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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 20, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather scattered showers More data on Page 3a 90th year a no. 79 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1719 High Point n. C., wednesday afternoon March 20,1974 60 pages classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c senators 39-j 7 against resignation poll follows senator Buckley s message to president Washington a a poll taken after conservative sen. James l. Buckley called for president Nixon a resignation shows that 39 senators support Nixon a stand against quitting while 17 now favor his resignation. Nixon tuesday night reaffirmed his determination to stay in office despite the Surprise declaration by Buckley one of nixon�?Ts1 allies in the Senate. In the associated press poll taken hours before the president vowed again that he will not resign 33 senators declined to take a position and la others could not be contacted. Buckley a new York Republican who was elected As a conservative party candidate and who strongly supports Nixon a policies said tuesday that Nixon a resignation would be the Only Way a out of the watergate he said Nixon a resignation would at once serve a the greater interests of the nation the institution of the presidency and the stated goals for which he so successfully Buckley said that watergate has created an unparalleled National crisis that impeachment can never resolve. A if the president withdrew this crisis would be resolved a Buckley said. Under the Constitution removal of the president from office requires a majority vote for impeachment in the chef Huntley former to newscaster Dies Bozeman Mont. A former television newscaster Chet Huntley who teamed with David Brinkley for 14 years on Abc tvs nightly Huntley. Brinkley report died today. Huntley 62, had been suffering from lung cancer. His widow Tippy Huntley said he died at 2 20 a m. He had been undergoing periodic treatment and underwent surgery in january. Huntley resigned from Abc in 1970 to develop big sky inc. Of Montana a massive resort and ski Complex in the Gallatin Canyon Southwest of Bozeman. Huntley and Brinkley were accidentally teamed by Abc at the 1956 National political conventions. They went so Well together their show became part of american folklore. Besides top ratings Huntley Brinkley won every major television news award including seven emmies and two George Foster Peabody awards. Huntley was the serious one Brinkley the wit. When Huntley quit in 1970 to return to his native Montana Brinkley said it was at last easier to Tell which was which. When people asked him if he was Chet Huntley Brinkley could now say a no May am he is the one out West on the Huntley was born in Cardwell Mont., son of a telegraphed. He won a scholarship to Montana state College in 1929. Three years of premed led nowhere. Then he won a National oratory contest and a scholarship to the Cornish school of arts in Seattle in 1932. He switched to the University of Washington the following year and a since my dad was Only working two Days a week in the depression he supported himself by working As a waiter Telegram delivery boy. Window Washer and by Selling pints of his blood. In 1934 he got a $10-a-month Job with a 100-Watt radio station a Csc in Seattle in addition to his salary he got laundry service and was allowed to use sponsorship accounts to Trade for food. There was no wire service so he bought a Seattle Star and rewrote it for a 15 Chet Huntley minute newscast every night. In 1938 he went to lbs in los Angeles As correspondent for la Western states. In 1951 he switched to Abc in los Angeles and four years later moved to Abc in new York. When Huntley went Back to Montana there was talk of his running for the Senate. But he said he found Mike Mansfield was going to run again and a a you a be an idiot to run against Mansfield in instead he did to commercials taped a radio show and promoted big sky a Rich Man s resort near Bozeman Mont. For answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Flim Flam men q. I wish you would put in the paper and have it put on radio and television that some men Are going around and cheating people. There is a Man Down Here and he cheated us on Bethel drive. They could not read or write and made like they were going to put something like tar and stuff in the driveways for about $20 and wanted $150 after they got it Down and they made like they were going to put it Down for nothing because they had it left Over. I wish you would put it in the paper radio and to so that other folks wont get stuck and they Are out just trying to get the old people and taking every Penny they got. I wish you would put it in and warn the people because they Are taking bread out of their Mouths. Thank you very much. Anon. Woman. A. If you have a name and address or a License number or any other identification of the person who misrepresented the service and Cost by All Means get in touch with the better business Bureau 888-4297 or let the police assist. As the Bureau constantly warns a investigate before you it can save a lot of grief to Call them first to see if other complaints have been made. And always ask to see his a privilege License which All paddlers Are required to get from the City before they sell from door to door. If the person is honest and reputable he wont object to this or even to providing references of customers he has served before so you can ask their opinion of his work and charges before anything is signed. Our giving advice and warnings in print is pretty futile if the victims of these practices can to read but if one of them would go to the authorities with proof that would at least Stop this one from cheating others. Looking for a Winner q. I just moved Here from South Carolina and what is the Best softball team in High Point As i would like to play for them a slow pitch anon. A. You can get in touch with the City Sparks and recreation department. Re act Ion i am one of the people in the Oakview area who have called the dog Catcher and feel you have been Given the wrong information because numerous times my husband has called and stayed at Home one afternoon waiting for the dog Catcher to come so we could talk with him personally. I done to feel that it is our place to catch a dog and hold it until the dog Catcher gets Here he just Isnit getting his Job done right. As far As using ear plugs is concerned i could get some ear plugs to Cut some of the noise out but that Isnit solving the problem. Our problem Are dogs that Are running Loose and we do have a City ordinance against this and if we Arentt going to enforce it i think they should take it off the books. We Are being harassed by dogs belonging to other people and i have told the dog Catcher personally of one dog that runs Loose and told him where the dog was from and done to know where All of them Are from but i feel that we have a right to have a Nice Yard and Flowers if we want to. I have nothing against dogs because i have one myself but we keep our dog on a Leash and he does no to bother other people. Anon. Light tax voted on Petroleum Washington a the House ways and Means committee has voted to impose a relatively Light new tax bite on the Petroleum Industry for the immediate future. The tax writing panel climaxing a Marathon meeting tuesday night tentatively agreed to impose a new Windfall profits Levy. But the proposal would raise virtually no additional Revenue from american oilmen who would be exempt from the provision if they pump their Energy crisis generated profits Back into the Hunt for new Energy sources. The committee also gave temporary approval to a Par tial phase out of the Petroleum Industry a 22 per cent depletion allowance. The allowance is Worth about $2 billion annually to Petroleum companies. This phase out plan is expected to bring in about $150 million next year when it would take effect. However by 1981, if fully effective it could raise some $2.8 billion. Under the current allowance 22 per cent of Gross income from Oil and natural Gas property can be deducted from taxable income up to a top of 50 per cent of taxable net income. The committee also tentatively agreed to several changes in the tax treatment of Domestic Petroleum company income earned abroad but these also Are expected to yield relatively Little new Revenue. The committee decided to use a sliding scale based on rising Oil prices to phase out the depletion allowance Over five years a but agreed that the allowance could not drop below 15 per cent for the first 3,000 barrels of Oil daily per producer. Following that five year period however the allowance could disappear when 75 per cent of All Oil is not eligible for the allowance Over a years time. The committee essentially went along with the administrations proposal for a Windfall profits tax. House followed by trial in the Senate and a two thirds vote a or 67 senators a for conviction. At the president s news conference in Houston the first question brought up Buckley a statements. Nixon replied that while the senator had suggested resignation would be an act of courage a it also takes Sirica will not hold up jury report Washington a -. District judge John j. Sirica refused today to hold up transmission of a secret grand jury report on president Nixon a role in watergate to the House judiciary committee. Sirica denied a request to delay giving the House the report until the . Court of appeals could Rule on a petition to reverse his decision. But Sirica did give attorneys for former White House staff chief h. R. Haldeman 24 hours to ask the appeals court to delay transmission of the report. John j. Wilson Haldeman a attorney said he would ask the appeals court for a stay before the Day is out. Wilson also said he would ask the court to restrain Sirica from sending the report to the House before the court reviews his decision. Special watergate prosecutor Leon Jaworski opposed any delay in sending the secret report to the House impeachment inquiry. Haldeman contends that the grand jury had no authority to Issue its report and that if it is sent to Congress its contents including material pertaining to Haldeman Scase would leak out. Sirica ruled monday that the sealed report and a Satchel filled with evidence should be turned Over to the House judiciary committee. Sirica gave parties in the Case until 5 . Today to Appeal his decision. Courage to stand and fight for what you think is right and that is what i intend to Nixon also argued against the senators claim that it would be an act of statesmanship declaring a it would be bad statesmanship and it would mean that our system of government would be changed for All presidents and All generations in the after Nixon a appearance Buckley said he a would have been stunned if the president had heeded his Call for resignation so soon after it was made. A i did not expect that anything i said today would have an immediate effect Buckley said he had received some support and some opposition in private talks with fellow cop conservatives. However three of them Sens. Barry Coldwater of Arizona Jesse Helms of North Carolina and Carl t. Curtis of Nebraska publicly opposed Buckley s resignation Call. Coldwater considered by Many to be the bellwether of Nixon a Senate support said that a too Many questions arise when it comes to asking for the resignation of president Nixon a including the danger of setting a precedent. One conservative the moods of or. Nixon As he answered questions Republican senator who refused to be identified said Buckley a statement came at a time when a a lot of people Are at a rather delicate decision stage. This is sort of bringing out in the open some of the things that have been talked about a he said. A you done to know where it leads from of the 17 senators urging resignation in the a poll All but two Buckley and sen. Edward w. Brooke r-mass., Are democrats. Gas shortage higher prices to continue what s inside amusements. 22a Bridge. 18c classified ads a. 20-25c comics. .6c crossword. 14c editorials. .4a financial. .2a obituaries. .2b sports. .1-5c television. 22a women a news. 6-11a weather. .3a Washington apr the american Motorist will continue to face a gasoline shortage and hell pay higher prices for the fuel despite the end of the Arab Oil embargo president Nixon and his Energy chief have said. Nixon opening a news conference with the National association of broadcasters in Houston tuesday night said. A we still have an anticipated shortage of perhaps 5 to 8 per cent in the United earlier Federal Energy chief William e. Simon told newsmen Here a gasoline is going to Cost More and so is heating a shortage such As that mentioned by Nixon Means americans would have about the same gasoline Supply As during the first week of March when Long lines at gasoline stations seemed to vanish suddenly. A 5 to 8 per cent shortage would be a great improvement Over the 14 to 20 per cent shortages of february when motorists waited in line for hours. The return of Arab Oil Nixon said would not close the Gap completely although he said it would Rule out rationing and mean the end of the sunday ban on gasoline sales. It will be necessary to continue our voluntary program of car pooling and also of slower driving a Nixon said of the anticipated shortage. Simon had explained earlier in the Day that As the higher priced Arab Oil returns to the . Market it will raise the average . Cost of Oil creating increases in fuel prices to the consumer. Neither Simon nor Nixon 37 plan Auto insurance approved Raleigh apr despite objections by insurance commissioner John Ingram a Senate committee today approved legislation to adopt a plan establishing 37 classifications for Auto insure Nace in North Carolina. Before approving the measure sponsored by sen. Gordon Allend person. The Senate insurance committee voted Down 7-6 a Bill which would prohibit the use of age As a Factor of in determining Auto liability rates. This Bill had been Given tentative approval by the Senate last week and later was shuttled so a 37 plan on 2a estimated the extent of the Price Impact but Simon s Deputy John c. Sawmill has guessed the Price of gasoline could hit 70 to 80 cents per gallon at the pump this summer. Energy officials Hope these High prices will at least take the sting out of the remaining shortage by causing motorists to voluntarily reduce their gasoline use. Simon and Nixon also said that Energy problems in general would not disappear with the shipments of Arab Oil. The mandatory Federal Petroleum allocation program would continue but Industry and agriculture would be Able to operate a at full capacity a Nixon said. He criticized Congress for failing to act on his legislative proposals to stimulate increased Energy production from Coal Oil shale the naval Petroleum Reserve at Elk Hills calif., and other sources and to remove Federal regulation from natural Gas production. A the greatest shortage of Energy is the Lack of Energy on the Pat of the Congress a he said. Meanwhile in the Middle East american oilmen said Arab Oil production could be restored within a few Days. Husband becomes Spittoon Potter holds human ashes panel s bipartisan approach cracked i Washington a a White House request to let president Nixon a lawyer take part in House judiciary committee impeachment proceedings is cracking the committees bipartisan approach. Republican members generally support the request of White House lawyer James d. St. Clair the democrats View it As an attempt to turn the impeachment investigation into a Normal court proceeding. The split which could have a far reaching effect on the committees final recommendation surfaced tuesday at separate party caucuses of. Committee members. No final decisions were reached at either meeting but party positions clearly appeared in the making on the Legal Point. St. Clair has sent two letters to John Doar the committees special counsel for impeachment asking for the right to c r o s a examine witnesses present evidence and otherwise participate in the investigation As counsel for the president. Such actions by defense counsel Are Normal in Ordinary court proceedings which Are conducted on an adversary basis. But Doar chairman Peter w. Rodino jr., d-n.j., and most democratic members insist impeachment cannot be equated with Normal judicial practices. Ii of i i i. Armand Henault West Palm Beach Fla. A Armand Henault says he immortalized friends and acquaintances by molding their ashes into Flower pots and sculptures. A it s better to be looking out on the world As a pot than buried under the wet cold ground with six feet of dirt piled on top of you a says the 69-year-old Henault. Henault says some women Call his Hobby absolutely disgusting but he claims ifs More sophisticated than a funeral which he Calls Barbaric. A i do it for people who want themselves immortalized a he says. A a pot keeps on being does no to take up space and its practical. One Hundred years from now it will be even More of a Henault. A retired textile businessman says he takes cremated remains mixes the White Bone Ash with Clay and creates something fitting to the dead persons memory. Henault says he started his unusual business last year and has folded 80 pots from human ashes. He says that although he does no to advertise his product friends Tell friends and he a got a backlog of orders. Costs for such a piece of pottery Range upward from $25 for a Small urn he said. Henault said the idea developed Over a hot toddy with another Potter in Henault a Home town of Quechee vt., where he lives six months of the year. A we made a pact that whoever died first would use the others ashes to make a pot a he says. He said the pact became the subject of town gossip and a widow appeared at his studio one Day asking that her husbands ashes be transformed into an urn for the Mantle piece. A since then in be been deluged a he says. A i made a Spittoon for a woman who said her husband spent a lot of time in the bar. Ifs a Beautiful shape. A one of my favourites is a sculpture that hangs in an aquarium and Little fish swim in and out. Another is a hanging lantern and relatives Light the Candle at

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