in thumping turndown by every major Power other of course than Russia. Russia is doing Well in its very considerable Power to assist the . Secretary because according to european diplomats innocent patsies of the Stripe of Kissinger and Fulbright Are hard to find. In the meantime As cheery sir Wilmot Lewis used to say a a an Optimist is a Man who thinks the future is Howard Baker is off on own tack the Outlook is Uncertain in other tourist oriented areas too. Auto traffic entering Florida in december As measured by the number of cars stopping at Welcome stations along the Georgia and Alabama Borders was roughly 25 per cent below december 1972. Still things May be looking up. U. S. News amp world report found that a although Florida s Walt Disney world attendance was Down 6.5 per cent Between october and february reservations for Spring and summer Are reported running ahead of last year. More than 500 of 1,700 Laid off workers have been called Back to their Energy crisis or no americans Are not about to forego their accustomed summer vacations. But some observers of the travel scene believe that vacationers will elect to stay relatively close to Home particularly if they Are driving. A Parks close to the cities will be heavily used this summer if the Energy crisis continues a a National Park service analyst says. A there Are 200 areas within too Miles from one or More major metropolitan areas. However for Parks in outlying areas attendance will fall off sharply if our estimates Are Correct. Overseas vacations May seem More attractive this year because of the strengthened position of the Dollar. Air France for example advertises that the value of the Dollar has risen by 31 per cent in Paris since last summer. By Jack Anderson United feature Syndicate Washington sen. Howard Baker r.-tenn., the Senate watergate matinee idol has been dealing behind the scenes with embattled sex White House aide Charles Colson in a joint Effort to implicate the Central intelligence Agency in the watergate break in and cover up although Colson pleaded the fifth amendment at the Senate hearings he has collaborated quietly with Baker s top committee aide. Fred Thompson in the desperate attempt to shift More of the watergate blame to the Cia. Colson has also been in touch with the White House on the Cia Angle. This has aroused suspicion that the Baker Colson Man Euver May be a White House ploy to divert Public attention from president Nixon s own watergate role. Sources close to Baker hot by deny that his Cia investigation is a diversionary action. They say he is hard at work on a detailed report which they promised will be a from hints we have gotten of memos in bakery a Possession Quot Bombshell is a fair description of what he has discovered. For months Baker has dallied with the idea that the Cia really engineered the celebrated break in at democratic Headquarters for vague a National Security reasons and then pulled strings to hush it up. But he has never seemed to be Able to get his theory to jell. What finally persuaded him he was right our sources say was the admission by the Cia on january 29 that tapes of Cia conversations were destroyed during the watergate period a after Senate majority Leader Mike Mansfield d-mont., had specifically requested that they be preserved. At bakery a instigation former Cia chief Richard Helms now ambassador to Iran was hauled before the committee a week ago under the most secret conditions. In addition to Baker and Thompson the session was also attended by chairman Sam Ervin d-n.c., counsel Sam dash and a few trusted aides. Also present surprisingly was sen. Stuart Symington d-mo., who Heads the Senate shush hush Cia oversight subcommittee. For four hours the Chai smoking Helms was grilled about the Ciao a part in the watergate events. We have a word edgewise Learned the secret transcripts show that Baker s questions were aimed at uncovering a hidden Cia involvement. Baker seemed convinced for example that Helms personally ordered the tapes destroyed. Our sources say that Helms skilfully parried Baker s questions and did not incriminate the Cia. Once the hearing was Over Baker and Thompson fell to work on the report. It probably will be submitted to Symington s subcommittee for Security review. Baker meanwhile is expected to demand that All Cia documents in the watergate Case be declassified. He has claimed privately these papers will bolster his Case. Others who have had Access to the documents insist they May raise More questions than they answer. Footnote Baker could not be reached. Colson Thompson and dash refused to provide any details about the Cia investigation. Thompson however said a hopefully the entire picture will be made Public. At that time people can make their own new errors replacing old on the Campus by John p. Roche King features Syndicate or. Roche is travelling. His guest columnist is Bayard Rustin the director of the Randolph Institute and eminent civil rights Leader. Outspoken in his opposition to separatism in any form or. Rusting analysis of the fallacy of All Black dormitories and studies programs on College campuses also reflects the views of growing numbers of Black students a few Short years ago Cornell University was a National Symbol of racial polarization. Weeks of bitter controversy Over the univer Sitye a racial policies culminated in an appalling confrontation by a group of armed Black students. The tactics of violence so often directed against Black people were now being employed by Blacks a Only this time it was in the name of Reform. Students no longer carry guns on the Campus. But the Calm that followed the traumatic upheavals of the sixties has not brought a Resolution to the problem of educating Young Blacks. It would be unjust to deny the very real Progress that has been made. But in too Many instances past mistakes based on discredited assumptions continue to be made and justified As educationally sound and socially progressive. At Cornell for example the Issue which led to the brandishing of guns in 1969 a the right of Black students to segregate themselves from the rest of the Campus a is still a subject of intense debate. The new York state Board of regents has accused the University of fostering segregation by sanctioning the existence of an All Black dormitory and College and has ordered that the residence College and All other segregated facilities in new York colleges be dismantled. The Issue spokesmen for the residence Hall have denied the charge of segregation. But even a superficial examination makes it Clear that segregation is the Issue. Furthermore a statement by the residence College essentially admits the charge of segregation by Basing its defense on the fact that All White organizations including social fraternities exist on the Campus. The University administration has also defended the facility. But one must question whether the University is motivated by a genuine desire to Advance educational opportunities for minorities or by a wish to pacify potentially restive students. Many scholars Black and White have expressed serious doubts about the educational Content of Black studies courses particularly those with enrolments limited to Black students. Can we take much encouragement from an educational institution which according to the Cornell newspaper Quot maintained a closed atmosphere and refused to speak to the press about its goals and programs Quot the question of the educational implications of separatist Black studies programs is one Issue raised by the Cornell dispute. The other Issue is separatism itself. Separatism holds a special Appeal to Black students attending predominantly White institutions. The social and intellectual atmosphere is drastically different from the ghetto High school. In this highly competitive and often alien environment Blacks feel a need to recreate the psychological Security of the ghetto to maintain a separate world apart from the rest of the University. But separatism is not the answer to the problems of the Black student. One group at Cornell the Young people s socialist league Yslas accurately pointed out that separatism and racial regression have historically gone hand in hand. Separatism in the Guise of accommodation followed the collapse of reconstruction and Marcus Garvey Span africanist was the result of the bitter disappointments Blacks suffered after world War i. Unpopular cause the Ysl has launched a Campaign to abolish segregated Black facilities As Well As racially exclusionary White fraternities. The group has not taken up a popular cause and its members have already been characterized As racists. But the Issue they Are raising a the danger of separatism a is one that needs to be driven Home to society and particularly to the universities who too often have demonstrated a willingness to adopt any gimmick if it is billed As Reform. Separatism has never meant Reform. Anyone familiar with the racial troubles of new York City recognizes that Community control which is really a euphemism for separatism has been invoked most effectively by Whites in their efforts to keep Black children out of their schools and integrated housing out of their neighbourhoods. When the civil rights movement challenged America to place equal educational Opportunity on its social Agenda it did not realize How formidable a task this would prove to be. The intervening years have demonstrated that significant Progress can be made a but Only through intelligent change. The failure of separatism has been shown on a practical level by the fact that the overwhelming majority of Black students avoid separatist curriculum because they recognize its intellectual shallowness. Seen in a broader sense separatism has failed in every area of social policy where it has been tried

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